Film Theory: The CORRUPTION of Superman

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Superman, a hero of integrity and good morals. Right? WRONG! You see, good guy Clark Kent is working for a corrupt corporation. The Daily Planet. They want us to think they are a great news source, but I don't trust it! Theorists, today we are going to find out if Superman and his coworkers have been feeding us LIES!
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27-Sen, 2018



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Muntaj Gill
Muntaj Gill 8 soat oldin
Matpat: you know what would have made him a better reporter, or sponsor for the day... Me: skillshare? Matpat: skillshare! Me: CALLED IT (No I’m not making this up btw)
Spiritcat208 4 kun oldin
I like Batman better than Superman and all the other DC characters.
You 5 kun oldin
Superman hides in a dumpster its a fact
Priyanka Patel
Priyanka Patel 10 kun oldin
Craziest part of this video is the amount you spend on popcorn at the cinemas. That's some posh cinema popcorn!
Sparky Dood
Sparky Dood 10 kun oldin
Batman is only beating up criminals, probably better with Perry’s strategy reporting in that example.
1stLt Rob Miller
1stLt Rob Miller 11 kun oldin
Sounds like that code of ethics has gone by the wayside in todays reporting.
Running Man Studios
Running Man Studios 13 kun oldin
So basically we traded ethics in journalism for fake news like Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ABC NEWS, Huffington Post, The Young Turks, InfoWars, Buzzfeed, and shit like that. Good to Fucking know integrity and truth mean nothing anymore
Yeah....journalism is no longer like that anymore. They break all the rules and guidelines shown in this video nowadays.
Ami Draws
Ami Draws 18 kun oldin
You know who else doesn’t follow ANY of the rules? THE VERGE Just look at PewDiePie and his “Mistake” they ruined all of UZvid and does have a agenda against him
Ami Draws
Ami Draws 16 kun oldin
Anime Zensur yeah, something’s telling me they aren’t repeatable new sources.... hmmmmmmmmmmmmMmmmMmMmMmMm
Anime Zensur
Anime Zensur 16 kun oldin
or CNN or Fox news or almost any mainstream media
BoiDiePie HD
BoiDiePie HD 22 kun oldin
I don't care what they say but batman v superman was and still is a masterpiece.
Potato4TheWin 22 kun oldin
When I was in sixth grade we had to take a journalism class and we spent half the school year learning the code of ethics. This theory is reminding me of that class
DavidAngelo Mojar
DavidAngelo Mojar 23 kun oldin
13:23- Says heroes and puts Thanos
The Joker 159
The Joker 159 23 kun oldin
I wish CNN did that
The Joker 159
The Joker 159 23 kun oldin
Man this sounds a lot like CNN
faubebbe 24 kun oldin
i just developed a lot of respect to spiderman's boss
Stripedgillette 26 kun oldin
He said he wanted to be there so that no one would look twice at going to dangerous places.
Henry Campanis
Idk I think he can fight for truth without telling the truth himself. He’s falling on the sword to protect the idea it represents. But hey that’s just a theory, A PHILOSOPHICAL THEORY.
Jesse Schoedel
Let's not forget that DECU Perry White was willing to hire some dude with zero knowledge of how journalism works and no established qualifications to be a journalist, based purely on Lois's recommendation. Anyone else besides me find that a little messed up?
Andrea Burke
Andrea Burke Oy oldin
MatPat: thank you so much for so prominently featuring Chris Reeve. A couple of years ago, after seeing a TV spot that briefly featured Chris, my then 62 yr old mother said the following:"You know, I have always loved comics and superheroes, but when I left the theater after seeing Christopher Reeve in that costume, I left believing there could be a Superman." Comic books. They're genetic. ❤
Rashamel Johnson
Were killing 1970’s perry white I like Tyler perry
Tim Oy oldin
Superman is literally Joseph Stalin
Bam tem
Bam tem Oy oldin
#superJJJ , get it rolling theorists!!
Nerd Alert
Nerd Alert Oy oldin
He probably wears his costume underneath his clothing.
Rcgghyf Mdjdnud
I watched spider verse one of them is a anime spider man
ronald calderon
I wonder what j jonah jameson would think of superman?
Will Jeffery
Will Jeffery Oy oldin
Rip terminator theory
wheybig297 Oy oldin
Is it me or does this sound like every news source today.
Miguel Sanchez
7:48 what about E.T. !?
jeffmurnahan Oy oldin
Superman would work for CNN in the real world
David Oyeyemi
David Oyeyemi Oy oldin
I feel like the only guy that loved BvS 😢
Ian Hernandez
Ian Hernandez Oy oldin
Carter Smith
Carter Smith Oy oldin
Actually, if Superman wanted the job to benefit him being Superman then acting as a responsible reporter actually could make him a much more interesting character. What most writers often miss when writing Superman is looking for a physical weakness when in reality an emotional one could be just as effective. He’s still a man who feels emotions and has to bear the weight of their actions. Take the classic Greek gods for example. Despite all their power they’re short sighted, temperamental, impulsive, idealistic and paranoid, and these are the qualities that often lead to their downfall. Having Superman see firsthand how great of an effect those with much less power than him can have but still trying to stay true to his morals would be an interesting conflict.
25Boden T
25Boden T Oy oldin
Is it just me or does mat Pat always favor marvel and only criticizes dc
Jonathan J.
Jonathan J. Oy oldin
Every journalist outlet breaks those rules worldwide. Fox News is the master of it.
david macko
david macko Oy oldin
Holy shit how many of these rules are followed by our news outlets
Jcr1g 2 oy oldin
Why does every alien race speak gibberish or English?
BaconBlake 2 oy oldin
Why doesn't matpat make a journalist video on reeta skeeter
Normalis Persona
Normalis Persona 2 oy oldin
J.J. Jameson deserves his own movie.
Pyren & Velvyn
Pyren & Velvyn 2 oy oldin
But The Bat be better
Roland Deschain
Roland Deschain 2 oy oldin
Yeah Triple J is a legend
three of jays
three of jays 2 oy oldin
That intro was a bit gay because he is a guy talking about another guy dick
bakkman 2 oy oldin
I didn't read a lot Superman comics that deals with Clark being a journalist, but in those who do, in the beginning of the mew 52, there are a lot of interesting issues. They deal with Infotainment, reach and ethics and with the way Clark stands up for the little guy, which is why he became a journalist.
Kau Soon
Kau Soon 2 oy oldin
Pretty much all news outlets nowadays broke at least 1 or 2 rules . And Vox probably broke all of them
Alexis Bardgett
Alexis Bardgett 2 oy oldin
Miguel Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez 2 oy oldin
i cant believe superman would lie like that
Andromeda Planet
Andromeda Planet 2 oy oldin
Tell me what video is above your comment section For me it's a salad fingers theory
Diego Brando
Diego Brando 2 oy oldin
If you think about it jjj is a real hero.
Ballistika Games
Ballistika Games 2 oy oldin
I'mma comment this on every video now cause I wanna see this theory I'd love to see a theory on how damaging destroido corp actually was on crystal cove and it's surroundings. Watch episode 12 of Scooby Doo mystery incorporated and trust me you'll be asking the same cause Jesus its unreal
Winter Sky
Winter Sky 2 oy oldin
Nobody cares about Clark Kent takin' on the Batman
Arham Playz
Arham Playz 2 oy oldin
I am subbing to everyone who subs me
Dark Rainbow
Dark Rainbow 2 oy oldin
The Daily Planet is a propagandist tabloid, which represents the modern media perfectly.
Cap'n caviar
Cap'n caviar 2 oy oldin
Wait is this an injustice theory? If so I'm excited Edit: while not a theory about how superman became a space Nazi, this was good too
Dzintra 2 oy oldin
He is but an americunt terrorist
Caroline Bjørnstad
Will the lands in green be directly affected by this article?
Susan Susan
Susan Susan 2 oy oldin
Spider-Man Vs Ash from evil dead!
Para Site
Para Site 2 oy oldin
NEXT TIME ON SUPERHERO FILM THOERIES HOW DEADLY IS KING PEN’S HAND SMASH (spider man: into the spider verse) it’s just an ide
JollySquidLips 2 oy oldin
Ware is your fortnite theories
ThatLittleKitten 2 oy oldin
I wish these rules on journalism still applied today.
hantra17 2 oy oldin
12:38 Sorry I'm an outsider, but to change the truth for your own benefit, it has always been the American way.😆 Nagasaki and Hiroshima were bombed after Japan wanted to surrender.🍄
Melonseed Media Arts
Tell that to JJ who continues to degrade Spider-man despite being saved multiple times by him. Where is the ethics there?
Agent Genji Shimada
But yet they slam Trump and Praise sleazy Liberals
Chara 2 oy oldin
Like it or not, most liberals are still better than the immoral and moronic President we got.
Anik Samiur Rahman
10:43-10:54 This objection very well applies to Spider Man. Oh! he just brings the photograph right?
Ubah Heegan
Ubah Heegan 2 oy oldin
Should watch needless it is an anime
LizzyWild 2 oy oldin
My brother looks like Clark Kent
Nig'el Burnz
Nig'el Burnz 2 oy oldin
So.. Superman is a liar and a fraud that has been in front of our face for nearly a century. What exactly is Justice and the American way? Racial injustices, slavery, prejudice, the presidency, the corrupt judicial system? Yeah... Superman is not as great as he's been projected. He wont kill but let others die for the crimes his villain's create, wont end the senseless war over oil in the middle east, wont expose shady government operations. All i will say about Superman just like I'd say about this god people believe in, is "Whence Cometh Evil"?
The Dank One
The Dank One 2 oy oldin
It’s cowboy cirtus!
PLAYER 5445 2 oy oldin
Now do this, but WSJ and PewDiePie
Dragon empress
Dragon empress 2 oy oldin
Film theory really hates Superman
Stupid Calamity
Stupid Calamity 2 oy oldin
*yes, thano a great hero.*
Matilda Da Gacha Newb
Mat pat what would happen If siblings had to compete together in the hunger games?
NinjaKIngAce 2 oy oldin
I know this is FILM Theory, but the fact that you barely mentioned the comics, makes this feel incomplete. All I could think while watching this was, "Is the Daily Planet just as bad in the comics, or are the movies misrepresenting them?" I feel like this would be the most important thing, yet you didn't even touch on it. I once read a comic about Clark's early days as Superman, when he first get a job at the Daily Planet. In the comic, Lex Luthor funds a research proving that Superman is, most likely, an alien. Initially, Clark refuses to report on this, because he's afraid it will hurt Superman's image, but his boss makes them, and as he predicted, the public turned against Superman.
Rainbow Mermaid
Rainbow Mermaid 3 oy oldin
What about Kara Danvers....aka Superman's cousin Supergirl....
Blaqsnake 3 oy oldin
JJ never seeks the truth about Spidey.
23dilsherd 3 oy oldin
You do realize Clark barely writes stories about Superman right? Thats mostly Lois and Perry. Hell, in issue #4 or 5 of Dan Jurgens' New 52 superman run they state that Clark usually does stories on the poor an disenfranchised. Do more research man.
[Insert Creative Name]
Do you guys think that every Sunday the Daily Planet puts out DC comics?
Mrs. noob
Mrs. noob 3 oy oldin
do a book theory
So most news today is putting these things through the shredder?
Kira Webb
Kira Webb 3 oy oldin
I NEED A “THE GOOD PLACE” THEORY AND I NEED IT NOW!!! 😫😰 Who else is completely confused and needs answers about the afterlife?! (And how the heck a Jeremy Berimy time line would even work and/or make sense to our tiny brains.. please send help)
nathan seegmiller
do a video on the flash
Abellwhite 3 oy oldin
heeeey. not my S boy
Kezia Jones
Kezia Jones 3 oy oldin
Finally, J. Jonah Jameson getting the recognition he deserves!! Thank you✌️💚
Gerardo Munoz
Gerardo Munoz 3 oy oldin
So what does the SPJ say about journalists "Breaking and entering" on private property and going as far as hacking or stealing files and documents while investigating a story? Cause I've seen TV shows and some movie have the journalist character do that with no repercussions other than the few times they're caught by the "bad guys."
Shay Cormaic
Shay Cormaic 3 oy oldin
So. Dp is CNN got it
Richard Mitchell
Richard Mitchell 3 oy oldin
So basically the Daily Planet would fit in perfectly with today's news cycle.
Shay Cormaic
Shay Cormaic 3 oy oldin
Basically cnn
Mat oat do a cloudy with a Chance of meatballs theory is the science accurate? Would Flint's machine work? What are spray on shoes?
Joseph Armstrong
Joseph Armstrong 3 oy oldin
Let's add another irony log on the fire in the form of a cartoon series that had too big of an idea for its own good, Larryboy. For those who don't know, Larryboy is a superhero spoof in the world of Veggie Tales. This form of the most famous vegetal cucumber eventually got a short-lived spin-off flash cartoon called Larryboy the Series. And this is where Big Idea might have struck moral genius whether this was intentional, or one very lucky joke. Just like Superman and Spiderman, Larryboy works at the news printing company, the Daily Bumble, as a means to stay up-to-date with criminal activity in the city of Bumblyburg. However, he isn't a journalist and he isn't a photographer, but a custodian. As for the reason why, the episode throws the line 'it was the only job he was qualified for' to complete the punchline. However, since Larry can't influence the news going on, it makes the Daily Bumble the most reliable news source with a superhero on staff.
Mr. Snarky
Mr. Snarky 21 kun oldin
I loved VeggieTales as a kid (its an abomination nowadays) and youre right. The position of janitor is the most unbiased and neutral position he can take.
GUNDAMURX73 3 oy oldin
Wait. Wait wait wait wait wait. Superman... is Clark Kent? WHAT
N SV 16 kun oldin
My mind:BOOM
Dragonlover553 19 kun oldin
I don't believe you. Next thing you're gonna say is that Batman is Bruce Wayne, or that Zatanna Zatara is Zatanna Zatara.
MakeupMagic 22 kun oldin
Robert Lafreniere It’s just a theory! A film theory.. andddddd cut.!
Get Shwifty
Get Shwifty Oy oldin
Wow man, SPOILERS! Lol
Robert Lafreniere
Guy he's lieing to us I just read in the paper that Superman's name was actually Bruce Wayne
Jade the Skeleton
He changes in dumpsters nowadays
John Kelly
John Kelly 3 oy oldin
Society of Professional Journalists is a joke. So is the Pulitzer Prize. So is journalism ethics. You may as well push for "draining the swamp". SPJ does not give a shit, they explicitly state their code is just guidelines and jurnos need to make up their own mind. News is an entertainment game to make money, not an institution of integrity. That's the reality.
George Nelson
George Nelson 3 oy oldin
the thing is, you didn't take it to the Logical conclusion. in the New DCU, Perry White knows. (Or at least suspects after the reboot) It's why he assigned Clark to sports, to avoid such conflicts of interest. He sees superman as an asset. and he got him on the payroll cheap. And really, are the nerd glasses that good of a disguise. I would not be surprised if in a superman movie, the Daily Planet was taken hostage, and Perry White dropped the dumb act and told Clark to "Deal with the problem" or at least gave him an easy excuse to isolate himself from the group.
☽ marcella flowers ☾
lmao I watched this after I saw the Spider-Man criminal theory and I thought I clicked on the wrong video at first 😂 matpat loves jj Jameson
Nikki Movie Reviews
Where does he Change into his suit nowadays!?!
Monroe Robbins
Monroe Robbins 3 oy oldin
And most modern news companies could probably follow the guidelines of journalism.
Monroe Robbins
Monroe Robbins 3 oy oldin
I hate it when superheroes ruin journalistic integrity. That’s why I like J Jonah; he cares about that crap, including the truth and anonymity of his sources. Yet... other superheroes who pretend to be journalists don’t do that JUST BY BEING JOURNALISTS. Gahhhh.
Mia Jære
Mia Jære 3 oy oldin
What do you think about Catco from Supergirl?
Utkarsh Aryan
Utkarsh Aryan 3 oy oldin
Fox has broken all these rules. Literally several fox reporters and hosts has appeared on republican functions as special guest and they actively ask people to vote for republican party on TV.
honkeymccoy Oy oldin
All of them have and still do it. Fox, CNN, CNBC, and yes even BBC. The big networks are all corrupt and have political affiliations.
Barry Bee Benson
Barry Bee Benson 2 oy oldin
Utkarsh Aryan hmmm maybe it’s because they are a republican news site! ever thought about that?
Son Goku
Son Goku 3 oy oldin
When you realize mat pat waste his life on making useless theories on fictional things
Mahvimcoo 3 oy oldin
Plot Twist: The DCU we've been watching is actually the lead up to Justice Lords, at which point the REAL Justice League will be revealed to us and their respective Good Movies come out. Good as in, not bad.... like... cgi off a mustache bad.
RileyEscobar 3 oy oldin
swap out "superman" for "game journalists" and its still the same video
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