Film Theory: How to KILL DEADPOOL!

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How do you really silence the "Merc with a Mouth" once and for all? Crash two alternate Earths together? No it's simpler than that. If you want to kill an immortal like Deadpool target the mind!
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26-Fev, 2016

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Piss BeUponHim
Piss BeUponHim 12 soat oldin
How to kill deadpool; turn him into a pandering sjw lgbt activists like they have 😄
Theory time
Theory time 17 soat oldin
erwin locke
erwin locke 18 soat oldin
Thank you so much for making this vid!
Indominus Red
Indominus Red 18 soat oldin
Matpat u have a power THE POWER OF SCIENCE
Princessprt 21 soat oldin
Why not do a video over what power you would hate to have.
Rampage_ Gaming
Rampage_ Gaming Kun oldin
Your removing memories not killing him though. Title Should've been how to give Deadpool amnesia.
Mat pat u a demon u can drink coke with the lid on😲😲👹👹😈😈😈👿👿👿
What happens if the head grows the body
Johnathan playz roblox And more
I know how to kill dead pool taking away his powers and stab him in the head
Damian Rios
Damian Rios Kun oldin
J-Bear OwO
J-Bear OwO Kun oldin
My brain hurts watching this because I'm too stupid to know most if what's going on. Lol film theory is super smart now that i think about it
Me Too
Me Too Kun oldin
Deadpool has a power you missed, breaking the forth wall therefore his memories are written. So memory isn't the way
LegoCharlie T
LegoCharlie T Kun oldin
Deadpool can regen memories and can't die from anything even if everything was gone but Logan can like yeah he dead.
Lilsnowcherry Popgumz
I know how to kill wolverine...,just make him weak then drop him on a giant sharp wood or log
Chris Berry
Chris Berry Kun oldin
Tanavya Dimri
Tanavya Dimri Kun oldin
"Lightning may not strike twice, but apparently nuclear warheads do"
ravens beast
ravens beast 2 kun oldin
soooooooooooo. deadpool can survive in the the walking dead universe
Camdyn Erwin
Camdyn Erwin 2 kun oldin
All of the marvle and DC powers
Nahele Cajina
Nahele Cajina 2 kun oldin
If you cut off deadpool's or Wolverine's head off do they regrow their head or do they regrow their body.
The Mind of a Geek
The Mind of a Geek 2 kun oldin
I would chose the power to control probability. What's the probability that my bank account will actually have decent money in it? 100% What's the probability I'll wake up in the correct body for my gender tomorrow? 100% That I'll be able to find a girlfriend? 100%
The One Eyed King
The One Eyed King 2 kun oldin
Cut all body parts into small parts and keep them far away from each other or keep them in an air tight room,the O2 would get drained and they would die of suffocation
Legitpeppermint 6
Legitpeppermint 6 2 kun oldin
Joey Eskew
Joey Eskew 2 kun oldin
The start tho
green H
green H 2 kun oldin
It has always been possible to kill deadpool, it's just really hard and when you do it... Well he fucked the devil so he gets revived.
Small lee
Small lee 3 kun oldin
but deadpool is a 4th wall breaker so he would know no matter wat. kind of like he is one of few comic charactors that knows stand lee is dead
Sub to Pewdiepie
Sub to Pewdiepie 3 kun oldin
But he just forgot his memories it doesn’t mean he’s dead
PSYC Major Physique
Can thanos kill wolverine and deadpool
Goku Uzumaki21
Goku Uzumaki21 3 kun oldin
Put them in a space ship send them to the sun
JACK_WIZ 3 kun oldin
U can kill deadpool by putting him between 2 colliding planets and u can kill wolverine by drowning him
Jack Babb
Jack Babb 3 kun oldin
Son Brimmer
Son Brimmer 3 kun oldin
This theory operates off the idea that despite their mutant abilities, memory functions in them, the same way as it functions in a normal human.
Bazooka Explosion
Bazooka Explosion 3 kun oldin
What about using a lava gun.
bendy and fnaf plushie channel 64
Thanos can do it with his snap
Paper Animations
Paper Animations 3 kun oldin
But when Wolverine regenerated from a blood drop he had no brain so there’s no way he could remember but he does so I guess that was a theory a film theory!
Derpy_giraffe 123
Derpy_giraffe 123 3 kun oldin
I would have the power of musical theatre 🎭
Spongebob0209 3 kun oldin
And this is how film theory helped me pass my health test.
Pranish Chaulagain
Pranish Chaulagain 3 kun oldin
Anyone watching this video after Deadpool appeared in avengers endgam 😂😂😂🤣
Bash Brothers
Bash Brothers 3 kun oldin
Maybe “Happy” is not always the word
Tony Kontonasakis
Tony Kontonasakis 4 kun oldin
Correction- the brain has 100 BILLION neurons... much much more lol
Daily Tutorals
Daily Tutorals 4 kun oldin
The title is clickbait, you went off-track, it doesn't answer how to kill them, only how to wipe their memories, sure you could say "I didn't specify how you would kill them", that meaning that you would only kill them mentally and not physically, but we all know we are here for how to kill him physically, not mentally.
Sage Pope
Sage Pope 4 kun oldin
It depends on how you think about it.Sure their personality is gone but not their physical being. They aren't dead but their personalities are dead. So basically technically they AREN'T dead
Cruz Eklund
Cruz Eklund 4 kun oldin
In Deadpool 2 he blew himself and he was the exact same
Commander Cody
Commander Cody 4 kun oldin
good , unless your a phycic, than its bullshit
Elicia Hadley
Elicia Hadley 4 kun oldin
Wolverine aka Logan has already died by the way for the people who don't want to watch the movie Logan. oh ya did I say spoiler's? Well now I did sooooo........ Spoiler's!!!!!
mary rubas
mary rubas 4 kun oldin
You could cut off their oxygen supply
Linda Tanzillo
Linda Tanzillo 4 kun oldin
Drown them
Unicorn SquadYT
Unicorn SquadYT 4 kun oldin
First off I’m STILL A KID secondly YOU’VE BROKE MY CHILD HOOD😭😭😭😭😭
RockStar 4 kun oldin
3:15 hahahaha that killed me 😂
xXI’m_POTATOEXx 4 kun oldin
Watching these videos gave me all my A’s in science class.
expert gamers GXW
expert gamers GXW 4 kun oldin
YOU CHOP THEIR HEAD OFF... MATPAT...ohhhhh..nevermind
Coury Koutz
Coury Koutz 4 kun oldin
9:44 Chidori.
Coury Koutz
Coury Koutz 4 kun oldin
6:32 How did you drink a Diet Coke with the lid on?
yoav nissen
yoav nissen 4 kun oldin
It is not a theory it y true
Sketching Dragon
Sketching Dragon 4 kun oldin
We can just all forget about the collars that literally shut of his regeneration powers, and the fact he was shot like normal and almost died.
Marie K
Marie K 4 kun oldin
Me: what if you shoot them and put something in the hole created by the bullet will the skin absorb it orrrrrrrrr
Serod Altangerel
Serod Altangerel 4 kun oldin
I actually understood this video
do the orange justice
Black Panther : Get this man a class to teach
Sooraj Suresh
Sooraj Suresh 5 kun oldin
In Deadpool 2 a piece of metal struck his head but nothing happened
Eloh Araphel
Eloh Araphel 5 kun oldin
problem with your theory is that in the Marvel Universe there's still reincarnation and what not, which means the way the Mind and Spirit work in tandem would be very complicated.
Rattle Boo
Rattle Boo 5 kun oldin
*-Launch him into the sun?-*
BeaverRage 5 kun oldin
Imagine Wagons975
Imagine Wagons975 5 kun oldin
The problem I see is that if wolverine has been disintegrated then wouldn’t this have worked
IGot7 Ahgase
IGot7 Ahgase 5 kun oldin
Mattpatt: chain reaction Me:CHAIN!!! REACTION!!!
hissinggoose 5 kun oldin
Haven't watched before commenting. Barrel of acid... the Mexican way. Concrete shoes + deep water... the Italian way. Molten steel (or lava)... the terminator way. Crippling taxation... the socialist way.
Štěpán Mácha
Štěpán Mácha 5 kun oldin
You are completely off, that no one knows that ... Deadpool 2 - after credits scene - what do you think Deadpool is doing to old Deadpool? He is putting bullets into his head - to erase his memories to NOT make stupid decisions after he spent part of the movie with attempts to kill him self - hi fuckin' knows that some bullets would not kill IT... and you named video how to "KILL Deadpool!" and yet, you failed to kill them (both), just make them lose memories and than talked about it like you know something they don't? Are you kidding me? You made me unsubscribe from your channel. I liked couple of videos you made, but now i realize how full of shit you are ... get your head from your ass, and try it better. I think you are smart enough to do better job. I will check out your stuff again in couple years, to see if you matured enough to do better background research.
Jade Rush
Jade Rush 5 kun oldin
It would have been much less epic if they actually used this in the comics/movies. If your character doesn't even have a motivation, what good are they? Also, does that mean that Deadpool would grow back a normal brain instead of his damaged one? That would be losing the character completely, LOL.
Nati 5 kun oldin
I know maybe you won't be able to see this but on Deadpool vs Ajax Final Fight, there is a scene where Ajax stabs Deadpool's brain & he still has a fully functioning brain soo.......WRONG FILM THEORY.....again, not a critic, a fan of your channel .........................1:12....................(where the seen is at in the below link: uzvid.com/video/video-mkKIelTkr5U.html
Sean Spahr
Sean Spahr 5 kun oldin
So in the first movie his hand gets cut off, then the 2nd movie his legs get ripped off, there being my question, shouldn't there be 3 deadpools now? Regenerating from the hand and from the legs as well as from Wade himself?
Kaveevin 5 kun oldin
Nipple hole milk
Fred Krazé
Fred Krazé 6 kun oldin
if Wolverine regenerated from just a drop of blood then he must have lost his adamantium skeleton right???
Ashish Pradhan
Ashish Pradhan 6 kun oldin
If you decapitate deadpools heads, would the head grow a new body or would his body grow new creepy baby head
MRANDOM 6 kun oldin
I surprised your number 1 supper power wasn’t the power of incident Diet Coke and maybe some mentos to go with it
GarlicShadow76 6 kun oldin
Why not cut their heads off and put their bodies in a cryo like state and keep their heads frozen?
Veleho Klään
Veleho Klään 6 kun oldin
lets just destroy his entire body and when there is only 1ml blood left lets jut put that 1ml blood to unbreakable box before he regenerates
satous sama
satous sama 6 kun oldin
The super I would want would be the vampire power,I know,I know,it not really a power,but still I like it,the power to heal,strength,and so much more,so yeah,and if this don't count then I pick the power to morph.
Jordan Miller
Jordan Miller 6 kun oldin
your video helped with my science project
Sharvari Mhatre
Sharvari Mhatre 6 kun oldin
Logan died
Marshall Lee
Marshall Lee 6 kun oldin
Deadpool used to be called the Merc with no mouth actually, I think 🤔
adonisbel giannisbel
sms_chinitoplayz_ 1
or just put on anti mutant cuffs then just kill them
sms_chinitoplayz_ 1
how about adamantium bullets for wolverine
sms_chinitoplayz_ 1
But in the new Logan movie wolverine he is old than he was
Diamondrazer Channel
He has a coke problem hmm
Merindy Blount
Merindy Blount 7 kun oldin
the ability to control probability you know like I want a taco 100% BOOM there is the taco I CAN ROOL THE WORLD 100% or stop matpats coke problem
The Shmurderer
The Shmurderer 7 kun oldin
You never said how to kill him
sweeet pink
sweeet pink 7 kun oldin
You is right on your super hero, when I'm strested you make me happy
The Shmurderer
The Shmurderer 7 kun oldin
You say that his blood can resist disease but every bone in his body is literally cancerous
Test The Legend
Test The Legend 7 kun oldin
Oh My God MatPat was kinda right about the PSA thing!
GOOP 999
GOOP 999 7 kun oldin
sorry to be that guy buuuuuuuuuuuuut THAT DOESN’T KILL THEM!!!
David Harding
David Harding 7 kun oldin
But...this makes no since he just said wolverine regenerate from a drop of blood which means his brain was destroyed therefore this makes no sense cuz even when he regenerated from that drop of blood he still had his memories
Dragon Mania
Dragon Mania 7 kun oldin
I want the power of a million wishes so I could wish for every superpower ever ;-;
Farmer Frank
Farmer Frank 8 kun oldin
Actually cellular memory is a thing and I vagueley remember wolverine and deadpool's cells being a type of mutated cancer cell with inherited cellular memory ability meaning every cell in Wolverines and Deadpools body can regenerate to a full Wolverine or Deadpool and Remember everything they experienced up to then if the Brain needs to be regenerated Deadpool can remember being tortuously destroyed and reborn many times when he was being experimented on
Just Ice
Just Ice 8 kun oldin
Can we see a Madara vs Deadpool?????
Drew O
Drew O 8 kun oldin
this is the first diet coke add that actually made me want diet coke
Hyper Squirle3
Hyper Squirle3 8 kun oldin
U can backup a hardrive clone a dead pool and wolverine brains boom
肪脂 8 kun oldin
I would be magneto
PatCantDraw Ly
PatCantDraw Ly 8 kun oldin
Then why has deadpool got shot in the head and has not lost memeries? Well i guess its a theory
Ve Sanus
Ve Sanus 8 kun oldin
deadpool has the advantage of beeing very close with lady death. if he remembers in death who he is, he might remember it aswell when he is revived
Nelson iCies
Nelson iCies 8 kun oldin
The fuck is this... u dont kill them, u just erase their memories
Jack Skatter.
Jack Skatter. 9 kun oldin
I dont get how you can be mad at adult content i was 17 barely old to get myself in and not old enough to get my younger brother in so we have to wait for his friends dad the movie was rated R it wasn’t like the movie was advertised on cartoon network. You know whats strange though, deadpool qoutes that he isnt a hero never will be, but if you read the comics even in shitty ways hes always helping someone saving lives what funny is that a lot of the time he isnt just saving people by fighting, before it was established his entire body was a tumor he had been giving organ donations (since his just regrow) the funny side effect was the patients ended up getting superpowers (because screw you this is the mutant universe they can bs whatever they want.) also they tried to dick themselves out of the weakness you brought up by saying deadpool journals everything in his diary, but my counter to that is “he wouldnt be able to read anymore...”