Film Theory: Harry Potter ISN'T The Chosen One?

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For years, we all believed that Harry Potter was the Chosen One, the one destined to save the wizarding world from Lord Voldemort, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. BUT, have we been duped? Is it possible that our lightning-bolted boy wonder isn't as special as we thought? What is there was ANOTHER Chosen One? What if it all boiled down to a coin flip? Then Harry Potter would just be an average kid. Maybe there's a universe out there where Harry should be THANKING Lord Voldemort...but I'll leave that to you to judge!
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Lincoln Ortiz
Lincoln Ortiz 14 soat oldin
Bro it says this in the book Voldemort had a choice he chose Harry
Vithaan Sutar
Vithaan Sutar 15 soat oldin
Koby Pearson
Koby Pearson Kun oldin
50% Harry poster books 0% science 50% bad stuff about Harry
Kelsey Kun oldin
In the book Dobby gave Harry the Gilly weed, I agree with everything else but you can't say that was Neville because that's not what J.K. Rowling wanted and wrote.
Point.Dank 2 kun oldin
Neville didn’t actually give Harry gillyweed. They only have this happen in the movie for time reasons(they do this a lot in goblet of fire) Dobby actually gives Harry the gillyweed. Maybe Dobby is the chosen one?
Pig Admiral
Pig Admiral 2 kun oldin
Johnny Eyess
Johnny Eyess 2 kun oldin
Well, in the poorly written Cursed Child, an alternate universe was created, Neville was killed by Cedric, the World was in darkness, the war could not have been won if it wasn't for Neville.
Eimes McDonagh
Eimes McDonagh 2 kun oldin
Hope Neville kills the second most evil witch/wizard: Umbridge >:(
Ainahau Desha
Ainahau Desha 3 kun oldin
I can tell the diffrents film theory is about movies
Willard Wood
Willard Wood 3 kun oldin
Snake-face actually marked BOTH in the same timeline. Neville's Mark happened immediately before he pulled the sword from the hat, with Riddle singling him out.
Guadalupe Gomez
Guadalupe Gomez 3 kun oldin
Arab/h b
Eddie Perez
Eddie Perez 3 kun oldin
What's funny is my name is Hayley Perez and at 3:25 matpat says "HP, go kill this guy!"😂 made my sucky day 100,000,000,000,000x better! (Btw this is my dads account I'm commenting with sooo yea)
Angelo Boi
Angelo Boi 3 kun oldin
It wasn't Neville who gave Harry the gillyweed it was Dobby in the books Neville gave it to him in the movie
Katie S
Katie S 3 kun oldin
I always knew it was Neville. He’s my favorite in the whole series!
Jack Babb
Jack Babb 3 kun oldin
OMG like if u want to join the #Nevil is the true hero squad!!
Errin Rowland
Errin Rowland 4 kun oldin
Chosen ones Lol
Robert Calhoun
Robert Calhoun 4 kun oldin
I knew you were going to say Neville I know you Matthew
skill sniper
skill sniper 4 kun oldin
Thats my birthday jjuly 31fst
Ebony Foster
Ebony Foster 4 kun oldin
🙄 I think when it comes to Harry potter theories I'll stick with super Carlin bros, they come up with theories that are believable, not already outlined in the books, and based off the books rather than movies. I mean c'mon did you read the books? This really lessers my opinion of your theories if you can't even get Harry potter canon right
Hannah Gallifrey
Hannah Gallifrey 3 kun oldin
Ebony Foster thanks, great! 👍🏼
Ebony Foster
Ebony Foster 3 kun oldin
+Hannah Gallifrey alright, I edited it so it doesn't seem as harsh
Hannah Gallifrey
Hannah Gallifrey 3 kun oldin
Ebony Foster alright, true, but don’t call him bad pls.
Ebony Foster
Ebony Foster 3 kun oldin
+Hannah Gallifrey A mistake I can understand, but when you make a whole video about something a lot of people really love and you can't get the basics right then they're almost as bad those UZvidrs that make "10 things you didn't know about Harry potter" his other videos are good but he should just stay away from Harry potter if he doesn't put in the effort to get to know the series. I mean even a simple Google search and he would have realised that this isn't a theory but it's literally canon from the books 🙄
Hannah Gallifrey
Hannah Gallifrey 3 kun oldin
Let him be. He just made a mistake. It could as well have been you or me.
Margot Lopez
Margot Lopez 5 kun oldin
CRU TA CHI OUS crutatious (I am a terrible speller)
Mellody Princess 101
According to the series they say that nevel could have been the chosen one if Voldemort had chosen to try to kill him
Spiritcat208 5 kun oldin
4:39 *Mr. Potter, I don't feel so good*
Spiritcat208 5 kun oldin
Mom kinda doesn't want me to watch the Harry Potter movies, and read the books, but I already read them.
Junko Enoshima
Junko Enoshima 6 kun oldin
Guys. This is FILM theroy. Not Literature theroy. He knows. The movies dont say a whole lot about the prophecy
ALLISON RIXEY 6 kun oldin
I keep see people hating on matpat in the comments and I understand this is stated in the books but a lot of y’all are being mean and I just don’t think matpat deserves those comments so can y’all try to be nice
Hannah Gallifrey
Hannah Gallifrey 3 kun oldin
Karen Schroeder
Karen Schroeder 6 kun oldin
It’s Avada kedavra. Not kedabra
Cookie Vindi
Cookie Vindi 6 kun oldin
PLZ PLZ PLZ do a theory on if Mary Poppins went to Hogwarts and is RELATED to HARRY. Both use magic sooooooooo PLZ PLZ PLZ
Jack Rutledge
Jack Rutledge 6 kun oldin
y does film/game theory comments section always make me depressed? because SOME OF U have to be h8in on poor MatPat, press f every time he mentions objections in the comments section
drewlovs 6 kun oldin
Did anyone else have a sad reaction to Dumbledore`s death? #Saddestwizarddeathever
Spiritcat208 5 kun oldin
Nope. I only had a sad reaction to Snape. Not Fred, not Dobby, not Sirius, not Dumbledore, not Lupin, just Snape. Just Snape. JUST SNAPE.
somu kapare
somu kapare 7 kun oldin
The book says the exact same thing you do....
Opal’s Entertainment
_the true hero was the wand maker_
Ibrahim Imran
Ibrahim Imran 8 kun oldin
just saying harrys the third wheel
Kitty Cata
Kitty Cata 8 kun oldin
Danie Soldier
Danie Soldier 8 kun oldin
@matpat there is only ONE chosen one Neville only fits 2 of 3 requirements. What Dumbledore says is that instead of Voldy making Neville the chosen One he made Harry the chosen One. Most likely because of how similar voldy Harry are, (pure blood father, half blood mother,) and so there were 2 candidates, but there could only be One chosen One. And voldy made the chosen one Harry.
craig Freeman
craig Freeman 8 kun oldin
btw you still haven't made that ron is voldemort theory
Fluubah 8 kun oldin
4:51 i thought i had gd open
Fatal Flawness
Fatal Flawness 8 kun oldin
From somewhere (I watch a lot of Harry Potter theories and jazz), that Voldemort chose Harry because he also is a half blood, just like Voldemort. Neville from what I assume isn’t a half blood. Voldemort did not choose him since Harry was the one who showed more importance with the fact of his parents. I heard that Voldemort wanted to recruit the excellent wizards James Potter and his wife Lily Evans. They defied him three times and stayed loyal to Dumbledore. I think Neville’s parents were given the choice too. Since Harry’s parents died already, the Death Eaters probably wanted to kill the Neville’s parents for denying Voldemort to be a Death Eater.
Liam Raver
Liam Raver 8 kun oldin
Hmmmmm, how about my brother he is born on July 30 he has parents(and I should know) and he was loved longer than me( because he’s three years older than me) oh and he loves Harry Potter
Kenzie Flemming
Kenzie Flemming 8 kun oldin
Have you read the books?! Dumbledore clearly states that Neville could’ve been the chosen one but Voldemort chose Harry because he was a half blood like himself so was the biggest threat!!!!
ALLISON RIXEY 6 kun oldin
Kenzie Flemming this is called film theory not book theory
Muffin Swirl
Muffin Swirl 8 kun oldin
Before the reavel of nevil I already guessed neveil
Moonpig 00
Moonpig 00 9 kun oldin
String theory
Scarlett Rose
Scarlett Rose 9 kun oldin
MatPat: what does that make them? The chosen 2? Me: The chosen dosen.
Lucas Animations
Lucas Animations 9 kun oldin
I love Harry Potter it’s the best series
Toad Man
Toad Man 9 kun oldin
My mind is officially blown.
Cat ana
Cat ana 9 kun oldin
If you tack the stage show Voldemort had a childe
Inara Kester
Inara Kester 10 kun oldin
2019 😐
The Moist But Droopy Long Crotch
Also JK Rowling isn't that smart Hahha she's a piece of shit
The Moist But Droopy Long Crotch
Neville was his since the beginning
The Moist But Droopy Long Crotch
1 second in and I knew it was Neville hahahha he killed that snake nigga
AniGa 10 kun oldin
Yeah, this is one of the more well done aspects of the writing in HP. Dun like a lot of it much, but this one bit is great.
Nymphodora Solo
Nymphodora Solo 10 kun oldin
DOBBY gave Harry the gillyweed!
Kaitlyn Cheng
Kaitlyn Cheng 10 kun oldin
On 12:12, Neville did not give Harry Gillyweed Dobby actually did for the task in the book. DOBBY THE HOUSE ELF STOLE IT FROM SNAPE!!!!!
Angie Elseisi
Angie Elseisi 10 kun oldin
Angie Elseisi
Angie Elseisi 10 kun oldin
U did relies they said ALL of this if the book???
Yoselin Carroll
Yoselin Carroll 11 kun oldin
Don’t worry MatPat I’m Ravenclaw to
moontailm2 2
moontailm2 2 11 kun oldin
Jaeda Blume
Jaeda Blume 11 kun oldin
matpat: "tHeY gOt bAt mAn" matpat: "oh shit wrong theory
Sideline Hero
Sideline Hero 12 kun oldin
So a disturbingly interesting thought just popped in my head and TBH im afraid to ask it cause its a bit.... risque if you will, but seriously tho, what happens to the little wizards and witches with special needs? I've yet to see a one and that usually means only...one.... Thing.....👀 Dont think i need to say what that is, but you catch my drift right? Yea you do, but does anyone have an answer for me cause im over here thinking the worst.
AngelLps 12 kun oldin
They have about three pages worth of Dumbledore telling harry about the prophacy. I love your vids, but they mention all of this in the fifth book. Voldy just went for Harry because he was kinda naive
Dragon meta Knight654
Looking at that Harry killing Voldemort part,I noticed:WHY DOES NO ONE USE GUNS ,SPELLS ARE A BIT SLOW
TM vines
TM vines 13 kun oldin
Now I know why Neville didn't die when thrown away from the window by his grandma.
sean lintermoot
sean lintermoot 13 kun oldin
Literally as soon as I read it I thought longbottom in the other books she wrote his son goes back kills longbottom and he lives so yeah your right
Cosmo Renner StClair
I think I have some pretty strong evidence for my own theory: What if Snape is secretly a good guy?
Brooke Pelletier
Brooke Pelletier 13 kun oldin
it already tells us this in the 5th book
Ellie Shay
Ellie Shay 13 kun oldin
Sorry Matthew, this is was in one of the actual books. Sorry! Also, the multiverse theory reminded me of the Flash. Anyone else?
Tabitha Ondriezek
Tabitha Ondriezek 13 kun oldin
MatPat, READ LE BOOKS! It explains it all!
Hannah Gallifrey
Hannah Gallifrey 13 kun oldin
Mr. I - Knew - The - Answer - The - WHOLE - Time - And - Just - CHOSE - Not - To - Share - It - With - You - Until - The - VERY - End! That sounds just like you Matpat😂😂 Sorry, I really enjoy your videos!
Mohammad Hosseini
Mohammad Hosseini 14 kun oldin
you're wrong Harry can talk to snakes but the other one could not
Jennifer StGeorge
Jennifer StGeorge 14 kun oldin
You know what maybe Voldemort sucked at herbology and he was jealous of Neville
RedGamer ThePvPG
RedGamer ThePvPG 14 kun oldin
12:13 thata exclusive to the movies,besides moody showed it to him with the book soo
Thassalante k'Reskel
Yeah, if it's explicitly stated in the canon, it's not a theory. But more importantly, where's my MLP/Zelda crossover game, dammit?!? Pony link is SO CUTE!
Norah Betancourt
Norah Betancourt 14 kun oldin
MatPat did you read all of the books THROUGH AND THROUGH ALL OF THIS INFO IS IN THE BOOKS DUMBLEDORE SAYS THAT IF VOLDEMORT HAD TRIED TO KILL NEVILLE HE WOULD BE THE MORTAL ENEMY OF VOLDEMORT. I note your dumbledore explain at the end but then why the video?
Random Channel
Random Channel 14 kun oldin
Lego movie
Finnegan Leary
Finnegan Leary 14 kun oldin
Harry gets put in the triwizerd tourdumint with dragons and mermaids oh no Edward Cullen gets slayed he’s back
Finnegan Leary
Finnegan Leary 14 kun oldin
Ingonium liveosa
Finnegan Leary
Finnegan Leary 14 kun oldin
Sepra tetra
shobi williams
shobi williams 15 kun oldin
When your birthday is the 30th of July and your mom passed away when she had you “IM THE CHOSEN ONE!!!”
Kim Crawford-Cottingham
I liked the 5th book mainly BECAUSE of Harry whining. I mean he has always just kind of taken everyone's crap, what if someone walked up to you and said, "Hey, you know that dude that killed your parents and you witnessed kill one of your best friends right before he was resurrected? Yeah well no one is going to believe any of that happened, all the good you do will be witnessed by you and only you, so no one will believe that you actually did that, uh let's see, yes, you're going to have to kill your parents killer, or he's going to kill you, everyone is going to hate you for no reason, what else, uhhh, yeah, oh, and no one is going to tell you anything and everyone is going to treat you like a child even though you have done more then said people will probably ever do in their _lives._ Good luck!" Because that's basically what Dumbledore said to Harry. Yeah I think I'd be pretty pissed and whiny too, how about you?!
Kim Crawford-Cottingham
You're going to have to type the 4th book in by hand as if you surround a word in dashes then it puts a line through it. For example, -Hello and goodbye!-
Kim Crawford-Cottingham
1st book: www2.sdfi.edu.cn/netclass/jiaoan/englit/download/Harry%20Potter%20and%20the%20Sorcerer's%20Stone.pdf 2nd book: docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=sites&srcid=aHNhd2gub3JnfHBibC13ZWJzaXRlfGd4OjMxNTI4ZGZlZjNmMjNiMjY 3rd book: www.passuneb.com/elibrary/ebooks/HARRY%20POTTER%20AND%20THE%20PRISONER%20OF%20AZKABAN.pdf 4th book: index-of.co.uk/Tutorials-2/Harry_Potter__-Rowling,_J_K-__Harry_Potter_and_the_Goblet_of_Fire_-_Book_4.pdf 5th book: admin-demo.site.drupaldisttest.cc.columbia.edu/sites/default/files/2016-09/1418_0.pdf 6th book: www.gkkacurrent.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Book-6-Harry-Potter-and-the-Half-Blood-Prince.pdf 7th book: drive.google.com/file/d/0B5Mu5en8hT40alE0T2p0bjNvSU0/view All 7 books non-download, free read, so lucky I found them.
Kim Crawford-Cottingham
Kim Crawford-Cottingham
Oh and yeah this is pretty important to mention; “It means - me?” Dumbledore surveyed him for a moment through his glasses. “The odd thing is, Harry,” he said softly, “that it may not have meant you at all. Sibyll’s prophecy could have applied to two wizard boys, both born at the end of July that year, both of whom had parents in the Order of the Phoenix, both sets of parents having narrowly escaped Voldemort three times. One, of course, was you. The other was Neville Longbottom.” “But then . . . but then, why was it my name on the prophecy and not Neville’s?” “The official record was relabeled after Voldemort’s attack on you as a child,” said Dumbledore. “It seemed plain to the keeper of the Hall of Prophecy that Voldemort could only have tried to kill you because he knew you to be the one to whom Sibyll was referring.” “Then - it might not be me?” said Harry. “I am afraid,” said Dumbledore slowly, looking as though every word cost him a great effort, “that there is no doubt that it _is_ you." “But you said - Neville was born at the end of July too - and his mum and dad -” “You are forgetting the next part of the prophecy, the final identifying feature of the boy who could vanquish Voldemort. . . . Voldemort himself would ‘mark him as his equal.’ And so he did, Harry. He chose you, not Neville. He gave you the scar that has proved both blessing and curse.”
Llama Gaming
Llama Gaming 15 kun oldin
dobby gave harry gill weed bra
RoseWolf Playz
RoseWolf Playz 15 kun oldin
Whats ur house? I'm Ravenclaw .... Mostly because I'm smart lol
Vincent Lee
Vincent Lee 15 kun oldin
tl;dr neville and harry are both chosen ones
xXcoco pecanXx
xXcoco pecanXx 15 kun oldin
Yeah, this was addressed in the book.
Amie Gordon
Amie Gordon 16 kun oldin
Galaxy Wolf Plays
Galaxy Wolf Plays 16 kun oldin
Brhhha I HAVE NIT READ IT YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gill Noffert
Gill Noffert 16 kun oldin
It’s neville
Anna Mrl
Anna Mrl 16 kun oldin
Neville is better protagonist that Harry
chese boy
chese boy 16 kun oldin
IS IT Nevill longbottom
BeX32210 16 kun oldin
Just reread the first book. Obviously it follows Harry and adds Ron. But the person that is number three and sets the whole more story into motion is Neville. He is first mentioned when Harry enters 9 3/4 and it turns out that his magic abilities show up around the time Harry frees the python from the zoo. It turns out that Neville was planned to be one of the most important characters right from the beginning of the series!
AbbyYT 17 kun oldin
No dude stop,... J.K. has confirmed this And I quote Harry James Potter is The Only Chosen one
AbbyYT 17 kun oldin
Books,Movies,Video games,Merch Why did you put this on Film theyory?...
DRAGON LORD VID 123 17 kun oldin
This is old news
Ammo the Godzilla 1999
Let's be honest, Voldemort only chose Harry because who would want "Neville Longbottom" as the title of the book. Harry Potter sounds better.
bill nye
bill nye 17 kun oldin
So it’s the chosen 8000000000
Shannya Shannon
Shannya Shannon 17 kun oldin
It lighterly say's this in the book once Dumbledore tells Harry. But otherwise I love your videos!!
Caleb Espenshade
Caleb Espenshade 18 kun oldin
Is jumping out of a car while its moving bad for you? Please do a theory about that.
Sub to Lazarbeam
Sub to Lazarbeam 18 kun oldin
From Harry Potter to quantum physics... Only at film theory...
connor hartman
connor hartman 18 kun oldin
dude it says that in the book
Fate Wielder
Fate Wielder 18 kun oldin
Nope, theory denied Neville was not the chosen one since he fails at everything.
Tamales Chidos
Tamales Chidos 19 kun oldin
Julia HickmanMusic
Julia HickmanMusic 19 kun oldin
The only thing that ruins this theory is that the prophecy is Harry’s. In the wizarding world, prophecies are about the person they are assigned to. No one else can listen to them but the owner.
Thank You From Alex Trebek | JEOPARDY!
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