Film Theory: Is Suicide Squad's Joker ACTUALLY Batman's Boy Wonder?

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With Wonder Woman coming out in theaters this week, I felt it was time to take a look back at some of DC's other movies from the past few years. Specifically, Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad. Back before Suicide Squad and Batman v. Superman hit theaters, there was a theory kicking around that Jared Leto's Joker was secretly Batman's sidekick, Robin. But the Director of Suicide Squad, David Ayer, seemed to dismiss this saying that Jason Todd, former Robin #2 was NOT the Joker. However, the proof we cover today shows that Suicide Squad's Joker can still be Robin...just not the Robin that everyone thought.
If you think you've heard this Batman v Superman/Suicide Squad theory before, you ain't seen NOTHING yet!
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1-Iyn, 2017

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Reverse Fuhrer
Reverse Fuhrer Soat oldin
This channel is a living meme.
Devin Hinman
Devin Hinman 5 soat oldin
11:47 I'm spichis of him he's holding the camera like the joker in the killing joke
Noire 6 soat oldin
So.. joacquin's joker is the real one? Since the movie is about origin of joker... if there are 2 joker then this calls for twinsanity!!! Real joker meet Robin joker~ Btw jared leto's joker isn't so bad, since joker is an insane guy anything can happened (^-^)
mohsen salehi
mohsen salehi 10 soat oldin
Actually, Tim Drake is the Red Robin, not a joker.
Slex Sele
Slex Sele 16 soat oldin
You forgot the girl joker
Slex Sele
Slex Sele 16 soat oldin
I mean robin
Drew Hannoush
Drew Hannoush 17 soat oldin
He has to be Dick because Zack said that the dead robin with the suit in the Batcave was Dick Grayson. This could go with your theory saying that in stead of Jason getting beaten to death, it was the original Robin, who in this case was revised by someone, Brian washed by Harline Quinze, and became the joker
Dylan Ffhhhjj
Dylan Ffhhhjj 18 soat oldin
4 robins Damien wane
Frosty Pizza
Frosty Pizza 22 soat oldin
Soooooo did teen titans completely debunk this theory or is that different universe
Laura Ess
Laura Ess Kun oldin
Shades of the SEQUEL to the graphic novel THE DARK NIGHT RETURNS (a terrible book).
j jam
j jam Kun oldin
LoudMouth P
LoudMouth P Kun oldin
Mr.j could be for mr jason but whatever
Matheus Cavallari
11:48 kkkkkkkk, I wouldn't be mad, I would love actually. But good joke
big geko
big geko Kun oldin
God dang brutes
Remmy Kun oldin
YA BUT- If DICK is supposed to be in Teen Titans(NOT GO NOT CANNON NOT GOOD except for Trigons development....anyways), then why does DICK use a staff in Teen Titans and why does TIM use a staff in THIS Theory?! WHAT IF, hear me out... Dick never died, Joker kidnapped him and Harley Brainwashed Dick? ( this is meer focus on Teen Titans' timeline lining up with everything else.) Robin is confirmed as DickGrayson in Teen Titans, Circus tent, Batman background, etc. Circus can be seen in Haunted, Apprentice he says" I already have a Father" When Slade is like all creepy and goes"I could be like a Father to you.." or something similar. Batman hides the fact that Dick Grayson got kidnapped...Because believe me you know THE Titans by now, would be up in his business, (Starfire particularly. because Babs and Dick make no sense to me Age wise.) Babs at the start is a fifteen-year old-TEENAGER-. and Starfire is around Twenty, I.e same age as DICK. if we pinpoint the age Babs meets Dick, she is only Eighteen or nineteen. Anyways. Dick being seen in the Judas Contract -Justice Leauge VS titans also can be argued with as this is basically retcon of the former series,Teen Titans, making it the correct team. IF We connected the original series too Suicide Squad, we could also argue that SLADE may have brainwashed Dick, maybe Joker broke in,kidnapped him-and then he becomes Joker.Rant aside, why the hell does DICK use a Staff in Teen Titans when Tim uses it everywhere else?!
TheGravyTrain 5076
Robin was 9 when he started crime fighting... doesn’t make the theory wrong just wanted to mention it
Diamond Tiaria
Diamond Tiaria Kun oldin
Also Amanda waller appears in the show, Arrow
dan_ryan Kun oldin
That's hella cool
I’m Kaidenshay
I’m Kaidenshay 2 kun oldin
Dick Grayson
West Sosh
West Sosh 2 kun oldin
There are 4 robins because Batman’s son Damian Wayne
Jackson Maier
Jackson Maier 2 kun oldin
Dick Grayson is in titans
PatrickMatrix 2 kun oldin
or it either could be just the ace chemical making his skin look younger
I will eat Ur children
Ok so basically I LOVE THIS CHANNEL
Amber Jones
Amber Jones 2 kun oldin
if you answered yes or no to any of these questions...
Kevin Luper
Kevin Luper 2 kun oldin
I'd say Joaquin Phoenix is the og joker.
Dead hook
Dead hook 2 kun oldin
Orlin Maldonadomolina
Put when super girl when she was a hero didn't Batman die when super girl became a hero
Twister games
Twister games 2 kun oldin
What i got out of the video ( bc im sleepy): The robin from teen titans go is tim drake
Seth Tseng
Seth Tseng 3 kun oldin
Lol I'm late, 2019?
Gold-Sama 3 kun oldin
Grayson is confirmed to be the Robin who died to Joker, meaning he was a Robin and not dead from the beginning. We can't assume the micro-explosives are made by Cadmus as they have different functions from Beyond's chip. Plus Cadmus specialises in cloning, bio weapons and life rather than technological gadgets. A possible reason for the Harley to force memory loss is because it's her job and she wants her lover to be rehabilitated. Also unless they're ages are mentioned (even that we still can't be sure), we don't have a grasp on how old anyone is therefore we can't assume Joker is older or younger. Especially just based on actor's age. You also mention that Robin join one year after Bruce becomes Batman, but unless all the events of Red Hood happened between that one year, it's most likely Grayson (and it is Grayson in the comics) not Drake. And with signature weapons, all Robins (if not all, at least Grayson, Drake and Damian) all used a staff as their time as weapon (you even use an image of Titan's Robin with a staff). When Grayson became Nightwing, he used primarily batons whilst when Todd became RedHood, in the new outlaws he used a crowbar with much more correlation to the Joker.
DaylightShadows 3 kun oldin
I didn't hear about Damian Wayne. You forgot matpat
JPlanet Katz
JPlanet Katz 3 kun oldin
19:01 Does it have sonic though? *Checks* *Holds a gun to VRV* You're dead to me.
gery lee
gery lee 3 kun oldin
How dare u say “naruudo “ is naruTO IT SOUNDS LIKE TOE
green H
green H 3 kun oldin
What about Damien? He is also robin.
Andrew Pitts
Andrew Pitts 3 kun oldin
I hope this is true because I REFUSE that the current version of the Joker is the actual Joker
Your Mate666
Your Mate666 3 kun oldin
What about the killing joke (comic) joker had a life (and kid) so he was alive before robin
Makai Smack
Makai Smack 3 kun oldin
burt lex shaved his hair at the end of the movie
Something Random
Something Random 4 kun oldin
Actually I prefer marvel but what ever
Attila Toth
Attila Toth 4 kun oldin
if robin is the joker then dose that mean the teen titnes are evil
DaShiba 4 kun oldin
Free that’s spells free credit report.com baby 17:59
Peter Feeney
Peter Feeney 4 kun oldin
I got crunchyroll
Benjamin Correya
Benjamin Correya 4 kun oldin
Her forgot the 4th robin, Damien wayne
Drau SkullZ
Drau SkullZ 4 kun oldin
*Badum tsss*
Kittikat4124 4 kun oldin
There are more than 4 canon robins. Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, Jason Todd, Damien Wayne, as well as Stephanie Brown. Yep, there was a female one, plus Carrie from a separate timeline
Cassie Mosher
Cassie Mosher 4 kun oldin
how would i watch a show from the 1960s 4 or less years ago??????????? wow
Elliefailsatart200 4 kun oldin
The only reason I have VRV is to watch and rewatch and rewatch again my hero academia
MacGamer Media
MacGamer Media 4 kun oldin
Hey guys, for more information on that Supersane Joker Theory, go check out the Imaginary Axis with Tyler. He explains this whole thing really well and better than I could in a single comment. I’ll leave the link here: uzvid.com/video/video-LNNxSFkgwQU.html
Broad-Y x4
Broad-Y x4 4 kun oldin
SuperKawaii SlimeVlogs
a tiny question into A HUGE PROBLEM
CalebLucio 4 kun oldin
I could predict everything he was gonna say and I’m *a 12 year old child* that’s doesn’t mean it’s not a theory, but if even I can think of it, maybe you should rethink your identity as some sort of genius
Joe Kreissl
Joe Kreissl 4 kun oldin
A) Tim drake isn't a Robin B) you forgot stephanie brown
This Mediocre World
You forget Damian Wayne
Keegan Lockhart
Keegan Lockhart 4 kun oldin
*Robin looks in the toilet after taking a dump* Holy crap, Batman!!!
Judah Calloway
Judah Calloway 4 kun oldin
NCHarristudios 66
NCHarristudios 66 4 kun oldin
My real theory is the DCEU happens in the universe of Burton's Batman. (Yeah there are some plot holes like Alfred and Gordon.) So Leto's Joker is a clone of Nicholson's Joker. It makes sense if you think about it.
Mary Joseph
Mary Joseph 4 kun oldin
Decode this 5n8507183 to film theorists
Harry Smith
Harry Smith 4 kun oldin
Why is the short name for Richard dick Why not Richie Or rich It doesn’t make sense
LIL99 4 kun oldin
best youtuber in world
Heavenly Default
Heavenly Default 4 kun oldin
Jacob Kyle da joka
Jacob Kyle da joka 5 kun oldin
Drake is stupid he killed triple x die!!!! Drake die!!
Beatriz Lopez
Beatriz Lopez 5 kun oldin
17:16 and 17:28 killed me. XD
LIL99 5 kun oldin
suicide squad 2 it us explained
jaseeme williams
jaseeme williams 5 kun oldin
that's why batman never kill joker
CamTronShow 5 kun oldin
I actually enjoyed the green lantern movies
mossy mae
mossy mae 6 kun oldin
Vrv doesn't work in Australia yet ;-;
Robin Parker
Robin Parker 6 kun oldin
dick grayson has always been my favourite robin. i changed my name after him because he meant a lot to me throughout my childhood. mostly because of teen titans and me just wanting to be like him. im a marvel stan but dick grayson is one of my favourite superheros ever.
Robin Parker
Robin Parker 6 kun oldin
oh okay so they killed of my favourite dc character the year i was born. okay yeah i see how it is.
James Heart
James Heart 6 kun oldin
How about Damian Wayne
Btd6 fan
Btd6 fan 6 kun oldin
Is vrv on the switch? Wait no only youtube is onthe switch oh, and hulu i guess
Richard Overturf
Richard Overturf 6 kun oldin
Dude this absolutely revived the suicide squad in my eyes, you have no idea how much I hated the jared leto joker. He was completely different than the o.g joker from literally every other DC creation out there. He was so out of place, that to me, he seemed more like a goon of the joker's than the actual joker. But not only does the theory that this is Tim Drake make sense in the DCEU, but it also clears up my own misgivings about this joker incarnation. Thank you!
Cristofer Gomez
Cristofer Gomez 6 kun oldin
VRV forever!!!!!!!
Seanna Herr
Seanna Herr 6 kun oldin
I have a theory for u matpat, how old would Harley be cause she originally liked the og joker and now she likes this one?
Danielle Martinez
Danielle Martinez 6 kun oldin
Bish Aryal
Bish Aryal 6 kun oldin
Someone hire this guy
MacGamer Media
MacGamer Media 6 kun oldin
Btw, the Joker isn’t psychotic at all. He’s supersane. He’s more sane than anyone in the comics. He’s a 4th Wall Breaker. Think about it. No one has ever diagnosed him as psychotic or insane. He has a condition beyond any condition humans have seen before. He’s turned sane many times before through events that would make anyone else insane. The Lazarus pit turns anyone insane. When Joker falls into it, he becomes sane. So if he were a level higher than sane it would make sense. supersane - sane = sane. You know why he kills, why he’s always laughing, why he does things no normal human would think of? Because he knows the sickest joke of all. Nothing matters. I’m the antagonist made to do bad things with no other purpose. He knows he’s in a comic. He’s self-aware.
Pasta johnsen
Pasta johnsen 6 kun oldin
Jason is my baby so i'm predicting this episode is doing to make me cry
Pasta johnsen
Pasta johnsen 6 kun oldin
Well shit how am i supposed to believe Tim is the joker you are stretching this wayyyy too far
Pasta johnsen
Pasta johnsen 6 kun oldin
What the fuck "the villainous Red hood" better check your facts
Bread Man
Bread Man 7 kun oldin
Kaptain Rex
Kaptain Rex 7 kun oldin
Are you telling me my favorite robin is now my least favorite character
Skinny Ape
Skinny Ape 7 kun oldin
You over analyze good vid tho
Robin Dowling
Robin Dowling 7 kun oldin
They also forgot Stephanie brown
Storm 1200
Storm 1200 7 kun oldin
in arrow Amanda Waller is leading Argus and has assembled the suiside squad
Gd Electroscope
Gd Electroscope 7 kun oldin
Isn’t Damien Wayne a robin too
WhiteHairBoy Kun
WhiteHairBoy Kun 7 kun oldin
damn matpat is bad at shout outs waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long lmfao
Kirishima Toebeansart
*The bat car brakes down* Batman: the BATtery is dead Robin can you go fix it? Robin: Batman what’s a TERY
Jairuz Mari Pantorilla
How about summercamp island it kinda looks like adventure time animation and its the animators from adventure time and its from adventure time
Brianna Dooley
Brianna Dooley 8 kun oldin
Also Dick's uncle was named Richard Grayson
Brianna Dooley
Brianna Dooley 8 kun oldin
More Robins- here is one list of some of them Dick Grayson Jason Todd Tim Drake Stephanie Brown Damian Wayne Helena Wayne Duke Thomas and there have been more
J 25.8069758
J 25.8069758 8 kun oldin
Eyyyyy whoop whoop
dim Shady
dim Shady 8 kun oldin
Joker cant be Robin couse Harley Quinn killed him.
Sally Smith
Sally Smith 8 kun oldin
I'm so dumb all this time I thought all the robins were just one not 3
Xixi Yang
Xixi Yang 9 kun oldin
6:16 the logo looked like EXO hehe just a kpop fan here nothing to see
merir_ astelan
merir_ astelan 9 kun oldin
The joker is a gamer
Game boy 2
Game boy 2 9 kun oldin
GG joker is robin’s dad
gummy gamer 226
gummy gamer 226 10 kun oldin
Robin is in young justice becomes leader and he became night wing and KID FLASH died
Ahmeer Khan
Ahmeer Khan 10 kun oldin
It say VRV is not available in my region 😢
Susan J
Susan J 10 kun oldin
R.I.P zoie's heart poor poor stepsister
Filip The Mixer
Filip The Mixer 10 kun oldin
I have a new theory, MatPat is..... I can't believe I am saying this . ...... a THEORIST.
Laird Simon
Laird Simon 10 kun oldin
Hey I liked the that green lantern move
Shen Sen
Shen Sen 10 kun oldin
Vrv is ONly AvaIlaBlE to USA my Dude :^9i doyodfhbmf
SonofPyotr CantinaBandFan
Looking forward to how they are going to fix dick graysons grave in the upcoming Nightwing movie
Battle Smasher
Battle Smasher 10 kun oldin
We all know that
Lauro esteban
Lauro esteban 10 kun oldin
You stupid fuck jason todd will become the redhood not the joker and i'm not gonna watch another dc film if jason todd and the joker where the same