Film Theory: Venom is the VICTIM! (Spiderman)

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Venom - the symbiote with a taste for... well, people. Not only does Venom have a human host in Eddie Brock, but he chomps down on a few as well. Is that ACTUALLY good for him? You see, I think that Venom is being HURT by the humans he needs to survive! How? Let me show you!
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11-Okt, 2018

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Venom 3 oy oldin
Don't tell everyone my secret
Joan Paz
Joan Paz 3 kun oldin
Shadow Funtime Foxy
Negotiator Coolness
Amber Keene
Amber Keene 3 soat oldin
0:38 what are you talking about? Peter Parker’s dance scene is iconic haha haha
Braden Hart
Braden Hart 4 soat oldin
What did venom say I heard I’m a purge and a mat in the win
Melon Gamer
Melon Gamer 6 soat oldin
Venom is the Victim CHANGE MY MIND (Crowder reference)
【 ʙʟᴏᴏᴍ 】
-so does this mean eddie's on top or-
Average Guy
Average Guy 14 soat oldin
Venom should be the new Announcer for Mortal Kombat.
Shyguyfan90 Roblox
Sio basically a vemon is like a tailed beast from Naruto?
Ethan NeSmith
Ethan NeSmith Kun oldin
Actually Marval has actually shown Venom’s kind but their not evil their a peaceful species but there are some of them that will harm others which is referred to them being corrupted and so their sent away to keep the corruption from spreading which is why venom kills people until he sees what he is doing is wrong and is hurting another species so he wants to make sure that nothing happen to them unless they do something bad like the robber
Ethan NeSmith
Ethan NeSmith Kun oldin
Also they use people because they can’t communicate by them self they need something that talks like a human to speak
lil Zekey
lil Zekey Kun oldin
9:25 the stick is a drumstick
THE RagingCookie 43
Venom is cute + he is now good
Cactus Kun oldin
Okay. So what I'm learning from this so far is that instead of Venom being a badass, he should start eating more people and having sex. Alright then. I'll take it.
Hime Sweetz
Hime Sweetz Kun oldin
Mr Mister
Mr Mister 2 kun oldin
Can’t wait too watch VICTIM in theatres
Connor Stonecipher
Connor Stonecipher 2 kun oldin
He's a anti hero
Connor Stonecipher
Connor Stonecipher 2 kun oldin
He's not a villain he's a another carnage is a villain
TokAdam TR
TokAdam TR 2 kun oldin
7:08 Fortnite
roman coolman
roman coolman 2 kun oldin
Elijah Thompson
Elijah Thompson 3 kun oldin
I have 2 cats. Super paranoid now. Thank you. 😓😨😱😷☠
Eugene John
Eugene John 3 kun oldin
isnt it a symbiosis because venom is slowly eating brock from the inside but venom needs brock as a "transportation" and so they agreed that only bad guys can be eaten, so meaning that they need each other since anyways the said that they are both losers
AwesomeyFox 3 kun oldin
if this is true then they are both pure because you said venom is fighting for survival and people attack him because they misunderstand him
embasan audios
embasan audios 3 kun oldin
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 3 kun oldin
See scientific proof you can be driven crazy by a pussy....cat.
The One and Only Neon Sheep
Funny how MatPats predicted ending is 100% right
Slick YRM
Slick YRM 3 kun oldin
I thought though that by definition the alien/klyntar are "symbiotes" which means they benefit the host similar to how the host benefits them, and a "parasite" just takes what it needs from the host without benefitting the host in return?
J M 3 kun oldin
Because they bond with rabbits
double k
double k 3 kun oldin
he is a simbyot
SizzorX YZ
SizzorX YZ 3 kun oldin
Take a shot every time matpat says reproduce.
Arem Stan
Arem Stan 3 kun oldin
My cat doesn't eat rats. My cat eats cockcroac-
Fortnite Boi
Fortnite Boi 3 kun oldin
*PARASITE!!! APOLOGIZE!!!!* But really, Venom hates when he’s called a parasite and corrects people when the call him a parasite. It’s not because he doesn’t want to feel bad, it’s because he is a symbeote. Venom and Eddy have a symbiotic relationship. Venom gets to eat with the help of Eddy and Eddy gets protected with the help of Venom. I do have to say that this is a great theory since most people commenting about this watched the movie while you haven’t when making this video. So, great job.
W universe
W universe 3 kun oldin
This theory is right
fish mat
fish mat 3 kun oldin
don't have a cat
Chubbby C
Chubbby C 4 kun oldin
8:31 scared TF out of me
Epimetran 4 kun oldin
So if they were originally made to bond with celestials, would that mean that they would bond with Peter quill pretty well?
Tilly Newman
Tilly Newman 4 kun oldin
Matpat the reason people like venom so much is because he's hot next question
Mr. Hopper
Mr. Hopper 4 kun oldin
Mario and Minecraft
Why would you have dollar shave club as your sponsor if most your subs are young
The People
The People 4 kun oldin
Pretty darn close to 15 minutes, Mat at 14:35
I_AM_THE_SPIDER 4 kun oldin
You know venom heals the user along with giving strength, also the venom symbiont feeds of of a neurotoxin that are in chocolate and tadertots, and no I'm not shiting you that's why in the movie he eats people
simonas zalalis
simonas zalalis 4 kun oldin
rubyred alec
rubyred alec 4 kun oldin
Martin Montero
Martin Montero 4 kun oldin
Me:what are you. Venom:we are the victims Me:😐😳
L 4 kun oldin
9:43 thank me later.
Nerdz_ play
Nerdz_ play 4 kun oldin
Guardians says that is the severed head
NiaX 4 kun oldin
I think anyone whose read spidey would know that the symbiote is a victom
Brody Baggerman
Brody Baggerman 4 kun oldin
i have thought of venom as the victim
joy banna
joy banna 4 kun oldin
I have a cat I am scared now
Chegg 4 kun oldin
DO ONE ON CARNAGE "Was Cletus infecting Carnage?"
Cyrus Chong
Cyrus Chong 4 kun oldin
You included
BrodyGamingpro sweet
The world has enough theorists.
DeathWatcher 019
DeathWatcher 019 5 kun oldin
What we see: Venom What movie producers see: 💰
Gabriela Borges
Gabriela Borges 5 kun oldin
7:45- Seven or eight people including the ones in the car.
Firegester10 plays
Firegester10 plays 5 kun oldin
I dont know if i fully remember Spider-Man 3 but im pretty sure venom never transformed spiderman into a huge creature like it did to Eddie Brock in Venom. Why is this? Also why did venom not talk to spiderman? We know that some symbiotes are more advanced than others. Like the symbiote that infected the evil boss of L.i.f.e, (forgot his name). The symbiote is way stronger and can even turn his hands into knives. Yet, spiderman maintains his thin shape after venom infects him.
NotDante 5 kun oldin
Holy crap Mat pat sayied that Edy will purify Venom and that actually happend
Te cake was a lie
Te cake was a lie 5 kun oldin
At the points of 2:23 and 3:45 it reminded me of the very rare parasite in pokemon
Wade Leon
Wade Leon 5 kun oldin
I was was on board cause I loved the movie, i thought it was cute and funny. Like I want one as a pet ya know or like a best buddy. Also I think venom doesn’t really care who sees him not only cause he doesn’t give a shit but even if he did he doesn’t know social norms since he just got to earth and may not fully understand them. Things back “home” may be very different....buuuuuut idk I’m probably just stupid.
Gorg._.408 5 kun oldin
The thing about symbiotes, they try to bond with the perfect host. No matter what it is
Peachy Patrick
Peachy Patrick 5 kun oldin
_Space Jesi_
Nohely Alvarez
Nohely Alvarez 5 kun oldin
We are matpat
Mychal Robles
Mychal Robles 5 kun oldin
Why did he use Hugo strange
Maria McMickens
Maria McMickens 5 kun oldin
Iv had the bird flu before
ThatKidOnYoutube 5 kun oldin
Morty Smith
Morty Smith 5 kun oldin
Venom: black goo from a race called the Klyntar, latches on to you and takes over if you get one drop on your tan trenchcoat (guess which movie 😉) and manifests itself into a humugous alien with jellyfish tentacles that can crush anything, and above all else is endowed with a Gene Simmons tongue. Great villiain Marvel, too bad u made villiain that can destroy it and gave it the easiest weakness possible. I could defeat it with a metal pipe and a tuning fork!
john doe
john doe 5 kun oldin
venom is crazy becouse he was attached to deadpool for 10 seconds but it lost its mind in that short amount of time film comics exsplained did an episode about it
Michael Frontera
Michael Frontera 6 kun oldin
HEY MATPAT! About to destroy your theory. Spider-Man 3, everybody (including Peter Parker) who comes in contact with the symbiote are corrupted. He was temporarily turned into a slightly evil, fully douche version of himself. The Venom symbiote is itself an a hole. It turns its hosts evil.
Lbpc2 2
Lbpc2 2 6 kun oldin
He did not watch venom
Alex Adewuyi
Alex Adewuyi 6 kun oldin
Do a theory that venom is another spiderman in the spiderverse
Jackeris130 /Phoenix Productions
Venom wasn’t a parasite. He needs a host to survive in an oxygenated environment. In turn he gives the host the ability to survive the vacuum.
GloomyFlamigo ;
GloomyFlamigo ; 6 kun oldin
Honestly half of the video I was thinking can u speak English
Brothers Foundation
Venom worst villain is Spider-Man 3
My sister has schizophrenia and at a young age she always took care of the cat. 😦😧
Carson Schoch
Carson Schoch 6 kun oldin
He’s not a parasite both Eddie and venom gain from them bonding hmm, what’s that called? Oh yeah a symbiotic relationship. So he’s not a parasite he’s a symbiote Now don’t get the wrong idea I don’t hate matpat or any of his theories it’s just that really gets on my nerves Also I’m not taking this like it’s supposed to be true it’s most likely not
Devastator Eats
Devastator Eats 6 kun oldin
Sympiotes gain the traits of there last host and one of venoms last host was deadpool and multiple aggressive lifeforms soooooo
wescraftrulz 6 kun oldin
In the comics venom and Eddie are best friends
Marcus Mason
Marcus Mason 6 kun oldin
Anyone else think of a venom cat that is just a normal cat but black (but like eating people as well but cats are cute we won’t care)
Gautam Chandwani
Gautam Chandwani 6 kun oldin
There is a difference in a parasite and a symbiote
Dr. Limbo
Dr. Limbo 6 kun oldin
Something I've always wondered is, does the symbiotes simply cover its host, building a new form on the outside of their skin and inside their body to fight whatever threatens its health, or does it literally morph the hosts body into a new form upon emerging?
sonny greenley
sonny greenley 6 kun oldin
Heard once that venom was brought along by the group of symbiotes to tank hits while the others did the work. All the constructs he created during the movie were defensive. He was a loser on his planet and was brought along to get beaten up.
joel mac
joel mac 6 kun oldin
another one that was made to infect animals the simian flu
Strong Like
Strong Like 6 kun oldin
People- *sees the study in cats* :O *runs to kick the cat out and misses the context*
djextinct 7 kun oldin
A PARASITE!? Apologies!
poopideeshroop 7 kun oldin
Or you could just watch the movie
Samaksh Khatri
Samaksh Khatri 7 kun oldin
There are multiple forms of symbiosis. Theres parasitism, mutualism, commensalism and ammensalism. In parasitism, one organism is harmed while other is benefitted from the close association. In mutualism, both are benefitted. In commensalism, one is benefitted while other is not affected. In ammensalism, one is harmed while other is not affected. I think the symbiosis of Eddie and Venom is mutualism as Eddie provides a host to Venom and Venom protects Eddie. Parasitic organisms do not protect their hosts, instead they almost everytime kill them. Venom has actually been shown to heal Eddie
Dylan Fiore
Dylan Fiore 7 kun oldin
and for kleatus cassidy, well we all no that story, it was about psychosis, in which he was the behavior of just being violent, but with no actual reason, but venom could only comprehend human behavior to the extent of reasons for behavior, motives, emotions, not raw aggression and psychosis, venom became more dangerous as he adopted the behavior of not being self contained, that he could not contain the psychotic state of mind as mere behavior adapting symbiote, but had to become a violent rage filled monster himself with the sole purpose of making others psychotic, seeing as how he adopted kleatus' behavior as a survival mechanism, venom could not realize that psychosis was dangerous and not survival, but became infectious and did what it wanted, because if kleatus has no motivation to his behavior, then venom should forget motivation to behavior to, forget how to behave with rationalism, become an independent psychotic being of his own, seeing as how venom lost reason when adopted traits of kassidy, he shall no longer have a protocol of adopting behaviors, but to go with it's own flow, like kassidy!
Laird Wackyla
Laird Wackyla 7 kun oldin
wait... so the parasite can infect humans but passes from the rat to the cat, and is transmitted via consumption... welp! so much for my cat burger!
Dylan Fiore
Dylan Fiore 7 kun oldin
(not in the way of survival but more about being the winner), and for macmcgargan/scorpio, he became competitive but unlike flash he wanted entitlement to a throne of power.
Dylan Fiore
Dylan Fiore 7 kun oldin
it really isn't anyone's fault for the behavior, it is not eddy's nor venoms, venom is unintentionally picking up eddy's toxic emotions, and eddy is just having emotions, so eddy has thoughts and emotions that just show behavior of envy for popularity, revenge against enemies through the symbiotes actions, and when peter got in touch, he started fighting crime, when harry got in touch, he started to protect his father (even if he had got themself and norman/ goblin caught in a sinking helicarrier, that was after battling the rest of shield and the team), or when it infected flash thompson (twice) where he became both insecure, a big jock trying to threaten beatle if he doesn't give taskmaster location (like spidey said "not what heroes do") and when he became strong and felt comforted with fighting since flash likes to play on the field and has trouble with emotions sometimes but has built to live in a hard world, and in the newer series where flash becomes overly stuck in wining a game, venom became competitive too (not in the way of
sami fuller
sami fuller 7 kun oldin
It is funny that you used lion king for the parasites
Its your boi OGTV
Its your boi OGTV 7 kun oldin
7:05 that fortnite screen
FatPhil 7 kun oldin
I grant you the visual hallucinations, but Venom's voice could be him actually vibrating Eddie's eardrums. Whispering so softly that Daredevil wouldn't overhear, just Eddie
Vanessa Fettell
Vanessa Fettell 7 kun oldin
Watching this after seeing the movie is hilarious, because Eddie actually did purify Venom. XD
DASHO dez 7 kun oldin
Matt Pat and film thoery film thoery is the symbiote matpatt is Eddie brock
Smithsonian smith
Smithsonian smith 7 kun oldin
Abby Sharrock
Abby Sharrock 7 kun oldin
Spongiform is my favourite word.
best channel
best channel 7 kun oldin
Parasyte: The Maxim at 1:59. Thank me later...
Pigeon :I
Pigeon :I 7 kun oldin
It’s was a good movie I gotta say
OUTATIME 7 kun oldin
Hey shit eater. Lol
OUTATIME 7 kun oldin
Yuppie, parasites are NEAT °!
OUTATIME 7 kun oldin
Tabitha Ondriezek
Tabitha Ondriezek 8 kun oldin
Oh wait, this isn’t Tom Holland... R.I.P
TA TINN 8 kun oldin
Would a parasite BE HONEST and SAY he's a parasite?