Fortnite Dance Challenge ft. Ninja

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We've asked Ninja, the King of Fortnite, to rate our abilities to recreate Fortnite dances with only verbal instructions. GMM #1447
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19-Dek, 2018



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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 20 031
The G Place
The G Place Soat oldin
Ninja reminds me of Joe Keery
ThatOneTryHard _
Ninja looks depressed to be there
dj dude
dj dude Kun oldin
I literally rage when someone says that orange justice was created by the orange shirt kid IT WASNT My deeeedsss.
dj dude
dj dude Kun oldin
When you are, way to scared to get sued by Epic for 5 000 000 dollas 3:51
John O' Neill
John O' Neill Kun oldin
I feel bad for their children
Sangga Radin
Sangga Radin Kun oldin
This is nightmare aye
Death Gamer
Death Gamer Kun oldin
stream sniping
nuclear city gaming
nuclear city gaming 3 soat oldin
Exactly. Go to the store, buy a ar-15, and then go to the studio.....
Lentz Twins
Lentz Twins Kun oldin
what has good mythical morning not done he has even gotten ninja
Big Boy
Big Boy Kun oldin
My soul is truly hurting..
Fumble Monkey
Fumble Monkey 2 kun oldin
I look at ninja and he likes another version of ellen
Arlo Suan
Arlo Suan 2 kun oldin
No offense guys at 11:23 ninja was humble at link HAHAHAHAH but still love the dance💟
Danté 69
Danté 69 2 kun oldin
I quit Fortnite
A Name
A Name 2 kun oldin
I want to die
moises aguilar
moises aguilar 2 kun oldin
omg its ninja!!!!
Xxcasflow 2
Xxcasflow 2 2 kun oldin
Well you guys danced on ninja prepare for the banning of a life time
ShAdESkyligツ 3 kun oldin
Cringing with the song itself actually i cringed the whole video...
XXBEAMERX X 3 kun oldin
Tfue is better
John Everly
John Everly 3 kun oldin
館山ハナミ 3 kun oldin
actually, this is iconic. stop disliking
sincereturner Fortnite
Why was ninja sticking his finger up the llamas butt
BЦGPЦG 4 kun oldin
We need Links version of orange justice in the game
Fate M34CY
Fate M34CY 4 kun oldin
For Zany they should have got both 0s
NoobOver_9000 4 kun oldin
1:42 Marshwalk XD
Sara Hesketh
Sara Hesketh 4 kun oldin
oh so ninja real name is tyler hmmmm
WhoseverJet 4 kun oldin
Hey you got it wrong it is not Ninja it is Sodapoppin
fidget spinner master 133449
Sully Leblanc
Sully Leblanc 5 kun oldin
Minimalist Memes
Minimalist Memes 5 kun oldin
of course you do a cringey video with a cringey youtuber
BANANA 7682 5 kun oldin
We were drifting away from god every day, but this, THIS, this is a point where god lost hope in humanity.
CloudBurst 5 kun oldin
Chloe Liu
Chloe Liu 5 kun oldin
Outlaw 5018
Outlaw 5018 6 kun oldin
Crocko Rocko
Crocko Rocko 6 kun oldin
Please no
UNKNOWN KING 6 kun oldin
The dislikes are from orange justice fans
Michele paquette
Michele paquette 6 kun oldin
Gaming Rooster
Gaming Rooster 6 kun oldin
stream sniper
RJ Wallace
RJ Wallace 6 kun oldin
Dantdm is the blue haired youtuber I watch
JoshYT 6 kun oldin
Why so many dislikes? Or is it just that some gamers cant handle adults that have no idea how to do these dances because they haven't played the game. I mean if you ask your friend to grab the tv remote you can't expect a sandwich as well.
Sh AD 6 kun oldin
Can someone explain why so many dislikes I really don’t get it
David Lopez
David Lopez 6 kun oldin
Panda did bad on orange Justice
Jeramie Ortiz
Jeramie Ortiz 6 kun oldin
Orange justice🙏🙌👏
Jeramie Ortiz
Jeramie Ortiz 6 kun oldin
I love there new intro
Witold Kopaczewski
Witold Kopaczewski 7 kun oldin
Is it wierd im watching this at ight.
Sam Schmer
Sam Schmer 7 kun oldin
oh judus
Rachel Litteral
Rachel Litteral 7 kun oldin
I got reported on Fortnite for stream sniping ninja, even though I was most definitely NOT. The reason he reported me was because I danced on his grave. I didn't realize it was him till he sent me three different messages, saying he was going to make sure my account was banned. The point is to kill the players... grow up.
itsicyfie yt
itsicyfie yt 5 kun oldin
Inna Rhino
Inna Rhino 7 kun oldin
How are they not banned?
D1CEY / Imperial Gaming
That fortnite dancing intro was so good
lenny summers
lenny summers 7 kun oldin
10:20 “im not seeing enough movement!” Edit: nvm some fuckhole already commented that. ( sorry about the fuckhole thing)
Matthew Morris
Matthew Morris 7 kun oldin
Everything link does in that onesie is hilarious
LD Markey
LD Markey 8 kun oldin
4:47 t pose
Ahmad or Killer
Ahmad or Killer 8 kun oldin
8:05 best part 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Albert Tran
Albert Tran 8 kun oldin
Coming from someone that actually knows how to do these fortnite dances, watching Rhett and Link dancing is really cringey.
Sno Knite
Sno Knite 8 kun oldin
This reminds me of my little brothers having a seizure
Dragonkenzo 2610
Dragonkenzo 2610 8 kun oldin
Rhett and link predicted dances like regal wave and keep it mello
shari he
shari he 8 kun oldin
I wish i was on
Mymembrain 8 kun oldin
Tyler Kennedy
Tyler Kennedy 8 kun oldin
The only thing wrong with this vid is everything
RoboPOND0 3
RoboPOND0 3 8 kun oldin
I didn’t comment
RoboPOND0 3
RoboPOND0 3 8 kun oldin
Dang it I just did it ;(
sebastian acvevdo
sebastian acvevdo 9 kun oldin
when you get you first fortnite win 5:13
Diana Perez
Diana Perez 9 kun oldin
Merrick Douglas
Merrick Douglas 9 kun oldin
Rhett and link are great but fortnight is cansoris and ninja is too so Rhett and link should not be involved in this stupid game in the first game
Merrick Douglas
Merrick Douglas 9 kun oldin
This is terrible
Matthew irishlad
Matthew irishlad 9 kun oldin
I love how at 7:29 when ninja said "uh oh" i got an ad
Justin Y.
Justin Y. 8 kun oldin
Matthew irishlad same
Blazie Fox
Blazie Fox 9 kun oldin
fortnight dances? more like dances fortnight stole because they are not original and don't know shit about anything so they just steal all their content and cater to little kids with their bright flashy colors x3
Aye Lmao
Aye Lmao 9 kun oldin
7:51 Rhett got close to take the L
Karel Matabick
Karel Matabick 10 kun oldin
13:05 if his son saw that he would be like Bruhhhhh
Little Creeper
Little Creeper 10 kun oldin
EVERYBODY WAS FORTNITE DANCING! HUH!. and ninja wasn't banning?!?! 1:11
Donovan Powers
Donovan Powers 10 kun oldin
Stream sniper
Just Gaming
Just Gaming 10 kun oldin
13:59 *Ninja trying to poke the llamas Ass*
Jakeytimmy 10 kun oldin
Plez play fortnite with ninja
jay yuan
jay yuan 10 kun oldin
I'm dying right now
caleb cyr
caleb cyr 11 kun oldin
1:41 link is going to sue fortnite Marsh walk
caleb cyr
caleb cyr 8 kun oldin
Most likes I've got 1
ParkerYT 11 kun oldin
Link: Oh.. IN RYTEM, IN RYTHEM!! He's not even doing it in rythem! 6:05
Flips Weekly
Flips Weekly 11 kun oldin
1:42 marsh walk emote🤣
Lucas Hensler
Lucas Hensler 11 kun oldin
1:44 I wonder where they got the marsh walk from
Space Hamster
Space Hamster 11 kun oldin
Rhett: We are ‘bout to dance Link: All fortnight long Are they gonna dance for two weeks?! I know they said Fortnite, it’s a joke, ok?
TJ PLAYZ 11 kun oldin
Yo tyler which is better in a situation 10 mini's or 2 slurps hmm
Zieke Hodge-Blanch
Zieke Hodge-Blanch 11 kun oldin
Orange justice was actually created by Roy purdy best of 2017
Luca Tricking
Luca Tricking 11 kun oldin
sooo baaaad
Sailor Sparkle
Sailor Sparkle 11 kun oldin
Rhett’s default dance looked so similar to the actual one.
N8Creates 11 kun oldin
WHY! WHY! Ninja you sick man you have soiled the pure name that is GMM you underbaked blue haired man-biscuit.
Hanz-t o-life
Hanz-t o-life 12 kun oldin
Ninja aka Tyler Blevins quit fotnite for some time to do APEX LEGENDS and that tells me my life should be ended like if you feel the same
cartoon řeåđý
cartoon řeåđý 12 kun oldin
Haha OJ
Juicy Gamer vlogs
Juicy Gamer vlogs 12 kun oldin
13:58 is funny ninja pets the llama and then he um um well you will just have to watch it
Taha HASMADEN 12 kun oldin
Link u did it awesome for best mates
Ryen Roberts
Ryen Roberts 12 kun oldin
9+8=17 not 15
Paradx_HK 12 kun oldin
*"master of fortnite"*
Marley Sunshine
Marley Sunshine 12 kun oldin
Rhett looks like a toddler having a tantrum on his attempt on the best mate dance :)
WOONJOOM 13 kun oldin
I knew they were stream snipers
3z Breeezy
3z Breeezy 13 kun oldin
Links floss isn’t too bad
Mr. G00se
Mr. G00se 13 kun oldin
DiamondAssasin 13 kun oldin
I’ve been having weird side effects from screens. blurriness headaches and weird sight
Rebecca Morrison
Rebecca Morrison 13 kun oldin
My crush Fraser does the Orange Justice all the time
Constellations 13 kun oldin
Why did so many people dislike this?
ErenKagamine 13 kun oldin
At 13:58 ninja just starts poking the llamas butt
Nuremberg Playz
Nuremberg Playz 13 kun oldin
Links orange justice dance should be a real emote called amazing justice
Charles Osborn
Charles Osborn 13 kun oldin
13:16 when you explain somthing to someone but they still dont get it
Pawbulhed 13 kun oldin
Norma Team Leader
Norma Team Leader 13 kun oldin
When Rhett and Link did the floss they looked like 9 year olds. Funny since Ninja is the guest
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