Film Theory: Phineas and Ferb's SECRET Hero!

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I recently checked out PHINEAS AND FERB, and it's actually way better than I expected. But one thing stuck out to me above all the show's idiosyncrasies: Why hasn't Dr. Doofenshmirtz been arrested? He's obviously a villain, and his plans are so easy to thwart. Well, Loyal Theorists, I've uncovered the answer: Doofenshmirtz is unwittingly helping the OWCA the whole time!
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6-Fev, 2018

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Sven Haffner
Sven Haffner Soat oldin
Thanks for Ruining my childhood
Something Happened
Something Happened 2 soat oldin
my name is phineas. cool
drifts channel
drifts channel 2 soat oldin
i have 140 days of summer
Grade memes
Grade memes 3 soat oldin
I wish perry could push me back to watching A lot of FilmTheory instead of just me watching game theory
Sentient2x 3 soat oldin
I’m sorry, but this isn’t much of a theory. It’s clearly stated in the episodes, and it’s pretty obvious if you watch the movie.
crcoghill 6 soat oldin
I still believe the O.W.C.A. Files was AFTER the series and Doof joins to be a good guy. Everything else makes most sense (like keeping an eye on him for his Inators)
DCdubzGaming 12 soat oldin
I wouldnt say this is a theory, more of just connecting dots for simple logic. Still an entertaining and informative episode tho.
Jaz C
Jaz C 13 soat oldin
How did I just realize that Ferb looks like an eggplant
Nikosi Reyes
Nikosi Reyes 17 soat oldin
Who d hell has 88 days of summer vacation 🤯😂😂my skl dont even have close to da
A very small channel tutorials
At least he didn't ruin my childhood Again
Andrew Huff
Andrew Huff Kun oldin
That’s not just a theory it’s a reasonable amazing super understandable hard working film theory
Blueberry Sans
Blueberry Sans Kun oldin
Owca is sheep in polish. There's a fact for u mat.
Steven Lynch
Steven Lynch Kun oldin
This isn't a theory, this is just the story...
super boi07
super boi07 Kun oldin
Don't you remember one troupe is Parry has a crazy way of getting to the secret room
Emzie G
Emzie G Kun oldin
1:37 u monster
Robloxen Master
Robloxen Master Kun oldin
Matpat what plus 90 =104 because it sure ain’t 16
Shayna Desai
Shayna Desai Kun oldin
I love the dramatic music in the background
Krysler Lanceta
Krysler Lanceta Kun oldin
Ohh well that's a good theory good job keep it up.
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher Kun oldin
It scares me how logical these videos are. This one and the Bill Ciher Lives completely changed my perspective on my favorite shows.
H19- Daz
H19- Daz Kun oldin
His lab coat got gps, perry finds hin everywhere in 10m radius
Angelo Alvarez
Angelo Alvarez Kun oldin
Well i get 89 days sooooooo
Bonnie Gomez
Bonnie Gomez Kun oldin
I always loved that the intro was Bowling For Soup because they are one of my favorite bands.
Wait. What if Doofinshmirts is Phineas's father? It would explain the head shape.
Isaiah G
Isaiah G 2 kun oldin
Your intro is gay and stop doing it
Lps Michael Mell
Vpstarlord Official
There not arresting him because he makes the inventions so if they arrest him they won’t have any inventions to copy
Sahra James Croft
Sahra James Croft 2 kun oldin
Sorry for bothering you please forget about charmed it is NOT for theories but there is an other cartoon siery from Disney that worth it and also of 2 seasons it is called W.I.T.C.H it is about 5 teen age girls that discover that they have been chosen to be the new generation of the guardians of the vale between worlds .... I wont spoile MORE for you ..and by the time it's three o'clock I should be able to send this letter to every video in your channel .....by another way this is a photograph of the main characters in their guordion form ...... Sorry could not send it though the drawing is great trust me
Milli 23
Milli 23 2 kun oldin
i did the maths for the UK (using Englands holidays) we normally get 2 weeks Christmas and Easter 6 weeks in summer and three x 1 weeks for half terms at Halloween, Valentines day and May bank holiday. Normally we also get 5 days throughout the year as Teacher Training/ Inset days so assuming that all holidays stated are full weeks we get 96 days off school therefore Americans get almost as much time off for summer as the UK do in the whole year how does that work
alan hoteit
alan hoteit 2 kun oldin
You just destroyed my childhood 😔
ultra gamer
ultra gamer 2 kun oldin
mat pat in 2018 my school had 120 days of summer because they changed it to April to may in the middle of may so yeah...
Josef Roque
Josef Roque 2 kun oldin
i had a 150 days of summer
AnnYu Playz
AnnYu Playz 2 kun oldin
0:51 Woah. "It's been going on and on and it feels like it's going on for like 4 years" Intro starts at 4, not 3 4 4 + 0 = 404 (not very mathematical) *404 file not found*
MaciejPlays 3 kun oldin
OWCA is actually "sheep" in polish XD
Mohawk Maniac
Mohawk Maniac 3 kun oldin
Humans are animals too
Jena Bena
Jena Bena 3 kun oldin
My school did 104 days...
kenaleto 3 kun oldin
if you are 1st - 4th grade in bulgaria you get june, july, august and 15 days from september... sooo....
Holly Hargraves
Holly Hargraves 3 kun oldin
104 days There living matrix But hey thats just feory a Falm fary
Trần Amy
Trần Amy 3 kun oldin
My summer vac in only 60 days 😭😭😭😭😭
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams 3 kun oldin
i only get like 6 weeks off
Average Man
Average Man 3 kun oldin
That was deep
Kosher 3 kun oldin
Theres a whole episode on Dr. Doofenshmirtz' amnesia-inator.
Clement From Pokémon
My summer vacation is 117 days so rip mat pat
Nini Kukhalashvili
Nini Kukhalashvili 4 kun oldin
Well actually my summer vacation lasts 105 days because our school ends on 15th of june and starts on 1st of october
klxroly1 4 kun oldin
Holy shit....
cody boechler
cody boechler 4 kun oldin
1:14 gravity falls
TheRealPayton 4 kun oldin
Uhhhhhh 104-90=14, not 16
pancake cat
pancake cat 4 kun oldin
One problem: Doof never left the agency, the owca files happen after the main show. Doof is training to be a secret agent after retiring from villainy.
Sayth Sensei
Sayth Sensei 4 kun oldin
man in algeria in the high in middle school we have three month + some day from may we have the 104 days
Caleb Scooby doo
Caleb Scooby doo 4 kun oldin
Owca files was after the original episode
wojtekpolska 4 kun oldin
3:47 in my language OWCA = sheep XD
Radim Link
Radim Link 5 kun oldin
My school had summer vacation only 62 days
Sam Joshua
Sam Joshua 5 kun oldin
I thought his brother was the mayor of city so they couldn't do anything to Doof. Political power.
Miguel Sanchez
Miguel Sanchez 5 kun oldin
The Show Song s were Awesome
Siew Eng Lim
Siew Eng Lim 6 kun oldin
sure he did not get arrested MM's son is in love with Doofenshmirtz' dauther
Siew Eng Lim
Siew Eng Lim 6 kun oldin
I know the pattern but I did not know the hat
Neji Bob
Neji Bob 6 kun oldin
We only have 69 days fuck my school
FrederikHenze 6 kun oldin
Why do these villains always have German names? 😮
Sonumonu Das
Sonumonu Das 7 kun oldin
in india , th max is 1 month
askiye 7 kun oldin
Btw my summer vacation is 92 days cause we’re a private school
Matis Krawiec
Matis Krawiec 7 kun oldin
Actually, OWCA is an acronym since it means "sheep" in Polish
Bonnie Lol
Bonnie Lol 7 kun oldin
Good show but the memes/jokes are a bit stail
Eric Kim
Eric Kim 7 kun oldin
Do where phineas and ferb live
Bryson Muar
Bryson Muar 7 kun oldin
Phienas always asking where is perry, but never how is perry.
Sara Trsic
Sara Trsic 7 kun oldin
Sara Trsic
Sara Trsic 7 kun oldin
I have 92
I lov e the beat
Great Awofadeju
Great Awofadeju 7 kun oldin
How dose phineas wear is shirt his head is a triangle
Slink gazelle
Slink gazelle 8 kun oldin
I just realized you put tiny toons on the screen. Cool.
Itsumi 8 kun oldin
When I was in elementary school we got 110 days of summer vacation.
ThatAnimatronic TGLM
My summer holiday (yes holiday I’m English) was 42 dys
Jim Stewart
Jim Stewart 8 kun oldin
3:32, like if this is imprinted into your brain
Emily W
Emily W 8 kun oldin
I get 42 days of vacation in summer. But i dont have people shooting up my school so eh.
ForPewdiePie 8 kun oldin
my summer vacation is 61 days :(
Yania Rakhe
Yania Rakhe 8 kun oldin
Shayla Hewett
Shayla Hewett 8 kun oldin
Do a lilo and stitch video
Mike Lewis
Mike Lewis 8 kun oldin
There is 104 days for charter schools
Kimberly Kenyon
Kimberly Kenyon 8 kun oldin
I still find it strange that perryshmirtz is a thing
Jay Perez
Jay Perez 8 kun oldin
Common Sense
Heartless Pony
Heartless Pony 8 kun oldin
Millah Voiles
Millah Voiles 8 kun oldin
Ow... my childhood.
Noah Jorsch
Noah Jorsch 9 kun oldin
I always thought that the owca files took place after the show
muhammmad faliq
muhammmad faliq 9 kun oldin
they are dead candace trauma😢😢😢😢
Alex Pronker
Alex Pronker 9 kun oldin
I started studying science due to him. And when i needed to make an end work I rewatched the show and believe it or not got an idea. Calculate the liquid in chicken by drying it out.
aswano 9 kun oldin
When he said that we were telling him that he was to old to be watching a 10 year olds show i thought he was gonna say yes. Yes i am. But noooooooooo he only says. Yes. Dang it mat pat.
Grayhawk 1
Grayhawk 1 9 kun oldin
I don't belive it, but he did a good job on this one
wd gaster golding
wd gaster golding 9 kun oldin
Mario=phineas Luigi=ferb
Blossom KND the Animatronic Pony
4:10 Tri-Steak Area??? *wheeze*
Rose tyler
Rose tyler 9 kun oldin
I had 102 days of summer vacation once
Omar Tarek Said
Omar Tarek Said 10 kun oldin
Matpat its acuttaly 14 extra days
MHM Bigarab
MHM Bigarab 11 kun oldin
Is doofenschmirts the true father of phiniuse
Beau Chang
Beau Chang 11 kun oldin
It used to be 104 days of summer vacation before.. Back in the good ol' days...
Adam D
Adam D 11 kun oldin
You still have it easy I get only 56 days of summer vacation
Kidgeo Merks
Kidgeo Merks 11 kun oldin
Hey do think doofs wife works with owca to pay doof for the invitation
Raich82 11 kun oldin
That first sentence. . .
GARRICK HICKMAN 11 kun oldin
I'm 14 and i still watch it.
Royal Dickson
Royal Dickson 11 kun oldin
Hey my school has a 104 days of summer vacation
Golden Nightmare
Golden Nightmare 12 kun oldin
I don’t have summer vacation
comic luigi
comic luigi 12 kun oldin
Xervylle Aquino
Xervylle Aquino 13 kun oldin
In The Philippines, Our Summer Vacation Is 100+ Days TBH...
lol bross
lol bross 13 kun oldin
Ornito rinco
Chaotix Gaming
Chaotix Gaming 13 kun oldin