First Take debates if Rockets are right fit for Carmelo Anthony | First Take | ESPN

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The First Take crew discusses the future of Carmelo Anthony after being traded from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Atlanta Hawks in a deal that also involved Dennis Schroder, Mike Muscala, Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot, Justin Anderson and the Philadelphia 76ers. The Houston Rockets are considered the most likely team to sign Melo, a 10-time NBA All-Star.
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20-Iyl, 2018

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Maverick Silva
Maverick Silva 4 oy oldin
I love they had a full segment on unreal drama and nothing about basketball.
Maverick Silva
Maverick Silva 4 oy oldin
Keep that same Energy on melo!!
An-a-za Wan
An-a-za Wan 6 oy oldin
these trash reporters talking trash to a HOF! #Stayme7o
Sun Streaker
Sun Streaker 6 oy oldin
These cats have zero knowledge of basketball Carmelo Anthony's best seasons are all seasons did he had a point guard a true point guard didn't know how to get in the bile and spots that he needed it Jason Kidd Jeremy Lin and Sean C Billups when he was with the nuggets now you sitting down there with Chris cloud and y'all think he's not going to flush you must be crazy and Mike d'antoni's system don't so much matter because you got a floor General in Chris Powell that can run any offense and knows how to set up the defense but that's what happen when you let a bunch of analysts get on here and analyze or sport that they know nothing about they just looking at f****** numbers
James Masters
James Masters 6 oy oldin
Rockets play Iso ball, end of discussion
Adam Fearon
Adam Fearon 6 oy oldin
Carmelo is a great fit for the rockets!!!!
mario 7 oy oldin
Luis Flores
Luis Flores 7 oy oldin
Carmelo is not at his top level ofcoarse, but hes not worthless. Hes trying to get his family back together and that should bring posativity to his life. Rockets are frontrunners but L.A. has a good chance. I think you will see a very focused Carmelo this season. Noone is worthless..who the fk does this guy think he is.
Mukumbulan Macky
Mukumbulan Macky 7 oy oldin
He'll fit in Miami
fturla 7 oy oldin
I also don't give Carmelo the benefit of the doubt that he will change. It also isn't up to him because there are several people that have worked with him in the past that will be associated with him and they won't be flexible in accommodating him because they were burned by him. The Rockets' coach and some of the players won't take Melo's back peddling iso shenanigans if they lose games because of it. Watch out when they start sitting him for no reason because that may be the fatal blow for him in the future signaling NBA teams that this guy is not worth all-star status salary but may not be able to play the bench either because he's not reliable both chemistry wise with the team or can't shoot.
Nate Hess
Nate Hess 7 oy oldin
How cheap we got melo, I’ll take it.
Showtime 7 oy oldin
We Don’t Need Carmelo Off the court his personality and attitude will be Toxic and on the court he won’t fit in or become a role player which if he did join us is all we need him for to Spot up and Shoot.
Parker Brooks
Parker Brooks 7 oy oldin
The Hawks waived Melo. First Take waived Ryan Hollins, lol.
Tyrell Miles
Tyrell Miles 7 oy oldin
No. I think the situation that best fits his game is Miami. Why? because they play at a slower pace and he'd be that iso ball, 1 on 1 scorer that Miami is missing
J Swartz
J Swartz 7 oy oldin
Ryan Hollins Wtf u smoking mane
RealFalse Llama
RealFalse Llama 7 oy oldin
Gerald Green is good enough for Houston
Fat Booty Stank Goddess
When will Stephen A., Max, and Molly be back?
Jordan Brackin
Jordan Brackin 7 oy oldin
What happened to Stephen A and max
Travis Belcher
Travis Belcher 7 oy oldin
I really was hoping for Ryan opinion on melo...But you know how that go
Ron 7 oy oldin
Melo fits on the Guangdong Tigers
Adam R
Adam R 7 oy oldin
Richard Garland Jr
Where is the first take crew? I’m tired of these fakes
Will Lim
Will Lim 7 oy oldin
melo has zero self-awareness...he won't fit in any team in the NBA
Alen Ajradinović
Where are max and stephan a
Victr Silva
Victr Silva 7 oy oldin
Get these bums out of here
Fernando Benitez Jr.
Adam K
Adam K 7 oy oldin
Melo is such a bad fit for the rockets they are going to lose A LOT more games than last season. Harden sucks at D, and with CP3's injuries he is average at best. they lost 2 guys who were good enough to make up for them Melo wont fit in at all. He isnt fast enough to run the floor. Rockets mainly try to push the ball super fast run the floor and spot up for 3's. Melo is a half court ball stopper. He isnt fast enough to blow by anyone anymore, literally all he can do is iso for mid range jumpers. Sure as shit isnt a good enough 3 point shooter to fit in with that team well. He is pretty much going to be useless. and that team wouldnt be able to stop a 6th grade CYO team. When they have the 3 of them on the court at the same time they will be giving buckets up every possession Also CP3 probably wont even play 60 games the way its been working out with him Their depth is not very good either, I could honestly see them being a 5th or 6th seed
Joab Johnstone
Joab Johnstone 7 oy oldin
Will always says stuff like he is right but no he is wrong most of the time
Hecxxx 7 oy oldin
Houston has to take a risk because they’re not beating gsw with their current team. It’s a risk but it’s also the only chance they have at beating gsw if Melo actually adjusts.
il villain
il villain 7 oy oldin
Melo is too slow too keep up with the young SF in the NBA. The young SF are not mesmerised or scared of Melo like they are with Bron. Melo is going to get blown by every game
Kea Jefferson
Kea Jefferson 7 oy oldin
Y'all really disrespting melo like rs.. B4 he went to OKC he was a beast.. He basically have 1 bad season and he's trash now?? Pit sum fukkin respecc on his name y'all niccas trippin
Tyler Y
Tyler Y 7 oy oldin
Where’s SAS and Max
Ball Life
Ball Life 7 oy oldin
Who is that disrespecting a ny legend and future hof
Terrell Wilson
Terrell Wilson 7 oy oldin
Let's be honest especially for us who watched melo since day one. He needs to retire. Or come off the bench.
Crayvd 7 oy oldin
ESPN got the C team out here. Thank God Ryan Hollins is out. They would be leading the league in worst opinions per episode.
Nick Schultz
Nick Schultz 7 oy oldin
Stop slamdering Godme7o
JoelBryantMusic 7 oy oldin
In all honesty LA would be the better fit for Carmelo, if anybody can check his ego it’s LeBron. He’s a no BS guy and he’s also labeled as one of the greatest. Not to mention him in melo are pretty close
Dream Live
Dream Live 7 oy oldin
So where smith and Kellerman
Grey Nok
Grey Nok 7 oy oldin
Fatmelo still lethal , just set play for him.wesshog just play for statpadder.
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez 7 oy oldin
Melo hater Melo definitely still has value in the nba and with Houston losing mbah a mute and ariza they have no small forward I think melo is actually a perfect fit with chris paul and the fact that houston wants to win now melo can go for 15 points and 5 rebounds per game easily still and just that is a good enough contribution to win
Mike Salmon
Mike Salmon 7 oy oldin
No Ryan Hollins.. ESPN reads the comments for sureee
Stephen Gardner
Stephen Gardner 7 oy oldin
A winning team can change a person's mind
Md Abidullah
Md Abidullah 7 oy oldin
We want stepen a smith
김치오이 7 oy oldin
"Who the fook is that!?"
Maiko Ye
Maiko Ye 7 oy oldin
O God finally no Ryan "Stephen A Smith Wannabe" Hollins
Jason Richards
Jason Richards 7 oy oldin
*CAMELO "No Clutch" ANTHONY is NOT the RIGHT Fit for ANY TEAM in the NBA* *at this JUNCTURE of His FAILED Career ..I WOULD''NT even sign him for the VETERAN'S MINIMUM* *Good for him tho that he made A LOT of MONEY Failing to EVEN SNIFF a CHAMPIONSHIP*
Isc23I 7 oy oldin
#philwasright The Knicks couldnt cut it in the historically weak east with Melo. His best season in NY was when Amare was still the Knicks best player. Jab step, Jab step, jab step mid range jumper 75% of the time he catches the ball. The other 25% he might post up or dribble into a mid range. 100% of the time he catches the ball he is shooting it, there is no pass in his game. He scores points by volume of shots not actually being efficient. Phil is STILL being mocked by the press for actually speaking the truth and trying to get Melo to adapt to a style that benefits the team. When the truth is Phil was bang on. No one can win with Melo as #1 option and ball movement stops once Melo gets the ball and thats not a formula for success.
Esdras Doc
Esdras Doc 7 oy oldin
these guys suck
The Elite
The Elite 7 oy oldin
You idiots, now Ryan Hollins is gone, I was hoping to hear what dumb shit he was gon say next
Zach Rumney
Zach Rumney 7 oy oldin
Who is this new Host?? She's beautiful :O
Rio Whitted
Rio Whitted 7 oy oldin
who the fuck are these people 🤔
Gunk MasterFlex
Gunk MasterFlex 7 oy oldin
Please for the love of God!,.,.,..,.,.please Houston, please dont get Carmelo Anthony, trust us from NY,,, He's TRASH!! We are warning you!
ML K 7 oy oldin
bring back Ryan Hollins, the comment section just hasn't been the same ~~
Wa'Set 7 oy oldin
ESPN fools saying anything to get some airtime. Sports casting is at a all time low with the exception of maybe 1 or 2.
Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant 7 oy oldin
Yes it is. End of discussion
Chantha Teng
Chantha Teng 7 oy oldin
Melo coming to Houston meaning there will be more ball movement , every one will touch the ball. because Dan Toni system runs the floor the ball moves to whom ever is open to score , this will happen this coming up season. As long as they have 3 top scorers in the game in the same line up the defense of opposing team will sagg off them and which will create for the big centers to dominate the paint wide open dunk.
Reginald Williams
Melo is about to get paid like Isaiah Thomas did in Denver
Ross Best
Ross Best 7 oy oldin
If Knicks want out he's done. His knees are shot.
Ross Best
Ross Best 7 oy oldin
I like the fritz guy
Fearless BLaZ
Fearless BLaZ 7 oy oldin
Thing is... if you're Melo... why not?! 🤔
Fearless BLaZ
Fearless BLaZ 7 oy oldin
Why did ya'll say Warriors?!?! Don't give the homie ideas! 🤣🤣🤣
Fearless BLaZ
Fearless BLaZ 7 oy oldin
Lowkey... Melo needs to be in the East, to do well. You can't just jump into the West and be great. Be honest with yourself. I bet he goes to Florida... if he is honest with himself.
Miraj 96
Miraj 96 7 oy oldin
R.I.P Ryan Hollins
Dawee Jameel
Dawee Jameel 7 oy oldin
So they got this marines face ass dude talking down on melo now????
Gerrard C
Gerrard C 7 oy oldin
I think the Melo situation is the Allen Iverson situation all over again. And look what happened to him at the end of his career.
Doug C
Doug C 7 oy oldin
melo is hot chinatown garbage n stfu abt olympic melo thatz a team of fucking all stars everyone looks good. Good riddance to melo, the Thunder is a better team today.
Joey P
Joey P 7 oy oldin
BRING BACK RYAN HOLLINS!!! No No im jk stop please dont
Reggie Hill
Reggie Hill 7 oy oldin
Who is this dork that said that melo is useless..?? Shutup ... you ain’t ever played basketball ever ... if melo sucked you wouldn’t have your goofy azz up here talking about him for a whole segment... lol
TheCephalon 7 oy oldin
Who the fuck are these guys? This isn’t the B or even the C team. This is the fucking F team
brown fox
brown fox 7 oy oldin
Auto dislike for the white guy cain
Luis Ortiz
Luis Ortiz 7 oy oldin
just came to thank ESPN for no Ryan hollins and no Molly. thank you 👏👏👏
steve austin
steve austin 7 oy oldin
The key is will he be okay coming off the bench? If so he can be a strong bench scorer for a playoff team
Edgar Brito
Edgar Brito 7 oy oldin
Carnelo great fit in his house only I agree
dbrownhp 7 oy oldin
Hey! I wanted to hear more complete nonsense from Ryan Hollins!!! 😂
L-e-gendary 7 oy oldin
16 ppg being 3rd on the team and he's garbage? smh me and said he was trash in new york but not wothless,
Geoff Thompson
Geoff Thompson 7 oy oldin
Carmelo would be good value for 2 years 30 million total, without a salary cap. Can't do that when you have luxury tax, so he gets the veteran minimum or midlevel exception. You need that option as your 6th man.
NIc K 7 oy oldin
marsh looks like he's 44 or 14 with that preteen mustache
Joey C
Joey C 7 oy oldin
Coach mike and Melo have a problem they dont like each other
Seth Elledge
Seth Elledge 7 oy oldin
Thomas Scott
Thomas Scott 7 oy oldin
2 out of 3 of these guys are wrong but if that bubble head bimbo think we want him in laker nation not at any price we don't pay to lose here
Flair Barker
Flair Barker 7 oy oldin
DM3 Ent.
DM3 Ent. 7 oy oldin
Don't you just love these non-basketball playing motherfukers talking shit about a perennial All-Star and going to tell him what's in his brain and what he's going to do they all need to be fired cuz I don't know what they talking about
Denzel Dixie
Denzel Dixie 7 oy oldin
Thank goodness Ryan ass is gone he's like the dumbest analyst I've ever witness
SaviourMusicAus 7 oy oldin
jaybrook07 7 oy oldin
Thanks you for getting rid of Ryan hollins.
foxmatte 7 oy oldin
Melo can never be a cornerstone for any team.... a sixth man maybe.
gabriel sanchez
gabriel sanchez 7 oy oldin
Why do people not see that rockets dont play harden and cp3 together all game...fools dont see that it's going be cp3 and melo for a moment then see harden and melo bro it's always going one or another smh
Donavan McDabb
Donavan McDabb 7 oy oldin
Listening to a bunch of trump supporters smh
Drsms 7 oy oldin
Team Usa melo will never happen in the NBA for god's sake stop saying that.. He will never find the Ratio Superior Team/ Inferior Competition in the NBA. Mb the warriors now that i think about it^^^. But ye will never happen,.
Donavan McDabb
Donavan McDabb 7 oy oldin
Stop disrespecting melo. Bring back Ryan
King Rasheed
King Rasheed 7 oy oldin
that dude needa go back to snapchat sportcenter😂😂
Zachary John Gilbert
A Cancer???? Bro who tf are you????
Jeremy Salazar
Jeremy Salazar 7 oy oldin
I wish melo would join the Spurs we could use a scorer, in reality tho he would be terrible in pops system
ace52387 7 oy oldin
Carmelo is the only current player i can think has who has been overrated his whole career, including now. He can play minutes in the league, but he deserves 0 minutes on contenders.
I cant wait for melo to prove all the haters wrong this season
Patient Zero
Patient Zero 7 oy oldin
Will cain suggesting carmelo joining the warriors that would be too much for the league to handle
Nucky Mancini
Nucky Mancini 7 oy oldin
Nucky Mancini
Nucky Mancini 7 oy oldin
Bring back ryan hollins comments
Tyree Younger
Tyree Younger 7 oy oldin
Houston will be a good stop for carmelo he gives them that mid-range game like last year if Houston couldn't make 3s or pick n roll drives they were loss now they have a mid range affect now
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