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After months of anticipation...we finally met the man, the myth, the legend...Will Smith. And the announcement he dropped is epic. Wait till the end :)
Will's UZvid Channel: uzvid.com/show-UCKuHFYu3smtrl2AwwMOXOlg
Shout out to these guys for all their help:
Jeff Blank
Aidan Tanner
Zac Alsop
Max Rantz-Mc Donald
The shoes we gifted to will are by @writingsfrommichael ... Check his brilliant mission and work on Instagram.
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8-Iyl, 2018

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Yes Theory
Yes Theory 12 kun oldin
Thank you once again to all of you who left comments on his channel, you guys made this possible and we can't wait to share with you guys the rest of our journey with the Fresh Prince, much love
FRYGUY GAMES 7 soat oldin
Yes Theory omg that is insane and did u ask him to sing the fresh prince song
BernardoW3 LM4
BernardoW3 LM4 16 soat oldin
Wow, what an honor it must be. He took the day of his birthday to spend time with you guys. Im so happy for you guys✌
Brandon Acosta
Brandon Acosta Kun oldin
Dona giveaway to thank all of us how made this happen !
Wandering Marine Vet
Yes Theory Thank you guys for what you give to watch. I am happy for you guys! I wish to make my dreams happen too and this helps reaffirm how possible the impossible is.
Kevin Lee Actor
Kevin Lee Actor 3 soat oldin
Amazing! Well done fellas.
Nina 4 soat oldin
This is honestly so f*cking awesome! Will is really such a nice and humbling man. Wow. I love this.
Linus Zwahlen
Linus Zwahlen 4 soat oldin
Antoine CP
Antoine CP 4 soat oldin
the Yes Theory revolution is coming babyyyyyy
Cassius Green
Cassius Green 4 soat oldin
What’s the beat at the beginning!? Please help
GoPro 1337
GoPro 1337 4 soat oldin
Is this in hungary? budapest?
N L D C 5 soat oldin
These young lads deserve it all, the fame, money and love!!! They create such original content. How have I only just found them (recommended videos). UZvid done me good this time.
Oladapo Okunlola
Oladapo Okunlola 6 soat oldin
I live in Budapest and live in the area where they were staying. Shame I only found out now.
WarrantDivision 6 soat oldin
Outstanding! And Jada is so damn cute, but alas she is a Virgo and Gemini's and Virgos do not get along very well. However, Will is a Libre and Geminis and Libras get along famously. LOL
USAHATMAN 99 7 soat oldin
5:19 is that an irish accent ???
James C
James C 7 soat oldin
the guy is a G!!!
Joshua Duncan
Joshua Duncan 8 soat oldin
It would be real cool if he passes on the dare to another celebrity or youtuber.. Dont gotta be the same dare but something as cool
Natalie Chiwira
Natalie Chiwira 8 soat oldin
Steven F
Steven F 8 soat oldin
aayush rai
aayush rai 11 soat oldin
U guys r awesome
Awethu mhlalase
Awethu mhlalase 11 soat oldin
Why am i crying at my desk at work?
Ali AM
Ali AM 12 soat oldin
Havent been this hyped over a youtube video in years
Whatevahhh 12 soat oldin
Lmao Amar looked like a mafia bodyguard in 6:33
Darin Laminack
Darin Laminack 13 soat oldin
I don't get it. How is Ammar still on Yes Theory? What about the video saying he received a letter from his dad that demanded he leave the channel?
Maggie Simmons
Maggie Simmons 14 soat oldin
Can wait for the live stream ❤️❤️
DeadlySteel 16 soat oldin
Dont ever try to dance again
Margizzle 16 soat oldin
jeva stfort
jeva stfort 19 soat oldin
Kaelie J
Kaelie J 19 soat oldin
so awesome
chanel howard
chanel howard 19 soat oldin
I wish I could be a part of a challenge 🤔😭
Elvis4240 19 soat oldin
These boys met the wonderful mike lowry. Edit: how yall know who that is
FireJach 22 soat oldin
freaking out, love that
Beau Cheney
Beau Cheney 23 soat oldin
4:57 leave Babish alone. He needs a vacation from cooking lol
Ty Brenninger
Ty Brenninger 23 soat oldin
Best UZvid video on the platform. Ton Cruz better be there
AdoIf HitIer
AdoIf HitIer 23 soat oldin
I'm so glad that you finally met Michael Jackson. Wow!
fatima huq
fatima huq 23 soat oldin
Will is so dope. My god 😍
jessie peach
jessie peach Kun oldin
Wow have Will Smith an own youtube channel?? 😍😍 And I will be at that screen on the 25th ... well 26th cause we're on the other side of the world 💙
DroidEagle Kun oldin
so good man
Markus Rollkragen
whats the song in the end
Anthony Gronock
Anthony Gronock Kun oldin
Can i borrow 10k..ill make payments of 100/week until i pay u back 11.5k message me
Shriya Pandey
Shriya Pandey Kun oldin
liked this video at 0:40 only ... XD knew it was gonna be amazzziiing
BinBananaGaming Kun oldin
Thats exacly 7 days after MY birthday
Asian Alexander The Great
My mom's birthday is the same as will smiths
Olivette Meraz
Olivette Meraz Kun oldin
SEPTEMBER 25th Im going to the Grand Canyon to go meet y'all 😭😭❤️
Jack Topolewski
Jack Topolewski Kun oldin
Gave me goosebumps boys. Keep killing it. It’s inspirational.
Andrew Macnamara Music and Gaming
Omg you guys met on my birthday
Khaoula El Bouzidi
so proud, ammar allah yhfedkom ya rab min ay shar
Ethan Esparza-Escobar
Congratulations guys. Coolest thing in the world
arsya desara
arsya desara Kun oldin
Yes theory please go to bali indonesia you will find a magical and amazing things in bali
lifelikejosie Kun oldin
Naturally Lit
Naturally Lit Kun oldin
Subverter Radio
Subverter Radio Kun oldin
this is so awesome
Justin Bielecki
Justin Bielecki Kun oldin
Wtf omg lets goooooooo
Anyah Tracey
Anyah Tracey Kun oldin
love you guys
Reid Grossman
Reid Grossman Kun oldin
O shit me and will have the same birthday
Love this so much!
Rithvick Rao
Rithvick Rao Kun oldin
Man I can't stop smilingg 😂
vicki jew
vicki jew Kun oldin
He IS a fucking legend (haha i am legend reference) so i can't blame em for this cray cray
Elijah Winkles
Elijah Winkles Kun oldin
Hey guys if you need anything while your up here let your boy know
Katherine Jennings
Man's Beyonce Lmao
Live Kun oldin
4:56 He is Russian - he tells you Privet
Markus Rollkragen
officially best youtube channel ever
Dante Janes
Dante Janes Kun oldin
2 million in 2 years
Rick Cords
Rick Cords Kun oldin
Sooo sick
Neha Rajappa
Neha Rajappa Kun oldin
I was literally in the same place the day before as you guys at 6:50 in this video 😭😭
NiB liTzz
NiB liTzz Kun oldin
Ive wanted to go skydiving for many many years now and so im on my semester now and I decided to do it and im so excited, your videos gave me the curage to do it, greeting from Sweden
somenath mukharjee
Next try to contact with "the yes man" Jim Carrey
Stefan Kun oldin
Ohh this guy ^^
Erwan Ledee
Erwan Ledee Kun oldin
Comme toujours sur vos vidéo vous m avez fais rêver ! Continuer comme sa vous êtes pour moi là meilleur chaîne UZvid et j adorerais vous rencontrer et merci pour ses bon moment passer à vous regarder
Dmitry Kundu
Dmitry Kundu Kun oldin
Awesome 🙌🤠♥️🔥
Carlos Catindig
Carlos Catindig Kun oldin
Cant wait
Yann Mazzocchin
Yann Mazzocchin Kun oldin
I like Yes Theory
Ari A
Ari A Kun oldin
Ahhhh I’m so excited for you all!!
The Rusted
The Rusted Kun oldin
You guys are amazing.
Andrea Wellons
Andrea Wellons Kun oldin
What else can you say about Will Smith??? He's just so down to earth and generous!..I cant wait to see him bungie jump on his Birthday #yougoWill
Grant Wolter
Grant Wolter Kun oldin
I'm still really hoping Tom Cruise flies the helicopter. That would just put this over the top. But shit I would not want the pressure of figuring out what present to get Will Smith for his bday lol
D O Kun oldin
You guys are an inspiration. You are changing lives including my own. Thank you
Angela Crevier
Angela Crevier Kun oldin
I can’t wait for that day! It’s going to be EPIC! Keep spreading the message guys
some geezer
some geezer Kun oldin
cool as fuck.
B Kun oldin
Lucia's Memory Ln
So looking forward to watching this jump 😃
Francis Gajita
Francis Gajita Kun oldin
wow! 😮
Derricaaa Kun oldin
Will, you a real one. Man of his word. ❤️
Yass gaga yass
Zhas ThreEsum
Zhas ThreEsum Kun oldin
Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye Kun oldin
Love you Guys...💙💙💙
Rodrigo Minguez
Rodrigo Minguez Kun oldin
Having seen the evolution of this channel throughout these 3 whole years, I've to say I'm so f***ing proud of u guys!
Sergio Marques
Sergio Marques Kun oldin
guys pls say yes and visit portugal you will like it so much i love you guys you deserve everything good
Redouan Atiki
Redouan Atiki Kun oldin
Wish you guys all the best 🤙🏻
Sir Clirks
Sir Clirks Kun oldin
What movie was he working on tho
Beth Duffy
Beth Duffy Kun oldin
Was that Zac Alsop taking the photo?!?
planitarxis 20
planitarxis 20 Kun oldin
Yo guys just found out your channel. Its like watching a tv series 6 hours non stop awesome contend! Subscribed! Please keep up the good work!
Amine Zaouiri
Amine Zaouiri Kun oldin
Yes Theory is probably the best youtube channel out there. It has comedy, entertainment, and a down-to-earth group of friends who genuinely love being creators.
Drechy13 Kun oldin
Did anyone notice Will has the Air Mags
ILias Oumarri
ILias Oumarri Kun oldin
OMG! It's happening! Holy...
Jazz_K Kun oldin
Haha they should have said Yhhhhhh but we're busy that day .......
Mohamud Ali
Mohamud Ali Kun oldin
i got one guys asking drake to rap about the yes theory
Mohamud Ali
Mohamud Ali Kun oldin
can you guy tell me what the yes theory is it looks really cool i would love to join in any way .
donny haasnoot
donny haasnoot 2 kun oldin
From asking rich people To eat a donut with them To jumping with WILL SMITH on his 50TH BIRTHDAY over the freaking GRAND CANYON like how!?
Gareon Conley
Gareon Conley 2 kun oldin
damn his english voice is so different then his german (people who sycronized MIB did a really bad job with the voice actor)
Mark Jimuel
Mark Jimuel 2 kun oldin
Awesome dude! Love from PH! 🇵🇭
Nick Mirabi
Nick Mirabi 2 kun oldin
Whats the Name of the beat playing in the Besinnung ?
Gareon Conley
Gareon Conley 2 kun oldin
4:58 that dude xd breviat or how ever you spell it
Zoliansanga Tochhawng
I guess TC will be there as well...