Food Minesweeper (GAME)

Good Mythical Morning
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Avoid the hidden mines or find yourself on the receiving end of a disgusting food prize. GMM #1175
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8-Sen, 2017

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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 3 968
L Rodriguez
L Rodriguez 5 soat oldin
F... O... S... H... O...
Failbuoy Kun oldin
The picture frame in the background is a bomb.
Sevan Kun oldin
11:45 *Rhett has done the royal dab*
Addyson Caten
Addyson Caten 2 kun oldin
“You’re not supposed to eat toothpaste” remembers that one will it pancake when they made toothpaste and mouthwash pancakes.
I want them to bring this game back
John 2 kun oldin
please bring this back
ur mom
ur mom 3 kun oldin
Rhett hair looks beautiful
Rosie GINX
Rosie GINX 5 kun oldin
Rhett- most likely this is one and most likely that this is not one lol XD Rhett Is trying hard to make it seem that he is thinking hard but he’s not at all #relateablelifehacks view this at 3:42
Emily Webster
Emily Webster 6 kun oldin
Dollop in the mouth And now he’s chewing It’s a tarantula Whoop whoop wooing
Ansli Eubanks
Ansli Eubanks 6 kun oldin
The name should have either been, mind eater sweeper or mind sweeper eater!!! 😂😂
Artimus Protensor
Artimus Protensor 6 kun oldin
Do this again with smaller squares, no limit to the mines they can hit, and shots of weird drinks every time they hit one. The drunker they get the dumber they get.
Sam Pouquet
Sam Pouquet 7 kun oldin
Wonder what was in the blue.
Faith Zebedee
Faith Zebedee 8 kun oldin
8:00 luck? He's clearly peeking under the panels 😂
6laderunner 9 kun oldin
Man, I forgot how fun Minesweeper was. Goes to show that super simple games with terrible graphics will always be fun.
FirsTStrikeR13 10 kun oldin
Ö 7
Brian Mcminn
Brian Mcminn 10 kun oldin
A squid covered in mayo OMG I almost puked even hearing that
mrtnxzz _
mrtnxzz _ 11 kun oldin
how do u guys come up with these ideas 😂
Kaiden Tyler
Kaiden Tyler 15 kun oldin
Is Rhett's hair okay..
Rhys Montrose
Rhys Montrose 16 kun oldin
The first video I ever watched of you guys was your school food in which year video and I thought it was hilarious, now, weeks and dozens of videos later- I love you guys
Shannon M.
Shannon M. 16 kun oldin
I didn't understand Minesweeper until I saw this video. I still don't fully understand it, but at least it makes more sense.
Beatrix Poley
Beatrix Poley 17 kun oldin
What was in the blue bucket?
John Findorff
John Findorff 17 kun oldin
I usually go for corners as there is only a small chance a mine would be under one
MasterOfKpop 17 kun oldin
Deranged MTG
Deranged MTG 17 kun oldin
honestly toothpaste and oj doesn't seem that bad...
Colin Chen
Colin Chen 18 kun oldin
You always have nail biting content
Edge Lord 26
Edge Lord 26 19 kun oldin
they never flagged bombs
Edge Lord 26
Edge Lord 26 19 kun oldin
I understand minesweeper
wendy kniklbottm
wendy kniklbottm 25 kun oldin
we k n o w
💖ㅂeautiful💕ㅌalented🌸 ㅅweethearts✨
Sometimes I wonder if it’s even safe to eat the stuff they consume 😂
Fiery Nyree Jain
Fiery Nyree Jain 29 kun oldin
the heck was he complaining about? that spider looked goooood! I really wanted to try it :T
Kristopher Ware
kyson2114 2114
7:02 that ain’t it
UltiOtaku Oy oldin
I actually got the game minesweeper because of this video
caner the youtuber
Smokeayoke115 Division45
I like toothpaste and orange juice
Stance Life
Stance Life Oy oldin
Link @10:23
Cass & Dest
Cass & Dest Oy oldin
This was so entertaining!!
OwO Oy oldin
Biazzare flex, et d'accord.
Mylqi Streams
Mylqi Streams Oy oldin
Did anyone else have that wierd spaceship pinball game?
Cindreia31 Oy oldin
i get strong gemini vibes from link
Lamaj Armystrong
A new reason 2 h8 minesweeper
Cr33perStone Oy oldin
The old logo was better
Anahi R
Anahi R Oy oldin
Love this
mozaniikuun87 Oy oldin
watching this when a minesweeper add appear.....NANI!!?
Charles Baechle
Rhett and link should do an Elmers glue bath
Murad Beybalaev
What do you mean "soil"! And that's in a green bucket? You know soil is highly dangerous to eat, do ya? Who came up with this? Fire that person! Soil is basically feces.
But b-but I like orange juice and tethpaste
Sean March
Sean March Oy oldin
OMG 🕸🕷
bong da city
bong da city Oy oldin
Americans are a few years too early to play this game. As someone who never played it but just knows the rules i got tilted real hard. I still enjoy the show nonetheless
Mike Marrero
Mike Marrero Oy oldin
I bet that tarantula tasted like a spider
Just THE Circuit
Just THE Circuit 19 kun oldin
Mike Marrero no it doesn’t... *I T T A S T E S L I K E C H I C K E N*
Prestonsethking 321
Music Menace101
I thought it was going to be a penis because she said, "URINE for a treat."
Nichole Snyder
am literally playing solitaire on my phone oof
Augustus Fiscus
Do gothic butt holes stink?
Michael Du
Michael Du Oy oldin
isn't toothpaste poisonous? *D:*
MaxXx SH
MaxXx SH Oy oldin
Yelling at my screen that the space above the 2 next to the red bomb Rhett picked was not a bomb
Syristic Stuff
I didn't play mine sweeper I played plurple place xD
JaDaBo Oy oldin
Who remembers purble place?
They are SO BAD at minesweeper
asianleaf 59
asianleaf 59 2 oy oldin
0:16 no one noticed the picture of the minesweeper bomb in the background. Kool Easter egg
Jan Terpstra
Jan Terpstra 2 oy oldin
I’ve never yelled at my screen as much as I did watching this video.
SomeRandomDude 2 oy oldin
i wonder if they just use the tarantula molts as the ones they eat, only because of how identical the molts are to a regular tarantula. im probs wrong tho
comment control
comment control 2 oy oldin
And then Rhett’s dad looks at this.....
Jesse M.
Jesse M. 2 oy oldin
Toothpaste and orange juice reminds me of waking up at 6am for school to tell you they are out of chocolate milk.
Mark Scott
Mark Scott 2 oy oldin
averie :D
averie :D 2 oy oldin
literally never knew how to play minesweeper, like rhett i mindlessly clicked squares. i caught on in like three seconds and every time i knew there was definitely not a mine and they chose to do a 50/50 square i just cringed
OtherGuy 2 oy oldin
It honestly bothers me that link doesn’t really eat the item when he loses
Brian Collins
Brian Collins 2 oy oldin
No one should have lost.. this killed me to watch lol
Matt 2 oy oldin
How are these two still alive eating all the crap they eat?
Lauren Dalton
Lauren Dalton 2 oy oldin
Do a round 2 of this!✌🏿
Drakey Fenix
Drakey Fenix 2 oy oldin
I'm pretty sure they took mines on purpose to not make this too long.
B The Kid
B The Kid 2 oy oldin
I got mad when I saw a 5. Doesn't the numbers only go up to 4?
Genji Blackwood
Genji Blackwood 2 oy oldin
"Oh gosh.. you arent supposed to eat tooth paste!" that was so innocent XD
Mike Flux
Mike Flux 2 oy oldin
Almost puked when he drank that shot
ויק הערוץ הרשמי
Rhett's hair tho
Just Average
Just Average 2 oy oldin
9:33 honestly that’s relatable just on a day to day basis lmao I just don’t have it in me 💀
Emily Schrader
Emily Schrader 2 oy oldin
11:48 "What are you doin', pilates?"
Marisa Mitchell
Marisa Mitchell 2 oy oldin
I use turmeric (as an herb) to help with stomach ulcer pain. It's really great to fight inflammation.
Darko Bakula
Darko Bakula 2 oy oldin
4:50 Dont know what Rhett was thinking, it was clearly a mine .
Ty Normal
Ty Normal 2 oy oldin
Anyone else notice rhett cheating when he was breathing heavy angled towards the board? 😂😂8:00 “pure luck! Pure luck!”
Stephen Donovan
Stephen Donovan 2 oy oldin
From the ending position, there are at least 7 squares Rhett can pick that are guaranteed not to be mines. 1. Above the left 5 (3, 7) 2. Below the left 5 (3, 5) 3. Above the right 5 (5, 7) 4. Below the right 5 (5, 5) 5. (6, 4) 6. (6, 5) 7. (6, 7) I spent way too long trying to find those.
Grumpy McGrumps
Grumpy McGrumps 2 oy oldin
...Rhett's hair? I kinda like it?
Ripley 2 oy oldin
"3-2-1! Dollop in the mouth and now he's chewin', it's a tarantula wh-wh-whooin'" 11:02
i dont knoe
i dont knoe 2 oy oldin
I love Link and Rhett's relationship so much
uwu 2 oy oldin
i got an online minesweepr ad
Upside Down Detective
The squid sounds quite good tbh
Xxm Mmz
Xxm Mmz 2 oy oldin
it is a squid covered in mayo-*ad* “Hellman’s Mayonaise...”
Trash Queen
Trash Queen 2 oy oldin
“And these colored buckets go from not that nasty to real nasty” Rhett 2k18
Patrick Szostak
Patrick Szostak 2 oy oldin
Where was the nasty smoothie for the loser?
HeathenHacks 2 oy oldin
8:01 Rhett's cheating! lol.
w33d b3qr
w33d b3qr 2 oy oldin
No, we played Purble Place.
bendabomb 2 oy oldin
Y’all didn’t have the flags tho that makes it so much easier
[Insert cringe name here]
What happened to the smoothie
Dc C
Dc C 2 oy oldin
more!!!!! of this!!!
Gaming32 2 oy oldin
I've seen people drink toothpaste mixed with orange juice!
Pickle Face
Pickle Face 2 oy oldin
i beat a game of medium klondike solitaire while watching this
Eli Duran
Eli Duran 2 oy oldin
I used to play minesweeper, purble place and solitaire
RaccoonSouls 2 oy oldin
Yeet! 11:47
The Fish And Reptile Chick
Is it just me or do y'all love links quirky t-shirts??
DeadNightmareZ5 2 oy oldin
I think the orange juice and tooth paste would be easier than the dirt sandwich