Film Theory: Who WON'T Survive Avengers Endgame! (Spoiler Free Predictions)

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This theory is 100% SPOILER FREE and does not reference any leaked information.
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The biggest superhero movie in history is almost here - Marvel's Avengers: Endgame! We've been building to this for YEARS! The biggest question that is plaguing us all is - who will NOT survive to the end? Honestly, the fear is real fellow Theorists. All of our favorite Avengers are on the chopping block. From Iron Man and Captain America to Thor and Black Widow - no one is safe! Today, I am predicting who will live and who will be making friends with the Grim Reaper.
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, BanditRants, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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20-Apr, 2019



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A A Soat oldin
I noticed the avengers were ontuched
jamaya scott
jamaya scott Soat oldin
Ant man and thanos maybe
Cole's Kingdom
Cole's Kingdom Soat oldin
Cap might die
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Soat oldin
I’m pretty sure Thor dies, they go back in time and get the “old thor” to fight thanos.
Taylor Barker
Taylor Barker Soat oldin
Wow. Less than 2 minutes, and you basically summed up everything ive been thinking.
Flashdog Soat oldin
thanos snaps again and the whole universe is just dead
SNOOP DOGG Soat oldin
carol denvers will die
Marke GameBoy
Marke GameBoy Soat oldin
What about the evedicend about Tony death
Master Chief
Master Chief Soat oldin
Thanos is biting the dust.
Cameron Samain
Cameron Samain Soat oldin
1:41 oh no he didn’t point nebula
Zing Zaber
Zing Zaber Soat oldin
Widow's movie is going to theaters not directly to Disney +.
Zoe vashti
Zoe vashti Soat oldin
Michelle Marie
Michelle Marie Soat oldin
well i wontsee the movie because i lost all my friends and watching movies by myself makes me sad
bustdetector Soat oldin
Captain Marvel will defeat Thanos with the #metoo combo breaker.
monkey puncheg6
monkey puncheg6 Soat oldin
Rip black Widow guess that's why we're getting a prequel movie for her.
kyleaca Soat oldin
If Thor dies I’m going to cry like a little bitch
Volkan İlkehan
Volkan İlkehan Soat oldin
Chris evans is a leftist bitch change my mind
Grace Jones
Grace Jones Soat oldin
Oh god I hate Bruce and Natasha’s relationship
Kenny Havoc
Kenny Havoc Soat oldin
I think everyone lives and everyone comes back but just before they fight Thanos, they all team up and turn on Captain Marvel leaving her the only dead one
Alejandro Zamora
Alejandro Zamora Soat oldin
I would assume Hawkeye.
ATLAS Soat oldin
Captain Marvel should die in Endgame
Axon Von-shadow
Axon Von-shadow Soat oldin
it tells you when you edit a comment that it was edited and gives a new date... so that wouldn't work...
Joseph Kennedy
Joseph Kennedy Soat oldin
Captain America will die
Coolserlot _ Playz
I think 🤔 Everyone will die😈
Taylor B
Taylor B Soat oldin
I dont want cap to die but it makes sense
FruitSalad 07
FruitSalad 07 Soat oldin
In the end,The avengers will believe in themselves and create a new infinity stone. The Friendship stone. And will defeat Thanos.
Blaze 475
Blaze 475 Soat oldin
everyone dies at the end
prince well
prince well Soat oldin
I just realized I wasn’t subscribed 😦 this is my favorite UZvid channel. But I am now.
Shadow Lord
Shadow Lord Soat oldin
Stark Hulk and Antman are gonna die
Brandon Klein
Brandon Klein Soat oldin
Mention only 5 original Avengers Hawkeye: am I a joke to you?
one jellofist
one jellofist Soat oldin
Bucky wasn't why he went rogue in civil war
Ethan Mcmillan
Ethan Mcmillan Soat oldin
ik for a fact batman is gonna die
oof of
oof of Soat oldin
If they replace Chris Evans, it better be Sebastian Stan or I will *S M A C C*
Maxothermic MC
Maxothermic MC Soat oldin
Nebula will die.
Derp bee playz games
Black widow isnt feeling so good
Masterlukegamer Soat oldin
Captain America all the way
Eddy Madison
Eddy Madison Soat oldin
I bet on Captain Marvel Cuz fuck Brie Larson dude
Vex 12986
Vex 12986 Soat oldin
*ENDGAME SPOILER* At the end of endgame the game will end
Dalton Beauregard
Captain is only like 27 years old (not counting sleepy time), he's too young to kill :(.
Owen Chan
Owen Chan Soat oldin
Yay endgame coming out
TheAura Murderer
TheAura Murderer Soat oldin
Thanos: *erases half the universe* ShagLingPie: *erases all multiverses and any higher existence*
LXIX ΞΘ Soat oldin
Kamdin Orozco
Kamdin Orozco Soat oldin
Thanos is going to die
OLBICHL Soat oldin
6:25 I think I can hear Liam Neeson laughing in the background!
Bof c
Bof c Soat oldin
Captain marvel
Arib M
Arib M Soat oldin
i think that tony will kill thanks then hang up his mantle as iron man
Sintayehu Shannon
Far From Home while be placed right before infinity war. The bus at the start is him coming back from the field trip. But that's just a theory
Hots Coffman
Hots Coffman Soat oldin
No matpat, antman cannot fly up thano's butt and expand killing him (unless he had a knife\ sword )watch the because science episode on it...real science explaining why everyone who uses that meme are not only wrong but incredibly dumb
Samay Chadha
Samay Chadha Soat oldin
Captin marvel will kill thanos with her social justice powers and hatred for white men.
I saw an article about one of the actors who will not be returning to the MCU. I obviously didn’t read it because I thought it would spoil who would die. I’m nervous
Aced Gaming
Aced Gaming Soat oldin
Guys thanos can’t snap why? Here are the reasons. 1. He made a different reality in that one scene and that’s what might have happened. 2. WHERE THE FUCK IS HIS GASH IN HIS CHEST!?! 3. The final reason is, the metal is too heavy.
I’m not crying. I’m totally not crying
Mello Member
Mello Member Soat oldin
Thanos: “you’ve should have gone for the head” ( of the franchise!”
Steven DT
Steven DT Soat oldin
I wonder if MARVEL watches your MARVEL theorys?
Thiccc Boi
Thiccc Boi Soat oldin
Woah there comment scroller, be careful of spoilers. It’s like a constant landmine down here.
SpaceJam45 Soat oldin
I had always thought that Tony Stark was the protagonist of the MCU. I think it’s gonna come down to a choice where Tony can save the universe, or save captain America. But through all the growth we’ve seen him experience, Tony’s going to pull a page from cap’s book and say he can save both with his help.
Moterbike 060906
Moterbike 060906 Soat oldin
Captain amarica is diying
Jake Jake
Jake Jake Soat oldin
Saw the movie no one dies except thanos
Sebastian Bautista
Hmmmm *it does makes sense*
Rehan Mo
Rehan Mo Soat oldin
Cap dying would be perfect. Most fans that only watch the movies would be surprised and it’s not the first time he’s dead or been replaced. (Falcon has been Cap and Bucky becoming Cap would be perfect) I can’t see Tony dying because he’s never been replaced and he is the basically the face of the MCU. I can see Widow dying but I hope she doesn’t. I feel one of the big 4 (Thor, Cap, Stark and Hulk) will bite the dust. Can’t see it being Hawkeye or Widow because they’re not as important. Can’t see it being Thor or Hulk either. But both have been replaced too.
The Legendary Ninjas - Gaming and More
Thanos: wipes out half the universe Also Thanos: Well it’s back to farming then.
Dalton Beauregard
They could be lying about Black Widow being a prequel.
Mighty Splisshy
Mighty Splisshy Soat oldin
SneakyPotato9 Soat oldin
War Machine will take up the title of iron man while buckey or falcon will take up captain America's shield.
Woolly PAR
Woolly PAR Soat oldin
What if they go back in time to save people, but some more people die. This messes up the timeline. Then the next few Marvel movies will cover the aftermath.
king antman
king antman Soat oldin
There going to kill of stan lee. (Ik too soon but prove me wrong )
Leah Bates
Leah Bates Soat oldin
BRN4evr Soat oldin
IKITA COPE Soat oldin
I believe Cap will die because of Peggy saying “The war is over Steve it’s time to come home” in that Vision Scarlet Witch gives him in age of Ultron.
Sam Bolton
Sam Bolton Soat oldin
I think that Tony will actually die. In my opinion Spider man is being set up to take Tony's place, in a sense, so i think Tony needs to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to allow for Spider man to know what it is to protect the people that he loves
Altean Doodles
Altean Doodles Soat oldin
I really like these theories that also go into narrative stand points besides the technical ones. It’s really nice to see a different perspective on this stuff. Good work MatPat!
Countess Emelin Wessex
Jeremy Renner also has a 7 movie contract & he's been in 3 already plus Endgame. He still has 3 movies left.
nevaeh brown
nevaeh brown Soat oldin
Congrats on becoming *Fortune Teller of the Century*
Sicarius Soat oldin
In the new Endgame trailer, Thanos says he is gonna kill Stark
Samson Hui
Samson Hui Soat oldin
Told you captain will die.
Cryogenic Nova
Cryogenic Nova Soat oldin
Thats the endgame Killing off tony (rdj) for a beloved true story arc and not money
Aristotelis it
Aristotelis it Soat oldin
Hawkeye,Nebula and war Machine
Crus Wrong
Crus Wrong Soat oldin
For first five min. Avengers end game uzvid.com/video/video-KStB66_HPYU.html
LeoInfinity Games
The new spider man is a prequal because if you remember peter came back from a field trip at the begining of infinity war and Thanos knows Iron man from the report back from Lokis 1st attack on earth
Tight_As_Bark Soat oldin
Was that the gungeon death animation?
TJay C
TJay C Soat oldin
MatPat? More like AssHat. Widow's not gonna die, you dolt. No way would Disney invest money into a dead character. Stop being stupid, stupid.
Dc King
Dc King Soat oldin
I think someone will die
Wanda Maximoff
Wanda Maximoff Soat oldin
Shit this makes a lot of sense. If this is how it ends I will be pissed at the spoilers 😂
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Magic with Ovi
Magic with Ovi Soat oldin
Viper Gaming
Viper Gaming Soat oldin
I think this will happen this is were the edited bit will go 👉🏻
TheFightmaster22 Soat oldin
Hawkeye might die
DJFlare84 Soat oldin
Alternatively: It's possible Iron Man will die as a sort of counter-point to Thanos. Thanos sacrificed his children for the sake of his beliefs. Tony will sacrifice himself for the sake of his "child".
πκ PiKappa
πκ PiKappa Soat oldin
I think thanos will die
Brenton Grifa
Brenton Grifa Soat oldin
I hope captain marvel dies
rcav Soat oldin
yeah steve is definitely dying robert bought him a badass camaro ..definitely a good bye gift
God of Hyperdeath
Why did thanos snap killing half of all living being in the universe why didn’t he just snap to double or triple the resources that the living beings needed
God of Hyperdeath
Sorry for bad grammar
Dylan Marguet
Dylan Marguet Soat oldin
acualy ur deadpool 2 theory was right
FinnIsChillin Soat oldin
i know that ant man will die from thanos squeezing together his cheeks
Tails Plays
Tails Plays Soat oldin
I stopped watching by 2:49 so I can watch endgame before The Theory
Bamanda Soat oldin
this video cured my stomach flu
Epic Moments
Epic Moments Soat oldin
Cap marvel pls
TheLobsided Animals
I feel as if Hawkeye would sacrifice himself to save his family
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