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Florida Georgia Line - Talk You Out Of It (Lyric Version)

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Music video by Florida Georgia Line performing Talk You Out Of It. © 2018 Big Machine Label Group, LLC




6-Iyl, 2018




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Vishnu Kumar
Vishnu Kumar 4 kun oldin
sarah mcleod
sarah mcleod 6 kun oldin
I love this song it makes think how much me and my fiance love each other so much. Is going to be one of are reception songs
Trinity Strait
Trinity Strait 12 kun oldin
I love this song so much it's stuck in my head ♥️♥️♥️
Trinity Strait
Trinity Strait 12 kun oldin
Talk you out of it ♥️♥️
SEAN ROCK TAYLOR 12 kun oldin
I play this song and dance in the shower so what nigga lol
MarlyMJK Kero
MarlyMJK Kero 17 kun oldin
Paominzai Lienthang
Paominzai Lienthang 18 kun oldin
i fall aslepp listening to it
Jeanne Lamel
Jeanne Lamel 20 kun oldin
Awesome Song🎁💗🎼
ItsGhillie 22 kun oldin
Anyone else notice the guitar sample 0:04-0:20 is from Pink Floyd's song Wish You Were Here ?
Elizabeth Stephens
Elizabeth Stephens 23 kun oldin
i love this song tell me if you do
libbylum 26 kun oldin
love these guys.
Brady Anderson
When they made that song with the Backstreet Boys called god your mama and me, their songs are starting to sound like theirs, miss their old country vibe 🙁
Angie E.
Angie E. Oy oldin
Beautiful song. Makes me emotional tbh. It's that beautiful.
Blake J
Blake J Oy oldin
tbone Oy oldin
my wifes pantys are getring ripped tonight :D
Paul Hart
Paul Hart Oy oldin
Those random guys in camo
Simple or Talk You Out Of It? Have a GREAT day everyone who sees this comment!!!
Nicholas Bateman
Nicholas Bateman 2 oy oldin
Nicholas Lee Bateman 282787728 on UZvid
Nicholas Bateman
Nicholas Bateman 2 oy oldin
Nicholas Lee Bateman 282787728 On UZvid
Terry Christensen
What a good song
Terry Christensen
I feel fucking good
Hondo Ramirez
Hondo Ramirez 2 oy oldin
Makes me think of my beatiful wife all the time,,,Great love song
Hollywood 131
Hollywood 131 2 oy oldin
I need a 24 hour repeat of the first 20 seconds
Yoli Sanka
Yoli Sanka 2 oy oldin
Magnifique ce morceau ❤
Richard Eicksteadt
Boss Bitch
Boss Bitch 2 oy oldin
Getting your freak on kinda song!
Ian Barry
Ian Barry 2 oy oldin
Just a recommendation stick to singing and don't talk about politics and don't even touch gun control
Cayley Horsley
Cayley Horsley 2 oy oldin
Airborne Sniper
Airborne Sniper 2 oy oldin
#BoycottFGL #BoycottFloridaGeorgiaLine
katiekate8484 2 oy oldin
Florida Georgia Line! Love U Guys! Love This Song It's My Fave 😘💕
Jonas Sal
Jonas Sal 2 oy oldin
What type of dancing is this? Would be really cool to know.
verlin nelms
verlin nelms 2 oy oldin
This is my favorite song from them
Khiem Vo Thanh
Khiem Vo Thanh 2 oy oldin
Gosh, about time some good music came out. Thank you Florida Georgia Line, best country artist around :)))
Hailee Stover
Hailee Stover 2 oy oldin
Justin Mcwhirt
Justin Mcwhirt 2 oy oldin
That Christmas 🎄 hit you play when the kids pass out and start that adult time ❤️ 💏 🛌
Teresa Lamberts
Teresa Lamberts 2 oy oldin
Sexy af!
Rick Mitchell
Rick Mitchell 2 oy oldin
Why haven't I heard it on the radio yet
Marsha King
Marsha King 2 oy oldin
its a cool song
Brittany King
Brittany King 2 oy oldin
Actually really like the song, but this video sucks.
Aidan Warbrick
Aidan Warbrick 3 oy oldin
1,000th comment, cool
briitten willz
briitten willz 3 oy oldin
omg ..........
chris perez
chris perez 3 oy oldin
Trash... all they sing about is bitches. Go back to party music
PowderedWig33 3 oy oldin
This fits the song way better than the new official vid.
Anna York
Anna York 3 oy oldin
Why does the song end?
Sara 3 oy oldin
I agree that these two country singers have great singing voices!!!
Nancy Vu
Nancy Vu 3 oy oldin
sounds like song -Heaven- Kane Brown
CHEVYDURAMAX 1 3 oy oldin
I had the ad for this song whole trying to play song
Ricky lamb
Ricky lamb 3 oy oldin
Best song 2018
Akin Wings
Akin Wings 3 oy oldin
Sounds like shit
Maine Bass Fishing
Talk you out of it is now my new favorite song👍
Samantha Streeter.
Love it
Ťĥãť Ÿøůťûbëř
Who else broke the replay button? :-)
Janie Williams
Janie Williams 3 oy oldin
#31 heyyyywtsupcomeon#❤
Tristan 21 s Hinton
The Goulds
The Goulds 3 oy oldin
New favorite song
Mr.cheezit 3 oy oldin
Damn I didn't think it'd be that easy. My favorite song today.
jemerious terry
jemerious terry 3 oy oldin
Don't get me wrong I love the song but this sounds like r&b more than country
broken goods
broken goods 3 oy oldin
TPK_Potatoface 3 oy oldin
Hell yea dude this song is lit. Still doesnt beat simple tho
Strings 1043
Strings 1043 3 oy oldin
This song makes me feel lonely.
Robert Burgess
Robert Burgess 3 oy oldin
Hugllp No
Royal Royal
Royal Royal 3 oy oldin
🎤#lyrics 🔊💓🔊💞🔊💕🔊❣️🔊🔂🔂💞
Victor Cordero
Victor Cordero 3 oy oldin
Jacob Esnard
Jacob Esnard 3 oy oldin
FGL is so damn underrated.
Erin Pyle
Erin Pyle 3 oy oldin
I really like that band
Okay0129 3 oy oldin
The justin bieber of country....
April Greenfield
April Greenfield 3 oy oldin
i am seriously in love with this song
babygirl babygirl
My song to my baby
Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark 3 oy oldin
Sounds like an R&B Inspired country song. I like it
Mrs Erika
Mrs Erika 3 oy oldin
Calley Lasure
Calley Lasure 3 oy oldin
I Love it
Ethan Cannon
Ethan Cannon 3 oy oldin
this is true billshit. It would be better if you to would just get your shit toghter.
Titusman 3 oy oldin
Pleaseplease Read and share!gofundme.com/PlsHelpAllie Thank you!
Amanda Creech
Amanda Creech 3 oy oldin
Absolutely love there new song:)
Liam McMurren
Liam McMurren 3 oy oldin
They are legends
Malachi Boone
Malachi Boone 3 oy oldin
i have listen to this 1000 times
Malachi Boone
Malachi Boone 3 oy oldin
i love this song and this band
Jennifer Dijames
Jennifer Dijames 3 oy oldin
GO FGL. Don't get me wrong y'all I love it.
Shelbel Beauty
Shelbel Beauty 3 oy oldin
If my ass got dressed to go out we goin out.
Michael Sylvester
I have liked every song so far ..It would be great to see them live ...Some day.😉🙂
Brandy Guyban
Brandy Guyban 3 oy oldin
my first time listening to this song this is a good song
Brandy Guyban
Brandy Guyban 3 oy oldin
their songs are getting better and better love this one
Cornelius Jordan
Cornelius Jordan 3 oy oldin
Love this song. Florida Georgia line are my boys keep it up
TheGingerFamily 3 oy oldin
Here because of big Keene ❤️
Ben Corley
Ben Corley 3 oy oldin
*cough* That's some good dancing... wow.
Karrina Darling
Karrina Darling 3 oy oldin
Love this song
Brian Stancato
Brian Stancato 3 oy oldin
Need to create a repeat button you select for songs like these....
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber 3 oy oldin
Let me help you guys out 3:21 is the best part
BNSF Bandit
BNSF Bandit 3 oy oldin
Allie Fri
Allie Fri 3 oy oldin
Railiana Siqueira
In Love ❤💟
MedSou 3 oy oldin
99% of *You* won't read this but... . . . . you are the 1%, *Have a good day* ❤❤❤
wardkdouglas 3 oy oldin
Ew why is country music so creepy
# pedrinho
# pedrinho 3 oy oldin
Apaixonado por essa música. Maravilhosa!
Cody Young
Cody Young 4 oy oldin
This is a jam.
Lacey Cason
Lacey Cason 4 oy oldin
Omg this is the best band ever
Lacey Cason
Lacey Cason 4 oy oldin
💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 # best band ever
Christian Enloe
Christian Enloe 4 oy oldin
Love the song boys amazing job
jake jones
jake jones 4 oy oldin
Kinda has an early 2000's R&B sound to it a bit. I like it
TrollMaster300 4 oy oldin
Lookin like a line from a Vandross song. Shout out #LutherVandross #Unity
Justin Bailey
Justin Bailey 4 oy oldin
There's no words to describe how terrible this group is are you kidding me? I have a lot of respect for country music. These clowns are literally Puddle of Mudd country style garbage. If they need help I can tie a noose for each one of them and they can go handle their business.
cuegards 4 oy oldin
Nene Voong
Nene Voong 4 oy oldin
Nitin Sharma
Nitin Sharma 4 oy oldin
this song made me think out loud
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