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7-Sen, 2018

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Fikrlar 12 574
Lele Pons
Lele Pons 11 kun oldin
Heimi Alva
Heimi Alva 10 kun oldin
Lele ❤I love you so much 💫 !!! You are beautiful and funny 💎💕!!!!!
Brisa Tapia
Brisa Tapia 10 kun oldin
Post another video of Amigos
Anish Beerbhajan
Anish Beerbhajan 10 kun oldin
It was okay!
liv g
liv g 10 kun oldin
Nothing like this for sure i got lost and ended up transferring to that class Anyways
Really You??
Really You?? 10 kun oldin
My first day of school was eventful 😂😂😂
Jose David Sanchez
Jose David Sanchez 2 soat oldin
Well... this "sketch" was very disappointing
Grace Richter
Grace Richter 2 soat oldin
I’m not being sarcastic I swear, my school is exactly like this 😂😍❤️
Grace Richter
Grace Richter 2 soat oldin
I just started high school and I was exactly like this lol
Nati Mendoza
Nati Mendoza 2 soat oldin
More like high school to me
Edna Poldark
Edna Poldark 2 soat oldin
Only thing I liked in this is her top, anyone tell me where I can get one help a sis out x
matsouka korosuke
matsouka korosuke 2 soat oldin
that's totally me last year except that i wasn't into studying and they were; super funny video
Lexi Burns
Lexi Burns 2 soat oldin
Did you actually waste your brain power to make this
Hedieh Hajiesmaeili
Hedieh Hajiesmaeili 3 soat oldin
I love this girl in 1:33 can someone please tell me who that is
Kiko Boss
Kiko Boss 3 soat oldin
Omg videos are so coll
Glittzy 3 soat oldin
Imagine what its like at MIT
Nordin Van Rooijen
Nordin Van Rooijen 3 soat oldin
This vid is so much trash...
Itz_ Lay-Lay!
Itz_ Lay-Lay! 3 soat oldin
hey join save the corn
love life
love life 5 soat oldin
*me everyday be like:*
love life
love life 5 soat oldin
Blue Anime Panda
Blue Anime Panda 5 soat oldin
aaa migos
aaa migos 6 soat oldin
2:13 its me when i ask something in class
blizzard217 6 soat oldin
This was so stupid and bad. I literally wore sweatpants and a t-shirt for all 4 years lol.
Esperanza Salazar
Esperanza Salazar 6 soat oldin
Lele pons is latina ?
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger 6 soat oldin
The funny Part is at 4:46
Loopy Lolo
Loopy Lolo 8 soat oldin
She acts like she’s a freshman in high school
StickBot Play
StickBot Play 10 soat oldin
So funny
sara ros
sara ros 10 soat oldin
Eeeem did you just plan on doing a video and just go with the flow. Cus it dos not work that wey
Yarely Martinez
Yarely Martinez 2 soat oldin
I thought it was funny that’s just your opinion
sara ros
sara ros 3 soat oldin
+Yarely Martinez yea i now but just do it the right wey to make it funny
Yarely Martinez
Yarely Martinez 4 soat oldin
sara ros it can if she makes videos she cane make whatever kinds of videos she wants
Animation Angel
Animation Angel 11 soat oldin
Category: *"Comedy"* 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Animation Angel
Animation Angel 11 soat oldin
Is this supposed to be funny?
Yarely Martinez
Yarely Martinez 4 soat oldin
Animation Angel are you?
YuanTong _
YuanTong _ 12 soat oldin
I found out there is so much haters in this video but not much Lele’s fan attacked them back.I must say lele’s fans are obedient to not reply those judgmental haters;)look at the likes and dislikes, still a lot of likes💓
Tacky Plant
Tacky Plant 12 soat oldin
Is this supposed to be relatable because it’s not
Yarely Martinez
Yarely Martinez 4 soat oldin
Tacky Plant it doesn’t have to be if you don’t watch it it’s a skit
Chelsea Megon
Chelsea Megon 14 soat oldin
Omg I love your videos they are so funny and dab at all of those haters!!!Don't let them get in ur way
Mohd Ali The fantastic boy
Popopopm nice music
Lele! Congrats on 11Mill! You actually inspired me to create my own channel and I just wanted to say thank you bro! Peace 🙏
Dylan Tinz
Dylan Tinz 16 soat oldin
there are thousands of brilliant short films across youtube that have
giada grassi
giada grassi 17 soat oldin
Un video che fa più cacare un l'ho mai visto 😂😂😂
Ericka Guzmán
Ericka Guzmán 19 soat oldin
Hola soy la única que habla español
Patricia Hernandez
Patricia Hernandez 19 soat oldin
This is just horrible. It’s not even funny
Stefanie Torres
Stefanie Torres 20 soat oldin
to all the haters out there of lele pons no one is forcing you to watch her videos so quit with all your rude comments cuz she knows what she's doing
Saltsnake 66
Saltsnake 66 18 soat oldin
Stefanie Torres yeah she knows her content is unrelatable and trash
duckboy-_ -
duckboy-_ - 20 soat oldin
I honestly hope you get shot
Dalal Y
Dalal Y 20 soat oldin
I just laughed in the end of the vid.
Michael Gallegos
Michael Gallegos 20 soat oldin
God this is just awful
Yahye Jama
Yahye Jama 20 soat oldin
Hi lele
Priya Prasai
Priya Prasai 21 soat oldin
I wish I was blind after I watched this😕
02yerlee 21 soat oldin
I was in tk
02yerlee 21 soat oldin
Ugh when I was in to it was sooooooooo easy
Camela Pulido
Camela Pulido 22 soat oldin
My first day of school was awesome . Love u lele 😁
A Kind Individual
A Kind Individual 22 soat oldin
This is a video from a college drop out
kakashi uchiha
kakashi uchiha 22 soat oldin
3:27 were u making out with *daequan* *nani?!*
me beli
me beli 22 soat oldin
I love yoy
Christina Love
Christina Love 22 soat oldin
You guys are disgusting I love lele pons
Sofia Cisneros
Sofia Cisneros 22 soat oldin
Dumbest thing I’ve seen in my whole life
david juarez
david juarez 22 soat oldin
I want to smash you im inlove with u
Ivenson Mafia
Ivenson Mafia 22 soat oldin
The comments section is funnier than this video😂
Dani _nations
Dani _nations 22 soat oldin
nicky :v
nicky :v 23 soat oldin
Lol 😂😂😂😂😂
Jesús Enrique Castrejon
Who’s the girl that plays Bella Hadid ? Lmao she’s so pretty !
Dennis Grandt
Dennis Grandt Kun oldin
😂😂 I really like the part where they um....and she uh...and the teacher was like...like yeah that part 😐😐
Nancy Sanchez
Nancy Sanchez Kun oldin
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster Kun oldin
I thought this was the first day of collage but at 1:04 the girl is talking about missing homework. ..lol who wrote this script
Ellen Christman
Ellen Christman Kun oldin
loved this!
SimplyPlays:D Kun oldin
Lele has officially ran out of ideas.
Brother Renrael
Brother Renrael Kun oldin
3:25 were u making out with daequan
talel bessaoud
talel bessaoud Kun oldin
bella hadid hhhhh
Crazy cole
Crazy cole Kun oldin
nice video lele
Andrea Aguilar
Andrea Aguilar Kun oldin
lelepon noavles yngles
Dora Kun oldin
Is this what comedy is now? Sad. I cringed so hard. Dear lord...
xoxtiana Kun oldin
Great video Lele! ❤️👏🏾 Don’t listen to the haters! This was really funny 😂😂
Julio Pérez
Julio Pérez Kun oldin
Ben E
Ben E Kun oldin
she has to use bots, nobody would like this shit
Pinhead Larry
Pinhead Larry Kun oldin
We get it your latina
Gillian N.
Gillian N. Kun oldin
I believe shes confused college with high school
Ya boi Sarah
Ya boi Sarah Kun oldin
megaman2mdn2k2k Kun oldin
Wow lele I’ll be here with you but SIKE YOU NEED STOP
Djiril922 Kun oldin
I feel like I just watched a 13-year-old's fever dream about what college would be like.
Ema N
Ema N Kun oldin
3:59 same voice like Edward Cullen
shareef wahab
shareef wahab Kun oldin
This is really unfunny
Some One
Some One Kun oldin
I wish it was longer
Sweet Stuff
Sweet Stuff Kun oldin
4:34 When the teacher gives extra homework only to me.
Erica Bustos
Erica Bustos Kun oldin
Watt is realds jaja in de house plis pich
Schanzii15 Kun oldin
Wow this is beyond terrible🤣 Can you just stop making videos?
Snestalgia64 Kun oldin
This is SugarGAAYYYYYY
zoya barii
zoya barii Kun oldin
"I'm a Latina"
Rune Vlogs
Rune Vlogs Kun oldin
The kissing in the beginning was worse than your channel 😂
Miaa __
Miaa __ Kun oldin
How is this even funny ???
Indraja Pu
Indraja Pu Kun oldin
How did she grow hair so fast?!??!
julian !!
julian !! Kun oldin
there's torture and there is lelepons and her content.
DRUG SPY Kun oldin
It makes me little bit blank Bcoz different people different friends different lectures OMG how I am going to manage all of this....
Amalia Landolf
Amalia Landolf Kun oldin
Do a part 2
Yasin matola gaming
This video made me guffaw
Local. Daddy
Local. Daddy Kun oldin
You never went to college so
Nienke Koppelman
Make it stop
Procrastidēity Kun oldin
As a college junior this video makes me cry.
Gg Gg
Gg Gg Kun oldin
This is so unrealistic, i feel sorry for her, craving for attention, bad acting
CRASH Kun oldin
Am I the only one who watched this with a straight face throughout the whole video?
Fine Nane
Fine Nane Kun oldin
Shoot me.
حلاوية وفتخر
Juan Benitez
Juan Benitez Kun oldin
None of these things happen, super unrealistic and unfunny.
Lucija Jakšić
Lucija Jakšić Kun oldin
0:48 that girl is wet OMG WTH
tippi dornan
tippi dornan Kun oldin
Where did she get these ideas about college smh
stop light
stop light Kun oldin
Came here from Cody ko. This is actually not funny at all
Mary García
Mary García Kun oldin
Wakey Wakey...
5 kun oldin