Found a Working iPhone X Underwater in the River! (Returned Lost iPhone to Owner)

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In this video I found a lost iPhone X in the river while scuba diving and returned it to the owner!
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Found Working iPhone X in River While Scuba Diving! (Returned to Owner) uzvid.com/video/video-VfrsFd5NcCs.html





18-May, 2018

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DALLMYD 9 oy oldin
Thank you so much for 4,000,000 subscribers! You have all changed my life and I am forever grateful. I feel so lucky and blessed to reach this incredible milestone. Thank you! UPDATE: I've received a lot of comments stating that this may be fake. I have never setup a find and/or video and I never will. This is exactly how the story unfolded. I could've simple "found" the iPhone X again to have the clip in the video, but I'm a honest guy so I showed you guys exactly how the story unfolded. Sucks I didn't have the iPhone X on film when I found it, but it is what it is. I'm not going to refilm and act like I found it again. For those asking about the thumbnail, I took a picture of the phone underwater with Jack camera after I found it. I think setting up finds would absolutely ruin the fun and I will never do that. I just need to livestream for you guys haha maybe one day ;)
RobloxGamerBro17 17
DALLMYD You mean 6M
Mark parker
Mark parker Oy oldin
FcgvhguhvyvyvyvvvgvgbhbI ftcvfgfcfyuyugf5tfgg5vt&gftcvvgv*
Ed H
Ed H Oy oldin
4 million???? When I am typing this, it shows 6.6 Million!! Talk about SKYROCKETING!!
Marcus Finneron
The phone was a iPhone 8
Crispin Shipp
Crispin Shipp 3 oy oldin
you have 6,000,000
y n
y n 9 soat oldin
Why is the water red on the go pro
erixdelara 11 soat oldin
My glass are there bro
erixdelara 11 soat oldin
Aplee phone
Latexie. Kun oldin
Next: I found hitler underwater
horse_love_4 18 soat oldin
Loozer Kun oldin
Sorry I’m not convinced on the whole iPhone X thing, you camera just hApPeNeD to die to record the only proof u could get :/
Wolf Lover
Wolf Lover 2 kun oldin
It s Iphone 6
XxX-Boys-XxX Kun oldin
same as i-phone x daah
Miara Bartee
Miara Bartee 2 kun oldin
U bee littt
XxcrazygamesxX 2 kun oldin
best diver ever i can bet on that one!
Kids Raney
Kids Raney 2 kun oldin
Sulden Sergelen
Sulden Sergelen 2 kun oldin
Jack is tfues brother
sulaiman sulaiman
sulaiman sulaiman 3 kun oldin
You put your own iphone and go underwater
Luisa Bradford Gnecco
How do they unlocked the iPhone x?
KDGxERDEM 3 kun oldin
Titedie 4 kun oldin
@12:13 definitely looks like a pistol lol
Louise Widdrington
Louise Widdrington 4 kun oldin
You forgot your finger nail, great video
Juan Pavon
Juan Pavon 4 kun oldin
Tfue brother on the right
GUNSZ123 FORTNITE 5 kun oldin
Looks like this video was published today
Jacob 5 kun oldin
They probably put everything in the water themselves
黎家雯 6 kun oldin
Mhgp jSpackltrnmawkg irafy 😊😊😊😊👍
Louis Jv
Louis Jv 6 kun oldin
Where do you swim
Braeden Arnold
Braeden Arnold 6 kun oldin
jack you are so cool
Wolf Lover
Wolf Lover 2 kun oldin
It s jake its not jack
DanyGalaxy90 7 kun oldin
Next video: I found Samsung Galaxy S10 underwater
horse_love_4 17 soat oldin
+Wolf Lover yes
Wolf Lover
Wolf Lover 17 soat oldin
+horse_love_4 are you female?
horse_love_4 18 soat oldin
Wolf Lover
Wolf Lover 2 kun oldin
albert einstien
albert einstien 7 kun oldin
I love your channel and diveing
Tim Crossman
Tim Crossman 7 kun oldin
dude your vids are awesome
Alexis Hernández
Alexis Hernández 7 kun oldin
Like si vienes de Un poco de todo
Snowflake Anime
Snowflake Anime 8 kun oldin
The black one is an iPhone 8
underestimated kid
underestimated kid 8 kun oldin
Isn't he tfue's brother
Jaxson Araiza
Jaxson Araiza 8 kun oldin
Who’s watching this in 2019
Snowflake Anime
Snowflake Anime 8 kun oldin
Jaxson Araiza me
Brian Holzwordt
Brian Holzwordt 8 kun oldin
Jaxson Araiza just found this channel, so I’m watching in 2019, and probably beyond. I got some catching up to do.
Sharrone Nard
Sharrone Nard 8 kun oldin
I am
Rachel Fannon
Rachel Fannon 8 kun oldin
3:39 had me crying 😂🤣
Landon Hamby
Landon Hamby 8 kun oldin
If i found a iPhone x under water i would keep it take the name off of it
Are You Intoxicated?
Think about good and bad karma before you keep it. What goes around comes around.
ShaneAndAdyn 7 kun oldin
I'd Rather rturn the iPhone than keep it....It could be illegal
Jmantigersfan !
Jmantigersfan ! 9 kun oldin
Jack found the IPhone 8
Rebecca Watkins
Rebecca Watkins 11 kun oldin
Its a fish bonr
get outtahere
get outtahere 11 kun oldin
да большую часть он наверное сам и подкидывает заранее, а потом такой: "воу, вот это находка!"
Denis Kyznetsoff
Denis Kyznetsoff 9 kun oldin
Arrow BR
Arrow BR 12 kun oldin
oiuytrgyuijhtgfreetr5r4 se l okoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
ReNz Tv
ReNz Tv 13 kun oldin
Connor B
Connor B 13 kun oldin
Kyle Denyer
Kyle Denyer 13 kun oldin
Is that Tfue Brother
Bawi Tin Lian Hlawn Ceu
I feel the same
ItzZ Joni
ItzZ Joni 13 kun oldin
That is either a iphone 7 or 8
Farhan Ali
Farhan Ali 2 kun oldin
It’s a 7
Yousof Fayoumi
Yousof Fayoumi 14 kun oldin
0:22 ‘sound effect’ well, this is how you know this is a addicting game
FortniteGod77 14 kun oldin
This video maker my day
Marylou Hebia
Marylou Hebia 14 kun oldin
3:39 you should perform that LOL
im stupid
im stupid 15 kun oldin
Tfue brother
Isaac Delgado
Isaac Delgado 15 kun oldin
U found it when your camera died wow not even sketchy
Isaac Delgado
Isaac Delgado 15 kun oldin
I came here because of joog squad and tfue
Noah Georgeadis
Noah Georgeadis 14 kun oldin
Brady Mack
Brady Mack 15 kun oldin
It’s a bowfin. 2:51
Paula Fischer
Paula Fischer 16 kun oldin
He found a iPhone 7
Julio Paes
Julio Paes 16 kun oldin
Algum br aqui ?
dwights model railroad
Ryan Armstrong
Ryan Armstrong 16 kun oldin
mY cAmErA DieD
不缺爱不花心 16 kun oldin
Its a spine half of the human
The Defemders
The Defemders 17 kun oldin
That i phone x is mine
Sour Sweet
Sour Sweet 17 kun oldin
the iphone 6
Salvatore Rivera
Salvatore Rivera 17 kun oldin
Or the iPhone 7
Salvatore Rivera
Salvatore Rivera 17 kun oldin
It the iPhone 6
Cartman Green
Cartman Green 18 kun oldin
Dead bone
smoker xxx 138 lynrah
Can you give me a scuba mask
Kingsolomon7 19 kun oldin
If it was in the water it wouldn’t work
Ryan Armstrong
Ryan Armstrong 16 kun oldin
the iPhone X is waterproof
Kelly Dresher
Kelly Dresher 18 kun oldin
Kingsolomon7 if it’s in a water Proof bag it will work
DeepSp4ce23 19 kun oldin
Kingsolomon7 this is the 21st century. We have waterproof stuff.
Maartje ten Cate-Stolwijk
Dat is echt gaaf
Sigge 20 kun oldin
Yeah of course his camera dies
Brayden Lewis
Brayden Lewis 20 kun oldin
Kobi Hipwell
Kobi Hipwell 20 kun oldin
iphone 7
Jayden Walker
Jayden Walker 21 kun oldin
IPhone 7
Gabriel Boes
Gabriel Boes 21 kun oldin
Daniel Morgan
Daniel Morgan 21 kun oldin
Gun at 12:12?
Darren Kemp
Darren Kemp 16 kun oldin
Omg yes
Yonas Gron
Yonas Gron 19 kun oldin
i see
The Larsen Family
The Larsen Family 21 kun oldin
Wait I never seen this until I saw him with tfue, but your friends is that tfue brother?
Kenny_YoungUltima YT
And that phone you found was an Iphone6
KirbLink 15 kun oldin
+Kenny_YoungUltima YT spoiled brat..
Kenny_YoungUltima YT
+Chris Lawson I have a XR
Chris Lawson
Chris Lawson 21 kun oldin
It was a 7 look at the camera that's shows that u have a android
Kenny_YoungUltima YT
You're such a nice person,I wish you were my friend
นภสร พีค็อค
You underwater: Making my way down the (idk) I’m gonna look for an IPhone X! Me:Blub blub blub bluuuub
GroundGamee 22 kun oldin
If y’all found an iPhone X would y’all keep it? Or return it to the owner?🤔 id keep bc I’m broke 😂
It's Kpoparie
It's Kpoparie 9 kun oldin
Just becuz your broke you are not gonna give it back like that's just wrongg
It's Kpoparie
It's Kpoparie 9 kun oldin
I'll return it to the owner cause I already have a phone plus if I don't have one I'll still return it cause it ain't mine.
Cheyennes Asmr
Cheyennes Asmr 19 kun oldin
vGroundGame returnnn
Sebastian 0113
Sebastian 0113 20 kun oldin
I hate it when people say y’all
Kenny_YoungUltima YT
If I found it,I would try to find the owner,if I can't get in any information about the owner I would give up then keep it
mai ngo
mai ngo 23 kun oldin
Jack looks like tfue
Ruben HD
Ruben HD 20 kun oldin
Hes Tfues brother dude
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 23 kun oldin
mai ngo nice joke
Thomas The Tank Engine
Probably lost it to phone pinching
Kai sa-i
Kai sa-i 24 kun oldin
oh haha this man needs fame
Rebecca Fuller
Rebecca Fuller 24 kun oldin
It was a freaking IPhone X
Hashim Khandakar
Hashim Khandakar 24 kun oldin
iPhone 7 I have one
Apex Legends streamer xD
iPhone 6 i Think
Yayasan JANNUR
Yayasan JANNUR 25 kun oldin
Tom Wensing
Tom Wensing 25 kun oldin
Oh no no
Turtle Viper YT
Turtle Viper YT 25 kun oldin
iPhone 7+ or 8
An Nhuyễn
An Nhuyễn 25 kun oldin
Việt Nam
Binh Minh Tran
Binh Minh Tran 13 kun oldin
Việt Nam
Baltimore News
Baltimore News 25 kun oldin
probly a iphone 7
Larry Abrego
Larry Abrego 25 kun oldin
Ayye t-fues brother
My Tablet
My Tablet 26 kun oldin
SHUT UP DUDE Can you find the difference 😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙 😙😙😙😙😙😚😙😙😙😙 😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙 😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙 😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙 Read more
Jack McCann
Jack McCann 23 kun oldin
My Tablet z
PZk3 23 kun oldin
Philippine Ball
Philippine Ball 25 kun oldin
My Tablet too far down
lawrence guttierez
lawrence guttierez 26 kun oldin
Shut up dude
Elliot Roen
Elliot Roen 26 kun oldin
that gopro is mine and I can fix it because I know how to
Xx_Unicornplayz_xX 24 kun oldin
Laila Amin that was 8 months ago
Laila Amin
Laila Amin 25 kun oldin
stop bcz it’s mine
Xx_Unicornplayz_xX 25 kun oldin
My Gacha Girls
My Gacha Girls 26 kun oldin
When you say “it sucks y’all couldn’t see the clip but I found an iPhone X” we know your lying.
AwAx 24 kun oldin
+Chris CXK yea right somebody would defenietly lose over a $1000 phone that is also very media sexy in the middle of nowhere
Chris CXK
Chris CXK 25 kun oldin
Thats certainly possible, but its way easier and more believable to plant the item and go back for it. I believe he found it.
Tristan Hoffmann
Tristan Hoffmann 26 kun oldin
It’s a iPhone 7
Abigail Chester
Abigail Chester 26 kun oldin
Is that tfue brother
Larry Abrego
Larry Abrego 25 kun oldin
Tobias AH
Tobias AH 26 kun oldin
Kylie Hore
Kylie Hore 27 kun oldin
iPhone 7
Kylie Hore
Kylie Hore 27 kun oldin
iPhone X and 7
Eli Zechner
Eli Zechner 27 kun oldin
Kylie Hore no it's an x
Boden Jones
Boden Jones 27 kun oldin
Some sort of trout I’d say.
origami Master
origami Master 27 kun oldin
Its tfues brother
Eli Zechner
Eli Zechner 27 kun oldin
origami Master no duh...
Lane McManus
Lane McManus 27 kun oldin
did anyone see the gun at like 12:10
Darren Kemp
Darren Kemp 16 kun oldin
I did
Mohammed Haroon
Mohammed Haroon 27 kun oldin
It's call a dark fosh
Brooke Johns
Brooke Johns 27 kun oldin
Can we have the I phone x and the money and shades PLEASE! !11!!!!!!!!! 11!
Lee Rowland
Lee Rowland 28 kun oldin
Man like I said I wish I can get an iPhone
Aimee Morris
Aimee Morris 29 kun oldin
jack found an iphone 7 :)
lawrence guttierez
lawrence guttierez 29 kun oldin
I phone that mine give it back!!!!!
Laila Amin
Laila Amin 25 kun oldin
Verde Kjestrup
Verde Kjestrup 26 kun oldin
We know your lying😕😕srry
Evan Johnstone
Evan Johnstone 28 kun oldin
lawrence guttierez it’s not urs he returned it to its owner u bot
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