Fortnite Presents: High Stakes

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Suit up… the High Stakes event has begun! Play the new Getaway LTM, complete challenges to unlock free cosmetic rewards and bling out your squad with new store offerings.
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6-Sen, 2018

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Name of the song?
thomas the dank engine
Waiting for season 6😡😡😡😡😡
Real Elisha
Real Elisha 4 soat oldin
Fortnite pls make iOS have better quality bruh
xd Milez
xd Milez 47 daqiqa oldin
Real Elisha The quality can only be as good as the platform
Breden Ranaweera
Breden Ranaweera 4 soat oldin
I loved High stakes
Ross the Sloth
Ross the Sloth 6 soat oldin
Make something for Nintendo switch androids suck and you made something for that and you did something for console peasants (aka ps4 players)
GDASHER 2221 6 soat oldin
The getaway is gone NOOOOOOOOOOOO😭😭😭😭
Nicole Davis
Nicole Davis 7 soat oldin
Can u make fortnite on Xbox 360
can i get 100 sub
can i get 100 sub 8 soat oldin
End part they got trolled
Francis Smart
Francis Smart 9 soat oldin
these robbers are savage act like serial killers and mean
ThisduckiscoolTV 10 soat oldin
In my opinion best trailer
Jill es
Jill es 11 soat oldin
0:30 thats my skin!😁
AntiFritz 1
AntiFritz 1 12 soat oldin
Miss it already
scrubadub 35
scrubadub 35 12 soat oldin
High stakes is now gone
Unreal Games
Unreal Games 12 soat oldin
epic stop being ignorant vault double barrel and bring back double pump and double shotguns listen to the community we've being telling you for months
Jessica Diaz
Jessica Diaz 17 soat oldin
New pack free for PC plssssss
Fortnite Gamg!
Fortnite Gamg! 17 soat oldin
Gamplay port a fortess?
jirotube gaming Paladin
jirotube gaming Paladin
H2O delirlius
Plüschige rabaukin
Plüschige rabaukin 18 soat oldin
rancor cool gamer
rancor cool gamer 18 soat oldin
Can you plz put the zapotron back in battle royale
Mohamed Essam
Mohamed Essam 18 soat oldin
Oppo f7 please
Mohamed Essam
Mohamed Essam 18 soat oldin
Where oppo f7??!
Aora  *
Aora * 18 soat oldin
mc boos TV
mc boos TV 19 soat oldin
The old theme song is so good
Valo Haapaniemi
Valo Haapaniemi 19 soat oldin
Port a fotress trailer
Rich_Clout_* 19 soat oldin
Please make a fortnite Tv show series ft Ramirez
Bartix 20 soat oldin
i liked ffortnite im every day play fortnite epic games is not epic is legendary
MrGaMeRs13 20 soat oldin
thegamerbuilder ink creeper 2470
Port a fortress trailer?
Aidan Jimenez
Aidan Jimenez 20 soat oldin
I sent a gmail to download on Android
SuetyHalo 9
SuetyHalo 9 21 soat oldin
Hey! Epic I know you will see this Fix the shockwave grenade its broken wehn I use it It craches the game Pls fix it lioke if this also happend with you
Kelpo Cereal
Kelpo Cereal 21 soat oldin
Is This like a PayDay related skin I’m guessing?
Toxic Reapa6548
Toxic Reapa6548 21 soat oldin
Whats the music
M safel U
M safel U 22 soat oldin
I am single
Steel Wolf
Steel Wolf 22 soat oldin
Heart ❤️ is the sniper Ace ♦️ is the explosives expert Club ♣️ in the cleverest Spade ♠️ is the tactical And that girl is the one who out smarts Them all and gloats about it
Trinity Gaming
Trinity Gaming 22 soat oldin
already miss the ltm is was so fun
Radhika Kudtarkar
Radhika Kudtarkar 22 soat oldin
Very bad game bas too many bugs keep on £u$king i dont no why it is showing me 6.78gb of update and when i complete it just get reset and show that the update is left before i was loving the game but now i hate it
BSWSE 22 soat oldin
Im sorry but the music the gameplay just makes me cringe skins are cringy dances are cringy please just stop..
mobizen plays
mobizen plays 22 soat oldin
I hate fortnite but icant play form updates
FreeRun Gaming
FreeRun Gaming 22 soat oldin
Fortnite if you ever read your comment we would love if you added trading to the game say you bought a sking you dont like and your out of refunds it just sits in your locker and guess what you never using it again and you bought a skin when refunding wasnt out you get it to sit in your locker. If you agree like
pryek gamer
pryek gamer 23 soat oldin
I don't can play fortnite now
Duck 23 soat oldin
And They Said The Skin Would Be Free my life is a lie..
Mobile Gamer
Mobile Gamer Kun oldin
Fortnite do you know one of the loading screens is where the brite bomber is about to touch the cube you can see a reflection of a dark bomber add the skin pls
Mobile Gamer
Mobile Gamer Kun oldin
Epic games pls add this gamemode called old school how it works the style of the game is going back to season one
1,0000,0000,0000 with no videos
Emanuel Cuellar
Emanuel Cuellar Kun oldin
When is the beta coming out !
Joshua Gaming
Joshua Gaming Kun oldin
Please add ASUS ZenFone live
Minepix Gaming
Minepix Gaming Kun oldin
Put Fortnite on Galaxy S6
LeninLam Kun oldin
they forgot to put a load of screen for the ragnarok or sure that the ragnarok has something to do with season 6
Christopher Gonzalez
iBlue Llama
iBlue Llama Kun oldin
Release HUAWEI 9 Version epic.WE GOT CLICK BAITED
GUNGYEON Kun oldin
Please when you have a team meeting with the knights at the round table where you talk about new updates and ideas. Go back and ask yourself plus all those around you "What made Season 3 Fortnite so damn good?" Like for real I'm tired of Fortnite since the end of Season 3 and I try to get back into it but it just doesn't feel the same.
skorlox 64
skorlox 64 Kun oldin
if i was in this video i will probably be the as skin uz i have it
PinballmanFan Kun oldin
one of the best limited time modes ever hands down
dandy Kun oldin
Fortnite, no te pases con que van a meter las skin del pase de batalla 2 y 3, sabem cuanto tiempo tomo para conseguir esas skin y mas que en la temporada 2 no avisn desafios semanales si no que estabsn los diarios namas, ademas en donde quedo la exclusividad que algunos tenemos por aver jugado a ese tiempo, ahora como saben que ya se iso popular su juego van a quere sacarle probecho a todo! Literalmente, eso no es justo, porque yo que me tome todo el tiempo que gaste para obtener esos 2 pases de batalla al maximo y que venga un niñito de esos de los ricos y que no sepa jugar a obtener esas skin y bsiles en unos cuantos segundos no me parece e
Brandon Saavedra
They should add actual pirates
Игры на консолях
Epic games can you add new mode hot potato for seson 6
Tank Z
Tank Z Kun oldin
And a lama skin come on epic we all have Ben wating for a loot lama skin!
Emilio Sanchez
Emilio Sanchez Kun oldin
You like It huh LuoKuo. 👌boi
Fortnite Saiyan
Fortnite Saiyan Kun oldin
Please bring back the infinity gauntlet mode
Dynasty Manners
Dynasty Manners Kun oldin
Can you guys add an impact gernade
Sebastián Ywaskewycz
Please help, I lost my account!
mgsv killer
mgsv killer Kun oldin
Why cant i get the twitch prime pack did epic remove it cause i checked twitch and its not their
preston kent
preston kent Kun oldin
A blue tax dose 7 damege
Fxshy Kun oldin
New mode idea: Only vaulted weapons
bebecito jake
bebecito jake Kun oldin
Cuando van a sacr para el j2 prime
Hudson Lyon
Hudson Lyon Kun oldin
PLs fortnite ban the guy who scammed me he scamed me for my 130 noc and my 130 supper shredder pls my IGN is XD_HUDSON_6726 pls!!!!!! PS like if you agree
ISuckAThisGame Kun oldin
Is this gta 6?
Ninja gamer
Ninja gamer Kun oldin
Add the character of Spiderman in Fortnite please
SkyChamp Playz
SkyChamp Playz Kun oldin
This is bob. 😝 /|\ /\ For every like this gets bob grows one year older lets see how old he gets!
Jelani Williams
Jelani Williams Kun oldin
I love this trailer its lit
Fortnite Kid
Fortnite Kid Kun oldin
Please fortnite don't bring back old stuff
JoojPeep JP
JoojPeep JP Kun oldin
Levi the gaming kid
Plz update the Xbox can cross platform to ps4 plz
L0kuST YT Kun oldin
Can you get rid of the stupid SMG.
Emilio Rosales
Emilio Rosales Kun oldin
Song name?
Gabriel Santiago
I want teams of 20 back or Final fight
Andres Cruz
Andres Cruz Kun oldin
Ambiciosos no sacaron fortnite para gama baja porque no tenemos dinero para comprar cosa !!!como eyos son millonarios desprecian la gente pobre
MINNESOTA Boyz Kun oldin
Can skull and ghoul trooper come back and the scythe please epic just fucking bring it back
GalaxyGum Kun oldin
Benedito X
Benedito X Kun oldin
You should not have brought Rogue Agent back to the store. This was a mistake Epic.
Jose Noel Chang
Jose Noel Chang 9 soat oldin
yea yea rhjrdkdkj
every item trailer is with the rocket tricks
BriantRBLX Roblox
Im sorry about hurricane Florence stay safe
Jayden Hernandez
Epic games can I please get the Spiderman skin I’m only a default
Jorge Godinez
Jorge Godinez Kun oldin
Put fortnight on LG and Amazon tablet please z
Fortnight repor
Fortnight repor Kun oldin
Oi what time is the event for sesen 6 gunna happen tell us plz
Oier 1900
Oier 1900 Kun oldin
season 6 is ufo look up and use something to see it it’s shineining in the sky
iradss boring
iradss boring Kun oldin
I love up dates but can you please make it so that ohhhh never mind
TonicTexas 28528
dear fortnite please add a setting where you can change the fortnite music from original to new. from TonicTexas28528
Diamond FazBear
Diamond FazBear Kun oldin
Mike DeYoung
Mike DeYoung Kun oldin
Plz bring back the drum gun to fortnite battle royal
Fazz Games
Fazz Games Kun oldin
Don’t add black night or the people who have battle pass2 will leave the game and add skull trooper back 😂
Jackson Wallis
Jackson Wallis Kun oldin
I love this trailer!
silyem jelani
silyem jelani Kun oldin
Please tell me the date of fortnite when is coming on iPhone 6
Freezo Kun oldin
Don't put season 2 skins back or emotes! Like for have visibility
TeamFrostyz Kun oldin
just make it where low end pc players can play or make it where keyboard and mouse will work on xbox pleaaaaase
Two Face Brotherhood
Please bring out gifting! 👍👌
FrailZax _YT
FrailZax _YT Kun oldin
Fix the damn shotguns first
FZDragoon Playz
FZDragoon Playz Kun oldin
Is there a way for me to get elite agent because I didn’t buy season 3 cuz I was a big noob (I still am but I got better)
Jonathan Harrod
Jonathan Harrod Kun oldin
Please bring back the revolver😢🤧
The rocket ride
12 kun oldin