Film Theory: How To SAVE Jurassic Park (Jurassic World)

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The tragedy of all the lives lost at Jurassic World could have been PREVENTED! That's right! If they had followed the real world rules of Zoos and Theme Parks, we could be going to see some IRL dinos RIGHT NOW. Instead, I trudged through the rules and regulations to figure out how to run a SUCCESSFUL Jurassic Park.
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12-Iyn, 2018

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Quicklyfun 2 soat oldin
Xander Solis
Xander Solis 2 soat oldin
what about a theory about the thing (1982)
Feda Burhan
Feda Burhan 3 soat oldin
#prattpat aaand #more-dinosaurtheory’s
Captain Speedster
Captain Speedster 3 soat oldin
Bro I think you got the measurements wrong for the T.Rex it was 18ft tall and 40ft long.
Sim Yian Hann
Sim Yian Hann 3 soat oldin
8:15 I get that reference
netherprince king of the nether
WE wouldnt be running you out of town.......we'd we sending you to mars xD #PrattPat
DeMattMorency 3 soat oldin
Could you do a theory about Mr. Incredible's waistline. It goes from 49in to around 34in in under 2 months. I don't look into weight loss too much, but that sounds sketchy.
DAME TEU cusito
DAME TEU cusito 3 soat oldin
BRasil Se increva no meu canal
Lukhanyo Solo
Lukhanyo Solo 3 soat oldin
Dolan Duck
Dolan Duck 4 soat oldin
For how much he obsesses over Pratt it's seriously a surprise he has a kid on the way. That being said, Pratt is sexy as hell. Objectively.
Viridian Cosmo
Viridian Cosmo 4 soat oldin
MatPat you should do A Quiet Place theory about the Creatures Origins Also #PrattPat
Yanis Adem Tlili
Yanis Adem Tlili 4 soat oldin
they called it jurassic park cause the first dino we seen is a brachiosaurus and brachiosaurus is from the jurassic like if you agree
Tammy Gray
Tammy Gray 4 soat oldin
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zilla 13d6
zilla 13d6 4 soat oldin
All movies rule love them!!!.
Vuki the King
Vuki the King 4 soat oldin
3:49 isnt it 13m or so, not 5m
Brother Malachai
Brother Malachai 5 soat oldin
02:15 That would've been...boring. -_-'
8-Bit Raptor
8-Bit Raptor 5 soat oldin
Yeah but this is jurassic park... Thats not a Velociraptor mongeliensis, it is its own species. Its sometimes known by fans as Velociraptor nublaris
Kuma Butter Dango k.b.d
Ok MatPat this might be weird but can you do a theory on kpop? if you can thank you so much and please make sure if you make the theory please try not to offend a lot of kpop fans. And if you can't that's ok too.
Sunita Molasi
Sunita Molasi 5 soat oldin
Dian Fitriani
Dian Fitriani 5 soat oldin
is it only me or im not the only one who think he’s gay🤔
isabel martinez
isabel martinez 5 soat oldin
Hey matpat listen up, I heard of this old website called sliverladder.com and it’s full of weird and crazy nonsense and I was hoping if maybe you could take a look into it and try to figure out the meanings. It’s so complex I don’t even know where to start and quite frankly it freaks me out
Crocoshark 5 soat oldin
Large enclosures mimicking natural habitat may address the issue of being humane, and that may keep animals from constantly trying to escape and acting like mental asylum escapees once they do, but I thought you were going to talk about how zoos ensure animals are actually enclosed, like not having gigantic doors that an I-Rex can go through directly to the outside. Even *dog parks* are more secure at their entrance and exits, with two doors in succession so that there's always a closed door separating animals from the outside. We've been building zoos for decades and keeping fairly large, strong, intelligent and dangerous animals inside them. Classic tactic; moats. You'd never see an elephant or a tiger walk up to a single, electirified *wire* fence separating them from tourists the way you do in the original Jurassic Park. You'd see moats, multiple fences formed of metal *bars*, etc. The security in Jurassic Park for a Tyrannosaurus Rex is weaker than what we have for freaking gorillas.
The Charizard Tamer
The Charizard Tamer 5 soat oldin
DTNT LEADER 5 soat oldin
anyone else hear the pop at the very beginning of the video
Jayden Daugherty
Jayden Daugherty 6 soat oldin
Cora McClure
Cora McClure 6 soat oldin
Chris Hemsworth forever
Game Updates
Game Updates 6 soat oldin
The info minus Rex’s paddock is just were it grows up and then gets released into its habitat but as Clair said they didn’t expect her to be this big
A cute cat that watches Youtube
#prattpat :3
UniSarah L
UniSarah L 6 soat oldin
Jurassic World Evolution has the mechanics of space, comfort, food, and safety. It's pretty good :3 #NotSpon
Black eyes Lemon joshua
I actually liked the third movie like when the spinosaurus came. Hope i wrote right
Hadlee Playz
Hadlee Playz 6 soat oldin
PrestonLK 6 soat oldin
Please make a video on how elastigirl's elasticycle works in the Incredibles 2. Like how is it splitting in half then going back together. Is it magnets or something? Please make a video on it!!!
LuciLovesIt 6 soat oldin
MAKE THIS A TAG #pridepat
princess Michala
princess Michala 6 soat oldin
Hiccup Haddock
Hiccup Haddock 7 soat oldin
Ah correction...genetically mutated Hybridized sister*
Seanna Monroe
Seanna Monroe 7 soat oldin
MatPat, could you do a theory about if and how Frzone’s (from the incredibles) ice powers could work irl?
First Name -
First Name - 7 soat oldin
Dude what does A113 Mean is the incredibles 2
Chris_ acfan
Chris_ acfan 7 soat oldin
How badly injured would the earth benders be in reality? from avatar the last air bender/ the legend of korra
anime ASAP
anime ASAP 7 soat oldin
Mat you should do a theory about Gravity Falls search up XOLOTL
Karipo RainbowRoad
Karipo RainbowRoad 7 soat oldin
Still on trending! HAZZZA!!
wayne hodges
wayne hodges 7 soat oldin
Perhaps MatPat you could look into doing a theory on the 2011 movie (In Time) where a futureistic society doesn't use money as currency but there actual life time. They get 25 years to live after that they have to earn more time anyway they can just to survive. I'd like to know how the system works for them and how to achieve a rich life in a world like that. It may not be the most popular movie but it's interesting in theory.
Tai Le
Tai Le 7 soat oldin
Dear MatPat, can you please do an theory about the literal ghost in pokemon sun and moon anime?
NomArt Batna
NomArt Batna 7 soat oldin
Has anyone ben to mongolia
XxX_SpinozillaX_XxX Saurian
9:10 What's this from?
XxX_SpinozillaX_XxX Saurian
1:43 Oh, it's usually yes
XxX_SpinozillaX_XxX Saurian
0:20 Mat, everyone knows that
Ravenous Howler
Ravenous Howler 8 soat oldin
Well hello there people.
MakiPcr 8 soat oldin
The complete negligence of Jurassic Park/World is one of the themes of the first movie, so yeah.
simple sp00n
simple sp00n 8 soat oldin
if that pond is more then 200 meter on average i would be impressed
Nillanthir Zerati
Nillanthir Zerati 8 soat oldin
So... Mattpat has a crush on a guy who has another name for Fried Rodent?
Whiskeyrain 342
Whiskeyrain 342 8 soat oldin
Ryan Harding
Ryan Harding 8 soat oldin
when you say that the raptors habitat in the park is completely different from what it was in the cretaceous period remember that the dinosaurs genes were spliced with other animals to make them more interesting. Maybe by adding the genes of a more tropical animal the raptors can be happier.
Maya Lackman
Maya Lackman 8 soat oldin
MatPat that rat experiment used positive reinforcement and positive punishment. It does not use negative reinforcement.
Funkky Monkey
Funkky Monkey 8 soat oldin
Correction: they’re not velociraptors they’re Utah raptors
swiftie angel
swiftie angel 8 soat oldin
u shld do a theory on the show “The 100” !! there’s an AI who nuclear bombed the world n tried to take over, power hungry dude, ppl getting mind controlled, sent into space ... basically something that i’m sure ull enjoy😂
Jessica Anderson
Jessica Anderson 8 soat oldin
hey matpat fist i don't know how to decode as much as u might but there i think something new in Scott games also there i don't know again if you know this but David firth said, he strongly thinking of making #11 ep, of salad finger so if your fan don't mind do you think you guys can try to tell matpat this :)
SAVAGEthePlush 9 soat oldin
Blossom LPS
Blossom LPS 9 soat oldin
#prattpat for life❤️
TheBloodyRedStorm13 9 soat oldin
Yo MatPat! It's old now but can you do a theory on Marble Hornets? Maybe about who could be To The Ark.
Mark Mamola
Mark Mamola 9 soat oldin
You should do a video on how Mr. Incredible is weak to fire and not actually indestructible
Sami2347 10 soat oldin
Mat pat. Do a theory about game of thrones before season 8
Ryan Shawn
Ryan Shawn 10 soat oldin
So everything you said is actually in the new Jurassic World Evolution game, I guess I can believe what you say and the games facts on these topics too. Good Video too.
Budo- kun
Budo- kun 10 soat oldin
i shared this to Chris Pratt on twitter
Bill The Butcher
Bill The Butcher 10 soat oldin
Can you do a video about the friday the13th lawsuit?
Chase Tworek
Chase Tworek 10 soat oldin
Chase Lainez
Chase Lainez 10 soat oldin
Hey matpat should do a theory on whether helen parr can actually stop the runaway train in incredibles 2 with her parachute thing.
Overaincloud Peach
Overaincloud Peach 10 soat oldin
Matt just telling you , the t-Rex is 18 feet high and 40 feet long.
ammar ganteng
ammar ganteng 10 soat oldin
Mesozoic world
IFTbarrios 10 soat oldin
Hey can you make a vid about melen martenaz sorry I spell font but can you she’s wired oh and if you do a part two of poppy search reverse poppy song
The H Factor Movie Vlogs
All Day
All Day 11 soat oldin
What are your thoughts on #WhatCulture using That Film Theory as a name for a UZvid channel? Sounds the same to me
crosshunter16 11 soat oldin
8:16 I see what you did there...
The H Factor Movie Vlogs
PrattPat forever!
Keyana Whitner
Keyana Whitner 11 soat oldin
I officially ship Prattpat
Meme Lord39
Meme Lord39 11 soat oldin
Incredibles 2 came out 2 days ago. Can't wait to hear what MatPat has to say about this one...
Javi Alamo
Javi Alamo 11 soat oldin
#PrattPat let this ship sail ;o
Thy Gentleman
Thy Gentleman 11 soat oldin
You should make a theory about the masterpiece taxi driver
Jacob Martinez
Jacob Martinez 11 soat oldin
Ur hilarious
xXWolfieBeastXx Roblox And More
Some Blob Demon
Some Blob Demon 11 soat oldin
Easy way to keep jurassic park/world good Park- storm proof gear World- no smart dino
Artymis Gryphon
Artymis Gryphon 11 soat oldin
#prattpat Though I still like catpat better. Sorry, Chris.
Tom Hicks
Tom Hicks 11 soat oldin
can i join the club?
Typhoon Andy
Typhoon Andy 12 soat oldin
at 3:50 you have the dimesions reversed.
Zebeka 12 soat oldin
You blamed Steven Spielberg for the name of the park. Michael Chrigton (spelling?) wrote the book Jurassic Park in which the first movie is based. The only good movie, I might add
xXharleyXx 12 soat oldin
Big Refrigerator
Big Refrigerator 12 soat oldin
# Hashtag
# Hashtag 12 soat oldin
My farm hand says that he understands what animals say. So I told him not to listen to the sheep because they've been lying about me for years!
Thaira J
Thaira J 12 soat oldin
Can you do a theory on Tokyo Ghoul and why ghouls exist?
Savvy Sellers
Savvy Sellers 12 soat oldin
You should do a theory on how michael is still alive in jane the virgin
Ryan Carlstedt
Ryan Carlstedt 12 soat oldin
MatPat you’re nearly right, the cage is longer than tall so it’s smaller than he said and in the beginning dr wu says that it’s bigger than a Rex.
heidy animeniack
heidy animeniack 13 soat oldin
Race youre hands if youre part of the chris Pratt apreciación club 🙋 also #pratpat
Cybertronic gaming
Cybertronic gaming 13 soat oldin
Guys guys let’s like make this happen #PRATTPAT let’s make it happen folks
Ognjen Tasic
Ognjen Tasic 13 soat oldin
What is that "that's a polar bear" quote from? It looks awesome!
SamTheLemon 13 soat oldin
Move aside #Stephpat, #Prattpat is the new cutest internet ship!
Lachlan Butcher
Lachlan Butcher 13 soat oldin
Dear film theory, I've recently been watching a Netflix series called Limitless and am interested in a drug they use on the show called NZT. It's a fake drug that increases intelligence for roughly 12. If you watch the show there's more detail to what the drug does to you. I was hoping you could do an episode about finding a real life NZT. Thank you soooo much. I love film theory.
Destiny Briseno
Destiny Briseno 13 soat oldin
Best power couple #prattpat
Stardestroyer Capitain
we arent speakin about velociraptors, the velociraptor on JW is on real the Utahraptor
Stardestroyer Capitain
the head of the deinonychus dont have the form the head of the movie´s velociraptor have i think the utah will be the closest we have
Mr. Rex Gaming
Mr. Rex Gaming 13 soat oldin
Stardestroyer Capitain actually the Utah Raptor is to big. It would actually more likely by the deinonychus.
RyanWolfART Draws
RyanWolfART Draws 13 soat oldin
I like how to train your dragon!!!!! Do how to train your dragon!!!!!
HeyItsClay 13 soat oldin
Correct me if I'm wrong but in Jurassic Park 2, weren't the pins too big to where the people weren't able to see the dinosaurs, and so I kept driving around until they found the sick Triceratops. If the pens were that big (5 acres) then people would rarely see the animals and therefore Jurassic world will not be a successful? Just my thought
Arteriop !
Arteriop ! 13 soat oldin
So I know that this comment will most likely not get read or maybe not even seen but I've always been interested in Ms.Incredible or Elasti-Girl's powers. I know that commenter theories dont get done but just to spark some thought, especially with Incredibles 2 coming out.