Film Theory: How Christmas BROKE The Grinch! (Dr Seuss How The Grinch Stole Christmas)

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The Grinch is a holiday classic. Through all the versions that have been made, one thing remains consistent. The Grinch, overcome by holiday cheer, has a change of heart... a BIG change. A 3 size difference, in fact. That can't be healthy! Today Loyal Theorists, we are giving the Grinch a check up to see if he should even be ALIVE at the end of this movie!
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Mathieu Lecompte
Mathieu Lecompte 3 oy oldin
Mat, You put joy in my life. At the end of an hard day, having a new theory , whether game or film , is like a mini Christmas 🎄. It really soothes my soul. My father passed 2 weeks ago and I couldn’t tell you enough how these small moments of joy have made a difference. Thank you Mat.
Turtsles 101
Turtsles 101 Kun oldin
I am very sorry for your loss and um YOU GOT NOTICED BY MAT PAT :3 Yayy, this should bring some more joy in your life! :3
French Toast
French Toast 7 kun oldin
Me too bro
Keith & Sarah McClellan
Mathieu Lecompte R.I.P Mathieu’s Dad
Carter Day
Carter Day 16 kun oldin
Condolences man.
Gaming Pro's and Noobs
Benigno Paraisu
Benigno Paraisu 9 soat oldin
That's Dr. Seuss for you~
Cole Jackson
Cole Jackson 10 soat oldin
It’s fiction so skip it
Musical Raincloud
Musical Raincloud 15 soat oldin
Wait... did Matpat just call the grinch thicc?
lil naza
lil naza 17 soat oldin
Itsame 43
Itsame 43 Kun oldin
The theme of my camp is how the Grinch stole it it's funny
Polar Art7
Polar Art7 Kun oldin
Grinch pat !!!!
Anna Chan
Anna Chan Kun oldin
I had a literal whole in my heart it grow grew over time I don't have a whole in my heart any more
Calico Bunny
Calico Bunny 2 kun oldin
I really think the “two sizes too small” heart was just a metaphor
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 3 kun oldin
No know what I just thought... what if these theories are all wrong and people was wanted to create a creepy movie/video/game... not a hater I love his theories but I just had a realization
Ann Marie
Ann Marie 3 kun oldin
5:45 exacerbated not exasperated
Lily Plays
Lily Plays 4 kun oldin
This is Melody 👩 She gets bullied everyday 1 like = 1 less bully
spiritcatofcipher 3
What? You have a son? HE'S GOING TO BE A GENIUS!!
Shister jackie Squad
Your baby is sooooo cuteeeee💕
CTy thiccy, and cocky
congrats on your bby mat!!! will he be hosting any theory episodes in the near future?
Heinz Guderian
Heinz Guderian 6 kun oldin
Anti-Furry Propaganda
Sam Games
Sam Games 7 kun oldin
Maybe he wouldn’t be so mean if they didn’t sing how much if a jerk he is
When Your Pizza Rolls Are Done
Some people refuse to accept that the Grinch had a valid reason to hate Christmas... What he went through was probably traumatic as a child...
Evil Rick
Evil Rick 9 kun oldin
What if Dr. Seuss was watching this
Keith & Sarah McClellan
“Actually kinda defensible”
Baconking Studio
Baconking Studio 10 kun oldin
he’s the grinch
pikaseel 10 kun oldin
Trying to find any sense of logic in the Dr. Seuss universe is like trying to divide 0 by 0.
Katie Ferrant
Katie Ferrant 11 kun oldin
The grinch is a green yeti I think
crackshot Dufresne
crackshot Dufresne 11 kun oldin
Do a vid on how fast turbo is and are his powers possible PLZ!!!!
Kaiden Haggerty
Kaiden Haggerty 11 kun oldin
F for the loss of toys r us
Spicy Fox
Spicy Fox 12 kun oldin
0:51 you’re a mean one Mr. Matt Pat
FishFossils 12 kun oldin
What did we learn? That theres a reason theres not a second grinch book/movie
Rodrigo Doria
Rodrigo Doria 12 kun oldin
.the anime teorist
Melissa Thramer
Melissa Thramer 13 kun oldin
thanks matpat for ruining my favorite book. I'm going to go cry my room now
deathrattle 14 kun oldin
Vox Cruora
Vox Cruora 14 kun oldin
Me: Aw man, those headphones sound amazing! I could really use those features! I think I want a pair! Me: *checks price* Me: *has a massive heart attack like the Grinch* Bury me in my shitty ten dollar wal-mart headphones bc ain't no way I'll ever be able to afford 600 fuckin dollar ones.
Keiley Lane
Keiley Lane 15 kun oldin
6:05 nice headphones dude
Zoey Lu
Zoey Lu 15 kun oldin
But there is a Grinch 2 Sooooooooooooooooo.... IMMORTAL GRINCH
RoboFox 15 kun oldin
I know it wouldn't make a good video, but can't you just not take his heart size literally and rather take it metaphorically? I know that the visuals suggest otherwise, but the story of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" was for kids. I'm not saying adults or anyone who's not a kid can't read/watch it. But I'm just saying I prefer to look at it from a metaphorical standpoint. You can look at it how ever your heart desires but I've always seen it as a metaphor.
fnafgamer 1101
fnafgamer 1101 16 kun oldin
Did he say he was the worst scrooge of them all? Let's see about that.
Michelle Emery
Michelle Emery 16 kun oldin
who else notices the play button at 7:35
Harman singh
Harman singh 18 kun oldin
What if the grinch has a magic heart
erika pace
erika pace 20 kun oldin
Andy Larson
Andy Larson 20 kun oldin
Christmas lorax
User C
User C 21 kun oldin
Lovely headphones you advertise only problem, £450 or $600
klop422 21 kun oldin
The headphones sound good (no pun intended), but they're like $600. I don't like spending more than £10 on earphones.
klop422 21 kun oldin
The 100.0% is just to make sure that it's not 99.8% or something (which would round to 100%)
ghulam butt
ghulam butt 21 kun oldin
who else came after seeing the grinch in 2019
Gayson Lol
Gayson Lol 22 kun oldin
This is beyond science
Noboy 22 kun oldin
Oscar the grouch is also grean and furry just like the grinch
Creative Collage
Creative Collage 22 kun oldin
Hmmm I might get those headphones😂😂 Ok I looked at the price.... $600.00 😨😱😱 You know... just have to wait... 3 years.. then I will totally get them! 👍🏽😃
James Brown
James Brown 22 kun oldin
his heart doesn’t literally grow and he isn’t human hes a what
IrvineCascade 23 kun oldin
$599.99 for headphones? Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, not happening! Granted, I really REALLY wanted them, but holy hell, dude!
Shane J.
Shane J. 23 kun oldin
"and abb day" Me:HOW THE HECC DID HE HECCING UP A HECCING 500LB - 2.5TON HECCING SLED THING Nvm I didn't see the next few mins 8 tons
GalaxyLover 23 kun oldin
Noodle K Doodle
Noodle K Doodle 23 kun oldin
I wonder what the people who make these films and books think about when they watch videos like this. These theories probably never came to their minds when making them but it’s still interesting to watch.
The Scout
The Scout 24 kun oldin
Did anyone notice the Grinch's eyes? hes definitely a Sith lord.
Galaxy Gacha
Galaxy Gacha 24 kun oldin
Planet Monsters
Planet Monsters 25 kun oldin
I root for matpat to do a theory of what is the grinch
Nicole Galo
Nicole Galo 26 kun oldin
Sunshine Star
Sunshine Star 26 kun oldin
Oo hot choclate
Theclique _21
Theclique _21 27 kun oldin
6:01 I can relate so much XD my infant sister sleeps in the next room l can hear EVERYTHING :'( I dont blame her tho 😊
Spicy Fox
Spicy Fox 27 kun oldin
0:50 you’re a mean one Mr. Matt Pat
KayAvery 201
KayAvery 201 27 kun oldin
I believe that the whole meaning behind Dr. Seuss "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" was to look beyond the color of someone's skin or about racism in America. 1. The Grinch is treated differently for having green skin/fur 2. His heart was 3/5 of what was normal (3/5 compromise 3. How he is described in his song can be seen as racist to his kind 4. Dr. Seuss wrote most of his books as if they were a political cartoon... he even has a children's book on the red scare
anjahd 8308250
anjahd 8308250 27 kun oldin
Matt,you usually have best theorys I've ever heard,but I'm pretty sure you're over thinking this all... Pls don't hate
Marelin Estrada
Marelin Estrada 28 kun oldin
OVER THE HORIZON 29 kun oldin
Yeah science
Bryson Richard
Best channel ever!
Polumathēs Oy oldin
Thanksgiving is only ethically compromised if your an over sensitive moron.
Andie Olsen
Andie Olsen Oy oldin
in the third grinch movie he is happy in his own way.
Everything Is Mythical
MatPat i don't have $599 in general so I'm going to the dollar tree
Planet Monsters
Do that theory.about what is the grinch
The Meme King
The Meme King Oy oldin
Arvhey Alcantara
wish we get that here in Japan that sweet headphones
Lava Rock
Lava Rock Oy oldin
Mat pat is fat like a cat that just ate a rat
RenChannel Oy oldin
Me after watching this video: Why do you wish to hide this video? [ ] I am a troll [ ] insert reasonable reason [X] I am in this video and I don't like it I am the Grinch
The Cantaloupe c:
I'm so sad about Zelda botw... After I finished the Devine beasts I got so sad...
fairymairah Oy oldin
Poor Grinch! There must be a Who Doctor some Where in town ❄☁🌨🏔🎁🎄🎉🎊🐸🐕 ! ! !
Jonathan Ramirez
It's lonely being a theory all this year RIP Matpat
Swoncos Bread hours
Special Agent Washing Tub
0:07 Oh, buddy, don't worry. You're _supposed_ to look deeper into Dr. Seuss stories. Just _look_ at The Lorax.
Kylie Dyer
Kylie Dyer Oy oldin
$600 headphones.... yea no thanks matpat. I’d like to buy headphones and keep my wallet with at least some scrap of money.
Star King
Star King Oy oldin
Well, thanks to this video, I think I have chronic fatigue syndrome... time for a trip to the doctor!
Aeron T
Aeron T Oy oldin
Are you really a father
Dante Banducci
Ethically compromised holiday of Thanksgiving? Fuck off. Or better yet, please turn of the TV and learn something on the matter OUTSIDE of radical Leftist dogma.
Charles Mann
Charles Mann Oy oldin
can you?
Jayson Sierra
Jayson Sierra Oy oldin
Alice Williams [dbh]
*hes a f u r r y* ?!?!
Am, I the only one who got hooked to this youtube channel???
bookbindering Oy oldin
Come on matpat This is very obviously figurative language here
Delilah Fox
Delilah Fox Oy oldin
In the new movie the grinch is just a who that died his hair green.
Jeannette Northrop
Matpat stop ruining all of our favorite children’s movie because after I watch this it made me think of my family member who past away and that was his favorite movie 😓😢😡🔥😡🤬😡
Dominic Laudenbach
I finally got caught up on my youtube watching and I just wanted to say I'm pretty sure the .0 in the 100.0% is just a sig fig (significant figure if you're want to be lame about it). We use them in chemistry, they go on the end of any measured number. So if your ruler can measure 1cm you need to have 1.0cm or 1.2cm or whatever. Usually you wouldn't put them on percentages though, at least we never did.
Lucy Finn
Lucy Finn Oy oldin
12:34 that's just wrong
Meredith Jemola
You’re gonna ruin my favorite Christmas movie like my friends are in Disney songs for me
Triple Trouble
Some of The Who’s say he’s “not a who he’s a more of a... what” so I refer to him as a what
VENOM Oy oldin
Joshua Ash
Joshua Ash Oy oldin
PuppysAre Loving
one of the only reasons i watch this channel is to hear the music in the backround XD ( also because the theorys are AWESOME) ;_; ;-;
Kuz Ynot
Kuz Ynot Oy oldin
Head phones sounded amazing... until you look at the price 🙃 yay.
Wolf Warrior
Wolf Warrior Oy oldin
Awww. MatPat yo a daddy.
Bryan McGovern
So much screen time for the headphones XD
Brandi Zednichek
F Rest In Peace toys r us
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