Film Theory: How To BEAT Michael Myers (Halloween)

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Halloween is a CLASSIC horror movie - the granddaddy of the slasher genre. It introduced to the world the iconic Michael Myers. Who, when you think about, seems like some kind of SUPER human. That got me thinking, how does he keep escaping death? Theorists, today we figure out how to BEAT Michael Myers once and for all!
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30-Okt, 2018



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Dead Meat
Dead Meat 4 oy oldin
You could probably just pump a dog full of radiation and leave it out for Michael to eat. Man, he loves eatin' dogs.
Josh-motions 6 kun oldin
When you hear matpats voice on film theory 🤩😄😅
ClockWithNoGears 9 kun oldin
RIP dog....
Arutax/Polaris 4714AXX
Or we could just Nuke him....
Michael N.
Michael N. 10 kun oldin
I love your Kill count of the 2018 Halloween!
The Assassin
The Assassin 16 kun oldin
how about a 50 cal machine gun?
Ashton The Great
Ashton The Great 25 daqiqa oldin
30 gray why not 50 shades of gray
Nikoli WhatzItToYa
Wouldn’t he then be radioactive and going near him is a death sentence? Also why not just cause his system to just create too many cells eventually giving him cancer and get him that way?
Pikamander 98
Pikamander 98 10 soat oldin
Halloween 1000 coming this fall
Party Squad
Party Squad 15 soat oldin
2:03 * gasp * Judith.
Martin Mikeš
Martin Mikeš 16 soat oldin
isn't there a really simple solution? he eats... so he needs to fuel his body and regeneration... he can't escape cells... he can get knocked out... so... sleep gas him and throw him into a steel cage... then keep him over high flame for few weeks or until he stops regenerating... when he stops, just dispose of the reminders with acid of your choice...
Dino Noob
Dino Noob 16 soat oldin
Please do a Friday the 13th theory
DialingDock2 17 soat oldin
The real weapon to defeat him is a Myer-off, the two of those guys will 50/50 chance.
Nintendo Smarter
Nintendo Smarter 18 soat oldin
He can't die he can't go to hell he'll just come back
I Play Games Wanna Watch
I think micheal is Chinese not trying to be racist
Lone Assassin29
Lone Assassin29 19 soat oldin
Or drown him
BIG CHUNGUS 19 soat oldin
*NUKE* Done
The Procrastination
I always understand " a cute radiation poisening" (do you write it like that?)
AwayAWAY Kun oldin
Michael Myers could be murdering muppets when he’s not targeting people. I mean, no one’s seen Sam the Eagle, Guy Smiley or Forgetful Jones for a few years now...
Mim F
Mim F Kun oldin
Flatworms can grow back an entire body and head from just a segment cut out of the middle. So are you saying he is like a flatworm?
Maulesh Kantharia
DarkenedPlayZ 2 kun oldin
I’m pretty sure Jason is more famous Do a theory on him
pablo rojas
pablo rojas 2 kun oldin
You should make videos on theories to fix world problems
Special Agent
Special Agent 2 kun oldin
OR nuke him
Enigma O'Dell
Enigma O'Dell 3 kun oldin
What's the trope? 'Five rounds rapid'? Yeah, apparently guns don't work.
Rocket Rowan
Rocket Rowan 3 kun oldin
12:16 you shouldve said Michael-wave. im ashamed of you
Nothing To see herw
Oh I know just get ur Mexican mom and throw him the "CHANCLA" that would one shot him
The Abstrakt RazzBarry
he said he has super strength... wouldn't he just bust through the door and kill everyone in the hospital before the radiation can get going
Martoadigi 3 kun oldin
To kill him you have to put dead memes inside him (sorry i dont know if this is how you say it...)
Pavel Lázenský
Pavel Lázenský 4 kun oldin
Hell dosnt want him they say
Genius Minecrafter
Genius Minecrafter 4 kun oldin
It's called a gun
Genius Minecrafter
Genius Minecrafter 4 kun oldin
Wait how does brute force and guns not work
Troy Lee Newgent
Troy Lee Newgent 4 kun oldin
Like when i was a kid and im 28 now but up until i was like 14 i for real thought mike myers actually played micheal myers in the hallloween movies no bullshit i felt so stupid when i said i dnt see how he plays micheal myers in halloween when watching a austin powers movie
Kilravok 4 kun oldin
No amount of healing factor can heal severe burns. Anything more severe than third degree will never regenerate.
Yolo770700 4 kun oldin
Hey pls sub to me and I’ll sub back :)
Brendamania 4 kun oldin
captainrobert007 4 kun oldin
0:04 pretty spooky image
Don’t subscribe to me
If you cut off his head, he won’t have the memories to motivate him to kill right?
jonathan long
jonathan long 5 kun oldin
its explained in Halloween 6 the curse of Michael myers how he learned to drive and how he got the car. just fyi
Wolfy Kaname
Wolfy Kaname 5 kun oldin
I always thought that Mike Myers and Michael Myers was the same guy. Never saw halloween.
javier vasquez
javier vasquez 5 kun oldin
How was Dr. Loomis the worst Dr?
Jackertime 5 kun oldin
Coincidence? I thin- Yes. Absolutely. Oh...
Dragon Knight
Dragon Knight 5 kun oldin
What about completely vaporizing him? Lure him into an abandoned building and have a bomb that’s equivalent to one ton of TNT and detonate it once he’s inside. That way his body would be vaporized and he’d have no way to regenerate.
Lucas Zidlicky
Lucas Zidlicky 6 kun oldin
But how do u get out of the radiation room without him killing u
Madison Farrell
Madison Farrell 6 kun oldin
Plot Twist: Micheal Myers is deadpool
PinkPorg 6 kun oldin
You could say he’s *OVER NINE THOUSAND*
PinkPorg 6 kun oldin
Wound him by dabbing on him then take the kill shot by yeeting on him
Original Assface
Original Assface 6 kun oldin
Everyone being so serious about this, just cut the head off 🤷‍♂️
Broke Poor Asian Kid
Just have a fly lay eggs inside him so the maggots eats him inside out
Deemon Kaylax
Deemon Kaylax 6 kun oldin
But what about dissection?
Collin Jahn
Collin Jahn 6 kun oldin
Or you could give him HIV/AIDS which would also destroy his immune system. Hm, maybe that's why he kills the promiscuous kiddos.
Addy and co.
Addy and co. 7 kun oldin
Just make him drown .duh
Rex The MegaUtahraptor
Here’s another way to kill Micheal Myers... Retcons
Cringe Lord
Cringe Lord 3 kun oldin
Well, you’re not wrong...
Buttermcjames 83
Buttermcjames 83 7 kun oldin
Austin Powers : The curse of Mike Myers. Yeah Baby!!!!
LazerusXXX Tha Gamer
Or we could call Goku and have him go U.I on him and finish it off with Super Kamehameha. Right?
Qarzy :D
Qarzy :D 7 kun oldin
Lemme just get a hydraulic press...
Diana Estrada
Diana Estrada 7 kun oldin
So stem cells are basically the ditto of our cells
Miles Z
Miles Z 8 kun oldin
TSAR BOMBA!!! Or just don’t be a babysitter
Miles Z
Miles Z 8 kun oldin
Infect him with polio!
Miles Z
Miles Z 8 kun oldin
He DOES die! It’s just a different person mimicking the person before them
wolfy gameing43
wolfy gameing43 8 kun oldin
Use lava blow him up buried him 50 feet can his head off chop him in pieces it not hard to kill him he not Freddy Krueger. 😂😂
thick Daddy 999
thick Daddy 999 8 kun oldin
Give Michael Myers the Hulk
colin horwedel
colin horwedel 8 kun oldin
If you cut Michael Myers EXACTLY in half, which one regenerates the other half? and would you get 2 Michael Myers?
ScareBros 7 kun oldin
I know that's what I was thinking too
Use cyanide, it would prevent his cells from producing energy required for them to live, effectively killing his stem cells, and him in one go. Also the plan would be much more adaptable and less predictable, therefore making it more effective, also you don’t even need to inject him, or make him ingest the cyanide because the Germans invented zyclon b, a crystalized form of cyanide that allows you to launch a projectile from a safe distance to gas him.
Droidix Bacon
Droidix Bacon 8 kun oldin
Summon shaggy, he is stronger than Zeno and Thanos when they do fusion to turn into Zenos, who has the power to destroy the multiverse, and shaggy flicked him once and he died.
Fredbear Afton
Fredbear Afton 8 kun oldin
What about nukes
Banana Jooz
Banana Jooz 9 kun oldin
hes practically deadpool but no rapid regen abilitys
Su Howell
Su Howell 9 kun oldin
What if you were to just decapitate him? By decapitating him, you cut off his brain from the rest of his body, so the cells won't receive the signal to heal and he would be dead.
caroline chandra
caroline chandra 9 kun oldin
Well, can he SWIM????? Will he die if he just...drowns?
TheFabulousKitten 9 kun oldin
Couldn't you take him down Shikamaru style by cutting him into pieces and burying him?
Javs Heredia
Javs Heredia 9 kun oldin
You can drown him.
J. Busch
J. Busch 9 kun oldin
4:01 and since when Kirby and megaman are high or top tier
Zoso_Rising 9 kun oldin
remind him that his middle name is audrey
Lyka Wolf
Lyka Wolf 9 kun oldin
Why don’t they just throw him in a tree shredder and call it a day?
Mattman vlogs /games
So the solution is the elephant's foot in Chernobyl?
aleena patrick
aleena patrick 10 kun oldin
Who else lives in Illinois and fears for their life? Because I do.
tarikok/male/shy/lynx /crush???
You can just make him pass out then cut his chest open then take out all his organs
Professor 10 kun oldin
launch him into the sun.
Steven Cruce
Steven Cruce 10 kun oldin
If he is human he needs food,water, and air
BLITZ_OMEGA_yEr_BoI 10 kun oldin
Also KAMEHAMEHA... Now he be ded it actually might work
Nothing To see herw
But I don't think goku exists tho
BLITZ_OMEGA_yEr_BoI 10 kun oldin
shlap him and give him chemotherapy
Phoenix 10km
Phoenix 10km 10 kun oldin
What about cutting his head off?
Licras 10 kun oldin
What if you knock him unconscious and literally drain all of his blood while he isn't up yet? I mean, you'd have a few hours of time to dissect and drain all of the blood he has. Or boil his blood until it turns into gas, though I don't know the boiling point of blood, so that's probably a lot of heat.
official fbi
official fbi 10 kun oldin
Why don't you hit him in the head you can't regrow memory.
Michael N.
Michael N. 10 kun oldin
Did you realize Halloween H20 is basically just halloween 3 but with Michael Myers?
Adrian Malinowski
Adrian Malinowski 10 kun oldin
How to beat Myers? Just loop him for 5 minutes
King Shady
King Shady 10 kun oldin
I think they would use this in the movies and if they do I'm gonna be like it was FILM THEORISTS
Taigafaiya 10 kun oldin
Why not just decapitate him ? You can't regrow a brain.
Plz No
Plz No 10 kun oldin
But he can regrow an entire body, it would take awhile but lol.
Blair Roden
Blair Roden 10 kun oldin
Or mama seeks Micheal
Blair Roden
Blair Roden 10 kun oldin
Wait I know just summon mama seeks and then double tap Micheal and then ghost vs ultra man. Wait that should be a movie mama seeks find Micheal
Blair Roden
Blair Roden 10 kun oldin
Alright as soon as he said Michael eats dogs I would try to kill him like if you would help me AVEANGE THE DOGS
Otto Windischgrätz
Otto Windischgrätz 11 kun oldin
I always thought that he had CIPA (a disorder where you cant feel pain)
Ryan Sport
Ryan Sport 11 kun oldin
they can use uranium verey ratiativ
BMJgunner 1
BMJgunner 1 11 kun oldin
We could do a deadpool and drop a planet on that guy
Chloe Halls
Chloe Halls 11 kun oldin
Can u pull apart his limps 🤔🤔
Madoka Orimura
Madoka Orimura 11 kun oldin
He's not an Axolotl is he?
pdciptawarna 11 kun oldin
The way to beat him without acid is cut him in half take the heart out and the brain cut him more to little piece boom he’s dead he’s bold can’t flow without a heart and it can regenerate
Dysfunctional Error
Dysfunctional Error 11 kun oldin
naah dont kill him. hes a cool guy x)
john li
john li 12 kun oldin
call elon musk and send him out of the solar system
MONKEYMIKE VIDS 12 kun oldin
I liked Halloween water, I mean Halloween 20 Years Later,alright, you got me Matpat.
Riverpaw 323
Riverpaw 323 12 kun oldin
Mat, he can only teleport when no one's looking at him.
FloopDeDoop 12 kun oldin
Natalie Hernandez
Natalie Hernandez 12 kun oldin
What if it is not his stem cells
Gamma 144
Gamma 144 12 kun oldin
He doesn’t regenerate, he’s so emotionally detached that pain is just an annoyance
Lima Gaming
Lima Gaming 12 kun oldin
I’ve heard about stem cells when I played The Evil Within. 😂😂
XxUniLizzyxX XxUniLizzyxX
ut I dodged it But I dodged it But I dodged it But I dodged it But I dodged it But I dodged it But I dodged it But I dodged it But I dodged it But I dodged it But I dodged it But I dodged it But I dodged it But I dodged it But I dodged it But I dodged it But I dodged it But I dodged it But I dodged it But I dodged it But I dodged it But I dodged it But I dodged it But I dodged it But I dodged it But I dodged it But I dodged it But I dodged it But I dodged it But I dodged it But I dodged it But I dodged it But I dodged it But I dodged it But I dodged it
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