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Since Natalie's call to her crush didn't work out too well in the last episode, we decided to fly out one of our Instagram followers from Canada to LA to go on a romantic blind date with her.
NATALIE TASHA'S CHANNEL: uzvid.com/u-NatalieTashaThompson
Lucas' Instagram: @lucasocamp
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11-Fev, 2018

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Yes Theory
Yes Theory 10 oy oldin
If you guys wanna potentially partake in adventures like this in the future... Then make sure you find us on Instagram @YesTheory Peace and love!
is there an update about these guys :D
BACK AGAIN 4 oy oldin
Yes Theory I just want to say, that I wish them the best. I met my wife on a cruise when I was 16. She was from Toronto and I am from southern New York. And 7 years later we are happily married and living with each other and traveling! She said at the end that it sucks he lives in Canada. But I said the same thing. And I am the happiest man on the planet. BEST OF LUCK! And I love YES THEORY!
Ken F
Ken F 4 oy oldin
Yes Theory I want to see a second date with them together, they look so perfect! I really hope the long distance thing won't come I between them
Croeternal 4 oy oldin
Give us an updatee
vincent cush
vincent cush 4 oy oldin
13:12 tonight you enjoy your meal tonight
Stizzer123 2 soat oldin
So sad that I’m 10 months late and missed out on this. But so happy that this guy is everything and more 😭😂
Abbey Bleu
Abbey Bleu 4 soat oldin
I looove this guy hire him
Abby Liu
Abby Liu 21 soat oldin
if this ain't the biggest flex on Michael
Hiba 22 soat oldin
Oh my god!! Yall be out here putting big ass smile on my faces , i love yall
Rodney Marquez
Rodney Marquez Kun oldin
What he squeeze his nipple 6:45
Federico Zorrilla
Mans 20 and was served wine
Anshul Gupta
Anshul Gupta Kun oldin
What's the name of song they are dancing to at 12:22? anyone?
Anshul Gupta
Anshul Gupta Kun oldin
+Shortstack1120 Thanks mate👍
James Savage
James Savage Kun oldin
I dont know
Shortstack1120 Kun oldin
Anshul Gupta I believe it’s corazón sin cara by Prince Royce
Houdini TJ
Houdini TJ Kun oldin
I wanna be part of the “Yes Theory” so bad . They have such a good vibe within them. Hopefully some day ...😥
Samarth Mehta
Samarth Mehta 2 kun oldin
Peach on peach supreme bogo hoodie 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #respect
LUV04111 2 kun oldin
"some brrread"
Bailey Rose
Bailey Rose 2 kun oldin
Oh man, what an amazing and hilarious group. You all must be a hoot to be around. And 10 points for this match up , they're really sweet together!
Theressa Dastine
Theressa Dastine 2 kun oldin
I ship him and Matt
STK Marr
STK Marr 2 kun oldin
So what are they doing now? @yestheory
Mount 2 kun oldin
I’m sorry for her old crush tho
Hammy Hamster
Hammy Hamster 3 kun oldin
just been paused at 11:23 looking at my guy frame by frame staring at her lips hahaha
VelmaWinchester 3 kun oldin
Yooo checked her insta she just got ENGAGED 7 DAYS AGO TO A DIFFERENT GUY wtF it's only been like 10 months 😭
Tom Patreanu
Tom Patreanu 2 kun oldin
VelmaWinchester had to check because of your comment. She says at the end of the post that it was a joke and they’re not together.
GlowstickRaves 3 kun oldin
this is so extra I love it
lyna. lay
lyna. lay 3 kun oldin
Omgggg that made me subscribe .. amazing
helloitsme okbye
helloitsme okbye 3 kun oldin
Haylee littig
Haylee littig 3 kun oldin
Couldn't stop smiling the whole time..... I absolutely love this channel. 😄😄😄😄
Juanito perez
Juanito perez 3 kun oldin
this guy is my idol
Arren Eischeid
Arren Eischeid 3 kun oldin
underage drinking
Static 3 kun oldin
bring him back for another episode
Roy Covers
Roy Covers 3 kun oldin
Matt looks like Adam Levine
sofia flores
sofia flores 4 kun oldin
That was the cutest blind date EVER wtf
Selly Gouw
Selly Gouw 4 kun oldin
I'm like addicted to this channel - been binge watching your videos😂😂 thanks for brightening up my day HAHHAA
JEMS 6 kun oldin
this is awesome just awesome
Assassin 12
Assassin 12 6 kun oldin
They are perfect for each other.... hope it works out
ArcadeSandwich 6 kun oldin
matt was so gay this episode lmaooo
Harsh Yadav
Harsh Yadav 7 kun oldin
Breathe in - exhales Breathe out- inhales
giginotguyguyASMR 7 kun oldin
Omg, I screamed at the last one when they reveal there will be a pt 2!!
Matheus Rodrigues
Matheus Rodrigues 7 kun oldin
4:51 oh god
Aman Verma
Aman Verma 7 kun oldin
The whole episode either I was smiling at the couple or laughing at comic scenes😂.
Liza Elizabeth
Liza Elizabeth 7 kun oldin
he seems so fun i think he should definitely join your team
The Fisayo
The Fisayo 7 kun oldin
5:30 😂😂
Miracle Kabano
Miracle Kabano 7 kun oldin
Ayye manz representing the good people of Calgary, we're actually all incredibly attractive and hilarious
lyiaba mian
lyiaba mian 8 kun oldin
I wouldn't mind if it turned into a dating channel
Cody Thornton
Cody Thornton 8 kun oldin
Wait, problem He’s 20 and umm idk the laws in California but where I live the drinking age is 21 so…. That was fake wine right
Colbraz 8 kun oldin
Calgary represent😂🇨🇦
Sydney Ellis
Sydney Ellis 8 kun oldin
So much bromance
Billy Gruff
Billy Gruff 8 kun oldin
I live in alberta too!
Mike Lunc.
Mike Lunc. 8 kun oldin
"Can I freak out?" - Hahaha
Vince Evans
Vince Evans 9 kun oldin
This dudes from Alberta Canada and they got him surfing ina wet suit and wearing a three piece suit at the pier for the date LOL.
Jakob Flare
Jakob Flare 9 kun oldin
12:53 yes master LMAo is this a callback ??
liv g.
liv g. 9 kun oldin
Jason Coutlee
Jason Coutlee 9 kun oldin
You guys are amazing!!!! Keep up the great work!
Jake 9 kun oldin
Don’t get me wrong. I love and wouldn’t trade my friends for anything but what this group does for one another truly is amazing
Diel Devesa
Diel Devesa 9 kun oldin
Yes Theory can find you a date more than Tinder
Rushen perera
Rushen perera 9 kun oldin
Rushen perera
Rushen perera 9 kun oldin
I’ve never laughed so much
sherwan sherzad
sherwan sherzad 9 kun oldin
I welly like this guy great funny good voice he have all she need hahah cute cople
Daisy Katz
Daisy Katz 10 kun oldin
Their chemistry is ridiculously high and they are BOTH way too talented (especially the guy)
Maddy T.
Maddy T. 10 kun oldin
Uugughgughgughgh this is so cute I want love...........😩 like that beach scene with the sunset was so adorable ❤️❤️❤️😩
Maddy T.
Maddy T. 10 kun oldin
Harry Potter
Harry Potter 10 kun oldin
poor micheal );
Motad Aymane
Motad Aymane 10 kun oldin
YesTheory has just the right amount of traffic to lunch a dating app, go for it.
AnythingTV TOM
AnythingTV TOM 10 kun oldin
Foxy Gaming
Foxy Gaming 10 kun oldin
So one, Natalie need to join Yes Theory, two Lucas needs to join Yes Theory...
sofia delaespriella
sofia delaespriella 10 kun oldin
at 12:31 i literally died
iiwoodedcow YT
iiwoodedcow YT 11 kun oldin
Anyone realize when they were at dinner he got served wine but he's 20
Anthony V
Anthony V 12 kun oldin
I hope natalies previous guy that said " cool"islooking at this like he fu&&&ked up!!! awesome couple!!!!
martin ramirez
martin ramirez 13 kun oldin
What’s up with the butt smacking and grabbing his tit @6:48 😂😂 I love this channel
Hazel Collins
Hazel Collins 13 kun oldin
Scorpion Z
Scorpion Z 14 kun oldin
Matt is like grabbing my balls right now 😂😂😂😂
Gus Wilson
Gus Wilson 14 kun oldin
did he at 6:47 grab his nip
Tara G
Tara G 15 kun oldin
Lucas is literally so attractive and funny like Matt is deadass so good finding the perfect people. I need more Lucas 😂
Jackson Harnett
Jackson Harnett 15 kun oldin
3:41 Fake supreme just saying
FriedDuckGaming 15 kun oldin
If that guy was 20 he actually wasn’t able to drink
Arthur G. Machado
Arthur G. Machado 7 kun oldin
In most countries drinking age is actually 18...
Sbusiso 54 Zwane
Sbusiso 54 Zwane 16 kun oldin
He just licked my computer 6:14 😂😂
Joyful Yan
Joyful Yan 16 kun oldin
Who would like to see this guy back but this time as a member of @YesTheory? he's got a dope dope energy and great personnality that just fits with the boys! I hope we could see him more often in the videos =)
michael stephan
michael stephan 16 kun oldin
Just realized that he kinda ripped that joke off of deadpool lol unless deadpool ripped it off someone else
Veci 16 kun oldin
10, 9, 8...
Veci 16 kun oldin
3:30 that lap tap tap
Larissa Bloom
Larissa Bloom 16 kun oldin
Can we get an update???
lifestyle fishing
lifestyle fishing 17 kun oldin
Did they kiss tho
Franz 17 kun oldin
Can we get this dude permanently in yes theory?
Aks 17 kun oldin
6:48 did he really pinch his nipple 🤣🤣
SUSY 18 kun oldin
Matt, your mine, stay away from him! Lol
Davm97 18 kun oldin
Que canchero hahahaha tenia que ser argentino jajajaja
Zion Bovard
Zion Bovard 18 kun oldin
The exercise montage gay as hell😂. By the way in not against gays.
Ivona Z
Ivona Z 18 kun oldin
What happend with them?
Anna Rose Ireland
Anna Rose Ireland 18 kun oldin
Lmao when he pulled the fruit off the tree😭
John Kim
John Kim 18 kun oldin
MJ Bartholomew
MJ Bartholomew 18 kun oldin
We need an update!!
Rose Ann
Rose Ann 19 kun oldin
are they officially a couple now? 😭
Josef Saade
Josef Saade 19 kun oldin
Josef Saade
Josef Saade 19 kun oldin
Regards from Sweden <3
Spencer Miller
Spencer Miller 19 kun oldin
Supreme all day 3:35
Jm Reyes
Jm Reyes 19 kun oldin
This is the funniest. 😂
Keicha Garcia
Keicha Garcia 19 kun oldin
Lmaoo matt has a man crush on him lol
Malditong Chinito
Malditong Chinito 20 kun oldin
Dude UPDATE!!! they look so cute together.... wooohhh...
Sabreena Shehzad
Sabreena Shehzad 20 kun oldin
Ahahahhahha Matt is so gay I can't
Sabreena Shehzad
Sabreena Shehzad 20 kun oldin
Ahahahhahha Thomas WTF 😂
Alex Dumitrescu
Alex Dumitrescu 20 kun oldin
The guy they picked feels like one of them.
Amaya Cantu
Amaya Cantu 20 kun oldin
Slurpity Derp
Slurpity Derp 20 kun oldin
How dare you Michael
Baxter Tube
Baxter Tube 20 kun oldin
😎 😎 😎 PLEASE HELP ME REACH MY GOAL OF 1,000 SUBS. I have been trying SO hard to become a UZvidr, and my PARENTS said that they would SUPPORT ME if I reached 1,000 SUBS. So PLEASE HELP me reach my goal and I'll give 5 PS4'S and 5 XBOX'S (NO JOKE) If I get 1,000 Subs. YOU COULD WIN ONE!!!!!👻👻👻😁😁😁
Dead Arrow
Dead Arrow 20 kun oldin
Guy doesn't look 20
Ems Romero
Ems Romero 21 kun oldin
Man i've been struggling with depression and anxiety lately, but is this kind of videos that make me feel like I can overcome everything, bc I can relate to that guy (I'm argentinian too btw). Sometimes complex problems can be solved by simple means. Please DO keep up this kind of action that you perform. It is really necessary and urgent in this world. One love!
Rainbow_Ninja !
Rainbow_Ninja ! 21 kun oldin
They’ve been in together for like 2 days and they’re already best friends and *slapping each other’s butts* lovE iT