Film Theory: Wall-E's SECRET Villain (Disney Pixar's Wall-E)

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What if I told you that the Earth being ruined with garbage in Wall-E wasn't an accident? That is was all a big SCAM being run by the one organization set to benefit from it. That's right! Today Theorists I am going to show you how good 'ole BnL ruined it for everyone!
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31-Iyl, 2018

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nerf war kris
nerf war kris 2 soat oldin
are you th same person on truegreen7
Frank Vazquez
Frank Vazquez 2 soat oldin
Do the meg
night dragon
night dragon 4 soat oldin
sure the more we advance the least garbage we leave behind but to make less trash we will use energy and we dont have infinite energy because our two massive ways to get energy is nuclear and by burning fossil fuels and green energy doesnt give enough energy to do all of this so saying that we can is true but dont forget to say that we need more energy and the worst is we dont have any solutions to this ,global warming is to high to stop it the next generation is gonna sufer if not ,die
Catnipkitty 4 soat oldin
Another reason I hate pop Of any kind
Andree Gerges
Andree Gerges 5 soat oldin
Waaay to many pokemon references
Melissa Grey
Melissa Grey 5 soat oldin
Toy story theory
Kayla Schuh
Kayla Schuh 6 soat oldin
The Always Sunny references are giving me SO. MUCH. LIFE.
Llama Powa
Llama Powa 8 soat oldin
*EaCH sOLd SEperAtELy*
Hezar5166 8 soat oldin
But if everyone is in permanent vacation mode where does the money come from?
44gigs 10 soat oldin
...........cars lmao
Kenny the red bunny
Kenny the red bunny 11 soat oldin
You should do a Teen Titans Go Theory Origins
DeNormalPlayer 11 soat oldin
Thats the first time you... Missed a point in a Theory Yes BNL Killed a whole planet yes its true (Kinda a spoiler but) you forgot they saved the planet again by planting a plant that means the point of killing a planet isnt that true. so .... dont say they killed the planet they saved it in the end
greatfanofsonic 12 soat oldin
There is also order a113 about never returning to Earth
Jayden Klaus
Jayden Klaus 12 soat oldin
well technically this isn't the message that Pixar intended the movie to have. if you listen to the audio commentary with director Andrew Stanton he says that they were not trying to send any environmental messages across, but were just making a movie based on the idea of a robot that didn't know that it could stop doing its job. if you want to hear it for yourself the commentary is available on the Wall-e DVD
avery hodgson
avery hodgson 12 soat oldin
Nobody has a job = no money
Shark Games
Shark Games 13 soat oldin
No nation which is right in it's mind should pile up garbage, burn it and filter the gases, get electricity out of the heat from burning the trash.... How undeveloped to waste land for garbage...that's simply dumb
Sea Gull
Sea Gull 14 soat oldin
You should do and episode on dirk Gently’s holistic detective agency it’s an amazing tv show (and book I think )possibly do a theory on the rowdy thee hand how they “eat”
armorhide406 15 soat oldin
Wait but how is BnL making a profit on passengers who are only consuming? Sure the first probably paid, but the unwilling were "forced" by the trash problem. Unless there's a hidden side and the crew isn't fully automated. Even then, each ship is a closed system without need for an economy, right?
Anton Műller
Anton Műller 15 soat oldin
Do an episode about how (or if) Ant-Man will/can escape from the quantum world/area typ of thing
lovelyshine 2o2
lovelyshine 2o2 16 soat oldin
matt patt for president
all lies
all lies 16 soat oldin
Great video, I'd disagree on who is responsible for mass produced rubbish, though. I'd argue blame lies with those in control of the systems of that production far more than with "us" the end customer.
Wunderful 17 soat oldin
Wait so What does this have to do with cars?
Jarate Hunter
Jarate Hunter 17 soat oldin
Okay, but then what would they do with that money? It's not like it circulates in the ship either since nobody that's not a robot does any work.
XxAvaxX 158
XxAvaxX 158 17 soat oldin
Matpat can you please do a theory on Jumanji 2 welcome to the jungle
Alex Dash
Alex Dash 18 soat oldin
Banana peels are biodegradable. I'm never going to let my body get that big. I'm 150 pounds and if I was bigger I would feel disgusted. I don't even eat junk food anymore.
Unicorn _queen136
Unicorn _queen136 19 soat oldin
Food they consume really matpat it’s obviously people you said that
Unicorn _queen136
Unicorn _queen136 19 soat oldin
Is the green plant superhero guy( I forgot his name) is he just wearing a blue suit or is he just naked with red boot underwear and gloves
JackG256 20 soat oldin
About the garbage disposal area problems.... It may take around 10000 years to fill up 5% of US landmass but we must also account for natural decay. Things which will take the longest to decompose are plastic and last time I checked it took way less than 10000 years to naturally decompose a plastic bottle. Meaning you can cycle disposal areas to infinity.
Cora Mccarty
Cora Mccarty 20 soat oldin
Not related but in Pokemon what if Ash captured gastly from gen 1
Shy Girl
Shy Girl 20 soat oldin
I died when randy said “WE DidNt LisTEn”
Lina Denson
Lina Denson 20 soat oldin
This is makes me a bit more happy for a future.
Byron Harmon
Byron Harmon 21 soat oldin
You shouldn't compare mexico city to NYC. NYC is an outlier in the United States. Should prolly instead look at Cleveland, Houston, or some other more "typical" american city.
Byron Harmon
Byron Harmon 21 soat oldin
garbage per capita may be going down in the west (I think this might actually be more the result of economic downturn and increasing economic inequality than fabled capitalist efficiency, you see the same plummet in miles driven after 2008) but waste in other countries is increasing as other countries' standard of living increases.
Fer nan
Fer nan 21 soat oldin
I really needed this, now, please, make a video about how we won't run out of water (I don't really know if there's a movie that talks about it)
EL1AS 21 soat oldin
mat is the alex Jones of Disney Pixar
Some Weirdo on the Internet
They got the technology and resources to fit the entire Earth in spaceships that can travel for 500+ years. The humans don’t design the ships to only load the trash, which would take less time, money, resources, and work, and send the trash out into space, and the planet stays as normal. Great job, Pixar. You just played yourself.
Robert Delatorre
Robert Delatorre 23 soat oldin
Hey I go to that exact gym in the video lol
Coffee Dog
Coffee Dog 23 soat oldin
Thank you for clearing my guilt XD
Nhoj1000 23 soat oldin
So Elon musk will end the world?
Joseph Becker
Joseph Becker 23 soat oldin
All of this is fine and dandy until you think about how the passengers get there money. They are seen lounging all day in the movie!
Just to add to it, the Buy N Large ships computer did try to prevent the ship from returning.
Jayden Klaus
Jayden Klaus 12 soat oldin
that's true! they wanted to completely make sure humanity would never come back so they programmed all the auto-pilots to keep them in space with the A113 directive
TheDelirious Mexican
one flaw in your theory matpat as we see in wall-e every one kind of get larger to the point that they don't off their chair so how do they make noney also everything is machine automated plus not once in the movie have i seen an animal besides the roach so how does BnL make money if their basically living for free
Murtaza Alvi
Murtaza Alvi Kun oldin
whats the music from 11:08 onwards
Leo Wynne-Williams
I have a different theory, as seen on the axiom, no one has a job except for the caption. So they’re not getting paid that means that BnL would have nothing to spend the money on because there would be nothing out in space. So instead I think there must have been a lack of resources too transport the garbage (we also learn that the solar power is effective but has lost efficiency due to the permanent smog) so BnL buy up all the last long life reactors (which only a company with a monopoly on the market could do) and build star ships for the CEO and other people in high places. But the only way they can get permission from the government would be to evacuate the people of earth. So they do it, but only because they want to leave!
The great Feaster
I thought everyone knew about this?
thatpersonjam Kun oldin
Wouldnt the humans eventually run out of money
Mathew Koottungal
It all makes sense now
Devin Haney
Devin Haney Kun oldin
The banana doesn't count as the same type of trash
Lukáš Fireš
Lukáš Fireš Kun oldin
Loved this one. I did watch a ton of your videos already and of course because I like them, but this one is just outstanding! Thanks a lot.
rampaginbob Kun oldin
Uhhh banana peels are a ok to just shoot on the ground
Colton Henderson
Dipsticks Had a lif. Art.
All i can say is.... Dam
Stormfly AA
Stormfly AA Kun oldin
Stephanie Chamberlin
Honestly we are seeing this is some areas already... granted not to this level. But corporations are responsible for 70% of our earth's wasteful greenhouse emissions... sooo if we can make it more profitable for them not to as wasteful, then we'll definitely see more improvements!
Twiisted, Broken, Corrupted, Soul
*burn the trash, burn it all*
Evan Tanguma
Evan Tanguma Kun oldin
Except they would have had to pick only people with enough lifetime income to pay for their entire trip since they don't generate income and what would they do with a monetary Monopoly on the whole economy if there's nowhere else to spend it?
super jedi player
Basically, EA.
Naomigene Villanueva
How come i didnt know matpat posted? Im two videos behind. Gaaah -_-
ThePvps Kun oldin
I throw banana peels thare compostable matt 🤯
Carly Bg
Carly Bg Kun oldin
Dear mat pat you recycled game theory
heavens sage
heavens sage Kun oldin
tooo mucj overthinking
nightcore_playlist for_you
Can you do a fine theory on ladybug and chatnior
jackdod 68
jackdod 68 Kun oldin
Wall- *E*
Grass Potati
Grass Potati Kun oldin
I remember seeing a theory that Syndrome founded BNL
LordBloodySoul Kun oldin
Capitalism is a one way trip to hell for everyone...
Cobra King
Cobra King Kun oldin
This theory doesn't make sense... People don't work at all in space...so how do they get money and how do they pay...
krypyt o
krypyt o Kun oldin
@matpat you have probably already seen it but if anyone has not look at the: the delicious taste of ice cream rick and morty. You can see a drawing of bill cipher in the background and also the real stan pines with a rick.
Keelan Relyt
Keelan Relyt Kun oldin
While Matt is certainly correct that BnL has a captive audience and now has a monopoly over the entire human race its not like they are making any money on it. It definitely seems that BnL had another reason for trying to make people move to space, the motive doesn't add up because if there's no competition there's no reason for the company to have done any of this. BnL now controls the entire human population and the idea is that no one is ever supposed to leave as the movie shows even tho eva came back with a living plant auto pilot said they were never intended to go back. I firmly believe that this is still humanities fault but not because they caused the trash problem, but what if humanity made a dangerous AI one that was made to sell products. One made to make BnL the sole supplier of everything to the human race. An AI not given clear instructions or parameters would do anything it could to complete it's task, even destroy the entire earth to ensure that everyone would leave.
XZmutantZX Kun oldin
Pixar and Disney are in the same universe I am quite sure, and Disney owns the rights to thanos, that means thanos is the biggest threat, not Buy n large ;)
Kerr Hatton
Kerr Hatton Kun oldin
But I thought everybody knew that
Rad Slime
Rad Slime Kun oldin
yeh cars.
Rook Kun oldin
But all jobs in the ship are done by robots. If they were forced to spend their money in that ship, wouldn't their money eventually run out if they don't have any income?
Stan Mollin
Stan Mollin Kun oldin
Boy, it sure seems like you keep a lot of your theories on the top shelf
Γιώργος Τσιαμασιώτης
BUT People don't have an income in space. So what would BnL profit off of?
SuperSand Kun oldin
BNL is no better than media companies. There's no difference between them
Ani Bryan
Ani Bryan Kun oldin
you changed the way I look at kids movies .FOR. EVER.
is disney ever going to do something about the increasing number of hard-to-spot BNL logos littered in EVERY modern movie they make? (stuff discluded would be things like Moana, Brave, Frozen, and all other Disney princess movies) like, it seems like there is, as Matpat repeatedly says, something bigger going on. sorta like a "DISNEYVERSE, UNITE!" type thing. idk what im saying lol
rishard daniels
rishard daniels Kun oldin
So the plan is clear right? Flatten deleware and make it landfill.
Mel Clifford
Mel Clifford Kun oldin
*Phew*. This video just gave me a relief. Thanks MatPat, your the best:)))
Wigglytwig Twitch
One thing about this theory makes no sense . No one on the ship works to play for said monopolize the goods.
Noozzaa & Palloozza
No one is producing income or spending money everything is free so how is this BnL's big plan If they aren't making any money
Collin Hayward
Collin Hayward Kun oldin
20% less plastic I saw a bottle that was 50% less plastic
Soull3ss Kun oldin
Ya know, I'd like to know: is Ains (from the show overlord) in a coma? I mean he in the same game he loved (sort of), Everytime his heart rate goes up he gets "calmed down" by some mysterious power (like if someone who's hospitalized gets meds for that). I really feel like he went into a coma the moment the servers went down and now he's in his mind. I know this has nothing to do with this video but I feel like it's worth a theory
Tristan Camacho
Tristan Camacho Kun oldin
Can you do a theory about Ready Player One?
RedGamer ThePvPG
You know,with these technoligy,it would make even more sense,because you can throw it in the sun
LittleLordM Kun oldin
Syndrome invented the AI in Wall-E (according to the Pixar Theory)
Karla Arizpe
Karla Arizpe Kun oldin
How will those guys steal money if there isn't a single tree in the spaceship they navigate?...you need trees in order to make money and by the looks of the movie earth does not seem to have many trees left anymore so how are those guys even stealing money?....Hence why i think there is a different reason as to why the stuff is happening in the movie.
Maxical Kun oldin
I knew it!!! Even when I was younger I noticed the total control that BnL had over everything, both on the ship and in the time the movie took place on Earth. So glad you brought this up!!!
Ben Lash
Ben Lash Kun oldin
BNL seems to have already had a monopoly on the world before going into space (According to 10:57, BNL appears to rule the world. Also they have a ubiquitous presence in previous pixar film. Also, they have the resources to transport the whole of the earth's population to space) They could easily eliminate any competition. Why would they need to go to space to do that?
godAlseif Kun oldin
only problem i see is that nobody on the axiom actually works. the crew is fully automated and the passengers are living a life of luxury. if nobody works then nobody has money to spend. there would be no economy on the ship. BnL owns the ship, the food, the clothes, and everything else. in its current form that we see it as in the film it is the purest form of communism. everyone is provided with everything they could ever want for their entire lives. there is no competition, there are no payed employees, BnL isnt even run by people anymore because every person is fully provided for and the ship runs it self with the highest ranking human being nothing more than a figurehead while the ships computer runs it all. there is no profit because money wouldn't mean anything to the company that is literally the only company in existence and already owns all things.
Demonic Gamer Azazel
I usually hate the little intros but this one was hilarious! well done.
Sam Hornyak
Sam Hornyak Kun oldin
I drink tons of mountain dew and I always recycle the cans
Cherry Bomb Studios
One word. Chills.
Rift Shredder
Rift Shredder Kun oldin
Wow, you make this video but you also made a video saying Thanos was right? Which one is it? You can't have both
Mattdog 0616
Mattdog 0616 Kun oldin
Do a vid on the Pixar theory
Chadian TheThespian
Yeah we have Delaware but also like Asia
Cuck You Up
Cuck You Up Kun oldin
But what’s the point of money if they literally control all of humanity
Mad dog from Cyberspace
2:27 your videos. Do Some Research
Eleven I love Stranger Things
Aww I love that movie🤗🤧😥🤣😭
Live, Love,SING Kline
You fooled me in the begging