Forrest Galante's Crazy Stories from the Amazon | Joe Rogan

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Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1240 w/Forrest Galante: uzvid.com/video/video-OT0ZIq-yWEM.html



6-Fev, 2019



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Krispy57 2 soat oldin
Do they take guns with them on these trips? I'd feel terrified in the middle of nowhere like that without at least a .308 or something.
davie l
davie l 4 soat oldin
Broken leg cut it off take bit DMT treat ringworm piss 🦶
Unjum Nazir
Unjum Nazir 2 kun oldin
Joe 'fucking' rogan
Stefan Dili
Stefan Dili 2 kun oldin
first minute uzvid.com/video/video-YWZkwuILn_s.html
Gustavo Machado
Gustavo Machado 2 kun oldin
Alien 1: If the cut their throat? What do they do? Alien 2: Nothing :(
DaintreeDreaming 2 kun oldin
They set the standard real low with this one.
Odie 3 kun oldin
ok I'm out regardless.. 2 guys wearing V necks. next
Justin Cady
Justin Cady 3 kun oldin
Dude knows so little, makes me wonder if he’s making this shit up... He didn’t know the name of the tribe he SPECIFICALLY went to the amazon to see & spend weeks with them? Wtf?
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson 3 kun oldin
Worms don't cause the skin condition known as ringworm. Rather, this superficial skin infection, also known as tinea, is caused by fungi called dermatophytes. Fungi are microscopic organisms that can live off the dead tissues of your skin, hair, and nails, much like a mushroom can grow on the bark of a tree.
Tall Dave
Tall Dave 3 kun oldin
I think he meant the parasite roundworms, not the fungal ringworm thats common to athletes.
park4488 3 kun oldin
forest "mustache & beard touch of gray" galante
Craig Dobbin
Craig Dobbin 3 kun oldin
Check out the Chinese and talk about what they do to get into slippers but it's only.some women
Jarvis Shaver
Jarvis Shaver 4 kun oldin
This is the dumbest man to send into the jungle to represent advanced humanity.
Noah Olson
Noah Olson 4 kun oldin
Wait how do they know Spanish if they never seen white people before
Milan Steinbusch
Milan Steinbusch 4 kun oldin
8:50 haha you just killed a tribe my man
MyCatFooed 4 kun oldin
Love talks like this, Joe!!
Julie Tulley
Julie Tulley 4 kun oldin
I fell asleep in a field in Idaho at sunset on a summers night. I woke up in the dark , being only a 1/2 mile from my house in a residential neighborhood , i walked home in the familiar dark , ducking street lights and the houses to keep that feeling of darkness with me, cutting through the park across from my house , the feeling of being stalked was palpable , the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and you sweat , pausing from fear and freezing a bit , I tried to get a feel for where or who it might be . The paper came out the next day and it showed a . Mother Cougar and her cubs had been across the street in the park. They had to call the Sheriff to shoo them back up the canyon , the one I walked out of . I called to talk to the Sheriff and ask if my life had been in danger , He said " no they like to stalk people , especially with their young to teach them . " He said he did private security on an estate along the river and was stalked by the same cat on his nightly rounds . Fuck !! It has happened more than once since then . Night skiing on cross country trails . My " Big strong uber skier " buddy said he could kill it with his ski pole when I finally convinced him I was being stalked , we measured the tracks and the tail marks, it was 7 feet . Fuck my buddy and his fucking ski pole , he's not 115 pounds and bleeding !!!!!!!
Kr43he 5 kun oldin
Funny how some jungle shaman is more open to modern medicine than a lot of soccer moms...
gildarmesh 2 kun oldin
well when people are sick and dying around you accepting any and all help could save you and if not it will only get worse anyways introducing a short term assistance to a peoples that are on the edge like that will just hurt them because when they leave not only will they go back but now they will have new problems as well. there are whole islands that no longer is open to outsiders because of "wanting to help" I am sure that helping the tribe made the team feel better but they VERY LIKELY only made things worse just by breathing near them their medic should have been aware of this I doubt they even wore masks
Weaverbe Hart
Weaverbe Hart 5 kun oldin
Tight ass sweater
Carl Chandler
Carl Chandler 5 kun oldin
How does this dude call himself a scientist and not know that ringworm isn't actually a worm?
Jaclyn A
Jaclyn A 5 kun oldin
Joe "I Wear My Mom's Clothes" Rogan
Josh Jones
Josh Jones 5 kun oldin
Joe “I’m not very smart” Rogan
Nic Barrett
Nic Barrett 5 kun oldin
Ironic the amazement of the south Americans speaking Spanish and Portuguese by two north Americans speaking English.
Sammy- Well
Sammy- Well 6 kun oldin
Forrest”I couldn’t tell you” galante
Sammy- Well
Sammy- Well 6 kun oldin
Joe “huaroranoi”Rogan
A Small loan Of a Million Dollars
Something i noticed about americans talking to each other, it seems like you are always (or trying to seem like) indifferent to the storyline you're speaking about, like a giant "whatever" to anything, like it doesn't matter anyway. You never truly invest into a conversation, do you?
A Small loan Of a Million Dollars
Mythowrose 27 I didn’t said anything about forests, and that’s just my subjective opinion, it’s not like i made a 10 year study of american culture, i just said you sound pretty indifferent when you’re talking, like it would give credibility to it or some shit, and i find that weird.
Mythowrose 27
Mythowrose 27 3 kun oldin
A Small loan Of a Million Dollars first Forest is from South Africa. Also what are you talking about with the Americans thing do you just not like us your something?
West Baltimore Giovane
A. 0628
A. 0628 6 kun oldin
All these people came from Africa thousands of years ago
Peter Hathaway
Peter Hathaway 6 kun oldin
Yep my dad has huge gaps between his toes, we live in the rainforest of northern Australia 😁
Mr Taylor
Mr Taylor 7 kun oldin
Those feet are just bad genes!
Americus Maximus
Americus Maximus 7 kun oldin
This guy is full of crap, a real Jock Custow.
MontyXGaming 7 kun oldin
funji lol
There’s 16 minutes that’ll f you up a little bit.
Theyayan28 8 kun oldin
All of these people in the comments trying to sound smart but they cant spell Colombia right...
bjsw534 8 kun oldin
1:07 if they speak Spanish already then they’re not considered an “untouched civilization” dumbass
Juan Montero
Juan Montero 8 kun oldin
This is the most ignorant I have ever heard Joe Rogan sound and how unknowledgeable the video crew dude is about what who and where they were. Laughoutfuckingloud! Get out of the gym bro!
Megan Podwin
Megan Podwin 9 kun oldin
Nick Anderson
Nick Anderson 9 kun oldin
Joe inherited that shirt from Prince. Now he is called "The comedian formally known as Rogan"...
Phantom Alpha
Phantom Alpha 9 kun oldin
And black people say we mess with their hair!
John Quest
John Quest 9 kun oldin
Your not deworming someone w ringworm, idiot#
John Quest
John Quest 9 kun oldin
Ring Worm, is not a Worm! Wow, really?
Craig Lowkey
Craig Lowkey 10 kun oldin
I was in Peru doing ayahuasca and met the shamans local tribe who is still isolated, was such a amazing experience . Going to the Amazon is the best thing I can imagine
Robert Plant
Robert Plant 10 kun oldin
Love the people you interview but you have been asking some bait questions recently. “What do they do if they break their leg” surely no answer is going to be shocking, nothing probably the more likely. Anyway, keep doing what you do as I love it, but please don’t dumb down
Chris Valdez
Chris Valdez 10 kun oldin
How do you spot a white guy from Africa? Don’t worry, he’ll tell you
sam a
sam a 10 kun oldin
full of like shit like like the hair like like
John Kotz
John Kotz 10 kun oldin
The clergymen forced customs, religion and language...
808123 sd
808123 sd 10 kun oldin
It sounds like this dude didn't really pay attention too much about these people. He has no idea what the tribe name is and has no idea what their feet look like. You don't have to be staring at feet with a fetish to notice some fucked up tree climbing feet. And you don't have to probe real hard to figure out the tribe name
pito cochino
pito cochino 10 kun oldin
Imagine your tinder date kicks off her shoes ans bammm 4:07
weird science
weird science 5 kun oldin
I'd suck her fuckin big toe
Alizar Fear
Alizar Fear 10 kun oldin
You should have this guy on the podcast more often.
Christian Fletcher
Christian Fletcher 11 kun oldin
Democrats think primitive culture is superior to white culture because they say it’s racist
Christian Fletcher
Christian Fletcher 11 kun oldin
Democrats love primitive anti progressive non white culture, while republicans prefer 1st world developed white culture
Dirk Visser
Dirk Visser 11 kun oldin
What if the medic gets sick u got a second one to help him?
12krinson 11 kun oldin
I like Joe Rogan wants to learn get the people of that specific topic good shit my dude
12krinson 11 kun oldin
I want to smash the Amazonian woman with big feet put fingernail polish on we good
schcris 11 kun oldin
First westers....LOL!!!!!reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!?!OMGGGG
eye615 x
eye615 x 12 kun oldin
that is so up his ass.....
Luke Jones
Luke Jones 12 kun oldin
Last minute tells this guy's a liar it's his job but don't remember a epi pen saving Mitch's life.... Fuck this clown 🤡 Joe I need the drugs your taking don't be a bottom feeder your whole life like the guys u podcast pussy.
Ralph Den Haan
Ralph Den Haan 12 kun oldin
Watching joe for breakfast and getting some fungus feet in your face. Thank joe
Alan Mitchell
Alan Mitchell 12 kun oldin
In my experience, neem oil, topically applied, is much more effective than pharmaceutical topical medications (either prescription or nonprescription) for eradicating ringworm. Plus, pharmaceuticals are toxic to the body and neem oil is not.
Deplorable #1
Deplorable #1 12 kun oldin
Joe "do they have weed in the Amazon?" Rogan
Chris 12 kun oldin
Joe "I wear tight sleeves" rogan
Alex Poly
Alex Poly 12 kun oldin
Joe has a foot fetish and needs to improve his Spanish.
pomer racer
pomer racer 12 kun oldin
forrest is such a sissy
pomer racer
pomer racer 12 kun oldin
and very dumb useless
JWAL Beats
JWAL Beats 12 kun oldin
The dude who escaped the crocodile is an absolute beast!
haymakers210 12 kun oldin
JoeysSecretLover 12 kun oldin
Joe seems to know more than the guy he’s interviewing.
jeffrey hoda
jeffrey hoda 13 kun oldin
Come on joe all three of the guys seen the crocks coming so they all three lined up and watched the crocks just come and snatch the dude got out the water ran to a camp and then the bridge and watched his stuff floating down the river that’s all haha he said for took that’s horrible great detailed story
JoshuaPNBAstar 1
JoshuaPNBAstar 1 13 kun oldin
I am so glad I was born in a 1st world country
808123 sd
808123 sd 10 kun oldin
I know we really all need to be thankful for that and that's what pisses everyone off with these young kids who are part of my generation. They literally have no idea how much worse life can be and how lucky and grateful they should feel. Fucking turds
Hector Beltran
Hector Beltran 13 kun oldin
????? How cool that they learn Spanish from people who came from boats???? U mean like this country learned English from the settlers? I get that the settlers spoke English so it was the next generations language as well, but what about natives...
Robert Downes
Robert Downes 10 kun oldin
Actually the English learned the English they speak now when the Norman's came in boats a 1000 years ago and took over.
Gilbert Adler
Gilbert Adler 14 kun oldin
They're not Indian
Briar Niles
Briar Niles 14 kun oldin
Joe "hey have you tryed DMT" Rogan
Roman plays.
Roman plays. 14 kun oldin
Rogan should get Bruce Parry on if he wants to know about indigenous tribal people.
J's Channel
J's Channel 14 kun oldin
Use tea tree oil for fungus
swamislocal1 14 kun oldin
Joe wearing his wife's shirt again
gorcrow 14 kun oldin
Ringworm is fungus not worms
Gytole 15 kun oldin
Doesn't see their feet, or know he was there but knows what his buddys weighters looked like...sounds like someone had a raging clue...
Hobo Joe
Hobo Joe 15 kun oldin
I think Paraguay still uses it's native language
bear grills
bear grills 16 kun oldin
they sound .... german
el Kay
el Kay 16 kun oldin
Nothing is "supposed to be" when it comes to evolution
Ayala 2024
Ayala 2024 16 kun oldin
Was this fucker high when he went to the Amazon? 😂
Ling Zhao
Ling Zhao 16 kun oldin
It’s weird how this guy said “western medicine” like their old medicine is from another continent.Latin America is in the west,they don’t have access to any modern medicine.
Ling Zhao
Ling Zhao 16 kun oldin
I can’t stop laughing at how Joe said Guyana,GUY ANA thats so good i love english
Anthony Gates
Anthony Gates 12 kun oldin
Ling Zhao & Neanderthal 😂
Buzz Hammond
Buzz Hammond 16 kun oldin
7:48 ....ringworm is caused by fungus not a worm. No "de-worming" is done. It is treated with topical medications. Galante definitely has some crazy stories.
Simeon o
Simeon o 17 kun oldin
"How crazy is it they learnt Spanish from people who came over on boats from Spain". Not that crazy.
Tuffy 17 kun oldin
Joe " funjai" Rogan
Dominick Caputo
Dominick Caputo 17 kun oldin
Jaguars are the same thing as mountain lions
Dominick Caputo
Dominick Caputo 17 kun oldin
Ring worm isn't actually a worm.... It's a fungal infection
lordfiremann 18 kun oldin
I was on amazon too but I didn't like anything and close the chrome.
Eduardo Pereira
Eduardo Pereira 18 kun oldin
So Colombians are not westeners now ? There are what ? Easterners ?
Kabul USA
Kabul USA 19 kun oldin
How you go to amazon and don’t take notes of there names. This guy lying he didn’t go anywhere
dgunyon 19 kun oldin
Okay, "I don't remember, I don't know". Did this guy even go anywhere? I would remember where and what I did...and do. Wow, glad I notice and remember most everything I do and go.....
Arkadeep Kundu
Arkadeep Kundu 19 kun oldin
"A community of 25 people who've never left & are bilingual" Most Americans: 🧐
JBird117 20 kun oldin
What people dont think about is when the Spaniards and Portuguese came over to north and south America they didnt send sissies. They sent badasses , conquistadors. And of the badasses that made the trip, only the real badasses survived the journey. So alot of the people living here today came from the Genes of those crazy asses. Might explain the hot tempers and dominate attitudes some of them have.
Than Ko
Than Ko 20 kun oldin
grew up in rural Myanmar , if you get bitten by a snake its death 100% back then.
Rob Robi
Rob Robi 20 kun oldin
They speak 'Kechwa'
Lil FreeZer
Lil FreeZer 20 kun oldin
We need to get one dress them up and bring them to time square see what they think.
Barrel :
Barrel : 21 kun oldin
‘Indians’ ... where was this guy again? Literally doesn’t know anything
Ronald Heidelberger
Ronald Heidelberger 21 kun oldin
Joe”did they want to touch you”Rogan
Nelson Fernandes
Nelson Fernandes 21 kun oldin
Well in what concerns to Brazil speaking portuguese, most of Brazil wasn't really Brazil or habitable back then, maybe we did lose some languages, but if you want to listen to the local native languages I'm sure they are still around in tribes and small places. Most brazillians today are a mix of all the cultures that migrated there, a big multi-cultured melting pot like america with people from Africa, Asia, Europe and local people all contributing for what are modern brazillians. And their portuguese is heavily influenced by this, there is a lot more differences between BR PT and all the other forms of portuguese (mostly from Portugal itself and from former african PT colonies) than there is between american and british english.
Esteban Tapias
Esteban Tapias 21 kun oldin
Colombia 🇨🇴 :)
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