Film Theory: The REAL Reason Wolverine is DYING! (LOGAN)

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LOGAN, you've lived through experimental surgery, countless bullet wounds, an atomic bomb, and EVEN Bodily Disintegration from Jean Grey. But in the end it's your sweet metal exoskeleton that causes your demise? So sad! But there's one little issue - Logan is WRONG! Sure he may be getting poisoned by his metallic upgrade, but in the end, that's not the issue. Then, what's REALLY Killing Logan?! You're about to find out.
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22-Mar, 2017

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Stanislav Dugas
Stanislav Dugas 51 daqiqa oldin
One flaw in your theory.... because of his healing powers his Telomere would get repaired as well. (boooom) theory failed .. sorry budy.
Israel Villarreal
Israel Villarreal 8 soat oldin
no one saw where they sead they put something in the food to kill the mutants
bat brains
bat brains 8 soat oldin
he has a broken heart 😢
Mister No Life
Mister No Life 12 soat oldin
The movie tells you.
Aly Catniss
Aly Catniss Kun oldin
I love how you explain science, you somehow do it infinitely better than any teacher ever has. Consider doing videos where you have to do more math, like algebra! I need help passing that class!
Robb Montez
Robb Montez Kun oldin
This is dumb ...Fuck this channel
BOIXTX 180 Kun oldin
Waqas Rabbani
Waqas Rabbani Kun oldin
ok, so one thing i remembered from the movie that sort of counters this theory is the fact that mutant gene suppressors were added to food and water through a government program, ensuring no new mutants are born... i believe that consuming that same food, logan has shut down his healing factor or at least slowed it down... breakdown of genes in a single generation is possible on a drastic level, theoretically. but environmental factors are more to blame rather than natural components.. !
Jim Bo
Jim Bo Kun oldin
It was very smooth how you drop in those razors lol
grace anna
grace anna 2 kun oldin
I allso said BEER
Kieran Luff
Kieran Luff 2 kun oldin
I have just noticed if Logan would mind his own business and not go to war or fight he might have lived for a lot longer
survivor 1129
survivor 1129 2 kun oldin
Well shit guess im gonna die with my metal plates in my knee
Mr, blast master kimjong u
Loagen age is 250 because the movie Logan is taking in the future and the x men are dead and Logan. Has been in 4 wars in order. So that makes him 250 years old
Luke Pryor
Luke Pryor 3 kun oldin
But his healing factor would stop that so theoretically his healing factor would stop him from his healing factor going away. Right?
Phoenix 5089
Phoenix 5089 3 kun oldin
Wow that’s one smooth transition into the sponsor 11:22
Sean Fitzgerald
Sean Fitzgerald 3 kun oldin
It's a manly film watch it . Your girlfriend will probably hate it but for a man it's inspiring😂
SinOf Pride
SinOf Pride 3 kun oldin
Jack Raider
Jack Raider 3 kun oldin
Actually he's 197
Shy Guy
Shy Guy 3 kun oldin
Did I just learn why people die from age in a youtube video?
kurokaze511 3 kun oldin
um.. he fought in the french-indian war hes a lot older than 140 years seriously you have a picture of him with a flintlock musket at 0:12
WereDictionary 3 kun oldin
Heh. I actually learned a thing or three here. Thanks MatPat (and science friend). :D
NicholasVlogs&StrangeThings 73663
Wait wouldn’t the healing factor fix his cell?
Pie Pie
Pie Pie 4 kun oldin
Matpat but at the end of the movie his arm pops out of the grave.BUT I know it's just a THEORY A FILM THEORY
Fort Niffo
Fort Niffo 4 kun oldin
Matpat your a real dooufus When are you making A video that is real facts and not bullshit speculation Nuxtaku is right about you You don't know what u talking about
Mikkel Kringelholt
Mikkel Kringelholt 4 kun oldin
but shouldnt his healin factors keep his teelemeers healthy
cooper dangerfield
cooper dangerfield 4 kun oldin
sorry to disappoint but it doesn't work like that buddy if you behead him while still has a pulse he'll die for real sorry to say this but there isn't any physical way of saving logan
The Marine Abroad
The Marine Abroad 5 kun oldin
It's not Grammar, it's etymology, Mat
I'm going to call it 2 minutes in. Hes got cancer, and his healing factor is needing to work on overdrive to deal with it, thus making damage harder to recover from and allowing him to grow old, therefore his cells are deteriorating due to age. Edit - Half right, apart from the cancer (at least as far as theories go)
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 6 kun oldin
You should do a theory on Deadpool2
Logan O'Keefe
Logan O'Keefe 6 kun oldin
Healing factor heals telemears
Foxboy Gamer SG
Foxboy Gamer SG 6 kun oldin
Now i am scared because I have braces
Kira Cyclone
Kira Cyclone 6 kun oldin
I want matpat to be my teacher on every subject
Kevin Wang
Kevin Wang 7 kun oldin
For some reason i feel so sad now.
Cord McDonald
Cord McDonald 7 kun oldin
How he vs hulk if he dead
WhatsThis 7 kun oldin
Best way for Wolverine to survive: Give him some of that good old Deadpool’s regeneration experiment. If this is the future, and they know how to cure X men DNA, they should know how to enhance it. (I believe there was some needle that did that.)
willmatt26 Boi
willmatt26 Boi 7 kun oldin
So look this is BROLIC wolverines adimantium skeleton plus claws and Luke cages skin
Username NA
Username NA 7 kun oldin
Whilst it's impressive how you've come to this very plausible conclusion, the real answer is given in the film. Rice says that he used a form of gene therapy to suppress and control random mutation. He went full tinfoil hat-level conspiracy and put it in breakfast cereal and shit. It's the same reason why there are no more mutants.
PsychoDieter91 7 kun oldin
What a stupid video. Part of Wolverine‘s power set is that he doesn’t age. His DNA probably repairs itself. At the start of X men he is already more than 130 years old and still healing fine. If your theory were true he would actually age faster than normal people since he heals so quickly. But he doesn’t. His DNA is better than normal DNA.
Amos Perry
Amos Perry 7 kun oldin
Wouldn't the healing factor fix the DNA also. He loosing powers because of anti-mutant serum in the corn syrup in the foods and drinks in the movie.
Suzie Meatballz
Suzie Meatballz 7 kun oldin
I have hypermobility and I think of it as a super power (it's not) but hypermobility is where your joints are loose and can bend more easily and for the talent show I done some contortions and every one was kinda impressed XD
ILLzeee corner
ILLzeee corner 7 kun oldin
If that what's really happen to logan, can you explain why his healing factor doesn't fix his telomer once his cells divide?
Albin Almquist
Albin Almquist 7 kun oldin
How come his healing factor not heal those bumbers to prevent him from losing his ability?!
Marcus Pajarillo
Marcus Pajarillo 8 kun oldin
They could just add new healing factor from someone who has it.ahem *deadpool*
emma tan
emma tan 8 kun oldin
Won't the healing factor heal his telemitors?
Name Not Found
Name Not Found 8 kun oldin
This was a good theory, even though adamantium is the thing that is killing Logan it doesn’t rust and his healing factor weakened with old age. So the adamantium was always poisoning him but his healing factor kept it at bay until it was weakened.
Choas Rose
Choas Rose 8 kun oldin
Regenerate with a crisper slice with Dead pool, Now that's a tastey salad, Here's a spoon time to toss the salad! I am Top Cheif in Hells kitchen! Now who wants some Fucking Colored eyes Brought to you by The Sgattie monster! Get the colonder of your head son. The Monster is Just a fat rich guy that loves my speghtie, Raman! In the Captain Of Jo Jo Circus!
Choas Rose
Choas Rose 8 kun oldin
He was born with flippers and the doctor split his genitic fins into a hands , but the way the flippers where he had like 4 extra bones that formed flaws.
Redstone145 8 kun oldin
Or something else is that he cannot get old his power stopped the ageing process so his cells and stuff just reheal the damage so there he isn’t dying by what you said its something else
mrbooks5 8 kun oldin
There's also the legacy virus. The doctor/scientist he shot said they put the legacy virus in thousands of common foods and products in small amounts so they could weed out X-mutation without people catching on. The loss of telomeres IS the next likely answer so good video! I bet Logan had another hundred years, if it hadn't been for the legacy virus.
Dave Rubelj
Dave Rubelj 8 kun oldin
I think that Logan is effected by movie in 2013 when Jashida had his bones drilled for healing factor and that is why Logans healing power is weak Because the most of healing power was in Jashida
CanadianCCP 9 kun oldin
Talk with your normal voice to make the video a little more bearable.
CDN Adrian
CDN Adrian 9 kun oldin
Logan is dying because his healing factor is wearing out. his bones are covered in metal it’s been trying to heal him for over a 50 years which has worn his healing factor out, basically his cells are out of juice, it’s also why the green juice temporarily re energized him as it re energized his cells and temporarily gave his power back at full force. you theory fails on this point, your claim is he is evolving out of his mutant power, if that was the case the green juice wouldn’t have helped him because his healing factor doesn’t exist anymore. 100 years ago if you dropped logan in an active volcano he would have died eventually as his healing power would have burned out much faster. Then again how does a bullet to his head kill him no matter what metal it’s made of. it’s not kriptonite it’s just strong enough to pierce his adamantium skull. just shoot him with a lead bullet in his eye socket or stab him in the eye. pretty sure sabertooth has taken a shot to the dome before and even had wolverines metal claw slammed into his brain.
Michael Burkhart
Michael Burkhart 9 kun oldin
In the comics he started aging when magneto pulled out the metal
Peter Tremblay
Peter Tremblay 9 kun oldin
Amateur, Logan is dying because of SJW that want to replace it with a girl!
Andrew Arnold
Andrew Arnold 9 kun oldin
his healing powers would stop telomere damage
William Michael
William Michael 9 kun oldin
His healing factor should be healing his telomeres so no decay ever, right? But Monsanto, stupid high fructose corn syrup that is credited in ending the birth of new mutants in the movie might be fighting his genes.
IRONy lol
grace anna
grace anna 10 kun oldin
We all no whats killing the guy it's BEER ALCOHOL. His got mettle bonus but SCREW that. Screw this Moran
Tabitha Ondriezek
Tabitha Ondriezek 10 kun oldin
Is it just me or does MatPat sound like a pro by saying Logan instead of Wolverine? Just me? Ok....
fire fluff
fire fluff 10 kun oldin
If the government made a dna copying machine and mad enough DNA the could get his super power back fully and give that DNA to other people and if his DNA goes all the way way before they did this it wouldn't work endless you got that time travel person or som thing to take you back get a sample of the DNA copy it and there you go healing factor added back to his DNA now gst to work government we want Logan to live
Super Mario Carter
Super Mario Carter 10 kun oldin
But the hilling facter should be re building his DNA.
Daniel Rex
Daniel Rex 10 kun oldin
So using Matt patts information, we can surmise that if all of the "non-adamantium protected " is destroyed, he could theoretically regenerate from uninfected cells
iBanishedGaming 10 kun oldin
Best Intro Ever..!..?.. ..!
Destroyer920 11 kun oldin
The best part of the video The intro
P1lot_Panda 11 kun oldin
WW2 you mean?
Jose Valadez
Jose Valadez 11 kun oldin
Nigga getting old already 😂 let a nigga retire sheesh 💀
George-Christian Sena Clim
But in the vid you said it would slowly disappear then why would it not show in the other movies ??
Gerald Serna
Gerald Serna 11 kun oldin
I gotta say that this guy didn't watch the movie they explain why. DUH!!!!
Monkey Boy
Monkey Boy 11 kun oldin
But how is he able to stay alive after taking so mutch damadge seince the French revolution
Janet Murphy
Janet Murphy 11 kun oldin
After his healing dna get damaged or go away he wouldnt even have to get shot or stabbed hes over 100 yr old so he would die of old age
kelly daniel
kelly daniel 11 kun oldin
diet coke ...........
deadpooltheone *
deadpooltheone * 11 kun oldin
I waited 11 minutes for Matpat to say irony is killing wolverine
INTENTATIVE * 11 kun oldin
Correction Logan is 195 years old
saif craft
saif craft 11 kun oldin
Did he die
Cringe Cat
Cringe Cat 11 kun oldin
I thought it was just alcohol
The Majin Saiyan Cash
This is a solid theory with facts. BUT Logan's healing factor undoubtedly also apples to his cells, or it wouldn't be possible.
DogeS 11 kun oldin
but wont those dna cells regenerate?
Hector Beck
Hector Beck 11 kun oldin
Senile-senescence ‘Same root word’ Buuuut that’s just a theory. A grammatical theory, aaaaand full stop!
Hector Beck
Hector Beck 11 kun oldin
MatPat hero name idea (judging that his power is brains): TelepathiPat
Abdin boni
Abdin boni 11 kun oldin
Rip gaigin goomba
Meadow Fretenborough
everytime hugh jackman is on screen i instantly think: "THIS IS THE GREATEST SHOOOOOW!"
jorden don
jorden don 12 kun oldin
That's y he's superhero
It's Viola
It's Viola 12 kun oldin
Can we do a video on what actally happened to Cyclops
batnacks 12 kun oldin
In an alternate reality Logan loses most of his healing factor by digesting a mutant cure in order to destroy it. He does get adamantium poisoning but it doesn’t slowly kill him, just means he can’t do wolverine things without dying from a heart attack
Phillip Kotanidis
Phillip Kotanidis 12 kun oldin
Mr colourful
Mr colourful 12 kun oldin
Teony 12 kun oldin
(10:11) i wonder if you can theorize that on deadpool?
Haribans Gill
Haribans Gill 12 kun oldin
Kung fu panda theory plz
Splash 12 kun oldin
If I don’t get an A in biology I’m blaming you
ProdiZiekTv 12 kun oldin
My nigga wolverine is dying cuz of he got shot with a adamantium bullet to the body charles xavier even said to remove it and wolverine was like nah nah brah its his mofo fault his fault i think he is gonna be resurrected cuz fox killed of a money making character just saying
Elvira Librada
Elvira Librada 12 kun oldin
What’s really killing Logan, it’s Highgun , done
OVERRRUN 13 kun oldin
Octane350 13 kun oldin
Matt patt is half right. if Logans bones are completely covered in true adamantium then it would prohibit a fresh source of blood, and platelets carrying dna out from his bone marrow. if Logan had been augmented with adamantium beta he would still be youthful and raging on. here's why. unlike true adamantium, beta adamantium allows the natrual functions of bone to continue, and still retains it's indestructible quality. would it make him inmortal? i want to think so but im not sure. but im sure he would live longer.
Meadow Fretenborough
Casey Metz
Casey Metz 13 kun oldin
Ya like the 10 year old intalectuels watching this want a new razor
James K
James K 13 kun oldin
That segway into dollar shave club 👍 nicely done
Huanita Huanita
Huanita Huanita 13 kun oldin
What about this "theory" jackmam is aging he wanted to step down from the role so they gave logan a decent end
tobe tobe
tobe tobe 13 kun oldin
Isnt he getting mortal in "the Wolverine"
elliot langlinais
elliot langlinais 13 kun oldin
I thought it was from the stuff Rice has put in the food and water to stop the replication of the x gene. Maby Over the years slowly destroying the the X factor in the genome as the cells regenerate. Such as Logan’s healing ability. At the same time causing the current mutants to get sick and slowly die off. I don’t know but I find it ironic that Xavier gets a degenerative brain disease. Logan losses his healing ability and most of the other mutants have falling sick are have died over the years. But agin I may be wrong I am not a scientist just stating my point of view of the movie.
LK Gaming
LK Gaming 13 kun oldin
How come his claws haven't gone away??? Make a theory about that.
MS REAL DEAL 13 kun oldin
The person who is talking in the video sounds like a fucken fagot like og I ain even playin💀