First Look: iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR - Hands-On Impressions | WIRED

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WIRED's Lauren Goode takes a first look at Apple's three new phones -- the XS, the XS Max, and the XR.
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First Look: iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR - Hands-On Impressions | WIRED

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13-Sen, 2018

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procekim 3 soat oldin
and I need smaller size. I hope they make SE replacement.
procekim 3 soat oldin
it the new generation 5G network ready? If not it will be useless in 2 years.
Sidney Johnson
Sidney Johnson 18 soat oldin
I'm watching this on a real phone. the note 9
Phynise Boone
Phynise Boone 19 soat oldin
Mhmm... what’s next the Apple Watch mega
Su3ide Kermit
Su3ide Kermit 20 soat oldin
They are Xpensive
Delirious Army
Delirious Army 20 soat oldin
They should really link this video up with the howtobasic bullet proof case tutorial for IOS
Joe Schmoe
Joe Schmoe 22 soat oldin
She borrowed Lebron's smart glasses just for this video.
Jeff DeYarmon
Jeff DeYarmon 22 soat oldin
what a nice Adams apple you have!!!
Blue Wolfo
Blue Wolfo 23 soat oldin
When ur screen resolution is less than the amount that you paid
Bayman Smith
Bayman Smith Kun oldin
iPhone will get you in debt. Be careful ✌🏾
Alex R
Alex R Kun oldin
Im getting the Xs. but idk if to get it black or gold ... HELP
Aaron Maraj
Aaron Maraj Kun oldin
So instead of just adding these new camera features through an update they make a whole new phone just to make more money smh
MWYANT19 Kun oldin
i keep waiting for her to drop it
Yusuf Kun oldin
Apple -- Bringing you old technology today!
Clover Hollister
4:08 the way she said “ in 2013 “ ... like it was over a decade ago ....
josh tomlinson
josh tomlinson Kun oldin
What can it do that the others cant....
John Williams
John Williams Kun oldin
Dressed appropriately, all black for the slow death of Apple. I hate to say it but not loving the Tim C. Direction of the company.
Jayden Larson
Jayden Larson Kun oldin
iPhone XS Max, another tablet sized phone...
Jay 3.0
Jay 3.0 Kun oldin
Lying Potato
Lying Potato Kun oldin
People who is able to buy the iPhone XS are lucky
Seann Huang
Seann Huang Kun oldin
this girl is cute
Shelly-Ann Blake
Kingslayer Kun oldin
I thought Lauren Goode worked for The Verge? She was prettier two years ago.
杨林 Kun oldin
I hate to say this but,this video is so horrible,I cant even see the real face of the phone,just the clip of the Apple AD
dizzy fell
dizzy fell Kun oldin
It doesnt do anything new than last year's version. Except for the chip, so what's the point of buying this?
yeudy love
yeudy love Kun oldin
So what feature is really new on those cellphones?
Rich Allison
Rich Allison Kun oldin
I got the XS MAX 512gb gold
Chillednfunked Kun oldin
Yawn...dull dull dull... isheep
Its Kedzii
Its Kedzii Kun oldin
New phones that I still cannot afford
Gregory McGonagle
moto z3 $399. and you get to keep your right to "free-speech"
Bosley Kun oldin
iPhone is a luxury I like them because they are cool. That’s it.
818 DaKupa
818 DaKupa Kun oldin
To be honest i havnt really notice any difference that could make me get a newer iphone, im still rocking my IphoneS6 plus
818 DaKupa
818 DaKupa Kun oldin
Sometimes im wondering if apple's just testing how stupid humanity is, seriously 🤔
tony roman
tony roman 2 kun oldin
I wonder do you still have to swipe before you unlock the phone?
Damien Augustin
Damien Augustin 2 kun oldin
Note 9 came with excitement what is this tragedy
E P 2 kun oldin
I love Lauren Goode!
Junker Jason
Junker Jason 2 kun oldin
Give me a thumbs down if you can't afford to move out of mommy and/or Daddy's house but you are still buying one of these phones. Also, if you are buying it on payments or just putting it on a credit card, give me a thumbs up
NaviOmg !
NaviOmg ! 2 kun oldin
Where's the iPhone 9 tho
Tyrone Mcgee
Tyrone Mcgee 2 kun oldin
I bet there will be people who will buy this phone but still have no car... For a 1000 dollars I can get. A car off of craglist.. My Toyota costed 700 🤣
Tyrone Mcgee
Tyrone Mcgee 2 kun oldin
I have the ZTE Max xl and mine costed 100 and I'm. Still happy lol
johnny bravo
johnny bravo 2 kun oldin
Show more of the phone up close!
Marco Mondragon
Marco Mondragon 2 kun oldin
Just a waste of money
john patrick ci
john patrick ci 2 kun oldin
siriously, the main reason that people are excited for the new iphone design is the notch problem and when they found out that the notch is still there in the new iphone X max the excitement turns to ANGER!!!!
nai vang
nai vang 2 kun oldin
So exciting, its 2018 and iphone now comes with 720p screen, dual sim cards, and tap to wake. Cant wait for that "revolutionary, industry first, most advance ever 3.5mm headphone jack".
Chris S
Chris S 2 kun oldin
By launching the bigger size on an s year, they have figured out how to spread their upgrades over every year. X users will wait for next year, and max users will wait until the 11s year
MrAyy 2 kun oldin
She sounds like she’s doing a promotion for Apple but I see nothing new 😒
SingularitySource 2 kun oldin
2:25 hey!
3637732893 •
3637732893 • 2 kun oldin
I’m ok with my iPhone 6
Chris Sapoznik
Chris Sapoznik 2 kun oldin
Hey Lauren - pretty sure that's Nilay off your left shoulder towards the back of the room with his backpack (0:15). You can never escape The Verge. :D
Oskar Zuñiga
Oskar Zuñiga 2 kun oldin
Well, I already knew I wasn’t gonna buy another iPhone after the one I have, anyway. But it’s still nice to see everything I’m not missing and the money I’m gonna be saving.
Patrick W
Patrick W 2 kun oldin
Everbody talks the same sh***! No new I Phone.
JDot TV 2 kun oldin
ehh not really exciting
FBI 2 kun oldin
Im still using my android s4
Andrew Shannahan
Andrew Shannahan 2 kun oldin
The comment sections for iPhone on the main channels is a horrible place to be. So much hate over a phone, that's the real tragedy here.
The official Mari&Ky Duh
Lexi V
Lexi V 2 kun oldin
Man, they should’ve called it the iPhone XSXL, missed opportunity
dadillonful 2 kun oldin
Thank God for Samsung!!!
mrk107 2 kun oldin
When you sync your Max with the iPad you get Maxi-Pad.
The Codetalker S
The Codetalker S 2 kun oldin
Money taker
Albert Cervera
Albert Cervera 2 kun oldin
Valeria Vargas
Valeria Vargas 2 kun oldin
Am I the only one looking for the prices ?🤷🏽‍♀️
Charlotte Katakuri
Charlotte Katakuri 2 kun oldin
No point buying xr when iPhone X is $799. Iphone have better screen and spec.
berk arslan
berk arslan 2 kun oldin
Lauren Goode and this video were Bade
apple's lover
apple's lover 2 kun oldin
Next: iphone Y
Curt 2 kun oldin
When did Lauren moved to WIRED?
Lil Jet Gaming
Lil Jet Gaming 2 kun oldin
I'm saving up money for the XR!
Ivan M
Ivan M 2 kun oldin
Wait for the real iPhone jobs would of liked with no notch next version, bit the iWatch is killer!!!
Marc Soriano
Marc Soriano 3 kun oldin
My oneplus 6 is better overall
Dave Farag
Dave Farag 3 kun oldin
Nope not buying. I’ll wait for the 11.
puckzilla 3 kun oldin
Tiesha Saldana
Tiesha Saldana 3 kun oldin
Only comments are salty...🧐 It’s not like you can’t get older versions/models.....
Lyxes Noemer
Lyxes Noemer 3 kun oldin
Watching this on my iPhone 7😶
Lucas Vargas
Lucas Vargas 3 kun oldin
this woman makes me nervous by the way she holds 20 phones on her had st the same time. no wonder she said she cracked everything lol
Andrew Horton
Andrew Horton 3 kun oldin
Lauren, great overview!
M NANDU 3 kun oldin
iPhone better remove #Apple logo n keep #kidney Logo 😂
vuthina roeun
vuthina roeun 3 kun oldin
I think the iPhone X R is the perfect size. It fits right in the middle
vuthina roeun
vuthina roeun 3 kun oldin
Wait she's not with the Verge anymore?
Joel Anthon
Joel Anthon 3 kun oldin
interesting. the XR reminds me of the 5C too but without the low price tag. You can't get me to pay for a 1000 dollar + phone though. lol I'm happy with the SE line
The Fantastic Mr. K
So did she / you leave The Verge?
N English
N English 3 kun oldin
"worth it" is subjective. Even though nothing here is especially amazing, and this is just a typical yearly apple stab at residual income, it's still all about the individual. As long as people keep paying the prices, they will rise, until they plateau at some point.
.m. 3 kun oldin
Ur hot
EDGAR GARCIA 3 kun oldin
How come dumb people like you who clearly barely knows where you are and what you are pretending to speak of, are even allowed. Waste of time.
CocoChanelContessa 3 kun oldin
I love my X so I’m deciding between XS and XS max. How many gigs does it hold? For me that’s the big thing I need a lot of storage for all my music! I don’t get why people are annoyed I love a new phone!
cozywithsarkozy 3 kun oldin
dak prescott
dak prescott 3 kun oldin
1449$?? That hoe better turn invisible when my teacher try to take it🤣
Sam Kennedy
Sam Kennedy 3 kun oldin
Boring... Waiting for the s10 plus with innovation.
Alessandra Matias-Beltran
Abdul Khan
Abdul Khan 3 kun oldin
Getting a Samsung AD when seeing an iPhone review. Lol😀😀😁😁😂😂😅
Emily Goosherst-2020
XR Reminds me so much of the 5c so much
James Barrios
James Barrios 3 kun oldin
I need to know the battery capacity in mah :)
Jerry Woods
Jerry Woods 3 kun oldin
64gb for $1,100 R U KIDDING?
boss chicks
boss chicks 3 kun oldin
Imma stick to my iPhone X just bought it two weeks ago
Mikey Guanipa
Mikey Guanipa 3 kun oldin
You're not on the verge anymore!! 💔
David in LA
David in LA 3 kun oldin
“This one unfortunately I shattered” ... this girl is def helping my AAPL stock
Video Mela
Video Mela 3 kun oldin
I think you dont know about this iphone xs main features uzvid.com/video/video-Jkm9IDeTfuE.html
Thant Zin
Thant Zin 3 kun oldin
Akhil bhardwaj
Akhil bhardwaj 3 kun oldin
Did lauren left the verge?
Nishant Rj
Nishant Rj 3 kun oldin
Girl you are beautifull
Anthony S
Anthony S 3 kun oldin
Where is your twin?