Film Theory: Don't Trust The Banks! (Disney's Mary Poppins)

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In the original Mary Poppins, Mr. Banks attempts to get his son Michael to invest his little bit of change in the bank. He says that one day it will make him rich... but would it? Is Mr. Banks dooming his son to financial ruin or is this sound advice? Let's find out!
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23-Dek, 2018



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Fikrlar 7 717
Maggie Breeze
Maggie Breeze 44 daqiqa oldin
Love this I play Bert in my schools production of Mary Poppins
Ranbom Person
Ranbom Person 45 daqiqa oldin
I’ve seen Mary poppins 100 times
AmbU 2 soat oldin
it is not a remake it is a sequal.
Keira Harris
Keira Harris 17 soat oldin
There was an actually kid called Jack In Mary Poppins???
ribex01 2 kun oldin
0:02 how many times did you have to train for that one sentence?
Ambear Anime girl
Ambear Anime girl 4 kun oldin
1964 was the year my dad was born and he is 54 so u might think I am quite old but I am only 12
Noobcraft Gamer
Noobcraft Gamer 5 kun oldin
At the beginning he sounds like odd1sout
Ashley Manglona
Ashley Manglona 6 kun oldin
*Dont trust the banks* “Wh-wh-what? You only knew that now?” Oh and can u do a video on Coraline?
nutmeg418 6 kun oldin
I would save a hundred years for Jaffa cakes
1985 BTF VMB
1985 BTF VMB 6 kun oldin
My dad is older than that😚
Says You
Says You 7 kun oldin
If he would have kept the coins as collectables they would be worth $90 today
Troy Moreau
Troy Moreau 7 kun oldin
Farthing fart-hing
Dr Fodwazle
Dr Fodwazle 8 kun oldin
1:32 Really? I found the movie ridiculously boring and slow. Even my mum found it boring
Charlie Sthill
Charlie Sthill 9 kun oldin
You should watch these docus. : BBC Documentary 2015 HD The International Marketing Gold & Silver History. ; abro conus. ; Yt. Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve ; corbettreport. ; yt
Mason Connor
Mason Connor 10 kun oldin
I didn't watch this since I'm too young
Roxor128 11 kun oldin
Little bit about bonds: Regular bonds have a maturity date when they return your original investment and pay you interest in the meantime. Perpetual bonds don't mature and just keep paying interest forever (or until the issuer goes bust). Those people who hold the converted bonds from WW1 will still be getting interest payments more than a century after their ancestors bought them. Unlike bank accounts, bonds don't pay compound interest because the interest isn't reinvested. They just pay you. If you buy $10000 worth of bonds at 4% interest, they'll pay you $400 every year until they mature (if ever). Inflation, however, will have an impact on the value of your returns. A 3% inflation rate gives money a half-life of around 23 years. If your bonds mature in 25 years, those last couple of years will feel half as powerful as the first ones did. Oh, and if you think 25 years seems a bit extreme, it's not. The ASX lists a couple of dozen Australian government bonds, and as of March 2019, there are two with maturity dates more than 20 years away, with the longest maturing in 2047.
Ryan Jameson
Ryan Jameson 13 kun oldin
Here is my biggest question: How is a bag full bag of bird feed, or any pack of any food, worth 0.0833 pounds?
Margaret Coomes
Margaret Coomes 14 kun oldin
I've never seen mary poppins
Kathleen Newton
Kathleen Newton 14 kun oldin
It doesn’t matter now because the actor who played Micheal is dead
YouTubercrystal Drea
Why did you delete the bee movie bee theory
Josephina Cooper
Josephina Cooper 15 kun oldin
It’s not a remake it’s a preview to last movie
Ammar Harith
Ammar Harith 15 kun oldin
Dick van Dyke. What a name.
electro nerd
electro nerd 16 kun oldin
You should’ve talked about the inflation Scrooge mcduck caused in your Disney XD sponsored episode
Yes, true. But that's on the mindset of him only investing the two pence and never another dollar (pound, whatever) for the rest of his life.. They were trying to teach him about creating an account and saving money.
Orion Beecher
Orion Beecher 16 kun oldin
mat pat.. are you american?
Orion Beecher
Orion Beecher 16 kun oldin
lol thanks
Crazy PANDA 16 kun oldin
I go ASDA or ALDI not TESCO....
shreyas ganesh
shreyas ganesh 17 kun oldin
9:27 Shows a M26 Pershing While talking bout WW I #historicalaccuracyFTW
The awesome General
The awesome General 18 kun oldin
did you account for the 1910 twopence to be kept intact and sold to a collecter?
David loves to game
David loves to game 21 kun oldin
they left it in the bank
Chloe Mcnulty
Chloe Mcnulty 21 kun oldin
I work in Tesco 😂😂just made me laugh
Nayreeya mitchell
Nayreeya mitchell 21 kun oldin
my school just performed mary poppins the musical (that i was in) and i cant seem to GET THE HELL AWAY FROM MARY POPPINS OMG.
Reyna 21 kun oldin
If the old lady really DID care about the pigeons, then she would just feed the pigeons
Bificalera1 22 kun oldin
I did not watch the movie and I know nothing about Banks. This was very confusing...
Noris Niffler
Noris Niffler 22 kun oldin
LIN MANUEL MIRANDA!!! and emily blunt too
Galaxy Stuff
Galaxy Stuff 22 kun oldin
I haven’t watch either
ocgaming 24 kun oldin
What's a doler
troy neenan
troy neenan 24 kun oldin
Yes, but Michele would probably be dead anyway as he had to live through both WW1 and WW2. He would have also been putting money into the bank and taking it out all his life. Unless the tupence was the only income that he ever earned for the entire length of his life. And let's face it it probably was, he just cost his father his job.
Oma Wash
Oma Wash 24 kun oldin
Do one on... something
freasaurusrex 24 kun oldin
Being British and watching this is honestly a blessing
Henry Smith
Henry Smith 25 kun oldin
And then the second movie debunked your theory, even though I liked the theory.
Box 25 kun oldin
to the highest degree ruining childhood for war far too long the next one is on if pooh bear has a bong
Dylan Randall
Dylan Randall 25 kun oldin
As someone who is British I finally get your referenced
Aguyfrom theuk
Aguyfrom theuk 25 kun oldin
Y did u use a brexit March when I was just about to forget about it
ingrid osorio verdugo
so that's why the family is so poor in the new movie
Siri Serious
Siri Serious 27 kun oldin
I’m British, having breakfast crumpets and tea and yesterday I went to Tesco’s....
Paws The Game
Paws The Game 27 kun oldin
Honestly, I was too caught up in Mary Poppin's magicalness that I didn't pay a single bit of attention to anything else in the plot when I was a kid. It's still hard for me to remember anything other than her in the movie.
Ssugakookiezz 27 kun oldin
How am I learning more history than in my history class?
Priv 6464
Priv 6464 27 kun oldin
Next video idea: literally anything from how to train your dragon 1. Location of the hidden world 2. Could hiccups flight suit work 3. Could hiccups fire-sword work 4. Could you fly on a dragon without dying
Kathryn Thomas
Kathryn Thomas 28 kun oldin
I'm Mary Poppins yall
Amor Venus Cunag
Amor Venus Cunag 29 kun oldin
Frank Ruby
Frank Ruby 29 kun oldin
Why did I watch this
ashleyofoz 29 kun oldin
Now I'm confused. Not by the math, but because I just got back from the new movie: video says that mr. banks used the tuppence to buy the kite, but in the sequel, the banker says Michael invested the tuppence -- and that kite is like an important part of the new movie too so like??? I am confused. Either Matt misspoke or Disney retroactively changed the ending of the first movie
Ellie Rue
Ellie Rue 29 kun oldin
The little boys name is Michael? Hm. He wouldn't happen to get a pac-man tatoo later in life, would he?
Jaxon Valverde
Jaxon Valverde 29 kun oldin
Michael is rich😂
Juan Carlos Diaz
Juan Carlos Diaz 29 kun oldin
I thought that guy say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and “megirl” thought he ask her hand in marriage.
RICO GOLDSTAR 29 kun oldin
She used a Jedi Mind Trick. Now that Disney owns Star Wars, was Mary Poppins A Jedi?
gamer heros
gamer heros 28 kun oldin
John Godfrey Malig
So in this video, you just asked one simple question, and then went on to give us a lecture on banks, inflation, investments, bonds, and general economy. And *then* give us the extremely simple answer to the initial question given- which had almost nothing to do with just about 3/4ths of the video. Nice.
Bee Bee
Bee Bee Oy oldin
I actually don’t like Mary Poppins that much
PinkFox 93
PinkFox 93 Oy oldin
*dramatic gasp* BETRAYAL
Bee Bee
Bee Bee Oy oldin
Might as well start t posing
Chara and Friends
Matpat u need ...*NEED* TO send us ur intro on something.(is it on itunes) i just really love DA intro
Guild of Geek
Guild of Geek Oy oldin
Funny given Einstein was anti capitalist
Bradley. C
Bradley. C Oy oldin
I have recently watched the new movie and I realized that the life scene is like the balloon song at the end
Sakura Chikatta
The new one wasn't as good... -_-"
Purple Walrus
Purple Walrus Oy oldin
And by 24 he was wearing pants
Fl upen
Fl upen Oy oldin
What do you mean by BLOODY TUPENCE SINCE YOU SAID THEY ARE TWO PENNIES just please explain oh wait he’s getting 3.5% compound interest and 3.5% of 2 pennies is smaller than any farthing farting (sorry) and faring
Isaac Fowler
Isaac Fowler Oy oldin
dude im British ... i can tell you right now it doesn't cost anywhere close to 5-10 quid for paper and string i wish you didnt cut that part out of your script since i wanna know how you figured that out hahahah
gamer heros
gamer heros 28 kun oldin
Yea it's about £1.00
C B Oy oldin
wow that was my favorite movie thank....but i like you channel
Lenka Junová
Lenka Junová Oy oldin
Thanks for the shout-out to Czechoslovakia... that was a s*it deal indeed :-D
Oliver Janesch
Schilling was used in austria before the € came
brian ng
brian ng Oy oldin
tl;dr, to get rich, buy Rolex, and sell Rolex
Jae CC & Lels
Jae CC & Lels Oy oldin
This now ruins the sequel
Abigail Gott
Abigail Gott Oy oldin
My head is spinning, this is a confusing web you've spun ,I knew I have an IQ of a walnut, but it SERIOUSLY sounds like your speaking a different language....
Ashley Fedder
Ashley Fedder Oy oldin
I agree if the guy isn't as good as dick Van dyke I will all time made cus he isy hero
Corgi Queen
Corgi Queen Oy oldin
*when you have never watched Mary Poppins because your brother is too stubborn*
Laurent Nackers
Mary Poppins is my favorite movie as a child
Jiba Geolas
Jiba Geolas Oy oldin
Look ok, I don't give a frick frack, this movie made me cry, so yeah.
Valerie Soliman
did you do mary poppins returns?
Lily Kawaii
Lily Kawaii Oy oldin
Wait... wait... His last name is Banks and his father works at a bank... SMH tv logic
Lily Kawaii
Lily Kawaii Oy oldin
I I w I wo I wou I woul I would I wouldn I wouldn' I wouldn't I wouldn't t I wouldn't think you would actually expect me to make one this long. Pffffft. :3
gamer heros
gamer heros 28 kun oldin
Lily Kawaii
Lily Kawaii Oy oldin
We watch Mary Poppins in music almost *EVERY* year. Yeah, it's that well-known and loved.
Minecraft , roblox , FNAF Guy
My nan was ten when it first came out
Minecraft , roblox , FNAF Guy
And she watched in 1964
Adam Evans
Adam Evans Oy oldin
End the Fractional Banking system! End the Central Banking system! End the Fiat Currency system! Return to Full-Reserve Banking! Return to Decentralized Banking! Return to the Representative Banking system! Hitler was right, I hate the Jews! We gave the world to Communist-Cult leaders, and agents of hatred against the White Race! If the Western powers stayed out of the war, the Axis would have ended the threat of Communism by destroying the USSR, The Middle East would not have been dominated by the death-cult of Islam, and Africa would not be a complete fucking shithole with an exponentially-increasing population that lives by sucking the life force out of the western world via foreign aid. If Hitler won, the west would have eventually kicked out the communist jews behind the women's and civil rights movements that transformed balitmore, detroit, and chicago into complete shitholes full of constant violence and corruption, and we would have never had the jewish warhawk agitations and deceptions that led us into so many wars, we wouldn't have heard the word "holocaust", but we'd know all about the holodamor, and, most importantly, we wouldn't be opening our countries to millions of people who had destroyed their own countries, and want to do the same to ours. rapists, murderers, torturers, assaulters, bullies, arsonists, vandals, thieves, fraudsters, invaders, occupiers, and so on, literally inbred retards (IQ below 70 is literally the medical definition of intelectual retardation, and it's the average of sub-saharan africa, while the middle east has the highest rates of inbreeding in the world, and the tradition continues when they arrive at their "new homes") who are ugly as fuck (look at them and tell me that you don't think they must have some birth defect), never get work (if they do it's in telling lies in the field of journalism and politics, in accordance with the koran-proscribed practice of deception in the interests of islamic conquest, or halal food, restaurants that serve shitty middle eastern and african food that smells like shit and looks like turds, and refuse to serve non-muslim customers), commit all manner of the worst possible kinds of crimes (at worst, I'm talking organized crimes of sexual violence committed against young children, which are then covered up and aided by the government), collect benefits and pop out more filth like themselves (they are a net loss, and every second they've had so many of their little fucking hellspawns that the loss keeps growing at an exponential rate), all while bragging about how superior they are and how they are going to kill the people who took them in and steal their land, and the worst thing is, they are probably right unless we get mean and fucking do something to stop them. Oh, and another thing, the french have already begun doing something, targetting the banks and synagogues, wearing yellow vests all the while, and pre-emptively striking out against the police, they no longer care about public opinion, the majority of indigenous french agree with them, fucking tear shit up! TAKE A LOOK, THE YELLOW VEST RIOTS ARE THE BEGINNING OF MY IDEOLOGY TAKING OVER, DON'T BOTHER ARGUING AGAINST ME FOR I HAVE ALREADY WON!
Special Agent Washing Tub
"The remake of Mary Poppins..." Errrrr
Spring Trap
Spring Trap Oy oldin
Do agame called Baldi’s basics
Artist Raven
Artist Raven Oy oldin
This takes place in 1910 the edvicde happened WAYYYYYYYYYY after
Earlier Deer
Earlier Deer Oy oldin
I find it insane that a pound was originally a pound of gold.
Circus Gacha
Circus Gacha Oy oldin
It’s not a remake it’s the second Mary poppins
alisaboredf meow
Lin Manuel Miranda went from fighting the Britsh to becoming one
Theo Cham
Theo Cham 14 kun oldin
Alexander popins anyone?
M3rcy Animations
M3rcy Animations 16 kun oldin
+Transforming Dragonfly *turns into intense clap*
Transforming Dragonfly
*slow clap*
Κρούπα χάος
Hardly Bardly
Hardly Bardly Oy oldin
Despite the stress he endured, I found Mr. Banks' enthusiasm in his job very refreshing. David Tomlinson pulled off a character that truly took pride in his work, despite it being in a position that most kids watching would have seen as a boring job. As an adult, it makes so much more sense that someone like Mr. Banks whose literal name was wrapped up in his job would have a bit of identity crisis upon being discharged. However, the fact that he has loved ones that care for him regardless (and has just grown a sense of humor, thanks to Mary Poppins and the children) helped keep the aftermath of his firing from going into much darker territory. Great job as usual, MatPat!
Monserrat Mazlum
Fun fact, in the spanish version of the movie, the line is "I said it one night to me girl, and now her mother is my wife"
Hatoku Hiro
Hatoku Hiro Oy oldin
but my mom works at metro bank and more *she has 2 works*
Ashda Sheppp
Ashda Sheppp Oy oldin
Sorry the new movie sucked
Gavin gaming101
Lin needs to comment at some point!!!
Wayne Pollard
Wayne Pollard Oy oldin
I live in Belize a country that follows the British system so the word shilling is an everyday word.It means 25 cents seriously a 1 year old can tell you that
KillOrBeKilledQueen 05
When the saving grace of the Banks home is something that should not exists according to actual financial records.
Katie Has Life
I saw a news story that people were saying Mary Poppins promotes blackface in the chimney scene -_-
Valerie Farquharson
Matpat:fffffff film film theory! Me:chim chimney chim chim charoo
Ryan McKnabb
Ryan McKnabb Oy oldin
Why did it stay at just 2 Teppins (However you spell it). Wouldn't Michael have put more money into the bank as he grew older?
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