Found a Working iPhone X Underwater in the River! (Returned Lost iPhone to Owner)

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In this video I found a lost iPhone X in the river while scuba diving and returned it to the owner!
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Found a Working iPhone in the River! (Returned Lost iPhone to Owner)
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Found Working iPhone X in River While Scuba Diving! (Returned to Owner) uzvid.com/video/video-VfrsFd5NcCs.html





18-May, 2018

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DALLMYD 6 oy oldin
Thank you so much for 4,000,000 subscribers! You have all changed my life and I am forever grateful. I feel so lucky and blessed to reach this incredible milestone. Thank you! UPDATE: I've received a lot of comments stating that this may be fake. I have never setup a find and/or video and I never will. This is exactly how the story unfolded. I could've simple "found" the iPhone X again to have the clip in the video, but I'm a honest guy so I showed you guys exactly how the story unfolded. Sucks I didn't have the iPhone X on film when I found it, but it is what it is. I'm not going to refilm and act like I found it again. For those asking about the thumbnail, I took a picture of the phone underwater with Jack camera after I found it. I think setting up finds would absolutely ruin the fun and I will never do that. I just need to livestream for you guys haha maybe one day ;)
Crispin Shipp
Crispin Shipp 20 kun oldin
you have 6,000,000
Lisa Hobbs
Lisa Hobbs 20 kun oldin
No thank you for what you do Keep up the good work
hammeritered1 Oy oldin
مهدي كيم يوفر السيمو
Wok and a few other people to be more than just the way
rj Revelo
rj Revelo 2 oy oldin
you should start a sunglasses shop becuase you found sunglasses all day
Faryad Onqa
Faryad Onqa Soat oldin
That's the I phone 7
GamingDoggo 18
GamingDoggo 18 6 soat oldin
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 7 soat oldin
My man jake tryna meet tfue or what
ɴαnσ thє ᴀndrσídwíng
2:48 I'm pretty sure that's a Black Ghost Knife Fish, not sure though.
Nini San
Nini San 9 soat oldin
you found alot of glasses!
-Im a christian but im not perfect-
The friend gave him a home adress but they met at a Burger King
Wyatt Ramsey
Wyatt Ramsey 11 soat oldin
That bone that you picked up is a piece of a human's spine
Trà Tiên Nguyễn
Trà Tiên Nguyễn 11 soat oldin
amrito68 18 soat oldin
tfue brother headass
Worst Tuber
Worst Tuber 21 soat oldin
You should freaking keep them :/ but it is very kind of you giving it back :3
Gamerz Gaming
Gamerz Gaming Kun oldin
Yang orang indonesia mana☝️☝️☝️☝️
muhhamad fauzan
muhhamad fauzan Kun oldin
J Jones
J Jones Kun oldin
You talk to much
James 2 soat oldin
It's spelt too asshat
J Jones
J Jones Kun oldin
Jessica Greville
That's ok
Malou Cempron
Malou Cempron Kun oldin
You found a apple ;-;
Yarey Agosto
Yarey Agosto Kun oldin
Andrew Necols
Andrew Necols Kun oldin
You are mistaken if you find a bone 🦴 that’s mean God send you to discover-someone murdered and dump in the river you should handle it to the police
Claire Petrie
Claire Petrie Kun oldin
the black phone is a iPhone 7
Jaycie Samchez
Jaycie Samchez 19 soat oldin
You are so brave good job
Cathleen Yedinak
im watchung dis in 2019 LOL
Alisiyab5 20 soat oldin
Cathleen Yedinak it isn’t even 2019 yet what are you talking about?
Cathleen Yedinak
iTs A cRoC bOne To bIg For FISh
Kacper Jachym
Kacper Jachym Kun oldin
Jack found IPhone 7
Trechia Guthrie
Trechia Guthrie Kun oldin
That's you back bone your spine
فاطمة فودة
اة الواد البت دة ابو شعر
Fluffy Donut
Fluffy Donut 2 kun oldin
Wait is he tfues brother he looks familiar idk
JB Baller
JB Baller Kun oldin
Fluffy Donut the guy with the blond hair dreads yes he is
Walyson henrique
Walyson henrique 2 kun oldin
Alguem Brasil?????????
XXX Tentacion
XXX Tentacion 9 soat oldin
e aí
Leandro Lima
Leandro Lima Kun oldin
Gam Gam
Gam Gam 2 kun oldin
Jan Quezon
Jan Quezon 2 kun oldin
snake bone or anaconda 😀
Cathleen Yedinak
Jan Quezon
Jan Quezon 2 kun oldin
that was a creepy river. 😲
Ivanneka Mccalebb
Ivanneka Mccalebb 2 kun oldin
tornike1998 GT
tornike1998 GT 2 kun oldin
I love this guy because he returns the items, and doesn't keeps it or sells it to get money.
Logan Dodson
Logan Dodson 2 kun oldin
You need to use this mask more often
Jadyn Vu
Jadyn Vu 2 kun oldin
- -
- - 2 kun oldin
Sure you just FOUND that
احمد اوميد
وش تكي تكي
zaid TV
zaid TV 3 kun oldin
تكي تكي
Roblox Master
Roblox Master 3 kun oldin
Why is DALLMYD so scared of snakes
sheriff murrell
sheriff murrell 3 kun oldin
what kind of wetsuit do you wear please answer I need to know
SCC MOPS 3 kun oldin
wish i cold be on the vide with you
Sergio Espinoza
Sergio Espinoza 3 kun oldin
wate fac
Twenty One Zøe’s At The Fall Disco Urie
It’s hilarious to hear what goes through your mind when diving. You takes so much it’s so funny 😂
Jacey Schroeder
Jacey Schroeder 3 kun oldin
HE LOOKS LIKE TARZAN!!!!! Like if You agree
Dvonne Johnson
Dvonne Johnson 4 kun oldin
If it was an alligator all you have to do is listen for the hisss
Movie Access
Movie Access 4 kun oldin
It's iPhone 7 Matte Black
OGC OVERTAKER 4 kun oldin
Are you ceeday
Louis K.
Louis K. 4 kun oldin
Benjamin Boodhun
Benjamin Boodhun 4 kun oldin
Man just gave me a heart attack with the oooooooooooh! thats a huge fish
Patricia Naaman
Patricia Naaman 5 kun oldin
Jk I'm just joking
Patricia Naaman
Patricia Naaman 5 kun oldin
Wait that is mine ohh my god that is my iPhone pls I want it back its been so long
Roblox Master
Roblox Master 3 kun oldin
シbr0ken 4 kun oldin
Shut up
anonima 5 kun oldin
really ?
k_zRin 5 kun oldin
“oh theres a fish down here, if he can survive i can survive”
Jocelyn Alonzo
Jocelyn Alonzo 5 kun oldin
I do not like this I'm going back -Me at social events! Also the fishes name is .....hmm...I name him Bob
Duta Tambunan
Duta Tambunan 5 kun oldin
Iphone x boooooooooo
Cathleen Yedinak
shot op
Heather Sommermeyer
Why didnt ge never use it
Marlyn Guzman
Marlyn Guzman 5 kun oldin
That was the iPhone xr
Angie Smith
Angie Smith 10 soat oldin
Marlyn Guzman I have the x r lol
Dex YT
Dex YT 4 kun oldin
Marlyn Guzman how is it the xr when it just came out about a month ago?😂
Marietta Rubin
Marietta Rubin 5 kun oldin
love your videos plz make them all your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cynthia castaneda
Cynthia castaneda 5 kun oldin
Sonny Miller
Sonny Miller 5 kun oldin
James Taylor
James Taylor 5 kun oldin
It's a snake bone
Patronus PL
Patronus PL 5 kun oldin
That fish is called /Charlie/
Helen Smith
Helen Smith 5 kun oldin
I Don't know the Name of That Fish i Will Call it Long Boi for Now
Müzik Mekanı
Müzik Mekanı 5 kun oldin
Tek Türk benim lan burda
Yılmaz Power
Yılmaz Power 3 kun oldin
Ajan Profesyonel
Ajan Profesyonel 4 kun oldin
Plasma Wolf
Plasma Wolf 5 kun oldin
iPhone 6 that’s what jack found
chasis averiado
chasis averiado 5 kun oldin
New sub
Büşra Nur Güven
Büşra Nur Güven 5 kun oldin
iPhone x 😱😱
Tis Vargas
Tis Vargas 6 kun oldin
Love your videos. I get sooo nervous when youre in those dark waters.
Trackerz 6 kun oldin
Wait.... If his gopro is out of battery then How da heck did he made that thumbnail.
Wyatt Stone
Wyatt Stone 2 kun oldin
Probably spare batteries
YUMMY TV 6 kun oldin
Naima Sadiq
Naima Sadiq 6 kun oldin
Bubblz Tea
Bubblz Tea 6 kun oldin
Christ Representers Praise dancers
Can i have the xxx
Monty SplatDiamond
Monty SplatDiamond 6 kun oldin
I phone7
Monty SplatDiamond
Monty SplatDiamond 6 kun oldin
Sick sick
Aaryn Legg
Aaryn Legg 6 kun oldin
Thats an iPhone 7!
Luka getsadze
Luka getsadze 6 kun oldin
that 7 th one
Spex__ 6 kun oldin
*swims around* 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH' 'oh' 'its a fish' you gave me a mf heart attack
ivan lambert
ivan lambert 6 kun oldin
wow wow is cool DOUND
William Belarmino
William Belarmino 6 kun oldin
pls Give me Cellphone
Dale Jurgensen
Dale Jurgensen 7 kun oldin
That's a human bone._. GET OUT OF THE WATER
John Balarosan
John Balarosan 7 kun oldin
iPhone x📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱📱!!!!!!
Ella Sommer
Ella Sommer 7 kun oldin
Did any one else see that huge fossils looking spine thing when he was looking at the “human”bone cause I did and that stuff freaked me out
Braylynn Dunnavant
Braylynn Dunnavant 7 kun oldin
I liked it better with out the mask that let u talk............JK love it
Asher Jessop
Asher Jessop 7 kun oldin
Witch river
Asmaa Khan
Asmaa Khan 6 kun oldin
You mean which
Ja'Kiya Lashaé
Ja'Kiya Lashaé 7 kun oldin
Thats the iphone 7 he found
Jellohips 7 kun oldin
3NDER 7 kun oldin
You need to go to a reef and do this. Another UZvidr was in Europe and found about $400 in euros
süper harun kaya
süper harun kaya 7 kun oldin
Bunları nasıl buluyorsun?
Dash DriverUK
Dash DriverUK 7 kun oldin
How did you get into to use the iPhone x? They have face is and a pass code?
Clint Boettner
Clint Boettner 3 kun oldin
Security must have been disabled
Clint Boettner
Clint Boettner 3 kun oldin
How else would they have gotten into his contacts and text messages?
Emmanuel Martinez Huerta
they didnt use it they just said it worked, so they may have just powered it on and confirmed that it worked
Bleach Water
Bleach Water 8 kun oldin
Cheyenne Davis
Cheyenne Davis 8 kun oldin
How are you today for the people that are just scrolling through the comments I want to see you are awesome you are great and you Read more
Amy Wright
Amy Wright 5 kun oldin
What thecheck
The Fat Roach
The Fat Roach 7 kun oldin
Abdullah Gazi
Abdullah Gazi 8 kun oldin
good finding
Lewis and Alex Mcl
Lewis and Alex Mcl 8 kun oldin
iPhone 8
Jessica Bentley
Jessica Bentley 8 kun oldin
IPhone 6
TuM BY 95
TuM BY 95 8 kun oldin
Jessica Bentley
Jessica Bentley 8 kun oldin
A person
Mariela Ponce
Mariela Ponce 8 kun oldin
A racon
Caryss C
Caryss C 8 kun oldin
They posted on my birthday 😀😊
Cameron Marshall
Cameron Marshall 7 kun oldin
so cool
Sanita Cerina
Sanita Cerina 8 kun oldin
Thats so cool!
Gage Spencer
Gage Spencer 8 kun oldin
Joog squad
Shinugami Plop
Shinugami Plop 8 kun oldin
3:40 he is singing hahaha
Winjar 8 kun oldin
That's a fish bone
Zul Fitri
Zul Fitri 8 kun oldin
Please give me back
Zul Fitri
Zul Fitri 8 kun oldin
Oh no my phone
Real Treasure
Yil oldin