Film Theory: Marvel's Ant-Man Could KILL Us All!

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Marvel's newest addition to its cinematic universe, Ant-Man, hides a disturbing secret in its physics. In saving his loved ones from utter destruction, does Ant-Man actually destroy us all, taking the world as we know it with him? I think we've just uncovered the truth that Ant-Man is in fact Marvel's deadliest hero!
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22-Sen, 2015

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Fikrlar 21 582
Wildmantis 3 soat oldin
Did anybody else touch the screen
Mohsen Mohammed
Mohsen Mohammed 10 soat oldin
So can antman pickup Thor's happer
Lara SCHROEDER 16 soat oldin
I HAVE to stop watching marvel theories. I'VE ONLY WATCHED SPIDERMAN AND BLACK PANTHER
TheGreat Papyrus
TheGreat Papyrus 17 soat oldin
Uhhhhhhhhh you suck
henry Carlin
henry Carlin Kun oldin
comooon matpat made me skip to the next video (I have a touchscreen computer)
Natasha Beck
Natasha Beck Kun oldin
I enjoy your channel but the old theme song was better
N P 2 kun oldin
3:28 I understood this when I was about 4 and this completely changed the “I’m not touching you “ thing Needless to say my parents and siblings did not understand my unflawed comprehension of particles
trainsandtugs 2 kun oldin
RIP tamas
Fluff Whiskers
Fluff Whiskers 2 kun oldin
So. I learned nothing from this except , BOYY ANTMAN BE DANGEROUS
Fluff Whiskers
Fluff Whiskers 2 kun oldin
I need to see ant man meeting Spider-Man -someone be comin for the bug brand-
J's Plays
J's Plays 2 kun oldin
Actually its a neutron star not a black hole I'm pretty sure
Anime Reviews
Anime Reviews 2 kun oldin
3:30 so i have superpowers!!!
Wasem Zahr
Wasem Zahr 2 kun oldin
Schwarzschild radius is pronounced shvarzshild radius its German I'm German everybody's German Btw it means blackshield radius
Esteemed 64
Esteemed 64 3 kun oldin
Didn't they say that he's punch would be like a bullet in the movie
michael faller
michael faller 3 kun oldin
i broke my screen
thedivergentdemigod booklover
So the bouncy castle version of up would be down or sideways
SuperCool_Saiyan 4 kun oldin
Also how did Scott not sufficate in the quantum realm since he is smaller than oxygen atoms
ethan mellor
ethan mellor 4 kun oldin
Baskin Robins Obscurity
Tsumiki 4 kun oldin
my hand went through the screen, broke computer
Shadow Lord
Shadow Lord 4 kun oldin
I haven't seen the conclusion yet so I wanna say my educated guess it it because when you decrees the density but keep the same number of mass to much it becomes a black hole
Shadow Lord
Shadow Lord 4 kun oldin
Yay I was right
Knife Thrower
Knife Thrower 4 kun oldin
LOL I can't believe I actually touched my screen while watching this! I always fall for jokes like this, this video definitely gave me a good laugh. Also it points out some interesting facts about how the antman suit works, very interesting.
Sothica 5 kun oldin
99.99999999996% Empty inside 75% made of water 100% Made of atoms No wonder I'm so empty
Ricardo Soriano
Ricardo Soriano 5 kun oldin
nice joke
Bumblebee’s Voice
Hero to celestial
Jaden Freeland
Jaden Freeland 5 kun oldin
If I can’t have my daughter no one can have their life
windycat M
windycat M 5 kun oldin
Little O's Channel
Little O's Channel 5 kun oldin
It's a movie
[NATTY]Kraus 6 kun oldin
A black hole doesn't cause the same amount of mass to have a stronger gravitational pull. He would only attract objects as strongly as if he was regular sized. I have not studied humans extensively, but the ones I have met have not destroyed the world yet. Even mountains do not have enough gravity to attract objects. And they weigh significantly more than humans.
Bangtan Jikook
Bangtan Jikook 6 kun oldin
p u p
p u p 6 kun oldin
so if no atoms ever touch each other then everyone is a virgin
Kevin Grauer
Kevin Grauer 6 kun oldin
Ant man is Scott cawthon
iKiwi 6 kun oldin
I knew that we were hovering tooooo
Japie van Niekerk
Japie van Niekerk 6 kun oldin
I wasnt sitting on a chair, I was sitting on the floor!
overwatch adictions
i broke my screen , curse you mat , curse you
Konstantinos Drakos
You know even if the black hole had not enough mass to sustain itself it would explode with the power of a tsar bomb
Faughn Marston
Faughn Marston 7 kun oldin
I touched the screen
Karis Sung
Karis Sung 7 kun oldin
My cousin: If AntMan shrunk smaller than air particles, how could he breathe? Me: *surprised pikachu meme*
leafymon lution
leafymon lution 8 kun oldin
3:29 But im in a bed .--.
taksh16 8 kun oldin
Lol wut?
Coll1n_45 9 kun oldin
Totally went to touch the screen
kay m131
kay m131 9 kun oldin
He would have died anyway becaue the oxygen atoms would have been to big for him to breathe
Rocco Guido
Rocco Guido 9 kun oldin
i broke my screen then put my hand through it. You lied
Aaron Austin Booth
Aaron Austin Booth 9 kun oldin
Totally fricking awesome bro love your work.... Only just discovered this channel so I've got alot to watch. Totally boss !
D&F T.V.
D&F T.V. 10 kun oldin
Did anyone notice that at 11:39 it's not a black hole It's a grayholeXD
Luka Nedeljkov
Luka Nedeljkov 10 kun oldin
I think they just said that the mass is constant but i think the density is constant
Krinal Doma
Krinal Doma 10 kun oldin
Mat play universe sandbox and try turning anything into a black hole by just changing the radius there is not effect to anything else
Krinal Doma
Krinal Doma 10 kun oldin
Umm Mat cool video but at 11:38 you say ant-man would turn into a black hole and start sucking things in. But y would that Happen his mass is the same so his gravitational force would also stay the same.
NERF DUDE 1987 11 kun oldin
kayden nguyen
kayden nguyen 11 kun oldin
He could kill thanos I already know this he could crawl up thanoses nostrils and get to the center of his body or anywhere in thanoses body anywhere and then become bigger causing thanos to exploooode
SquidSushi 11 kun oldin
"Have you tried to put your hand through you screen?" (Punches hole through screen) Huh.
Luke's Wacky World Productions
I cant believe that i actually reached out and touched my screen lol : 3:00
Cameron Molloy
Cameron Molloy 11 kun oldin
3:47 how dare you respect ✊ their privacy
Madison Bates
Madison Bates 12 kun oldin
Who else is here after Stan Lee's death NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Angel Rocknor
Angel Rocknor 12 kun oldin
great jokes MatPat great joke... cew slow clap... WHY WILL NO ONE TAKE ME SERIOUSLY
Nathan Skip
Nathan Skip 12 kun oldin
What was the explanation in the comic books?
Flynn Lewis
Flynn Lewis 12 kun oldin
Brodor Joned
Brodor Joned 13 kun oldin
Dude ant man was known I got an ant man comic when I was 6
Christine Valdez
Christine Valdez 13 kun oldin
ScoktA.k.a. Scott Cawthon a.k.a. more Five nights at Freddy’s theories
Sarah Delong
Sarah Delong 13 kun oldin
so why didn't it there movie makers so adults so they know science but there is NO black holes
jiye wu
jiye wu 13 kun oldin
I think marvel watched this and that's how they made ant man and the wasp
Martin Passino
Martin Passino 13 kun oldin
This video was published in 2015 so there’s a slim chance that anyone will read this, but ant man wouldn’t be able to see because at the level he was at, photons wouldn’t be able to reach his retina, so all he would see is darkness.
Jago Sutherland
Jago Sutherland 13 kun oldin
If it only shrinks the area between atoms then how can he be smaller than a quark.
Noren Bjaiji
Noren Bjaiji 13 kun oldin
Mat pat Thor in infinity war can survive the power of a star and when he gets storm breaker he can damage the infinity gauntlet that can destroy half the universe. so Thor 1- Antman 0
2 Random studios
2 Random studios 14 kun oldin
J3mas2264 14 kun oldin
mass X volume = density
LK Gaming
LK Gaming 14 kun oldin
Great joke
Olivia F
Olivia F 14 kun oldin
Why be a person when you can be a blackhole.
samiul chowdhury
samiul chowdhury 14 kun oldin
Where are you are so no
samiul chowdhury
samiul chowdhury 14 kun oldin
Yeah you are right
Munkhdulam Enkhbold
Munkhdulam Enkhbold 14 kun oldin
how does antman breathe if he is smaller than air molecules??
Alexandra Delliou
Alexandra Delliou 14 kun oldin
Cory Mormino
Cory Mormino 15 kun oldin
I showed my mom this she told me her brain blew up
Cory Mormino
Cory Mormino 15 kun oldin
I was watching this on my bed lol not my char it was 10.51 pm
FALSE! If that were true, giant Antman would float.
Pia is my name
Pia is my name 15 kun oldin
Or he could grow to the size of the earth and bigger, push every human and most likely animal, then every human on earth and animal would DIE!!!!!!
DrPunKing /roblox/vlogs/gaming/adventures
Not Enough for thanos tho
Ty Jay
Ty Jay 15 kun oldin
I thought Thanos is the deadliest, because he can literally warp reality and time in the wave of a hand. Ant man's suit could easily be destroyed when he takes it off. But Thanos on the other hand? Good luck
Moonnight Glare
Moonnight Glare 15 kun oldin
I loved that opening joke.
jroj assengard
jroj assengard 15 kun oldin
ArkhamKiller 15 kun oldin
Mister matpat a human bodys mass even at its maximal isnt enough to create a black holer even our own sun isnt big enough
Knights of Camelot
Knights of Camelot 16 kun oldin
I tried to put my hand through the screen and i broke my finger
Kevin 16 kun oldin
Its not schwarz child radius, you could translate it to black shield radius in German (the language of it) Schwartz schild radius
Isaac Kim
Isaac Kim 16 kun oldin
actually, wouldn't a black hole that size decay in a matter of seconds, go supernova, and explode the world? It would have the same effect.
RabbitRampage 16 kun oldin
Anyone realise that the discs that make things larger in antman could help make infinite resources. 1. Get a gold nugget 2. Make it giant 3. Make more nuggets from the big one 4. Repeat.
Fusion Central
Fusion Central 17 kun oldin
He's also the strongest cause he can do this: 1. Go small 2. Go inside thanos's ass 3. Go big This can also be called infinity war 2
David bob
David bob 17 kun oldin
if were hovering they how do you feeltexture
Jpmasterbr 17 kun oldin
What abouf the heat?
Ava Stephens
Ava Stephens 17 kun oldin
I get it "short" cuz hes ant man and he shrinks :D
BongoCatLover 22
BongoCatLover 22 18 kun oldin
the tank chain is 53 lbs
o_bomb 18 kun oldin
Ant man could go inside of a person and go to normal/giant size and explode them
Nathaniel Williams
Nathaniel Williams 19 kun oldin
4:21 (that's where I and [I haven't watched it yet]) I'm guessing he is the most deadly because he can shrink so much to the point where he can turn into a black hole Edit: called it
Wig Is Bidig
Wig Is Bidig 19 kun oldin
2:23 Nein Nein Nein Nein...
mary richter
mary richter 19 kun oldin
You are smart
Rosie Atterby
Rosie Atterby 19 kun oldin
3:31 what about the toilet?
Vedraj r.m
Vedraj r.m 20 kun oldin
The science is a bit off
Graham Oldfield
Graham Oldfield 20 kun oldin
Your puns are bugging me matpat
little tank
little tank 20 kun oldin
Just think matpat when you made this video you said you was forever alone look at you now a proud UZvidr with a wife and kid
Why you Bully me
Why you Bully me 21 kun oldin
I’m not sitting on a chair I’m on a bed so I’m not hovering SEE I OUTSMARTED YOU
Nerdking42 21 kun oldin
Still not a theory... math dude, it’s math.
Jas Ad
Jas Ad 21 kun oldin
The title:how MARVEL makes Ant-man the most powerful hero Heard a 10 minute length of how small ant-man can be and how.......
Bret Thornton
Bret Thornton 22 kun oldin
rocking cience music at the end