Film Theory: Venom is the VICTIM! (Spiderman)

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Venom - the symbiote with a taste for... well, people. Not only does Venom have a human host in Eddie Brock, but he chomps down on a few as well. Is that ACTUALLY good for him? You see, I think that Venom is being HURT by the humans he needs to survive! How? Let me show you!
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11-Okt, 2018



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Black suit spidey
Don't tell everyone my secret
oh no no
oh no no 15 kun oldin
Bumblebee !!
Bumblebee !! 24 kun oldin
Whooo, I’m the 500th reply 😎
Jasper Ong_the flash fan
Venom 88
Casey Twisdale
Are you the real venom or someone pretending
Jonah Khalifa
Jonah Khalifa Oy oldin
imperium 107 oof
kartini oppo
kartini oppo 7 soat oldin
KAKAWhy Venom 2
Justin Moran
Justin Moran 10 soat oldin
If venom is speaking in his ear, thats not a hallucination.. a hallucination is something that does not pertain to reality..
Dr.Potatoz 10 soat oldin
Admin 13 soat oldin
14:47 is soooooo funny
Gage Boyer
Gage Boyer 19 soat oldin
7 people
Winter Wolf
Winter Wolf Kun oldin
Also: In the 4000-6000 Hertz range, Venom and Riot becomes unstable and starts to retract from Eddie to get away from the noise, and Eddie (and Carlton) suffers with them. This could be in a sense a sensory overload, which is very common in people with mental illness. Especially with loud or awful continuous noises. Eddie doesn’t really get any sleep. You could chalk it up to having literal militia level agents trying to detain and murder Eddie, or in Carlton’s case experimenting on him, but if we’re going with the idea that Venom can cause schizophrenia, it’s not uncommon for schizophrenics to stay awake for one reason or another. (Or even for mentally ill people to develop insomnia) Eddie is also suffering from major depression, and there’s actually a form of psychosis known as PTSD-Induced Psychosis. Sure, Eddie isn’t abused or facing life and death everyday but he loses everything in one day. It’s his fault of course, but that doesn’t change that he’s a rattled man. Could also explain why Venom and Eddie get along pretty quick. Eddie probably already had a few psychotic episodes over the course of the few months in the movie. (Same goes to Carlton. He was a sadistic man with a god complex. Of course he’d have some form of psychosis) The comedic scene of Eddie in the restaurant with Dan and Anne is pretty much a great example of a mental breakdown to the umpth degree, especially when you consider the mixture of confusion and aggressive behavior. Even the hunger makes sense to me because for a lot of people, when they breakdown they eat like pigs. Eddie also seems to have issues with alcohol. It’s not outright but it’s implied via him drinking at the bar after the scene of him and Anne breaking up. It could be possible that’s been his coping mechanism and it fucked up his mental state. In short Although I don’t think Venom is a villain or a parasite, I can see why one draws those conclusions and why you would correlate the cat parasite to Venom via the schizophrenia link. That said, I like this theory. But in a “I think this fun” way not “This is informative”. Thought I’d point out those things though :)
George Walker
George Walker Kun oldin
my mom said venom looks like a kiss reject
The Slenderina's Daughter Of The Day
That "guy" at the store is the end clip. He is eating a robber and the one that venom is eating at the street, he's still in his evil part
Anand Murugan
Anand Murugan Kun oldin
Hell nah bro, Venom ain't no parasite, it's a symbiote as it's name suggests so you're kinda wrong @ 2:20
Spider Man
Spider Man 2 kun oldin
Venom is an anti hero delivering justice in not a justiful way he kills villains
T2C_AlphaNuke 4567890
Came here to learn about Venom but instead was diagnosed with Schizophrenia
Absolute Newb
Absolute Newb 2 kun oldin
14 minuets Matt Patt, you were close
Mr Payback
Mr Payback 4 kun oldin
Man eating cat?Do you mean FLERKEN?!
??? 4 kun oldin
And Kids that’s why you poop in the toilet ;)
A living Microwave
A living Microwave 6 kun oldin
Great venom has depression
Henry Royster
Henry Royster 6 kun oldin
Sooo... why do diseases kill people???
Gabs Gaming
Gabs Gaming 6 kun oldin
kelly daniel
kelly daniel 8 kun oldin
1:59 PARASITE !!
Julien studios
Julien studios 8 kun oldin
Viscous Endosymbiotic Nueroactive Obligate Mutualist
Shandy Leng
Shandy Leng 8 kun oldin
God damn I love venom
Koala on a Whale
Koala on a Whale 9 kun oldin
web bam thank u maam. hmm.
vectropolis -
vectropolis - 9 kun oldin
Finally a venom theory(waiting for subnautica and Bandersnatch)
vectropolis -
vectropolis - 9 kun oldin
I realize that by the end of the show, he doesn't actually answer why he says that Venom is a victim and how its related to spiderman since its a different universe from MCU
Zap Craftihoof
Zap Craftihoof 9 kun oldin
Huh, you actually predicted some important parts of the movie...why do I feel like that isn't coincidence
Black Dot
Black Dot 9 kun oldin
Anyone that knows anything about Marvel already knows that the symbiotes aren't aggresive. They only enhance the emotions humans already have and the specific symbiote Venom took on a lot of its traits from aggresive humans its fused with previously.
S.V- Born Artist and Gamer
12:21 Looks like Venom and Jeff the Killer into one entity
Gercho-San Andrade
Gercho-San Andrade 14 kun oldin
The original venom is actually a little unstable because he has Peter's mind mixed within itself, and then when it attach to Eddie it adds to the mixture, specially because Eddie is also unstable. That's the mind of the symbiote, a mixture of Peter and Eddie.
oH yEAH 15 kun oldin
Parasyte the maxim 😀
Alicja Walendziak
Alicja Walendziak 15 kun oldin
I think venom is more about integrating your shadow self and psychology
MC Duckter
MC Duckter 15 kun oldin
Artez Lacson
Artez Lacson 15 kun oldin
I'm not even 2 minutes in the video and I think it's stupid and sucks. I can think of three things of why this is wrong
A Person Of YouTube
A Person Of YouTube 15 kun oldin
Me the whole video: What’s schizophrenia?
I'm not important
I'm not important 16 kun oldin
Don't call him a parasite, i think he takes offense to that
Da Boi
Da Boi 16 kun oldin
steals nutrients, gives you superpowers
Nicki Lamirault
Nicki Lamirault 18 kun oldin
I don't own a cat!
Aslan Tate-Alderson
Aslan Tate-Alderson 18 kun oldin
Every thing the poop touches is your home.
Ninja Youtube
Ninja Youtube 20 kun oldin
If Eddie dies in the explosion then Venom dies as well because there isn't any life force supporting him
theglem4 20 kun oldin
Oh, it makes total sense. Eddie is self-destructive, then, like you said, the symbiote becomes self-destructive.
theglem4 20 kun oldin
Woah woah woah... Bizarro's not a villian, he's just misunderstood... mostly.
pikaseel 20 kun oldin
Babies are parasites and you can't convince me otherwise.
Kai Beasley
Kai Beasley 20 kun oldin
Venom is an anti-hero like deadpool
BlazePlayz YT
BlazePlayz YT 21 kun oldin
Venom is a parasite, but he doesn't want to be called that. To him, it's an insult.
opodad 21 kun oldin
5:58 biker dude sponsors the XBOX...
Mystery Man
Mystery Man 21 kun oldin
Your scaring me with schizophrenia
JordanJustJordan 21 kun oldin
this was debunked, the symbiote is evil and it was proven sorry MatPat
the Cannon
the Cannon 21 kun oldin
Tom Hardy was perfect he normally plays a big tough guy but before venom came in Brock was a puss
captainbatman 22 kun oldin
cats make you crazy! I knew it!
Lamborghini Gaming
Lamborghini Gaming 22 kun oldin
Venom is my favorite anti hero so happy you did a vid on him
PlayerNO 2
PlayerNO 2 23 kun oldin
12:21 i got bamboozled
Carolina Ibarra
Carolina Ibarra 23 kun oldin
I don't have a cat!
Domim 23 kun oldin
can someone make a parasite bettle royale.
Devan Dracker
Devan Dracker 23 kun oldin
and vemon is also shown bonding with animals as well show when he bonds with the dog at the hospital.
Devan Dracker
Devan Dracker 23 kun oldin
yeah but did you take into account that he can't have any mental problems occurring because the suit allows his body to heal at an accelerated rate, and that would probably cure most diagnosis's
ZenyX CZ
ZenyX CZ 23 kun oldin
12:20 That's gonna haunt my worst nightmares
Deathadder 6800
Deathadder 6800 24 kun oldin
Just read guardians of the galaxy 2013 comic #23, venom actually saves the world at the end of the movie anyways so he is kind of a hero
The Stin
The Stin 24 kun oldin
stop saying "quote" its very annoying
Carlos E
Carlos E 24 kun oldin
That is why dogs are better than cats.
Aman Mamat
Aman Mamat 24 kun oldin
5:02 my cousin owns a cat and croc since she was 2
TruthHurts 777
TruthHurts 777 24 kun oldin
Venom was abducted by aliens.
Jack Pot
Jack Pot 25 kun oldin
"I'm not a parasite"
The1catt Cat game
The1catt Cat game 25 kun oldin
Venom is and will always be a simbiot, but you are saying that he is a parasite, it’s like you are saying that an apple is a pare! He is a simbiot that’s needs to feed on his host because he doesn’t have the nutrition to survive and support his host and he is putting the host in danger because he is in a new environment, it’s like you put a human in space! and what was the problem? 0G and solar radiation and the limited food amount! Venom needs to learn to survive in the new environment and the new nutrition and to the host! Venom is killing the host not because he is a parasite (he is a simbiot) he is trying to survive! What happened to your body when you eat nothing for 1 month? The brain is trying to survive! In the restaurant he went in the acuarium with lobsters and venom try to force feed the host and at his house he tried to eat food that was in the bind! So venom is a simbiot!!!
Pugy Potato
Pugy Potato 25 kun oldin
Notifications on
Earl Militante
Earl Militante 26 kun oldin
first time i disagree
Leeann hell yeah man
You should cover the purge all of The Purge has like the first Purge Purge election year and Purge Anarchy and just The Purge
Grace Gutierrez
Grace Gutierrez 26 kun oldin
It actually wasn’t rats that speed the black plague
Rainbow Bunny cat cat
What is a Peter Parker dance break?
Moji boy
Moji boy 26 kun oldin
It’s revealed in the venomverse comics that the symbiote’s are meant to fuse with things called poisons.
U Myo Kyi
U Myo Kyi 27 kun oldin
My rabbit's name is Mr Fluffy.
Tim thethickman
Tim thethickman 27 kun oldin
Fortnite soccer stadium
Ryan Davies
Ryan Davies 27 kun oldin
well actually Venom in this movie is a anti hero
Leonardo Ramirez
Leonardo Ramirez 27 kun oldin
Cat Toxoplasmosis: meow Rat toxoplasmosis: squeak Human toxoplasmosis: malady
Spellstar da Wolf
Spellstar da Wolf 27 kun oldin
Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle No more.
Lexus Wilson
Lexus Wilson 27 kun oldin
Every thing the poop touches is your home I love it
Zoe Brugg
Zoe Brugg 27 kun oldin
I love your commercial
Asteroid Incoming
Asteroid Incoming 28 kun oldin
Venom is a parasite but I wonder why just eat a random guy cause he also combined with spider man making him fight crime I think he should’ve stayed with that idea
SlykillerJack lol
SlykillerJack lol 28 kun oldin
Fortnite backround does he play fortnite and hiding
Georelic35 29 kun oldin
That parasite can also go into the eyes. When a woman is pregnant and has the parasite it can go to the child.
Ms.Queue 29 kun oldin
Shapeshifting, increased strength and abnormally long tongue? No wonder everyone on Tumblr was so quick to mine this for fetish fuel ...
Evelyn Brown
Evelyn Brown 29 kun oldin
(toxoplasmosis + orca) + border collie werewolf = wut
Marleykye 2000
Marleykye 2000 29 kun oldin
Can you do a video in what is the venom symbionts made out of or could they exist like in the movie
Skopez Ace
Skopez Ace 29 kun oldin
Lmk how i was cleaning my litter box as that part about the parasite comes on
Xuhybrid 29 kun oldin
The moment you used buzz words like "3 times more likely" to prop up a really flimsy and poorly thought out joke, i was gone.
Minecraft Gwamar
Would you rather fight Venom Green goblin Or doc ock As Spiderman Iron man Or hulk
mary's world
mary's world Oy oldin
Is no one gonna talk about that smoth advertising?
M9P5 Oy oldin
This semi D's me of the visitor alien game
Jasmine Johnson
Can you do a film theory on how Ellen gave birth from The Incredibles and how she got her powers
Isabella Smith
the scientests who said that were dog owners. lol 😸
Gina Perez
Gina Perez Oy oldin
Mary Eckenorde
12:30 wow nice segway
Me,  Myself and I (The G.O.A.T)
7:00 to 7:15 anyone else see the Fortnite refrences
Ahmad Loves San Sonic
The movie is amazing
Ma. Cristina Daraido
and you just love a commet wind a venim eyecan
Never considered venom a villain from my understanding it mostly derives from the host. Carnage for example, his host was a full blown serial killer which i get the symbiotes are there to take over originally but they're also sentient and can in a sense be persuaded to match the goals of their host. Without the host they die so I guess you could say they're co dependant and it all derives from the host and symbiotes goals and which of the two is stronger I guess idk
Whisper Oy oldin
correlation doesnt equal causation, kids
09wolfboy Oy oldin
You got one thing wrong VENOM is an antihero
Olivia DeHority
After the film theory sign instead of venoms eyes it should've been a diet coke.
Cyril The Guardian
Three Words: Web Of Shadows.
Cyril The Guardian
I will hunt you Venom. I. will. hunt. You.
Jennifer Soon
Jennifer Soon Oy oldin
god your editing is awesomely simple and perfect
Cenjurion Cenjuu
Actually its pronounced sim-by-ot because im from mars
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