Film Theory: Wall-E's SECRET Villain (Disney Pixar's Wall-E)

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What if I told you that the Earth being ruined with garbage in Wall-E wasn't an accident? That is was all a big SCAM being run by the one organization set to benefit from it. That's right! Today Theorists I am going to show you how good 'ole BnL ruined it for everyone!
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31-Iyl, 2018

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react to that
react to that 10 soat oldin
is it possible that wall-e is linked to fallout
Kylie O
Kylie O 11 soat oldin
Where is my purge theoryyyy
maac angulo
maac angulo 12 soat oldin
I was thinking on the BnL's Monopoly and I think that it is very stupid, what is the point of have all the money and the audience if you are practically the planet, you don't have rivals, don't need innovation get the most richest person in the planet does not have sense if you are de only and can't be with an other person and a plan like that need to many years, that means that the original main behind the plan are dead even his grandsons are dead, so What is the point?
The Codetalker S
The Codetalker S 13 soat oldin
B n Large, your very best friend...you know I won't even pretend to understand how the economics behind this actually work. That line alone makes me think this theory is plausible. The fact it's still being repeated seven hundred years later makes this theory terrifying. Best case scenario I guess is that Buy N Large's main players died rich while their scheme kept running without them, leaving humans to gradually return to an Earth that was not in fact uninhabitable and start things up again with most of the world's knowledge ready for them with just a word. But even then, the Buy N Large plot is probably lost to history and thus likely to happen again...
TechScout Ranies
Just give the trash to Sweden 😏
angela byrd
angela byrd Kun oldin
4:18... Hey! Thats my home!😂
Nubia Anima
Nubia Anima Kun oldin
The generation of trash isn't linear, but exponential with the "economy growth". 100 years ago the rate of trash generation wasn't even a tenth of what it is now. Plus 0,0005 isn't 1/20th of 1%. 0,05% is 1/20th.
Dark Master22Gr
Dark Master22Gr Kun oldin
Doesn't this go against your other theory?If you think about it why would a company destroy a planet and not be fully prepared with food for their customers?
CaramelLeek 2 kun oldin
That's exactly what I was thinking. BNL is the big bad in Wall E
Banana Kid
Banana Kid 2 kun oldin
Because Cars will always be bad.
Eric Heide
Eric Heide 2 kun oldin
If you have the collectors edition of Wall-E there is a set of featurettes on the 2nd disc that actually alludes to BnL. They are called the BnL shorts (they are essentially a set of spoof ads and video memos) but if you listen carefully, this theory is actually confirmed by PIXAR.
TingTang Comics
TingTang Comics 2 kun oldin
I just realized that there are supposedly multiple axioms... so did they come back also? or are they still stuck in space?
Hannah Nisly
Hannah Nisly 2 kun oldin
Can you please do a theory on Avatar The Last Airbender.
Zakria Abusoua
Zakria Abusoua 2 kun oldin
Do Is Trolley HAUNTED???? (Trolley is from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
MysteriousPen 2 kun oldin
I love that randy rolls down his window when replying
Steven Clark
Steven Clark 2 kun oldin
Point of clarification, banana peels are bio-degrable and are not part of the problem.
Mr worldwide
Mr worldwide 3 kun oldin
*c a r s*
Felicity Dunn
Felicity Dunn 3 kun oldin
I think that there should be a theory about In-side Out. If you notice, Riley's umm concious characters are completely different from everyone else's concious characters. Why tho?
annie tang
annie tang 3 kun oldin
There’s burnable trash too
Hector Mejia
Hector Mejia 3 kun oldin
DarkNight5 3 kun oldin
Johan ekestubbe
Johan ekestubbe 3 kun oldin
how would they use the mony if there just is one company there the only one how maks stuf they can't use the mony on anny thing??
Dinoman972 3 kun oldin
Why would they make the Wall-E robots as well, though? (If I remember correctly, BnL made them too) They cost money while not providing much profit (I think), and they probably make the "dumpster cities" harder to form.
Roy Grimmleston
Roy Grimmleston 4 kun oldin
*puts up kickstarter* HELP US KILL BNL
Aidan Dillman
Aidan Dillman 4 kun oldin
When it zooms into earth you can even see that we have tried throwing it into space
8bitmagic 4 kun oldin
I would absolutely say if the world was not driven by "profit" and "greed" there would have been more government spending and innovation on alternative energy...Enough to where they would be more environmentally responsible now.
Rust _010
Rust _010 4 kun oldin
Colin Kruser
Colin Kruser 4 kun oldin
Epic Gamer 999
Epic Gamer 999 4 kun oldin
11:59 Recycle Theory!
Alexkiff it’s an abbreviation
Nah MatPat pretty sure the Diet Coke was you you didn’t listen hey I’m only 15 so I’m bound to make mistakes we’re only human
Brian Seiler
Brian Seiler 4 kun oldin
Companies don't manufacture the plastic they use to package their goods. They buy that. Producing plastic requires cracking and reacting petrochemicals. Source: I fucking worked in that industry for fifteen years.
KittyGirl 07
KittyGirl 07 4 kun oldin
It's not my fault! I'm not to blame! It's the idiots who throw stuff away.
Mitschcrafter 4 kun oldin
The cacke is a lie.
Friedrich Karle
Friedrich Karle 4 kun oldin
Pikakip 379
Pikakip 379 4 kun oldin
I once had an irrational fear of wall-e
LizzieThoj13 5 kun oldin
Hey MatPat, can you do a theory on the stop-motion movie *Coraline* ?
Sebastian Fernandez
Wall E 10/10
oka briški
oka briški 6 kun oldin
but hey this vid is just a theory.....aaaaaaaaaaaaa dum theory
oka briški
oka briški 6 kun oldin
the goverment would not agree with that unles the company gave them idk 80 percent of the money wich they wouldn't wich results with the company shuting down and earth going normal i mean trash-like normal because all other smaller companys would make products that result with more garbage and that means......this hole vid is a waste of your life people go watch something else
oka briški
oka briški 6 kun oldin
the purple cloud even shows up in your vid from 10:00 to 10:03
oka briški
oka briški 6 kun oldin
and there are scenes of wall-a's better and much larger wall-e type robots in the spaceship cruiser.they organise trash and theit's thrown into outer space nad posibbly falls on earth . that garbage x the number of cruiser spcaeship x the speed of the garbage traveling thru spcae to earth = much much garbage on earth. and that purple cloud at the beginning of the movie is possibly an undiscovered black hole type transporting thrown away garbage to earth
oka briški
oka briški 6 kun oldin
wall-e's are cheap and not good made robots they become trash demselfs.more robots they produce=organizing trash=breakdown of robot=robot trash made of meatl that needs billions of years to decompose=the post-apocaliptyc world from wall-e
oka briški
oka briški 6 kun oldin
you tryed but didn't sucedeed because of mi comennts hi hi hi
oka briški
oka briški 6 kun oldin
first coment was for the plastic bottle theory.this one is for the space garbage theory.if they use more money for there wishes and more products they couldn't make rockets to dispose garbage into space and if you did after a couple 100 years the sun will be overheated with the toxic and explosive gases from garbage and it would blow up creating a supernova destroying the solar system.and people who make much mone become real selfish.
oka briški
oka briški 6 kun oldin
you are not right. it's less money for packaging but more of the real garbage not plastic.less plasti=less money=more bottles=more money=even more plastic=even more GARBAGE!!!!
Agnivesh KeralaTimes
This video is some so meaningful in this trash filled world!!
Holden Britt
Holden Britt 6 kun oldin
William rathjie looks like mark ruffalo
Turret 7 kun oldin
*Buy N Large* 🖕 i hate buy and large
Joriobro 7 kun oldin
my health class is watching wall-e. *_and i'm about to drop the biggest bombshell on them that their assignment was wrong._*
doremikan22 7 kun oldin
5:00 Let's add all the Asia trash into USA😃 then we do not need to reclaim land for landfield. 20:45 Migration between countries and space are different.
Kaden V
Kaden V 7 kun oldin
Its been 8 minuets now get to the point Think about how much gas & money you save by flying on paper air planes 🤪
Final Cartoon
Final Cartoon 7 kun oldin
02:49 hes gonna finish this like with garbage isnt he. around one second later. fucking, called it.
Sesu -Sama
Sesu -Sama 7 kun oldin
There is a cobtinent made of garbadge
Anshuman Chaurasia
Anshuman Chaurasia 7 kun oldin
But if they did it for money, then what would they get in return for money? I mean they have entire mankind under their control the concept of money is insignificant, then what's the point of this enterprise...
purifier 123
purifier 123 8 kun oldin
I live in Kuwait well fuck
Skyscreeper B
Skyscreeper B 8 kun oldin
But if BNL takes all people to universe and takes cares of them all, then there is no use of money right? Then what should be the incentive for program if money isn’t work in this case?
PenguinBrother 8 kun oldin
I am eating a twinkie as i am watching this
CubingIsFun 8 kun oldin
So uhh, Ratatoullie theory when
bradley rodger
bradley rodger 8 kun oldin
At the point of the Wall-E story, isn't Bn'L just a big AI? I mean, at this point, what would be the point of keeping humans around? There is no money, nor no benefit to the omnipotent computers that control every aspect of life in this dystopia.
ultimate boba fett
ultimate boba fett 8 kun oldin
i think that theory is correct
Dj Elements
Dj Elements 8 kun oldin
I like how u said cars
TheMinecraft Haven
TheMinecraft Haven 9 kun oldin
Idu man...if they did get a whole lot of money what would they spend it on and nobody there doesn't even have to work they are always sitting in their chairs,so they wouldn't even get money from it
Greggory 9 kun oldin
I'm one of the few people in my area that doesn't collect more and more stuff. I just get what I need, and add just a bit of what I want. My dad, however, will find some sentimental value in a piece of paper that he just found (which isn't even his, though he doesn t know). He's getting better, but sheesh it's tough. When I do collect things, they're digital.
onekingdom1 9 kun oldin
Always learn something new here
Key Word, Cacti
Key Word, Cacti 9 kun oldin
I’ve got one question: who is there to profit from this ship? If the entire world economy is gone, and the only remaining population has been placed on this ship, with no apparent way to produce income, who profits? The ship is apparently entirely automated, so we don’t see any CEOs making bank. And the entire population doesn’t make any income, thus no way to pay for products. There aren’t any products produced on the ship to export to aliens or anything like that, so there’s just an entirely self sufficient ship making no products, selling no products, and no actual business benefit to it. If buy in large did this in hopes of massive profit, where’s the profit and who’s profiting?
lantzgamer 125
lantzgamer 125 10 kun oldin
Mattpat you have good taste my favorite disney is wall e to
Menjii and Nerd
Menjii and Nerd 10 kun oldin
I think the reason it came so much garbage was because the population kept growing
Jeroen Le Roy
Jeroen Le Roy 10 kun oldin
Butt Matt Patt! In no way does it seem that people on the ships do actual work and if they do it’s for BnL right? On earth there is no one to pay them for the cleanup or any other company making products/money so it’s safe to assume there is no monetary system right? Do for what are they doing it in that case? 🤔
ErR0r 4554
ErR0r 4554 10 kun oldin
3:30 and for that reason, I'm out
ThePokemonLover 10 kun oldin
charles hetrick
charles hetrick 10 kun oldin
More importantly even if the trash isn’t a lie. The real incongruity of the film is how the F did a ship that size carry enough supplies for 700 years? And if the E.V.E. robot can fly for days without a visible form of propulsion that a level of engineering incomprehensible to us now. Also also the E.V.E. delivery rocket smashes through the satellites and they’re not spinning round the earth which raises a whole host of issues with what’s going on with our gravity and magnetosphere
bvbyknj 10 kun oldin
No way! WALL.E is my fave 😱💕
Simon Tracer
Simon Tracer 10 kun oldin
We made robots. Didn't need to do anything. Got lazy. Left cause its less hassle. Its us. Not bnl
woahitsnix 10 kun oldin
SriFoo 10 kun oldin
There is one problem with the theory.... Money would have no value.
TheHarlequinHatter 10 kun oldin
This is largely accurate in real life too. While government and corporate propaganda would have you believe that individual acts of littering are largely responsible for out environments problems, and that personal responsibility is the best (If not only) way to fix it, but the truth is that most, if not all, of our human-caused environmental problems are caused by corporate greed and incompetence, coupled with a complacent public.
New funney tv
New funney tv 10 kun oldin
Jenifyw 10 kun oldin
The thing is if all population and currency and resources are all supplied by one company, I don't see any reason why you would feel you are earning any money at all
Dalika Buci
Dalika Buci 10 kun oldin
Angry dogs
Angry dogs 10 kun oldin
when u got all money that exists then its worth 1Dollar =0... i mean what should u buy when there is no one who is selling something xd (You would have to build companies on your own for evereything and i mean u dont need money anymore)
Kitty Clover
Kitty Clover 11 kun oldin
I watch ur theories Most of the time I forget to watch the movie
Checkerëd 11 kun oldin
obviously they are moving makers not scientists, its a warning for what might happen, not what exactly might happen
Young Conservative Patriot
You know, now that means you have to do a video about the Axium’s on board economy!
Jacquie Timms
Jacquie Timms 11 kun oldin
That might be profitable for a while, until the passengers start running out of money, or BNL starts running out of supplies.
Mar Du
Mar Du 11 kun oldin
b&l aka Walmart/disney/irs / etc.
Nico Hart
Nico Hart 11 kun oldin
Everytime i see BnL i always read it as BL. So this becomes hilarious to me.
Chloe Hall
Chloe Hall 11 kun oldin
But what doesn’t make sense is what did BnL how to gain? Now the people do nothing to earn money, that’s all robots, and certainly don’t seem to pay for anything they do or use on the ship so what was the goal? Sure they’re only using this companies products, but they aren’t paying for them. How much did getting on the ship cost? How many people were left to die on the planet they ruined because they couldn’t offered to board?
Silent Witness
Silent Witness 11 kun oldin
Boston - Corporate America Who's going to save us?
Sleeping Rei
Sleeping Rei 11 kun oldin
OK but like you’re not wrong like this theory makes a lot of sense when you’re looking at it just for face value buy and large is the bad guy And they even made a rocket ship for people to go into space like this is just capitalism
Annette Alforova
Annette Alforova 12 kun oldin
Hey film theorist you are probably right with your theories
My Little Broken Heart
Bram Drinckwaard
Bram Drinckwaard 12 kun oldin
At 2:48 Matt makes a pun and dus not say something about it finnaly
Clinton Latsha
Clinton Latsha 13 kun oldin
He stole two Firey assets!
Trying to get 5,000 subs without content
I’m not lying in class we’re watching wall e and taking notes about it
BoopyMooPlier 13 kun oldin
Why does BL need the money if they take if from everyone and no one needs money anymore?
Melody Brooks
Melody Brooks 14 kun oldin
I miss gravity falls. Like if you miss the tv show too
Ken McKernan
Ken McKernan 14 kun oldin
My only issue with this theory is that if there is no earth, what are they going to do with all this money they are getting. It’s worthless with nothing to spend it on.
ryan gonzalez
ryan gonzalez 15 kun oldin
I saw the Pikachus!!!
Rude Mindset
Rude Mindset 15 kun oldin
I’ll never buy from BnL again