Film Theory: Doctor Strange Magic DEBUNKED by Science

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Everything can be explained by science, including the "magics" of Dr Strange. Thor himself stated that they live in a place where magic and science are one in the same, and Dr Strange continues that statement. Today, I'm proving to you that the magics of Dr. Strange can all be explained with science.
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16-Noy, 2016



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Ayanofan213 Roblox
Ayanofan213 Roblox 2 soat oldin
Wow... We really are going to become treasure planet huh?
jayshri Gunge
jayshri Gunge 3 soat oldin
Am I the only one who is obsessed with this channel?
Daniel Shehorn
Daniel Shehorn 11 soat oldin
Jese Garcia
Jese Garcia Kun oldin
What about the cape.Also what about the astral form.
joshua wyatt
joshua wyatt Kun oldin
I thought Dr strange was a time Lord like Dr who
mysterious critic
mysterious critic 2 kun oldin
Yea may be photon and crystal does these But how Dr strange does ,is why I am here (Even though I knew it does not has any answer).
Aaron Fangheart
Aaron Fangheart 3 kun oldin
Forget bill nye the science guy we got game theory baby matpat your awesome
Eliot Bray
Eliot Bray 3 kun oldin
how do you explain astral forms???????
Philip’s YouTube
Philip’s YouTube 3 kun oldin
Ha! Dareth thou diss the great powers of sorcerery non believer? Thou art a fool!!!! (no offence)
Lorena Pagoto
Lorena Pagoto 3 kun oldin
it’s the secrets of the flower of life that’s all
Tristan Farhood
Tristan Farhood 3 kun oldin
Frank is awesome! #ThankFrank!
Foggy_ Pad
Foggy_ Pad 3 kun oldin
Well thank you, you destroyd doktor Strange for me
Daniela Sanchez
Daniela Sanchez 4 kun oldin
What's the big deal with MatPat swearing?
Emmet Collins
Emmet Collins 4 kun oldin
Mat pat's superhero name wood be Dr logic
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones 4 kun oldin
Nice work with the theory! But alas, science cannot explain everything... ;)
FinCoin 5 kun oldin
Its still magic BC he make them happen
BlackSlayer - PUBG MOBILE
After watching the movie now this I thought Yes... I steel don't give a f**k
DeeJay Grapeshot
DeeJay Grapeshot 8 kun oldin
Just let doctor strange have his magic
Owen Thompson
Owen Thompson 8 kun oldin
please explain the cape
Liam McGealy
Liam McGealy 8 kun oldin
“Its a simple spell but quite unbreakable”
Linksgaming23 8 kun oldin
Could you figure out the camouflage of the light fury in how to train a dragon 3
kitty purry
kitty purry 7 kun oldin
You can look at “why you don’t want invisibility” from “Because Science”
kitty purry
kitty purry 7 kun oldin
Linksgaming23 The light fury was manipulating light so that it LOOKED like she wasn’t there.
Rocha Leandro
Rocha Leandro 9 kun oldin
So sad that one of one of the most groundbreaking comics of the 60's has to be debunked... I like the psychedelic nightmarish multiverse better.
Mr.Winnie 69
Mr.Winnie 69 10 kun oldin
no shit it’s a fake movie
Matteo Rosselli
Matteo Rosselli 10 kun oldin
"Captain America was the result of a science experiment gone wrong" Huh?
HyperPengu 12 kun oldin
why theorize fantasy? dr strange is a fictional character -_-
Arthur Stewart
Arthur Stewart 13 kun oldin
If it’s not magic how can they create light
RedViperGaming 13 kun oldin
Vold Ravenclaw
Vold Ravenclaw 13 kun oldin
MatPat: * Makes outlandish theory with only the trailer as evidence * Movie: * Disproves outlandish theory * MatPat: dafuq
project ekko
project ekko 14 kun oldin
My brain cannot talk this much science
Gumballegal 14 kun oldin
Stan lee ded
docter spark
docter spark 14 kun oldin
Geno chara
Geno chara 14 kun oldin
Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle
I'm not important
I'm not important 15 kun oldin
Binge Odyssey
Binge Odyssey 16 kun oldin
Props to Kipp Thorn as well... Interstellar was a masterpiece.. That said, I loved the Dr Strange movie science👌👌
Anurag Prajapati
Anurag Prajapati 18 kun oldin
If everywhere science is required there would be no superheroes possible..WTF
Tash Taylor
Tash Taylor 18 kun oldin
That bish slap at 2:48 had me rolling 😂💀. That is all, carry on. Pip pip.
Tarena 19 kun oldin
Lightbending Avatar: The last airbender wants to know your location
Nick Callahan
Nick Callahan 19 kun oldin
Any sufficiently advanced technology will be indistinguishable from magic...
Andrew Buhrow
Andrew Buhrow 20 kun oldin
Okay but at about 8 minutes - his face would burn off. The temperatures would be nuts, that’s the basis for that
Idea Boy
Idea Boy 20 kun oldin
how are the portals created?
kartikeya singh
kartikeya singh 21 kun oldin
love the intro
JamesFrancesco 21 kun oldin
this was so bad you're usually so on point
Kathryne Scott
Kathryne Scott 21 kun oldin
Hugs 🤗 your science is 💯 awesome
Brenden Bosma
Brenden Bosma 21 kun oldin
Ya this theory does make a lot of sense. I did see the part where the city was being shifted coming, and honestly I kind of already knew the answer, but answer me this, what kind of quantum mechanic is being used when Doctor Strange goes Spirit Mode?
陳昱豪 22 kun oldin
How to explain the power of scarlet witch?
Panda Playz
Panda Playz 22 kun oldin
I think I learn more from watching your videos then I will ever learn from school...
Hannan Zhou
Hannan Zhou 22 kun oldin
Well, perception is reality and reality is illusion
Hannan Zhou
Hannan Zhou 22 kun oldin
Well, I finally know what a frozen fractal spinning all around is. (and one thought crystalizes like an icy blaaaaast!"
CHILDLINK HSI 22 kun oldin
Your the best teacher to me (I learn more here than in school)
S Woods
S Woods 23 kun oldin
Chap light is a wave, there's different types of waves and light is a fucking wave, 5th year physics like c'mon
Luna Miki
Luna Miki 23 kun oldin
Bro...this just makes light that much cooler!
Streinght #
Streinght # 23 kun oldin
Is he doctor or is he steange or both?🤯
Pink Nightwalker
Pink Nightwalker 23 kun oldin
what make this so accurate Is that the crystal place is called the mirror relm
Game Hunter Neoluce
Game Hunter Neoluce 24 kun oldin
no mention of the fact all of this shit seemingly appears out of nothing, explain that science.
Conner D
Conner D 24 kun oldin
Pym particle is just a stable muon, don't @ me
Cylasbreakdown 24 kun oldin
By definition, magic can’t be debunked by science.
Cameron Fischer
Cameron Fischer 24 kun oldin
"magic debunked by science"... This video could have been 5 seconds long haha
Cristóbal Aguilera
Cristóbal Aguilera 25 kun oldin
that made me remember that movie The Sorcerer's Apprentice, where the "master" told to apprentice that they make magic manipulating the true physics
Distopian Player
Distopian Player 27 kun oldin
My question is how is it possible to make a light whip with your hand
Elapsed Gopher
Elapsed Gopher 27 kun oldin
More like #dankfrank
Randomness Awaits
Randomness Awaits 27 kun oldin
Doctor strange is a GREAT movie!!!!
edo neo 77
edo neo 77 27 kun oldin
maybe the refacted city if a sort of ultimate mixture of the matter creation light ability. imagine if the light created particles sort of refracted and copied the world round it infinitely in fractal like pattern , basically creating a giant refracted recreation of the city , like a mirror copying an image.
CONZILLA 28 kun oldin
Wills in Plays
Wills in Plays 28 kun oldin
Sherlock Holmes could figure that out 😏😏😏
Wills in Plays
Wills in Plays 28 kun oldin
Oscar Bejarano
Oscar Bejarano 28 kun oldin
Officially, the magic in Doctor Strange is described as being energy drawn from the universe, hence “universal energy”. There’s also mental energy (its capabilities are limited, and drains the life force of the user) and dimensional energy (an example would be the magic used by the Zealots, energy typically provided from another entity or dimension, aka Dormammu)
Ape X
Ape X 28 kun oldin
Ur wrong,this movie can only be understood if you're trippin
Zach King
Zach King 28 kun oldin
why is pediepie so stupid and t series soy dum
Raman Rajabi
Raman Rajabi 29 kun oldin
Me too my friend
Marvin Badr
Marvin Badr 29 kun oldin
Your Intro is so cancer...I hate it so much
Sesshomaru474 29 kun oldin
It's magic because sure you can explain it with science but can you actually manipulate it without some external force or machine? answer is NO! Edit: Who cares what the producer of Dr. Strange thinks about what he thinks the power is. His 2 cents is worth shit just like that feminazi with Star Wars. And look how it turned out for SW...
Mitchell Hodo
Mitchell Hodo 29 kun oldin
We love frank
Alfred The Allosaurus
Did you just..... curse?
Skeledon Bushcraft and Survival
This is an awesome explanation for the science behind the quote unquote magic, however there is one major instance that wasn't mentioned or explained and that is the out of body fight scene. That is more on the nonscience side isn't it?
josephThaPimp Oy oldin
Jaden Gun
Jaden Gun Oy oldin
Thats why im scared of the dark
Annant Gupta
Annant Gupta Oy oldin
I like the intro. :))
Mary Eckenorde
Mandy Derbyshire
Load of rubish
Portal Redrage
are you in 11th grade hl physics
Abel Ramos
Abel Ramos Oy oldin
Woah, so it's possible for a crystal to glow, then make light into a solid object!? Oosome! Asking for a character I'm making.
aditya tiwari
aditya tiwari Oy oldin
Why you don't start the physics classes...🙃 You very good at teach something....🙂
Ofek Zuckerman
GearGrunt 12
GearGrunt 12 Oy oldin
But how he controls the light is magic
Epic Gaming1706
Who needs to go to Hogwarts when we can learn magic here xd
Aviel Yamin
Aviel Yamin Oy oldin
Frankly I just got bored in the middle Poor delivery, bad puns, monotone nasal voice Dislike from me
jayden paul
jayden paul Oy oldin
I have some science the sun is a planet and a star because it has the particles of a star but its Technically a planet because of size and the way it works if u want more on this I might do a video on it so go to my channel in a few day and boom
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