Found $2,200 Camera Lost in River While ScubaDiving!!! (lost photos)

Jiggin' With Jordan
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In this video I find a $2,200 camera in the bottom of the river while diving!! New? Subscribe and help me reach 2 MILLION Subscribers!! goo.gl/jO9j96
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11-Noy, 2018

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Jiggin' With Jordan
Okay drop me a comment on how you think that camera ended up down there!! I wanna see what you guys think!! Hope you guys are enjoying the videos!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼
dog the gamer
dog the gamer 19 kun oldin
You droped it in? Xd
crazyGammer mofar
crazyGammer mofar 19 kun oldin
James Hitchcock
James Hitchcock 22 kun oldin
Go to the island with the jellies! You could be the jelly man
doreen miller
doreen miller 27 kun oldin
You had a BiG find bc you surrendered to the results and decided to *ENJOY THE PROCESS!* That's when the magic happens! You need to go to that jellyfish place where your subbers are from.
Angel Pratt
Angel Pratt 29 kun oldin
Try an under water blower
lol lol
lol lol 16 soat oldin
We know you put that camera down there and pretend to find it bud
Rc Car Studio
Rc Car Studio 2 kun oldin
I want to see it
Hannah's 3 kun oldin
Should do a how to/haul video and show us all the equipment (scuba and camera) and a quick run down on how it works- would love to see that Like if you agree
Edgar Grimaldihno
Edgar Grimaldihno 4 kun oldin
man i bet if u scuba dive the lakes and rivers Were im from you may find stuff. But its really cold right know😞.
Wallclimber75 5 kun oldin
That would be awesome to see. Hopefully get to see it. And hopefully you’ll invite me to join. Lol 😂
Reggie Jinsie
Reggie Jinsie 7 kun oldin
I would like u to swim with jelly fish sounds cool and by the way nice videos.
Zackery Wilson
Zackery Wilson 8 kun oldin
Pam Friedel
Pam Friedel 10 kun oldin
I died when you played with the toy monster truck
Chloe RICHARDSON 10 kun oldin
Yessss please do that it would be oft good
John Moody
John Moody 10 kun oldin
Idk man i like the other one. This one blurs the background too much.
Taylor Isabel Ruhlmann
I’ve been dying to go to Palau for years!!!!!
Jack Parsons
Jack Parsons 10 kun oldin
Jelly josh yes
Anton Tulstrup
Anton Tulstrup 11 kun oldin
Camera is at 10:38 Thank me later
David Bright
David Bright 11 kun oldin
Come to summit lake state park in Indiana . I lost some fishing gear a couple years ago. A fishing pole a tackle box and a back pack. If u can't I understand.
Dom Ksau
Dom Ksau 11 kun oldin
Jason G. Believe Art
I got a place for you to check out. It's a 1930 textile mill pond. May find some super old treasure. It's tucked away but alot fish the area as well. It's located in Griffin GA
Stephanie Capetillo
Stephanie Capetillo 12 kun oldin
Totally go that would be an awesome experience
RYLAN Waters
RYLAN Waters 12 kun oldin
What do you do with the stuff you find
Dalton Hutchison
Dalton Hutchison 13 kun oldin
That would be awsome. You should get yappy and jake and head to palow
NaturesFinest HD
NaturesFinest HD 14 kun oldin
YO I LIVE IN GUAM AND I AM FROM PALAU. Palau has many rock islands. It's called jelly fish lake. The reason they don't have stingers Is because the lake was a dam but it broke. So all the stingers were no longer able to be kept together
Nandan .G.N
Nandan .G.N 14 kun oldin
Please I beg you clean the rivers please
Amy Dobbins
Amy Dobbins 15 kun oldin
Kamden Young
Kamden Young 15 kun oldin
Ik a place you will love finding tone off stuff especially sun classes it is lake Okoboji in Iowa but come in the summer, there is a spot every one swims trust me u will have a blast I lost a couple my self !
Taylor Heflin
Taylor Heflin 15 kun oldin
He sounds so scientific while also saying river slime
Boo High
Boo High 16 kun oldin
No it is cold where I live
Keekee Vlogs
Keekee Vlogs 17 kun oldin
Can you sucba dive the ocean
Dylan Freet
Dylan Freet 17 kun oldin
Las Vegas/ Hoover dam area... Lol... I can't remember the lake.
Non stop fishing
Non stop fishing 18 kun oldin
Hey bro I love your videos!
Aaron Jeanette
Aaron Jeanette 19 kun oldin
Let’s go to the lake with jellyfish jellyfish jellyfish jellyfish jellyfish jellyfish!! LOL
Aaron Jeanette
Aaron Jeanette 19 kun oldin
Aaron Jeanette
Aaron Jeanette 19 kun oldin
JELLYFISH for the WIN... let’s go to the lake with jellyfish jellyfish jellyfish
Lexi Matthews
Lexi Matthews 19 kun oldin
Come to Evanston Wyoming it is beautiful
Mania Monomania
Mania Monomania 19 kun oldin
Please go to that lake.
Trinity Davis
Trinity Davis 19 kun oldin
Please go to the jellyfish lake
michael santiago
michael santiago 20 kun oldin
You need to come to Ohio in the summer to the Mohican river probably 2 million people year ride canoes down it!
Princess Vigor
Princess Vigor 20 kun oldin
Yes jelly! Go to cruise locations! Book a cruise and snorkel/treasure drive!
Garrett Bray
Garrett Bray 20 kun oldin
(SUPRISE) Giving away his jet ski!!! And definitely go see the jelly fish!!
Mike RAWR 21 kun oldin
Jordan I had a really shitty day, got demoted at work and crap but this video took me out of my funk and I had a blast watching you work. thanks for the epic video and thanks for the positive vibe from the video. keep up the good work.
Lisa Vivian
Lisa Vivian 21 kun oldin
you shoud come out to my house behind my house is a lake and people don't go swimming and like ten pepeole lost gopros and phones
Aminda Perez
Aminda Perez 21 kun oldin
You should go man
The Ozark Mountaineer
I would swim with the jellyfish!
gavino consuelo
gavino consuelo 22 kun oldin
2:35 thank me later.
Jacob Bradford
Jacob Bradford 22 kun oldin
Wyvrenne MacDaniels
Wyvrenne MacDaniels 22 kun oldin
Come late spring you should come to Eldorado state lake. There's a flooded town underneath. The underwater camera would get amazing shots plus you might see the lake monster. 😉
Wyvrenne MacDaniels
Wyvrenne MacDaniels 22 kun oldin
I wanna see it!!
Kylie Grant
Kylie Grant 22 kun oldin
Roses are red Violets are blue I’m watching this video late and so are you.
Muhammad Loonat
Muhammad Loonat 22 kun oldin
_Pink _Fire_
_Pink _Fire_ 22 kun oldin
Maybe you'll find a Flatscreen TV or something
Jeremy Mead
Jeremy Mead 23 kun oldin
I’m from Dawsonville ga
Jeremy Mead
Jeremy Mead 23 kun oldin
Cool truck
sabrina felber
sabrina felber 23 kun oldin
I've seen a video of those jellyfish it is amazing! If you can, definately go!
Benjamin Gary
Benjamin Gary 23 kun oldin
awesome camera find
Kayleigh J
Kayleigh J 23 kun oldin
We need that video
Quinten Over
Quinten Over 23 kun oldin
Hey if ur in Florida after Christmas I have a house in Venice beach and I would like to go fishing it would be cool if I ever met u guys
sonic dat boi
sonic dat boi 24 kun oldin
Greg Smith
Greg Smith 24 kun oldin
Well you could chum the catfish with some raw meat and get it on video that would be cool make more video's!!
Cole Rayburne
Cole Rayburne 24 kun oldin
That would cool if you could go out to that island
Mckenna P
Mckenna P 24 kun oldin
Gabrielle Colquitt
Gabrielle Colquitt 24 kun oldin
2:31 OMG MY CAR WONT START!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brandon jordan’s Biggest fan
Luckiest find ever?!?!?!?!?!
Deb Thornton
Deb Thornton 24 kun oldin
I saw you fighting the courent
debbie mallory
debbie mallory 24 kun oldin
ya do it
stan_jr Jenkins
stan_jr Jenkins 24 kun oldin
Yesss please go to that place that’d be super dope
Lucky Charm
Lucky Charm 24 kun oldin
Doooooo it would love to see swimming with jelly fish
Austin Topasna
Austin Topasna 24 kun oldin
Yes go to Palau and swim with the jellyfish I wanna see that
Cooper Linton
Cooper Linton 24 kun oldin
Go to the lake of jelly fish
Katie Hobson
Katie Hobson 25 kun oldin
I love the jelly fish lake idea!!
EGR Lifestyle
EGR Lifestyle 25 kun oldin
100% jelly fish!!!!
park park
park park 25 kun oldin
Yes go swim with the jelly fish!!!
Micah Bowie
Micah Bowie 26 kun oldin
Go swim with jelly fish
Zander Albercook
Zander Albercook 26 kun oldin
Absolutely do the jellyfish thing that would be sooooooi dope
Alberto Montano
Alberto Montano 26 kun oldin
Yes go to the island
Matthew Hannan
Matthew Hannan 26 kun oldin
The nasty hat and the catfish in the shoe video brought me here.. You deserved a subscribe after that. Keep up the cool vids. Be safe out there man.
Aurelio Martinez
Aurelio Martinez 26 kun oldin
Go to that lake
Shaq Reed
Shaq Reed 26 kun oldin
Yeah that would be a great video!
skull gaming
skull gaming 26 kun oldin
Lets see them jellyfish
Steven Santamour
Steven Santamour 26 kun oldin
A canon eos 20d is a $100 camera.......
Ryan Dunne
Ryan Dunne 27 kun oldin
1:52 frigit?????? Lol should me a meme
chainsaw bayonet
chainsaw bayonet 27 kun oldin
Jake don’t dive with out a flag line because if you are near a boat you can go up and get chopped up.
Hugh Llewellyn
Hugh Llewellyn 27 kun oldin
3:43 Have you heard of, or considered getting a Dive Portable Lung? (diveportablelungs.com) They give you up to 15 minutes of air, without the bulk and weight of a scuba tank. I've seen them featured on Man + River's videos (which is actually how I found you because I was watching all of his uploads and your videos started showing up in my suggested list). Seems like the portable lung would be a perfect solution for situations like rapids, or tight spaces, or places you have a long hike to. :) Oh, and YES to the JELLYFISH! :D
Kelcee Cowan
Kelcee Cowan 27 kun oldin
Jelly fish are my favorite! I think you should totally go swimming with them! You are so handsome!
MotoManJosh 27 kun oldin
Do it
Matt Coghill
Matt Coghill 27 kun oldin
You should make your own wet suite
Jason Sperry
Jason Sperry 27 kun oldin
That’s a Banger for sure.
cristinaclcled 27 kun oldin
Do it 😼😼😼
Luke Kent
Luke Kent 27 kun oldin
You should go to the flint river in Bainbridge Georgia
doreen miller
doreen miller 27 kun oldin
Francine Taitague
Francine Taitague 28 kun oldin
I’m from guam and vacationed in Palau. It’s extremely beautiful and known as one of the worlds most beautiful places to scuba dive. I think they just recently passed a law where to preserve the fish life.
Dalton H
Dalton H 28 kun oldin
Definitely go there!!!
malorie visness
malorie visness 28 kun oldin
And yes please go swimming with jellyfish
malorie visness
malorie visness 28 kun oldin
Jordan- finds plastic spoon WHOOO
Bruce Larrow
Bruce Larrow 28 kun oldin
Jet ski giveaway hinted at twice now.
Diamond Gamer
Diamond Gamer 28 kun oldin
Mattyboy Vlogs
Mattyboy Vlogs 28 kun oldin
yes go to that lake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mybrotherken1 28 kun oldin
at 3.28 is that a ford hub grease cap
destiney bobo
destiney bobo 28 kun oldin
It would be a very cool vid if u did swim with the jellyfish
Kyle Seinturier
Kyle Seinturier 28 kun oldin
Go to the lake
Amy Shawcroft
Amy Shawcroft 28 kun oldin
You're still here? Go already! Some of us enjoy living vicariously through you.
gwhscaptain 28 kun oldin
Yeah Palau also known by the locals Belau. Jellyfish lake. It’s real. Very active tourist spot might find some interesting things. Come check out Guam as well!
Chris McCuaig
Chris McCuaig 28 kun oldin
Its not my camera but id be glad to take it off your hands try to gut it clean it and see if i can make it work again so i can shoot better you tube vids.
Our Cats :3
5 kun oldin