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First Day of College | Lele Pons

Lele Pons
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7-Sen, 2018

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Fikrlar 14 191
Lele Pons
Lele Pons 2 oy oldin
Yamseen 10 kun oldin
Eddyna Victorien-louis
Love you
Chase Martin
Chase Martin 17 kun oldin
This isn’t funny or accurate in any way at all. It’s just sloppy in creative content.. just stop. I only found out about this channel from Cody ko’s. Take some notes from him.
christian almli
christian almli 21 kun oldin
This was cancer.
Ashley OMG
Ashley OMG 22 kun oldin
Hmph not that good or bad
Billie Baker
Billie Baker 4 soat oldin
At this point I'm sick of hearing this song as I am choreographing a dance to it hahaha
I’m sure my name is Poppy
I miss high school Elle poms 😭😭
Matthew Leininger
Matthew Leininger 19 soat oldin
What does that have to do with anything? Because we talk like this! I must admit I did laugh pretty hard at that
Tayla K
Tayla K 19 soat oldin
Steph Vega
Steph Vega 21 soat oldin
yezan gaming
yezan gaming 2 kun oldin
definition of trash
Badsk8ergirlxoxo 2 kun oldin
Wow... Smh. Ive havent even gone to college yet but ik that this aint it.
Anna Curtis
Anna Curtis 2 kun oldin
I was a nerd now I'm your roomates who is popular
nishan rasaily
nishan rasaily 2 kun oldin
Lele where you going to say go F**k youself!
lavadava 2 kun oldin
high school drop out tries to give an idea of what college is like. This is bad.
Lissandra Lopez
Lissandra Lopez 2 kun oldin
And College
Lissandra Lopez
Lissandra Lopez 2 kun oldin
What the f*ck is this school
Crystal Neou
Crystal Neou 3 kun oldin
I love your song Celoso
not sarah
not sarah 3 kun oldin
what the fOok is thIS SHET i havent even been to college yet and i can tell its nothing like this
Dribble Nelson
Dribble Nelson 3 kun oldin
... It's a skit. It's not literal.
713Compita 3 kun oldin
Hi lele I like your hair
Enkhtaivan Enkhamgalan
Daequan lol
X Drake
X Drake 3 kun oldin
I remember when i miss homework on the first day of school
Amalia Zahira
Amalia Zahira 3 kun oldin
Bella hadidi, 👌
Box Studios
Box Studios 3 kun oldin
This gave me cancer I'm gonna go commit deathpacito
Jane Hubbard
Jane Hubbard 4 kun oldin
Which part of this video was funny
Lord Zanthar Teh Allen
Jane Hubbard the comments
dogo bp
dogo bp 4 kun oldin
It was ok
Hi 4 kun oldin
I’m guessing this isn’t supposed to be accurate.....
tangerinepalermo 4 kun oldin
Well its clear to me that Lele Pons never went to college
Hailey Vallet
Hailey Vallet 4 kun oldin
Zachariah Kelley
Zachariah Kelley 5 kun oldin
what that girl real name on 1:35
Zachariah Kelley
Zachariah Kelley 5 kun oldin
and that other girl real name on 2:08
Zachariah Kelley
Zachariah Kelley 5 kun oldin
and that other girl real name on 2:03
Zachariah Kelley
Zachariah Kelley 5 kun oldin
and that other girl real name on 1:51
Chloe Reality
Chloe Reality 5 kun oldin
0:30 I have that same Marilyn Monroe picture
David Stevenson
David Stevenson 5 kun oldin
Hi I Love Lele Pons So Much I Can’t Breathe
David Stevenson
David Stevenson 5 kun oldin
Hi I Love Lele Pons
Tili- An
Tili- An 5 kun oldin
Everyone feeling this was short...?
Unicorn Lover
Unicorn Lover 5 kun oldin
Omg do I have a story for you on my first day of school this year as soon as I got home I cried because I got bullied by everyone and I sat alone on the bus so I called my mom and I almost got removed to a different class with my friends but then after that day 2 people said hey and I said hey they wanna be friends and I said sure and then I become bffs with my new friend Chloe and Lily and now we are the best of friends and we loved being bffs now me and Chloe do car pool for basketball and we are always being kind to each other and Lily and I are just tight friends thank you for listening to my story Lele and others!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ -Ava
Ale 5 kun oldin
Minerva Mateo
Minerva Mateo 6 kun oldin
Hot morning
darth vader
darth vader 6 kun oldin
One of the girls said “ I totally missed homework “ I thought it was the first day of school
darth vader
darth vader 6 kun oldin
One of the girls said “ I totally missed homework “ I thought it was the first day of school
Gabriella Ramireova
Fairuj Sadaf
Fairuj Sadaf 6 kun oldin
I am afraid that I have to pass this kind of trouble ( I will be going to another school)
ruby vh
ruby vh 6 kun oldin
this is the least relatable thing in the world 😯
Chris Ammer
Chris Ammer 6 kun oldin
Damnn..look at Lele's old 2017 videos it was all positive comments but now she got no humour and no fans
Dustin Taburno
Dustin Taburno 6 kun oldin
3:57 - 3:59 maybe ill just go study in the house ajsjsa Hsjsnnxjsiyhhhhun hbbj didnt understand a work wierd flex but ok
Cristina DELON
Cristina DELON 7 kun oldin
Can u plz make is more longer plz dude
dove Charles
dove Charles 7 kun oldin
Omg when i watch u its like ur zendaya but ur not
Mrs.Mendes 7 kun oldin
Yall stfu. This Video is good.
Some person That plays Minecraft
Do you know what good means?
lil barnacle
lil barnacle Kun oldin
0 F's Given
0 F's Given 7 kun oldin
Be the old LELE💔
gem xo
gem xo 7 kun oldin
This is highly inaccurate
5000 subscriber with 1 stupid video
*I like how a High school drop-out trying to say what college is like* 😂
ASMR and Us
ASMR and Us 7 kun oldin
Lol “save the corn”
ROBLOXUnicorn 8 kun oldin
Everybody stop hating on lele she is a beautiful young woman and she is funny let her be herself even is she isn’t funny ( which she is ) you don’t have to rude and just point it out in the holidays she is just doing skits for fun so just calm down every one
Epanet Kun oldin
+Galaxy Cat726 this isn't how college works at all
Galaxy Cat726
Galaxy Cat726 Kun oldin
+Epanet ?
Epanet 8 kun oldin
But this is incredibly inaccurate
Legendary Gamer
Legendary Gamer 8 kun oldin
This is the most unfunny video ever
Epanet 8 kun oldin
Bthree Gaming
Bthree Gaming 8 kun oldin
I think he means TSM_daequean
Assassination 21
Assassination 21 9 kun oldin
3:28 daqeaun
Yanina Barrios
Yanina Barrios 9 kun oldin
I love is lele mi name is emma thenquiu
Good Boy
Good Boy 9 kun oldin
Every porn video I’ve seen has had way better acting that this
zamiyh ransom
zamiyh ransom 9 kun oldin
My. First. Day. Of. School. Was. That. Same. Thing. Worst. And. Even Worst. And Liked. Someone
zamiyh ransom
zamiyh ransom 9 kun oldin
Who. Wants. More. Of this. Me
Coming For you
Coming For you 9 kun oldin
So boring
Johanna Lee
Johanna Lee 9 kun oldin
im pretty sure that everyone in this video has never went to college
Melanie Moreno
Melanie Moreno 9 kun oldin
My first day was terrible but now better BTW I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS LELE!!!!!
Twitch Flash
Twitch Flash 9 kun oldin
TSM deaquan
Snow Wolf Gaming_YT
3:25 Did he say Daequan?
wolf howler
wolf howler 9 kun oldin
No one gets homework on the first day of school and teachers don't come in shirtless and put on clothes either
Vero 10 kun oldin
4:01 tf
Vero 8 kun oldin
+Epanet IKR
Epanet 8 kun oldin
Such an awkward scene
Cheese kheik
Cheese kheik 10 kun oldin
Eddyna Victorien-louis
Love you lele pons
KOKORO Momoiro
KOKORO Momoiro 10 kun oldin
At 1:57 there is a boy in a bun in a polo and the next scene the girl who has 20 boyfriends is randomly there with her
Orangutan HD
Orangutan HD 10 kun oldin
2:10 how many boys do you kiss
Cahandar Ibadov
Cahandar Ibadov 10 kun oldin
itzurgurl_queenhybrid kawaii
Where's juanpa gone?
Prasna Thapa
Prasna Thapa 10 kun oldin
If only the teacher would dismiss the class so soon
john doe
john doe 10 kun oldin
This isn’t what college is like one bit
Thịnh Vương Bảo
I always love your videos so much since the day I discovered your channel lol. There's always a plot twist. Go Lele!!!!!
Epanet 8 kun oldin
Dude, this sucks
Krooze Gaming
Krooze Gaming 11 kun oldin
She didn’t call bob 😭😭
Ilham Adamu
Ilham Adamu 11 kun oldin
what is funny
Mary D
Mary D 11 kun oldin
I can’t imagine a single person laughing at this...
Dieneba Toure
Dieneba Toure 11 kun oldin
Larrisa Winkel
Larrisa Winkel 12 kun oldin
I love u lele
SickNastyPeeps 12 kun oldin
Dude you nailed it this is exactly what college is like I remember my first day when the teacher walked in without his shirt
Epanet 8 kun oldin
I think this is satire, and I hope it is, because you're funny! I laughed more at your comment than I did at this video!
Donesha Campbell
Donesha Campbell 12 kun oldin
October the 6 is my birthday can I get a shout-out on one of my videos when it is my birthday again
Julia Grace Segers
Julia Grace Segers 12 kun oldin
Oh OK I'll save the corn
dberryhill 484
dberryhill 484 13 kun oldin
Cyra Strong
Cyra Strong 13 kun oldin
Tvillingene Ø
Tvillingene Ø 13 kun oldin
Mår plis
Lucky G.
Lucky G. 13 kun oldin
I want more of this !!!
DTM denis paul
DTM denis paul 13 kun oldin
Don't laugh at lele pons
Zimal Odhejo
Zimal Odhejo 13 kun oldin
3:59 wtf
Marcos Ferreira
Marcos Ferreira 14 kun oldin
I subscribed
Lord Zanthar Teh Allen
Marcos Ferreira You are forsaken.
Marcos Ferreira
Marcos Ferreira 14 kun oldin
I love you
cheeto LIFE
cheeto LIFE 14 kun oldin
無限のゼロVlad 14 kun oldin
*Humor has left the chat*
Tim 15 marisol
Tim 15 marisol 14 kun oldin
Arielys Rivera
Arielys Rivera 14 kun oldin
I love your videos you are the best
Jake Vanoss
Jake Vanoss 14 kun oldin
At the begging with the blue shirt she looks like putin
yummy CHIP
yummy CHIP 14 kun oldin
3:24 Daequan?🤣
GamerBroVito 14 kun oldin
I sam Lele having iPhone x
XxxAce GachaxxX
XxxAce GachaxxX 14 kun oldin
Hey lele i love the new song you just sang not long ago Big fan of it
DatBigSquid Is Big
DatBigSquid Is Big 14 kun oldin
1:00 Me every single day of middle school and highschool
Cozy Boi Matthew
Cozy Boi Matthew 14 kun oldin
This is basically what a 6th grader’s vision of college would be like.
Epanet 8 kun oldin
And that's about the level Lele Pons can think at 🤔
Olivia Sek
Olivia Sek 15 kun oldin
Kara Gillett
Kara Gillett 15 kun oldin
I love you
F.Zoliansanga Gaming
did you heard him say daequan OMG