Film Theory: Harry Potter ISN'T The Chosen One?

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For years, we all believed that Harry Potter was the Chosen One, the one destined to save the wizarding world from Lord Voldemort, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. BUT, have we been duped? Is it possible that our lightning-bolted boy wonder isn't as special as we thought? What is there was ANOTHER Chosen One? What if it all boiled down to a coin flip? Then Harry Potter would just be an average kid. Maybe there's a universe out there where Harry should be THANKING Lord Voldemort...but I'll leave that to you to judge!
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2-Iyn, 2015

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MarrisaCTR Soat oldin
im sorry no Doby gave Harry the gillyweed
The Random
The Random 6 soat oldin
He is the chosen one, he was chosen by lord Voldemort
Futuristic Fission
Futuristic Fission 6 soat oldin
The only good Harry Potter game is the Lego game. *DA DA DA DAA DAAA DAA DAAA DAA DA DAA DU DA DAAA*
Carolen Kao
Carolen Kao 7 soat oldin
Wait, I just noticed....If Professor Trelawney did not create the prophecy, this story would not have ever existed. So technically Professor Trelawney is the Chosen One.
Scarlet Swan Allstars
Eat cake and cereal bro
Jake Samuel
Jake Samuel 11 soat oldin
do a one piece theory my favorite, brave, handsome( in a strictly platonic way), smart, genius, loving matpat
Metroid Other M
Metroid Other M 13 soat oldin
This isn’t a film theory. It’s a film fact. This is old news to us potterheads
Kawaii Duck Godess
Kawaii Duck Godess 23 soat oldin
odd burger 10th fry
i think its neville
ari escobar
ari escobar 2 kun oldin
Yet to watch the video but calling it now, It's neville.
Layne Thompson
Layne Thompson 2 kun oldin
I just reread Goblet of Fire... Dobby gave Harry the gillyweed. I’m pretty sure. Maybe they changed it in the movies?? Haven’t seen them.
Tucker Beebe
Tucker Beebe 2 kun oldin
It could have been both Harry and Neville they were both born at the end of July it says it in the book and movies
josh cox
josh cox 2 kun oldin
Corinne, I was about to say the same thing
Pirkko Heiskanen
Pirkko Heiskanen 2 kun oldin
When I saw the name of this video I was like: Pffftt it's Neville everyone knows that_
Alec Jkul
Alec Jkul 3 kun oldin
Both Harry and Neville could have been the chosen one, but Harry was CHOSEN, making him the "chosen one"
Alec Jkul
Alec Jkul 3 kun oldin
The gilliweed was batty crouch's idea. Not neville's
Alexis Wilson
Alexis Wilson 3 kun oldin
make book theory
foxgirl 173
foxgirl 173 3 kun oldin
Did he not read the the books It's litterally Canon from like the 4th or 5th book
Tragon Lady
Tragon Lady 3 kun oldin
I think it’s Neville Edit : 5:16 I KNEW IT!
Julia Dietrich
Julia Dietrich 3 kun oldin
Technically harry couldn't have done it without Neville cause Neville killed the snake
Gamergirl TV1717
Gamergirl TV1717 3 kun oldin
Harry never killed Voldemort... NEVEL did!! Because nevel killed the snake so half of Voldemort’s soul died and then he became weak so Harry would have a better chance to kill Voldemort.
ammarzaghloul55 4 kun oldin
Literally brought up in order of the Phoenix.
Beton Burger
Beton Burger 4 kun oldin
but if Nevile would bee the chosen one too must he be killed too?
LilyPad 4 kun oldin
that ending was really deep
Blue Wolf
Blue Wolf 4 kun oldin
I already knew this
Aaron Siemienkiewicz
The true hero is RON
Dana’s Cranberries
(•///•) ( ~ ) | |
Dana’s Cranberries
Neville is actually the ONE! I knew that before I saw this video
Lord Q
Lord Q 5 kun oldin
It was dobby who gave harry the gillyweed in book 4...
Taco Cat AJ
Taco Cat AJ 5 kun oldin
I have a idea are you gay
CCDelvo 5 kun oldin
Well of course he chose harry! Why would he chose I dude named Long bottom?
foxey wolfire
foxey wolfire 5 kun oldin
Me: *sees splatoon* 2:27 *Instantly happy*
The lover of hugs & DOLLA
Mat pat, did you even read the books? It literally says that if Voldemort had tried to kill Neville then he would have been the chosen one instead of Harry Potter. ...I just read the comments and realised everyone else said the same thing. Oops.
Cody Payne
Cody Payne 6 kun oldin
Who made that batman Harry Potter OMG IK a new film bat potter AMAZING bat potter dun dun dun dun dooo dooo doooo dun dun dun doooooo dun dun dun doooo dun dun dun dooo doo doo doo doo doo doo dun dun dun dun bat potter bat potter bat potter bat potter wow am a movie. Maker yay so I MADE A MOVIE NOW YAY AM NOW GINNA BE RICH
MaryBeth Rudnitsky
MaryBeth Rudnitsky 6 kun oldin
"GaSp" my birthday is also July 31!!!!! XD :D.
HuCool 6 kun oldin
guess why its called "the chosen one"
Nem Nem Naemh
Nem Nem Naemh 7 kun oldin
I'm sorry, this is stupid. One, this isn't even a theory, it's FACT. You don't need to make a "theory" about it. It literally explains in the books, that either harry or neville could be the chosen ONE. Two, there is still only ONE chosen one. Harry. HE ALONE is the chosen one, because VOLDEMORT CHOSE HIM. If Voldemort had chosen neville, than ONLY NEVILLE would be the chosen one, and Harry would be just some kid. Three, you're obviously aiming for people who haven't even read the books, because, honestly, explaining mad-eye/barty crouch jr.? Everyone who has at least flipped through the fourth book knows that. And how does that relate to this stupid "theory" at all? Also, another thing, NEVILLE DOESN'T GIVE HARRY THE GILLYWEED!!!! DOBBY DOES!!! THAT'S ONLY IN THE FILM, AND ANYTHING THAT'S ONLY IN THE FILM AND NOT THE BOOKS ISN'T TRUE. Come on already. Tell us something we DON'T know.
Lewis Curl
Lewis Curl 7 kun oldin
OK so 12:15 it WASNT neville that provided the gillyweed, that was just a cop-out in the movies. It was Dobby that did all the helping in the books, not Neville. Your point still stands, but as an avid HP fan in my childhood these things are important to me. Neville is awesome, and yeah it coulda easily been Neville (this was outlined really well in the books though, I sorta feel like you didnt read those so closely, and stayed more to the movies... this is "Film Theory" tho and not "Book Theory")
Manini Dixit
Manini Dixit 8 kun oldin
Neville never gave Harry any gillyweed
Wonderland Madi
Wonderland Madi 8 kun oldin
Zena DaFox
Zena DaFox 8 kun oldin
Come on. WE ALL know that Voldemort was the real chosen one. He was having personal issues about his nose. Then guidance counselor, Harry Potter, used love against him. In which is was too much, and Voldemort didn't feel so good.
Mr buzz Snappy
Mr buzz Snappy 8 kun oldin
have not seen yet but my guess is neville
SquishyyGhost 8 kun oldin
I wanna read the series in Nevil's POV now
Alyssa Thierauf
Alyssa Thierauf 8 kun oldin
Sorry MatPat, but this was explained by Dumbledore to Harry. You probably didn't read that, since this is FILM theory. We've known this for a while
Bust3rB00 8 kun oldin
Late as always but gotta say from the start I was SHOUTING 'Neville' at the screen...
magnus Refsgaard
magnus Refsgaard 8 kun oldin
Neville bottum
Joey Gujral
Joey Gujral 8 kun oldin
Voldemort had only heard part of the prophecy from his eavesdropper(Snape).The Books clearly say that the Prophecy could have been for Neville as well. But Voldemort Chose Harry as his equal as they shared the same blood status(Half-Blood), even though later on he worships the Pure-Bloods as worthy of being magical. So, for people who have read the book, would know that Neville could have been the chosen one.
Yaseen Qashou
Yaseen Qashou 8 kun oldin
Me at beginning: Neville long bottom!!!!!!!!!! End: yesssssssssssss
Ghjjvxx Hubbub.
Ghjjvxx Hubbub. 9 kun oldin
Gamer Typical?
Gamer Typical? 9 kun oldin
Yeah but Harry is the chosen one because he was chosen by voldemort
Spring trap
Spring trap 9 kun oldin
"They got batman!" "I am the bat who lived!"
Lillian Tom
Lillian Tom 9 kun oldin
But still, Neville wouldn't have had Voldemorts twin wand though. Right? "The wand chooses the wizard Mr.Potter."
Three Railway Engines of Time
Neville giving Harry Gillyweed is only in the films (aka not canon). It's Dobby in the books (aka canon).
cambria jenkins
cambria jenkins 10 kun oldin
My brain hurts, thanks.
tharwat eltahan
tharwat eltahan 10 kun oldin
they explaind this in the book like three times i already know every u said
Hufflepuff Wolf
Hufflepuff Wolf 10 kun oldin
Hun. It's Neville it was literally mentioned. Yet he had to be marked. He was not marked though, so he is not "the chosen one" Harry was chosen by voldemort making him the one he chose, the chosen one. Come on
Mystical Gamer
Mystical Gamer 10 kun oldin
I’m sorry what?!
Francesca Ely
Francesca Ely 10 kun oldin
They say in the book that Neville could have been the chosen one and Voldemort chose Harry
Dayana Cruz
Dayana Cruz 10 kun oldin
Nooooo harry is the chosen one😡
Diamond Johnson
Diamond Johnson 10 kun oldin
Except the prophecy in the department of mysteries could only be held by the person who it is about... That was Harry.
Welp. Ok then
Welp. Ok then 10 kun oldin
“Why couldn’t it be something cool like laser beams” ah yes, Harry Potter. My favourite sci-fi.
Olivia Wink
Olivia Wink 10 kun oldin
What is this even a theory, the books even explain this so you’re not even original
Gantulga Ganhuyg
Gantulga Ganhuyg 10 kun oldin
Yeah their is Harry porter and his father
corina macovei
corina macovei 11 kun oldin
Me *reads title* *loves HP* Also me *loves MatPat* I'll never watch this video.
KAW 11 kun oldin
i am disappointed there isnt actually a ron = voldemort video
the Clarky cat
the Clarky cat 11 kun oldin
who else watching in 2019?
feliisvulpes 11 kun oldin
Small question... why was this video made if everything was already clearly canon?
Karen Park Jones
Karen Park Jones 11 kun oldin
you are just paraphrasing Dumbledoor's theory. Make something original Matpat!
Gingy Cookie
Gingy Cookie 11 kun oldin
Your theory is literally cannon!
Mikaella Rollie
Mikaella Rollie 11 kun oldin
You said Voldemort wrong. The t is silent so it sounds like boldemore.
Currently Maria
Currently Maria 11 kun oldin
They said this in the book.
sᴜɴᴄʜɪ 11 kun oldin
Great now I want to see the same storyline of the movies but following Neville instead of Harry Who else thinks that should be a thing?
Charles Byington
Charles Byington 11 kun oldin
love is the power. aw common
The Real Richard Goranski
Ellsie's world
Ellsie's world 11 kun oldin
Dobby did
Ellsie's world
Ellsie's world 11 kun oldin
Neville didn’t give Harry the gillweed
Jordan Wright
Jordan Wright 11 kun oldin
Pickachu Master
Pickachu Master 11 kun oldin
This isn’t a theory
Wish Queen109
Wish Queen109 12 kun oldin
When I looked at the thumbnail I was like "I've seen SOMWTHING like this before its Neville" bra remember Neville kills Nagini the snake! So that's also a bonus! When I posted this literally after 10 secs he was talking about Nagini LOL
Tobias Mortensen
Tobias Mortensen 12 kun oldin
Now i know i sound like a real harry potter nerd, but in the books its acutally Dobby that provides Harry with the gillyweed, they just made it Neville in the movies because it costs alot of money animating elves, but good theory :)
Static Shadow
Static Shadow 12 kun oldin
What funny is when u said "that just a theory-" imediatly I said " that's just a theory- a quantum theory"
Rebekah Paul
Rebekah Paul 12 kun oldin
Have you read th books
Remus Lupin
Remus Lupin 12 kun oldin
Nur the Dark Lord will mark him as his ecual... There is 1 difference: we know, Harry Potter is a Half-blood. Neville longbottom is a Pureblood. The reason Voldemort thought Harry was the chosen one is that Tom Riddle is a half blood too. Dumbledore told Harry that Neville could be the chosen one too but the reason is the Status of Voldemorts Blood.
Such Ryan much gaming
Dumbledore is the Sans of Harry Potter
DatRealMemesMaster 13 kun oldin
Is it just me or matpat's joke are acually funny?
Devil Girl
Devil Girl 13 kun oldin
13:26 dont u mean siriusly hahaha (im so funny)
Destiny ASMR
Destiny ASMR 13 kun oldin
Ah screw it... They got batman! XD I died laughing
Selvin Ixcamparij
Selvin Ixcamparij 13 kun oldin
It clearly states in the books that the prophecy could be about Neville
Unicorn Is Random
Unicorn Is Random 13 kun oldin
OI they is both heros both killed half of Voldemort also your saying Voldemort wrong the t in Voldemort is silent so it is Voldemor
Katelyn Grove
Katelyn Grove 13 kun oldin
harry is obviously the chosen one.!!! Voldemort had a CHOICE!!! And he picked Harry. NOT NEVILE!!! Nevile was never as brave or strong as Harry. I think Nevile should just stick to being low.
Shea Coburn
Shea Coburn 13 kun oldin
pretty much everyone who clicked on this video loves both game theory and harry P. so whats with all the tension?
Michele Mullican
Michele Mullican 14 kun oldin
This is actually a decent theory, but,I don't agree with you. And DUDE, give Harry some slack, I mean, he was orphaned at age 1! 1! Plus, he was raised by people who HATE him, for 10 years! He slept in a cupboard, was constantly bullied, and punished for things he did mean to do. Oh, and I almost forgot, HE'S GOT THE MOST EVIL DARK LORD OF ALL TIME TRYING TO KILL HIM! So please, be nicer!
Bio Zoroark
Bio Zoroark 14 kun oldin
Yr a theorist Matpat
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia 14 kun oldin
KrAzY Person
KrAzY Person 14 kun oldin
MatPat x Matthew Lewis amirite
Pia is my name
Pia is my name 14 kun oldin
the difference between film theory and game theory is obviously the spelling
Olivia Marie
Olivia Marie 14 kun oldin
Derek Banks
Derek Banks 14 kun oldin
So we’re just gonna ignore that Harry is a descendant of one of the deathly hallows brothers? Thus the reason the invisibility cloak was past down to him! And I’m sure we can all agree that the cloak is pivotal to all of Harry’s adventures. How could Neville have done any of that with no cloak?
Camilla Lund
Camilla Lund 14 kun oldin
They do mention in the movies that it was about either Harry or Nevile, but the day that "You know who" came to the Potters home to kill Harry, he marked Harry as his equal... Therefore the prophecy was no longer about Nevile. It was written in the ball of prophecy in the room of requirements and it had Harrys name on it, and plus, only the person it is about can pick up the prophecy, therefore in the movie Lucius Malfoy could not take it when Harry handed it over, therefore breaking it. But the prophecy still lives on until in the final movie (Spoiler alert) Harry kills "You know who". Ooof, that took a long time.
charly bridges
charly bridges 14 kun oldin