Film Theory: Mrs Doubtfire is a CRIMINAL!

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Mrs. Doubtfire is a classic Robin Williams movie that a generation grew up watching. When I watched it again as an adult though, I noticed something CRAZY! Mrs. Doubtfire broke the law SO MANY TIMES! How did this character not get arrested? Today Theorists, I'm going to show you how Mrs. Doubtfire is actually a CRIMINAL!!
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1-Sen, 2018

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Fikrlar 12 524
Richard Sandor
Richard Sandor 4 oy oldin
Imagine being sent to jail for having an animal with hooves in a residential area. "What are you in for?" Ponies, man. Ponies.
Plauge Docter
Plauge Docter 4 kun oldin
+KumaoftheForest quit horsin around
Layla Yusoff
Layla Yusoff 11 kun oldin
*There are several types of people* *MY LITTLE PONNNNNNNNYYYY, MY LITTTLE PONNNNY*
Corbin Dethloff
Corbin Dethloff 21 kun oldin
Richard Sandor Yup
Imagenethebeast 0
Imagenethebeast 0 24 kun oldin
Richard Sandor what about me? 🐐 baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
WBits Me
WBits Me 24 kun oldin
Prison isnt the same as jail jail is more mild
Cailín -w-
Cailín -w- 6 soat oldin
Karen please come back I want to see the kids sorry I had to do that before the comment section becomes overrun with other comments like this
Babiker Farah
Babiker Farah 12 soat oldin
FBI OPE- wrong video...
My Name Is Chloe
My Name Is Chloe 13 soat oldin
Isaac King
Isaac King Kun oldin
strawberry mask
strawberry mask 2 kun oldin
I have watch this 3 times ... this my favorite movie
Sniperhack1982 Williams
Hahaha penal
AU _Springtrap Studios
Wait 3 months? (Drake disapproves) Wait 50 years? (Drake approves)
callmea noname
callmea noname 3 kun oldin
30 seconds in and NOOOO MY CHILDHOOD!!!!!!!!!!
Felix Rodriguez
Felix Rodriguez 3 kun oldin
God the intro scared the hell out of me
You Tube
You Tube 4 kun oldin
"You will follow the schedule. Those who do not follow the schedule will be punished." Hmmm... sounds like the UZvid algorithm 😂
Snowed Moon
Snowed Moon 4 kun oldin
Uhhh lets talk about the intro......uhhhh matpat are you ok?
Miranda is even worse in the book. A real manipulative, stone cold, b*tch and I hated her so much.
Sevan Dedeyan
Sevan Dedeyan 5 kun oldin
6:04 “Stu actually makes an effort to BOND with these kids” Stu is played by Pierce Brosnan. That’s the same guy who played James BOND. I can’t be the only who saw that as a pun.
ashsaber 5 kun oldin
heh. penal.
Lauryn Alexander
Lauryn Alexander 5 kun oldin
#EDITINGISEVERYTHING The reason some actors dress like women, is because it's degrading to them and embaresses them. But they do it coz they need money yk, this has a lot to do with the Illuminate, actors that sell there soul to the devil usually end up at some point in a dress. This includes comedians and even some singers. Google it. It really is... weird.
Madeline S
Madeline S 9 kun oldin
This..... Just ruined my childhood
Jaiden Williams
Jaiden Williams 10 kun oldin
You said a criminal not a cereal killer welp we will just have to add the milk then
Ghoulish Gamer
Ghoulish Gamer 10 kun oldin
All the research done for these, but you say prison instead of jail. They are very different.
ChicaLocaGB 10 kun oldin
Mrs Doubtfire is Scottish
onz lo
onz lo 10 kun oldin
I loved that part with the meruinge face thing
Deward Torres
Deward Torres 10 kun oldin
Funniest intro ever....
Paige Besse
Paige Besse 11 kun oldin
wtf mat yon almost gave me a heartatack
Jewel Mine
Jewel Mine 11 kun oldin
Climbing out the backdoor didnt leave a mark no one knows its u Mr Hillard Found another victim But no ones going to find Mrs Doubtfire
Average Man
Average Man 11 kun oldin
do something on Lemony Snickets Series of Unfortunate Events.
joshua lee
joshua lee 11 kun oldin
That intro was amazing
theFANTASTICfur 11 kun oldin
Mrs. doubtfire as a horror would be great
Everything Everything
14:01 pause quickly with subtitles
FireGaming YT
FireGaming YT 12 kun oldin
who else saw the dad from inside out on 12:21
Thomas Nguyen
Thomas Nguyen 12 kun oldin
It’s a great video, but no more videos where good people are criticized. But fictional characters are okay though
Chase XDgamer
Chase XDgamer 12 kun oldin
So many triple chins first Daniel then stew then mrs doutfire
CrAzY KwEeN 12 kun oldin
Then is it illegal that Ramona in fuller house to have buttercup around
Hector Beck
Hector Beck 12 kun oldin
God, I miss Robin Williams *sniff* No, you’re crying!
BrainDeadVampire 13 kun oldin
Aw the intro was fucking great
Nychron 13 kun oldin
How does no one notice in the thumbnail it says "Arrest this man" but shes a woman
xd harriet
xd harriet 13 kun oldin
RIP Robin Williams
Kingturboturtle The Semi-Aquatic Potato
I hadn’t watched it and I genuinely thought this was a horror movie
Raginggaming YT
Raginggaming YT 13 kun oldin
Holly shit when she looked up from the fridge tho
boomerang 13 kun oldin
Matpat can be so fucking stupid some times there are a lot of jurrys that would sympathize with him
boomerang 13 kun oldin
Daniel is not a criminal
Lambo Gamer
Lambo Gamer 13 kun oldin
Childhood ruined 😨
Padma Kapse
Padma Kapse 14 kun oldin
Mat pat will make a good lawyer.👌👍😉
DJ Unipanda
DJ Unipanda 15 kun oldin
That intro was actually scary
Mystic Ruby
Mystic Ruby 15 kun oldin
How can you be allergic to pepper, pepper is in EVERYTHING because it's a seasoning. So you couldn't eat out.
Gravitrax 16 kun oldin
I used to know a person who knew robin Williams but she died and so did he. My mom took care of her at her work because she is a CNA. Her name was Linda.
Rainbow Cookie
Rainbow Cookie 17 kun oldin
My class watchted this movie sorry for the spelling
David Krutov
David Krutov 17 kun oldin
What about lying about his name while babysitting, I am sure that there is a law against that as well
Hellqueen Demo
Hellqueen Demo 19 kun oldin
you ruin kids movies are you happy ?
Mildred Overla
Mildred Overla 19 kun oldin
The Darth Knight
The Darth Knight 19 kun oldin
Mary Poppins at the end though😹
The Darth Knight
The Darth Knight 19 kun oldin
But wait, he doesn’t get caught for most of the crimes
The Darth Knight
The Darth Knight 19 kun oldin
Man the editing team did an incredible job on the mrs.doubtfire horror trailer. I wan’t to see that movie now
OKAMI RAVE!!!! 20 kun oldin
I remember when I watched Mrs.Doutfire, It was insulting... Very inappropriate.
Freddie Giles
Freddie Giles 20 kun oldin
What about trespassing in the kitchen
Dysillon 201174919
Dysillon 201174919 20 kun oldin
I can’t watch this movie anymore
fournierman 21 kun oldin
I just love that the dad from Inside Out is on the jury. 😝
MaxSolar0713 21 kun oldin
9:33 is what defines my [future] occupation
Jeremy Burgess
Jeremy Burgess 21 kun oldin
You know he was drunk when he put in the pepper, right?
JJ Vel
JJ Vel 22 kun oldin
Um... Isn't it also Something of being in a false identity.?? 😕🤔
Unwanted Guest
Unwanted Guest 22 kun oldin
Let’s not forget exposure and fraud
God of Warhammer
God of Warhammer 22 kun oldin
California have some weird laws
Alyssa Haydon
Alyssa Haydon 22 kun oldin
😂😂 that opening!!! Oh my god 😂😂😂👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
MrNobody 22 kun oldin
Wait... so this isn’t a how to kill the unkillable villain theory?
Zoe Nightshade
Zoe Nightshade 23 kun oldin
This legit looked like a horror film trailer. I would watch!!
Kyle Cooper vlogs
Kyle Cooper vlogs 23 kun oldin
Can you do a theory on Santa paws
Agatka Grzyb
Agatka Grzyb 23 kun oldin
imagine going to jail for throwing a fuckin lime at someone
Lexicano 23 kun oldin
I did my final research paper on Robin Williams and the struggles he went through in his life. He was such a funny guy, iconic in comedy and I love his movies. Especially Ms. Doubtfire. R.I.P King of Comedy
Ashlyn Klinsky13
Ashlyn Klinsky13 23 kun oldin
I thought this was a horror movie!!
Charlotte Rhodes
Charlotte Rhodes 24 kun oldin
How can u get arrested for havin hooved animals? Come on ponies are too cool to get u in jail *Respect the pony lovers*
Olia Todorova
Olia Todorova 24 kun oldin
2020 a ms doubtfire horror movie will probably happen
snuggly 1600
snuggly 1600 24 kun oldin
Oh god D: That beginning......
Red X
Red X 24 kun oldin
2:52 hasn't San Francisco been through enough after being trashed by both Godzilla and Venom?
catsrcute yt
catsrcute yt 24 kun oldin
I was sad when I was done watching this. Don't get me wrong, I love this channel and your videos but Mrs.Doubtfire is my favorite movie.
Justin Pottle
Justin Pottle 24 kun oldin
Yes Miss Doubtfire big break the law but it's ducking funny
BiggestEver MarvelandShieldFan
This movie is now ruined for me
FrozenRaider 25 kun oldin
prisoner_tv 25 kun oldin
Is there a law against pretending to be a completely difrent person becuase i feel like there is
Pam Gramster
Pam Gramster 25 kun oldin
*plays ghandi*
Pam Gramster
Pam Gramster 25 kun oldin
I'm a 2018 kid and still love this
Pam Gramster
Pam Gramster 25 kun oldin
Love this movie
Effy McAleese
Effy McAleese 25 kun oldin
Ummmm this is a film it's not robins fault and a fictional character in jail wow I'm inpressed
Dax plush Productions
When i watch this with family imma point out he is in jail for almost 50 years now
alejos dubs
alejos dubs 26 kun oldin
Maranda sings
Seb4Skateboarding 26 kun oldin
That intro was amazing 😂
Emory Streit
Emory Streit 26 kun oldin
I actually live in the town where they filmed at the Bridges restaurant :)
SPIDERMAN 1234 26 kun oldin
So we're gonna charge him for throwing a lime and having hooked animals but not for posing as a elderly nany
Talks of Stuff
Talks of Stuff 14 kun oldin
SPIDERMAN 1234 Well then every transgender person would be arrested for dressing as something they are biologically not
Claire BlueBerryBear
Oh crapè that's scary
ClaireZun 26 kun oldin
What about identity fraud?
Maya R
Maya R 26 kun oldin
Worst baby sitter ever 😑
ZombiRunn3 ZombGamer
Wouldn't he also do jail time for pretending to be someone he's not?
Elixie AF
Elixie AF 26 kun oldin
Daniel also faked an identity, which is illegal.
Doodle Man
Doodle Man 26 kun oldin
The Nobody
The Nobody 27 kun oldin
Oh god no please god no, what even was that?
Nikola Zivkovic
Nikola Zivkovic 27 kun oldin
Oh shut up you buttmunch
9090fighter 27 kun oldin
0:36 *HElLo* =)
Mege Marcus
Mege Marcus 27 kun oldin
Arrest this man its clearly a woman
jroj assengard
jroj assengard 27 kun oldin
Intro jump jump jump jump jump
Pirosople 27 kun oldin
I thought the beginning was a add XD
Suspicious Activity
Suspicious Activity 27 kun oldin
The part of the movie that bothers me the most is how it's Mrs. Doubtfire, but he doesn't have a wedding ring while in disguise.
nic O'Hagan
nic O'Hagan 27 kun oldin
what about his identity fraud
nic O'Hagan
nic O'Hagan 27 kun oldin
actually twice