First Textual Experience with Gwyneth Paltrow

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Gwyneth Paltrow and Jimmy sing embarrassing first text exchanges between guys and girls in a romantic setting.
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First Textual Experience with Gwyneth Paltrow




5-Mar, 2016



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Shuvo Speaking
I have blue eyes - part was sang beautifully! 😍
James Kelley
James Kelley Oy oldin
Best looking women in show business!!
arlo247 2 oy oldin
Shoulda had her start some :))
Sloth Couch
Sloth Couch 2 oy oldin
Fua fua fua
Eleven Words
Eleven Words 2 oy oldin
😂that was some funny stuff right there.
Evita Jayne Monroe
I love them both. “Country Strong” is one of my favorite movies Gwyneth’s voice is so beautiful. I’ve always thought she should release an adult Contemporary Pop/R&B album OR a Bluesy-Country album because the girl has a set of pipes. Not everyone can sing like that. Jimmy can sing on the low. Sounds a little like George Michael - not totally - but his tone is nice.
Deadmancrawler 4 oy oldin
Gwyneth looks abit different. Like i dont recognize her as pepper potts. But gosh she is soooo beautiful and a wonderful singer
Angelique McDonald
I love it when Gwyneth says Ew
Blueberryymuffin 6 oy oldin
Poor manboob guy. She decided he wasn’t worth the typo.
Athsiri Morales
Athsiri Morales 7 oy oldin
God damn she has a beautiful voice 😱😍
Tommy Texter
Tommy Texter 7 oy oldin
Textual? I thought it is sexual.
Nina Freimuth
Nina Freimuth 8 oy oldin
The shut up at the end!!😭😻😻😻♥️♥️♥️
marischka exaudia
Oooh blue eyes one makes me weak
FacheChanteDeux 9 oy oldin
She must have shot a lot of guys down, she is too good at it.
Lakshmi Krishnakumar
She’s such a beautiful singer!
Rowynne Crowley
Rowynne Crowley Yil oldin
This was amusing, but regardless of what they said, these were clearly fake/staged.
Anmol Haans
Anmol Haans Yil oldin
"That's the best 'shut up' I have heard"!!😂😂😂
Harrison Guenzler
What song is the piano playing?
Jeremy Kurtz
Jeremy Kurtz Yil oldin
What's in the booox!??
sevin azizbayli
sevin azizbayli Yil oldin
This is hilarriousss😂😂😂
Annie Hudson
Annie Hudson Yil oldin
Am I the only one who had no idea that Gwenyth Paltrow actually has a very pleasant singing voice?!?!?
Ace R Miles
Ace R Miles Yil oldin
LOVE THE IDEA AND YES GWYNETH sings grRrRrET! she looks great to ;0)
Remi Stardust
Remi Stardust Yil oldin
This showed up in my recommendations... I see I already gave it thumbs up... 3 years ago? These two should do a new one of these, this was great!
Kris Uy
Kris Uy Yil oldin
This is one of the best games on this show
Trevor OutCaster
Oh my she sings weeell!!!
Samuel French
Samuel French Yil oldin
What genre of music would that be that the pianist is playing?
Mike Mikel
Mike Mikel Yil oldin
Jimmy is one of the best late nighters...no BS soap boxing or political crap, just entertainment
雅丽 Yil oldin
He sounded like LSP when he said "Nice try Greg" 😂
Gotah Gemini
Gotah Gemini Yil oldin
Anoni.mouse same
Gwyneth is f-n goddess.
Emma Mazza
Emma Mazza Yil oldin
Anakoth13 Yil oldin
Searching for THE EW history ..think i found it :D!!
Timbo Rouse
Timbo Rouse Yil oldin
Hey brown eyes sounds like a good song haha
Elena S
Elena S Yil oldin
She can sing. Nice surprise :)
Jakob Avsenak
Jakob Avsenak Yil oldin
That "Hi who's this?" made me fall in love with her.
بابر توت
بابر توت Yil oldin
فیلم سوپر
Rix xy
Rix xy Yil oldin
daym Gwyneth. DAYM!! She can tell me to shut up any day.
Jenny McPot
Jenny McPot Yil oldin
Gwyneth is amazing
Liam Horsley
Liam Horsley Yil oldin
Alex H
Alex H Yil oldin
Damn, Gwyneth Paltrow can sing...
Brandon J
Brandon J Yil oldin
Nasrat King
Nasrat King Yil oldin
فیلم کوس کردن
Liam Sturgill
Liam Sturgill Yil oldin
That first one makes me feel a little awkward with myself
Liam Sturgill
Liam Sturgill Yil oldin
Andrew Courtney
Andrew Courtney Yil oldin
Happy Valentines day "shut up"
Míα's Omelas
Míα's Omelas Yil oldin
Jimmy is a really good singer
James Ha
James Ha Yil oldin
can anyone identify the chords? not the Lionel richie one
Just act it out. The singing part doesn't work. Watch Creepy Text Theatre. It's basically this but done years ago.
emmie1995s Yil oldin
She can sing better than Chris Martin
tiotito31 Yil oldin
Yeah, don't sing these.
Heidi Flyest
Heidi Flyest Yil oldin
manboobs and brown eyes had me dying LOLLL
Awkwardtunity Yil oldin
Woooow rejecting someone you ALREADY have a crush on because their phone autocorrected Monday?? Fucking shallow.
Kat the Cat
Kat the Cat Yil oldin
It bugged me that they were singing it😒
SugarfreeCandy Yil oldin
I didn't know she could sing! Wow!
Pat Shala
Pat Shala Yil oldin
Why I didn't see this earlier ?! It was so awesome !.
Ginanjar Aryamarta
i thought it's using S instead of a T
Nadia Bhatti
Nadia Bhatti Yil oldin
Freaking auto correct
swifty1969 Yil oldin
Gwyneth keeps getting prettier with age life fine wine. Too bad she has a reputation of being a beeotch behind the scene.
Xhan Yil oldin
Jimmy can sing
Stasia M
Stasia M Yil oldin
They sing really well together.
Isaiah Lozada
Isaiah Lozada Yil oldin
that guitarist 😂😭😭
Jiliana Perez
Jiliana Perez 2 yil oldin
Her voice it's angelic 😱
Asia Jack
Asia Jack 2 yil oldin
"Nice try Greg, ew"
i Qazal
i Qazal 2 yil oldin
Monday😳i meant monday😳😂
mansoor ahmad
mansoor ahmad 2 yil oldin
There is an Urdu verse which translates something like " why do you need this much beauty?" or " why you have to be this pretty?". Every time i see Mrs. Martin it reminds me of that verse.
chaosyoshi55 2 yil oldin
That ew though hahaha
Djdjxbjd Dkfjfbdk
Djdjxbjd Dkfjfbdk 2 yil oldin
gwyneth is soooo sweet why did chris martin even split from her???
Bensartbin 2 yil oldin
I wonder if its in there..
GringoBrasileiro 2 yil oldin
Nice try GRAAG!
livia 1881
livia 1881 2 yil oldin
just read the texts, no singing pls
NESCAU MTB 2 yil oldin
OMG she is so beautiful
androy96 2 yil oldin
she's really good!
Rahul Rao
Rahul Rao 2 yil oldin
Still my favourite ❤️❤️❤️❤️
reed strickland
reed strickland 2 yil oldin
i guess she doesnt realise she has to sing it
Yasmin Marie Abela
Yasmin Marie Abela 2 yil oldin
why is of sting not here?
Josh Andrews
Josh Andrews 2 yil oldin
woah its not like we havent seen more than half of these on twitter
Gabriel Dominic Baygan
Gotta love that Wah Wah guitar.
avengers for life
avengers for life 2 yil oldin
how can anybody hate the lovely gwyneth paltrow
OMO goshywoshy
OMO goshywoshy 2 yil oldin
this reminded me of flight of the Concords song "Jenny"
Angie Escobar Parra
MrSniperass 2 yil oldin
Where is the "fusrt textual experience" with sting?
Mel Cuer
Mel Cuer 2 yil oldin
MrSniperass yeah
Johannes 2 yil oldin
3:00 and autotune hits in
A Person
A Person 2 yil oldin
You mean MOOBS
Anele 2 yil oldin
That "Well well well" almost killed me LOL I feel like all the black people in the room cracked up at this one
gimmyed 2 yil oldin
Textual Healing is good for me...........
ایجاد کانال Sadra
عالیه اما چرا کامل پخش نمی شه سن ما چهل بالاتره
yoyotam123 2 yil oldin
It's funny how he fake laughed from his own joke
JT Williams
JT Williams 2 yil oldin
She's absolutely stunning
Ghebrehiwet 2 yil oldin
They are real because they received a screenshot...#photoshop
Jim1Wise 2 yil oldin
I miss Huey Lewis.
Valeria K
Valeria K 2 yil oldin
Jimmy's voice in the beginning was SO hot, damn.
이San 2 yil oldin
wow, her voice is amazing, didn't know that :P
elcommande1 2 yil oldin
Do at First textual experience with Liam Nesson :D
vasilisa alcott
vasilisa alcott 2 yil oldin
higgens laugh at 3:47 IS EVERYTHING!
Frida Kjellsson
Frida Kjellsson 2 yil oldin
Greg Burgner
Greg Burgner 2 yil oldin
sorry I tried
Hector Barbossa
Hector Barbossa 2 yil oldin
wow she is beautiful
Juan Se
Juan Se 2 yil oldin
this woman is just........amazing
nonnanevrotica 2 yil oldin
man, Jimmy has got no chill.
Joyful Yan
Joyful Yan 2 yil oldin
Omygad! She actually can sing, wondering if Chris Martin help her out.. aha
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