Found $2,200 Camera Lost in River While ScubaDiving!!! (lost photos)

Jiggin' With Jordan
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In this video I find a $2,200 camera in the bottom of the river while diving!! New? Subscribe and help me reach 2 MILLION Subscribers!! goo.gl/jO9j96
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11-Noy, 2018

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Jiggin' With Jordan
Okay drop me a comment on how you think that camera ended up down there!! I wanna see what you guys think!! Hope you guys are enjoying the videos!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼
panjok2 16 kun oldin
Jordan, When you buy a Canon camera, you have the option to register it with Canon. The same is true for the lens. I would check with Canon and see if they can locate the owner. I cannot imagine losing that much money worth of gear! Hope you can find the owner. Please update us with any info. Thanks for the great video's and hell ya...go jelly fishing... with peanut butter. lol
Solomon Aumua
Solomon Aumua 18 kun oldin
Go to paliu
Nadine Manibusan
Jiggin' With Jordan you should totally see Palau I know you’d enjoy the island in general. I’m from Guam, but I’ve been to Palau and it’s amazingly beautiful! When your done seeing Palau you should just stop by Guam and check out the hiking sites along with war battle sites. Who knows you guys might find something interesting.
The Outdoors boy
The Outdoors boy 2 oy oldin
Shane Decker yes I live near there
The Outdoors boy
The Outdoors boy 2 oy oldin
fN Dreamer I live near there and go to caz lake too
Ryker Jace
Ryker Jace Kun oldin
Dude go visit the island!!
Fanny&mélanie St-p & Ars
What kind of watch do you have:)?
Iain Robertson
Iain Robertson 6 kun oldin
Palau. Gotta go bro!
brandonkelbe 9 kun oldin
FF to 10:30 thank me later Edit: I don’t see any lost photos.
Matthew Weyerbacher
Matthew Weyerbacher 11 kun oldin
That would be amazing
outdoordoc1971 11 kun oldin
In South America the is a fresh water lake that was once connected to the ocean via underground water tubes, in the lake the are fresh water pelagic fish, I'm not sure of the name but I'm sure you can google it!
Gerlie Tuttle
Gerlie Tuttle 12 kun oldin
Playing toy car under water looked so much fun! Lol. 😂
Larry robison
Larry robison 12 kun oldin
Yes but only if they arent poisonous
Larry robison
Larry robison 12 kun oldin
Iwant 1
Becky Wright
Becky Wright 12 kun oldin
You’re such a sweetheart 😘
Bonnie Swinney
Bonnie Swinney 15 kun oldin
I dropped my phone in a lake can you come get it
Dab Creations
Dab Creations 17 kun oldin
Gotta come to Lansing Michigan and bring blue bae 2😁
Jennifer Patton
Jennifer Patton 19 kun oldin
Yes please check out those jelly fish. That'd be super badass.
down detroit
down detroit 20 kun oldin
I know this is a few months old, however if you still have the SD dm me.. i can send you some secrets on ways to possibly recover something
Dylan Seager
Dylan Seager 20 kun oldin
Can I have it
Zac 21 kun oldin
Are you going out with more than 1 tank? Or refilling?
Ashley 0987
Ashley 0987 21 kun oldin
Low key was hopping that was my camera but my camera was stolen over a year or two😕
Alex Menard
Alex Menard 21 kun oldin
Jellyfish is a video i want to seeeeee
Kenneth Stiles
Kenneth Stiles 21 kun oldin
What watch is that. 3:47
Vicky Mayer
Vicky Mayer 21 kun oldin
Please do it ❤️ Greets from Austria, great videos!
The Forever Lasting
The Forever Lasting 22 kun oldin
Was that camera salvageable? I spelled that right on the first try!
patrick f cheney jr
patrick f cheney jr 23 kun oldin
Palau is a beautiful island was there British commonwealth was there in the Coast Guard gum drop islands wouldn't swim or dive there for there is the biggest and meanest sea crocks there salt water crocks
Rage Auto
Rage Auto 23 kun oldin
name of the song for those interested Elias Naslin - Stick Together (Official Lyric Video) feat. Lucy & Elbot, Elijah N
TheKickItMastah 26 kun oldin
kar98k brothers
kar98k brothers 27 kun oldin
Ya u should go that place full of jelly fish
Todd Moyes
Todd Moyes 27 kun oldin
I’ve been there the most beautiful ocean and diving I’ve done and seen
Jeremy Kieler
Jeremy Kieler 27 kun oldin
Is it fixable
Ricky McGill
Ricky McGill 28 kun oldin
Yes! go to the island of Palau.
Ibrahim Lycan
Ibrahim Lycan 28 kun oldin
Go ahead, ill wait for that Palau
Lee 29 kun oldin
Hey Jordan... Great video!! You really seem to enjoy diving. . . You may have already posted this information: What cameras do you use in your videos. Thx.
Pam Reed
Pam Reed Oy oldin
Dude you so need to go to Palau. That will be an awesome video
Mohamed Chenouf
محمد من الجزائر لي طلب صغير #إشتركو معي في القناة
Василий Ромашкин
Почему все американцы произносят "о май гаш" а не " о май гот"? Why do all Americans say "o May gash" and not "o May Goth"?
The Sandi & Abby Show
Yes definitely go to no sting jelly fish island!!!
I wanna see them jelly’s
Elizabeth Keeler
What's Tristian UZvid channel
Machayla Titley
you should so do that
gary gerard
gary gerard Oy oldin
hey Jordan, make the Jelly Fish video- would be great to see
Realistic Film
Like 👍🏼 if you live In Georgia 🇬🇪?
Bryan Watson
Bryan Watson Oy oldin
Lake full of jellyfish is a must!!!
sondengehen Oy oldin
Am i blind? I do not see your divebuddy? Where is he?
If you ever come to Chico, CA, there's a place called the Tackle Box...has a braid of fishing line tangle that's over 50' long, if I recall...and there's loads more out where the salmon fishing is heaviest. :(
D3AThCAl2DS Oy oldin
you ever think of using a small hoe or gardening claw
Teresa Knight
Teresa Knight Oy oldin
Yes I want to see you with jellyfish ❤️
Sgt Dino
Sgt Dino Oy oldin
you will really love Palau !!!
Louise Widdrington
Swim with jellyfish
Peter Villagomez
I'm from Guam and actually visited Palau and swam with the jellyfish it was awseome
gamer joe
gamer joe Oy oldin
Doooo ittttt
infinite lists jr.
Can you come to Boise Idaho??there are a lot of rivers that ppl loose stuff and its great for treasure hunting!😊😊
Log Splitta
Log Splitta Oy oldin
If your channel has taught me anything, it's to put lanyards and straps on your stuff.
Tom Ziesmer
Tom Ziesmer Oy oldin
3:04 there is turtle by his left hand
Monster Fishing
Go swimming with the jellyfish please!
Lindsey Gilbert
go to lake Bowen
Stephanie Hall
They might be able to claim insurance or a warranty if they get it back, so it may be useful to the owner still. 🤷‍♀️
Auttum Graham
Auttum Graham Oy oldin
Um...Brandon...stingless jellies for your Cinematic shots?? Yes! Duh!!! 😍
Michael Ciha
Michael Ciha Oy oldin
Go swim with the jellys dude!
George Allman
George Allman Oy oldin
Yeah go swimming with the jelly fish
Aleana Robins
Aleana Robins Oy oldin
Thank you for cleaning up the river and making it safer.
MEDUSA H Oy oldin
You put that there 😭
FaZe Ape
FaZe Ape Oy oldin
Jiggin' with Jellyfish
Eliseo Garcia
Eliseo Garcia Oy oldin
Did anyone else notice that that in the tonbnail he was wearing a camo wet suit and the video he was wearing a black wet suit 😂😂😂
Lacey Bowers
Lacey Bowers Oy oldin
you should go swim with the jelly fish
Christina'N'Reno Repetto-Boncimino
I want the numerals Murch
Neva Eads
Neva Eads Oy oldin
swim with jellyfish please.
עינבר שובל
You guys ar amazing
עינבר שובל
Why do you always have small toothpaste in the box
Julia Karetsky
wes Morey
wes Morey Oy oldin
Swim in the lake of jellyfish that would be a great video
Eric Stanley
Eric Stanley Oy oldin
Hell yeah buddy! Y'all are awesome. I think I have watched about 40 videos of y'all while here at work.
ARedRider BBGun
Please go swim with the jellies. You do amazing scenic shots and that would look amazing. Please make a video about returning the camera as well. Love the vids. Keep it up bud
John Angus
John Angus 2 oy oldin
First rule of scuba diving- never dive alone.....
Tino Jorge
Tino Jorge 2 oy oldin
Hekie ya
Lil Manu
Lil Manu 2 oy oldin
Richard Hammond
Richard Hammond 2 oy oldin
Hey bud. Love the t shirt on todays video. Do you ship to the uk?
The Outdoors boy
The Outdoors boy 2 oy oldin
Bro great video
Crystal Zapata
Crystal Zapata 2 oy oldin
I need that!!!😍 yesssss late Christmas present 🎁
Klinger Bros
Klinger Bros 2 oy oldin
2:32 we now no he never grew out of childhood
gerldine rice
gerldine rice 2 oy oldin
U gotta go.
lol lol
lol lol 2 oy oldin
We know you put that camera down there and pretend to find it bud
Rc Car Studio
Rc Car Studio 2 oy oldin
I want to see it
Hannah's 2 oy oldin
Should do a how to/haul video and show us all the equipment (scuba and camera) and a quick run down on how it works- would love to see that Like if you agree
Edgar Grimaldihno
man i bet if u scuba dive the lakes and rivers Were im from you may find stuff. But its really cold right know😞.
Wallclimber75 2 oy oldin
That would be awesome to see. Hopefully get to see it. And hopefully you’ll invite me to join. Lol 😂
Reggie and Jinsie
I would like u to swim with jelly fish sounds cool and by the way nice videos.
Zackery Wilson
Zackery Wilson 2 oy oldin
Pam Friedel
Pam Friedel 2 oy oldin
I died when you played with the toy monster truck
Chloe RICHARDSON 2 oy oldin
Yessss please do that it would be oft good
John Moody
John Moody 2 oy oldin
Idk man i like the other one. This one blurs the background too much.
Taylor Isabel Ruhlmann
I’ve been dying to go to Palau for years!!!!!
Jack Parsons
Jack Parsons 2 oy oldin
Jelly josh yes
Anton Tulstrup
Anton Tulstrup 2 oy oldin
Camera is at 10:38 Thank me later
David Bright
David Bright 2 oy oldin
Come to summit lake state park in Indiana . I lost some fishing gear a couple years ago. A fishing pole a tackle box and a back pack. If u can't I understand.
Dom Ksau
Dom Ksau 2 oy oldin
Jason G. Believe Art
I got a place for you to check out. It's a 1930 textile mill pond. May find some super old treasure. It's tucked away but alot fish the area as well. It's located in Griffin GA
Stephanie Capetillo
Totally go that would be an awesome experience
RYLAN Waters
RYLAN Waters 2 oy oldin
What do you do with the stuff you find
Dalton Hutchison
Dalton Hutchison 2 oy oldin
That would be awsome. You should get yappy and jake and head to palow
Phaser Vlogs
Phaser Vlogs 2 oy oldin
YO I LIVE IN GUAM AND I AM FROM PALAU. Palau has many rock islands. It's called jelly fish lake. The reason they don't have stingers Is because the lake was a dam but it broke. So all the stingers were no longer able to be kept together
Nandan .G.N
Nandan .G.N 2 oy oldin
Please I beg you clean the rivers please
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