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Foreign Boys | Rudy Mancuso, Anwar Jibawi & Wuz Good

Rudy Mancuso
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Music by Rudy Mancuso
Produced by Jamie Rise
"Rockstar" by Post Malone, performed by Foreign Boys.
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3-Yan, 2019



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Fikrlar 15 146
Rudy Mancuso
Rudy Mancuso 2 oy oldin
Minky Desor
Minky Desor 2 kun oldin
Muneercoolkidd Gamer sub to me
Lucky Charm
Lucky Charm 4 kun oldin
I close the comment😊
Angie Molina
Angie Molina 16 kun oldin
Rudy Mancuso I love this I really hope you reply
jesus hernandez
jesus hernandez 20 kun oldin
I will watch this forever
Heaven Atsbeha
Heaven Atsbeha 4 soat oldin
can we have the Album!? when is the Album coming out!?
Mohammad Osman
Mohammad Osman 7 soat oldin
Kids voices
Dylan Rodrigues
Dylan Rodrigues 11 soat oldin
Dylan Rodrigues
Dylan Rodrigues 11 soat oldin
Check out my UZvid channel and subscribe.
Kevin Isthebest1738
Kevin Isthebest1738 12 soat oldin
2:05 best part
Queen of music
Queen of music 15 soat oldin
Anwar i love u Rudy i love Wes i love u I love all of u😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
jokerrappar 15 soat oldin
Like dude .. this is HEAT
Cameron Smith
Cameron Smith 16 soat oldin
I feel like I’m breaking the law being white now😂😂😂😂Or like I’m a disgrace
Liberty Barber
Liberty Barber 17 soat oldin
"The world has other colors too" I love this guy so much.
Domingo Ayala
Domingo Ayala 20 soat oldin
I actually lock my car doors when I see ANYONE, no matter their color .
Elise Bo Weiss
Elise Bo Weiss 22 soat oldin
i didnt know anwar could sing
Elise Bo Weiss
Elise Bo Weiss 22 soat oldin
Rudy: we're all, not white *he is white himself* you're black, your *Arab*, *IM LATIN (Latin is a skin color from now on i guess)*
Tanja Thomsen
Tanja Thomsen 23 soat oldin
The Foreign Boys should be a real thing
Rimy Amr
Rimy Amr Kun oldin
ام انور فصلتنيييييي
TallyMan Gaming
TallyMan Gaming Kun oldin
To white people
TallyMan Gaming
TallyMan Gaming Kun oldin
Is this so suppose to be racist
Erica Ramos Soares
Wess can sing so goooddd😍 it's so relaxing
Donna Heard
Donna Heard Kun oldin
Anwars face singing 🤣🤣🤣
Donna Heard
Donna Heard Kun oldin
Seriously f**ked up 🤣🤣🤣✌️❤️
Donna Heard
Donna Heard Kun oldin
Crimson Cherry
Crimson Cherry Kun oldin
the music intro made me think of the doors but of course we get the foreign boys haha
Wil-B-Cool TPS
Wil-B-Cool TPS Kun oldin
Yooo VIDEO OF THE YEAR!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Thanks for bridging the gaps! Everyone who is speaking up and fighting the good fight 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Uniquization Kun oldin
Who made the captions on is? Lol they got a lot of stuff wrong
SDL Football
SDL Football Kun oldin
This could be such a good film
Any BA
Any BA Kun oldin
The last song is made for Donald Trump
Jada Gladue
Jada Gladue Kun oldin
If you still think Native Americans live in tipi’s you’re a racist.
Test Duck
Test Duck Kun oldin
Zeus Infante
Zeus Infante Kun oldin
Go to 6:09
_ saatchi
_ saatchi Kun oldin
rudy and wes sound like little kids on the other hand anwar sounds like a 40 year old man
dragon Kun oldin
تحس اني انا افهم انجليزي
OfficiallyMia.l Lehauli
bro this was the most shortest 10 minutes of my life i demand more
sharbel isaac
sharbel isaac 2 kun oldin
Im just like anwar
Purple Gem
Purple Gem 2 kun oldin
9:00 *just a reminder for my fav song now*
Hadif Ryoukuse
Hadif Ryoukuse 2 kun oldin
I need the full song of you guys sing rockstar
Rangopal vpm
Rangopal vpm 2 kun oldin
7:24 omg it was awesome 💥🔥
Moneyandtime Freedom
The 4 in boys 😬
zhraa qassem
zhraa qassem 2 kun oldin
All the songs in this vid are beautiful and awesome and I’m just starting to watch Rudy’s vids few weeks now and I love every single one of them he really have Avery good talent and voice 🖤🖤🖤🖤
Artistic Grace
Artistic Grace 2 kun oldin
Cam Griffin
Cam Griffin 2 kun oldin
When will the foreign boys return?!?!
Sckay High
Sckay High 2 kun oldin
Legendas em português rudy
L-Y3T 2 kun oldin
If you see a black man and he's smoking some weed, try him like he murdered someone in the first degree, then you're racist.
L-Y3T 2 kun oldin
If you see a black man, and you pull him over, keep on asking if he's drunk when he's clearly sober, you're a racist.
L-Y3T 2 kun oldin
Rusul Kaulitz
Rusul Kaulitz 2 kun oldin
We want more please !!!❤️❤️❤️
Push33nMast3r 2 kun oldin
The singing is that bad it’s good
Farrah mag
Farrah mag 2 kun oldin
This was funny but at one point I got a little mad but u guys are awesome like if u loved this video I would go to every concert they had
xheneta krasniqi
xheneta krasniqi 2 kun oldin
pyrkgnognbdnkdgkbpdbtngrfgbrldfbjfdhbrfihtpgfhghnjgbjrgognhyhlngnhnkhjfgnlkgnlnhkl;nnlh.gfklnlhkhkjlokjljgmkjy jylkyh lmhojnkvobhghynhkhponkgdbxb xfbobjkcggcggn
jaya 2 kun oldin
best video i’ve ever seen
The unicorn galaxy of oreos -_-
Who came from instagram?
Sheryl Abraham
Sheryl Abraham 2 kun oldin
I'm kinda opposed with the 'white people' song! 🗽
Zeus YT
Zeus YT 2 kun oldin
Brings out the guitar but doesn’t use it
Malak Mohamed
Malak Mohamed 2 kun oldin
Part 2
Xavier Owens
Xavier Owens 2 kun oldin
Just from the 1st minute I knew this was going to be my favorite video
Vineeth Andrews
Vineeth Andrews 2 kun oldin
What is this type of songs called?
JEFF21GAMING 2 kun oldin
Is racist on iTunes for download🤔😂
Its Destiny
Its Destiny 2 kun oldin
White people this song is for you~ Black person singing
HA Gallery
HA Gallery 2 kun oldin
Love movie style!
1000 subscribers without a video
6:07 6:07 6:07 6:07 6:07 6:07 6:07
AvaBeast Gomes
AvaBeast Gomes 3 kun oldin
UZvid : Foreign Boys will return soon. Me : They better.
TuiBird Pua
TuiBird Pua 3 kun oldin
Viznr 3 kun oldin
chito tagalog
chito tagalog 3 kun oldin
that was soooo cool!!!
Fatin Zulaikha
Fatin Zulaikha 3 kun oldin
Is anwar rrly a muslim? Im confused lmao
CHED Penalosa
CHED Penalosa 3 kun oldin
Omg lololololo
DIVINE 3 kun oldin
that white ppl song is so tru to this day
Omar Contreras
Omar Contreras 3 kun oldin
Post Malone
R_ ShotZ
R_ ShotZ 3 kun oldin
You should like post it on Spotify or soundcloud
The BlueJacket
The BlueJacket 3 kun oldin
4:56 anyone think he’s like Freddie Mercury.
pretty angel
pretty angel 3 kun oldin
Whatching this has made my day💕
fatma assili
fatma assili 3 kun oldin
You are genius Rudy !
SSARO Gaming
SSARO Gaming 3 kun oldin
Do you know what it’s liiiiiike to be Ethiopian I eat injera be doro every single niiiight It’s to spicy Lol
Edwin Delgadillo
Edwin Delgadillo 3 kun oldin
Rudy Is 27 years Old
May i say that i don’t exactly like this ik its a joke but some ppl might not get it and get offended if they are white cuz at first i was offended cuz im white
aldniaj 3 kun oldin
Christine Kemuma
Christine Kemuma 3 kun oldin
the fact that they are singing this with a straight face tears me up!
ahmed Harouny
ahmed Harouny 3 kun oldin
cool songs we want more forign boys
Vy Ng
Vy Ng 3 kun oldin
zahrra bbh
zahrra bbh 3 kun oldin
jedden12 4 kun oldin
the songs are great
Jawhara Nassereldine
dude drop the 2 songs ! they are a hit
PGT4 _knight
PGT4 _knight 4 kun oldin
Why does anwar and wish good sound like girls when they sing?
PGT4 _knight
PGT4 _knight 4 kun oldin
PGT4 _knight
PGT4 _knight 4 kun oldin
I mean wus giod
Dumitrita Fiodorov
Dumitrita Fiodorov 4 kun oldin
NampiG Tamin
NampiG Tamin 4 kun oldin
That was awesome..
Albert Aridarno
Albert Aridarno 4 kun oldin
when you hear some music and the goosebumps hits you...then you know why.
Yobani Basurto
Yobani Basurto 4 kun oldin
It’s 2019 not 1960 ok Rudy
Consuelo Castillo
Consuelo Castillo 4 kun oldin
It’s like the rat pack without the corrupted Italian 😂 Btw I’m joking 🙃 ✌️
Miguel Arvizo
Miguel Arvizo 4 kun oldin
Jersey boys
Vick Star
Vick Star 4 kun oldin
First song Called white people second showtime song called racist
Timmy Pellettieri
Timmy Pellettieri 4 kun oldin
As someone is the son of an Italian imagrant I feel really connected to the songs even though Italians in America tend to be really white
hot princey
hot princey 4 kun oldin
i mean rudy look cute
Briana Pena
Briana Pena 4 kun oldin
Rudy i have seen this video like 1,000 times already and i wish you made a real audio of these songs.... i would literally listen to then everyday and the gym♡♡♡
Theophilus Julukon Nelson II
Still can’t wait for the Part 2!!!🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Who’s with me???
Nicki B
Nicki B 4 kun oldin
5:54 hahaha she killed me إنت عارف نحن ما نتكلم إنجليزي
Nicki B
Nicki B Kun oldin
+B Abdaluziz ههههههه و الله أنور روعو
B Abdaluziz
B Abdaluziz 3 kun oldin
انا توقعت رد ثاني بس هذا فطسني من ضحك ونزلت ادور العرب على طول 😂💛
The Horde
The Horde 4 kun oldin
Anybody know the song at 7:27
Any BA
Any BA 4 kun oldin
I liked your voices 🖤
Yeseina Feliciano
Yeseina Feliciano 4 kun oldin
love you rudy =100000 likes for rudy and love you
Isaiah Leatherwood
Isaiah Leatherwood 4 kun oldin
Earthxoxo 4 kun oldin
Aerosmith - Crazy
V Q 4 kun oldin
Anwar sing so well😃
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