Finding My PERFECT Foundation Match... Finally

James Charles
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HI SISTERS! I've been doing makeup for 3 years now but the one skill I have not mastered is matching my foundation. I've looked white with Flashback Mary, but I've also looked orange. For today's video, I decided to test out every single foundation on the market and see if I could find the perfect shade. Enjoy!
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8-Yan, 2019

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Peyton Faith
Peyton Faith 56 daqiqa oldin
hey guys so i am just getting started with a youtube channel any suggestions for what i should do
Angela Ramirez
Angela Ramirez 56 daqiqa oldin
Are u a boy or a girl
Vivi Angiolini
Vivi Angiolini Soat oldin
Fenty all the wayyyy!!!
Aisha Mohamud
Aisha Mohamud Soat oldin
I wish he added all them up
Taryn B
Taryn B Soat oldin
Too faced or fenty!!!!
Keii Sanchez
Keii Sanchez Soat oldin
i like the too faced
Mya Harris
Mya Harris Soat oldin
the FENTY one had me sister SHOOK in how good it matched ur skin
Nana Chan
Nana Chan Soat oldin
I loved the Fenty and Morphie foundation. I felt like they both did a good job with the skin tone transition between face and neck, where some other foundations made a drastic um... change. Honestly so proud of this video omg. The time, effort, and pAIn it takes to perfectly match a foundation is absolutely insane. I've been needing a new foundation for awhile now, and this has inspired me to actually go out and try to find my own, but keep slaying for real you queen!
Crystal & Mama Edd
I think it’s fenty, it really matches your skin tone sis 😊
Little Stichgurl
Little Stichgurl Soat oldin
the first one i like but james its ur face and look so do what u like
LeNa TrYs To TuMbLe
Fenty I think was the best match
Emma Braunstein
Emma Braunstein Soat oldin
I think Fenty was definitely in 1st place for the best looking foundation and the Too Faced was the 2nd best
Kalena Scott
Kalena Scott Soat oldin
I think you are a cool tone! All of those foundations looked orange or yellow. The Fenty Beauty foundation was basically perfect. :)
Dominick Lopez
Dominick Lopez Soat oldin
Head=red Chest=white Arm=tan Perfect foundation for all=none
Courtney Ronning
Courtney Ronning Soat oldin
I got the contour and blending sponge , and i forgot to use code james for 10% off. As I got in the car I tell my sister I got it, she asked if I used code james and I said no and I wanted to kashoot my self!!!!!!!
yailine Ruiz
yailine Ruiz Soat oldin
Loved Too Faced and Morphe foundation. It brings out your eyes and fits you perfectly.
Crystall Tee
Crystall Tee Soat oldin
Fenty looks like the best match
erika moreno
erika moreno Soat oldin
Too faced or morphe :)
Devon CG
Devon CG Soat oldin
Guurll fenty all the way lol it looks perfect
Layla MacLeod
Layla MacLeod Soat oldin
Rashay is so great full for her hair
Layla MacLeod
Layla MacLeod Soat oldin
Rashay’s hair
Layla MacLeod
Layla MacLeod Soat oldin
Rashay’s hair
Layla MacLeod
Layla MacLeod Soat oldin
Rashay’s hair
Tiffany Rodriguez
kenzie vlogs
kenzie vlogs Soat oldin
dior,to faced,fenty,makeup forever
alikia radway
alikia radway Soat oldin
its between fenty makeup forever and too faced but I like the fenty better
Derek Gibson
Derek Gibson Soat oldin
look j I think you need the Fenty or the Dior , I love thoes too cute yes sister
Tori Masters
Tori Masters Soat oldin
Too faced 100p!!! Obvi flawless with any tho
Taby C
Taby C Soat oldin
95% of the comments: Fenty matched you the best 2% flashback mary 3%other
Scarlett Javier
Scarlett Javier Soat oldin
Why do i feel like James got abit uhmmm...... chubbier? Im not hating cuz i mean everyon gains alittle weight every holidays. Im not hating i just niticed
Adria Meeson
Adria Meeson Soat oldin
I like 2 shade for you Fenty and Dior Airflash but I understand the struggle like most people it's hard to tell in a store because lighting is crap 😕
Elizabeth LeFlore
UGh your foundation didn't match! You should fix that! Sorry, Cracking a joke/ im being SARCASTIC
Burnt chicken fried Rice
James goes under cover when he's shopping
Isabella Cruz
Isabella Cruz Soat oldin
Fenty beauty was the best shade for james!!!!😀😚😚😚😚😚😚😏😏😏
Sierra Beers
Sierra Beers Soat oldin
Dior, fenty and morphie look the closest to me
Lizzie Loveless
Lizzie Loveless Soat oldin
Fenty is u all the way sista
Maya Lara
Maya Lara Soat oldin
I liked the too faced
Peyton Faith
Peyton Faith Soat oldin
Fenty was definitely the best match when it comes to my opinion. love ya sis
DJ Andrea T
DJ Andrea T Soat oldin
fenty 170 def!!! YAY YOU FOUND IT FINALLY!
EmRock720 Soat oldin
I would say Dior and too faced
Us Films
Us Films Soat oldin
The morphe one at the end was ABSOLUTELY perfect
Amanda Fama
Amanda Fama Soat oldin
Two faced definitely
Caydence Pokorny
Caydence Pokorny Soat oldin
I think the fenty was a little to dark, the dior was good and the morphe was good as well, but im not a gooroo or anything sooooo ya
hailey Soat oldin
fenty was ur best match. milk was really a good second place though.
avelinorene Soat oldin
Fenty looks like a great match!
Brittany Ann
Brittany Ann Soat oldin
Emily Bischoff
Emily Bischoff Soat oldin
Sister james(Umm? Where just gonna move on from that )Sister me (we will never let it go nutmeg)
Alexis Isom
Alexis Isom Soat oldin
New year Same me
kpc.2021 Soat oldin
I use the Lancome foundation. I honestly LOVE it
Michelle Adkins
Michelle Adkins Soat oldin
Fenty sis
Rose Iannuzzi
Rose Iannuzzi 2 soat oldin
Fenty and Too Faced!!! Honestly, loved the Fenty the best!!!!
Kenzie 2 soat oldin
Too faced for sure
Amber Dickerson
Amber Dickerson 2 soat oldin
Fenty bb
Rebecca Smith
Rebecca Smith 2 soat oldin
Makeup Forever was my first choice, if not that then Fenty!
Alayna Cobb
Alayna Cobb 2 soat oldin
We were the same color foundations 😂 so I know I wear Fenty 170 so I’ll most likely be order morphe 2.20 😂😍 Same shade sisters. 😍😍😍
Morgan Hall
Morgan Hall 2 soat oldin
James, you should do a video where you have a timer for a certain amount of time to do your makeup
Brooklynn Randelette
Fenty forsure.
Madelyn Neyman
Madelyn Neyman 2 soat oldin
fenty sister
Mira Green
Mira Green 2 soat oldin
I love ❤️ you James! You are my inspiration to doing my own looks, not to be someone I am not!!!!
DrawnStyleBeats 2 soat oldin
Honestly I gotta say it's the Fenty!
Liz Contreras
Liz Contreras 2 soat oldin
Fenty 170 is literally the perfect match for you!
Keisha Valencia
Keisha Valencia 2 soat oldin
Bryanna Raphael
Bryanna Raphael 2 soat oldin
The OH MY GAWD thing you did i can do the same thing as that xd for some reason XD
Jennifer Barnes
Jennifer Barnes 2 soat oldin
You should make your own line of foundation
kimberly quispe
kimberly quispe 2 soat oldin
10:15 JAMES!
Rakiya Animalia
Rakiya Animalia 2 soat oldin
morphe, dior, or fenty. loved the vid sis!!
Graciela Isabel
Graciela Isabel 2 soat oldin
too faced and font were perfect
Jessica Dickinson
Jessica Dickinson 2 soat oldin
definitely fenty beauty or morphe those looked beautiful on your skin james❤️ @jamescharles
Graciela Isabel
Graciela Isabel 2 soat oldin
honestly font was the best and maybe morphe if you get a little darker
Wren 2 soat oldin
Hayden Wilbanks
Hayden Wilbanks 2 soat oldin
Salma B
Salma B 2 soat oldin
Born this way and fenty was best x
x_Kenziex 2 soat oldin
my sister saw u at knotts Halloween haunt
Jenna Berger
Jenna Berger 2 soat oldin
nallely zamora
nallely zamora 2 soat oldin
i like the fenty and too faced foundation
desirees conspiracies
OK so not trying to hate but who else thinks James' head and hair look like a fucking pineapple? but i still love you sister
Devin Nguyen
Devin Nguyen 2 soat oldin
Fenty killed the rest
amber travis
amber travis 2 soat oldin
I have a theory why your foundations are too dark, it’s probably because Sephora has darker lighting and your studio would be full of lights to make you look best, so what you could maybe do is buy ones that are lighter for your vids
Sophie Tardivet
Sophie Tardivet 2 soat oldin
Anyone else watching to see if Sister gets foundation on her white sweatshirt?!
Sophie Stevenson
Sophie Stevenson 2 soat oldin
Fenty or too faced! Best match.
Alyssa The Starfish
Alyssa The Starfish 2 soat oldin
Olivia Sealey
Olivia Sealey 2 soat oldin
Fenty Beauty was the best on you
Kadence and Doc
Kadence and Doc 2 soat oldin
Vindy was the best in my opinion #Love James Charles
Island HQ
Island HQ 2 soat oldin
MOM: How many shoes did you buy at the store KID:9:29 MOM:Oh , that's fine. Also KID: 9:30
naomi elizondo
naomi elizondo 2 soat oldin
Fenty and Too Faced were a great match!
Cristal Alvarado
Cristal Alvarado 2 soat oldin
I got real high before watching this 💗
Alicia Brown
Alicia Brown 3 soat oldin
You should totally collaborate with Shay Mitchell. I think it would be such a fun video
Rachael Diffrient
Rachael Diffrient 3 soat oldin
Have you tried mixing shades to create your own custom shade?
iamtutilaloca :3
iamtutilaloca :3 3 soat oldin
Fenty is the best for you! and for the two faced is good and makeup forever!
Annalee Powers
Annalee Powers 3 soat oldin
omg im so happy sister james
The official Jenesis
Or morphi
Samantha Bustamante
Samantha Bustamante 3 soat oldin
People shouldn’t talk about your foundation because they don’t know how hard it is to find a perfect mach if they were you
The official Jenesis
Fenty or too faced
Isabel Scurlock
Isabel Scurlock 3 soat oldin
Wynter Brooks
Wynter Brooks 3 soat oldin
James you are literally everything to me lol.You are awesome like such an inspiring sister.I love what you do and how hard you work for your fans!You look bomb and act bomb in every vid and I’m so glad to see your channel progress and I literally love you!😊
Isabel Scurlock
Isabel Scurlock 3 soat oldin
Victoria Coman
Victoria Coman 3 soat oldin
Dior was the best
hello hi
hello hi 3 soat oldin
The Too faced was the best!
Landraa Kubley
Landraa Kubley 3 soat oldin
Two-Faced or Fenty. I literally can't decide. Wear them both!! Lmao I'm obviously kidding 😂 but seriously tea 😍
Hwm thoj
Hwm thoj 3 soat oldin
You talk so much
How Are Ya?
Oy oldin