FINALLY.. The Team 10 Movie Is Here! (enjoy)

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8-Yan, 2019




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I Suck at fortnite
I Suck at fortnite 45 daqiqa oldin
No ads cool
Stephen Gust
Stephen Gust 4 soat oldin
1:27 and 3:24 2 different iPhones
Jordyenplays 7 soat oldin
Rip white shirt
JHR Vlogs
JHR Vlogs 8 soat oldin
Click and sub for luck
Galaxyraycat F
Galaxyraycat F 11 soat oldin
Bro it ain’t team 10 anymore
jeremy rajaram
jeremy rajaram 13 soat oldin
Jake paul videos used to be good long time😪😪😪😪😪
Drug head Gaming
Drug head Gaming 15 soat oldin
This video was already uploaded on Justin Roberts channel
Macayla Crooks
Macayla Crooks 15 soat oldin
Good job team 10
Black Thunder
Black Thunder 23 soat oldin
Golfball Bros In LKN
This should be the "Justin Roberts Movie" there's no team 10 lol.
sincerely.heart Kun oldin
Jada McMouse
Jada McMouse Kun oldin
Is this the movie cause I love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mineshaftimes Kun oldin
Strange 9 year olds: Remember when Jake Paul was funny? Me: When?
Atėnė ir Saulė
Is the meaning that he didnt leave team 10 for no deal? 😂🤦‍♀️ Someone help?
AjaniD Vlogs
AjaniD Vlogs Kun oldin
Thalia Barnard
Thalia Barnard Kun oldin
Did anyone notice he put a tie on but then it wasn’t on later in the vid 😂😜
SzotoxBeta Kun oldin
UZvid Rewind 2018 is better than this.
Farah Dashti
Farah Dashti Kun oldin
SzotoxBeta actually they’re both bad but I’d rather watch this because UZvid rewind 2018 is TERRIBLE!! It’s so cringeworthy 🤢
DJ Leandro
DJ Leandro Kun oldin
The acting is so bad it doesn't even deserve to be in porn
Inks Bo1
Inks Bo1 2 kun oldin
What is this garbage 😡 ps it's my birthday
Firevsiced Fornite
Firevsiced Fornite 2 kun oldin
Jake Paul looks like tony stark
Morley and kerris Retallick
I feel sorry for him
Reyes Melo
Reyes Melo 2 kun oldin
There goes 25 minutes of my life I’ll NEVER get back....
Melody Reed
Melody Reed 2 kun oldin
This was doup
Alaa Khattab
Alaa Khattab 2 kun oldin
tho season 2
sadie empire
sadie empire 2 kun oldin
Who else noticed that Justin has different phones
Golfball Bros In LKN
Golfball Bros In LKN
Darrah Barber
Darrah Barber 2 kun oldin
What it going on......????
Baddie Cash
Baddie Cash 2 kun oldin
We had six figures when we were 4
Sarfnic Productions
bad acting
David Gutierrez
David Gutierrez 3 kun oldin
So trash
Evan 23
Evan 23 3 kun oldin
21:30 voice crack
Tanner 124
Tanner 124 3 kun oldin
It’s so garbage
Epic Fortnite
Epic Fortnite 3 kun oldin
James And Mark Gwilliam
Absoloutely love the ending so funny when they started a fight 😂🤣😂🤣
Unicorn ‘s and me!
I loved this
KIITURI PUKKI 3 kun oldin
Jake is the best fighter on that movie cuz he is CHAMPION
Eli Hargy
Eli Hargy 3 kun oldin
small face
Abobakr Alaa Abdelkarim
I love this movie
NaserBR 3 kun oldin
it was so good
n o e l l e
n o e l l e 3 kun oldin
???what is this???
Kylon Boothes
Kylon Boothes 3 kun oldin
Best video yet
Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter 3 kun oldin
It’s been like two months in my shirt still hasn’t came in
CD8k 4 kun oldin
this isn't even cringe its just plain stupid they know they're making dumb content why do they continue to do this. I'm losing brain cells watching this.
ashleigh carlson
ashleigh carlson 4 kun oldin
Miana Benton
Miana Benton 4 kun oldin
Hey! Love you guys team 10 for life
Miley 34
Miley 34 4 kun oldin
So rude
The_Hollomans_ H.
The_Hollomans_ H. 4 kun oldin
jake play meep city in roblox
hamza sohail
hamza sohail 4 kun oldin
well its kinda like team 4 now
Arjun Pratap
Arjun Pratap 4 kun oldin
0:29 what the **** am i watching right now damn , the movie was awesome btw but this was hardcore
Sorfina Ariffin
Sorfina Ariffin 4 kun oldin
Y is the camera so shaky
George Freeman
George Freeman 4 kun oldin
sand man
sand man 4 kun oldin
At 0:47 look at all the Merch up
Wendy Gacha Heredia
This shit is gettin real 😂😂😂
Alexxx 5 kun oldin
I am so confused what is this
She moves in her own dab
why’s Justin so fat now
Jeff Eaton
Jeff Eaton 5 kun oldin
Is this movie going on Netflix
Stedman Mathis
Stedman Mathis 5 kun oldin
_Krystal_Wolfie_ _
_Krystal_Wolfie_ _ 5 kun oldin
I only like this because Bach is in this XD
Zay Power
Zay Power 5 kun oldin
25 minuets of cringe
Antonia gk
Antonia gk 5 kun oldin
SamiaMua 5 kun oldin
As a movie critict for 12 years *i* Just wasted 25 mins of my life
SamiaMua 5 kun oldin
Just liked the edit
Philip McTiernan
Philip McTiernan 5 kun oldin
Lol, dab meh up
EpicLamborghini492 5 kun oldin
Would you rather watch: This Or UZvid rewind 2018 Comment your answers
EpicLamborghini492 9 soat oldin
+Farah Dashti ikr
Farah Dashti
Farah Dashti Kun oldin
EpicLamborghini492 this because UZvid rewind is way cringy 😂
Hannah Haidery
Hannah Haidery 5 kun oldin
The first minute made me so squirmy omg
Arwa Bakri
Arwa Bakri 5 kun oldin
stop hating it was actually pretty good
Margaret Delude
Margaret Delude 5 kun oldin
The movie is awesome who else thinks the movie is awesome
Carter Elston
Carter Elston 5 kun oldin
6:39 justin looks blue 😂
Lazy World
Lazy World 5 kun oldin
Jake paul is no more trend his trash 🗑
Darci isbister
Darci isbister 5 kun oldin
This is the wackiest shit ever
Fortnite Gamer1235
Fortnite Gamer1235 5 kun oldin
My like like
Murtaza Fawad
Murtaza Fawad 5 kun oldin
Season 2
Ella cool kid
Ella cool kid 5 kun oldin
who here to read all the comments
Princess Niya
Princess Niya 5 kun oldin
The video is good I love it
Yenifer Nunez
Yenifer Nunez 5 kun oldin
This makes absolutely no sense to me. I don’t even know why I clicked in the first place lmao
Shadow Gamer
Shadow Gamer 5 kun oldin
This is as cringy as every lele pons video
sister squad fan
sister squad fan 5 kun oldin
💙Jake Paul I love you so much your do awesome 💚 cool ❤ and inspiring 💜 I'm a Paul jaker 🌹💜💚💙💝❤🌹💜💚💙❤💝🖤💙💚❤💜🖤💝💜💚🌹🖤💝💜❤💚🖤
Gabriella Naylor
Gabriella Naylor 5 kun oldin
Dude the fighting part was so stupid it made me laugh 😂 this was hilarious
Gabriella Naylor
Gabriella Naylor 5 kun oldin
I love you jake don’t listen to dem hatters!
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*All i want to say is SUBSCRIBE TO Pewdiepie*
Sonic Lover707
Sonic Lover707 5 kun oldin
Nice job
Jayalan Gog
Jayalan Gog 5 kun oldin
FiendGuy 5 kun oldin
Didn’t even watched it. Just dislike because I can.
PotatoTuber 5 kun oldin
Whats the point of the movie?
Kaleigh Middleton
Kaleigh Middleton 6 kun oldin
(For the people who don’t like it) if you don’t like it why are you wasting your time commenting on it
Sub to PewDiePie and jack
Scrubby get on this on this
Kenia Gilles
Kenia Gilles 6 kun oldin
i found a cam man on the porch
Matt Lauer
Matt Lauer 6 kun oldin
Crazy very crazy
Mr Yeet
Mr Yeet 6 kun oldin
Just as shitty and cringe as I thought
kalena kahilihiwa
kalena kahilihiwa 6 kun oldin
I'm laughing so hard when they all started to fight.
Rainier Gaming
Rainier Gaming 6 kun oldin
That fight scene was cool
CRUSTCOOKIE XD 6 kun oldin
Trailer got a billion views but the movie itself got less than a million views. seems legit..
David Jay
David Jay 6 kun oldin
This is amazing
Dulce Delgado
Dulce Delgado 6 kun oldin
This is the most stupidest and cringiest thing ive ever watched
barby alvarez
barby alvarez 6 kun oldin
TDP 320
TDP 320 6 kun oldin
Sorry, but I’d rather watch paint dry for 10 hours.
Derrick Ridge Vlogs
Oh My Gosh, I just realised that TEAM 10 should make a movie that has to do with them going against the zombie apocolypse. that would be so cool and i would sure watch it and my friends would definitely start watching jake paul after that. it would just be really cool.
Andr0id 420
Andr0id 420 6 kun oldin
Dear UZvid, Just because I watch a video with this guys name in the title doesn't mean I want his content in my recommended...Trending?SMH