Film Theory: Is Thor STRONGER Than The Hulk? (Thor: Ragnarok)

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THOR: RAGNAROK is hitting theaters, giving us another epic Marvel movie that features our favorite heroes: The Avengers. This means The Hulk and Thor will yet again be featured in the same movie, giving us another chance to watch in awe as they enact astounding feats of strength. So far, Marvel hasn’t given a straight answer as to which one of these ultra-powerful heroes has the most brawn, even though they’ve gone head-to-head multiple times in the movies and comics. But that ends today, Loyal Theorists! With the power of math, science, and research, I will reveal which Avenger is strongest!
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2-Noy, 2017

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Introverted KitKat
6:50 I DIED!!! (My fat cats name is Gandalf, we tried to put him on a diet but in revenge he pooped on our pillows)
Hi Bye
Hi Bye 4 kun oldin
Ding of laughter
Ezra Eickmeyer
Ezra Eickmeyer 9 kun oldin
+The Theorizer à
Dorky loki YouTube
Dorky loki YouTube 19 kun oldin
me and my pets my cats pee
OriginalSparkstar 26 kun oldin
Gandalf the cat: YOOOU!!! SHALL NOT SLEEP!!!
MeowshMalow Z
MeowshMalow Z Oy oldin
Markiplier Forever BIGGEST Fan!
3:36 i love how physic don't work on the women
Kavin Unka
Kavin Unka 8 soat oldin
But he says *”Bruce banner”* strongest avenger.
Edgar Padilla
Edgar Padilla 9 soat oldin
But captain America lifted the hammer in the comics and in the MCU cap budged a little bit of the hammer even Thor was confused in age of ultron when he did that
Maria Ro
Maria Ro 9 soat oldin
Devon Williams
Devon Williams 10 soat oldin
But at this point we all know Thor can kick hulks behind really hard
Avinash Tiwari
Avinash Tiwari 13 soat oldin
Bro as per comic hulk is stronger than thor. But here in mcu thor is powerful than hulk. But still u can't compare them because till now hulk never used his gama radiation power also if thor will use his lighting power vs Hulk gama radiation power hulk will win. But I just want to let u know that now marvel will work on hulk character so much because now banner n hulk will become one and power with brain is extraordinary n also don't forget about captain Marvel now for more 5 years stop comparing superhero because we are having a lot more coming . Hit like if u agree and share ur theory too
Kalidasan Selvam
Kalidasan Selvam 19 soat oldin
Connor Fox
Connor Fox 21 soat oldin
Rest In Peace Stan Lee
Griffin Brown
Griffin Brown Kun oldin
Didn't emphasize enough the fact that the angrier Hulk is, the stronger he gets. Potentially limitless strength.
Leesa Garcia
Leesa Garcia Kun oldin
He actually doesn't realise miolner is supposed to contro l Thor's power not boost it
EGG boi
EGG boi Kun oldin
Rip Stan lee
Philip Yimer
Philip Yimer Kun oldin
Nah man. Thor is just stronger. It’s just a fact.
Jacob Alvarez
Jacob Alvarez Kun oldin
Everyone already seems to be saying what I’m thinking, but I’m gonna say it anyway. Thor is stronger...
ziad alsaad
ziad alsaad Kun oldin
this guy is just a hulk fanboy
boris atanassov
boris atanassov Kun oldin
Jür mum gay
Grady Legoman
Grady Legoman Kun oldin
The snake is pronounced yourmungundar
Mentsiv ϟ
Mentsiv ϟ Kun oldin
Avocado Playz
Avocado Playz 2 kun oldin
Thors stronge
dezza 99
dezza 99 2 kun oldin
Seriously just watch Ragnarok
aritz zabala
aritz zabala 2 kun oldin
Stan says that Thor would win in a fight, not who is stronger
A Person
A Person 2 kun oldin
No no no no no no no(oh mama Mia mama Mia) I thought this was a video about just them at their most basic levels like Thor without his hammer and Bruce when he's not fully mad, god or Thor hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe
Daylan Williamson
Daylan Williamson 2 kun oldin
Who thinks Stan lee is right because I know he’s right cause he created the hero’s. Even tho I like hulk better I still agree with Stan lee, also R.I.P😔
PurrFTW 2 kun oldin
11:57 just looks wrong now :(
KENZPLAYZ 2 kun oldin
i swear the Greek statue that he show at 12:11 i saw the same statue on a lesson at school on the same day i watch this
Cynthionic 2 kun oldin
This theory is true, but as seen in Ragnarok thor could easily beat hulk because he's more mobile and smarter, sure he didn't win the fight in Ragnarok but he was winning until he got electrocuted by Jeff goldblum, and it's obvious that he's much more mobile and smarter than hulk, which I think could make him win pretty much every time (since he's almost as strong as hulk as proven in your theory)
Book Hills
Book Hills 2 kun oldin
Thor is not as aggressive as Hulk, only when he knows, he's in terrible danger. He was also weakened by Hela. So from my point of view, Thor would defeat Hulk, even if he hadn't his powers.
green H
green H 2 kun oldin
Wait why won't we just ask Stan lee who is the stongeeeehhhh-shit
Jeroen Wolf
Jeroen Wolf 2 kun oldin
Speaking of comics: How about Thor holding back the weight of 20 planets? And how about Hulk smashing a time storm?
TITAN Play's
TITAN Play's 2 kun oldin
Well infinity war came out and in that they show that thor withstands the energy from a gamma ray burst so that shows thor is the strongest
LordBlitz CoC
LordBlitz CoC 3 kun oldin
After infinity war that's an easy question...
the phionx gamer hall
$. + httpefrydgffftvggtrtt he-*4&6$365+)*5
Joey Eskew
Joey Eskew 3 kun oldin
Rip stan
I wished that marvel followed closer to the prose edda when thinking of thor
Gaby Gomez
Gaby Gomez 3 kun oldin
Have you seen the cartoon of the avengers if you had you will have more facts to know how is the stronges one rn you are onlu comparing comics and movies but not the cartoons/show
Jmanvlogs 3 kun oldin
After ragnarok Thor is strongest
EXODUS SOLIS 3 kun oldin
I never comment... until I must... This is wrong. Was right until you said that thor was weaker for having a force less than hulks. On numbers alone I'd agree. BUT, Thor was using one muscle group, his forearm. Hulk was using his WHOLE BODY. Considering the fact that one grip strength is not ones strongest muscle this is a bad comparison unless you create a ratio for the strength of Thors entire body. Which would imply thor is stronger... :)
Deadl7250 3 kun oldin
R.I.P Stan "the man" Lee
Rex Leong
Rex Leong 3 kun oldin
Haley Medley
Haley Medley 3 kun oldin
Thor is the best
SIlENT PlayZ 3 kun oldin
It’s thor
Rottweiler Girl
Rottweiler Girl 3 kun oldin
Omg I’m whaching Ragnorok on at home when I turned this on lol
Harriet Banner
Harriet Banner 3 kun oldin
Wait a minute... thanos beat hulk with one ore two infinity stones. And hulk is strong enough to hold a mountain and put a planet together
CHITR SHARATH 3 kun oldin
Don't make fun of Stanley you fool 😠
Evan Frioux
Evan Frioux 3 kun oldin
I have a new theory could a jedi lift thors hammer whos name i cant spell
Armored Creeper
Armored Creeper 3 kun oldin
yesssss i was right im i always new hulk was strongest but people would always tell me it was thor
TPG OP 3 kun oldin
But hulk used his hole body while trying to lift the hammer, while thor only used his hands. That means thors hands are almost as strong as hulks body
TPG OP 3 kun oldin
Joseph Zbacnik
Joseph Zbacnik 3 kun oldin
Vilw Stunts
Vilw Stunts 3 kun oldin
Rip stan Lee
Connorskull P
Connorskull P 3 kun oldin
Stan Lee is correct. Thor beat 👊💥 hulk in Ragnarok cause thor was actually using his power with the electro chip in his neck!. Thor wins 🏆💪!!.
Zombie plant
Zombie plant 3 kun oldin
No not earth 616 The Earth c137
Fatima Garcia
Fatima Garcia 3 kun oldin
5:59 Loki?!??
Noah Jongen
Noah Jongen 3 kun oldin
Stan lee creatie them, so he is obviously right
UltimateGaming / Minecraft and More
1:38 I am from the future. Stan Lee is dead. Rest in pepperonis 😢
Daniel Pardue
Daniel Pardue 3 kun oldin
Thor the God of lighting/thunder got electrocuted in ragnarok... Um please explain😂😂😂
Noctiv_Mike 123
Noctiv_Mike 123 3 kun oldin
You should do hulk vs one punch man
Faruk 4 kun oldin
But feeds are stronger than hands....
Generation Gaming
Generation Gaming 4 kun oldin
DenexDudd 4 kun oldin
How does a pissed off Captain America hold Thanos longer than the Hulk
Isaac Esquivel
Isaac Esquivel 4 kun oldin
Well, it says 475% because iron mans armor was already at 75% capacity, and then Thor’s lightning charged it up 400%
Deuce II
Deuce II 4 kun oldin
Rip Stan lee (I’m watching this after he died)
lil_me2730 4 kun oldin
Then u realize infinity war and hulk is a wimp compared to Thor
Goruto Games
Goruto Games 4 kun oldin
Rip Stan lee
Luke Denham
Luke Denham 4 kun oldin
Loved the incorrect usage of scientific notation at 5:10
XxCarioxX 4 kun oldin
In ragnarok Thor flat out wrecks Hulk and we know Thor wasn’t holding back against him like he clearly would’ve against iron man because he is a mere mortal. We don’t hear Thor go through much strain compared to Hulk attempting to lift Mjölnor. On top of that wouldn’t Thor end up winning because it took an ancient being of the universe AKA the Collector to induce a shock wave to make Thor’s body go into a muscle spasm so that Thor wouldn’t beat Hulk? Revise the strongest avenger please!!
Ultimate Gamer
Ultimate Gamer 4 kun oldin
In infinity war doe.... hulk is pretty much scared of thanos while Thor takes the hit of all 6 infinity stone, beat that hulk
OverGlowed King
OverGlowed King 4 kun oldin
You actually say yormengander
Crayon Eater
Crayon Eater 4 kun oldin
hulk in the comics is way stronger, when he gets more angry he gets stronger so he probably could have lifted that cat if he got the chance
barnaby leonard
barnaby leonard 4 kun oldin
He put a literal dent out of thanos
barnaby leonard
barnaby leonard 4 kun oldin
Hulk would die from stormbreaker
barnaby leonard
barnaby leonard 4 kun oldin
This is irrelevant now
Dillon Hill
Dillon Hill 4 kun oldin
Thor in Thor 1 is just a man his powers were taken by Odin. So that’s why his feet didn’t sink into the ground . That’s like saying (hypothetically) if iron man without his suit, feet didn’t sink in to the ground than he must be weaker than hulk too. Hulks strongest form is no match at all for Thor’s strongest in the comics . Mcu wise Thor is clearly superior as well. Thor got his powers back after that scene during the destroyer fight scene near the end of the movie so it’s not fair to compare a man vs hulk
Alan Bridges
Alan Bridges 4 kun oldin
10:47 Thor didn’t have his powers then
Miles Deen
Miles Deen 4 kun oldin
Matpat in ragnorok thor owns hulk with out his hammer the grand master has to almost kill thor for hulk to even tie the match making thor the stronger one
490811ldsw 4 kun oldin
thor was going to beat Hulk in Ragnarok but got stop
Alex DuzYT
Alex DuzYT 4 kun oldin
If mjolnir gains weight wodent it shift the earth in the opposite direction to where he is?
Deadpool 642
Deadpool 642 4 kun oldin
dubblebrick 4 kun oldin
8:53 it's called veronica
Cake Boy X
Cake Boy X 4 kun oldin
So Thanos is stronger than Hulk so Thanos is the strongest mortality the universe
Shadow Worrier
Shadow Worrier 4 kun oldin
RIP Stan Lee
Kio Buloron
Kio Buloron 4 kun oldin
Our feet is part of the strongest muscle group and thor s hand is exerting that much force is more powerful than thor
Rayyan Lolmaster
Rayyan Lolmaster 4 kun oldin
NEVER nevermind
Rayyan Lolmaster
Rayyan Lolmaster 4 kun oldin
Rayyan Lolmaster
Rayyan Lolmaster 4 kun oldin
WITHOUT the hammer
Rayyan Lolmaster
Rayyan Lolmaster 4 kun oldin
i dont think anyone relized that thor BEATED the hell out of hulk in thor ragnorok
sms_chinitoplayz_ 1
But in the movie Thor is destroying hulk without his hammer but then the guy uses the zapper on Thors neck so he wouldn't beat hulk
Zachary Olson
Zachary Olson 5 kun oldin
What about when Thor ko’s hulk??
Ian Wood
Ian Wood 5 kun oldin
I'm pretty sure it's pronounced "Yore-ma-gondur". I hope I'm not wrong on that...
Terra_Shock 5 kun oldin
Rip stan lee
Azka Kusumantio
Azka Kusumantio 5 kun oldin
Your wrong Hulk Cant even beat thanos Hulks Vision of thanos: 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈 Thor's Vision Of thanos:🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓
Rachel Rao
Rachel Rao 5 kun oldin
You are one of the most movie addicted person I 'know' 😂
feh meh
feh meh 5 kun oldin
If a dudes squeeze in one hand is near another guys lift strength, the first dude is grossly stronger. Find a 500 lbs. resistence hand grip exerciser, then try to imagine a 500 lbs. power lifter 1 handed closing it. BTW, not possible.
feh meh
feh meh 5 kun oldin
Why would he think the console was making an assessment? How would that make sense in a movie scene?
feh meh
feh meh 5 kun oldin
Jormangandr does not crush the earth. Where is that from? Crossing wires Nidhoggr somehow?
Pa Tri Ck
Pa Tri Ck 5 kun oldin
My mom doesn't love me And Also my dad
R.I.P Stan lee
- Darda -
- Darda - 5 kun oldin
Stan Lee is not wrong, it's just that he talked about the comics, you didn't.
alexander rasmussen
As someone who knows old Norse, I love the way he pronounces Jörmungandr
kynetic 5 kun oldin
If it takes 3,400,000 psi to start moving iron man's armour it would take at least 1,000,000 extra to crush it as quickly @filmtheorists
An Onion
An Onion 5 kun oldin
Mat pat-"hulk is stronger" Thor ragnorock hulk gets fucked by Thor in the grand master fight