Flying Out 2 Subscribers for Valentine's Blind Date!!

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Since Natalie's call to her crush didn't work out too well in the last episode, we decided to fly out one of our Instagram followers from Canada to LA to go on a romantic blind date with her.
NATALIE TASHA'S CHANNEL: uzvid.com/u-NatalieTashaThompson
Lucas' Instagram: @lucasocamp
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11-Fev, 2018

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Yes Theory
Yes Theory 8 oy oldin
If you guys wanna potentially partake in adventures like this in the future... Then make sure you find us on Instagram @YesTheory Peace and love!
is there an update about these guys :D
BACK AGAIN 2 oy oldin
Yes Theory I just want to say, that I wish them the best. I met my wife on a cruise when I was 16. She was from Toronto and I am from southern New York. And 7 years later we are happily married and living with each other and traveling! She said at the end that it sucks he lives in Canada. But I said the same thing. And I am the happiest man on the planet. BEST OF LUCK! And I love YES THEORY!
Ken F
Ken F 2 oy oldin
Yes Theory I want to see a second date with them together, they look so perfect! I really hope the long distance thing won't come I between them
Croeternal 2 oy oldin
Give us an updatee
vincent cush
vincent cush 2 oy oldin
13:12 tonight you enjoy your meal tonight
one verse
one verse Soat oldin
U guys r awesome I love you videos very much ...
Entrex _
Entrex _ 9 soat oldin
This guy is awesome :D !
Caroline Wallace
Caroline Wallace 18 soat oldin
Awwww wait now I need to know if they got together!!! Haha
Nick Metzger
Nick Metzger Kun oldin
It's the tinder theory
ChillNok Kun oldin
Too bad his hoodie is fake :( , great video tho
KS Gaming
KS Gaming 2 kun oldin
the most beautiful thing i ever watch lol
Maddie Dorrell
Maddie Dorrell 2 kun oldin
Wait, you guys totally gave a 20 year old wine lol
Ben Hill
Ben Hill 4 kun oldin
“breathe in” *exhales*
DuckDuckMoose OoO
DuckDuckMoose OoO 4 kun oldin
Well damn, if things don't work out, send him my way 😂
En Svensk Grabb
En Svensk Grabb 5 kun oldin
I wish I was as outgoing as he is. Would make things so much easier lol
jackson w
jackson w 6 kun oldin
Are they still together?
Jaja G
Jaja G 6 kun oldin
child’s play at its finest!
E G 9 kun oldin
I think this is more of a bromance
Louis Claeys
Louis Claeys 9 kun oldin
qu'est-ce-que j'aimerais partager se genre d'expérience avec des gens comme vous ! malheureusement je suis Européen :( i would like to have that kind of experience with people like you, sadly i'm european, :'( so far away bhubhubhu
soukaina targa
soukaina targa 9 kun oldin
you guys are amazing good luck
The Central
The Central 10 kun oldin
Wait, how come Natalie looks so much like Sarah from b4?
Jason Esposito, Jr.
Jason Esposito, Jr. 10 kun oldin
And I, a single guy is crying because I can't find a date.
Let’s play! Nitrofang
So cccccccuuuuuuttttteeee
Unknownsadman 11 kun oldin
He got that clout tho
Levy Doe
Levy Doe 11 kun oldin
Matt mite be showing signs🤨🤔 idk you tell me. First at the work outs and now at the dinner..... 🤔 hmmmmm
Mr. Introvert
Mr. Introvert 12 kun oldin
Wait he is 20............ And he is drinking wine 😐
Havoc Wreks
Havoc Wreks 13 kun oldin
Lol he's the new guy that ur squad just met but he's instantly the best out of all of you
Miss Nikki
Miss Nikki 13 kun oldin
“Brrrrread” 💀😂😂😂
Miss Nikki
Miss Nikki 13 kun oldin
these kind of videos make my heart happy:)
Guilherme Drigo
Guilherme Drigo 14 kun oldin
Matt wanted to steal this guy from her. hahaha great stuff.
Rocco Wadsworth
Rocco Wadsworth 15 kun oldin
Just like married at first site
Iker Avila
Iker Avila 16 kun oldin
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 16 kun oldin
Yes theory has taught me one thing approach life like the way Indian men approach women on the internet
Luis Møšqùęđä
Luis Møšqùęđä 16 kun oldin
It was at this moment that Michael knew...HE FUCKED UP
Jeb Logan
Jeb Logan 17 kun oldin
It's a match made in Yes Theory.
Mel Hopkins
Mel Hopkins 17 kun oldin
Why did they cut off the kiss at the end!!!!?
Baby Borang
Baby Borang 17 kun oldin
Michael, are you seeing this?
chris tv
chris tv 18 kun oldin
Ok bye I love you😂
Huda Jk
Huda Jk 18 kun oldin
She's beautiful, as much as her personality
TheKaboomKing 18 kun oldin
And they live happily ever after
Wrangler Stenberg
Wrangler Stenberg 18 kun oldin
That dinosaur joke killed me 😂😂😂
Dannie G
Dannie G 18 kun oldin
Super cute! Was snorting bc i was laughing soo hard.. good job guys 😁
Gunn Hilde Heiberg
Gunn Hilde Heiberg 18 kun oldin
Looooveee your videos !! U should come to northen norway!!
Luke Kasian
Luke Kasian 18 kun oldin
Dude no way he is 20 easily like 25 hahah
Harsh Vardhan
Harsh Vardhan 19 kun oldin
This guy is a comedy god. 😂😂😂
Nate Escalante
Nate Escalante 19 kun oldin
He got a supreme box logo. That's a W.
Mindless Gaming
Mindless Gaming 19 kun oldin
Yes theory should make a dating app called YES
Nate The Great
Nate The Great 19 kun oldin
I live in Calgary
Cyberia :P
Cyberia :P 19 kun oldin
Lol the intro y u bully meh
Houssein Zhu
Houssein Zhu 19 kun oldin
please come to south africa !!!!!!
Shane Marc
Shane Marc 19 kun oldin
ammar pinch that nipple undedected 6:47
sou ceddy
sou ceddy 19 kun oldin
Wanna know what happened down the road where is the follow up
Nathan Morton
Nathan Morton 20 kun oldin
Im from the same city in Canada as Lucas, what a strange coincidence!
Caroline Alsina
Caroline Alsina 20 kun oldin
Awwwwwwww❤️❤️❤️❤️ they're adorable❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
James White
James White 20 kun oldin
8:16 lmao omg Ily
Husky Studios
Husky Studios 21 kun oldin
*They met on **FarmersOnly.com*
A True Love Official
I hope they’re still dating until today, and are continuing to get to know each other until they become a real couple. They truly have good chemistry and you can easily tell that he totally likes the girl.
Miguel Martinez
Miguel Martinez 21 kun oldin
That dude missed out on a good girl.
Ayokz777 21 kun oldin
My man is flexing with the supreme bogo
Natalia Eden-Winn
Natalia Eden-Winn 21 kun oldin
Big D
Big D 22 kun oldin
Hes drinking wine but he's 20. Lmao it be ya own niggas
Meowie 28
Meowie 28 22 kun oldin
Tilly Evans
Tilly Evans 22 kun oldin
They are so cute together
Beve 22 kun oldin
A match made in yes theory
Abbet Alingalan
Abbet Alingalan 23 kun oldin
Is it me or Anmar looks like Pwedepie when he is on side Ps dont know how to spell the names.
Julian Hentzen
Julian Hentzen 23 kun oldin
UZvids best content :)
ToxicRed 24 kun oldin
HUUUUUUGGGHHHHHH OMG he drank wine and he’s 20 😂
Matt Hemmer
Matt Hemmer 25 kun oldin
That peach bogo is FLAMES
Antonia Laura Marie
Antonia Laura Marie 25 kun oldin
"matt is like grabbing my balls right now"
-D3cay 26 kun oldin
Jose R Suarez
Jose R Suarez 26 kun oldin
Well done guys,2 good looking people,congratulations!
Little Skrub
Little Skrub 26 kun oldin
Why Natalie like abandoned her youtube
Smurf clark
Smurf clark 27 kun oldin
This one was cringy
Dylan McCullough
Dylan McCullough 29 kun oldin
"Answer me in Spanish, not English" haha that was golden
czopek 29 kun oldin
why does nobody talk about the fake ass bogo
Maverick4sure 29 kun oldin
I feel like you guys were a little too comfortable with that guy for only being with him a day? or is that just me
Johny Vishal
Johny Vishal 29 kun oldin
That guy is so funny dude
Big Bird
Big Bird Oy oldin
He has a good voice
Preet Singh
Preet Singh Oy oldin
Guys this is one of the best things you have done so far!!! Everyone needs funny cupids like you in their life!!!👍
Hans Tegjeu
Hans Tegjeu Oy oldin
This guy deserves a spot on the Yes Theory squad!
niccoPk Oy oldin
Guys SAY YES TO F*CKIN SEATBELTS! Those things are important.
Fajar Butt
Fajar Butt Oy oldin
Matt is low-key gay 😂
SA'ED AbulHawa
Honestly that was the most ugly flower bouquet 💐 I have ever seen !!!
SA'ED AbulHawa
Ohhhh my baby Matt I loved it when he was hitting the guy ass during the workout
Nikola Krista
Nikola Krista Oy oldin
Are they together or it was just one time thing for the video?
Thea Daily
Thea Daily Oy oldin
He's from Calgary? Hey boy, if this doesn't work out.... ;) ;) ;)
Ivanna Jugo
Ivanna Jugo Oy oldin
I'm from Argentina too!!! Yeah man!!
Truebizcuit Oy oldin
You guys should have a show on MTV!
Saad Agnaou
Saad Agnaou Oy oldin
who tf would dislike this piece of art..... fucking ignorants
felicia rickyfela
Oh my couldn't stop squeezing my cheeks smilling 😚😚😚this was so beautiful and they were such a great match and I loved how they seemed so cute together....you guys are crazy tho😂😂😂😂😂😂😂#little wife#
Chris O' Niall
Michael fucked up
Zee Way
Zee Way Oy oldin
This is so cute...
Romiyo Sarvan
Romiyo Sarvan Oy oldin
I dont have Instagram or twitter but I need a date what the hell ???
Isabel's DIY's and vlogs
I’m from Calgary too. That is actually crazy... when he said Canada and Alberta I was waiting for him to say a city. And he said my city like wtf?!
YRN xcvi
YRN xcvi Oy oldin
Hope they are together
Sergio Oy oldin
When he spoke Spanish I died!
Seth Summers
Seth Summers Oy oldin
They should hook up and date
Karumah-Tube Oy oldin
I hope that guy rejected her will see this
Karumah-Tube Oy oldin
I have been expecting you
Joe D.oreo
Joe D.oreo Oy oldin
this video was fucking hilarious and the dude with the hot girl friend is fucking hilarious man hahaha legit was like a comedy movie scene when he was dressing him up talking about his girl hahaha
Freddy Petersen
hey im from calgary too, good to know there aint nothing stopping me
Michelle Bui
Michelle Bui Oy oldin
Michael is quakinggg
Sabrina Nicole
bro I'M in love with him
Indira Wylie
Indira Wylie Oy oldin
Aw he was so nervous and his singing and she was so pretty and they were so cute I’m crying