Film Theory: The Secret to FUSING a Cat and Dog (Nickelodeon CatDog)

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Alone in the world is this little CatDog, at least for now. I love Nickelodeon's classic cartoons, but I've always wanted to figure out one thing: What is a "catdog?" Better yet, can a "catdog" really exist? Today Theorists, we are diving into the world of NickToons to figure this out!
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6-Sen, 2018

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Bobbo The Rosso
Bobbo The Rosso 4 oy oldin
Why...why do I need to know this... Rational part of me: Cos Film Theory made a vid on it
ZAlex 11 kun oldin
Allison Bailey
Allison Bailey 18 kun oldin
me: reads your comment my mind: why hav'nt I liked this yet
Pancake Waffle
Pancake Waffle 26 kun oldin
1:48 I watch all of them! I loved this!
Ethan Laurenson
Ethan Laurenson 26 kun oldin
Bobbo The Rosso *
Gaby Gamer
Gaby Gamer 26 kun oldin
Irrational: you clicked it idiot
Marshie2468 Cookiecorn
All I heard was bla bla bla cat dog no and more stuff
Marshie2468 Cookiecorn
I would chose Diet Coke any day other than grape
Jake Sterner
Jake Sterner 9 soat oldin
You can get your very one skit for $20,000
Francisco Silva
Francisco Silva 18 soat oldin
Aleah Perrill
Aleah Perrill Kun oldin
Why didn't you mention theodd1sout
Orange Venom
Orange Venom Kun oldin
I love the greatest showman
paul drowne
paul drowne Kun oldin
Why cant we just get rid of the cat blood entirely? 🤔
son N
son N Kun oldin
Hayden Peterson
Hayden Peterson Kun oldin
bradleygaming 125
ren and stimpy
lola puppy
lola puppy 2 kun oldin
The closest I could think of would perhaps be a parasitic twin? Could that work FT?
Peter Mann
Peter Mann 2 kun oldin
I loved the greasiest show man!!!!!!!!
Nerdking42 2 kun oldin
I bet skip cloning in wholesale bulk is a good deal
Marie and Danny
Marie and Danny 2 kun oldin
You aré bad
Jack Babb
Jack Babb 2 kun oldin
Anderw Reyes
Anderw Reyes 3 kun oldin
Gavin Ballard
Gavin Ballard 3 kun oldin
Love nicktoons
CrypticViper Minecraft,and more
Matpat you are gonna need 143,547,320,000 dollars just to produce enough skips just for film theory alone
Just A Random Person
Troy Wilkins
Troy Wilkins 3 kun oldin
lol 13:47
Cooper Pollock
Cooper Pollock 3 kun oldin
bigidy chungalus
bigidy chungalus 4 kun oldin
how do they poop?
Abby Afton
Abby Afton 4 kun oldin
You should have merch of cat pat with a little flim theory sweater! Please Mat pat!
Abby Afton
Abby Afton 4 kun oldin
A plushie
pastel fox
pastel fox 4 kun oldin
Bleach get your bleach!
Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana 4 kun oldin
batatinha man
batatinha man 4 kun oldin
Soooo... This ends on nothing?
Lexi Plays Gacha studios
Ove seen a two headed calf
Lexi Plays Gacha studios
Baby cow
cutsyartsy the inkling
Keyboard cat? Why not bongo cat?
Willimations / VideoGames
- xXDeclanMLGXx -
- xXDeclanMLGXx - 4 kun oldin
Gabe or pusheen
Cindy Dijkema
Cindy Dijkema 4 kun oldin
Dogthulhu 5 kun oldin
Spider lamb! Spider lamb! Dose what ever a spider can.
KAZYBURGER Youtube 5 kun oldin
I love cat dog even low I was not around then
Dalton Thunder
Dalton Thunder 5 kun oldin
Kebord cat can play music Gabe sings
J-Bear OwO
J-Bear OwO 5 kun oldin
Where did that cat take those piano lessons from? And I also used to have a stick and called it stick-alodean. Idk why.
G.rystal 5 kun oldin
Ahh yeah. Good old Tshernobyl. What a nice memory of hometown
Jake bittmar
Jake bittmar 5 kun oldin
How does cat dog poop
boobabay e
boobabay e 5 kun oldin
Camel and girafe
Lauryn Alexander
Lauryn Alexander 5 kun oldin
Creepish and quite intense. :-O
THE OMEGA TNT 6 kun oldin
Dog blood is so well Dog
Coyote Kyle
Coyote Kyle 6 kun oldin
5:41 are you sure that's not grunkle Stan?
Astrid derks
Astrid derks 6 kun oldin
Put me down for a Skip
College Master
College Master 6 kun oldin
10:21 Wait...........so Cyriak WASN'T CRAZY??!! O_O
Cartoon Master
Cartoon Master 6 kun oldin
I'm not saying MatPat is a sexist, but when he called out other animators, did you notice the main two he mentions are the top two *_FEMALE_* ones...he never said "Keep your _Adams_ , or your _James'_ , or your _TomSka's_ ??? (just kidding I love all of these guys)
elizabeth schader
elizabeth schader 6 kun oldin
That transition was smooth AF
Mr. UniqueUnifion
Mr. UniqueUnifion 6 kun oldin
Fortnite Rarity Scale
Lynch Reacher
Lynch Reacher 6 kun oldin
Cat + dog....hmmmmm such a hard concept.....but wait!!! A “cat-dog” already exists in nature!!! It’s called a Fox. Wow....wow....woW....
Ya Boi Peachea
Ya Boi Peachea 6 kun oldin
The lamb with eight legs was a picture my teacher used for an example of mutation in my science class. gIVe mE tHE eYe bLEeTCh
Aralc 50
Aralc 50 7 kun oldin
Me :How dare he insult jaidenanimations....... wait he didn’t insult theoddonesout......... EXPOSED
SportaRose 10
SportaRose 10 7 kun oldin
I'd rather do a lazy town binge
SportaRose 10
SportaRose 10 7 kun oldin
Stick stickly?
Random Games
Random Games 7 kun oldin
im a silver snake boyyy
Caden Tomczak
Caden Tomczak 7 kun oldin
HEY you just crossed the line you stay away from jaiden animation
Anti-social Headphones Kid
So I closed my eyes during the mutant part but MatPat’s descriptions seemed incredibly interesting
Gaboom 7137
Gaboom 7137 7 kun oldin
The loud house has a legends of the hidden temple reference. It’s not subtle. It’s cool
Samthememe 777
Samthememe 777 7 kun oldin
Wuddup bitch -lil pump
Ant Ope
Ant Ope 7 kun oldin
You are mean very mean
Caleb Stroud
Caleb Stroud 8 kun oldin
You implied that as a child you wondered whether you can cross breed a cat and a dog whilst a bunch of people myself included we're wondering if we can pick our nose with our toes matpat wtf
A G 8 kun oldin
Wait mules are hybrids
Audrey pYE
Audrey pYE 8 kun oldin
Fun fact.. two men were born attached to each other by a *kidney* this was before they could surgically remove them and they actually lived for a very long life considering their time and.. living attached to each other...
Mookie 8 kun oldin
hi everybody
J&J Creations
J&J Creations 8 kun oldin
Hey...jaiden animations isn’t that bad
InfestedChris 8 kun oldin
Since you are on Nick Toons, I would love a film theory on AHHH Real Monsters, and Hey Arnold.
lonely wolf
lonely wolf 8 kun oldin
How would they poop tho =/
可愛いネコ 8 kun oldin
That guy who thought of the cat piano is a genius.
Tyler Byrd
Tyler Byrd 8 kun oldin
But how do they poop.
Faulty Flipbook
Faulty Flipbook 8 kun oldin
Where’s my Skip?
Galaxy Bear
Galaxy Bear 8 kun oldin
Mat pat: donkeys and horses weren't classified different until a few years ago Me: how much are talkin, a hundred or 200 years? Mat pat: over 4 million Me: what ft you said a FEW years ago
jasmine Pearce
jasmine Pearce 9 kun oldin
Who else has Turner syndrome up in this joint 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️
Elliot Belliot
Elliot Belliot 9 kun oldin
I think doge and keyboard cat are brother and sister
Zombifire Jake
Zombifire Jake 9 kun oldin
Bru domix is better then you
Everything is a JoJo Reference
How it poop
funtime mangle
funtime mangle 10 kun oldin
AmyASMR :3
AmyASMR :3 10 kun oldin
Wow I waited for that Skip merch and it never came
Tomato Studios
Tomato Studios 10 kun oldin
“All those Jaidens...” is that a bad thing or a good thing I subscribe to u and jaiden
Jessica Pendleton
Jessica Pendleton 10 kun oldin
This video was so GREAT! I learned SO MUCH from it about cats and dogs. I kinda thought that a cat and dog MIGHT could mate because of the ligers and other animals like that. But, I guess they can't.
Gone to The triplets
You need a husky and a wolf to make a SIBERIAN WOLF 🐺+🐱
Kairi Anne Stell
Kairi Anne Stell 10 kun oldin
The hardest question in the universe. Dog memes or cat memes? The answer is neither. The best memes are gaming memes. Plz don't yell at me cuz you like dog/cat memes.
Mr. Fahrenheit
Mr. Fahrenheit 10 kun oldin
I was born in 2000 and I remember all of that nick toons stuff
Falloutfanboi 10 kun oldin
If the whale is a killer whale,a killer whale/orca are actually dolphins. The name is a trick. NO JOKE!
onz lo
onz lo 10 kun oldin
64 bit horses? Sure why not
Allie STEEL 10 kun oldin
oh my god, thundercats! i havent watched that in years! when mat said it my mind just blew up with the sudden urge to binge watch EVERY episode!.
Cupboard Boi
Cupboard Boi 10 kun oldin
How does cat dog poop
Coolgames64 11 kun oldin
What if we use radiation to melt a cat and dog together while also killing their entire immune system?
DayDay dawson
DayDay dawson 11 kun oldin
I love cat dog and Rocko's Modern Life
Sarah Rao
Sarah Rao 11 kun oldin
Can you genetically modify gametes by inserting cat and dog DNA?
raspberry marshmallow swirl XD
when i played with my toys when i was 8,i had a cat mom and i dog dad and the baby was a dog and a cat.twins but not like cat dog.just a cat and a dog.lol i was like "a cat and dog should have two kids a cat and a dog."i never saw cat dog till i was ten!
Sophia Alexandria
Sophia Alexandria 11 kun oldin
me watching at night chillin so i dont need eye bleach
ZAlex 11 kun oldin
I said hi to a bit of the comment section but realized I could say hi here so...Hi
Véro Nique
Véro Nique 11 kun oldin
We we wey I love those you tubers and jeans
Aden's sketchy
Aden's sketchy 11 kun oldin
damn I feel old know hearing the Nicktoons Rhythms
Orcone 11 kun oldin
how does it poop
Alex Chavez
Alex Chavez 11 kun oldin
And theoy fan
Alex Chavez
Alex Chavez 11 kun oldin
Odd1souts fan
Moth lamp
Moth lamp 11 kun oldin
Dogs are the suprem ordeal
Random dork on the internet
how would cat dog be able to use the restroom
Cookieclub12 321
Cookieclub12 321 11 kun oldin
Hi people who don't want to use eye bleach
James Smith
James Smith 11 kun oldin
Is this sponsored?
shleich fanatic
shleich fanatic 11 kun oldin
My dream is being an animator not a lolypop stick like you