For Fact’s Sake: The Donald Trump Admin Has Border Crossings All Wrong | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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The Trump administration claims there are thousands of terrorists and criminals coming over the border from Mexico. For Fact’s Sake! NBC’s Julia Ainsley joins Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle to prove this is completely false, and fact-check the president on other claims about the border and immigration.
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For Fact’s Sake: The Donald Trump Admin Has Border Crossings All Wrong | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC



8-Yan, 2019

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Mark Claire
Mark Claire 3 soat oldin
About time the truth they r looking at wrong border, north is the problem
Francisco Matos
Francisco Matos 3 soat oldin
The wall is to protect marijuana profits. #420profits
Corazon 9494
Corazon 9494 3 soat oldin
Confidencial na
Confidencial na 5 soat oldin
As usual MSNBC has THEIR OWN data and all other information even coming from border patrols is not valid. The imitation of Canadian side is people who travel from South America to US to Canada. Those people are of African, Haitian and Middle East. Trudeau have granted ISIS fighters full amnesty if they come back to Canada and declare that they were ISIS veterans.
Ouis Sandy
Ouis Sandy 5 soat oldin
I havnt been paid in weeks cause of a fudging wallllll!!!!! Lol dear t mobile cable and condo people I'm sorry my pres said you would understand. I wont be paying any bills for maybe years but thank god you understand phew! P.s. I am gonna wait tables with my masters degree thank you for letting my bills go your the best
Jennz T
Jennz T 6 soat oldin
Hope this reporter's house will be in front of the border so we'll see what kind of complains you'll have. You talk like a freaken stupid crazy person. Why won't you try build your own house next to border so you'll see what happened. Y'all reporters talk too much.
jiffy puff
jiffy puff 8 soat oldin
Do they want a wall at Canada?
robie bag
robie bag 9 soat oldin
I don't know why he's so worried about defending Hispanics . It's his people they're after not Hispanics .
Templar Rising
Templar Rising Kun oldin
Justin Turdeau is a convert to islam and works for the satan run UN/OWG
Franky Salazar
Franky Salazar Kun oldin
See if you go up north it's way too cold and there's way too much white now if you go south it's way too hot and there's way too much brown but you go in the middle and its just right😂
Zen JDM Kun oldin
How many people know he's really Canadian? Im over his lies spoiled BRAT.
HalfWit Simpleton
Ali velshi and Stephanie ruhle! Great journalists.
So while trumps worried about a wall chinas building a base on the moon ... Facts
Terrence Hamilton
I live in Detroit. Canadian border basically across the street. Or bridge rather
Aleksandar Đorđević
Because if they are detected then there wouldnt be any reason to build a wall! Canada is peacecull country and you have more terrorists from Canada...low numbers are because nobody can detect the real threat because they just run through desert cross the border...
Ricardo Suarez
Ricardo Suarez Kun oldin
Yea he always saying false claims
redcoat4ever Kun oldin
America, any chance you could build a NORTHERN wall? Canadians would prefer this.
WAZY Bundas
WAZY Bundas Kun oldin
Is it not a crime for a president to deliberately mislead the general public?
S'amuser en anglais avec Mister Olot
'physically safe, socially free, financially secure' - luv it.
Arc angle 7
Arc angle 7 Kun oldin
Polygraph test trump on Russia he is the terrorist
GingerJabber Kun oldin
MSNBC's Slant: Trump's numbers are exaggerated, therefore we don't need a wall. $54 billion to law enforcement is not insignificant. While some illegal immigrants pay taxes, countless others receive government benefits. Where are those numbers? How do we know that the taxes paid by illegal immigrants aren't totally negated and/or overshadowed by the social security/medicare, etc. benefits they receive through the system? This is nowhere near a balanced presentation of the facts. Trump is not balanced either, but we need a wall so government has less to do. I trust the wall more than I trust the government or the numbers that the mainstream news media present.
Jacob Kirby
Jacob Kirby Kun oldin
why don't we just get 'radar' towers across the N &' S boarder so it can catch the movements on whoever's coming across and also why don't we secure it by putting boarder patrol hq's along it as well so we can deal with it asap ?
SniperLyfe Parry
Trump has zero knowledge in his brain. That’s what happened when you don’t like reading
Noah Pfluke
Noah Pfluke Kun oldin
Funny how only 6 were stopped at the South border and 41 were stopped at the North border, when there were 29,158 recorded homicides in Mexico in 2017, and only 660 homicides in Canada in 2017. Seems like Mexico is a MUCH more dangerous country. So given that 44 times more murders were committed in Mexico than in Canada, wouldn't that give the average American a hint as to how many "bad hombres" are slipping THROUGH the Mexican border. These reporters are only showing how many were STOPPED. Sounds like a border security crisis to me.
Blade Vamp
Blade Vamp 2 kun oldin
Why doesn’t msnbc show their sources? I like how the scrutinize on the costs. When trump said “I’ve heard...”
Amit B
Amit B 2 kun oldin
You need Michelle Obama as the next POTUS!!
Nate DiCamillo
Nate DiCamillo 2 kun oldin
Primary sauce
The Khalifa
The Khalifa 2 kun oldin
This EGG HEAD reporter ever been into Canada? Please TRUMP build a wall across canada. Keep EGG HEAD reporters like him away from Canada. We don’t want you.
The Khalifa
The Khalifa 2 kun oldin
MSNBC->fake news. If we have terrorists in Canada then what the hike our RCMP and national security are doing? Canada is such a peaceful nation and you forgot that most new immigrants flee from America to Canada for better life. You guys are just shameless to the world.
Joseph Ford
Joseph Ford 2 kun oldin
6 is 6 to many how dumb can you be
Dirty Gold Strings
Dirty Gold Strings 2 kun oldin
The fence around my house is better than the majority of current fence along the border. That's kinda sad if you ask me. If building something there helps and we have the means to do so then I say go for it. There's no denying that the u.s. is the number 1 buyer of drugs. So if that wall helps reduce the transport of drugs, let's build it. El Chapo didn't become a billionaire selling bubble gum lol you can't deny that
Francisco De Nova
Francisco De Nova 2 kun oldin
“You’re fake news!”- Trump
Ricardo Guerrero
Ricardo Guerrero 2 kun oldin
Brown Pride!!
Charles Milam
Charles Milam 2 kun oldin
So what your saying is that what President Trump has said is true?? But his numbers could be off. I’m pretty sure he said I’ve heard numbers as high as. Lmao. Get out of here! CNN get your s?!# together!
derek nacho0
derek nacho0 2 kun oldin
At this point the message I get is that Trump wants a wall because he hates Mexicans😕
jimmyhighsu 2 kun oldin
But even if Trump proposal a wall to be built between Canada and US, it will still not get approval?!? Point?!?
Micah Wright
Micah Wright 2 kun oldin
Questioning your data aside... maybe the numbers appear to be low because those people are out running rampant undetected
Allan Avendano
Allan Avendano 2 kun oldin
This is the real news 👍
Poké AK
Poké AK 2 kun oldin
"putting out misinformation" said msnbc, oh the irony.
Miguel Farias
Miguel Farias 2 kun oldin
Ladies n Gentlemen, I give you the Hitler of the United States. A.k.a the worst this country has seen. His election was a FRAUD, SETUP, n RIGGED
Raziel McAllen
Raziel McAllen 3 kun oldin
h0len 3 kun oldin
Illegal immigrants and terrorist come across the border undetected, and btw we see a carvan forming in Honduras... Anyone see the irony in statments like this?
valenciare13 3 kun oldin
Few are does who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts
M. A.
M. A. 3 kun oldin
But everyone is forgetting the greatest answer of all time, an answer that can be applied over and over........Fake News!!!!
Ahmed Alrawashdeh
Ahmed Alrawashdeh 3 kun oldin
Dude, six?!
Neutral Zone
Neutral Zone 3 kun oldin
Loool, how can Americans tolerate this pseudo president? Bros... You're the joke of the world...
Marjorie Neal
Marjorie Neal 3 kun oldin
This is another George Bush scam the terrorist are so called Americans home grown terrorist are our problem
Rocco Rocks
Rocco Rocks 3 kun oldin
sohaib agouba
sohaib agouba 3 kun oldin
Racism is the brawn color
Deere Jones
Deere Jones 3 kun oldin
The fact of the matter is that, very soon the white skin person will be minority in 20 years. This is what is making the Trump supporters scared because of the way they have treated Americans with color. This is simple.
El Presidente
El Presidente 3 kun oldin
Trump is a member of the underground kkk organization.
CG27 3 kun oldin
The truth is lots of mexicans fly over to canada then easily cross over to USA with no issues. Its cheaper than paying 5gs to a coyote down south. I know cause im mexican. Who ever wants to come in to USA its not hard at all. If you build a wall it will not stop people crossing. Crossing thru canada is getting more common these days, built a wall there & we will come thru the ocean. Right now with the shut down thousands are crossing thru with a smile in their face. Border patrol officers are turning a blind eye to familys, kids, students. My cousin crossed over last week she was surprised they are not even looking at anyones documents to see if they are legit any ID will do. None of the Border officers are getting paid so basically F you Trump. Cant blame them. You really think trump is not aware of this, they want this to happen. People dont waste your time arguing, complaining. You will live better and your family and kids will grow up right, things will be a lot better. You cannot control something you dont have control of.
1st Amendment
1st Amendment 3 kun oldin
@Neisan Land If by “white” you mean European, then 61% of Canadians are of ethnic “European origin” based on the 2011 NHS profile. If one can interpret "white" to mean not "visible minority of person" in Statistics Canada's definitions, then based on 2006 statistics[1] approximately 84% of Canadians are "white". Hispanic and Latino Americans amount to an estimated 17.8% of the total U.S. population, making up the largest ethnic minority. The White, non-Hispanic or Latino population make up 61.3% of the nation's total, with the total White population (including White Hispanics and Latinos) being 76.9%. Therefore; since our population is easily 10x yours, we're about even on immigrant acceptance. I don't know where all your whites are hiding but they definately own canada... The U.S. really needs a wall around Canada just say'n...
John Padgett
John Padgett 3 kun oldin
Great! We know how many we stop, but how many get PASS???
Henry Ramos
Henry Ramos 3 kun oldin
Why believe a lying moron when you can just look the facts up! Must be why most Trump supporters seem to be older folk. They either cant or dont want to see the truth.
Silencer Man
Silencer Man 3 kun oldin
The President lies and people believe him.
Oscar Barajas
Oscar Barajas 3 kun oldin
But did you counted the people that get promised by cartels that they will bring them to the United States if they help them carry drugs but get murdered before they even get a chance to enjoy the American dream ?
America is racist towards Hispanics blacks think they have it hard but it's actually the hispanics
Joe Riggs
Joe Riggs 3 kun oldin
We don’t lose that money. We know that’s a whole Lie
GamingFreek 3 kun oldin
Technically, the cartel groups are now labeled as terrorists so saying that terrorists are crossing the southern border isn't exactly incorrect.
Rainbowfire 1302
Rainbowfire 1302 3 kun oldin
When Mexico people come here they take low pay jobs that most people don’t want. Can I say that about people from Canada idk
Latin Ace
Latin Ace 3 kun oldin
They would never show these facts on Faux News
Yi Cui
Yi Cui Kun oldin
You are so wrong
Tracy Avent
Tracy Avent 3 kun oldin
seriously, the president is just implying legitimacy for racist bigots. such people rarely have an original idea in their heads, and tend to be emboldened when they believe that others agree with them. they really need to hear that a lot of others, find their worldview to be pointlessly simplistic.
ice tea
ice tea 3 kun oldin
Stupid media this have been know for years hypocrite
Wazha Syeda
Wazha Syeda 3 kun oldin
so many people saying stuff like "FAKE NEWS" bruh.... Just cus it doesn't fit ur agenda doesn't mean its fake lmao if u really think its fake then go fact check it with reliable sources then inform people that information is fake. But if u can't seem to handle the truth and only go with "FAKE FLIPPIN NEWS" ur gonna look stupid lol be a smarter person and give us why u don't believe it with information and not ur "guesses" or "hypotheses" ur not an expert. Ur not always right. Thats the tea sweetheart lmao.
Jaime German
Jaime German 3 kun oldin
the us should in plant a chip into a boader croser on the gangs and drug dealers if they cross the border the us knows who that person is
Christopher Adelbai
Trump 2020
Israel M
Israel M 3 kun oldin
This needs to be known keep posting this on the news
Juan Villa
Juan Villa 3 kun oldin
I am a witness to working for someone else’s social Security and not get a dime back on taxes keep in mind that this are hard working jobs
Vapez 3 kun oldin
Monica from friends is right.
Josh F-w
Josh F-w 3 kun oldin
Pretty sure most Canadians would be in favour of a northern wall, might actually part of it too
Daryl Spiewak II
Daryl Spiewak II 3 kun oldin
Definition of word terrorist. A person who brings terror and fear to the population. Not all terrorist are Muslim, some come from every country. Gang bangers, protesters, and congress men all fit the definition. Plus Canada will let anyone in. I love how they say facts, but most of what they say is made up garbage like 2 years with out proof of Russian helping Trump. You want facts, Hillary and Obama gave weapon grade uranium to there buddy so his brother could sell it to Russia. So the only people in bed with Russia was the democrats. Man I hate all news since I got the age to where I should be watching it. Thanks CNN,ABC,CBS!😡
Sphinx681 3 kun oldin
Nothing wrong with borders..your houses have walls and borders and people protect it ..but for some reason its different when a bunch of migrants who want to bypass all the legal paper work then it's ok? Strange world we live in
SilverDesignGaming 3 kun oldin
3:02 Primary Sauce. Someone is hungry 🍔
Roman Vargas
Roman Vargas 3 kun oldin
chuck mayes
chuck mayes 3 kun oldin
Fake news....
chuck mayes
chuck mayes 3 kun oldin
If only one gets through is that not too many...
chuck mayes
chuck mayes 3 kun oldin
I know two that don't pay a dime... Fact... Now if I know two without trying what would the real numbers be...
Chuy Cruz
Chuy Cruz 4 kun oldin
It's pure racism
Ernie C
Ernie C 4 kun oldin
Ban Islam... Problem solved!
adan olivares
adan olivares 4 kun oldin
Que esperan ese presidente no es presidente es un niño.
Miguel Antonio
Miguel Antonio 4 kun oldin
I thought he said"For F*cks sake"
2 D
2 D 4 kun oldin
He gives Republicans a bad name
CougarLove 4 kun oldin
MSNBC is not a reliable source for anything beyond stock market news.
Narciso Rodriguez
Narciso Rodriguez 4 kun oldin
I would like to fill you back yard with illegals imigrantes and you will pay their scholarships and medical bills 😡😡😡
Geo Gmz
Geo Gmz 4 kun oldin
Build the WALL Canada and do it now.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
sdsteve1000 4 kun oldin
Let's just let the whole world come here the Democrats are so smart. I wish I was as smart as them I'm just a stupid Republican.
Ronald Lacy
Ronald Lacy 4 kun oldin
terrorist was something he mentioned but nowhere near the top of the list of reasons for the wall... the number the Democrats came up with on illegal immigration cost was about 65 billion it went down to around 50 AFTER they calculated the taxes that some of them put back into the system. The 54 billion dollars justifies the 5 billion for the wall.. if it reduces that number by just 10% we will get the five billion back in one year, the wall would pay for itself in 5 years, assuming the full price of the wall will be 25 billion.. and the people here on overstayed visas are the ones that bring the number down from 70 billion to 50 billion
Rosario Ortega
Rosario Ortega 4 kun oldin
9 11 was in New York our northern border we alredy got a fence there what about the next wall how much is it guna make us usa homeless for that extra money
Rosario Ortega
Rosario Ortega 4 kun oldin
At the sothern border and only up North is where every terrors attack. Trump is a terrorist
Trev B
Trev B 4 kun oldin
Let's just build a wall around the whole United states and isolate us from everything. Should keep people out for good right? 🤯😂
Mike Andrews
Mike Andrews 4 kun oldin
"Stopped." You sheep eat this up.
Hillary 4 kun oldin
When I come over to your house, do you want me to knock on the door, or sneak through your window?
Bibi Jaikaran
Bibi Jaikaran 4 kun oldin
God's bless America let us have peace and love for one another ♥️
Vincen Cohan
Vincen Cohan 4 kun oldin
Creating walls will make a group of ppl very rich
J.Santos 4 kun oldin
So u are saying politicians are liars??? Wow I didn’t know that... 😤
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia 4 kun oldin
They don't use the fake ss# they have an ITIN number that the IRS provides specifically for tax returns
meow meow
meow meow 4 kun oldin
NBC MSNBC says 2016 Hillary will win election
Gerald Clay
Gerald Clay 4 kun oldin
Their racism and ego are more important than facts.
SrtJunkie 4 kun oldin
Democrats and liberal media wanted a wall until trump wanted a wall then they dont want a wall. I felt like I just watched CNN. Crybabies can't stop crying. I just want to see some news
Ced Ing
Ced Ing 4 kun oldin
America went from being the super power to a super joke since these f****** elected Trump as president