Flattering Makeup Tutorial for Pale Skin

Jaclyn Hill
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These are my tips & tricks to achieving a smokey eye that is still very flattering when you're pale. This has become my go to look when I don't have a spray tan! I hope you guys enjoy!
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11-Iyl, 2018

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Raneen Ghazal
Raneen Ghazal 57 daqiqa oldin
Lol the primer is almost $200... any other suggestions? I have combination skin but it is mostly dry & it is red and sensitive
Van To
Van To Soat oldin
Omg you haven’t used the Mac powder in so long! Still looks so good on you
TaraRockRevival BeBe
Well I just subscribed. So I just don’t understand why I can’t get my makeup to look how yours does. So gorgeous
Reshma Beharry
Reshma Beharry 4 soat oldin
so beautiful omg!
Rachael Doherty
Rachael Doherty 5 soat oldin
Would love to know what shade u used in the charlotte tilbury powder?
JaxxieT 6 soat oldin
I love your earrings!!
Estefania Manzano
Estefania Manzano 7 soat oldin
Does anyone know what shade of brow definer she uses?
Dhimitra 7 soat oldin
Ok reading some of the comments on this video make me feel sad...Why is there so much hatred in the world! You do you boo
Maddie Weaver
Maddie Weaver 8 soat oldin
Really fucking white 🤣😩
Kim 10 soat oldin
I dont consider this pale at all! Lol. I am SOO pale that if i did this look it would look horrible on me. lol. But i do still love all of your looks!!!
mymochaful 11 soat oldin
It's FLAWLESS and pretty........but it's ALOT of foundation and powder! :o0
Karen_LizAnn 12 soat oldin
Love you Jaclyn
Hannah Marie
Hannah Marie 15 soat oldin
Please post more❤️
Kierstyn Waycaster
Kierstyn Waycaster 16 soat oldin
What color hourglass foundation do you use
Katie Cull
Katie Cull 18 soat oldin
Love this, gives me hope for my fair skin....
AmyMirandaMakeup 18 soat oldin
What a beautiful makeup you created, and I enjoyed watching you.. Jaclyn, I hope you don't mind but I am going to tell you what I really think today. I hope you don't take offense, it is not meant to be mean or anything, just something to make you think, it has nothing about being modern or free speech or personal style.. when you said: "and now I am going to set that *bitch* with some setting spray".. I immediately thought _why_ Like why do you need to use these words. I see you as a beautiful young woman but you can still say what you want to say without using vulgar words and keeping it classy. Thank you Jaclyn for this beautiful video!
MikaCh. 19 soat oldin
Jaclyn I think in this video you don't look so good I hope you are, love you 💕💕
Just Ems
Just Ems 19 soat oldin
Please can you do the same tutorial for tanned skin?
Jermareya Frederick
Jermareya Frederick 21 soat oldin
Funny how “VIP” is white. Babygirl thought “Very Important People are pale white so why not make that known”
Brandon Beauty
Brandon Beauty 23 soat oldin
Thanks Jaclyn that look helped so good
How much will the vault collection be when it comes out? I really want it but I’m 13 and broke so I need to save lmao
Mushu Kun oldin
"its so hard to be white because i dont have a MAC foundation that match me, so im gonna do this makeup for white girls because those other makeup tutorials i have are not enough"
Lisa Oswald
Lisa Oswald Kun oldin
Thank you so much for making a great look for us fair girls or guys.
ShockerThere11 Kun oldin
My boyfriend loves when I watch your videos because you're naturally funny!
nina Kun oldin
Grateful for a community full of people who understand that wearing makeup isn’t just covering up what you have because you’re insecure, it’s a fun way to boost confidence!! Shoutout to everyone who gets that you can be confident without makeup but still appreciates a bomb full beat. Not a lot of people in my real life get that, so hiiiii UZvid.
Meghan Whalen
Meghan Whalen Kun oldin
Jaclyn you look so gorgeous!! 💗 Don’t listen to all of these trolls behind the screen stating that you look like “plastic” or a “doll” when little do they know what they’re talking about! You’re skill is insane and this video was incredibly helpful for teaching how to do flattering makeup on pale skin tones. I will definitely use these tips in the future and can’t wait to recreate the look! :)
Lenette Chivarria
I’m always hypnotized by your beautiful eyes 💚💚
Lenette Chivarria
Love this look 😍😍
Eva PM
Eva PM Kun oldin
I looooove that Too Faced bronzer. Best purchased I ever made!
D Torres
D Torres Kun oldin
Yessss bitcchhhhh!!!💋😍❤️
Ana Carolina Castro
you are sooooo beautiful
Donna Mackay
Donna Mackay Kun oldin
Love this, love you, love the pale look. Must have that pro emphasize!! Yes biiitch😍😍😍💕💕💕
Lilliz91 2 kun oldin
Yaaas I’m a pale bitch and I know the struggle! Thanks!!
Katelan Hamilton
Katelan Hamilton 2 kun oldin
I LOOOOOVE using “enlight” as a highlight.😻😻
The Makeup Haul
The Makeup Haul 2 kun oldin
Watch how everyone surprised her 😍😍 on my channel her expressions are LOVE ❤️❤️❤️
Jade-Emerald Green
Jade-Emerald Green 2 kun oldin
Mac NW15 is SOOOO dark on me. I am quite a fair person, usually the lightest shade in foundation and can’t wear gold as it looks dirty on my skin. I really appreciate this video 😭❤️
Hailey Lewing
Hailey Lewing 2 kun oldin
Miss Pineapple
Miss Pineapple 2 kun oldin
Can u do a tutorial on how to hide pores on a budget? I have really bad pores on my nose and no matter what they won’t go away.
Gianna Sandomenico
Gianna Sandomenico 2 kun oldin
Thank you for this video! And happy birthday :)
Artist Jane Bush
Artist Jane Bush 2 kun oldin
Thank you SO much for this and taking us through the process! Sincerely, your red headed fair, pale ass fellow makeup lover!
Clarissa Botello
Clarissa Botello 2 kun oldin
Jonustin 2 kun oldin
It looks like you smeared shit all over your face.
Colleen E.
Colleen E. 2 kun oldin
I wish you would come out with some single colors in Silk creme and M.F.E.O.Those are two of my everyday go to colors. I have already hit pan on both and don’t want to have to rebuy the whole pallet for just those two colors. Not that I don’t think the whole pallet is worth it, just that I feel the other colors would expire before I could use them all.
Chiara Villani
Chiara Villani 2 kun oldin
I am so happy you are back to posting videos regularly! I really loved your videos. Always. And now I really fell even more inspired to do my makeup again. Thanks Jaclyn!! ☺️💓
Caitlyn Byrne
Caitlyn Byrne 2 kun oldin
Love you Jaclyn! This was super helpful! I’m naturally pale AF and have such a hard time finding makeup looks that are flattering for my skin tone so this was great! Thanks girl! Xo
DanaCnyc80 2 kun oldin
what pore minimizer do you recommend?
Hannah 2 kun oldin
Is there anyway you could do a tutorial for me or people like me(probs just me) who are just so bad at doing smokey eyes 😅i can never figure out what colours go wear and it just looks so bad on my hooded eyes 😭
Britany Stergos
Britany Stergos 2 kun oldin
What pore minimizer did she use? 🤔
Lily Bournival
Lily Bournival 2 kun oldin
why does her face look so facetuned aghhh she’s so good at makeup
Alexanderia Carver
Alexanderia Carver 2 kun oldin
What shade are you in the vanish stick foundation??? 😩
Jeanette Tiana
Jeanette Tiana 2 kun oldin
Jaclyn what's going on with your Vault palettes? They never was on the Morphe site in June or Now. I want them but they are MIA.
Sondos Hussein
Sondos Hussein 2 kun oldin
I really want you to try caramel brown hair😍 I think it would look really good on you! Of course you already look amazing
Mya Reyes
Mya Reyes 3 kun oldin
Briana Breezee
Briana Breezee 3 kun oldin
This looks amazing, but I have brown/green eyes and i feel like this may be too brown and make my eyes look deeper/smaller rather than lighter/more open.... any tips???
Abby Biegel
Abby Biegel 3 kun oldin
I wish I could do my brows. I’m so bad at it and I have like no brows. 😭
Melisa 3 kun oldin
Damn the amount of hate on this video is insane. So much negativity, especially targeted towards how pale she looks. This look is so pretty , I'm so pale and I always find it so hard to do ANY kind of eye shadow look that is darker because I tend to look washed out. I'm glad you did this look because there are so many people out there who are not tanned and so many videos these days are geared towards tanned skin. Never listen to the hate
hotmesshailey 3 kun oldin
Jaclyn!! You have to try Hourglass’s 1.5 mm eyeliners!! The tips are super fine, they blend out but dry in place so it doesn’t move, and are great for sensitive eyes!! When I do my eyes really smokey I use those to darken really close to my lashes and the deep brown to bend out on the outer corner and it’s really fast. I love this tutorial ❤️
R5Family _DriverEra
alyssa rumore
alyssa rumore 3 kun oldin
Why are there so many dudes here bashing the shit out of this look? Your opinion is your opinion but stop pushing it on people as if its fact just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's wrong, stop being a douche..and get off makeup videos saying you don't like makeup.
Scott BigTrouble
Scott BigTrouble 3 kun oldin
Lol what happened to that bitch’s face?
Linda V
Linda V 5 soat oldin
Scott BigTrouble have a nice day 😊
Scott BigTrouble
Scott BigTrouble 6 soat oldin
Linda V i personally think you are smokin rock
Linda V
Linda V Kun oldin
Scott BigTrouble I’m not smoking on anything I personally think Jaclyn’s beautiful ♥️
Scott BigTrouble
Scott BigTrouble 2 kun oldin
Where can I buy what you are smoking?
Linda V
Linda V 2 kun oldin
Scott BigTrouble Nothing happened to her face She’s gorgeous 💕
Hillary Love
Hillary Love 3 kun oldin
We want more Jaclyn and we want he now!!!! Yes girl love seeing new vids of yours!!! I've been here since the beginning and you're still my fave UZvidr ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jessie Lynn Summerville Cain
Hillary Love She definitely seems happy and that is amazing.
Kim me T
Kim me T 3 kun oldin
Just wondering why do you use foundation, u have perfect skin? You don’t need it
Jessie Lynn Summerville Cain
Kim me T Right!! So agree!
Karolyn Coulouris
Karolyn Coulouris 3 kun oldin
You're not pale bye
gcanono 26
gcanono 26 3 kun oldin
you are so beautiful with or without makeup!!
Jennifer Macia
Jennifer Macia 3 kun oldin
Jacklyn is beautiful. Period. From the beginning of the video- with no makeup on. So all of these awful comments about her looking like a wax statue, a demon, not attractive- she is beautiful without makeup. Guess what? She makes these videos to teach others..did any of you think of that? Maybe someone else learns something about makeup from her, not the whole tutorial is always for anyone, yet maybe a technique or shadow can help us to be more confident or be the best tip for that person. Why write comments to bring someone down? UTube has millions of people on it- let them be.
Merikayt Patton
Merikayt Patton 3 kun oldin
I love that you time lapse this video! It shows how much actually goes into doing your makeup!
s diaz
s diaz 3 kun oldin
I love that color nail polish! What brand and color is it? Btw Love this video! 😍
Torree Jackson
Torree Jackson 3 kun oldin
What shade Lancôme absolue powder does she use??
sophia wilson
sophia wilson 3 kun oldin
Queen ❤️
Jessie Lynn Summerville Cain
sophia wilson Agreed!
Isobel Newby
Isobel Newby 3 kun oldin
Jesus these comments are making me depressed, I dread to think how it must make Jaclyn feel to read thousands of insults on a video with only good intentions.
Isobel Newby
Isobel Newby 3 kun oldin
The highlighter looks so pretty btw :)
Michelle 3 kun oldin
Take a shot everytime she said “since i am so Fair”😂❤️
HollaAtKritty 3 kun oldin
Girl, my mind, body and soul is ready for the vault collection!! When is it gonna launch now?! 😩😍
Jessie Lynn Summerville Cain
HollaAtKritty I cannot wait for it!!
Edward Wild
Edward Wild 3 kun oldin
WTF!! Looks to plastic that face!! Are you kidding me!! No expression in that face!
Kim Manders
Kim Manders 3 kun oldin
I love this concept but I don't have the money to buy those products. Hopefully I can find some cheap dupes for this products. Love the tutorial and eye look though :) maybe next time drug store version!
Jenn B
Jenn B 3 kun oldin
je t’aime ma belle Jaclyn , je vais essayer ce merci
Stephanie Tear
Stephanie Tear 3 kun oldin
I feel the EXACT same way when I finish my full face.. it's unlike any other feeling & such a energy and confidence booster!
Gelaje 3 kun oldin
love her videos. who wants to be youtube friends :)
GR EAT 3 kun oldin
Sorry but I don't find this look flattering. The cheeks look weird and the whole look reminds me of Morticia from the Addams family
cvchick90 3 kun oldin
I just became a big fan of yours just because of this makeup tutorial for fair skin! I've been looking everywhere for someone who just envelops everything I want in a friend (I know "friend" is far fetched since we've never met but I can relate to you sooo much!), and also someone who I can learn from since you're fair skinned too (for now haha). Thank you soooooo much for posting this!! 🙂❤ I will be buying every single one of these products and will watch this video next time I wanna get dolled up!
megan anthony
megan anthony 3 kun oldin
I have big round eyes so I never do top liner cause it looks crazy lol so what would could I do instead and would look good instead of the stamping you did with the dark brown color?
Alice Handford
Alice Handford 3 kun oldin
Yasssss me and my pale ass needed this!!!
Leah Hatfield
Leah Hatfield 3 kun oldin
SIS WORK! ❤❤❤❤
Plumber Perez
Plumber Perez 3 kun oldin
Omg!! Beautiful makeup 💄 pleasee makes more tutorial like this natural 👏🏼👏🏼❤️❤️
Eleanor Begbie
Eleanor Begbie 3 kun oldin
Is there anywhere for Australians to buy your morphe pallet (other than beauty bay because they're no longer stocking it as well as not from the morphe website because shipping to Australia costs $35) Someone please help aha
Mandy More
Mandy More 3 kun oldin
YOur looking so much more happier than a few months ago..LOVE YOU JACLYN xx
Jessie Lynn Summerville Cain
Mandy More she definitely is!! ❤️
Laura Brookes
Laura Brookes 3 kun oldin
What shad hourglass foundation 😍
Jessie Lynn Summerville Cain
Laura Brookes I love hourglass Foundation
Logan Jackel
Logan Jackel 4 kun oldin
How is it flattering to look like a mannequin? The thumbnail of this video makes you look like you’re doing a tutorial on how to put on cake face to become a mannequin
aram raza
aram raza 4 kun oldin
It really doesn’t help that she dyes her hair jet black like ehh
Cat Lara
Cat Lara 4 kun oldin
Do a tutorial on COOL tones shadows please (: we love you!!!
Leah Vosburg
Leah Vosburg 4 kun oldin
I would love a video on a tutorial on when you have a dark summer tan and are pealing!
Alexia Lagarda
Alexia Lagarda 4 kun oldin
I never even comment on videos, but I will today to say: PLEEEEAAASSEEE do a home tour or something like that so we can see your decor!!
Patricia Chlystek
Patricia Chlystek 4 kun oldin
Caroline Kessler
Caroline Kessler 4 kun oldin
i just got my wisdom teeth out and i am DYING for the pain and swelling to go away so i can recreate this!!
Virginia Gallagher
Virginia Gallagher 4 kun oldin
Do an updated house tour!! On snap you said you were redecorating we’d love to see the finished tour!!
Sara Seamans
Sara Seamans 4 kun oldin
Thank you so much for this video!!!!!!!!! I am sooo pale and feel like every time I try to do a smokey eye it looks sooo rough! You explain things so well! I can’t wait to give this a try!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jessie Lynn Summerville Cain
Sara Seamans She is so good!!
makeup lover
makeup lover 4 kun oldin
I want the vault collection please hurry gurl i loved the colors in it i was ready to buy 😢😢😢😢😢
Jessie Lynn Summerville Cain
makeup lover I am so ready for it to come out. I am so excited to play with the palettes and create some looks to film.
eileen v
eileen v 4 kun oldin
if you put on a lot of makeup you get pimples
Kayla Jones
Kayla Jones 4 kun oldin
I watch your videos all the time and just became a subscriber, you are very entertaining and helpful to someone who is not experienced with makeup! Would you be interested in making a business professional look that is subtle for interviews but will help with confidence? Thank you for being you!
LeBron James
LeBron James 4 kun oldin
What's point, I can't even see your fuckin face