Film Theory: Is Thor STRONGER Than The Hulk? (Thor: Ragnarok)

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THOR: RAGNAROK is hitting theaters, giving us another epic Marvel movie that features our favorite heroes: The Avengers. This means The Hulk and Thor will yet again be featured in the same movie, giving us another chance to watch in awe as they enact astounding feats of strength. So far, Marvel hasn’t given a straight answer as to which one of these ultra-powerful heroes has the most brawn, even though they’ve gone head-to-head multiple times in the movies and comics. But that ends today, Loyal Theorists! With the power of math, science, and research, I will reveal which Avenger is strongest!
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Introverted KitKat
6:50 I DIED!!! (My fat cats name is Gandalf, we tried to put him on a diet but in revenge he pooped on our pillows)
Riley Games
Riley Games 8 kun oldin
Bad kitty
RocRobloxGaming 29 kun oldin
Oh Goddamnit XD
Introverted KitKat
+Abi the fallen human I know, it has been a year and I am still fangirling😵
Abi the fallen human
GravityZero Oy oldin
+Universality uhm is your space bar broken?
Samarth Katyiar
Samarth Katyiar 56 daqiqa oldin
What about the fact that thor almost defeated hulk but lost because the grandmaster stepped in, it was easily a win for thor
Main Gamer
Main Gamer 6 soat oldin
You wrong
Daniel Kjellgren
Daniel Kjellgren 6 soat oldin
And actualy asa mythilogy has a flat earth belif whith the yggdrasil tree in the middle suronding that is asgård Midgård and the place the giants live in and if i remember correctly the serpant was one of lokes children But i might be getting confused since hes the father of bacicly every abonimation in the world hel and Odens horse tex
Daniel Kjellgren
Daniel Kjellgren 6 soat oldin
*NORSE GODS??? They should be called the asa gods Thats what we In sweden call them after asgård and also it's Loke Tor mjölner rangnarök hel oh and during rangnarök tor dies the only survivor is Balder who actualy revives from the dead
Paul Bennett
Paul Bennett 9 soat oldin
Jormamgandr is fated to destroy Thor not destroy the world
Paul Bennett
Paul Bennett 9 soat oldin
It’s Thor he is a god
loganator 2000
loganator 2000 12 soat oldin
Take into consideration that feet are stronger than hands
Jk Gaming
Jk Gaming 15 soat oldin
But hulks heavier than Thor
AUBURN HIGGINS 23 soat oldin
Loki is known for illusions so the cat could have been a elephant or rhino or something! Also in ragnorak Thor didn’t have his hammer and he still comepletly DESTROYED hulk and would have won the battle if the grandmaster didn’t faze him sooo. Also did you compare hulks legs to Thor’s arms? Legs are almost always stronger. And hulk was getting stronger so he was pulling harder and harder until his leg sunk so Thor is the obvious winner. Get it right.
TheBomb DotCom
TheBomb DotCom Kun oldin
“Well according to Wikipedia....”
Android Ap
Android Ap Kun oldin
This is garbage, thor wasn't even exerting his full strength when thor crushed iron man's armour, so you can't assume that hulk is stronger than thor
TheBomb DotCom
TheBomb DotCom Kun oldin
Tribute to stan lee
Jaykub Yu
Jaykub Yu Kun oldin
Guava stepping in the month that’s why his feet did not break the ground Matt Pat
Jaykub Yu
Jaykub Yu Kun oldin
Door was stepping in mud that’s why his feet were not broke the ground
Weewodon Wee
Weewodon Wee Kun oldin
Thor has electric powers hulk doesn’t
TOP TRENDS Kun oldin
Mattpat: thor's forearm=Hulk's entire body Me:🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Maria Hamilton Potter
R.I.P the late and great Stan Lee
Vai1d 2 kun oldin
Vai1d 2 kun oldin
Spider Man
Spider Man 2 kun oldin
hey give respect to stanlee he died
Heroson 2 kun oldin
He says that the comics are a very good place to start, but then after spending half the episode using the comics as a source (while inflating the numbers in favor of Hulk) he immediately says that the MCU is all he cares about. Then why waste half the episode like that?
Heroson 2 kun oldin
Apparently: Thor’s Arm= Hulk’s Legs+Feet
Marco Chow
Marco Chow 2 kun oldin
not anymore thor destroyed Thanos with a full gauntlet and Thanos with like one stone destroyed the hulk no sweat
The-Anh Pham
The-Anh Pham 2 kun oldin
R.I.P Stan Lee 🛐
Nolan Johnson
Nolan Johnson 2 kun oldin
But in ragnarok thor literally beats the hulk if it wasn't for the electrocuting thingy
Nolan Johnson
Nolan Johnson Kun oldin
+YI ZHENG yah but he cant take it off so😭
YI ZHENG Kun oldin
The God of thunder getting electricuted
Jikona Kento
Jikona Kento 2 kun oldin
mattpat I was just re-watching this and it occurred to me that hulk was probably lifting with his legs and legs are stronger than arms plus that feat of strength was done by grip strength and not his whole all of his arm like hulk was using to try to lift Mjolnir
Jikona Kento
Jikona Kento 2 kun oldin
not to mention that Hella lifted Mjolnir or anything
Mystery Man
Mystery Man 3 kun oldin
Excuse me did you just prove Stan Lee wrong? I might not know math that well but your proving the creator wrong Matpat I'm unsubscribing
Shawn Ray
Shawn Ray 3 kun oldin
The comic book side also has planet buster hulk so he would win like 10 times over easily
gaming_with_logan_and_ hayleigh
Rong Thor beat hulk in Ragnarok
Kermit Thanos
Kermit Thanos 3 kun oldin
Anyone else get sad when you heard Stan Lee’s voice?😭
K so now when Thor does not have mjolnir and can control lightning on his own who would win?
Mystic Ceiling
Mystic Ceiling 4 kun oldin
Thor did basically defeat hulk in the movie though
Jay fulton
Jay fulton 4 kun oldin
Thor would demolish hulk In his fight with hulk in ragnarock he wasn’t trying to beat hulk he was tryna calm him yet Thor still destroyed him until the grandmaster stepped in
cho z bagel
cho z bagel 4 kun oldin
Rip Stan lee
Jenn Fehr
Jenn Fehr 4 kun oldin
What about that lighting strike
Johnny R
Johnny R 4 kun oldin
Do a vision vs hulk video
elijah porche
elijah porche 4 kun oldin
i'm so confused because when you add sentry to it and he has the power of a million suns and hulk can match a stand still then get mad enough to start destroying the earth just with a step. ( interesting to say the less )
Gab Tope
Gab Tope 5 kun oldin
Who will win Like for thor Comment for hulk
Stella Chang
Stella Chang 5 kun oldin
I'm re watching in 2019 and I almost cried at 1:41.
Cash YT
Cash YT 5 kun oldin
Jormangunder is a snake that surrounds the earth and wants to squeeze it I read about it in mythology
Transformers Ironhide
I still think Thor is stronger
John Dean
John Dean 5 kun oldin
He should redo this video after infinity war and also, I personally disagree. It’s just a theory, right? So I can disagree.
Misty Sea
Misty Sea 5 kun oldin
Captain Marvel is the strongest MCU hero and I expect a film theory to back it up. She’s going to beat thanos and no one can convince me otherwise.
Rayhan Ahmed
Rayhan Ahmed 5 kun oldin
Thor is unlike other MCU averagers, he himself is a god as well as the son of Odin. Thor has his own history in mythology (Norse). He is kinda hired superhero in MCU and it has often been seen, he is downgraded as per fans popularity on others MCU's real made averagers.
creeper gamer
creeper gamer 5 kun oldin
Zero Gamer
Zero Gamer 5 kun oldin
Wait, but legs can output over twice the force of an arm, so technically you are literally comparing an arm and a leg here...
James Plays
James Plays 6 kun oldin
why thor is the strongest with the hammer he beat hulk in thor rangronk
Ley 2.0
Ley 2.0 6 kun oldin
Who is watching this After the Infinity war?
Poof Is Cool
Poof Is Cool 6 kun oldin
Wait, Stan lee didn’t say Thor was stronger than hulk, he said he thought Thor would beat hulk in a fight. And guess what he does technically beats hulk
Saroj K.C
Saroj K.C 6 kun oldin
So you know better than the stan lee.. Crazy
logan madden
logan madden 6 kun oldin
Wicapidia is a unreliable sorce
kevin vasquez
kevin vasquez 6 kun oldin
Well when Thor was trying to pick up the hammer he didn’t have his powers, in the movie Oden takes away his powers so Thor was just a Regular man
Chrismatt Gardner
Chrismatt Gardner 6 kun oldin
Side note: Jomungandur is in dnd
Chrismatt Gardner
Chrismatt Gardner 6 kun oldin
In the MCU Thor is an alien but in the comics he is a god
Ayal Zur
Ayal Zur 6 kun oldin
Thor destroyed the Bifrost bridge...
Westboundnut 6 kun oldin
I bet kratos could beat hulk
Not your typical Doge
Well.. Now that Thor has a Stormbreaker and achieved his Godly powers idk if the answer changed.
gordansim123 7 kun oldin
Thor is stronger he's a god
Anime Central
Anime Central 7 kun oldin
Rip Stan lee
Harvster Flex
Harvster Flex 7 kun oldin
After infinity war Thor is obviously stronger
that man
that man 7 kun oldin
You're gay
Andrei Airinei
Andrei Airinei 7 kun oldin
Mayen XD
Mayen XD 7 kun oldin
Thor has to be more powerful than Hulk because the Hulk can even turn in to the Hulk XD
lisa Folz
lisa Folz 8 kun oldin
Did u watch avengers infinity war
RpM_NoobyPro 8 kun oldin
6:11 I found that it is pronounced (Yor-mom-fat)
KekLordGrey 8 kun oldin
Agreed with Aidan Rodgers.... Thor won... until the Grand Master got pissed and zapped Thor.
Sonja Pond
Sonja Pond 8 kun oldin
So are we getting a Hulk vs Vision video sometime soon...? 😀
Hereet 8 kun oldin
Jörmungandr (Your-men-gan-der) I'm pretty sure that's how its pronounced I think
Hank Van well
Hank Van well 8 kun oldin
Oh please !!!!
Greninjaplays 8 kun oldin
Its correct till storm breaker and thanos
Gamer Canada 15
Gamer Canada 15 8 kun oldin
Jörmungander pronunciation (nor-man-gander) also known as the world serpent and Thor’s worst enemy
Jacob Yuan
Jacob Yuan 8 kun oldin
You forgot to mention thors belt that makes him stronger
If you like Pinacoladas
Wait, how is the fight between Thor and Iron Man in the first Avengers movie a metric for Thor's _strength_ ? Iron Man basically kept slipping out of Thor's hands and moving around, and thats how he managed to evade getting crushed by Thor : his mobility. Same thing for Hulkbuster vs Hulk. Again, the fight cant be used as a metric for _strength_ . If Thor was pitched against Hulkbuster, Im pretty sure he would've crushed that suit himself, so again not a reliable metric for *Strength* .
bpa23 9 kun oldin
But with Stormbreaker added the question is more: Captain Marvel or Thor?! Or is it?
Om Achilles
Om Achilles 9 kun oldin
As we know hulk ran away from thanos but thor break his chest. As this point we can get our clear winner.
Exotic-Dragon -Slayer
Thor had storm breaker
ClockWithNoGears 9 kun oldin
The madder hulk gets the stronger he gets, you get hulk mad enough and he could cause the end of the world
ClockWithNoGears 9 kun oldin
good job thor, you nuked china...
Tash Page
Tash Page 9 kun oldin
kaiden deos mincraft
Troll forever
Troll forever 9 kun oldin
You did not consider thor's lightining powers againts hulk you just considerd them againts Iron Man-Tony Stark
Ninha 10 kun oldin
He realizes that the enchantment is "...will gain the power of THOR" right? that means that when he's holding Mljnoir he is able to exercise his actual strength that was sealed in the hammer. which means that he is stronger than Hulk but he's also as strongish as the Hulk even without the goddamn hammer and this is in a simple not meant to kill grip crush compared to Hulk trying literally as hard as he can to pick something up which was mentioned by Haad Naqvi
Zer0sGaming 10 kun oldin
the hulk used both of his arms and legs and appears to be attempting to lift mjolnir with all his strength which causes the impact in the ground whereas thor used a single hand it crush tonys gauntlet i dont see how these measurements are comparable
Ninha 10 kun oldin
gangster boy
gangster boy 10 kun oldin
Thor is the strongest Avenger
chris benton
chris benton 10 kun oldin
Emily Tran
Emily Tran 10 kun oldin
Well Thor has the power to be stronger than any human. And hulk is a half human, Bruce. ThOr'S hAmMeR iS tO hElP cOnTrOl hIs PoWeR. Hulk is strong and a human. Technically he is Bruce but another personality. So he would be the strongest human ever. Yes, it sounds stupid. But if Thor is stronger than any human and Hulk is technically a human, Thor is stronger. IDK what I'm saying. I mixed both the movies and the comics so hate on me all you want
Ninha 10 kun oldin
it;'s fine
Justine XD
Justine XD 10 kun oldin
Could you do a rematch?
Dj Lydon
Dj Lydon 10 kun oldin
Ninha 10 kun oldin
But what about when he gets to the point he literally can't because of the size of his body?
KrazySamurai 10 kun oldin
more like bore ragnarok
mathis leblanc
mathis leblanc 11 kun oldin
Didn’t you also say in a previous video that the weight of thor’s hammer was more than trillions because of the metal of a dying star
NoobIceCream 11 kun oldin
You after infinity war...:curse hulk ,thor won
AbiDiscussions 11 kun oldin
Thor ragnorok is when the creators took planet hulk/WWH and added Thor into it
Kyle Wood
Kyle Wood 11 kun oldin
Actually Thor is stronger sorry to break it to you but I've been reading comics for years and Thor's just overall more powerful stronger whatever you want to say
AfterShock Frosty
AfterShock Frosty 11 kun oldin
Infinity war Thor takes the mass of a star
sam Lim
sam Lim 11 kun oldin
World breaker hulk vs storm breaker thor Edit: or at least the strongest rendition of thor I'm not a comic book nerd
Ninja Not
Ninja Not 12 kun oldin
What about strombreaker
Emil Dons
Emil Dons 12 kun oldin
Uhm i live in the nord and know the north religien and the worm just can go araund the earth and bite its tale but not cruhs earht. It Also kill thor
Skullzy 12 kun oldin
I mean how did the hulk fair against thanos
Jose Cisneros
Jose Cisneros 12 kun oldin
Of course the guy with unlimited strength wins a strength contest
Jimmy Cortes
Jimmy Cortes 12 kun oldin
Stan lee is always right
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