Film Theory: How To BEAT Michael Myers (Halloween)

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Halloween is a CLASSIC horror movie - the granddaddy of the slasher genre. It introduced to the world the iconic Michael Myers. Who, when you think about, seems like some kind of SUPER human. That got me thinking, how does he keep escaping death? Theorists, today we figure out how to BEAT Michael Myers once and for all!
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30-Okt, 2018

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Dead Meat
Dead Meat 2 oy oldin
You could probably just pump a dog full of radiation and leave it out for Michael to eat. Man, he loves eatin' dogs.
Tatum Alexis
Tatum Alexis Kun oldin
Noo, Noo not the pupper
ImNotOkai YT
ImNotOkai YT 2 kun oldin
Just say...... No U.
Devon T *Janisse
pizza's YouTube Vlogs
It’s getting wired my favorite channel watching my 2nd favorite channel
Cheezy Watermelon
Cheezy Watermelon 10 soat oldin
12:30 every Halloween fan: 🤦🏽‍♀️
DIAMOND 1 12 soat oldin
Just pull a thanos and hope for the best
elise brito
elise brito 13 soat oldin
5:11 michael meyers is deadpool? coming up next week
olivia Storment
olivia Storment 16 soat oldin
Well now we now ar least we think we know boony tap your house and burn it with fire
Clucklord 16 soat oldin
Clucklord 16 soat oldin
I actually didn't know Halloween was set in Illinois
Vulpax 84
Vulpax 84 18 soat oldin
Chain him up and throw him to the bottom of a lake It managed to stop Jason, who is immortal, for a little while, until he was freed
Peggy Ekstedt
Peggy Ekstedt 19 soat oldin
Hi is so hot i men michael myers
MafaTheGamerLady MTGL
MafaTheGamerLady MTGL 20 soat oldin
11:04 am i the only one who thinks the background looks like estonia flag 🇪🇪?
Mr Random
Mr Random 20 soat oldin
But if we cut his brain in half he will die anyway
Amanda Moberg
Amanda Moberg 20 soat oldin
Just put Goku in there. He'll do a couple words... KA...MEEEE...HAAAAAA...MEEEEEEEEEE....HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~! R.I.P Michael Myers
sad GUY
sad GUY Kun oldin
Phew, now babysitters are safe
khan simeoni
khan simeoni Kun oldin
Couldn't you just starve him to death? hard to heal without any material to work with.
Hayman Alexander
Or choke him
Piano Lover
Piano Lover Kun oldin
William SHATner?
Diego Estrada
Diego Estrada Kun oldin
There is a way that will work maybe but what if u shoot him in the head in every single Halloween he has never been shot in the head 🤨 so I might work cause it never happened so it is possible cause no one has done it
Avery J
Avery J Kun oldin
Just chop his head off
Minito200 Kun oldin
11:04 cheese! :D
Mateo Cole
Mateo Cole Kun oldin
Could u just suffocate him too?
animemer2005 games
animemer2005 games 2 kun oldin
it would be a shame if you try this and then it turnss out all the movies are cannon and he gaind all his powers from the cult
Brian Lofthouse
Brian Lofthouse 2 kun oldin
What about lobbing off his head? Even if he grows a new one he shouldn't have the memories of his past life, right?
TheDtroupe 2 kun oldin
or just bury him in cement...
Nicole Thomas87
Nicole Thomas87 2 kun oldin
How about knock him out then cut of his head his brain will be new he won’t be a killer
Megadeth1357 2 kun oldin
You guys should do theories on Jason, Freddy, and other famous horror icons :)
I'am a Redguard!
I'am a Redguard! 2 kun oldin
Or you could drop him off near the Elephant's Foot in Chernobyl, that will definitely kill him! The trick is getting him near it without killing yourself.
Gungamer 500
Gungamer 500 2 kun oldin
I’ll saw this on Halloween
Robert Preston
Robert Preston 2 kun oldin
Use protection runes that is only way to stop him
XSparklingIceX 2 kun oldin
10:36 When you foresee a problem happening before it does.
Bayomayo0 2 kun oldin
Just let him watch ricegum. He'll develop cancer then die 🙂
iLikeNoodles247 r6s
Push him in a volcano
deadpool 360noscope
Can you do "who is red X"?
Kimhong Un
Kimhong Un 2 kun oldin
Roman reign has leukemia so yeah Wish him good luck so I can see more booooooooos
ImNotOkai YT
ImNotOkai YT 2 kun oldin
Just say No You.
Nicky Padilla
Nicky Padilla 3 kun oldin
Sheev Talks
Sheev Talks 3 kun oldin
I have an Infinity Gauntlet. I could just snap my fingers...
Salty Nut
Salty Nut 3 kun oldin
He got immortal when hancock threw him to heaven and caught him back
Andzery 3 kun oldin
Give him to Thanos, he can do the job
Karina Flores
Karina Flores 3 kun oldin
Just drown him,it might be hard but just drown him
Noel Chin
Noel Chin 3 kun oldin
michael myers is not real and my me michael has a lot of michaels
Noel Chin
Noel Chin 3 kun oldin
2 michaels me and my uncle
carolynhorne30gmail Ninja42
Do chucky
David Handley
David Handley 3 kun oldin
If you were decapitated, which part would go back, the head, or the body? Just a technical question, I’ve always wondered.
David Handley
David Handley 3 kun oldin
Damn. Next we need to find out Jason Voorhees next. Although it’s clear he is also impossible to kill.
hozzy erie
hozzy erie 3 kun oldin
Nuke him.much easyer
BooDues Gaming
BooDues Gaming 3 kun oldin
send him to Chernobyl. blyat
ImpactedIce2057 !!
ImpactedIce2057 !! 3 kun oldin
Universal signed a co contract saying that you can't kill Michael myers but hey it was worth a shot mabye next time.
S B 3 kun oldin
im 99.99% sure that myers isnt like cell, he cant regenerate half his body, u take the head, u take the kill. no oxygen = no regrowth
D Ez
D Ez 3 kun oldin
3:45 Reminds me of The Thing is a prequel to The Thing
S B 3 kun oldin
.50 cal. cant kill if u dont have a head...
NPC 01927361
NPC 01927361 3 kun oldin
watching this just in case
PhonicBeast 3 kun oldin
No the only way to beat him is to take his mask off!!
GeniusMusicYT 3 kun oldin
Can you not just shoot him in a vital part of his head like you did with Deadpool? He won’t be able to regenerate any memories or even know anything...
mr -1
mr -1 3 kun oldin
how'd you get him in the room with you outside, if he only follows you, it ends up getting you trapped, unless the room has two doors, but still... instead of getting rid of his healing and them killing him, why not just blow him up?(multiple rocket launchers) just manage to desintagrate every living cell in his body (cell died like that in dbz) get's rid of his stem cells and kills him, instead of having to finish the job exposing yourself in a small closed room (also you stated that he breathes so...), either way would be a waste, since it seems easy to trap him (looking at his speed and the fact that he can be knocked out), those stem cells could be used for medicine and research. btw if his source of healing is stem cells, he's not immortal of old age, just lives insanely long. anyway, if you read all this you're more relentless then myers
Mein Ich
Mein Ich 3 kun oldin
I too have some thoughts on killing those constantly regrowing folks: Since it is stated that they all are basically humans, they have to follow some rules... First of, they have to sustain themselves. Meaning, they need food, drink, air and so on. Take that away and they will suffer the same effects as we would. Sure, their ability will reverse most of the damage taken. But if it is based on cells, it won't last too long. You know, cells don't just come from nowhere. They need stuff to be made from. If you isolate them long enough from external resources, they should stop regenerating, right? Just use the concrete, others have suggested. But just cast all of them into concrete. Or something similar that hardens quicker. We don't want another Smaug, right?
TheRealLokenade 425
I haven't seen my best friend in three years because he has leukemia but his hair and health will be back to normal next year.
Chubbby C
Chubbby C 3 kun oldin
Lock him in a box then pour concrete on it and burry him for 100-200years or how ever long if he stays alive at least we know he's someone else problem
Canned Bread
Canned Bread 3 kun oldin
I'm just saying, cant we just nuke him
Clinton Kinsey
Clinton Kinsey 3 kun oldin
Okay, I figured out the exact way to kill Michael Myers off, permanently. Stop selling the rights to Halloween inc.. Seriously lol. John Carpenter and Debra Hill wrote the first film and was gonna end it there. Kind of like Michael a.k.a. The Boogeyman is always out there but they wanted more money. So John and Debra wrote Halloween 2 (1981). That was the final film. Then the rights were sold off and we got the cult of thorn trilogy. So anyway... yeah... Michael Myers did die in a hospital explosion on October 31st 1978.
Mama Lemondrop
Mama Lemondrop 3 kun oldin
The scariest part if Halloween is Michael's jumpsuit.
Cool Guy
Cool Guy 3 kun oldin
I would have just trapped him in a hole full of wet cement and wait for it to dry.
jotri 3 kun oldin
Bildungsroman? That's German for education novel!
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 3 kun oldin
Why not use explosives on him. Fucking thermite! Kite his into a car rigged with thermite and set that puppy off
evilnekowantznobs 3 kun oldin
By shooting him. A lot.
thedrew4you 3 kun oldin
Wait... you're going to give an unstoppable killing machine a massive dose of radiation... in a fictional world where nigh immortal super humans exist? Do you not read comic books, bro? You want a Micheal Myers HULK???
thedrew4you 3 kun oldin
I know this isn't exactly the place to bring this up, but what the heck is "brave" about having a terminal illness? A person is brave when they choose to face their fear. A kid with leukemia doesn't exactly have a choice in the matter. If anything, it's tragic. It always come off to me as patronizing when someone says this.
SamSilverEyes 3 kun oldin
What if he gets beheaded? And then someone would cut his head or burn it? Won't that work?
Tabloiduser 4 kun oldin
just suffocate him
Paradox Krusher
Paradox Krusher 4 kun oldin
I have leukemia
Odil gulomuv
Odil gulomuv 4 kun oldin
Infographics show
Chenxiao Zhou
Chenxiao Zhou 4 kun oldin
you could just nuke him tho...
Doddo0 4 kun oldin
Or u You could just send a nuclear bomb to the area and he Will probably die
LemmyCranston 4 kun oldin
I like how everyone says "derp Michael could've never driven the car derp". he was six when he killed judith. now I don't know about you but I remember watching my family drive and had some inclination on how driving works. The shape seems like an intelligent person, so I imagine he knows how cars are turned on and what to press. Now another thing driving is not difficult only learning the rules of the road. Nowhere in the movie did we see him parallel park or make a 3 point turn. It's not that farfetched that he could drive.
Omega Saturn
Omega Saturn 4 kun oldin
How to REALLY BEAT Michael Myers: Types the command: /kill @e
Default skin
Default skin 4 kun oldin
Guys we need big daddy and his men. ( purge reference )
A PERSON 4 kun oldin
Funny a kid in my class is called Michael meyers well staying away from him.
C Parker
C Parker 4 kun oldin
Drop him in a nuclear generator
NicK Se7eN
NicK Se7eN 4 kun oldin
I'll still watch the video but it's a lot easier than you think just hop on a bus a boat a plane he ain't getting through security and he ain't walking on water
Lawn Mower Productions
Or just like push him in a hole that you can't climb out of.
Kimberly Wheatley
Kimberly Wheatley 4 kun oldin
Yes he said not really about it
Dolphinman 300
Dolphinman 300 4 kun oldin
Do what they did in the movie
Cloud Nine
Cloud Nine 4 kun oldin
I think Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees are the best horror movie antagonists.
Devon Basil-Magnant
Really I thought he liked to eat humans fear
imaan islam
imaan islam 4 kun oldin
11:37 was that assassins creed odyessey
Sir Flynn
Sir Flynn 4 kun oldin
Halloween Chernobyl
Evan Cox
Evan Cox 4 kun oldin
Adam Vrána
Adam Vrána 4 kun oldin
In the first movie Laurie actually found out his weakness. As long as you keep taking his mask of, he should be trying putting it back on and therefore you're ok.
Marino Hernandez
Marino Hernandez 4 kun oldin
How are you so smart!?!!?!!?!!!
Talon Of Chaos
Talon Of Chaos 4 kun oldin
Seal him in the middle of Chernobyl. Then maybe after you could do some carpet bombs or something
The fennec fox gamer
the scary thing is there is a guy who has a similar mask called Micheal (idk he last name) and we usually see him on Halloween, and another thing is he has been in jail for murder before and we aren't allowed out on Halloween. imma try this >:)
K.R.M 4 kun oldin
Maybe you can Chop off his head then put accid on his neck and take him were you can kill his cell"s Then kill them and now chop off his arms and legs and now you have A Michael Myers PIÑATA WITH NO CANDY 🍬 BUT ORGANIC CANDY'S
K.R.M 4 kun oldin
You should aim to the head.Remmember Thanos? Well yeah that's what will happen
K.R.M 4 kun oldin
Just Get MatPat and he will handle it to you He will use all steps and then.......... Kill him with a CHANCLA!/SANDLE!
Satvik Verma
Satvik Verma 4 kun oldin
spam r1
Kacper Janik
Kacper Janik 4 kun oldin
Drop a nuke on him.
Flip Master2019
Flip Master2019 4 kun oldin
So them cells spit out puss
DxTSwift 11
DxTSwift 11 4 kun oldin
Can we just take a second to look at that teir list....
Gio YinYang
Gio YinYang 4 kun oldin
Just say "no u" works every time.
Gacha Moon
Gacha Moon 4 kun oldin
Can’t you just ya know CUT HIS HEAD OFF???
KevinGarnett 4 kun oldin
I just thought about this HIV would kill him it would reprogram his T-cells and make him not be able to put out red blood cells then once that's done and has AIDS you infect him with a virus and he dies so Micheal Myer's use a condom LMFAO
shawn jung
shawn jung 4 kun oldin
Watch the infographics show's you vs micheal myers .... its a good idea ya know