Film Theory: Mrs Doubtfire is a CRIMINAL!

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Mrs. Doubtfire is a classic Robin Williams movie that a generation grew up watching. When I watched it again as an adult though, I noticed something CRAZY! Mrs. Doubtfire broke the law SO MANY TIMES! How did this character not get arrested? Today Theorists, I'm going to show you how Mrs. Doubtfire is actually a CRIMINAL!!
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1-Sen, 2018



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Richard Sandor
Richard Sandor 6 oy oldin
Imagine being sent to jail for having an animal with hooves in a residential area. "What are you in for?" Ponies, man. Ponies.
vafats 29 daqiqa oldin
Pseudo Nym
Pseudo Nym Oy oldin
The wording of that law makes me wonder if anyone keeps chickens in that city
Eliz Hernandez
Richard Sandor 🤣🤣🤣
Jawa Industries
Is that a mini-horse or a pony?
Rochelle Oy oldin
Imagine 6 months in jail and $2000 debt for throwing a lemon
Kyle Fratini
Kyle Fratini 17 soat oldin
Was that intro a reference to Mary Poppins?
Kory St. Aoro
Kory St. Aoro 17 soat oldin
Technically it could be argued that he could be instead just put in the psych ward for a few weeks and then be set free no problem.
inugeek411 20 soat oldin
Forgot that he created a false identity...just saying. That should warrant some jail time or a fine or both
Tasha Callum
Tasha Callum 23 soat oldin
Hey.... I hacked my Account so Whenever i get a like Your screen will Show the like button.......... BLUE......
Dung Truong
Dung Truong Kun oldin
Go to hell
Matteo Causton
Matteo Causton Kun oldin
The thumb name says “Arrest this man” but the title says “Mrs” Hmmm... 🤔
Razer mix Ray
Razer mix Ray Kun oldin
Holy shit the beginning was so cool
David Sneakers
David Sneakers Kun oldin
The first trap.
Mikedude e
Mikedude e 2 kun oldin
Mrs.Doubtfire will make a good horror movie
Ryan Hawkins
Ryan Hawkins 2 kun oldin
Stop ruining the movie of a dead man mat! You reputation ruiner!
Fiona O'Hara
Fiona O'Hara 4 kun oldin
person in jail: what are you in for Daniel: I put pepper on some guys food Person in jail : GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME YOU MONSTER
Toxic Waste
Toxic Waste 4 kun oldin
“What kind of crime is it?” A crime...of passion
Oliver Quinn
Oliver Quinn 4 kun oldin
Fraud also. Possibly forgery if Miranda asked for Identification.
The super Ayden
The super Ayden 5 kun oldin
Me: I’m sure there will be nothing wrong 0:37 Me: oh god burn it
Smgaming 41!
Smgaming 41! 6 kun oldin
Who else thought that the jumpscare said meme review
Rachel Knight Online
Makes you really appreciate stu by the end of it
Alice Dole
Alice Dole 6 kun oldin
The intro reminds me of editing is everything
Pugy 2000
Pugy 2000 8 kun oldin
He could also be fined for trespassing right?
Dyszquloyyu 8 kun oldin
Dang. I actually kinda want that movie now. *H E L L O O O O O*
Chris2003 8 kun oldin
Never seen the movie so the intro made me think the film was a horror film
Manye Kwablah
Manye Kwablah 8 kun oldin
He went too soon.
gaurang Ruparelia
gaurang Ruparelia 8 kun oldin
Chachi 420 is also a criminal
Cosmic Potato
Cosmic Potato 9 kun oldin
Are we not going to memeify ‘run by fruiting?’
Big Banana
Big Banana 10 kun oldin
Can I sue a bully
Bakery Studioz
Bakery Studioz 10 kun oldin
Since I never knew this show cuz I was born in the 2000’s I thought it was actually a horror movie not something all happy
MrNobody 11 kun oldin
I legit thought this was a weird horror film, why MatPat
Truffle Dad
Truffle Dad 12 kun oldin
that is the best recut trailer for Mrs Doubtfire I've seen, I wish there was a link for just that video
Briseis Uriostegui
Briseis Uriostegui 13 kun oldin
Nuuuuuuu I love that movie thoughhhhhh (good vid btw)
Kallocarina 13 kun oldin
I hadn't actually heard of mrs. Doubtfire before watching this so I actually thoughtit was a horror movie from the opening 😂
David Stevens
David Stevens 14 kun oldin
Imagine presenting lots of facts and laws to prove something and at the end of the video you have to say it's just a theory
GAMEING CREEP 14 kun oldin
Dude...u make every movie a horror movie
DobsonDC 15 kun oldin
Fraud + possible identity theft
ThatNick Longo
ThatNick Longo 16 kun oldin
12:21 Anyone notice Riley's dad in the background lol
Katherine Wren
Katherine Wren 17 kun oldin
Hey, MatPat! I love all your channels and I've been subscribed for years. I can't thank you enough for the entertainment, joy, and mind-broadening content you've provided me. You are typically PC to a fault. Fair and open in both mind and heart. I love you even more for it. That said, MAYBE a prison rape joke ("dropping the soap") was not quite an ideal choice in dialogue. You are normally beyond reproach and it's for that reason I felt the need to speak up. With most channels I wouldn't bother. I don't feel that you would ever intentionally hurt anyone with your scripts and I thought it might benefit you to have this pointed out. Rape is rape. I don't care who the victim is. It is always wrong and should always be dealt with gently and sympathetically. Thank you again. I am still a loyal fan.
Christopher Henshaw
Christopher Henshaw 17 kun oldin
Who cares It's Robin Williams he can get away with murder!
ZAC ATTACK 18 kun oldin
You forgot about Daniel commuting fraud
Wolfy Wlf
Wolfy Wlf 18 kun oldin
0:36 that’s creepy and funny at the same time
beba micou
beba micou 18 kun oldin
That scary trailer is everything
Asdf Asdf
Asdf Asdf 20 kun oldin
XDDDD love the intro X’D just shows that you can change the pacing and music and a comedy can turn to horror
Colin Schaefer
Colin Schaefer 20 kun oldin
You should find the maximum sentence that Eric cart man could receive for every thing that he has done
Jamie Schmidt
Jamie Schmidt 20 kun oldin
0:46 is safe from the creepy Mrs.Doubtfire
Chaboiii Jenkins
Chaboiii Jenkins 20 kun oldin
Bruh that intro scared me😂
Corynn Held
Corynn Held 20 kun oldin
So throwing a lime at someone’s head can get you 6 months of jail and a $2,000 fine? How many limes were being thrown before this law was made.
Machi Honka
Machi Honka 21 kun oldin
i wonder how you sleep...
Captain Church
Captain Church 21 kun oldin
Anddd you ruined my childhood
Mateaus Sanchez
Mateaus Sanchez 21 kun oldin
Not even gonna lie MatPat did an AMAZING job making Mrs.Doubtfire a horror movie. Makes me think what it would be like if it was an actual horror movie.
FakeVGBoxArt Yeet lol
Fucking, Literally Like Leave some shit alone, stick to fantasy, that’s what your theories are good for, LEAVE CLASSIC MOVIES LIKE THIS ALONE
Thor Keck
Thor Keck 21 kun oldin
I was expecting that you were going to say identity theft, but the rest work too.
Hero brain 78
Hero brain 78 21 kun oldin
You forgot identity theft
dominic rayner
dominic rayner 21 kun oldin
Penal code hhaahaahaa
Amadeus sommers
Amadeus sommers 21 kun oldin
i wish my stepmom was as nice as stu.
Robert Gibson
Robert Gibson 22 kun oldin
0:00 - 0:40 is the best horror movie trailer ever
Maria Hamilton Potter
It was a run by fruiting
trash panda
trash panda 23 kun oldin
Honestly i’ve never even heard of the movie before this theory so it actually seemed like a legit horror movie lmao Editing is everything I guess
Felix Greene
Felix Greene 23 kun oldin
Jerry McFlurry
Jerry McFlurry 23 kun oldin
Arrest this man
Frogs David
Frogs David 24 kun oldin
That was legitimately terrifying 😅
Walter Walter
Walter Walter 24 kun oldin
Sub 2 pewdiepie
Joseph Coston
Joseph Coston 24 kun oldin
He’s a pedophile, clearly.
Drizzyr Auvryar
Drizzyr Auvryar 24 kun oldin
Knows everything about physics and biology. Doesn't know the difference between cayenne pepper and black pepper.
Modified Rabbit
Modified Rabbit 24 kun oldin
What yall did to make this into a horror at the beginning was freaking hilarious. omg... xD
Cherry Oakhold
Cherry Oakhold 24 kun oldin
What? I didn't know Avvai Shanmughi was a replica of Mrs Doubtfire!
Sesshomaru474 25 kun oldin
8:48 Well it sounds like the FDA has a lot of explaining to do. www.livescience.com/55459-fda-acceptable-food-defects.html Don't believe the internet? it's on their own website - FDA www.fda.gov/food/guidanceregulation/guidancedocumentsregulatoryinformation/sanitationtransportation/ucm056174.htm#using
Dania 25 kun oldin
If course keeping in mind his “rival” actually wants to press charges for throwing a lime at him
the real gamingmason
I actually thought it was a horror film from the intro
jellibean !
jellibean ! 26 kun oldin
Dude that intro scared me...haha
Art - amations
Art - amations 26 kun oldin
6:37 penail (its a funny word)
Amber Schrader
Amber Schrader 26 kun oldin
The lady scares me
Dustin Chesner
Dustin Chesner 26 kun oldin
I thought she was from Ireland
Scotchandboots 27 kun oldin
There's a question I've always had about Mrs. Doubtfire that never seems to get addressed. At the start of the movie Miranda divorces Daniel because he's lazy, irresponsible and can't hold down a job. Sure he had a good reason for leaving the voice acting job (the cartoon was morally offensive), but the implication was that this wasn't the first job he'd ever lost and that this was a familiar pattern. Daniel also directly went against her wishes by holding the party, then he allowed it to get out of control by not stepping in to enforce discipline--which was his responsibility as the only adult in the room. (The barn animals, well, that's a separate issue.) In short, he acted like one of the children and left Miranda to clean up his mess. This incident didn't seem to be a one-off, but rather one of many that pushed her to the breaking point. But then, after the divorce when he is faced with the prospect of not seeing his kids, he transforms himself into Mrs.Doubtfire--a character who is the "perfect" nanny. Mrs. D knows how to lay down the rules, cook a perfect dinner, clean the house (or at least get the kids to do the chores) and run the household as well as or possibly better than Miranda. And Miranda could even sit and have an actual conversation with Mrs. D. But..but..but...Daniel IS Mrs. Doubtfire. Which means he he must have had these abilities all along. He couldn't have learned them just by putting on a wig, a body suit and prosthetic makeup. Why couldn't he manage to get his act together before the divorce? Sure he transformed himself for the sake of his kids, but it was too late because the damage had already been done. If only he'd been able to tap into his inner Mrs. Doubtfire sooner. That's why the movie seems so sad to me.
Wonderjade l8
Wonderjade l8 28 kun oldin
You like my childhood? Gee thanks, just slaughtered it
Matthew Phillips
Matthew Phillips 29 kun oldin
Every timey I wash thas showw i feel lyke I get SmArTeR
Pastel Poptart
Pastel Poptart 29 kun oldin
b-but i loved dat movie ;-;
Mimi L.
Mimi L. Oy oldin
Omfg that intro scared the shit out of me^^!idk why I’m so happy about it!🖤💚
Ika Boo
Ika Boo Oy oldin
I've never seen this movie. But I think it's messed up they used him nor having a he against him. He literally just got kicked out of his home. Also didn't know Matilda was in this!
Inton Oy oldin
That intro was genuinely creepy! Nice one MatPat!
Kyle Calif
Kyle Calif Oy oldin
Not to mention. When I see a woman with a personality like that I believe she may abuse her position as an adult/other parent. If you look at how that actress was acting. She was very unstable. Compared to the actor just trying to make his son happy on his own birthday. Of course there was the overkill with the petting zoo of animals. But every birthday someone has is supposed to be special. And her reaction was not justified.
Kyle Calif
Kyle Calif Oy oldin
Technically speaking he wasn't givin a fair amount of at least visiting right to "his" children. Separate a father from the children he swore to protect and care for. Whilst giving the wife the majority of custody. And it's going to be taken as a sign of mental warfare. I would understand if they did a 50/50 where he could go visit his children on half the week each week. But eventually every man who does care for their children and their right to be there for them will declare war on the court order.
V Oy oldin
Couldn't he also be charged with fraud, I mean not only was he lying to Miranda, but he was also getting paid because of his lies. He even lied about previous people he had worked for.
undertale monster high
Its a comedy
savage samurao sista 38heart
Matpat , should become a(n) lawyer
Mister Wuss
Mister Wuss Oy oldin
Even Matpat did a "nineties kids remember" joke! Holy hand grenade I think I think I am about to brake in half.
Aaronlegend12 Oy oldin
That is an awesome trailer
dubstep 23
dubstep 23 Oy oldin
That intro was hilarious
#Cheetah_ girl24
Thanks for giving me that horror scene, it's 10:15 pm and I'm home alone.
Existing Person
5 months and he still hasn’t corrected the grammar mistake in the title.
Existing Person
5 months and he still hasn’t corrected the grammar mistake in the title.
Joe Zimmermann
OMG so true! I saw this on tv a couple months ago and couldn't watch it anymore bc he is an absolute maniac. I guess I didn't get the same impression as a kid. Yes, Pierce Brosnan is actually the good guy now that I have perspective. Wow!
FireRunner74 Stivers
That intro is f*ckin terrifying
Gurmananian Gur
that intro gave me nightmares
Andy Gonzalez
Andy Gonzalez Oy oldin
How did you manage to make some scenes of this movie very scary?!?!?!
Ginger M.
Ginger M. Oy oldin
That horror edit was great. Well done.
Hugh Rice
Hugh Rice Oy oldin
That intro scared the shit out of me!!!
that’s so heart-worming
Did you just- make me fear Mrs. Doubtfire
llama person
llama person Oy oldin
0:46 I just sat through Mrs. Doubtfire as a horror movie commercial but I’m still watching.
Isabel Hill
Isabel Hill Oy oldin
What’s a VHS
Aleksander Timonov
Look at the title then the thumbnail
X_Harri Savage_X
What about fraud? Isn’t that illegals or am I just a little simple 😶
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