Film Theory: Will Marvel BREAK in One Punch? (Infinity War Vibranium vs. One Punch Man)

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Today we are talking about the ULTIMATE showdown of strength and durability. One Punch Man vs Vibranium - the strongest metal of the Marvel universe! I know, I know, call me crazy but I HAD to know. Theorists, today we find out of vibranium can be broken in ONE PUNCH!
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13-Sen, 2018



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The Film Theorists
Yeah...definitely screwed up the bit about the speed of Saitama hopping back to Earth from the moon BUT on the plus side, it doesn't change the final outcome. Yes, it overestimates Saitama's power for that one calculation, but it's not his MAX STRENGTH that we calculated for the falling meteor. It also still PALES in comparison to Vibranium's power, so yep, Cap's shield still stands!
Daniel Martinek
Daniel Martinek 24 kun oldin
About to write this.
The Film Theorists no
Nicolai Veliki
Yeah... 1 light second ~ 300.000 km, or a bit MORE than the average distance Earth-Moon
Ben H
Ben H 2 oy oldin
That’s not the strongest metal
bigtropyoutube 3 oy oldin
Mr. Bread
Mr. Bread 3 daqiqa oldin
I’ll be honest, if Saitama doesn’t break the sheild, the literal man behind it will.. (or atleast cap’s arm will)
OniX 21 daqiqa oldin
Well, I saw a lot of numbers.
Jin Ho
Jin Ho Soat oldin
Those are the lot juuls so much gas
opdkobra 3 soat oldin
a small fact you missed to mention , he actually calculates the force necesary to reach earth once he is on the moon , because he does not want to overshoot his small leap from the moon and shater earth in his landing XD
Percy Espinoza
Percy Espinoza 4 soat oldin
Technically thanos destroyed it with a snap because Black panther disappeared with the suit made out of it. instead of himself
Borna Brzica
Borna Brzica 4 soat oldin
Uhhhhh😑.........all of that hurts my brain
K 1 N G
K 1 N G 5 soat oldin
the shield hero won
kaleb gerace
kaleb gerace 7 soat oldin
Then your realize thors hammer should weigh 100x the meteor the wiped out the dinosaurs....Best case in the movie: Thor the impact of mjolnir falling to earth would have wiped out most life on earth. Worst case it punches a hole straight through the planet doing god only knows what in the process. God forbid you consider the effects on the oceans, the moon, or the earths orbit from carrying around 3 mount Everest-s in your hand..
DragonClaw12XL 7 soat oldin
Should of been pokemon spear and shield
Vegeta 7 soat oldin
Actually about MCU's Power Stone destructive potential power it's at least planet buster not only moon buster as we see in first Guardians of the galaxy movie flashback at Collector's place when Celestial used it to destroy whole planet with a single tap
NIXON KOH 8 soat oldin
It's made of vibrandnium in the end Of course one punch man would win
Elsa Vazquez Alba
Elsa Vazquez Alba 9 soat oldin
I just realized this video was published on my birthday
its dogy jones
its dogy jones 9 soat oldin
No cus mc so yeh 1 punch man will win5=mc is 900 so yeh
Dan 9 soat oldin
Is vibranium tougher than Boro's armor?
Rabeson Sumabat
Rabeson Sumabat 10 soat oldin
This was great... but someone in japan (couldn't read his name so I can't recall who it was) commented on a video about saitama a while back... that during a meet and greet with the author, the author was asked regarding saitamas full power, and he responded by saying an all out saitama has the same force as the big bang... p.s. someone from japan please fact check this for me... I would really appreciate it, thanks...
Alex Griggs
Alex Griggs 11 soat oldin
But the shield breaks like nothing to thanos with the power stone so it isn't that strong
Mr _Quilava
Mr _Quilava 11 soat oldin
Obviously the shield breaks ever read the comics?
LokiShinigami 11 soat oldin
Matt: "Escalation is Hard" Me: "Last time on DragonBall Super:
Kid Whyvern
Kid Whyvern 12 soat oldin
Lots… And lots… And lots… Of numbers😳
Azure XIV
Azure XIV 14 soat oldin
Have You heard about absolute zero pat? Absolute zero is a temperature were a object has no kinetic energy. So vibranium will break because it cannot store or release energy see?
small talk
small talk 15 soat oldin
Kewl. But how was the shield made of vibranium shaped into a shield. MCU explain
FarmerWithaShotgun Sama
The only thing he cant beat is...a mosquito.
Guillermo Agullo Marti
30 subscribers without videos
Saitama probably would win, But the real battle woud be SAITAMA VS BEDROCK FROM MINECRAFT
Spiral Feather
Spiral Feather 18 soat oldin
Cap's shield is made of proto-adamantium, not pure vibranium. The adamantium-vibranium alloy known as proto-adamantium is stronger than vibranium alone, which is why Cap's shield can tank a hit from Mjolnir.
tapseer 19 soat oldin
Also you forgot to mention the force needed to send Saitama to the moon in the first place. How much energy it would take to send him to the moon in a second or two?
carmen ramgarib
carmen ramgarib 20 soat oldin
the ultimate winner is...……………………………………………………………...SHAGGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Procrastination
The Procrastination 20 soat oldin
Thanos vs. Saitama
Looniper 20 soat oldin
Fun to watch, but the First "Law" of Thermodynamics is a generality, not a hard fact of physics. Google "Mass Defect" some time if you're curious. Every time there is a matter-energy translation there is a loss. It may be that the sum remains but is relocated outside of our capacity to observe in some way, but we don't know that yet; we only know that there is less after the translation than before.
PivotManDx139 22 soat oldin
People forget that Saitama can control the output of his power He let Boros have that fight because he knows where Boros is coming from
Lizane Adhikari
Lizane Adhikari Kun oldin
It will break
Thai Zetian
Thai Zetian Kun oldin
cmon. This isnt even a close fight.
My last two brain cells. *i dont feel so good*
That boi
That boi Kun oldin
0:36 Hitler: *Go around it*
rahul kartha
rahul kartha Kun oldin
Consecutive serious punches would obliterate marvel and DC 😂
Johnreynald Batislaon
saitama travel to moon to earth is only 1.5 seconds!
TwiistedLegKid 3
If the vibrainium is basically invisible how do they make things like caps shield
Head Shot
Head Shot Kun oldin
Is there anywhere to watch one man punch in English? I watched the last DBZ season not in English and liked it it’s just easier to not have to read
Trevor doesthings
Mat, question and I thought of this a few days ago, in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Quicksilver kills the robotic clones just by running past and punching them, would you be able to calculate the amount of kinetic energy it took him to make that? And I ain't saying do a whole vid on it
Natalie Rizak
Natalie Rizak Kun oldin
You know if vibranium was real we could make extreme batteries
Christian Almache
I disagree
Rose Belle
Rose Belle Kun oldin
Suspect Statue44
One punch man is shaggy in disguise
abc def
abc def Kun oldin
Answer: Yes
Marynel Bernardo
One punhs man is not in netflix
Bro let's be honest, One Punch man is like the literal embodiment of the one above all. They beats everything.
Kyle Ransib
Kyle Ransib Kun oldin
Plus there's no gravity in space so thats supose to slow down saitama
Artin Artin
Artin Artin Kun oldin
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo this video is not very good... vibranium: you completely misunderstood how thor's hammer works, (lets just say by this videos logic captain america is stronger then hulk) you used to separate canons for vibranium (the mcu characters and weapons are thousands of times weaker then there comic book counterparts on average) and you used caps shield getting shattered as a durability feat for some reason even though it might have token billions of times less power to break the shield saitama: you corrected the whole 67 times the speed of light nonsense but yo still completely ignored his ACTUAL BEST STRIKING FEAT which is when (SPOILER WARNING ENCASE YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE WHOLE SERIES YET) the earlier mentioned lord boros launched the collapsing star roaring cannon against saitama and saitama neutralizes it in a single punch. this attack would be star level which is a hell of a lot stronger then moon level if you want proof go to seththeprogramers video Saitama Is Far Stronger Than We Imagined. that concludes that so yeah this video sucked mat
Kyle Ransib
Kyle Ransib Kun oldin
One punch and no yells
Kalvin Ogaz
Kalvin Ogaz Kun oldin
What about the serious punch !!!????
DaddySongo Kun oldin
Red skull can bend the sheild so saitama can destroy it
Ben Moore
Ben Moore Kun oldin
REDRED gamer
REDRED gamer Kun oldin
Omg I thick my bran grow because of this vid
A Just Okay Channel
no wonder why nobody can pick up thors hammer other than a select few
Pungi Kun oldin
Saitama would shit on Thanos
InFamousLord Kun oldin
God daym your smart
DethPepper Kun oldin
Saitama's power is limitless though, so if he wanted to he could break it like thin glass
Jidder Kun oldin
the thing with Saitamas powers are that they dont work like superpowers usually do in other animes and shows. he doesn't have a limit, his overwhelming power and the ease of how he defeat others instead work with the same set of rules as, like, looney toons. His lackluster effort is funny in the face of all the usual melodramatic foolery of all other characters. as long as it's funny, he wins. crumpling the shield like it's tissue paper would be funny, ergo, crumple it will. especially if someone is having a bragging monologue about how it's indestructible in the background.
Shubham Jha
Shubham Jha Kun oldin
moon light takes 1.3s to reach earth. according to your 19s time saitama speed is 1/15 of speed of light so you are wrong, and for your info speed of light is 299 792 458 m / s. and also great video
Shubham Jha
Shubham Jha Kun oldin
you definitely missed a 0 in speed of light or might calculated with extra 0 in saitama speed
Vince SC
Vince SC Kun oldin
The answer is yes, it would break, not because of science or something ridiculous like that, but simply because these are fictional characters and One Punch Man is a Deus Ex Machina knuckle sandwich. Of course it would break. That's his whole shtick
Chris Hardin
Chris Hardin Kun oldin
Wait doesn't saitama at the end of the season when fighting lord boros deflect a and this is the literal name of boros final move" collapsing star roaring Cannon" and a collapsing star is a hypernova or supernova and that type of energy is enough to blow up a star the size of our sun and our entire solar system how can you miss that
Ziggy Eyles
Ziggy Eyles Kun oldin
Dan Freimark
Dan Freimark Kun oldin
So, you changed a decimal point to a comma... It's not like you were checking your work before making a claim on an open forum... It's like making sure spell check didn't f you over before pressing send.
Celine Black
Celine Black Kun oldin
They should involve saitama into end game
The_Iconic63 #yeet
You do know goku would BODY one punch man in “ one punch”
Maximiliano Torres
Pewdiepie vs t series
Drettlinking Kun oldin
9:17 who said he was trying?
Drettlinking Kun oldin
10:10 nvm
Dan Freimark
Dan Freimark Kun oldin
You did your calculations of Saitamas speed from Moon to earth wrong. You calculated it to be 27x the speed of light, for a span of 19seconds. That would mean light reflected from the moon of Saitama jumping back, would take 27x longer than the 19 seconds it took Saitama. Thats just under 9 minutes, which is how long light from the SUN takes to get to earth. Try again
Dan Freimark
Dan Freimark Kun oldin
The estimated density of Thor's hammer would created a gravity field on Earth, effecting weather, and the magnetic properties (it's a lighting rod) would cause the world's worst pile-up of a traffic jam. Condsidering the effects of Saitama's punches vs the effects of Thor's blows with Mjolnier, one cannot truly compare metrics vs Vibranium. There is clearly something other than kinetic force at play with Saitama. It's more like Gambit's power being transferred through a punch.
Qwerty YT
Qwerty YT Kun oldin
At around 14:00 your saying the Death Star is stronger than the power stone so the avengers just need darth vador to beat thanos
Tameablewolf Kun oldin
Actually one punch man always wins because his cannon is he can one punch everything so yeah
people moo
people moo Kun oldin
Film theory should be on netflix
buster king snurf
you know one punch man has no limit to his power so he could win easily.
megatont Kun oldin
So that means krillin from bragon ball is stronger than thanos?
griffin staib
griffin staib Kun oldin
megatont he is stronger the saitma so probably
Madison Mooneyham
Saitama delivered 1 serious punch in the anime where he literally parted the clouds across half of the planet with just the force coming off of his fist.... I'm almost positive that of power trumps the smashing of teh meteor
Lucafazgaming 2 kun oldin
One Punch Man vs Thanos Please who would win?
Lucafazgaming Kun oldin
Kohl Barrow *Thanos snaps his fingers*
Kohl Barrow
Kohl Barrow Kun oldin
Lucafazgaming one punch man obviously, why would you need a video explanation
Kyle 2 kun oldin
ツShrug 2 kun oldin
april 2019 new series of one punch man
The Simple Stuff
The Simple Stuff 2 kun oldin
if light needs 1,3 seconds to get from the moon to the earth how can it be that saitama is 67 times faster than the speed of light even tho it takes him 19 seconds
Husl Wusl
Husl Wusl Kun oldin
That and I thought the speed of light is about 300,000,000m/s, so the calculated velocity of around 20 million m/s in the video would be far from being faster than light
Madhumati Borpatra Gohain
Hey uru metal is stronger than vibranium
I know you corrected your own mistake but I'm just gonna say that it takes 2 seconds for light to travel from the moon to the Earth
alexander tristan
alexander tristan 2 kun oldin
*Gives Saitama power stone* what now Mat Pat
Canadian Airsoft
Canadian Airsoft 2 kun oldin
At 16:36 he said they would be decimated so 10% of everyone within a 9 mile radius would be wiped out t
Dhanusha Maden
Dhanusha Maden 2 kun oldin
do: saitama vs thanos
SUBWOOFA 2 kun oldin
you should've just called this video numbers!
Legendary Pokemon
Legendary Pokemon 2 kun oldin
... we litterely see saitama break a meteor..
Nicholas Bauza
Nicholas Bauza 2 kun oldin
To much math
Hyron Valkinson
Hyron Valkinson 2 kun oldin
SPOILERS FOR IW!!! Thanos didn't break a sweat pulling the Mind Stone from Vision... WITHOUT using any of the stones. and breaking his Vibranium skull EASILY
Soulless 2 kun oldin
Who would you prefer, captain America or Saitama (one punch man)? Reply for an answer
the#1epic subscriber
Why are you on youtube your smarter than my brain iq..🤔
MOREnoobGAMING 2 kun oldin
I would have thought his most impressive feat was that time he destroyed that mountain using only the force of the air with his hand
Nestor Llerena
Nestor Llerena 2 kun oldin
Goku can teleport xd
Hana's Pizza Hut
Hana's Pizza Hut 2 kun oldin
Did anyone notice that the merchant in the intro is the cabbage guy from avatar the last airbender?!!!
Garret Jacobs
Garret Jacobs 2 kun oldin
16:36 everything and everyone within 9 miles of it would be totally reduced by ten percent.
kian francis
kian francis 2 kun oldin
Yeah numbers!
Tobi Kunig
Tobi Kunig 2 kun oldin
Now explain how a simple coat hanger can hold Thor's hammer...
Shrock The rock
Shrock The rock 2 kun oldin
Tobi Kunig can an elevator stop his hammer tho?
Its Mups MultiUser Player Sahil Channel
Adamantium Vs Vibranium please
BeelzeKid 2 kun oldin
so evrytime mjolnier hits eart it dies ?
BeelzeKid 2 kun oldin
univers sandbox 2 if you drop the pyramide of gize on earth homeplanet of humans it dies , how come tony stalk can lift that hammer you bozo ? calculating a theory with masive blackholes there ? you cant even se over the event horizon boy
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