Film Theory: You'll DIE Before This Bee Movie Meme!

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When The Bee Movie and We Are Number One memes exploded on UZvid last year, the Internet proved once and for all how insanely meta it's willing to get for the sake of a great Meme. No one took this farther than the minds of Reddit and Dank Memes, who created the most earth-shattering meme of Meme History. In this episode, I dive into the Ultimate Bee Movie Meme, the one that will outlast us all!
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10-Fev, 2017



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Dat guinea pig
Dat guinea pig 11 soat oldin
69 minutes
Adi Reed
Adi Reed 13 soat oldin
And other UZvid's think that 15 minutes is too long
William Terry
William Terry 13 soat oldin
Turn on subtitles and pause at 3:38 SHOTS FIRED!!
Chill_Skrubalツ 15 soat oldin
I wish MatPat was my class teacher.
Jakub Winczewski
Jakub Winczewski 15 soat oldin
Kronos 16 soat oldin
1000 degree knife vs bee
Neko猫 18 soat oldin
Please don't talk to fast, because I'm a german child and want to understand your good videos. So, don't be a bee.
informante 2.0
informante 2.0 16 soat oldin
dude youtube itself has a option to choose the video speed
Moonlight Wolf
Moonlight Wolf 19 soat oldin
What do you get if you slow down that sped up word barf?
Jensen Healey
Jensen Healey Kun oldin
the video isnt up anymore ://///
Titanium Steel
Titanium Steel Kun oldin
informante 2.0
informante 2.0 16 soat oldin
nigga that's not how r/woosh works
Sean Pledger
Sean Pledger Kun oldin
No I did the math myself the actual length is; 4.9073006e+35
Sam 999
Sam 999 Kun oldin
Imagine the universe imploding, everything is silent and lifeless, except somewhere, a computer playing the credits of the final Ice Age movie, ending a plan octillions of years in the making.
Ender Orange
Ender Orange Kun oldin
Actually that's just a fact a mat fact
Kawaii Squishies
It is longer than the the all time to watch so how did this person edit it together he/she must be some immortal time-traveller
Vladut Zeus
Vladut Zeus Kun oldin
Ooh... Just wait for the year 2018.
Fidget Cube 2!
Fidget Cube 2! Kun oldin
*Matpat uploads this video* Article 13: Hold my beer
Winter Snel
Winter Snel Kun oldin
dank beemes
CupCake Kun oldin
The entire Ice Age pentology but every syllable is replaced with the entire toy story trilogy but every Second that the color green is in frame it is replaced with every video ever uploaded on UZvid but every 10 seconds every episode of the Simpsons plays but every word with a vowel is replaced with the b-movie but every time a be shown it is replaced with every episode of SpongeBob played backwards
Rheena Bernadette Villamor
Mhao Yeager
Mhao Yeager 2 kun oldin
Props to that creator
dalton is awesome oh yeh
every saw movie but every death makes the movie go 1% faster but every 2% that passes, the entire ice age series plays but every frame Sid is in starts going through an entire play through of desert bus, but at the end of each minute, the entire history of the universe plays going 1 millisecond per second but every time a star is visible in the frame, the entire wall-e movie is played, but every time a word is said, every level in super Mario maker is played, but every time he jumps, a black screen stays for a millennium, but every year ends with someone counting the amount of atoms in the sun, but every 10 atoms is replaced with every 360 video uploaded to youtube, but every second is replaced with a black hole sucking up a star
Aston Awesome
Aston Awesome 3 kun oldin
Wouldn't every video on UZvid count that one
kitty kat
kitty kat 3 kun oldin
um ok how long did that take to make
Nodar Miminoshvili
Nodar Miminoshvili 3 kun oldin
video is #1 ON TRENDING in heaven..
Plot Twister
Plot Twister 4 kun oldin
CALCULATE THIS!!! The bee movie but every time there's a bee on the screen it plays every Simpson episode but everytime the episodes go up to 1000 words it switched to every spongebob episode but every time Mr.krabs is on screen it plays a bad meme but every time the meme is cringy it does all of the above but backwards but every time it goes to the bee movie it switches to the lego movie but very time they say "prophecy" it gets 5 times faster but everytime the movie ends it plays all of this but 10 times faster and when it goes to 100 times faster the video repeats from the start but with all of this *LADIES AND GENTLEMEN WE HAVE A WINNER*
The_Purple_Wolf_987 Ethan Kaufman
Just for fun, I made my own version of this. "The Lord Of The Rings trilogy but every spoken word containing the letter E is replaced with The Incredibles but every syllable said by Dash is replaced with the Mission Impossible hexology but every 10 seconds Ethan Hunt is disavowed the longest video on UZvid will play but every 15 seconds every episode of Sesame Street plays but every word in the theme songs is replaced with every movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but every Stan Lee cameo is replaced with Inception playing at 25% speed" If all of those rules were followed, based on my research and calculations, the expression would be 558(29395x116(610x771(1332x35791(143164x98582(501872x2572(21x592)))))) and the entire video would take 1,838,268,500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 years to complete (1.84 undecillion years) That was fun.
Michael Davies
Michael Davies 4 kun oldin
Play the beginning at the fastest speed (try not to get a headache)
Mei 4 kun oldin
You said 4.5 billion but put 4.5 TRILLION, big oof
Josh Chacon
Josh Chacon 4 kun oldin
Prepare for cring
Taylor Chambers
Taylor Chambers 4 kun oldin
He said not counting me ads
Robonyghtmare CY
Robonyghtmare CY 4 kun oldin
Where is the theory of bee movie?
Xavior Mc Hornney
Xavior Mc Hornney 5 kun oldin
Hell Cat
Hell Cat 5 kun oldin
I can make a longer one Every game theory ever but every time he says Theory, The bee movies plays in slow motion exepct every time they say bee, Hit or miss plays exept when she says Wix Kalifa it changes to every video of pewdiepie but whenever he says subcribe game theory begins again and when he says theory it repeats
Daniel Feldsien
Daniel Feldsien 5 kun oldin
Most video non-linear editing programs have a histogram function, which would show the light levels of different light channels. For all intents and purposes, these are measured in 3 channels, Red Green and Blue. Specific colors would be seen as spikes on the different channels, and identifying which spikes were shades of green would take only a little trial and error. It would then be possible create an action that finds and selects the frames of each Toy Story movie which have a enough of a spike in the green channel to constitute having green in the frame, and either export each frame somewhere, which could then be easily counted, or create another action that activates every time one of those frames is found and creates some sort of tally mark. No idea how program or test any of that, but it's gotta be possible.
Brooke Waters
Brooke Waters 5 kun oldin
Stop article 13
Chance Lewis
Chance Lewis 6 kun oldin
But Mat Pat, that math isn't necessarily done adding up. It was never said in the description for the video in the meme that it was only past stuff. It said in general. I will never stop having faith in the fact that you were "usually wrong". I want you to realize that to the Land of the Theorist only you can face these numbers and I feel only you shall be our champion. I want you to be right and I want this to be the one to prove no matter the pain. Don't embarrass us all with the wizards. Shaggy even failed us man we need you to have faith while smouldering in front of a waving flag saying..... That's a just a theory! A (tears fall)Flim theory..... That's Phil's boy.......
Bee Movie
Bee Movie 6 kun oldin
I checked the time I was I. On the video and it said 1337
Nikolai Oldfield
Nikolai Oldfield 6 kun oldin
Maria Reynolds
Maria Reynolds 6 kun oldin
We forgot 1 thing The Lorax...
What Ever
What Ever 6 kun oldin
Family is temporary Memes are forever
caza fleacobrapit
caza fleacobrapit 6 kun oldin
i’m surprised someone could edit that
PaperPotatoCorder 6 kun oldin
Philip 6 kun oldin
You know, if there was a more literal interpretation, we'd have to find a way to make sure the meme was preserved as it played out. However long it was, our children and our children's children would be like, "Wut."
Simon Lindstrom
Simon Lindstrom 6 kun oldin
i can make it longer every time the end credits is show the movie but when repeted the end credits wont show agin will be repited 25 times and then you can move to the next if there is a plot hole in my comment pls let me know
Simon Lindstrom
Simon Lindstrom 6 kun oldin
*mind blown*
Melona 211
Melona 211 7 kun oldin
Wow I am *amazed* !
Joanne Smith
Joanne Smith 7 kun oldin
holy shit thats long
Ezekiel Watson
Ezekiel Watson 7 kun oldin
Is that an actual UZvid video?
DrDeathspacito 5 kun oldin
@Ezekiel Watson Not anymore because UZvid took it down
Luz Garcia
Luz Garcia 7 kun oldin
Make article 13 a meme so it bans itself
can this channel plz get 2000 subs with no videoss
Imagine how many times Pops and Anti-Pops fought for the universe. So..... In regular show, the entire universe resets after they are done. So every last punch is pretty much the Big Bang. Let's say that regular show takes place when the show started, which means the last Big Bang was about 14 billion years ago. So! The amount of fights between Pops and Anti-Pops should equal to the final number in this video divided by 14 billion. Someone less lazier than me can find out that answer
The world of wolves Moonlight wolf
What about if you remove the UZvid videos how long will it be then
Blue Fox
Blue Fox 7 kun oldin
My only question is: How tf did someone have that much space on their computer and that much bandwidth to upload that video???
Gta ac solid dude
Gta ac solid dude 7 kun oldin
Will Makela
Will Makela 7 kun oldin
I have two theory’s (1) is Mr. Krupp’s hypnosis from captain underpants possible (2) Are George And Harold from captain underpants the true villains of captain underpants
Jackertime 7 kun oldin
Roblox lover 0654
Roblox lover 0654 8 kun oldin
*that intro was* *BEE-UTIFULL!!* ill go now...
FuturizorRBLX 8 kun oldin
Just imagine how long it took to make the video...they probably started working on it before the Big Bang.
GaMeR GiRl
GaMeR GiRl 8 kun oldin
By far my favorite theory. This was also my first. 👍
Duck Duck
Duck Duck 8 kun oldin
link now i will watch the entire thing
Mastered UI goku
Mastered UI goku 8 kun oldin
And why did I have to watch this again
old sport bruh
old sport bruh 8 kun oldin
Correction: the sun will explode in 5 million years and the universe will exist foe WAAAAYYYY longer than than 5billion. Also you’re not wrong when you say heat death for universe it could also die from the big rip
Silas Eckhardt
Silas Eckhardt 8 kun oldin
wut is the url for the vid
Max Level 20
Max Level 20 8 kun oldin
1:42 there’s a second one out that’s all that but crab rave instead of legend27 because that’s what’s relevant (or what was relevant when it came out)
Adam Fontein
Adam Fontein 8 kun oldin
If this video was put on UZvid... Wouldn't the video include itself in playing all the UZvid videos?
DrDeathspacito 5 kun oldin
Popcorn Hair
Popcorn Hair 8 kun oldin
Well that was kinda depressing... hmmm. (Enjoy your lives👍)
Hayden Cribb
Hayden Cribb 8 kun oldin
Your turning your channel into meme theory
Doctor portal
Doctor portal 8 kun oldin
*This Is Real Math*
Nick Maggio
Nick Maggio 8 kun oldin
wait, green plays all of youtube, and in youtube there is some green in a UZvid video, so it will play UZvid again, so in theory, the video should be infinite
Charlotte's Web of Thoughts
I have officially seen the video 18 times help it’s Friday and I’m a lonely bean
baby girl hotchocolate
matpat u beliven in the big bang ??
john meme
john meme 9 kun oldin
Just play the video and timeit
James Lozada
James Lozada 9 kun oldin
I Dub 8.672 Octillion as a Beemovieplex
Awx5 Doozy
Awx5 Doozy 9 kun oldin
I tried slowing the intro but matpat became a mouse
daddybear 10 kun oldin
13:53 is where the big number comes in if you wanna skip the math
Takami // Blue Jay
Takami // Blue Jay 10 kun oldin
Imagine being immortal and watching this video all the way through if it existed. You would've watched every single video on UZvid, whether it be that weird video your little brother uploads from his iPad, every ASMR video with that cute chick you like, every single YTP that ever exists, 5 hours of soothing sounds, and hours upon hours of Film Theory itself, all being played thousands of times over again in a course of the entire video. That's actually a torture even Hell can't compare to.
saaketh peddu
saaketh peddu 10 kun oldin
this is fake right because uploading something like that would still take longer than 4 billion years. does everyone know this and I'm just really stupid?
Kay Rey
Kay Rey 10 kun oldin
all this was missing was an Alex Mcdabb and a shaved Harambe
Info Chan
Info Chan 10 kun oldin
🎵I just wasted 6 minutes and 28 seconds of my Life🎵
pikaseel 10 kun oldin
I can't even convert percentages.
Sage Vaughan
Sage Vaughan 10 kun oldin
but im not dead
Screaming Goes Viral
Well MatPat this video is a lie itself because ALL the videos on UZvid include MOVIES aka the bee movie
I have put 1000 1s for you all so please subscribe
And we're in the octillions you know that means I quit school
klex fire
klex fire 11 kun oldin
Itz Chuckburg
Itz Chuckburg 12 kun oldin
you could check by using the green color channel using a bot or something that tells you how many frames have green
Cadeboy 13
Cadeboy 13 12 kun oldin
Someone report that video so youtube has to watch the whole thing.
animating wolf Noah
animating wolf Noah 12 kun oldin
I tried to slow down but the voice is too high
SinO'Slothful Despair
Those numbers are still growing. More spongebob episodes and UZvid vids.
Idea Boy
Idea Boy 13 kun oldin
YOU LIKE JAZZ!!!!!?????
Bocca 13 kun oldin
Wouldn’t you just watch the whole thing and time yourself? Wait is that right idek
Jason Sparks
Jason Sparks 13 kun oldin
Pewdiepie Fab 64,709
I actually like high pitched voice MatPat
György Stumpf
György Stumpf 13 kun oldin
Intro = Secret?
Rachel And games
Rachel And games 13 kun oldin
Illuminati =mat pat Illuminati = math Math mat pat =illuminati Illuminati confirmed
Jacksman 13 kun oldin
«... internet trends about movies.» that’s the goddamn creepy silent film with a pig again! WHY DO I SEE THIS EVERYWHERE?!?
Fortnerd d
Fortnerd d 14 kun oldin
2017, everybody.
Jeremiah Bristow
Jeremiah Bristow 14 kun oldin
CatPat is adorable!
Donna Syme
Donna Syme 14 kun oldin
Just play the video and look at the real runtime...it's not far hard..No offenders I still love dis (For the entire ice age trilogy BLAHBLAHBKAHLABDJWWIDBHSBSGSHSJSJSJSHSHSBGHWJWHZVSNSJJA AAAAH YA GET THE POINT! vid.)
informante 2.0
informante 2.0 9 kun oldin
that video doesn't actually exists
Angle Animations
Angle Animations 14 kun oldin
You'll become a god if you see all of the video
Mighty Dreadnot
Mighty Dreadnot 14 kun oldin
The poster says toy story 4 was coming out in 2017
kemiade24 14 kun oldin
Wait when you were counting the total run count of all UZvid videos did you count that video
my new hair
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