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Swedish Pie Gone Wrong!!!!!
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10-Yan, 2017



Yuklab olish:


Saqlab olish:

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Cara Oneill
Cara Oneill 40 daqiqa oldin
I speak Irish ☘️
Kiki Zajdova
Kiki Zajdova 3 soat oldin
I enjoyed this a lot
Charlotte West
Charlotte West 10 soat oldin
“It’s like a 69 on the hot scale”
Sadhbh O Connell
Sadhbh O Connell 12 soat oldin
I'm Irish, so when u pronounced daidí wrong it was so funny 😂
Rainbowsummerino 8256
Rainbowsummerino 8256 21 soat oldin
English ... you nearly spoke it the whole video
lill gill
lill gill 23 soat oldin
e i love u but grays hair game is so strong and im just not loving e's
Amelia 23 soat oldin
Can you see my feet in this shot ... i really don’t want to do that to them😭😭
Betty Ann Martinho
Hi my name is Carlie I am portuguese🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹😂😂😂😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
NY Drama Queen
NY Drama Queen Kun oldin
0:06 like me 😭
Nil Denkçioğlu
i thought that my main language is forgotten by the world and then gray said 'i wanna speak that language whatever it is'
Nil Denkçioğlu
i started to watch this because i wanted to hear them saying -at least- the name of my world-forgotten language and i heard grayson saying it so bye
hov1 Kun oldin
In Sweden we don’t actually say ”fanatiker” we usually just say fans like the english word + it’s ”vi älskar våra fans” not ”vi älskar vara fans” hahah, the ”å” is pronounced completely different than an ”a”, same with the ”ä” I KNOW THIS IS AN OLD VIDEO i just needed to comment this lol
Brooke And vienna
😂 the slow mo when Grayson pied Ethan’s face 😂
Bella Taylor
Bella Taylor Kun oldin
REALLY 10:59 why can't it just be 11:00
Lyn Kavanagh
Lyn Kavanagh Kun oldin
An bhfuil h-aon doine an seo ó Éire Is an one here from Ireland 🇮🇪
Cecilia Zuo
Cecilia Zuo Kun oldin
holy crap for some reason i was like dying at the part when the post it fell off
Amelia 23 soat oldin
Cecilia Zuo binge watching??
Moa Säterstam
Moa Säterstam Kun oldin
Some Swedes?
Panda Lol
Panda Lol Kun oldin
Portuguese,good job guys 😂
fun with Anú
fun with Anú Kun oldin
Sur Strömming
Sur Strömming 2 kun oldin
”We love our fans” in Swedish is just ”Vi älskar våra fans” with a English pronounciation on fans... XD The sentence they had was barely understandable XD Did you guys use Google translate?.... lmao Please correct me if I have a bad English ^^
Rosel Rahman
Rosel Rahman 2 kun oldin
DT marathon rn still? come on ik I'm not alone
Amelia 23 soat oldin
Rosel Rahman MEEEE!!!!!!!
chew shingru
chew shingru 2 kun oldin
Why does grayson really hate the word/being called daddy?
Kamille Fenwick
Kamille Fenwick 2 kun oldin
LittleUs 2 kun oldin
Watch this back and still laughing about how he said goede sfeer, people Who speek english can hardly say the letter “g” is not j but ch.
Alara 123
Alara 123 3 kun oldin
We don’t care what year are you here 🤬
not telling u my username
je l'ai aimé je parle français haha. I speak French
Kendija Grāvīte
Kendija Grāvīte 3 kun oldin
Hi! I speak Latvian " Jūs esat labākie dvīņi uz pasaules mīlu" translation" you guys ar teh best twins in the world love you guys"❤❤❤❤💕💕💕
Lauren van den Bosch
Grayson's hair here has the same highlights Ethan got in the newest video, which Grayson called porcupine hair.
Emilie Belisle
Emilie Belisle 3 kun oldin
8:56 I said the exact same thing as Ethan and it was hilarious
Dorothy Adams
Dorothy Adams 3 kun oldin
4:34 Gray looks so genuinely sweetly concerned for Ethan😭🥺
Dorothy Adams
Dorothy Adams 3 kun oldin
I love Grayson so much😭😭😭
Vxnessa Merrxll
Vxnessa Merrxll 3 kun oldin
*the only peple I don't krinje while watching there videos are the dolane twins*
Jaquelin Telesfor
Jaquelin Telesfor 3 kun oldin
I speak 3 language's 1 english 2 French 3 Spanish
Tristyn Paige
Tristyn Paige 3 kun oldin
I’m just wearing fucking AirPods and I fucking exploded when the Tuesday song came one 😵
Volrock of Aleksandra
7:55 I wanna give him a hugggg!! Also I’m rewatching this in 2019...
Jennifer Madigan
Jennifer Madigan 3 kun oldin
omg when grayson pulled the dry spaghetti from ethan’s hair it reminded me of that guy from ant farm with the afro who put like everything in it even like liquorish lmaooo😂
Alanna The potato
Alanna The potato 4 kun oldin
I speak 7 languages I'm happy about that, still learning some
••Z• •
••Z• • 4 kun oldin
4:02 the sticky note has a mind of its own
Katherine Joy
Katherine Joy 4 kun oldin
I speak English you did horrible Jk
L. A.
L. A. 4 kun oldin
Dutch AHAHAHAH you pronounced it totally wrong tho 😂😂🥰
lislis 2.0
lislis 2.0 4 kun oldin
4:56 Ethan looks so cute tho he's actually crying😂😂❤
Carol R.S
Carol R.S 4 kun oldin
Ethan 🤤😍
Molly O'Grady
Molly O'Grady 4 kun oldin
7:53 DONEE
Kendall Ritt
Kendall Ritt 4 kun oldin
Vilkan skam
Bera uzun
Bera uzun 4 kun oldin
grayson: ıwanna speak what that language is me:.. (melted) yey 2019
Gizem Mamaklı
Gizem Mamaklı 3 kun oldin
Aynen bide çok tatlı telâffuz etti
Yasemin Kolemenoglu
I can teach u turkish grayson hahahahahahahhaha
Sav Sanders
Sav Sanders 5 kun oldin
iTs LiKe a 69 oN tHe hOt sCaLe
prrfs 5 kun oldin
vem säger fanatiker
Arianna Boebel
Arianna Boebel 5 kun oldin
ben canli icinde Turkiye
Kerri O'Driscoll
Kerri O'Driscoll 5 kun oldin
Daidí= Irish whoohoo!! (I’m Irish btw🙃)
Unicorn sis Tea
Unicorn sis Tea 5 kun oldin
Kerri O'Driscoll I’m irish too :D
Charlotte Parker
Charlotte Parker 6 kun oldin
McKenzee m
McKenzee m 6 kun oldin
8:44 the way Grayson said crio was too cute
Allesandro Meyer
Allesandro Meyer 6 kun oldin
You did not Pronounce the Italian name right
Shi'eana Hall
Shi'eana Hall 6 kun oldin
uhh ya i speak english
Savage Gacha Girl
Savage Gacha Girl 6 kun oldin
What about Hawaiian? Cause I live in Hawaii!
sergio lopez
sergio lopez 6 kun oldin
Grayson's hair is awesome, wish he would style his hair like this again
justfor fun
justfor fun 6 kun oldin
8:02 if Pauly D and Justin beiber had a child 😂😂😂 (Pause)
Darragh Keogh
Darragh Keogh 6 kun oldin
I am from Ireland.Paddys day !!!!!
Roua Chammem
Roua Chammem 6 kun oldin
07:17 -- 07:25 Ethan the drama queen is BACK !! 😂😂😂😂 Sry if I said something wrong .. I'm bad at English 😅😅
Roua Chammem
Roua Chammem 6 kun oldin
07:23 does Ethan grab a banana and call it milk ... ?? 🤔🤔 Sorry for my bad English guys ...🙃
fatimah khalifa
fatimah khalifa 6 kun oldin
2019 anyone? Yay my language was used English lol 😂😂😂
ceili okearney
ceili okearney 6 kun oldin
The fact the first one is literally pronounced jahd 😂😂 Irish is stupidly confusing
Melike Oguz
Melike Oguz 7 kun oldin
I love the way how you say teknik zorunlar grayson (i speak turkish and also german )
Hailey Star
Hailey Star 7 kun oldin
Bree O09578
Bree O09578 7 kun oldin
Julia Duarte
Julia Duarte 7 kun oldin
I speak Portuguese
Zoe Morley
Zoe Morley 7 kun oldin
10:02 ethans face tho!!
Enfants Bonte
Enfants Bonte 7 kun oldin
5:12 im sorry but monter un mardi isnt going on Tuesday its like climb a Tuesday and that means nothing. It should be la vidéo va être mardi ( je suis québécoise et on parle un peu en franglais fac sa change pas grand chose but anyway)
Gabby .-.
Gabby .-. 7 kun oldin
Well uhm i know english /tambien español/e eu tambem falo portugues Second one is spanish The last one is portuguese
Emily Eddington
Emily Eddington 7 kun oldin
5:54 watch Ethan’s mouth lol🤣
Selin 7 kun oldin
Seni seviyorum Grayson
Rune Vancraywinkel
Rune Vancraywinkel 7 kun oldin
I am dying because of Ethan saying: goede sfeer hahahahahzah you should come to Belgium I'll teach you dutch/flemish
Tiffany Deavers
Tiffany Deavers 7 kun oldin
globe is a code name for my crush
Brianna Ramirez
Brianna Ramirez 7 kun oldin
"There I am I can barely even *spoke* english" -Ethan Dolan
PizzaHitz 8 kun oldin
Yas the language you spoke in this video I know is English. 😂🙃
Muffin_Style_ HD
Muffin_Style_ HD 8 kun oldin
I can’t stop laughing after German 😂😂
Gabrielle Poirier
Gabrielle Poirier 8 kun oldin
Guys the translation in french is so bad but at least you tried..... ahaha
Amina Amoah
Amina Amoah 8 kun oldin
I miss their hair like this
AYA TORKY 8 kun oldin
I’m...the last one was 100% NOT Arabic I am Arabic 😂lol
Love Your
Love Your 8 kun oldin
I am gonna make you speak Turkish Grayson so fluently 😜
Tara O’Sullivan
Tara O’Sullivan 8 kun oldin
2019 any Irish peeps🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮
kbme obrien
kbme obrien 8 kun oldin
I speak Turkish and it warmed my heart when Grayson was trying to speak it 😭
ashes obando
ashes obando 8 kun oldin
it’s 2019 and i can’t stop laughing cause ethan might have broken his nose
Lexi Jaye
Lexi Jaye 8 kun oldin
def did a good job spoking English.
op yeet
op yeet 8 kun oldin
Mair Wilshaw
Mair Wilshaw 8 kun oldin
When it came up ‘crio ’ I immediately thought crying because that’s what it is in Welsh 😂
alice wretman
alice wretman 8 kun oldin
Malin Hall
Malin Hall 9 kun oldin
As a swede I need to point out that the translation was wrong and the word fans in English is practically the same in swedish. So instead of fanatiker it would have just said fans. Vi älskar våra fans
Malin Hall
Malin Hall 8 kun oldin
Fanatiker means extreme or like a nerd for a special subject in Swedish
-tea- 9 kun oldin
7:38 Kermit the frog is shook.
Brooklyn DN
Brooklyn DN 9 kun oldin
Ethan: I kinda feel bad now 2 seconds later: yeets gray with bread
Mattie Roberts
Mattie Roberts 9 kun oldin
8:44 im scared
Jessica Crouch
Jessica Crouch 9 kun oldin
I know English, ASL and a little bit of Japanese
lt gaming
lt gaming 9 kun oldin
what voice was that 7:38 for every like i will add this 🤢 emoji
James Jones
James Jones 10 kun oldin
Anyone else on a Dolan twins marothon
siham kareem
siham kareem 10 kun oldin
7:53 my heart 💔
Mariam Elkholy
Mariam Elkholy 10 kun oldin
This vid is the cutest
Annette Perez
Annette Perez 10 kun oldin
You guys are so cute
Itsss Kate
Itsss Kate 10 kun oldin
I think u broke my nose again
Itsss Kate
Itsss Kate 10 kun oldin
Skyshark of the Clouds
I recognized francé right away. My moms a french teacher. MARDI GRAŚ
Ella Duchesne
Ella Duchesne 10 kun oldin
Really? Do you speak french? Not trying to be mean it's just that my main language is french and I couldn't recognize it
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Haha Ethan tried to through away the paper but it came back
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