Film Theory: Is SAO the MOST EXPENSIVE GAME EVER? (Sword Art Online)

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SWORD ART ONLINE is one of the most (in)famous anime out there today, and its premise is cooler than most whole shows. SAO is a fully immersive VR MMO-so immersive that people in the game can LITERALLY die from playing it. Needless to say, this sort of VR experience doesn’t exist yet, but we’re definitely creating the groundwork that will lead to this tech. But knowing how much our current VR systems cost, is a game like SAO even feasible for developers? How much would it cost to create something as ambitious as this? Well, Loyal Theorists, the answer is SO MUCH MORE than you expect!
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9-Yan, 2018



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Risulo Risulo
Risulo Risulo 21 daqiqa oldin
This is a little late, buuuuuut.... Could you please do the same thing for the Oasis from Ready Player One.
Bentang C
Bentang C Soat oldin
I never heard SAO ep 16,5 before
Merium II
Merium II 5 soat oldin
Matpat called Asuna a Loli We found a fake
VGM_ 14 soat oldin
Ever knowing I’ll probably die, I’d still play it
Renge Houshakuji
"Tentacle and incest" 😂😂
Josh_ PSC
Josh_ PSC Kun oldin
3:25 backround music?
Nanakuli_deta61 808
Says film theory all I hear most of the time was game maps
WarriorGamer99 Kun oldin
The film theorists but has a game theory intro
Random Person
Random Person Kun oldin
is it incest if they're adopted?
Kiitsune Kun oldin
Can you just make a whole theory channel for anime?
Harveen Khanna
Harveen Khanna Kun oldin
Will it be able in different countries like the UK?
Shivam Shah
Shivam Shah Kun oldin
People should discontinue vr games
Wiltinq. Kun oldin
Minecraft is actually the largest environment in the entire game universe... It’s infinite
IamKota808 2 kun oldin
I love how he used Heathcliff's to resemble himself... lol
Mateusz Janiak
Mateusz Janiak 2 kun oldin
Not warsaw but warszawa
Elemental Creation
Elemental Creation 2 kun oldin
1,700,000 is in the millions right?
Co Co
Co Co 2 kun oldin
$60 for a copy!? Nah bro, you'd have to sell that game for $120 a copy, if they want to make all they're money back. lol
xcosmicstar 2 kun oldin
hmm so thee close realy close ima make dat mamamoney anad buy it and bam and last ll get sao
David Minh
David Minh 2 kun oldin
Shows: $1.700.000 MatPat says: $1.700.000.000 Confusion 100
Alma and Eli Ben-Zvi
Eyes on the prize... oh wait how do I bold the letters
wazza12213443 3 kun oldin
13:12 1.7 Billion?? your missing some zeros there buddy....
Lukas 3 kun oldin
@Jef Bezos, get on it buddy :^)
DogeGalaxy - Minecraft
Archer 3 kun oldin
Bruh if this really comes out ima sit in it for 2 years
lapticle games
lapticle games 3 kun oldin
your math is gud but your editing is not. At 13:14 you said it was 1.7 bil but you wrote 1.7 mil instead lol
MatinuvaAmino ENG
MatinuvaAmino ENG 3 kun oldin
Wait....Witcher comes from Poland? Didnt knew that
Menos The Name
Menos The Name 3 kun oldin
Metal in the microwave? Well chew my tinfoil hat, the sparks will be flying when I enter Sword Art Online!
Filip Markovic
Filip Markovic 3 kun oldin
Where is Serbia in that bigger than country lust
First Last
First Last 4 kun oldin
This is also game theory as well not just film theory
ScottNite 4 kun oldin
SAO is such a good Show
Shivam Shah
Shivam Shah 4 kun oldin
Never play vr games ok. You can die
Aaron Rayner
Aaron Rayner 4 kun oldin
Does it actually say "D-Dont.. look over here..." on that page?
Guy who tries to get a Life
Still guessing why no Unconscious Person was Raped in Bed
Buzzramjet 4 kun oldin
IF It worked they would sell a billion of them. AND the cost would actually be about 4 times as much in development. At least.
Joshua Qian
Joshua Qian 4 kun oldin
How do you compare Sao to alfheim online or ggo and stuff like that
Aaron Rayner
Aaron Rayner 4 kun oldin
GGO even has a credits-to-real money system. 100 credits to 1 yen at the time of the arc, in fact. And the game was produced by an American company, yet they utilize the Seed package to perfection in just *_two months_* since the kit's release.
Mani 4 kun oldin
And now in 2019 gta5 earned 6bil.$
errorsans yt13
errorsans yt13 4 kun oldin
Matpat has no sex life it's sad to see what math can do
Eye Monocle Gamer
Eye Monocle Gamer 4 kun oldin
yay! i love this!
Atlas Games
Atlas Games 4 kun oldin
I thought of a potential component that would reduce the cost exponentially if he created the nerve gear first he could use the fact that it is a computer neural interface and literally imagine scenes into existence getting rid of most of the need for modlers and texture artists scince he could pull all that data strait from his mind because even with our current version of this sorta tech we can tell what direction you want to move an object meaning that something that can relay sensory detail to the enth degree could probably detect a bit more info in short this would cut hundreds of millions in game design, But it would still be extremely expensive not even including what kind of computer you would need to buy just to run the thing also emagine what what would happen if the computer failed they'd just die. So this is just a thought I had in relation to how Sao could have been developed and not cost a million a piece.
Orion_7 5 kun oldin
6:39 😂😂😂 Preach it MatPat!!!
Zous 5 kun oldin
I prefer ff7
Matt Bruckard
Matt Bruckard 5 kun oldin
This is shown on a kids channel in Australia... :/
Matt Bruckard
Matt Bruckard 4 kun oldin
+Aaron Rayner Just looked it up, 9:15
Aaron Rayner
Aaron Rayner 4 kun oldin
+Matt Bruckard Ah, cause Friday. Yeah, I suppose
Matt Bruckard
Matt Bruckard 4 kun oldin
+Aaron Rayner Do you mean PM?
Aaron Rayner
Aaron Rayner 4 kun oldin
+Matt Bruckard I'm assuming AM for the kids
Matt Bruckard
Matt Bruckard 4 kun oldin
+Aaron Rayner Friday's at like 10:00
Zappy Player
Zappy Player 6 kun oldin
This is my favorite anime and game and just finished it
Delta 6 kun oldin
We gotta team up guys! All the countries! We need SAO!
ZunGYT 6 kun oldin
i fully watch the anime go onto youtube to watch some yt and see this...
Gavin Dull
Gavin Dull 6 kun oldin
KiritoXAsuna with yui as the daughter.
Asher Jones
Asher Jones 6 kun oldin
zakaria PS4
zakaria PS4 6 kun oldin
i love SAO i wouldn’t mind if i trapped in the game in 2022 than i am 16 years i am kirito 😁
cats rule
cats rule 6 kun oldin
and minecraft minecraft is Way bigger 9:30
Jovando HK
Jovando HK 7 kun oldin
never thought you'd make the anime ones
Rizzio HD
Rizzio HD 7 kun oldin
EEG and VR systems are being created an my estimation for this will be a reality will be around 2025 an $1,000,000,000 I’ll say that’s what it is needed to make the game,Research
Travis Johnson
Travis Johnson 7 kun oldin
This would be cool but can someone explain to me how full dive can even be remotely possible cause it is a show and i dont see how its possible to 1. Play a game that is replacing a dream and 2. Having a dream/ game manipulate your brain into thinking things that arent real and to give you sensations that arent actually happening i mean i just cant see this happening ever...
Michael Proffitt
Michael Proffitt 7 kun oldin
Lmao hol up it's the no smile guy. What's his name? Idk *Greetings from virtual reality*
Wyvern Indelible
Wyvern Indelible 7 kun oldin
Luna Moon
Luna Moon 7 kun oldin
ITS AKIHIKO KAYABA NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND also if this comes out in the next three years Imma play it and -die multiple times- (not) I guess
Aaron Rayner
Aaron Rayner 4 kun oldin
inb4 r/woooosh, but you're using Japanese grammar. They put their surnames first. Akihiko is the surname.
Andrew Glawson'
Andrew Glawson' 7 kun oldin
Cauã GamerTS
Cauã GamerTS 7 kun oldin
but daggerfall have a concrete world not an random generated and elder scrolls 1 arena have a larger map than daggerfall you are a theorist not a gamer so i respect that BUT IF YOU WASANT I WAS SWEARING ON YOU but no (good for god sake GOOD)
Dai's the name
Dai's the name 7 kun oldin
The light novel is a thousand times better
Nexxius 7 kun oldin
I wanna see it!!!
Louis Max Tonsberg 7B Strandskolen
Wy the fuck does my device show the title in Danish PS interesting theroy is mat Pat from Denmark XD
Subscribe to Instantly Die
I actually love sao
Daniel Moolman
Daniel Moolman 8 kun oldin
You forgot Minecraft, which is one million times bigger.
Daniel Moolman
Daniel Moolman 8 kun oldin
Remember, there were only 11 thousand copies ever sold, so how the hell is this feasible?
Daniel Moolman
Daniel Moolman 8 kun oldin
This includes the one thousand testers.
USAgopnik 8 kun oldin
Breaking news fam Elon Musk payed for this crap
Adrian Shilling
Adrian Shilling 8 kun oldin
So let’s say if they bring the game out and it like we’re you die in the game you die in real life or if someone take the vr set off you die but what if your power go out?
USAgopnik 8 kun oldin
Just here to make sure people are still watching the “math”
XxMeower2008xX d:
XxMeower2008xX d: 8 kun oldin
*looks to the left in real life* *sees matpat* Matpat: >:c Me: 0:
William Lee
William Lee 8 kun oldin
13:10 missing a couple of zeros there, bud
Why do I need a last name
Actually, Minecraft is the biggest >:(
A Newton
A Newton 8 kun oldin
I'm playing the wicher 3 as I'm watching the video
david kjestrup
david kjestrup 8 kun oldin
why is my titel in danish???
Sophia Najera
Sophia Najera 8 kun oldin
I need to start saving up now if i want to play SAO
-Mei & Rei-
-Mei & Rei- 8 kun oldin
got confused from the intro: Video: plays the game theory intro Me: I thought I was watching film theory
arbiter unknown
arbiter unknown 8 kun oldin
It is a fucking game bitch fucker
math chad
math chad 9 kun oldin
I love it when my UZvidrs know my other UZvidrs
Jack Baird-Murray
Jack Baird-Murray 9 kun oldin
-Matpat: The largest video game map in the world is no man’s sky. -Me: Minecraft
Mathias Aller
Mathias Aller 9 kun oldin
what about minecraft, ain't that the biggest game. Like in km
Simon Rockett
Simon Rockett 9 kun oldin
15:23 dat meme XD
猫υηδαrκ 9 kun oldin
*Jeff Bezos could afford it.*
Kenneth Jetinggo
Kenneth Jetinggo 10 kun oldin
You know what will happen next? yes, it's super damn LAG
Momo 10 kun oldin
take in 2022 is 3 years away
Darkcode ninja
Darkcode ninja 10 kun oldin
9:22, what about minecraft? minecraft is about the size of neptune.
thedarkangel 10 kun oldin
But sword art online is a real video game there are at least 3 or 4 of them
Mooks Banda
Mooks Banda 10 kun oldin
It would be so awesome if they made a game like sao
Khushi Shrestha
Khushi Shrestha 10 kun oldin
i skipped season 2 of soa and it didnt effect season 3 no matter what
Paopao Reyes
Paopao Reyes 10 kun oldin
Thumbnail be like *lenny face*
IPIE9uY 11 kun oldin
Vr chat, ready player one. Combine them and boom
FroilanPH 11 kun oldin
_ Azezal _
_ Azezal _ 11 kun oldin
to also help with costs he could've also sold some of the developments to companies and governments
The Chowder
The Chowder 11 kun oldin
just read bonus chapter 16.5. What the hell.
[null] [null]
[null] [null] 11 kun oldin
(The NerveGear was probably expensive.)
Porple Amphy
Porple Amphy 11 kun oldin
Sword Art Online. HUH
MLG MOMMENTS 12 kun oldin
Minecraft is larger Pftt
Scrap Dude
Scrap Dude 12 kun oldin
Wi have elon musk no biggi
Ben Big
Ben Big 12 kun oldin
It would be fantastic if we could plug in when we go to bed and play for the entire time were asleep then when we wake up were well rested and its totally healthy......just food for thought!
Dusted turtle
Dusted turtle 12 kun oldin
Hel Rem
Hel Rem 12 kun oldin
Time past fast dude, a blink and its already 2019, I don't expect much though at 2022, but it will be a spacial year for me!
Rix Xir
Rix Xir 12 kun oldin
If in 20 years from now AI will be able to create assets for a game - then those costs could be lowered by a lot.
Joeseph Moore
Joeseph Moore 12 kun oldin
Imagine that one guy who F***Ed with his helmet so it's laggy as f*** but he can't get killed by it. Player: Jim died! Jim: *Respawns* hey guys. Everyone: The F***?!
An Nguyen
An Nguyen 12 kun oldin
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