Forrest Galante's Crazy Stories from the Amazon | Joe Rogan

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maxstirner242 38 daqiqa oldin
@0:26 your not missing anything amazon indians lol
Gary Murphy
Gary Murphy 2 soat oldin
Joe being amazed at speaking another continents language........ While speaking English........
51249ca 3 soat oldin
Joe, btw...that shirt looks awful on you. love listening to you otherwise
Johm Kurt Dullavin
Johm Kurt Dullavin 4 soat oldin
Joe “Splayed feet” Rogan
ince adolph
ince adolph 4 soat oldin
I live in Guyana but I never seen feet like those. That's funny
Indingu 4 soat oldin
joe north sentinel island rogan
danny ruggles
danny ruggles 5 soat oldin
How does Rogan a grappler who has undoubtedly experienced ring worm not correct that ringworm is a fungus and not literal worms?!
Noah Blake
Noah Blake 7 soat oldin
I was once biking on a trail in my hometown (northwestern PA) with my father, we were maybe 3 miles into the woods when a doe ran across the path. Maybe 10 seconds later I see a mountain lion run across the path and tear into the deer. We were maybe 20 yards from the attack, my dad got off his bike put it between us and the wild animal and we slowly backed up as he pulled out his leatherman tool knife. We eventually hopped on our bikes after increasing the distance between us. It was quite an exciting event and a fond memory despite the danger.
Noah Blake
Noah Blake 7 soat oldin
of course it doesn't compare to Forrest's stories
Dee T
Dee T 7 soat oldin
That young guys a fucking savage he canoed back I wanna meet that tuff fucker
nicholas271100 8 soat oldin
Fun-gee 😂
Jorge Urquilla
Jorge Urquilla 9 soat oldin
Indian people ! Lol this guy went all the way to there tribe and he is still calling them indian disrespectful af !
Zachary Bale
Zachary Bale 9 soat oldin
Joe 'with me you always have to check' Rogan
Erik Da'Raven
Erik Da'Raven 15 soat oldin
Ring worm is a fungous not a real worm.
Zane Harmon
Zane Harmon 16 soat oldin
Forest “I Can Show You Pictures of It, It’ll Blow Your Mind” Galante
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones 18 soat oldin
Can’t joe pronounce fungi 😂😂😂
motor city
motor city 18 soat oldin
I have finger toes they make my lavender shirt look great on me
Johnny B
Johnny B 19 soat oldin
Joes boobs are looking extra perky today.
Leftsideofthebrain - Topic
Piggy backing from where his murdering ancestors left off
Rex Henderson
Rex Henderson 22 soat oldin
The law of unintended consequences. You clear the ringworm leaving room for something worse to move in and fuck them up worse
be stately
be stately 23 soat oldin
welcome to the jungle
Make my Music
Make my Music Kun oldin
This guy couldn’t tell you ..... ANYTHING!!!
Don Sanders
Don Sanders Kun oldin
This guy knows nothing
Travis Grayson
Travis Grayson Kun oldin
Joe ho hor hor horaine rogan
billybyrne1 Kun oldin
Should I piss on my foot? Pull that shit up Jamie
Lieutenant Õh ŷėæh ŷėæh
Oh yeah yeah anyone?
Michael Wilkinson
Lolollol thank you unsubscribed lollol thank you
Tristan Nish
Tristan Nish Kun oldin
Joe should look up the story where the guy was mauled by a 750lb kodiak bear and stabbed the fucker to death with a swiss army knife. Baddest mother fucker ever... I think it was Gene something.
iAMhonka Kun oldin
Forrest: "They're so much more athletic than you can imagine." Joe: "I can imagine." No Joe, he specifically said you can't!
ThePretender25 Kun oldin
My dude thinks ringworm is a worm 😆
YDINO Kun oldin
Yoooo Jev finally got on the podcast
Andrew Callaghan
god that lavender linen shirt is horrible
Anthony Cooper
Anthony Cooper Kun oldin
I have observed when it is raining your videos get a slight more abundance of views then average. Maybe the lagunitas maybe fact
Chicago Guy
Chicago Guy Kun oldin
“It kills the worms...” SMH Ringworm is not actually a worm, you fucking dumbass! It’s a fungus... the same one that causes jock itch and athletes foot. You treat it with a topical cream containing clotrimazole.
Sqammer Fn
Sqammer Fn 2 kun oldin
This guy is making shit up lmao
Kevin Reinke
Kevin Reinke 2 kun oldin
----Good Podcast Joseph
iLOVE LiFE 2 kun oldin
That savage ass kid that got attacked damn, hes a survivor
iLOVE LiFE 2 kun oldin
Those 25 people are meant to be, when we all nuke each other they will come crawling out the depths to repopulate lol
iLOVE LiFE 2 kun oldin
25 people straight surviving.
shinto666 2 kun oldin
Another bonehead guest
Dothraki Dreamer
Dothraki Dreamer 2 kun oldin
Multiculturalism is our genocide...at least we the option to eat tacos now. Mazel Tov , goyim
Eric Niemi
Eric Niemi 2 kun oldin
To be honest I have no idea how this guy is still alive. I've been to Africa once and thought I was going to die. The balls on this guy must be gigantic.
Ishmael Moh
Ishmael Moh 2 kun oldin
How are you a biologist but don't know what ringworm is?? It's a fungus not a worm. Wtf? Deworming?????
the most beautiful person in the world
Why Some of the people who live on remote countries should go on that show ninja warriors
fist_with_a_beard 2 kun oldin
Joe "purple shirt isn't gay" Rogan
Sean Harris
Sean Harris 2 kun oldin
Whats up with that shirt Joe Rogan?
Jared James
Jared James 3 kun oldin
You for got about jock itch that's the same too
J Pad
J Pad 3 kun oldin
Dave Terrell
Dave Terrell 3 kun oldin
I love your new dress the color is outstanding!
Matt Henshaw
Matt Henshaw 3 kun oldin
Would the language of this ancient spanish language be Quechua? I really dont trust this guy. He doesnt know a lot for someone who is an explorer. Explorers are passionate about culture and anthropology, they learn and understand the people they are going to encounter. I think he's a bit of fraud!
Matt Henshaw
Matt Henshaw 2 kun oldin
Shut up you goth+CHRISTIANNWO
CHRISTIANNWO 2 kun oldin
Oh yeah, cause you traveled the seven seas, you must know.
James Dale Copeland
Joe "that might be horse shit" Rogan
Me Smith
Me Smith 3 kun oldin
“I think it’s kinda a 50/50”........ Most elusive interview I’ve literally ever seen during my 25 years on this earth. Don’t know whether I should be impressed or disgusted by his lack of details. Lol
Slimjim Phantom
Slimjim Phantom 3 kun oldin
This guy will be the next to die at the hands of these crazy jungle people
frankunderxx 3 kun oldin
This guy isn't a detail guy
Ilikadasauce 3 kun oldin
Does Forrest Galante have white privilege being that he's African American?
Daniel Halberstadt
Daniel Halberstadt 3 kun oldin
ok the huaorani feet aren't shaped like that because they walk barefoot, but because the way they climb trees to hunt and gather fruits. Ive spent time with the huaorani in Ecuador, that was a very uneducated comment. No shit he didn't notice their feet like that because they arent huarani.
Mihăiță Boss
Mihăiță Boss 3 kun oldin
Best lies ever. Go Forest, go!
csimo831 3 kun oldin
This guy's use of the word Indian was waaay over the top. For being a seemingly smart guy he said some pretty flat and dumb stuff.
K D 3 kun oldin
I say Fungi you say Funjai "let's call the whole thing off" lol
Lane Hart
Lane Hart 3 kun oldin
This guy has to be the most ignorant person ever to be on Joe’s show
Juan Cervantes
Juan Cervantes 3 kun oldin
This podcast was “peligroso”
Christian Benett
Christian Benett 3 kun oldin
Joe “piss on your feet” Rogan
Reinulus Aurelius
Reinulus Aurelius 3 kun oldin
Ringworm is fungal, Vermox kills HOOKWORM
Ro Z
Ro Z 3 kun oldin
Ring worm.....lol. it's not a worm, it's a fungal/bacterial infection.
Loooch 3 kun oldin
Joe "I wish they caught it on camera" Rogan.
imreallytired 4 kun oldin
Joe rogan looks like Elmer fud
J B 4 kun oldin
the guest that doesn't know. the guest that guess. Don't bother asking, he has no idea!
Peter Simpson
Peter Simpson 4 kun oldin
Forrest "3 year old infant" Galante
esellanta 4 kun oldin
Lol he didn't know very much about what he was there to talk about.
Island Aerial
Island Aerial 4 kun oldin
Did you know Joe gets $300k/month from a crypto bank?! Vancouver Island is Cougar central.
Antonius Milesdale
Antonius Milesdale 4 kun oldin
I'm from aferica if u didn't know that.... bahahahhaha. Yeah OK bud.
Ben Bromfield
Ben Bromfield 4 kun oldin
First thing Mr. BJJ ring worm is a fungus, not a bacteria....
C Eger
C Eger 4 kun oldin
Ringworm is a fungal infection, correct? This guy is a scientist? I'm not hating because I'm just a complete turd in life but I thought a scientist would know that.
Bad Mofos
Bad Mofos 4 kun oldin
Were that worried they would bring a flu or foreign virus into the village?
Lion Of Judah
Lion Of Judah 4 kun oldin
Hey joe, why don't you try wearing guy clothes for once.
Justin Woods
Justin Woods 4 kun oldin
Interesting interview, love hearing stories like this. Opens your mind.
Gene Todd
Gene Todd 4 kun oldin
He describes Mitch's eyes bugging out of his head and then asks, "Hey Mitch you okay?"
Alamusoof Usoof
Alamusoof Usoof 4 kun oldin
O Who
O Who 4 kun oldin
"I don't know what happened/what we did/or looked at anything."
Abraham Washington
Abraham Washington 4 kun oldin
7:50 ring worm isn't actual worms
fattyboombalatty20 4 kun oldin
Joe " Ooooh What A Fucking Way to Go " Rogan
alaeifR 4 kun oldin
Joe "... or some shit" Rogan
Varanasi Walks
Varanasi Walks 4 kun oldin
And hey Joe... .that wtf moment you had about Spanish in the Amazon.... you ever notice how many people speak English in the US? It's off the hook
Varanasi Walks
Varanasi Walks 4 kun oldin
7.30ish "The ringworm was treated with Vermox, which killed the worm..." ...but ringworm isn't a worm, it's a fungal infection. This is salient information for someone who goes out there and does stuff. Dude, i'm not a doctor, i just read the wikipedia page when i got ringworm. Do this.
Joe Mahn
Joe Mahn 4 kun oldin
i thought ring worm was a fungus not an actual worm
Drugrixh Silva
Drugrixh Silva 4 kun oldin
This guy doesn't recall shit wtf was it, a black op? Talk about fucking opsec, this dude got on my lasssst fuckin nerve!
Aemal Khan
Aemal Khan 4 kun oldin
Joe “oof what a fucking rough way to go” Rogan
jay star
jay star 4 kun oldin
Lmao this nigga just say did they hang off the trees
Daniel Howell
Daniel Howell 4 kun oldin
Joe Rogan looks really weird when you're tripping on mushrooms.
Mike Dorsey
Mike Dorsey 4 kun oldin
I could be wrong but it didn't seem like Joe and Forrest had very good chemistry with each other. Seemed like Joe thinks hes a nice guy but couldn't wait for his next podcast.
Al D.
Al D. 4 kun oldin
"Ring worm" is not worms. Its a fungus.
dancor 84
dancor 84 4 kun oldin
Joe “ That might be Horse shit” Rogan
New Name
New Name 4 kun oldin
Joe “piss on my feet” Rogan
K KU 5 kun oldin
joe needs to get levison wood on here !!
Ben Postans
Ben Postans 5 kun oldin
Why didn't that gut know anything
Cuda Danger Baird
Cuda Danger Baird 5 kun oldin
Lonely Wolf
Lonely Wolf 5 kun oldin
Another tribe ruined forever by nosey middle class twats, no doubt.
Benja Franklin
Benja Franklin 5 kun oldin
The Colombians hadnt seen white people???? lol . This guy is full of shit or the colombians were fucking with him
Benja Franklin
Benja Franklin 5 kun oldin
The Colombians hadnt seen westeners? This guy is a dumbass
Lonely Wolf
Lonely Wolf 5 kun oldin
Wow man, bi lingual, how do they do that? Ive never heard of people speaking more than one language before...ffs. Every things amazing when a tribes person does it. Fact!
Russian5 5 kun oldin
"Do you know what you gave them?" "No............ there's only so much you can do, right?" I mean, yes, for sure there's a maximum you can do, doesn't seem like you're in danger of hitting that limit.
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