Film Theory: Marvel's Ant-Man Could KILL Us All!

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Marvel's newest addition to its cinematic universe, Ant-Man, hides a disturbing secret in its physics. In saving his loved ones from utter destruction, does Ant-Man actually destroy us all, taking the world as we know it with him? I think we've just uncovered the truth that Ant-Man is in fact Marvel's deadliest hero!
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22-Sen, 2015



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JPLPlays4126 Kun oldin
Wait... Janet Van Dyne entered the Quantum realm and she has more mass than that which you said... (Gasps) OH MY GOD!!! So that means the black hole would have opened... IN 1987!!! THAT MEANS EVERY MARVEL MOVIE SET POST 1987 NEVER HAPPENED, WHICH IS ALL OF THEM EXCEPT CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think about it: this means that the Avengers wouldn’t have been formed (Thor would be the only one alive ‘cus he’d still be on Asgard)! Peter Quill didn’t leave Earth ‘til 1988, which means no Guardians of the Galaxy, therefore the Power Stone would’ve been claimed by Ronin and Xandar would’ve been decimated! Also, because of that, Ego wouldn’t have found Quill, so he’d still be out trying to make more kids for his plan! The events of Doctor Strange wouldn’t have happened (everyone would be dead)! Black Panther wouldn’t have happened (again everyone would be dead)! Ant-Man and Ant-Man and The Wasp wouldn’t have happened (again everyone would be dead or never existed)! Thor: The Dark World wouldn’t have happened (Jane wouldn’t have found the Reality stone)! Thor: Ragnarok wouldn’t have happened (Loki wouldn’t have replaced Odin and Odin wouldn’t have died, therefore Hela wouldn’t have been released)! Captain Marvel wouldn’t have happened (it’s set in 1995)! Literally the only thing in the MCU that would’ve actually happened was the events of The First Avenger, which was set in World War II! I guess the only good thing about this is that Thanos would never have snapped his fingers, because the Space and Time stones would’ve been destroyed (they were both on Earth during 1987), therefore he wouldn’t have got all the stones and caused the decimation! WOW! That knowledge has unknowingly, single-handedly killed the MCU! Mind blown 🤯!
killerskyhawk 2 kun oldin
To save people you got to destroy a couple planets
Sakota 02
Sakota 02 3 kun oldin
I learned more science in this video than I have in school
Niall Hardowar
Niall Hardowar 3 kun oldin
How did he shrink smaller than atoms If its reducing the space between them
Tristan Farhood
Tristan Farhood 3 kun oldin
Baskin Robbins alwayse finds out.
Flam pok
Flam pok 4 kun oldin
How ant man aslo can die ant-man in epic fight ant-man charges at evil man evil guy turns off scotts regualter
Flam pok
Flam pok 4 kun oldin
ant-man go small ant-man go into thanoes ear ant-man go big ant-man epic victory royale
Lazarbeam Fan_yt
Lazarbeam Fan_yt 4 kun oldin
So a lego can become a black hole if dense enough
wide range channel
wide range channel 5 kun oldin
U got those just by watching the movie???? .........just apply to be a science teacher somewhere near by u .....
Andrew Lush
Andrew Lush 5 kun oldin
gamergirl 808
gamergirl 808 6 kun oldin
01:13 *I thought you had a cat and a wife and a kid*
gamergirl 808
gamergirl 808 6 kun oldin
00:04-00:11 *Me: "Chuckel" ehehhe*
Travis Wilson
Travis Wilson 6 kun oldin
At 3:52 I already know that stuff
Rafał Jurkowski
Rafał Jurkowski 7 kun oldin
First thing - if Pym Particles only remove space inside atoms, how he could shrink to size smaller than atom elements?
Sky pro 222
Sky pro 222 7 kun oldin
I get your jokes
Zach Townsend
Zach Townsend 8 kun oldin
When you said 'What do you imagine when you think of black holes?' I think of Ant-man
Leah Ashtyn
Leah Ashtyn 8 kun oldin
Omg! I used the diagram in the backbground of 9:50- in the last unit of my bio class.
Icecreamgaming160 8 kun oldin
do u even breath when talking ?
Arsh Anwari
Arsh Anwari 8 kun oldin
You can beat antman by finding a way to cut through dimensions because the quantum realm is another dimension
Wyatt Nooodles
Wyatt Nooodles 9 kun oldin
were not gonna question that he became smaller than the smallest fundamental particles, or the fact that he became smaller than strings
Annette Bender
Annette Bender 10 kun oldin
so hes fat
Extinguished 10 kun oldin
Hi kweb
Senai Donaldson
Senai Donaldson 11 kun oldin
I laughed at the castle part , am I a bad person?
Walter Oksvold
Walter Oksvold 13 kun oldin
He would not be able to breathe if he was atom size
This Guy
This Guy 14 kun oldin
What I don't understand is that if the regulator' s job keeps you from going sub atomic, and then it get damaged, then wouldn't it lose the ability to keep you from going sub atomic? If that's the case then why did the mom have to turn hers off in order to break into the bomb?
super monkey BG
super monkey BG 14 kun oldin
So you tell me if someone is strong enough to squeeze a rock and make it dence enough i can make a black hole
Noah Bartlett
Noah Bartlett 15 kun oldin
stick to brain stuff kid :b not quite how black holes work
vin 16 kun oldin
Exept the black hole that a human man would make would be a black hole so small its live for like 0.00000000000001 milliseconds
Sampierre Dacosta
Sampierre Dacosta 16 kun oldin
Matpat. ..make a video on the series "SiREN"
MeX3 16 kun oldin
Cant wait to see what Ant-Man will do with these new found abilities in End Game
Jacob Rengen
Jacob Rengen 16 kun oldin
Rip Stephan Hawking
Oliver Gerrard
Oliver Gerrard 18 kun oldin
I’m well if your not actually sitting down but hovering how to people get crushed
Ike Francis
Ike Francis 18 kun oldin
3:00 I think I can get my hand through the screen with force
Turbo Basil
Turbo Basil 18 kun oldin
When your hand actually goes through the screen and you fall through the roof into the sun
Francisco Lopez
Francisco Lopez 19 kun oldin
You would think a man soooo smart would know not to drink Diet Coke
Dan55888 19 kun oldin
Was this before MattPat met his wife? Why is he talking about loneliness?
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 20 kun oldin
As soon as he said about the density stuff , I knew he gon say black hole
sam Lim
sam Lim 20 kun oldin
He is caught contradicting himself The other video mentioned that his weight forces him to be more careful while this video mentioned that his weight will not change
Braelyn Templar
Braelyn Templar 21 kun oldin
Omg you are now my new science teacher 👨‍🏫
wolf treetruck
wolf treetruck 22 kun oldin
At the end you just reduce the space between the next sub partial to shrink beneath a atom you just move the electrons wich is possible with pym particals
wolf treetruck
wolf treetruck 22 kun oldin
wolf treetruck
wolf treetruck 22 kun oldin
The movie just uses or doesn't when the plot needs it
Bandesc 22 kun oldin
Sorry, but we can't include your daily diet coke Dosis. Liter is a unit of volume. But your volume stays the same... So, again, the only thing changing is you density, 'cause you're more heavier after a coke. No seriously, stop drinking that... The posphoric acid in a higher concentration is able to errors metals...
KimKat Buntyn
KimKat Buntyn 22 kun oldin
Which is better Like: The game theorists Reply: The film theorists
Lee Richardson
Lee Richardson 22 kun oldin
Is it just me that was watching ant-man while watching this video as well
Ben Ndoole
Ben Ndoole 22 kun oldin
When the ant get big arent they sopposed to cause a lot of Distraction after all a regular ant can lift 50 times it own boddy weight imagin a giant ant
Ben Ndoole
Ben Ndoole 22 kun oldin
U knoe marvel do stuff in the movie that dont have Consequences like Quicksilvet running fast that would burn us or thor putting his hammet down woudnt that push down the earth
Ben Ndoole
Ben Ndoole 22 kun oldin
Did u change ur intro
Ice Carbon X
Ice Carbon X 22 kun oldin
03:10 AntiVaxxers: **heavy breathing**
Angelika Rayburn
Angelika Rayburn 22 kun oldin
I do believe in god, so I do believe he wouldn't let his creations die all at on-site wait.. Aren't we created to die? Well, that would get the job done sooner.
Philip’s YouTube
Philip’s YouTube 22 kun oldin
Hahaha, good joke
William Afton
William Afton 22 kun oldin
We all gonna die
Twenty Øne Panics at the Rømantic Discø
The line "guns don't kill people" all I could think was "guns don't kill people, blood loss and organ damage do." from nightvale
david ludwig
david ludwig 23 kun oldin
You need to update your theory. It's not true atoms are mostly empty space. Do your research
Swedish Neko
Swedish Neko 24 kun oldin
6:41fun fact the tank hank pym has. Is a T-34-85. It's given the number 34 sence that was when the desiner got the idea of the tank. And the number 85 stands for what caliber the gun has. So the tank hank pym has is a t-34 with the 85 mm cannon and it Weights at a maximum 35 tons
Swedish Neko
Swedish Neko 24 kun oldin
not 26.5 tons thats way to light i'm even sure the t-34 (1943) verision weight more than that
Conner D
Conner D 24 kun oldin
If the pym particles somehow reduced the quantum energy of the fundamental particles without changing their behavior, they could possibly allow for mass to decrease with volume. I have no clue if there is a scientific basis for this claim though
Ultra instinct shaggy
This foolish mortal can create a black hole? Hmph weakling
joseph the vlogger and gamer
Rip Stephen Hawkins
Ellie Hathaway
Ellie Hathaway 25 kun oldin
Scarlet witch
Matchbam 25 kun oldin
I liked Ant-Man...
geno wolf
geno wolf 25 kun oldin
I liked for the joke
enlil 25 kun oldin
That black hole part is ridiculously impossible, you said it yourself in the beginning, his atoms aren't shrinking, it's the space between the atoms that is shrinking therefore his atoms are remaining the same size they are, therefore at one point there would be no space between atoms to shrink.
百合歓迎会 21 kun oldin
He mentions that at the very end of the video.
Patrick McGuire
Patrick McGuire 26 kun oldin
Pym particles have mass too
Alex Tereshchenko
Alex Tereshchenko 26 kun oldin
Well Mat Pat, as long as we don't know what the parts of the atoms are made of, we can't say that it not possible they too made of mostly empty space, thus making it possible for Ant-Man to shrink even smaller than atoms.
Ken Vo
Ken Vo 26 kun oldin
The Diet Coke part. Lmao!
Green Buff
Green Buff 26 kun oldin
Dan Kuhns
Dan Kuhns 27 kun oldin
You know, I was so happy to be able to walk through walls until my trust was destroyed when I couldn’t reach through the screen. 🙁
Annant Gupta
Annant Gupta 27 kun oldin
Why is James May included in your video at 2:11. I mean he is not a movie star. ?? 😑😑
Vegito Blue
Vegito Blue 27 kun oldin
11:10 guys what is up with Stephen Hawkings neck?? theres a hole
Tucker Higbee
Tucker Higbee 28 kun oldin
2:29 Or, to our German friends, extreme denial.
vanessa martin
vanessa martin 28 kun oldin
If we are levitating then how can we feel the item #beaten
jack glanville
jack glanville 28 kun oldin
Anyone else notice where the camera zoomed in at 2:38?
The Magic Begins
The Magic Begins 28 kun oldin
I actually touched the screen
Mediocre Yak
Mediocre Yak 28 kun oldin
Who else tried to put their hand through their screen
Andres Hernandez
Andres Hernandez 29 kun oldin
3:23. Just edit. No one will know
Joe Manzo
Joe Manzo 29 kun oldin
Ant man defeated thanos
Philip Eisenstein
Philip Eisenstein 29 kun oldin
Ant man would *become* a black hole, not create one. And therefore his gravitational influence wouldn't change at all. It may be able to suck in nearby atoms but at that size he would likely just dissolve
SuperKoolW Boss
Ever realize that when you flip his suit upside down it looks like a penis
Walker Hummel
Walker Hummel Oy oldin
Axeman Oy oldin
I think Hank just told Scott the dum dum version.
Theeduckie Oy oldin
Doesn’t the square cube thing debunk this?
3:20 Actually belived you for a second......
Rose Rider
Rose Rider Oy oldin
I karate chopped the screen 😂
Kadence Crumly
I love his photoshop skills!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😅🤣😂🤣
Pigaroo 0000
Pigaroo 0000 Oy oldin
If I am not sitting on this blanket how to I feel it's softness
Steven Edwards
what movie was at 0:39?
Ganama Gaming
Ganama Gaming Oy oldin
Antman can beat thanos by..... The guys could distract thanos while antman crawled in his ear and antman would grow to normal sized and destroy thanos's head * dabs *
Ocean Lover
Ocean Lover Oy oldin
Before I watch dis vid he can kill by shrinking goin inside a guys mouth then growing big and killing them... I’m dark
雨倩漠冉 Oy oldin
Im hovering on my chair but how do i feel it??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DingyAntelope58 Niamh lane
3:30 so I'm floating on my porcelain throne? Mmmkay...
Ozboz Oy oldin
The keychain image you used in thie video was a T-34-85 not a T-34
Andy Jones
Andy Jones Oy oldin
that's not how black holes work.
Andy Jones
Andy Jones Oy oldin
that's why the sun won't become a black hole
Andy Jones
Andy Jones Oy oldin
the gravity wouldn't be enough to contain it
Super Fnaf
Super Fnaf Oy oldin
Ny hand went through the screen 😨
Semjén Vértes
You hit it too hard...
Parsa Abdollahitirabady
bUt WhAt AbOuT tHe FlAsH?????
Semjén Vértes
That guy dies due to the speed he is in EVERY atom would pierce his flesh. Watch Gravity.
HaYouSmell _
HaYouSmell _ Oy oldin
With the particles changing size the swarchschild radius also changes, decreases and no black hole
FridgeBiTeR _CB
Oh boy Its not the Schwarzs child Its schwarz schild Manmanman
grumpykara Oy oldin
I can’t quite believe this came out over 3 years ago and it’s only now that I’ve been told by a friend that my artwork is at the end!
Ewan Gordon
Ewan Gordon Oy oldin
Hello everyone, welcome to string theory
goldybold Oy oldin
good thing the suit isn't in wrong hands right? Im looking at you Hitler Satan terrorist other Villons
the dragon king
Its just a theory, a string theory
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