Film Theory: Willy Wonka and the Golden Ticket SCAM! (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)

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So you found a Golden Ticket to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory - now what? You avoid being made into candy, blown up like a blueberry, or any other horrible consequence of being a bad kid. What is your reward? Fame, glory, immense riches? HA, SUCKER!! You are now the proud owner of a failing business and a pile of lawsuits! Today Loyal Theorists, we are delving into the genius business moves of Willy Wonka!
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27-May, 2018

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The Game Theorists
For everyone saying the factory isn't in America, it actually IS American, believe it or not. The movie goes to great lengths to try and make the location ambiguous (nonsense monetary symbols, ambiguous coins, a German shoot location but everyone speaking English) but the television coverage of the Golden Ticket search we see Charlie watching always references "here in America." And in the book, he finds a "dollar" in the gutter. So signs point heavily to Wonka's being an American company.
Monty P Moneybags
Xx_TheCoolGuy Gaming_xX
I just said this to make the comment 500 so ok
Denise Dunne
Denise Dunne 2 oy oldin
I'm 500th
Gab Eagle
Gab Eagle 2 oy oldin
GreenCookieWolf 4 oy oldin
King Rich
King Rich 5 soat oldin
I can't believe it. The Willy Scam. 2019 anyone?
Qveen Viv
Qveen Viv 8 soat oldin
This movie traumatized me as a little kid and now...im a teenager, I'm terrified
Maria MM
Maria MM 17 soat oldin
Wonka is so cute
BreakDown705 Kun oldin
I remember those exact words
Nicø di Angelø
The books are always better, kids.
notabrony 070704
Willi wonka IS A CRIMINAL
Maybach Rob
Maybach Rob Kun oldin
U got a lot of time to snitch on a children’s movie
pizzafish 65
pizzafish 65 Kun oldin
This is the first video I watched of yours.
Julezz Rulezz
Julezz Rulezz Kun oldin
Stop. No. Come Back. Good Comments.
Dawn Damnit
Dawn Damnit Kun oldin
You should do a part two where you see if he's corrected his violations in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, then fine him for every damn day that has passed. Lol savage.
SlimeGoop 2 kun oldin
But wait, how can Willy Wonka get all these fines if OSHA was created in 1971 and the movie is supposed to take place in 1970???? Answer me this @The Film Theorists
Kristy Chenoweth
Kristy Chenoweth 2 kun oldin
Herospirit 2 kun oldin
Why didn't you use the latest film instead of the old one
Mark Garay
Mark Garay 3 kun oldin
Has anyone notice Rosana pansino in the video .she is friends with matpat
Vault Tec
Vault Tec 3 kun oldin
gislgislgisl 3 kun oldin
I was so much happier before I subscribed to this channel...
John Ross
John Ross 3 kun oldin
Actually, Slugworth was working for Wonka. Also, Charlie didn’t steal, beg, or anything else Mat Pat said.
the movies don`t need to follow the rules of the reality
SportaRose 10
SportaRose 10 3 kun oldin
I watched Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory a few days ago, and was thinking about those OSHA violations. (You need to find a stronger theory to ruin my childhood)
Aazam Zaffino
Aazam Zaffino 3 kun oldin
do a wonka pericer threoy
ADAM-XTREME 3 kun oldin
I thought the ompa lumpas weren't known about by people outside the factory so would that not show up on record as having no workers so they wouldn't come up on public record?
Crazy Gamer Kids
Crazy Gamer Kids 3 kun oldin
delishdoughnut 4 kun oldin
Ok, not sure anyone but me and the Willy Wonka jr musical cast know this but. WILLY WONKA'S CHOCOLATE FACTORY IS SO MORBID. Because in the original manuscript 10 children suffer morbid punishments that should have killed them. Two kids falll in the chocolate river. two kids sent to the pounding and cutting room one kid gets stuck in chocolate mold. Thats only the least of it! So, I would assume that there'd be even more fines than the ones Matpat counts
M Terry
M Terry 4 kun oldin
You dirty minded theorists.
Estela Winchester
Estela Winchester 4 kun oldin
When Wonka started singing in the boat scene, the other actors didn’t know he was going to do that. The fear was real. And before his first appearance in the movie, they had never met Gene. They were actually confused when he came out hobbling on a cane, and the concern was real when he started to fall forward.
Hunter Joehnk
Hunter Joehnk 4 kun oldin
1:50 was great
Kaga 5 kun oldin
what is the music used nearing the end of the video?
Drau SkullZ
Drau SkullZ 5 kun oldin
It's a BOOBie trap
Erin Connelly
Erin Connelly 5 kun oldin
Overwatch in a Film Theory? G O O D
Bud Morr
Bud Morr 5 kun oldin
It all makes sense now!
Sean Last
Sean Last 5 kun oldin
Plot twist Willy Wonka is a Psychopath and uses his Factory to commit murder.
Dragon Ball Weeb
Dragon Ball Weeb 6 kun oldin
And I have a golden ticket, to my death, god grandpa, how are you not worried about walking into a strangers house? Grandfather:Because I got a golden ticket to my death. Me:Facepalm
Dragon Ball Weeb
Dragon Ball Weeb 6 kun oldin
Follow me, and you'll be, 8n a world worse than DDlC!
Dragon Ball Weeb
Dragon Ball Weeb 6 kun oldin
Follow me, and you'll be in a world fights and rape-ism (prison) like my song? Ok, bye
Polly Pocket
Polly Pocket 6 kun oldin
The original Willi Wonka gabe me nightmares as a child! To this day I hate oompa loompas! I have flashbacks when I see bad orange fake tans!!!
Jake Samuel
Jake Samuel 6 kun oldin
can't you focus on something good for once mathew?
Wolverine Smith
Wolverine Smith 6 kun oldin
Wonky would have been in deeper waters if the ADA had been in existence at the time of this film. As a business owner I have dealt with OSHA, and even worse, the fire Marshall’s, but as an artist who designs theme attractions, it is the ADA that can really kick your ass and make certain things impossible to do under those laws and their lawyers are ferocious. Any rides or walk-through attraction must be compliant with the ADA standard for wheelchairs. This becomes a real problem with any stairs or risers, since a ramp which has to have at least one foot of length for every inch that it rises can take up a lot of real estate quickly. It’s a bit disappointing since many attractions end up being scrapped because it becomes either too expensive or impractical to meet those demands. As a disabled person myself, I think it is good to try to include those with disabilities in everything possible, but to completely scrap an idea because a disabled person can’t access it is a bit extreme because those not disabled will never see that thing realized either. It becomes like a kid saying, if I can’t do it nobody can. It makes a lot of sense in most situations, but a park near my home had to scrap a proposed viewing tower because it was to be 20 feet tall and the cost of building a ramp that could reach the top with a hand powered wheelchair needed to be constructed. Not only did they not have enough funds raised for such an endeavor, but such a ramp would ruin the natural view that the tower was being made to see. The worse part about that project was that the tower would have sat at the top of a tall hill that overlooks a very large lake. To access the tower, one would have to hike through over a mile of dirt trails through the wilderness, like anyone with a wheelchair would be gliding over those single person wide sandy trails which go nearly straight up the 265 foot hill. It would be cheaper for the park to hire some muscle bound people to carry the disabled folks to the top. My wife and I have visited many state parks with even taller observation towers along the trails. None of these have to be compliant because they were constructed before the ADA became law, so they’re grandfathered in. Not once have we ever seen some person in a wheelchair miles down the dirt trails weeping at the base of a tower because they were unable to climb to the top. This is what happens to great ideas. Those who are in power to enforce them go crazy with their power and start to stretch the rules to insane distances. Sometimes a little common sense is in order, but we’re talking about government agencies which don’t play well with common sense. Wonky would have been hit with even heavier fines for not being ADA compliant once he opened the tour to the public, not to mention not having safety equipment and other customized workplaces to accommodate all of the dwarves he employs. The ADA would really frown on that.
Matthew Boreham
Matthew Boreham 6 kun oldin
i have some theories on the movie close encounters third kind like the three alien varieties and what happened to the first tall one with the overlong arms
Luboman411 7 kun oldin
Legal minors can't commit or sign on as a party to a contract for such a contract would be void as a matter of law. Willy Wonka, as a minor, cannot contract as the owner of the factory. That would have to be his legal guardian, Grandpa. And it is to Grandpa that these government liens on the factory's assets would redound. So it's Grandpa who's fucked with all the corporate debt. :D
Mei Yap
Mei Yap 7 kun oldin
When you realize that your childhood dreams was actually ruined. That conclusion is harsh
ihavewords ihavethebestwords
Veruca is already spoiled enough.
flamey Gaming
flamey Gaming 8 kun oldin
Lets hope charlie renovated and made it safer, WAIT, WILLY WONKA GAVE THE FACTORY SO THAT HE WOULDNT HAVE TO PAY
The Late Channel
The Late Channel 9 kun oldin
You mean 44? Yeah. I counted.
Zaid 10 kun oldin
The golden ticket is more like a death lottery
Tyler Byrd
Tyler Byrd 10 kun oldin
Well damn. Willy Wonka, Willy Wonka, you've been summoned by the OSHA, Willy Wonka, Willy Wonka, youve been fined for an unsafe workspace.
suapanpina 10 kun oldin
Charlie and the chocolate factory has less vialations
Some Random
Some Random 11 kun oldin
the most valuable lesson we learned from willy wonka and the chocolate factory: ALWAYS READ YOUR CONTRACTS.
Sami Rehan Chaudhry
Sami Rehan Chaudhry 11 kun oldin
in England they actually sold the bar, it didn't taste good
tunaXonXtoast 11 kun oldin
To be fair, OSHA was established only 2 months after willy wonka was released. So they were still new to things and he had a little wiggle room and time to get things up to code due to standard deviation warnings.
Bushey Boi 101
Bushey Boi 101 11 kun oldin
Who else was really happy when they saw reaper from overwatch
The Whio Channel
The Whio Channel 11 kun oldin
there's no way of knowing.
Zakaria Touil
Zakaria Touil 11 kun oldin
you know that there is a newer version of the movie right?
frightenedgamer 11 kun oldin
6:58 I’ll be sure to add that to my business ;)
Lady of Darkness
Lady of Darkness 11 kun oldin
13:26 lol the judge scene from GMM! I didn't even know who you were back then, and yet when I saw this I immediately connected it, huh...
Fran AM
Fran AM 11 kun oldin
Soo wonka just was looking for the best kid to give the factory and keep all his money safe? Now I have a new hero
Silvana Lutaj
Silvana Lutaj 11 kun oldin
Silvana Lutaj
Silvana Lutaj 11 kun oldin
Elvira Dela Cruz
Elvira Dela Cruz 11 kun oldin
Come with me and you'll be in a world UZvid age restriction
Al B Damned
Al B Damned 12 kun oldin
lol this video was fun but for as much details you look into OSHA you never stopped and ask, "Is the factory in America?" I want Pounds and the current day Euro Equivalent!
Adrieanna Bruner
Adrieanna Bruner 12 kun oldin
Ok maybe the chocolate has body's in it....?? Oh that one kid that fell in if the parents weren't there he would have not cared.. so yeah.
Fateful 12 kun oldin
Ok, I can see this movie is nostalgic, but the modern movie is better in my opinion because it follows the book better. But the book is always better.
Lynn Langevin
Lynn Langevin 12 kun oldin
Ummmmm I am a child
HarperWolf 12 kun oldin
9:35 come on MatPat lets do some quick maths
Alex Lubbers
Alex Lubbers 12 kun oldin
come with me, and you'll be, in a world of safety violations!
Alice Benedetti
Alice Benedetti 12 kun oldin
It soon becomes clear that Willy Wonka is a bit sadistic
Patato Gamer Sub XD
Patato Gamer Sub XD 12 kun oldin
Patato Gamer Sub XD
Patato Gamer Sub XD 12 kun oldin
Grace The Seal
Grace The Seal 12 kun oldin
Ro at 2:29 got me good😆😆😆
EmloWats Watson
EmloWats Watson 12 kun oldin
Ok I was always afraid of in. I see a kid drowning in a chocolate river I’m out ps I made it in the beginning
Epic James
Epic James 12 kun oldin
The guy is wit wonky
Cahya Awaludin
Cahya Awaludin 13 kun oldin
There's a theory saying that Willy Wonka is actually a wizard named George Weasly who built the candy company in Muggle world to honor his brother Fred after his death. All about his company is just magic. #Potterhead
Manuel carson Licuanan
I would still eat hershey bars more than willy wonka chocolate bars if his factory was real because ot would be probably to expensive lol
Best _Dancer
Best _Dancer 13 kun oldin
What about the licking of fruits on the wall
SDKardLaptop 13 kun oldin
That's why you make your company incorporated so you cant get sued or fined, but unfortunately your company can get sued or fined
jeba asir
jeba asir 13 kun oldin
Funny thing I know that people will call me weird but when I was little I thought that Will Wonka was like the mad hatter
A Lonely Guy
A Lonely Guy 13 kun oldin
Willy Wonka could also get sued many, many times which makes this situation even worse for him, and his buisness!
delishdoughnut 4 kun oldin
Kids and parents signed a contract
charley gronau
charley gronau 13 kun oldin
Kìttÿmõõñ Čùtė
Margarita Vorosilova
Pixel Mixel
Pixel Mixel 13 kun oldin
0:38 Sounds like a shitty ripoff movie 0:45 The kid got a ticket stuck in his/her eye.
Jonathan Valles
Jonathan Valles 13 kun oldin
Alot of research
Not My Real Name
Not My Real Name 13 kun oldin
He swore off humans so he’s not letting anyone even the osha agents
PikaPika Pikachu
PikaPika Pikachu 13 kun oldin
Because nobody else has been in the factory for a long time so there is no reason for guard rails!
Japper Fun TV
Japper Fun TV 13 kun oldin
Poor boy
itz me E
itz me E 13 kun oldin
The boat only had enough seats for the kids and parents after fat choco swim boy gets poured in hot vat of boily stuff
blueberry fan
blueberry fan 14 kun oldin
Childhood: *is gone for ever* oof
Rebekah Stephens
Rebekah Stephens 14 kun oldin
"Come with me, and you'll be, in a world of pure diabetes...."
Faru-Faru TEH introvert
He sounds like Umbrige in this whole video! 😂
Kapo craft
Kapo craft 14 kun oldin
Joe Merkel
Joe Merkel 14 kun oldin
In the chocolate room, isn’t it a violation for no protective barrier near the chocolate river? No seat belts on the boat. Seems like Wonka held the contest to get rid of the hazard riddled factory AND pay his fines
Aimee Olivera Sanchez
That's not true
Brendan Mlejnek
Brendan Mlejnek 14 kun oldin
Why was matpat in the great ass excavator next time on film theory!
Pink Guy memorial
Pink Guy memorial 14 kun oldin
Willy wanka and the 'chocolate' factory
Tikki Tag
Tikki Tag 14 kun oldin
You know how you said that Film Theory will ruin your childhood? Yeah not for me, my childhood was ruined the first moment I opened my eyes. (jk, I really like film theory-it’s very interesting)
S3 Fraser
S3 Fraser 14 kun oldin
I #mat #pat
Alexandra Delliou
Alexandra Delliou 14 kun oldin
WereDictionary 14 kun oldin
I always thought that these unsafe work conditions made up the largest part of the movie's charm and humor. Sure its black comedy but its so far over the top that I never had any issues with it. I just see it as a movie that demonstrates what can happen if you do stupid things you obviously shouldnt do. From an in-universe standpoint, if Wonka is aware of the hazards, its plausible why no one ever gets to enter or exit the factory. The only people in there are Oompa Loompas. They are tiny so the height of the hallways isnt an issue. They are far lighter than humans so the catwalks arent an issue. The factory is laid out for Oompa Loompa sized workers rather than human-sized ones. Its a dollhouse factory, people need to watch their steps. And I doubt Oompa Loompas fall under human protection laws because it is implied that no one knows they even exist. Also, of course Wonka could show a lot more concern about what happens to the children. But all of them end up in self-inflicted situations because they failed to listen. And the CEO and tour guide openly not giving a fuck, flying or otherwise, about the demise of his guests just plays into the whole over the top premise. Wonka has to be like that in order to fit into the factory.
Rebecca Slaven
Rebecca Slaven 15 kun oldin
Gold face
Gold face 15 kun oldin
Some people actually say that Willy Wonka is the devil and he's trying to see who's going to sin when they grow up
AUTUMN NEWSOME 15 kun oldin
I have never seen willy Wonka and the chocolate factory