Film Theory: Wall-E's SECRET Villain (Disney Pixar's Wall-E)

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What if I told you that the Earth being ruined with garbage in Wall-E wasn't an accident? That is was all a big SCAM being run by the one organization set to benefit from it. That's right! Today Theorists I am going to show you how good 'ole BnL ruined it for everyone!
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31-Iyl, 2018

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Yeemo Garbage
Yeemo Garbage 9 soat oldin
Oh don’t worry they threw me out already
TheBlueThunder7264 10 soat oldin
also: the ships steering wheel (auto) does NOT want them to return to earth, probably so BnL can get more profit!
Carlos E
Carlos E 10 soat oldin
According to the some theories, BnL is the government.
Selma Hansen
Selma Hansen 12 soat oldin
Vel vi i Norge panter i motsetning til dere Amerikanere😡
systematic101 12 soat oldin
The problem though is how are the people on the ship making any money to pay BnL? If BnL is the only corporation then there's no economy. Money would be meaningless especially since everything is automated. This would only make sense if they structured it in such a way that maybe 10% of the world left on the ships.
Kelly Rae Rox
Kelly Rae Rox 14 soat oldin
Hi, I just saw your "Snow White love didnt save her" video and you mentioned that you watch Once Upon A Time. Can you PLEASE do some theory videos on that show. I feel like that show alone is a mine field for theories. But hey, that's just a suggestion, a Film Theory suggestion!
Dirk Designs
Dirk Designs 16 soat oldin
This is why we need to sub to pewdiepie. Tseries is monopolizing youtube. Now youtube will be filled with garbage.
Rams Hacks
Rams Hacks 18 soat oldin
Why not just burn it all like in toy story it's that easy but workers there are to lazy
Sandro bejanidze
I can’t believe that you did everything worked so hard couldn’t even rest and on the end of the video you say but hey that’s just a theory a film theory and so you did everything for nothing
Norah Luna Bouza Galaxy
Wal-E : *takes ring out of box and throws* *in aw over box* Wow Wal-E
Ethan Rogers
Ethan Rogers 2 kun oldin
But Buy N’ Large doesn’t charge people to come aboard the Axium. They probably would’ve actually LOST money making it.
Jacob Code
Jacob Code 2 kun oldin
But if you have a monopoly on everything money would be worthless because there'd be nobody else to trade with. Those passengers aren't working, not even the captain, so it's not like money would be useful internally either.
Hannah Hewetson
Hannah Hewetson 2 kun oldin
I’m actually happy the world would most likely not be that dirty 😃
Bianca Durante
Bianca Durante 2 kun oldin
Plastic bottles are actually more wasteful than glass bottles, because glass bottles can be reused without melting them, just cleaning and refilling them. See the example of the milkman. When milk was delivered by the milkman in glass bottles, the milkman would collect the empty bottles, clean and fill them up again. But with milk in plastic bottles, the bottles go to the trash. And even when they do go to recicling, the recicling mechanisms that they go through uses a lot more natural resources to recicle those bottles than washing the glass bottles would use.
Ferdinand Po
Ferdinand Po 3 kun oldin
How do the people on the BnL cruise make money to spend?
Andrew Farley
Andrew Farley 3 kun oldin
the glass bottles were just cleaned and re-used it was more efficient for recycling then now.
Keira Woodzell
Keira Woodzell 3 kun oldin
Hey could u do a theory on how many balloons it would take to lift the house in up? I think it would be kinda cool
Blue wolf studios :3
:0 (mind blowing)
AlphaGamma128 3 kun oldin
You forget population growth...
Maria Palacios
Maria Palacios 4 kun oldin
Maybe that earth is run by millennials
Eric shadowblade
Eric shadowblade 4 kun oldin
its more that the earth was rended unihabitable by industry then piles of trash, thiers no plants on the earth so no oxygen hence why the appernce of plants is key
Do a frozen 2 trailor theory PLZZZZ like if u agree!!!
Walnut video- content
PatMat, you forgot a few arguments to support your theory, wich i supose is quite an unusual misstake to make... Thing is, this would explain why BnL so desperately tries to keep humanity away from earth, just so that they can keep their monopoly on... Well, life.
how2PlayStudios 4 kun oldin
Every now and then I get a feeling we're going to be alright
Gurffy 3
Gurffy 3 4 kun oldin
My only problem with this is, why did they make the wall-e robots if they basically trashed the sanitation department?
Kenzoe Lintag
Kenzoe Lintag 4 kun oldin
How does wall-e deal with not having an o-zone layer if they have soo much trash?
Mhao Yeager
Mhao Yeager 4 kun oldin
Olivia Figueroa
Olivia Figueroa 5 kun oldin
I’ve NEVER thought of trash being evolutionized that way. Throughout the years
Bonusgirl 5 kun oldin
What's the point of having all that money if there is nothing left to spend it on?
Monroe Robbins
Monroe Robbins 5 kun oldin
Don’t forget how recycling alone isn’t gonna help too much.
CloudSTRIFE 5 kun oldin
So what can bnl use their cash for? Everyone in the ship basically work for bnl therefore bnl paid them salary to buy their stuff. Doesn't that mean they won't get income at all??? Do they people in the ship even have their own income because i haven't seen proof of it yet.
gank mid plz
gank mid plz 5 kun oldin
Jelly Beans
Jelly Beans 5 kun oldin
Each sold separately batteries not included
TheCashyCanine 6 kun oldin
To think, that Mat is obsessed with diet coke. ( ・ิϖ・ิ)
Josephine Rodelas
Josephine Rodelas 6 kun oldin
But others throw away in the streets.
Josephine Rodelas
Josephine Rodelas 6 kun oldin
Water bottle is still usefull.
Emmet Sweeney
Emmet Sweeney 6 kun oldin
11:57 coincidentally i finished my diet coke( #notspon )right at this moment, so thank you matpat. I will recycle my can.
SILVER DREMURR 6 kun oldin
I want to get the heck off this planet because Earth is fucked up and I want to find a new planet to start new
Random User
Random User 6 kun oldin
wait then what does bnl need the money for?
Sniping Moose
Sniping Moose 6 kun oldin
4:15 lol i live dubai, jlt
Kellen Mckay
Kellen Mckay 7 kun oldin
What If Its only in the U.S, BnL Couldn't Translate the EVERY Add (Or is It?), This is just a Question, Love the Videos.
Joel Smith
Joel Smith 7 kun oldin
Stop dissing on andera the giant
R-Kedgaming 7 kun oldin
so.....is this disney's movie with the largest death count???? I mean hercules and atlantis had around 30k but well BnL killed off the whole planet.....hmmm....
Party Wip
Party Wip 8 kun oldin
Predatoreus Films
Predatoreus Films 8 kun oldin
Fun fact China produces the most trash in the world
Kacper S
Kacper S 8 kun oldin
Am I the only one that thinks Mat is too smart for the most movies?
A Kost
A Kost 8 kun oldin
See how this morning at that price and then it should also has some people just want it is evil and t i x,which means they it xong
A Kost
A Kost 8 kun oldin
I just said 2 non existent words
A Kost
A Kost 8 kun oldin
Hshahasbbsbb a hs
A Kost
A Kost 8 kun oldin
Why are the oceans still blue? Are they supposed to be brown?
A Kost
A Kost 8 kun oldin
That must take place in 99 million years!
Peter Scalise
Peter Scalise 9 kun oldin
11:10 the only pizza planet truck on the planet
MrScrewU 9 kun oldin
9:10 for the actual theory
Little Miss Antisocial
Matpat, I have been rewatching all of your Disney theories. But how do BnL starliners make money? Because all of the people there don't work so, wouldn't BnL lose money? As in the other Wall-e video said that they were on it for 700 years.
Sarrum Gilgamesh
Sarrum Gilgamesh 9 kun oldin
yeah and those shit bottles... when you open it 10-30% of the water goes on you or the floor when you open it...
RussianRed 9 kun oldin
Why texas?
Shokufeh Kenardeh
Shokufeh Kenardeh 10 kun oldin
Most heroic Beautiful video of Wall-E thank you film Theory but I'm still angered of the game theory video of The Super Mario Deluxe
HeavensMemory 10 kun oldin
sounds interesting but how does BnL get paid if everyone is in space and machines do all the work? People on board don't earn money. Sure, the first generation did on earth but this is in the future where all those people were raised on a space ship and never had a job to beginn with. Does not sound like a good business model to me.
Bells editing
Bells editing 10 kun oldin
*but remember it’s just a damn movie. a fictional movie. ANNNNND UR STUPID*
Stickman 10 kun oldin
This restored my faith in Earth.
RachalwithanA 11 kun oldin
I mean you could kinda tell that BnL was corrupt because of the whole "do not return to earth" thing
BasherDude Noice!
BasherDude Noice! 11 kun oldin
I Wasn't Born When This Movie Came Out. PLUS! I'm Canadian.
dudewheresmyvideo 11 kun oldin
I”ll give you a riddle Read more
GMRGaming 11 kun oldin
"each sold separately batteries not included"
Challenging Gameplay
Why do you choose Texas as a dump. We texans aren't trash
Angela Valy
Angela Valy 11 kun oldin
*leave my little robot alone*
Joy Luayon
Joy Luayon 11 kun oldin
they were experimenting on what would happen to earth if it was filled with trash
Brayden Black
Brayden Black 11 kun oldin
Wouldn't BNL just cut down all the trees and case a unstanabile environment
Toasty 12 kun oldin
Most predictable theory ever
DRAGON BEAST 12 kun oldin
Pat you should be a scientist your really smart
Bailey Drummond
Bailey Drummond 12 kun oldin
Omg mattpatt watches its always sunny in philedelphia (watch it on netflix)
Rozie With a Z
Rozie With a Z 12 kun oldin
*I feel like when the earth and people add way too much tech and trash and becomes it's worst self..Thats when the end of the world comes..*
Rozie With a Z
Rozie With a Z 12 kun oldin
*What do you think?..*
Gabriel Garcia
Gabriel Garcia 12 kun oldin
Pleeeease do a video on pixars timeline theory!!! Pleaaase
Kiwibo 12 kun oldin
I think Wall-E is the most deep movie ever tbh
Rafa Draws
Rafa Draws 12 kun oldin
I still have the DVD.
Alex Moore
Alex Moore 12 kun oldin
All the videos under this video where film theory videos
IAm FuzzyDolphin
IAm FuzzyDolphin 12 kun oldin
Pattymatmattypat there's a new salad fingers episode David firth might make another episode soon!!
Tek Çare: Oyun
Tek Çare: Oyun 13 kun oldin
Ben türk olmak türkler burdaysa +1 yapmak
Amanda Bashaw
Amanda Bashaw 13 kun oldin
Ha, when the check poped up it said "Mike Schmidt" and my uncle's name is Mike Schmidt. I found my OWN Easter egg. ☺
JC_Agent 3
JC_Agent 3 13 kun oldin
3:36 don't think I didn't see you there MatPat
Dr. Astra
Dr. Astra 13 kun oldin
Alexis H
Alexis H 13 kun oldin
The intro made me smile..... somehow
Magic Dog Games
Magic Dog Games 13 kun oldin
Something tells me matpat doesn't like cars very much
Praa Jeet
Praa Jeet 13 kun oldin
Do people in axiom work after they got fat,if they don't then y do bnl still keeps them around, did their ancestors pay thousands of years beforehand,bnl is just growing them like pets I guess?can someone please reply
Dizzy Iguana
Dizzy Iguana 14 kun oldin
3:25-3:40 is amazing bravo👏👏👏👏
VGames 1
VGames 1 14 kun oldin
I never liked those BnL guys!
Jeffrey Flees
Jeffrey Flees 14 kun oldin
Im going to now recycle more!
DragonLara 14 kun oldin
Uneaten Twinkies? Can't be true, Ban are the entire world's supply of Twinkies!!
raremare plays
raremare plays 14 kun oldin
This is one thing i think you missed in about 100000 year a lot of trush would be gone decompose but it would still work ether way good theory
Blu and Glaceon
Blu and Glaceon 14 kun oldin
Welp toy story’s in wall-e 11:9
lolz king
lolz king 15 kun oldin
Each sold separately
TheAtom¡CRose _
TheAtom¡CRose _ 15 kun oldin
Here's a question What happened to the rest of BnLs space liners? We see in ads in the film's that dozens have left but I wonder if they all are still flying or if most have died off
Ifreehat20I 15 kun oldin
I don't think they would be making money without a proper economy I mean everybody on those ships look like they aren't really working or doing anything. Looks like the food and products are just given to them.
Iwant Fast-N-Fury
Iwant Fast-N-Fury 15 kun oldin
If no one has jobs no one has money and if no one has money they cant buy stuff unless it is free and if it is free and the earth can not sustain humsn life then why would the need money. BnL is stupid
Moony 15 kun oldin
But why? Money they have nothing to buy from?..
Keats Boy
Keats Boy 15 kun oldin
What does this have to do with cars
Zach Allred
Zach Allred 15 kun oldin
Syndrome created BNL
Данил Юлык
Данил Юлык 15 kun oldin
But what's the purpose? Nobody seems to be paying anything for anything. Moreover now the company took up burden to take care of the entire humanity...in exchange for nothing? Just a bunch of human-shaped pet hamsters. Seems very strange to say the least.
daniel eduardo mendez zaya
but people ai't gon`make money in there there is no jobs fully automated crue so what mabe they want to be in control of every thing they want to be the next GOD like this o matpat can answer pls :))))))
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