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Swedish Pie Gone Wrong!!!!!
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10-Yan, 2017

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Eminenur Tasdemir
Eminenur Tasdemir 15 daqiqa oldin
woooow you did such a great job at the turkish words grayson. Couldn't be better ❤❤❤
Lily Mae Quigley
Lily Mae Quigley 44 daqiqa oldin
Lol irish was ok
Chloe_lynch 124
Chloe_lynch 124 2 soat oldin
I speak Irish I have never heard of daidí ever I use some other word Ok learn something new every day
Flordeliz Gusman
Flordeliz Gusman 3 soat oldin
Yo amo a los dolan twins
Elin Braun
Elin Braun 4 soat oldin
The swedish sentence didn’t mean we love our fans. It means we love to be fanatics...
Moa Johansson
Moa Johansson 4 soat oldin
3:16 its wrong its: Vi älskar våra fans.
Rose Salameh
Rose Salameh 4 soat oldin
Y’all know what aribic is I speak it
Lauren Jennison
Lauren Jennison 4 soat oldin
Grayson : it’s like a 69 on the hot scale
Magen Evers
Magen Evers 5 soat oldin
and sorry to point this out but "geode sfeer" is pleasant ambiance not good vibes. and good vibes is goed gevoel i know this bc im 50% dutch and im like half fluent and I LOVE U GUYS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! u guys are so amazing in so many ways its unbelieveable u also make my day when i see u goofballs and i love ur smiles i hope u the best life anyone can have
Sara Hicks
Sara Hicks 5 soat oldin
When ethan touch Graysons hair like omg. Grayson hair is like perfect😍 8:26
Allie E.
Allie E. 6 soat oldin
Me: “hey daddy” Grayson: “f***!!!”
Ella O'Brien
Ella O'Brien 14 soat oldin
Me: the only other language I can sort of properly speak is Irish but there’s no way such a strange language would be in this video. First Phrase is in Irish Me: .......
Melinda Kee
Melinda Kee 16 soat oldin
italian: 40% australian: 60% I was born in Italy but I moved to Australia when I was 3.
Braelyn Wilcox
Braelyn Wilcox 23 soat oldin
Gray take some Advil ❤️❤️❤️
Lara Mc
Lara Mc 23 soat oldin
Love your hair grayson🥰
Allison Cooke
Allison Cooke 23 soat oldin
Gray - "Here we have my hat." Ethan - "No we can't do hats." Gray - "Hats are boring." Ethan - "Yeah." Gray - "Here we have my shoe of words" I died laughing 😂
Kiara Grandinetti
7:29 umm......
Hanna Kun oldin
its so fuckin funny when American try to speak german😂btw im german🙃but you did not thaat bad
fantasyfull vero
Lore Sabbe
Lore Sabbe Kun oldin
*Monter un mardi* isn't even correct french XD and that wasn't a baguette it was chiabatta
Tassel Tassel
Tassel Tassel Kun oldin
Is this from goggle translate 😂😂 because the Swedish one is wrong the sentens mean we love to be not we love our fans
Your french is horrible lmao but I still love u lol
Vellory 05
Vellory 05 Kun oldin
Russian and german
Peyton Kennard
Peyton Kennard Kun oldin
umm english. it was in this video bc u guys spoke english lol
Natalia Anne
Natalia Anne Kun oldin
4:03 R.I.P sticky note 😂
Zeynep Yetiş
Zeynep Yetiş Kun oldin
Teknik zorluklar 😂😂😂
Larrisa._. Edits
I’m a brownie and Salvadoran…so…PAZ!
Marran Bström
Marran Bström Kun oldin
Nóri Almay
Nóri Almay 2 kun oldin
I’m hungarian I wanted to see it. It’s kinda hard
Georgia Jones-Craig
I talk Afrikaans which is related to Dutch.
fatma özgül
fatma özgül 2 kun oldin
Im from Turkey and Gray defntly got it İf he still wants to speak Turkish I can teach him
Ava Conners
Ava Conners 2 kun oldin
Grayson: "Swedish Pie Gone Wrong" Me:*dies in laughter*
alice. 84
alice. 84 2 kun oldin
Omg what!? I said Portuguese, then Ethan said Portuguese, then I was like omg if Portuguese is right and then IT FLIPPING WAS, SHOOK
Alina Slytherin
Alina Slytherin 2 kun oldin
German 🇦🇹
Alla Alex
Alla Alex 2 kun oldin
I speak some Russian and when I heard them say it - I even questioned my language. 😅
Emma Niwa
Emma Niwa 2 kun oldin
Try Danish🇩🇰🇩🇰
Charity Shimer101
Charity Shimer101 2 kun oldin
Well im american but i know alot of spanish
Stephanie :D
Stephanie :D 2 kun oldin
I speak fluent sarcasm and insult. Does that count?
The Quad Squad
The Quad Squad 2 kun oldin
2019 anyone?! But love them 💓
Maddi Salazar
Maddi Salazar 2 kun oldin
gabbyxangelic 2 kun oldin
'we went all over the world' *me:* you guys don't went to Bulgaria😭
Bera uzun
Bera uzun 2 kun oldin
if u wanna speak the "teknik zorluklar" language grayson it ll be my pleasure to teach
N O V A E D I T S 3 kun oldin
5:20 💀
N O V A E D I T S 3 kun oldin
Jocy_ Unicorn
Jocy_ Unicorn 3 kun oldin
7:57 #brotherlove
Jess L.
Jess L. 3 kun oldin
I speak German French Luxemburgish Turkish and English😂 I don’t know how don’t ask😂😂😂
Amber Briggs
Amber Briggs 3 kun oldin
"That's like a 69 on the hot scale" not 70 nooooo😂
Magdalena Bogojevic
Erin Stephenson
Erin Stephenson 4 kun oldin
I am sorry but it ain't Gaelic, it is Gaeilge😂😂😂
Ellen Kronberg
Ellen Kronberg 4 kun oldin
I guess Gray did a god job on trying to say the words in Swedish, I mean he understood the ä. Love U 2!
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