Film Theory: You'll DIE Before This Bee Movie Meme!

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When The Bee Movie and We Are Number One memes exploded on UZvid last year, the Internet proved once and for all how insanely meta it's willing to get for the sake of a great Meme. No one took this farther than the minds of Reddit and Dank Memes, who created the most earth-shattering meme of Meme History. In this episode, I dive into the Ultimate Bee Movie Meme, the one that will outlast us all!
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10-Fev, 2017

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BulldogBlast 4 soat oldin
Ronan Lin
Ronan Lin 6 soat oldin
You need to make sure that the number of videos you use are at the same time the meme video is Made
Well this is neat
Well this is neat 8 soat oldin
The bee movie isn't bad, its good because of how bad it is.
Kevin Simmelink
Kevin Simmelink 10 soat oldin
Omg play the intro at speed 0.25 HA
Seirra12 11 soat oldin
it said that it was enabled so i reloded
Angelina Pereira
Angelina Pereira 12 soat oldin
I'm going to watch a small bit of that video every day of my life, and when I die my children will do the same, and this will go on for generations until the world ends, and it can be my legacy uwu
RobertYo125 15 soat oldin
Considering how Flash can perceive information MatPat just gave him an episode that we will never see or understand.
Wade Collum
Wade Collum 18 soat oldin
Okay Mr.Dip
Kleoxx Gaming
Kleoxx Gaming Kun oldin
That also means THAT video too
SuperSpruce Kun oldin
My Antimatter Dimensions NG+++ series but for every single antimatter I get the bee movie shows and every frame a bee is in it all the speedrun attempts of Super Mario play and with every glitch used all the Harry Potter films play but every time one says “Harry” or “Voldemort” every single episode of HGTV plays and for every cent of the price of the houses an audiobook of Percy Jackson plays and for every letter in the text of Percy Jackson every single walkthrough of any Pokémon game plays and for every point of damage taken to any Pokémon the LEGO movie plays and when a LEGO is in a certain frame of the movie every single clash of clans battle ever done up to that point is replayed. WARNING: I have gotten 10^1,000,000,000 Antimatter in my Antimatter Dimensions NG+++ series, so you’re going to be watching this for a while.
Minimum Maximum
Minimum Maximum Kun oldin
M Ma Mat Mayp Mapa Mapat
William Hobbs
William Hobbs Kun oldin
green isnt a primary colour
Maxbotnick Kun oldin
I made a video LONGER than this. The bee movie but every time they say bee it's every star wars movie but every 2 seconds it's all of the simpsons but every 7 seconds it's every video on UZvid but every minute all of gumball plays at %25 speed but every 3 seconds it's all of seinfeld but every 4 seconds is all of mlp:fim but every 2 seconds all of dr who plays but every 9 seconds all of emoji movie plays at %0.1 speed but every 7 seconds all of rick and morty plays but every 2 seconds it's all of rugrats but every 3 seconds it's all of tmnt but every 6 seconds it's all of spongebob at %50 speed but every 6 seconds all of adventure time plays at %25 speed but every 4 seconds all of pokemon plays but every 9 seconds it's all of gravity falls at %5 speed but every 5 seconds it's all of gunsmoke but every 7 seconds it's every episode of sesame street but every 30 seconds its the Wolf of wall street but every curse word is planet earth 1 and 2 but every 2 seconds it's all of power rangers but every 7 seconds it's the godfather trilogy but every 4 seconds its the entirety of f.r.i.e.n.d.s but every 5 seconds its every episode of law and order and law and order svu but every 8 seconds it's every episode of supernatural but every 6 seconds it's the vampire diaries but every 3 seconds it's every harry potter movie including fantasic beasts at %25 speed but every 3 seconds it's all of general hospital but every 9 seconds it's all of guiding light but every 12 seconds it's all of er but every 6 seconds it's all of hey arnold at %50 speed but every 4 seconds it's all of mr rogers neighborhood but every 7 seconds it's all of the tonight show but every 15 seconds it's every episode of the smurfs but every 5 seconds it's law and order criminal intent but every 2 seconds it's all of the late show but every 15 seconds it's all of csi but every 6 seconds it's every star trek movie but every 2 seconds it's all of ncis but every 4 seconds it's the entire marvel cinematic universe but at %25 speed but every 5 seconds it's the bee movie
DRAGON 57 2 kun oldin
I want to watch the vid
Big Fat Cat
Big Fat Cat 2 kun oldin
Mems hella changed in 2018
Kate Mattice
Kate Mattice 2 kun oldin
Ice Shark
Ice Shark 2 kun oldin
i looked this up and found it it is fake
KorbloxNoHack2017 3 kun oldin
This Is Freaking Show More
Sir Longshaft
Sir Longshaft 3 kun oldin
"A smelly smell." "A smelly smell that smells..... smelly."
Cruz Eklund
Cruz Eklund 3 kun oldin
Wat za fuk
M Terry
M Terry 3 kun oldin
Why don’t you watch the video and record the time and tell us a few days later. Not that hard. At the end: Never mind.
Rohan Garg
Rohan Garg 3 kun oldin
The theme song will never get out of my head
•Mapples• [BR]
•Mapples• [BR] 3 kun oldin
Me: (on hospital bed) Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
Drew Deck
Drew Deck 3 kun oldin
The Big Bang doesn’t exist and never even existed in the first place. Nor did the Dino’s go extinct by giant asteroid and the earth is NOT 4.5Byrs old but only about 6-7,000 yrs old and that includes the entire universe. Get THEORY BUSTED Science!
Im A Fangirl BOI
Im A Fangirl BOI 3 kun oldin
My head hurts
Blue Bell
Blue Bell 3 kun oldin
So your telling me it would take 8,672,127,482,000,000,000,000,000,000 YEARS!?!?
Sack fu
Sack fu 3 kun oldin
If this meme existed, it would hold the world record for most copyright claims ever on a single piece of media that ever did or ever will exsist.
Earth Worm Sally
Earth Worm Sally 3 kun oldin
How long would that take to edit?
AJL828 3 kun oldin
Am I losing my mind or is 69 minutes and 36 seconds equal to 4176 seconds, not 7136?
Risma Aulia
Risma Aulia 4 kun oldin
The math makes me sleepy
Javier A. Méndez
Javier A. Méndez 4 kun oldin
Did anyone else slow dow the video and turn on subtitles at the super sped up part?
James Finch
James Finch 4 kun oldin
Car Mikislav
Car Mikislav 4 kun oldin
Friday The 13th
Friday The 13th 4 kun oldin
Uncle fungus
RobbiePTSD 4 kun oldin
i wonder who would be insane enough to watch the whole entire video
RobbiePTSD 4 kun oldin
when ur mom says only one video and its bed time I'm like The entire Ice Age pentology but every syllable is replaced with the entire Toy Story trilogy but every second that the colour green is in the frame it is replaced with every video ever uploaded on youtube but every 10 seconds every episode of the Simpsons plays but every word with a vowel is replaced with the bee movie but every time a bee is shown it is replaced with every episode of SpongeBob played backwards
Tracy Gillespie
Tracy Gillespie 5 kun oldin
Your like the smarted guy ever
aStar 5 kun oldin
You should've given this unit is time a name like you did with Marioplex
Cyber Moth
Cyber Moth 5 kun oldin
This video but every time Matpat's voice goes higher pitched it is him saying bees looped for 5 minutes.
woke 5 kun oldin
Where is the video
Mr. Spongebob
Mr. Spongebob 5 kun oldin
NoahPC’s review channel
I watch that video
Moonpie 725
Moonpie 725 7 kun oldin
whats the name of the video?
Amelia Crisp
Amelia Crisp 7 kun oldin
Sounds like God has found a pastime for after the earth explodes.
Cass Rose
Cass Rose 8 kun oldin
Are you okay....?
Jesse Moindi
Jesse Moindi 8 kun oldin
_Emmy's_ world_
_Emmy's_ world_ 9 kun oldin
sextillion? I thought you were family friendly!!😂😂😂😂
_Emmy's_ world_
_Emmy's_ world_ 9 kun oldin
And my mom says I never watch anything educational...😂😂😂
_Emmy's_ world_
_Emmy's_ world_ 9 kun oldin
I hate math...I love this!!!!! Idk why😂
the pals fan
the pals fan 9 kun oldin
What the ####!!!!!!!!
Wyatt Smith
Wyatt Smith 9 kun oldin
Sooooo you know how it said every video uploaded on youtube is played? That means the said video this showcased would also be repeated every time. Which would mean you would then have to put the 8.5 Octillion years into the equation as well. Which would extend said video exponentially until it eventually would take up all data on earth. And then we would all explode. Right?
Smart garbage Hehe
Smart garbage Hehe 9 kun oldin
Coming? Reply coming if in 2019
Zebstrika 99
Zebstrika 99 9 kun oldin
Did he explain how long it would take for the guy to make that video
Mario pie Luigi pie
Mr. G
Mr. G 9 kun oldin
ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm can you repeat everything again I didn’t quite get it 🤔
Barry B. Benson
Barry B. Benson 9 kun oldin
Me brian no work animor
Mia Quinonez
Mia Quinonez 10 kun oldin
Sooooooo..... I slowed down the intro to as slow as it could get and when I got to the math and dab pun it all jumbled together and since it was going so fast it is HORRIFYING. It’s sounds like it came right out of a horror movie
hyper tails
hyper tails 10 kun oldin
Were do I find this
woods band
woods band 10 kun oldin
Otsku 2
Otsku 2 10 kun oldin
Jokes on you! The meme is DEAD!
Miles S.
Miles S. 10 kun oldin
The second my child is born I'm playing this.
Filip Šleis
Filip Šleis 10 kun oldin
I didn't know about this meem Weird
MarPinek88 10 kun oldin
Just... WTF?!?! xD
Dylan Heywood
Dylan Heywood 10 kun oldin
The UZvid part is wrong because the video you were analysing is on UZvid Therefore that would be repeated many times over
Abbey Lindholm
Abbey Lindholm 11 kun oldin
So, I'm not about to read through 48K+ comments to find out if this has been mentioned...but at the VERY end of this video, in your very creative way of trying to show how ridiculously large your number is, you say you made your calculations based off of each drop from your giant eyedropper being 1mL in volume...that is a GIANT drop of water! Consider when you take your pets to the vet, nearly every vaccine they receive is usually 1mL of vaccine injected, and that volume takes up 1/3 of the typical syringe used in vaccination (a 3mL syringe), and the liquid level within the standard syringe used measures about 1 inch in length. I believe the same is true in human medicine, but since I'm a veterinarian, I am quite familiar with the volume of the injections I give regularly. A single drop from a standard "eyedropper" is expected to be approximately 0.05mL (or 1/20th of a mL). So, we should multiply your example by 20 times the amount of time you suspected it would take to replenish Earth's bodies of water from your giant eyedropper. Reference: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drop_(unit)
Unicorn Bunny
Unicorn Bunny 11 kun oldin
How did you calculate the seconds in the Spongebob section?
TheBrandomaster42 11 kun oldin
Just think of the upload time, yeesh!
NickyDaCat 11 kun oldin
MatPat. Your wasting your time on this 😂 It's entertaining but absolutely insane. A video longer than the span of our existence is.. Terrifying
Literature Lizard5000
Now when you type in the letter "D" the autofill is *D* r Scrubbington MatPat just gave him a major boost in views XD
pineapples apples
pineapples apples 11 kun oldin
How did this person make this video
Emmy Paws
Emmy Paws 11 kun oldin
HOW THE HECK DID THAT UZvidR EDIT THAT?!?! Who else tried to look for it?
Anna Henley
Anna Henley 11 kun oldin
9:45 Song?
Zack Morris
Zack Morris 11 kun oldin
So how long would this video take to edit and upload? I assume for each condition you would just copy and paste it for the previous one, and rinse and repeat for the whole video.
meow galaxy
meow galaxy 11 kun oldin
your making a youtube vid
Pam McClain
Pam McClain 11 kun oldin
When u spend up I put to 2x faster
DIYs by Hope
DIYs by Hope 11 kun oldin
If you put the play back speed to 0.25 it sounds like Mat Pat is drunk. Also the beginning of the theme song with that speed doesn't even sound like the theme song
Lu Da Yu
Lu Da Yu 11 kun oldin
But how many terabytes would the meme take up?
Bear on Speaker
Bear on Speaker 11 kun oldin
R.I.P keyboard cat
MightySoup 2000
MightySoup 2000 11 kun oldin
Do not watch the intro on .25 speed CREEPY
Beebee9 11 kun oldin
you think that's bad? You have not seen enough Lazy Town memes
D Plays the Games
D Plays the Games 12 kun oldin
ItzHedge 12 kun oldin
i died while watching the bee movie
Marshall cronk
Marshall cronk 12 kun oldin
Wait if you slow it down in the beginning the entire video plays
Ntinakos21r Original
You forgot Fear Matthew Robert Danger Impossible Fear Patrick
Ankalini Umaharan
Ankalini Umaharan 12 kun oldin
Whoever hasn’t seen a bee movie meme lives under a rock
Peyton Fowlkes
Peyton Fowlkes 12 kun oldin
I really dont like math and matpat im 10 so could u make kid friendly vid
Quentility 13 kun oldin
how did he manage to EDIT it?
Adyn Holden
Adyn Holden 13 kun oldin
What is the video that he used
Nitro 13 kun oldin
Pff i can do better Everytime the bee movie starts it will repeat
The Speed of Sound
The Speed of Sound 13 kun oldin
HaLp Im LoSiNg BrAiN cElLs
Some random Person
Some random Person 13 kun oldin
article 13: im going to stop you right there
Keep Raging
Keep Raging 13 kun oldin
Faaz Noushad
Faaz Noushad 13 kun oldin
how big would be it assuming that it is a 4k60 video
Jason x Ofarrill Cortes
Umm to then how the person the video if it is that long?
marianadr07 14 kun oldin
I want matpat to be my math teacher
Rebecca Ennis
Rebecca Ennis 14 kun oldin
7 mins. in, I was ready to cry.
Madeleine Engel
Madeleine Engel 14 kun oldin
This is a math problem that my math teacher would give my class XD
Anonymous Black
Anonymous Black 14 kun oldin
14:23 Close, that's a trillion.
Biggestfany47 Biggestfany47
My Brain Is Broken