Film Theory: Don't Trust The Banks! (Disney's Mary Poppins)

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In the original Mary Poppins, Mr. Banks attempts to get his son Michael to invest his little bit of change in the bank. He says that one day it will make him rich... but would it? Is Mr. Banks dooming his son to financial ruin or is this sound advice? Let's find out!
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23-Dek, 2018

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Kiki Locket
Kiki Locket 5 soat oldin
We love *T E S C O*
Zac Jelke
Zac Jelke 10 soat oldin
The point that's missing here is that he was teaching Michael to put money in and then KEEP putting money in. Depending on the frequency of investment, dollar cost averaging would have seen Michael come out VERY well in that amount of time.
OrdinaryEdge 21 soat oldin
Oy vey how antisemitic!
bacon boi
bacon boi Kun oldin
Mary poppins 3 is gonna be all dubstep and trap songs
Bora Akgün
Bora Akgün Kun oldin
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BEgan Kun oldin
I thought that pence was the plural to penny, therefore not being interchangeable, it would be like saying a quarter is one quarter of a dollars.
Águila701 2 kun oldin
Banks suck.
The Wanderer
The Wanderer 2 kun oldin
Isn't Mary Poppins the "Rey, A drop of golden sun" movie thing song?
Matthew Bernal
Matthew Bernal 2 kun oldin
9:24 That's a French biplane (not sure which type, but the blue, white, and red target is French) and an M46 Patton (an American tank from post WWII). Shame on you MatPat for not using British WWI era war machines! :P JK, but seriously though, hope someone learned something from my post!
Phoenix Girl512
Phoenix Girl512 2 kun oldin
Yeeeeesss lin Manuel Miranda I stan 😂😂😂😂
Giondi 2 kun oldin
Yeah but saving and investing money isn't about ONE deposit, it's about consistently putting in a little bit at a time and letting that build up and grow. Putting the very small amount of money a child has into a savings account isn't going make that kid rich in and of itself, but it will go a long way to giving them the habits that will let them have a decent amount to retire on when they get older.
Rising Phoenix
Rising Phoenix 3 kun oldin
When you try and watch the old Mary Poppins with you're parents and they say that they have the DVD, but you, the youngest child, with a really good memory, tries to convince them that we had the _Friggin_ VCR. Yeah both movies were fun. Yeah have fun with THAT STORY. Yeah I have a DVD player And yes we had a VCR And yes we still have the tapes In a box in the basement. Okay have fun. And watch the movies. Okay for real now, Bye. Thanks For Clicking Readmore.
Saoirse Byrnes
Saoirse Byrnes 3 kun oldin
I learn more hear than in school does that mean I'm stupid or my teacher is bad???
-Sam- Idk
-Sam- Idk 3 kun oldin
I had to watch marry Poppins returns with my friend we just sat and said emo stuff...... “It was just about pole dancers, BMX racers and crazy people” said my friend Not literally but yeah
MatGriff 3 kun oldin
Um, no one in the UK ever calls it 'The Tesco'. It's just 'Tesco'
WAR golden argus
WAR golden argus 3 kun oldin
Erik P.T.
Erik P.T. 4 kun oldin
I thoroughly enjoyed this episode Mat, proud that you educated the viewers more on financial literacy. On the note of the UK Government, douche move but then again there was the Great Depression, so it was a lose-lose situation.
Swanky Moo Moo
Swanky Moo Moo 4 kun oldin
I saw the Mary Poppins book and it said “look for the major motion picture Mary Poppins RETURNS” and I was literally about to slaughter everyone. Maybe the movie will be good but the original will always be superior to me.
Sam Xxx
Sam Xxx 4 kun oldin
Lol I just watched the reboot of Mary Popins- Mary Popins Returns and it's soooooo good! Like if you've seen it and you agree
L0RDR31M43 _
L0RDR31M43 _ 4 kun oldin
Ahhhh catan cards
Earth Worm Sally
Earth Worm Sally 4 kun oldin
Does anyone realize that Bert knows Mary Popins? How?!?
Spydiggity 4 kun oldin
When you print money, that IS inflation. Prices going up is the result of inflation. And for anyone wondering, that's what Quantitative Easing is. Which the Obama Administration did to an insane degree. When the stock market plummets in the next year or so, be prepared for prices to skyrocket.
Lola 1304
Lola 1304 4 kun oldin
"these two pennies" - mat pat, while showing 4p on screen
conckretangel 4 kun oldin
matpat Mary Poppins Returns is a sequal not a remake
Dorothy Carpenter
Dorothy Carpenter 5 kun oldin
Do a what happened to Ryuga Theory Beyblade Metal Fury
MLG shark
MLG shark 5 kun oldin
Wait mary poppins isn't human right
Miceal Duggan-Wadehra
I’m in England and I love how you say things like malteasers like they are strange British concoctions and it sounds totally normal to me. Also this video was supercalifragilysticespialidocious
Josue E Perlin G
Josue E Perlin G 5 kun oldin
All of this things for two fucking pennies????? Jesus mat, every day you surprise me more :v
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein 5 kun oldin
Izzy Starwars
Izzy Starwars 5 kun oldin
Haha it will rein my childhood too if it's not amazing!
Izzy Starwars
Izzy Starwars 5 kun oldin
I've always loved ur videos
Yuni Sakura
Yuni Sakura 5 kun oldin
I was gonna request this oml 😂😂
Rivet Squid
Rivet Squid 5 kun oldin
Another solid theory, in my opinion: Disney only made Saving Mr. Banks to get the narrative out there that they were not literally violating the wishes of the dead author.
shadowknave1 6 kun oldin
So, what did you think of the Mary Poppins sequel, Matpat?
DaiNoShoujoNoYami 6 kun oldin
This video is one of the main reasons why I don't trust the government. When given the chance, they will take you for everything you got just to fill up their own pockets!
Retarded Shit
Retarded Shit 6 kun oldin
I have to sing 'It's supercalifragilisticexpialidocious' at my School's graduation.. and I can't even pronounce it....
Star Rosi
Star Rosi 6 kun oldin
Farthing sounds like farting 😂😜
Swaggy Swagson
Swaggy Swagson 6 kun oldin
This entire theory is debunked because Matpat's 14 year old self had pants without him referencing them.
Naristarz Gaming
Naristarz Gaming 6 kun oldin
I danced to steppin time in the airport when I was 2
Strider 6 kun oldin
good thing they used that invested money in the movie am i right
peter strib
peter strib 6 kun oldin
self-amortising means just it pays for itself
healthy husky
healthy husky 6 kun oldin
Ima go get some pop at ASDA!
Team X
Team X 6 kun oldin
I know that someone alredy said this but still 5:05 Farthing fart thing
Rajab Isaacs
Rajab Isaacs 6 kun oldin
I'm 17, and watched the old Mary Poppins on DSTV during my December Holidays and it was friggin amazing and now i really want to watch the new one.
Zaza Ratiani
Zaza Ratiani 7 kun oldin
OH your talking about ruining childhood i hrew up on these movies and you were like hey ill tacke a dump on childhood nerd Also your cool
lando2187 gaming
lando2187 gaming 7 kun oldin
You do know that Tesco is Spanish for testicle Yeah matpat you said get a Coke and Maltese from the testicle
Hunter Terrell
Hunter Terrell 7 kun oldin
SPOILER ALERT If you saw MPR you will know if it did
Cat has a benie
Cat has a benie 7 kun oldin
I never got to see the OG Mary Poppins so I convinced my mom into buying it so we could then go see the new one. Best decision of my life. Although I hate how it took me 14 years to see it.
Kat Galactic
Kat Galactic 7 kun oldin
I never watched Mary Poppins
Daina The Dēar
Daina The Dēar 7 kun oldin
I’m sorry that the movie was not good and they cut out Bert. I feel with you☹️🙁☹️☹️😢😢🌂🐥💷⚖️⛓
Dearest Mother Soleil
How much money would Britain owe you if you got a small war bond in 1914 and they payed you today?
Virtual Sky Tate
Virtual Sky Tate 7 kun oldin
banks suck
Devlin McGuire
Devlin McGuire 7 kun oldin
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!! Who's single!? (PS. This is a joke.)
Jennessa Barna Reviews
Hey I just watched the new Mary Poppins and they have a plot to where Michael did put that money in the bank and it gained interest that is a huge confliction with this please tell me how that is possible or touch apon it in a theory please thank u
Bob The Lonely Potato
the only reason i plan on watching mary poppins returns is because if lin
Stumble Puppy
Stumble Puppy 7 kun oldin
One minor issue. Probably pointed out here before. Michael gave the tuppence to his dad. His dad then gave it to the bank. In the sequel, it is revealed that the now adult Banks children are in financial difficulty, and are looking for a shares certificate in the bank worth £20,000 in 1935 money. At the end of the film though, it is also revealed that somehow, that tuppence has been invested well enough by the bank that the money it made was somehow more than enough to solve their financial issues that £20,000 would have covered to stop their home from being reposessed. Please do an unexpected part 2 that tries to figure out how this was done?
1012_Smash 8 kun oldin
It's funny how you make fun of the non base 10 money system they used back then... While living in America with miles, feet, yards, pounds etc
SiberianHuskii 8 kun oldin
70% of comments saying do theory of birdbox 20% random comments 10% jokes
Sienna Potvin
Sienna Potvin 8 kun oldin
the dad dosent by a kite with tupence he fixes the old one the kids made
TheDeadCobra 8 kun oldin
It was the first penny he could have gotten more money and put more money and with that earn a lot more Do you really think that he would only have the two penny? They can make more money in secret
Brian Bartlett
Brian Bartlett 8 kun oldin
mat pat do a theory on cloudy with a chance of meat balls
A Fine Gent
A Fine Gent 8 kun oldin
What exactly is “wrong” or offensive about “Song of the South”?
木子君Minku 8 kun oldin
*clicks on the video coz I saw Mary Poppins* matpat: so, banking.
Tina Starlight
Tina Starlight 8 kun oldin
If Michael just kept it, then he could've passed it down for like ten generations or smth and they'd just sell a 1000 year old coin
Abby Latsch
Abby Latsch 8 kun oldin
Um the new movie does not take place in 2018, so whatever year it does is what the timeline would be between
Dav2Kink 8 kun oldin
@ 5:37 maybe explain (de)inflation ? I bet michael can buy a-lot more back than with his two tuppence that I can with $0.11. So re do your math using two tuppence buying powder vs. current money value ? Google shopping shows,. kite string is about $6.50 and newspaper is about $1.00 So there,... two tuppence is about $ 7.50 DONE
lolly yolo
lolly yolo 8 kun oldin
Ya know what money's ridiculous? Dimes and nickels! So unessisary! XD
D. Nightone
D. Nightone 8 kun oldin
Hmm and just like this, a film theory for an old film crashed a keyscene in the new adaptation ^^, let's all thank Disney for forgetting theire own story and the economy of the British past.
Apocalimp 8 kun oldin
Tf paper are you buying
Game Rant
Game Rant 8 kun oldin
Anony McAnonymous
Anony McAnonymous 9 kun oldin
ThatGuy67 9 kun oldin
Theory about Taxi Driver
Joshua Swan
Joshua Swan 9 kun oldin
I really like song of the south tbh
Molly Mackes
Molly Mackes 9 kun oldin
Thank you for finally doing one on the best movie that ever happened :_D
Karin Blum
Karin Blum 9 kun oldin
Matpat I expected a teory about the movie, about Merry and "powers" maybe or why she helps the Banks only or anything else interesting, not a theory about the money...
akplmn 9 kun oldin
Poor Neville. All he's guilty of is holding on a little too long to the hope of avoiding a second catastrophic war for his country, and now he's history's favourite punching bag.
Madrigal Kirin
Madrigal Kirin 9 kun oldin
Good to know I'm not the only one who is wildly obsessed with Mary Poppins.
Caspar Hensiek
Caspar Hensiek 9 kun oldin
Mike can get a Tesco mealdeal
MrMacGee 9 kun oldin
Unless I am mistaken a tuppence is a single coin.
Rowan Hill
Rowan Hill 9 kun oldin
Noodle the funky Homosexual
Matpat, its not just inflation as there’s a rate of inflation every year. At the moment it’s around 2%. I believe the word you’re thinking of is hyperinflation, as following the example clip of the Weimar Republic (Also known as Germany) when the Treaty if Versailles happened. Easy mistake but still irritating
animal zone
animal zone 9 kun oldin
Well sorry America for having a greedy goverment and a twaty money system
Earl Watt
Earl Watt 9 kun oldin
The problem here is Mr. Banks gave Mr. Dawes the tuppence. So, the tuppence he used to fix the kite was not the same as the tuppence he left at the bank.
Gurimi Senpai
Gurimi Senpai 9 kun oldin
Anyone remember the time Jontron made a Song cover?
Wild Youth
Wild Youth 10 kun oldin
Now that you’ve done this theory, watch the new movie. Mr Banks did invest Michaels tuppence and kept putting money in there and then because of the interest, it saved Michaels family!!! Just to clarify this isn’t supposed to be hate or me debunking ur theory, I’m just amazed that the one theory you did on Mary Poppins turned out to be a huge part of the sequel!!! Love ya Matpat
Matthew Hurley
Matthew Hurley 10 kun oldin
"i probably wont be doing very many disney theorys for a while. " -MatPat
MK Productions
MK Productions 10 kun oldin
Someone's gonna have some explaining to do once they watch the end of Mary Poppins Returns
BonJoviFanboy 9 kun oldin
Yeah... they claim the tuppence was enough to pay off the loan Michael owes to the bank, which is absolutely ridiculous. It would've made more sense for him to just accept Mr. Banks' old shares as legitimate, despite missing a piece, as a favor to the Banks family for their years of service in the bank. Furthermore, Michael and Jane trying to live in that house is ridiculous. It's clear that Michael's position in the bank is introductory whereas his father was an officer and partner of the bank. Michael is said to be an artist, and Jane just does protests for unions. Even IF their loan were paid off by the end of the movie (which it is), they couldn't continue to live in the house or pay taxes on it, that place is a mansion.
Pay and Bri Gaming
Pay and Bri Gaming 10 kun oldin
Fun fact: hippopottamonstarosesquipadelaphobia (the fear of long words) is one syllable longer than supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
Jordyn Anderson
Jordyn Anderson 10 kun oldin
You should do a theory on how/what allows the people in Marry Poppins/Mary Poppins Returns to go into those weird places in the ways that they do. Like is it drugs? Is it magic? Is it in any way possible? WE NEED TO KNOW! 😂
Tabitha Domino
Tabitha Domino 10 kun oldin
Jaffa cakes are cakes not biscuits-FIGHT ME
Slytherin Forever
Slytherin Forever 10 kun oldin
5:00 A farthing is 1/4 of a penny. We also had halfpennies. Then obviously pennies. There are 12 pennies in a shilling. 5 shillings in a crown. 4 crowns or 20 shillings in a pound. A guinea was a pound and shilling. Or 21 shillings. If you paid for something that was 21 shillings with a guinea you were considered rich if you paid for it any other way you were seen as poor. It's like people who carry £50 notes: why do you have to have that much money on you in a single note? It's dumb. My granddad had 3 sisters. He used to go out with 2p or a tuppence and be able to afford 4 doughnuts for him and his sisters. We moved to a decimal system in 1971. I was born in 1999 and I understand old money. It's not hard.
jakub rembacz
jakub rembacz 10 kun oldin
now the government is slowly turning communist by taxing E V E R Y T H I N G cause they need more moneys this slows down economic growth as people dont have as much to invest, and so goes on the downward spiral..... what went wrong?
Marc Nesselhauf
Marc Nesselhauf 10 kun oldin
Watch the new Mary Poppins, everything in this video is a lie! Like so pat can see
Hareem Arslan
Hareem Arslan 10 kun oldin
PLEASE do bird box! Pleeeeeeease! U and the movie are almost like a match made in heaven!
Eevee Evolution Squad
Hello. I just wanted to say great job on both game and film theory! I was wondering if you will ever make a book theory. Again your channels are great and thank you for letting our questions be answered. (Jewel the espeon)
Slytherin’s Heir 4306
I'm British and I feel really attacked in this video...
Rodolfo Alvarado
Rodolfo Alvarado 11 kun oldin
And now? Could those two coins save de Banks?
Kat is Typing.
Kat is Typing. 11 kun oldin
“The Great War” *Flashbacks of Salad Fingers*
James Allen
James Allen 11 kun oldin
Mat stop ruining my childhood
Rara B
Rara B 11 kun oldin
Lin plays Jack, not Bert. Cuz it's a sequel, not a remake. So you can't compare them!! I just saw it today and it was amazing, and Lin absolutely killed it. He was awesome.
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