Film Theory: Will Marvel BREAK in One Punch? (Infinity War Vibranium vs. One Punch Man)

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Today we are talking about the ULTIMATE showdown of strength and durability. One Punch Man vs Vibranium - the strongest metal of the Marvel universe! I know, I know, call me crazy but I HAD to know. Theorists, today we find out of vibranium can be broken in ONE PUNCH!
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13-Sen, 2018

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The Film Theorists
Yeah...definitely screwed up the bit about the speed of Saitama hopping back to Earth from the moon BUT on the plus side, it doesn't change the final outcome. Yes, it overestimates Saitama's power for that one calculation, but it's not his MAX STRENGTH that we calculated for the falling meteor. It also still PALES in comparison to Vibranium's power, so yep, Cap's shield still stands!
Ben H
Ben H 8 kun oldin
That’s not the strongest metal
nukenugget 2 oy oldin
but thanos shatters the shield doesn't he? so saitama wins because the shield doesn't stand the test.
Frank Myers
Frank Myers 3 oy oldin
neat stuff in this video, matpat is theorizing the crap out things!!
Electro Tiger
Electro Tiger Soat oldin
Killer punch is the full power of saitama
Venom Quill
Venom Quill Soat oldin
Okay, dude. I know that One Punch Man is literally that: he could take out Vibranium. BUT! Here's a real challenge for you: Who would win? The Teumessian Fox or Laelaps? Not really from any movies, technically, but it's still much more fun than a guy with infinite strength versus an object with finite strength. Why not give BOTH infinite power?!
Chim Rozal
Chim Rozal Soat oldin
But one punch man got to earth from the moon at 1.5 seconds, And only 2 people know how he got his power. He broke his limiter which means he hasn’t shown all his power. (Idk what im sayingg)
daniel chen
daniel chen 3 soat oldin
nerd king2000
nerd king2000 4 soat oldin
One pitchman is lame.
Lianni olivagg
Lianni olivagg 5 soat oldin
Could you please do one more video Five Nights at Freddy's I'm so sad please if you said yes thanks
stick animations
stick animations 5 soat oldin
Thonos v one punch man
-Neon_Beats- 5 soat oldin
Wait so.... who won? DARN U MATPAT!!!
noninvasive intruder
noninvasive intruder 10 soat oldin
Marvel logic, hey that hero is popular and makes a lot of money, PUT THEM IN AVENGERS
chuck90504 15 soat oldin
But what about Thanos with all stones compared to Mumen Rider?
TheGreat Papyrus
TheGreat Papyrus 16 soat oldin
He just forgot cap and Saitama are heroes
Sonu Sharma
Sonu Sharma 17 soat oldin
Saitama could easily break Thor hammer made from most powerful metal in marvel universe he has infinite power
Maximus BJJ
Maximus BJJ 17 soat oldin
I got lost in sciences
Ganon Dragmire
Ganon Dragmire 20 soat oldin
TL;DW Saitama wins
Cherry Ng
Cherry Ng 23 soat oldin
Awww man, you missed the Chinese words by a little bit. That’s a shame.
Lrnz Kun oldin
Liam K
Liam K Kun oldin
annihilated, destroyed, obliterated... NOT decimated.
I DONT KNOW Kun oldin
It is said in the anime that Saitama has LIMITLESS energy so...
killer 909
killer 909 Kun oldin
wait but hulk broke a piece of his shield with one hit
Jim Cooper
Jim Cooper Kun oldin
Still not sure who won...
Jakuno_Gaming Kun oldin
I'm late to the party. I'm gonna go comment turkey on the latest video.
Nicholas Mares
Nicholas Mares Kun oldin
A real merchant would have said "You will have to buy them to find out"
Evan Wu
Evan Wu Kun oldin
there is no set limit to Saitama’s strength so i’m not sure why this video was even made
star lord
star lord Kun oldin
Now do one to se if he can break hulks pants
MaxSparta Kun oldin
Didn't the creator admit that Saitamas strongest possible punch would be equivalent to something like 1/3 the power of the big bang? Pretty sure thats gonna break basically anything.
22 Cmw
22 Cmw Kun oldin
Thanos vs. Saitama...
Sophrodos Kun oldin
You know the video is going to be good, when it starts off with the cabbage merchant.
jessica parkinson
no its when it falls to earth
Thanos vs Saitamo
Zed The Game
Zed The Game Kun oldin
Saitama's bald head is what made him op
Griffin S. Hill
Griffin S. Hill Kun oldin
No boros said when one punch man walked in he sensed infinite kinetic energy you cannot scatter that
another comment
another comment Kun oldin
But can he break a Nokia?
LonelyUtuber Kun oldin
Next video: *How hard are Saitama's glove?*
Nur Hazimah
Nur Hazimah Kun oldin
Omg why is there a 18 and a half minutes video on if saitama can destroy captain America's shield? I don't even have to watch it to know he can. Edit: So I read the comments and ???!?! I did not expect the final revelation of this video. Now I have to watch the goddamn video. :/
Ryan Tahlilkar
Ryan Tahlilkar Kun oldin
He never skipped leg day, he did 100 squats daily for 2 years straight.
Ditmas Park Production
liez i dont believe any of this
Thegamer19601 2 kun oldin
Wait, if saitama took 19 seconds to come back to earth, he is lot slower than light (as light takes about 1.3 seconds only). Speed of light is 299, 792,458 m/s whereas (as mentioned by you), Saitama's speed is around 20 million m/s, not even close to the speed of light. Now the question is how can he be 67 times the speed of light?
LogoToras 2 kun oldin
WOAH HOLD THE PHONE. How dare you use a newtonian equation for energy on an object CLEARLY behaving in a relativistic manner. Get you facts straight boy.
The Red Hood
The Red Hood 2 kun oldin
2:36 why is goku there. Goku could kill 1 punch man easy
jonathan moreno
jonathan moreno 2 kun oldin
Answer:.....yes, it will :V
Pumkinhead 2 kun oldin
THE REASON i subscribed cuz yo intro
pizza's YouTube Vlogs
One punch sucks
Oliver Mitchell
Oliver Mitchell 2 kun oldin
did any one else notice how messed up the sub titles are
Caleb Soliman
Caleb Soliman 2 kun oldin
Why didn't you try Uru, clearly the more powerful material?
danielpena96 2 kun oldin
Dude, he has shown to be able to blow Earth with one punch.
S Appleby
S Appleby 2 kun oldin
one punch man is a spanish?
jitender matwa
jitender matwa 2 kun oldin
If thor hammer was so heavy then how could shield plane able to fly with so much weight. Pls explain
jitender matwa
jitender matwa 2 kun oldin
If thor hammer was so heavy then how could shield plane able to fly with so much weight. Pls explain
Wasem Zahr
Wasem Zahr 2 kun oldin
Hey mat pat there is a Marcel comic where thanos breaks caps shield with a swift so saying that vaibranium would just Obsorb it with no ease is kinda stupid
Martin Sandberg
Martin Sandberg 2 kun oldin
subtitles on youtube is so fucking wrong, it's almost and only almost, more fun then the actual vids
Iiro Tervamäki
Iiro Tervamäki 2 kun oldin
I think one punch man's hand would SHATTER on impact
Iiro Tervamäki
Iiro Tervamäki 2 kun oldin
My childhood needs captain americas shield to protect me from MatPats videos😥
Phantom 2 kun oldin
How is 20,210,500 m\s 67 times the speed of light? last time i checked the speed of light is 299 792 458 m/s
Business Genius
Business Genius 2 kun oldin
the math here is wrong on several accounts
dharun gandhi
dharun gandhi 2 kun oldin
One punch man
Fedas 2 kun oldin
Please tell me how one calculates the kinetic energy for an object moving faster than the speed of light? Lmao
shaked amar
shaked amar 2 kun oldin
The power of the infinity stones is infinity. Its up to your imagenation how strong you will be.
shaked amar
shaked amar 2 kun oldin
Vibranium must win
Rudy .T
Rudy .T 2 kun oldin
But matpat what if we take the entire wakandas vibranium supply
Rishab Sen
Rishab Sen 2 kun oldin
Saitama wins. Every time.
Aaron Chadwick
Aaron Chadwick 2 kun oldin
You had too much fun making this video XD
GODLY CUMUCK 3 kun oldin
I'd like to point out.....you could've just used the guide book for one punch man which states he can destroy ENTIRE STARS with barely a percent of his power
Octavianus A.Munthe
Can you calculating the power of boros ultimate skill ( the cannon destroy planet ) and serious punch form Saitama. Ever you think if Saitama use serious gatling punch ? I hope next video can be that.
Peter Mann
Peter Mann 3 kun oldin
Thank you matpat on the half of us americans
Grocha dos rocha
Grocha dos rocha 3 kun oldin
The Power Stone have acess Of infinity Power, ALL the Power that exist, and all the power that will exist, it's a singularity, it can't be calculated
zetsumeinaito 3 kun oldin
Gotta disagree with the claim on Mjolnir's mass. You happened to have a clip of Thor talking about Mjolnir from Thor: Ragnarok, but you conveniently skipped the part where Hela shatters it. The part where the pieces just sit on the ground not even sinking in. Something that would only happen with the official canon weight of 42.3 lb, and not the billions listed in the vid. Kinda important.
AbysmalAce139 3 kun oldin
Donald trump be like "China" "china" "china" "china" "china" "china" "china" "china" "china" "china" "china" "china"
Shadow 3 kun oldin
You are a fucking genius what is your iQ 4,000?
SimeOh 3 kun oldin
I love how people say Avengers was so ambitious and a superhero team up movie hasn’t been done before, even though we’ve had 3 fantastic four movies and 4 X-Men ones, 5 including generation x
Seth Mullis
Seth Mullis 3 kun oldin
In the comics caps shied isn’t made of vibranium
JF -
JF - 3 kun oldin
I am speechless
Rick Boy
Rick Boy 3 kun oldin
One punch man literally breaks all laws of physics. In fact he breaks all reality. The concept behind him is he literally destroys anything with one punch. It does not matter what it is. Vibranium wouldnt stand a chance.
Lergen Stonesea
Lergen Stonesea 3 kun oldin
You're missing one key detail. Saitama is literally a joke. A parody of overpowered superheroes like Goku and Superman. He was created to be the most powerful being in the history of anything that has ever lived. His strength is infinite. So your theory immediately has no merit. EDIT: and to add to this, if you ever have to ask yourself "Can Saitama beat/destroy ________" the answer is always yes
Daniel Sasake
Daniel Sasake 3 kun oldin
There's this weapon in god of high school it's called yui and it might be heavier than mljnoir
Tilen V
Tilen V 3 kun oldin
who wins thanos or one punc man?
TheRaiden316 3 kun oldin
Next bout: Saitama vs. a fellow parody character. A character so powerful, he makes superman nervous. Plastic-man.
Andre Guevara
Andre Guevara 3 kun oldin
You should look at Kirby from Kirby star allies able to knock a planet killing meteor lots of lightyears
Justin Put
Justin Put 3 kun oldin
4.8m and still not on trending ?? Wtf
MiguellaGorilla 3 kun oldin
As I'm sure many have commented... Using Cap's shield is actually not the correct example of Vibranium's strength. The shield is made of a Vibranium/Steel/Proto-Adamantium alloy.
CoolAzul2 3 kun oldin
Freaking hilarious! You should look at other imaginary huge numbers, like the details of the US federal budget. We need some laughs about that right now.
The Senate
The Senate 3 kun oldin
Witch means that the deaths star could not only destroy captain america’s shield but vaporize him and destroy the planet he is sitting on (lets say its Alderan) so Star Wars wins (Star Wars befor disney bought)
hassan Talpur
hassan Talpur 3 kun oldin
Saitama is a pun.way too over powered.also i dont wanna watch it cause... I dont know...i dont really like animes which are too over the top
zenox04 dual
zenox04 dual 3 kun oldin
Is one punch man possible
shlok chaudhari
shlok chaudhari 3 kun oldin
The sheer amount of numbers makes me dizzy
Nikos Ganadakis
Nikos Ganadakis 3 kun oldin
My primary disagreement with the whole 'mass of Mjolnir' is primarily; MAGIC. As you yourself have stated, in MCU, magic is a 'thing', but more importantly; it's a 'thing' that Asgardians use as much as they use science. Which means that, considering they have flying cars as their default movement -which seem to be extremely maneuvrable and don't have much in the way of visible exhaust- they would have some pretty darn-well developed tech. Ergo, developed magic as well. More importantly, you have theorized that Mjolnir becomes impossible to lift by an unworthy because it 'changes weight' (forgive me for not recalling the exact name of the whole thing, been a while). Ergo; Mjolnir itself isn't 'heavy' by design -it just BECOMES heavy. Just as heavy as needed to be in order to be impossible to lift (or smoosh whatever's in front of it). So determining what its mass is due to crafting materials is kinda pointless, isn't it? Instead judge it after what it DOES. See what the maximum output of effect is and compare that to Saitama. That said; it's Saitama's entire point that he 'destroys everything in one punch'. And after seeing him send a shockwave of force powerful enough to break cloud formations while still not being 'serious'... kinda inclined to agree. If the shockwave (which as you've said weakens geometrically the further away it is) is strong enough to cut cloud formations, a direct hit would... well... 'smoosh' things pretty badly.
arka das
arka das 3 kun oldin
WRONG, go back to Elementary School Speed of Light = 299, 792, 458 m/s Saitama's Speed = 20, 210, 500 m/s = 12, 558 . 222 miles/s [not 12, 558, 222 miles/s] 9:40 that is 0.067 times the speed of light [not 67 times the speed of light] 9:46 PS: I am surprised by the fact, that u told it took him 19s to reach rearch from moon & his speed is 67 times the speed of light, and very few people in the comment section even noticed it. now I know how they enjoy these movies so much.
KawaiiLlama King
KawaiiLlama King 3 kun oldin
I'm sure saitama does some goku training and gets a power up for some reason. It's not like he's already too strong
Lara SCHROEDER 4 kun oldin
Im naming that brain at the beginning Brainy because "Brian" doesn't fit
Gareth Jacobsen
Gareth Jacobsen 4 kun oldin
I always had a question about vibrabium. If it absorbs kinetic force then shouldn't caps shield and Panthers suit absorb the force of when they hit something?
He broke his limiter meaning he can put out infinite Jules
Saitama has literally infinite power
Dior Raices
Dior Raices 4 kun oldin
the pawer gem is infinity more pawerful dad saitama
Haiji 4 kun oldin
That coat hanger in thor the dark world must be well made
Tutu 4 kun oldin
Sooooo thanos vs saitama
AQ 99
AQ 99 4 kun oldin
Ok, think about it like this: We all have a limiter; a plateau that will at some point get so steep that progression will not at all be possible. Saitama has been stated to break past that, which means he does not have a physical limit , and his *potential* is technically infinite. This sounds absurd and complete lies and BS, but remember that saitama is a gag character made to make fun heroes due to his limitless potential. He is a joke, and saying that, it actually makes sense that he is that strong; so that means that vibranium does not stand a singe chance at all of surviving saitama. If you want to do this with real numbers, use another hero like All Might or Superman.
Pepsi Man
Pepsi Man 4 kun oldin
Pepsi Man
Pepsi Man 4 kun oldin
*baldi joins the battle*
Saurav G
Saurav G 4 kun oldin
Saitama canceled out an attack that is meant to destroy planets with a serious punch. Planets are bigger than moons. Saitama wins?
Lucas Vang
Lucas Vang 4 kun oldin
Who's smarter vision or iron Man