Film Theory: The GLITCH that will RUIN Disney Princesses (Wreck It Ralph 2)

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Last week we determined the rules for what makes an "official" Disney Princess. After dissecting the Princess Scene from the Wreck It Ralph 2 trailer, it became clear that not all princesses make the cut. No hate, just the rules of Disney. But this video isn't about your standard princess. This time, I'm going to figure out if the one & only Vanellope Von Schweetz qualifies as an OFFICIAL Disney Princess!
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Carp With Milk
Carp With Milk 2 oy oldin
So basically if we buy enough theorist merch MatPat will count as a princess
GDsasan 2 kun oldin
Carp With Milk give it some years ya know
Maleigha Baker
Maleigha Baker 3 kun oldin
Yes! MatPat! You can be a Disney princess! *EVERYBODY BUY MERCH!!*
Nobody 5000
Nobody 5000 4 kun oldin
Wendy Wilfong why
Suger buns
Suger buns 5 kun oldin
Pretty much
Your On Planet Sweetness
XD hes my favorite disney princess
Damian Arcos
Damian Arcos Soat oldin
Disney: ralph breaks the internet Bowsette: *HOLD MY BEER*
Grizzlys and Dogs TLC
Hope your baby is well
Lola doodles
Lola doodles 3 soat oldin
Nice Hamilton reference
Dorothea Cook
Dorothea Cook 4 soat oldin
I think having a robot should TOTALLY qualify Lea. And she's an actual PRINCESS! in your face, Mulan!
A wild Tanner was found
Nordic vpn 🇳🇴
John Adams
John Adams 7 soat oldin
Wouldn't Penelope be better marked as the disabled princess. In the first reck it Ralph her glitch ability was viewed as disabled. But by the end of the movie she owns her disability and turns it into her greatest strength.
ANIME brains
ANIME brains 15 soat oldin
I’m happy you included Kida! But also think about Jane from Tarzan
Hulenova 16 soat oldin
Your videos are always great MattPat,
9:32 J U S T M O N I K A
Chris bromley-west
*clears throat* to be a disney princess you need to fall into each of these catagories. you need to be the LEAD FEMALE in an original Disney animated movie. for example the little mermaid but NOT the little mermaid 2. you have to be human, which is why tinkerbell lost her diney princess status, ariel however was human during most of her movie. your movie target audience has to either be for girls, or unisex. and then the last complete hard requirement is you have to make disney a lot of money BUT not so much money that it's more profitable to leave you on your own, i'm looking at you Anna and Elsea! there is one more requirement for being a disney princess, you can fall into one of three catergories. either you are born royal, you marry royal or you complete an act of true, selfless heroism. those are the rules of becoming a disney princess. even though she calls herself a senetor or president or whatever, Venelope was still CODED as a princess, therefore she was BORN ROYAL even if she gave it up for democracy instead.
Emma Hunt
Emma Hunt Kun oldin
Press 9:32 if you are a Monika lover 👍
Aaron Kun oldin
chewbacca is the starwars Disney princess starwars makes a bunch of money and he has a animal companion just saying
Blastof77245 Kun oldin
Talk less, Smile more.
Blastof77245 Kun oldin
Iiiii wanna be in the throne room where it happens
Ju Ju Berry
Ju Ju Berry Kun oldin
Disenchantment cameo lol
princess s
princess s Kun oldin
Mikey don't play. Ahhaha
FunwithStewart Kun oldin
You forgot PRINCESS Leia! When her actor died she was OFFICIALLY MADE A Disney Princess!
Thiago Bruno
Thiago Bruno Kun oldin
The mouse is a evil rat
Kylie Truasheim
Kylie Truasheim 2 kun oldin
OMG he said " the throne room where it happened" at 2:49 like the Hamilton song "the room where it happened" I LOVE THIS!
Sepps 2 kun oldin
Those tweets are absurdly small potatoes to kick somebody off a project for. Several of them are removed from context and ultimately if you really have a moral issue with people making jokes you don't like, punishing them for making them will just push them into anonymity where they're more likely to take things too far.
Cottonball Kitten
Cottonball Kitten 2 kun oldin
Hah! I see what you did there MatPat. "I wanna be in the Throne where it happens" *Puts MatPat's face on Lin's body* Me: MY GOD WHAT GOT DISCUSSED? WE'LL NEVER REALLY KNOW WHAT GOT DISCUSSED! Click *boom* where it happens. I wanna be in the *throne* where it happens.
Rylee Newman
Rylee Newman 2 kun oldin
That intro tho
Izzysongheart The Fangirl
Yunita Misaki VA
Yunita Misaki VA 2 kun oldin
. . . so. . .Disney's only taking the characters that little kids can remember so that. . .they can make money. . .OH SH*T THAT ACTUALLY MAKES SENCE O __ o Edit: Ok NOW I actually finished watching the video and im glad you finally mentioned it! But considering these are older movies wouldnt the price be higher because of how currency worked then ver. now? (Sorry if i sound like an ass hole ;-;)
Shrimpy 08
Shrimpy 08 2 kun oldin
Every UZvid is a princess to sell there merch
cutiechick999 2 kun oldin
i had a feeling it would be based on their $$$$ they earn right from the start but still.....HERCULES WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!! THE MUSIC WAS FABULOUS!!!
Alexander Christopher
Leia had a somewhat animal sidekick (Chewie), had men solve her problems (Han and Luke bust her out of jail), and definitely made bank. Made her a Disney Princess!
Baby fan Ballora fan
I was born in 2009 lol
Isabel Chudy
Isabel Chudy 3 kun oldin
I’m kinda scared of mickey now when I saw the intro
Awesome Jelly
Awesome Jelly 3 kun oldin
Amy Carter
Amy Carter 3 kun oldin
So, Disney is avaricious and greedy, what else is new?
Aiden Lapietra
Aiden Lapietra 3 kun oldin
congrats on the son and n I love your content and you rlly make my day how to you come up with h This stuff?
catbug :3
catbug :3 3 kun oldin
Give Micky ya know a stab and a half 😆
Sapati Tufaga
Sapati Tufaga 3 kun oldin
I am now having nightmares about mickey mouse for the rest of my life
Ozzie Smith
Ozzie Smith 3 kun oldin
I Got The Toy Story 4 Teaser Trailer As A Ad, That Was Exciting
SqltySarah 3 kun oldin
love that hamilton reference. "in the throne room where it happened" lol
Cuphead's Channel
Cuphead's Channel 3 kun oldin
1:22 That Laugh Tho
Noodle Sticks
Noodle Sticks 3 kun oldin
2:45 Aaron Burr! Is that you!
Brittany Talton
Brittany Talton 3 kun oldin
**Kicks down door** Must do the Hamilfam call. CAW CAWWWW!
KingAviationer 4 kun oldin
You ll teorise too
Itz_ Raritina
Itz_ Raritina 4 kun oldin
2:45 I swear to God MatPat is just killing it with these Hamilton outtakes
Tiana Roberge
Tiana Roberge 4 kun oldin
yes velope is a prinsess
Daniel 4 kun oldin
Daniel 4 kun oldin
mat pat wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you went to far
Liam McCarthy
Liam McCarthy 4 kun oldin
I advise not reading the james gunn tweet. Highly offensive
Cynthia Cordell
Cynthia Cordell 4 kun oldin
The disney princess stadards are actually on Google if you search "what makes a Disney princess"
LUZ Maldonado
LUZ Maldonado 4 kun oldin
If Vanellope's the new princess, can she ever be the same again?😐
cupcake pickachu
cupcake pickachu 4 kun oldin
I dont think any of the film theory vids are theorys i think there real like if u agree
Sharon Triana
Sharon Triana 5 kun oldin
I think your videos are so entertaining but I love Disney too much, so I feel the need to defend them... If the times weren’t so sensitive then more of the characters would be princesses; like Moana. Don’t blame Disney, they are a business at the end of the day and must be smart in their decisions during these very rigid times. Like you mentioned, they don’t believed they can market Moana as a princess because of “cultural appropriation”. This is not something I agree with at all but they have to appeal to the masses.
Jaimee P
Jaimee P 5 kun oldin
Are you matpat
Sylveon animations and gaming
princes laya's animal side kick would be the two droids RT-D2 and 3C-PO
Lisa Bennett
Lisa Bennett 5 kun oldin
Kill the black rat
Laura Shuford
Laura Shuford 5 kun oldin
You ruined Micky Mouse for me.
Alexis Fox
Alexis Fox 5 kun oldin
Suger buns
Suger buns 5 kun oldin
Harrison Hunn
Harrison Hunn 5 kun oldin
In wreck it Ralph she didn’t become a princess she became a president
Brianna Thomas
Brianna Thomas 5 kun oldin
If you think about it all those princesses have some type of magical power or magical item
Autumn Dye
Autumn Dye 5 kun oldin
Honestly I think that you shouldn't be talking about what is watching you're baby I am scared for you and I barely show emotion sooo THAT IS A REALLLY BIG DEAL DUDE🤡🙃😖☹😦😧😨😰😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Kyle Klemm
Kyle Klemm 5 kun oldin
Your damn tee shirt is $28.99 Naw, Son. I live a few miles from where you grew up so you know how shit be around here.
Lixxie Licious
Lixxie Licious 5 kun oldin
"How to Be a Disney Princesses"
Neon girl
Neon girl 5 kun oldin
lovelight936 Maliena
11:30 that's my b day
Charlie Barsie
Charlie Barsie 6 kun oldin
🛑 *"WRECK lT RALPH 2"* fiIm ▶ t.co/2vOgxnLz4A Unglaublicher film! Sehr zu empfehlen, es auszuprobieren!
OCTO THOT 6 kun oldin
Plz do Steven universe theory
Vivus Autem Mortuus Est
Actually,For The Wreck It Ralph 2 Trailer,It Only Shows The Princess That Are The Stars Of The Movie (I Think)
Scarlet Grey
Scarlet Grey 6 kun oldin
Jesus Mickey has changed
Snow & Steve
Snow & Steve 6 kun oldin
Please do a coraline video
La Gatita
La Gatita 6 kun oldin
Mr. Disney disliked women being part of his workforce... Yet his company had dependence and still depends on women/girl empowerment. Many ppl have been foolish to believe that it's for a good cause, they are wrong it is all about the MONEY.
Splitzblue 6 kun oldin
Also, who thinks that Sarah looks like Stephanie?
Rainbo Kewlnis
Rainbo Kewlnis 6 kun oldin
when MatPat makes a Hamilton reference me: SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE * in happiness *
Splitzblue 6 kun oldin
And thus... MatPatette was born. Or is MatettePat? Or maybe MatettePatette? I dunno. I'm trying to apply the Bowsette meme to MatPat.
Urbanxx 6 kun oldin
elsa is not sans. matpat dum #getmatpatofftheinternet
Caitrin White
Caitrin White 6 kun oldin
I’ve never even heard of the black culdran
Bluebell Flame
Bluebell Flame 6 kun oldin
MatPat...do you Hamilton, cause I swear that there were Hamilton references.
Jeremy Elkington
Jeremy Elkington 6 kun oldin
9:30 Monika. Why did you kill Yuri why I loved Yuri she was my favourite character and the only good girl. 😭😭😭
marines garcia
marines garcia 6 kun oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-GsEoNrMUmHk.html This is actually why 🙃
Sam Khan
Sam Khan 6 kun oldin
why do you break dream flims☹
Your On Planet Sweetness
I like all the princesses i like the new and old lol
Your On Planet Sweetness
I subbed u cus ur hilarious and amazing XD
Daniel Cook
Daniel Cook 7 kun oldin
How to be a disney princesses
Cheese Pump
Cheese Pump 7 kun oldin
tankmaster 7 kun oldin
Playing a drinking game we're every time matpat says princess you take a swig of vodka
Nestor 7 kun oldin
I read the tweets and James Gunn does seem to talk a lot about rape. Hmmmm...🤔🤔🤔
Nippin Lucine
Nippin Lucine 7 kun oldin
The theorist dress should've been Theorist Green
PurpleOasis 7 kun oldin
Iron man and moana? I like how no one is talking about this. Isn't Moana is like, 16 and iron man is like 30. That wouldn't work out to well...
SuR RoD 8 kun oldin
wtf was that intro
Aiman Zulkipli
Aiman Zulkipli 8 kun oldin
I like how everyone focuses about MatPat wanting to be a PRINCESS and not the fact that he has some serious mental misconceptions and issues with Mickey Frikkin Mouse. Seriously like what the heck P.S. I think he is just salty about not getting invited to so many Marvel movie premier
Candy St
Candy St 8 kun oldin
Hercules deserved billions
Alex and Dylan
Alex and Dylan 9 kun oldin
muffin gaming msp
muffin gaming msp 9 kun oldin
Me: what about elana of avalor
Galaxy Doggie
Galaxy Doggie 9 kun oldin
Lets see what Mickey has to say in part 3
Evan Cromer
Evan Cromer 9 kun oldin
I’m surprised not only did they influence the profit they slid it under the rug by saying they took people from the most popular Disney princess movies
Ruby Yates
Ruby Yates 9 kun oldin
*Princess Pat.* *YESSSSS*
Quillow Tree
Quillow Tree 9 kun oldin
Wait dose Vanellope have a animal friend?
Sun Hat
Sun Hat 10 kun oldin
MeRida! It's an R! The Scottish accent sounds different, but please, stop calling her MeDida!
FriMan 10 kun oldin
Kida is best princess, the Atlantas movies were absolutely fantastic
Shelton Manton
Shelton Manton 10 kun oldin
Mickey Mouse sounds like the “A Brief History.” guy.
Licy Gacha mations
Licy Gacha mations 10 kun oldin
lizzys quest to fame
Your account dad