Film Theory: Doctor Strange Magic DEBUNKED by Science

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Everything can be explained by science, including the "magics" of Dr Strange. Thor himself stated that they live in a place where magic and science are one in the same, and Dr Strange continues that statement. Today, I'm proving to you that the magics of Dr. Strange can all be explained with science.
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16-Noy, 2016

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K lamberth
K lamberth 3 soat oldin
Cooked :D
Cooked :D 6 soat oldin
can you speak english next time
kevin segovia
kevin segovia 6 soat oldin
How come dr strange can have a time stone if hes human starlord is half human so he chuld use it but how dr strange unless hes a ALIEN Plz make a theorie about this
Simon Morley
Simon Morley 11 soat oldin
This theory is a S T R E T C H
Kay Jungbauer
Kay Jungbauer 12 soat oldin
Fractals, holy geometry, spirituality. Important things. They show it to us through the movies...
cheese gamer
cheese gamer 13 soat oldin
seems legit
yoda TS
yoda TS 14 soat oldin
It's CGI
sadiq siddique
sadiq siddique 19 soat oldin
no its Dr Steven Strange
sadiq siddique
sadiq siddique 19 soat oldin
Dr 'Steven' Strange
DefaultGamer248 22 soat oldin
Delka's Hub
Delka's Hub Kun oldin
Teryn Mercs
Teryn Mercs Kun oldin
Debunked by “Known” science, get back to me when you figure out exactly how Strange’s science works.
Jatcat Kun oldin
I was worried that Matpat would actually pronounce Bumblebee Cuttersnatch's name correctly for the rest of the video. Phew!
Kevin Shen
Kevin Shen Kun oldin
Ravin 14
Ravin 14 Kun oldin
How did the experiment that made Captain America go wrong it did exactly what they thought
GuyWhoMakesSFM Things
Not to be hating or anything, but you under analysed the movie. The "Ball of light" is just the bad guy (forgot his name) throwing the sanctum ball thing downward to destroy it, thus letting the dark dimension eat the world. Also, the crystals doctor strange "makes" with the time stone is actually just reversing time to before those stopped existing. Also if the mirror dimension was light-crystal, how could he walk through it to enter another dimension? Probably one of the worst theories of both channels. (not a hate comment)
lauriesign Kun oldin
PI Guy
PI Guy Kun oldin
Didn't the ancient one say it was technically science?
DFL_Toxic Kun oldin
i swear i learn more from this show then i have in school
Dylan Brown
Dylan Brown Kun oldin
As a certain scientist said, "science that is advanced enough is no different from magic".
Tem Kuskov
Tem Kuskov 2 kun oldin
Interesting theory, awful explanation about quantum mechanics. Please talk to Austen to understand how it really works
reiniel Jimenez
reiniel Jimenez 2 kun oldin
reiniel Jimenez
reiniel Jimenez 2 kun oldin
Light saber
Roie Randelman
Roie Randelman 2 kun oldin
If anything with energy has a weight, does photons have weight? but I've heard (in class) they don't
Roie Randelman
Roie Randelman 2 kun oldin
... so how?
Mr. Meatloaf
Mr. Meatloaf 2 kun oldin
Time stone
Steve Liu
Steve Liu 2 kun oldin
Congrats! You get a no-prize!
Ujjwal Sharma
Ujjwal Sharma 2 kun oldin
Everything from Hinduism yet no credit, how western of Hollywood....
a person
a person 2 kun oldin
I have not watched the video but I can say that by a lot of pointless reaching matpat comes to the conclusion that what Doctor Strange does is not magic but science. I know this but also all magic is just undefined science. The reason why we call it magic is because we don't know what we're doing so we call it magic. Think back to the Roman times we're bombs were considered magic because they didn't know what they were actually doing all that they knew wise Wind Fire hit some magic powder it blew up.
windycat M
windycat M 3 kun oldin
TheChief 3 kun oldin
Featuring Spirit Science youtube channel Learn
TheChief 3 kun oldin
Jacob Goldman
Jacob Goldman 3 kun oldin
yeaaaaaa....... nope sorry but I'm here to disagree
1⃣skins7⃣ Titi
1⃣skins7⃣ Titi 3 kun oldin
Marvel should hire you no 🧢
Beatrice Brewer
Beatrice Brewer 3 kun oldin
The guys at marvel are like “wait, it’s actually science? Erm i mean or course we meant do do that, yeah!”
ender pizza
ender pizza 3 kun oldin
Ryan vlogs with friends
It's the mirror dimension oh and yay 2019
Cubed Gecko
Cubed Gecko 3 kun oldin
well after watching the movie... he's right :)
imaan islam
imaan islam 3 kun oldin
12:56 very subtle
Living The Dream
Living The Dream 4 kun oldin
Thank you, Frank.
Otaku_gamer 304
Otaku_gamer 304 4 kun oldin
There was a Stan Lee cameo... 😢
Skeleton3713 4 kun oldin
night and rain
night and rain 4 kun oldin
Ok that is literally the coolest thing I've ever heard
maria namani
maria namani 4 kun oldin
Benderdict cucomberbatch 😂😂😂
brianhoang1 4 kun oldin
Skyfire B.
Skyfire B. 4 kun oldin
Azel Pointyfingers
Azel Pointyfingers 4 kun oldin
Can I get this video to class for science? anybody at 2019?
Alyssa Shea
Alyssa Shea 4 kun oldin
I just got away with watching this video instead of doing my home school work. Mainly because it’s science stuff! But THANK TOU MATPAT!
theMoonlit -Wolf
theMoonlit -Wolf 4 kun oldin
We all love Samsung
Ahhhhhhhhh my brain
Rex Armstrong
Rex Armstrong 5 kun oldin
1:40 How dare you?! Captain America is the result of a science experiment gone RIGHT!
MeX3 5 kun oldin
Me when 12:49 happens: *Marvel,* MatPat’s come to bargain
What is the definition of magic? Something that is unexplained. Therefore magic in fiction could be fucking anything ^^
Ninja Warrior
Ninja Warrior 5 kun oldin
I watched Dr Strange and my mind was blown away but this now this is mind blowing.
Victor Hurwitz
Victor Hurwitz 6 kun oldin
Marvel studios wants your location
Eric Gilbertson
Eric Gilbertson 6 kun oldin
I appreciate that the phonomena in Doctor Strange has explainations, but what I thought this would be about is how Strange and the other Masters of the Mystic arts actually conjour (and more importantly control) their whips, shields, etc without the aid of devices (other than the rings, those only create the portals). Also, there are other things like the levitation cloak that don’t fit within the theory
randomness world
randomness world 6 kun oldin
That's the power of Disney B***h! Im dead!!!
Isabella Miller
Isabella Miller 6 kun oldin
I hope Frank saw this.
Gwendolyn Marus
Gwendolyn Marus 6 kun oldin
I can't believe he did all this only watching the trailer. That's amazing
EinsFnaf Fan
EinsFnaf Fan 6 kun oldin
Aber this ist just eine Theorie, eine Game Theory! Danke for watching! -Albert Einstein
Patricio Alejandro Martinez Mendez
What about Steven Universe where gems create solid light?
crystallionaire 7 kun oldin
hahaha i cant xD "THAT is the power of Disney bitch"
OlliOtter1004 7 kun oldin
Imagine going to a scientific convention and a table talking about the science of light give out light crystals as souvenirs
TheDoRoBouNeko 7 kun oldin
MatPat! Have you done a theory for The Last Mimsy? It’s also sci-fi. X’333 Time travel, artificial life, psychic powers, etc. Loved it.
The Marine Abroad
The Marine Abroad 7 kun oldin
That guy Fiegee fellow is trying to equate magic to science . . . as if science wasn't to be believed
Sarah 7 kun oldin
Yes, the magic is light energy. Also, the crystals are the mirror dimension, so yes you can interact with it.
Sergio Segovia
Sergio Segovia 7 kun oldin
I like Marvel movies, but I watched the full video because I want to know what you have to say in your theories :3
Karina Martinez Marrero
So I could just use the first half of this video as my quantum mechanics class?
Alex Woslum
Alex Woslum 8 kun oldin
Umm.... while studying alone in the library, the "crystal" Strange creates is a actually a fracture in time...
Jonah Jardine
Jonah Jardine 8 kun oldin
I was so confused
Aleksandar Stevanovic
Photon made molecules? Maybe you should look that up
Sveta Strepkova
Sveta Strepkova 8 kun oldin
the answer is simple editing
Locky D
Locky D 8 kun oldin
then how does he make the light ball
Jesse Moindi
Jesse Moindi 8 kun oldin
The head of marvel should be Stan Lee
Coyote Kyle
Coyote Kyle 9 kun oldin
Why did I watch this so late I can't handle the flashing lights!
brother&sister gaming
Hmmm light crystals...does this mean lightsabers are actually able to be made?
sally saggytits
sally saggytits 7 kun oldin
bigf1re 9 kun oldin
what movie is that at 15:25
shriram 9 kun oldin
shriram 9 kun oldin
Woah Woah Woah Woah I need to calm down This is so mind blowing
Maestro PoruRaion
Maestro PoruRaion 9 kun oldin
the more science advances, the closer it gets to returning to its occult roots, however there is nothing quite like boring ass gcse school taught science to take the fun and (no pun int) magic out of everything.
Kamegalickburst 10 kun oldin
Why does this guy always have The cringiest intro’s
Toy Hunt Tiger
Toy Hunt Tiger 10 kun oldin
Matthew, I have come to bargain.
דורון תשובה ואביטה נפלאות
i really like the way you pass on knowledge knowledge and i do believe you are looking to see the truth (i know i sound like cloud atlas) so i must tell you i don't really see any proof to your clime that Doc.Strange use tech and not magic. i am pretty religious and i do to study a lot and according to Judaism, magic is science. Witches can bend rules but only with an other set of rules that can not be changed, just like manipulating Newtown laws with Quantum physics. and the magic part of the doc is not how he does it but that he does it will no instruments. unlike Thor's hammer that seems to have a lot of technology built into it. but i do Believe we got a bigger universe then you might imagine (Not just physical but there're also other realms and other dimensions and physics we don't know about yet (well, we do but we can't Manipulate them yet with the technology) so what did you say in all of your very nicely made video?
USA !!!!
USA !!!! 10 kun oldin
How do then walk on it then?
jezzastrike 10 kun oldin
I love the theme tune
Jaime Sosa
Jaime Sosa 11 kun oldin
What about his living/moving cape
Elliot Belliot
Elliot Belliot 11 kun oldin
man, you can learn soooooo much from this show
Jayden Castaneda
Jayden Castaneda 11 kun oldin
Did Matpat say bitch omg I love it 😂😂😂😂
PressEnterToStart 11 kun oldin
they dont
LN18 _Y
LN18 _Y 11 kun oldin
A clap and a half to Adam Frank
Thesillypunner Stop motion and more!
Shadow Fox
Shadow Fox 11 kun oldin
Dale Hussung
Dale Hussung 11 kun oldin
Its funny seeing as dr.strange is entirely based on the occult aswell XD
Lazy Potato
Lazy Potato 11 kun oldin
Ha! They invited Markiplire!
Cupboard Boi
Cupboard Boi 11 kun oldin
What about the cape?
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Marcus Kelly
Marcus Kelly 12 kun oldin
Matt pat I have come to AAAA bargain👀
Angelina Castro
Angelina Castro 12 kun oldin
12:30 lol can't stop laughing
Choochoo Production
Choochoo Production 12 kun oldin
Mat Pat : yada yada yada science science science amazing conclusion! Me: huuuuuuu waaaaaaa cool!
Peter Liu 1223
Peter Liu 1223 13 kun oldin
Dr.Strange: A medical scientist searching for help from Quantum physicists.
Did Matpat talk about the portals that they use because I’m not positive but light can’t get to a Mountain in less than a few seconds.