Found Crashed DJI Phantom 4 Drone Underwater at Wakeboard Park! (Unbelievable Finds)

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Found Crashed DJI Phantom 4 and GoPro Underwater at Wakeboard Park! (Unbelievable Finds) uzvid.com/video/video-I6xbGitR2uY.html





19-May, 2018

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DALLMYD 6 oy oldin
Subscribe if you want to see the crashed drone's footage!!! :D
Md Zahid
Md Zahid 11 soat oldin
Nice video😊😊😊😊😊
Tami Moores
Tami Moores 10 kun oldin
KING NOORANI 28 kun oldin
sukhdev sembhi
Yes I wants to see
Collin O'Brien
I subscribed and turned on the bell
billie smith
billie smith 11 soat oldin
it is a oil filter
Harry Constantinou
Why where they wherein Hellmets
James Jennings
James Jennings 7 soat oldin
Los Game plays
Los Game plays Kun oldin
Sarah st andre
Sarah st andre Kun oldin
Do you know a Brooklynn
Music and Gaming
Music and Gaming 2 kun oldin
Er hat immer Glück
Azhani Solahuddin
Azhani Solahuddin 3 kun oldin
You are lunch and dinner
Sand family farm
Sand family farm 3 kun oldin
That Jonh Deere thing is a oil filter I just changed one on my tractor
Manmohan Kori
Manmohan Kori 4 kun oldin
Jarosław Ryplewski
John Deere....it's an oil filter.
Go Pro Yuma and Mina The Rottweilers
Wow that's a lucky find👍😮
Phan Vĩnh Thái
Phan Vĩnh Thái 5 kun oldin
Mấy bác cho e hỏi Flaycam bị rớt vậy còn lấy được gì không hay là hư lun
Mr. Macen'k
Mr. Macen'k 5 kun oldin
Where is the remote control of drone?
Nich Williams
Nich Williams 6 kun oldin
John Deere oil filter
YALIN ARF 6 kun oldin
Sashi Jr
Sashi Jr 7 kun oldin
Hey you just copied this video clickbaiterrrrrr
Kay Martell
Kay Martell 7 kun oldin
) 970;Lin just I’mfcbvh*ch/uhjhhhnjjhhhu
Kverto Animations
Kverto Animations 6 kun oldin
Uh, what are you sayin' ?
el carinlloso
el carinlloso 7 kun oldin
Good garbage collector
CNCmachiningisfun 8 kun oldin
DJI makes great *DROWNS.* ;) .
Sivas Records
Sivas Records 9 kun oldin
Put that drone in rice 😂
Ciuridda Channel
Ciuridda Channel 9 kun oldin
Very nice video ☺
Technical guru
Technical guru 10 kun oldin
TATEM PARKS 10 kun oldin
Aril Bahtiar
Aril Bahtiar 11 kun oldin
This is very good activites
Dara Schuh
Dara Schuh 11 kun oldin
R7lxusy b cj Heydh5uutj4
DAYTON FLORES 11 kun oldin
nice man!!!!!!!
damien gibson
damien gibson 12 kun oldin
The date on the oil filter or john deere thing is when it was last serviced not when it was put in the water lol
Par Mor
Par Mor 12 kun oldin
You should have found the alligator too. That would be the most valuable treasure for your mind.
Mike mike
Mike mike 12 kun oldin
I would get a boner if you bumped into a anaconda that ate you alive
Ross W.
Ross W. 13 kun oldin
That John Deere thing you found was an oil filter.
Henry Fehr
Henry Fehr 13 kun oldin
It's a john Deere oil filter
Turbo Speed
Turbo Speed 14 kun oldin
My dad has the same drone like that
Roy Doodles
Roy Doodles 14 kun oldin
Rip drone...
Kenny Truong
Kenny Truong 14 kun oldin
9:35 "one of the coolest finds I've ever found"
bad Good
bad Good 14 kun oldin
I found an oil filter leaking oil and a drone that is junk and a go pro that is junk wow you are winning aren't you. If you think that's cool just go to the garbage dump. You seem like the guy that gets impressed when you find a big terd.
UnderMystic 2008
UnderMystic 2008 4 kun oldin
Settle down. Go watch sum thing else.
Valiant N
Valiant N 14 kun oldin
settle down bruh
Leo The dog
Leo The dog 14 kun oldin
Thanks for the good vid also my pop had a DJI phantom 4 and a crazy alcoholic jumped on it and it smashed into pieces :(
Go Pro Yuma and Mina The Rottweilers
Omg that's terrible, we're you able to repair it?
T.C Sathyanarayana
T.C Sathyanarayana 14 kun oldin
Can you please give me that drone please to my address
raz raz
raz raz 15 kun oldin
Marshmello thing😂😂😂
jholl jholl
jholl jholl 16 kun oldin
bow bow
Nicpodsa_ JKLW
Nicpodsa_ JKLW 16 kun oldin
That john deere thing was an oil filter
Multi Hacker
Multi Hacker 17 kun oldin
This drone is mine😁😂
Assam Creation
Assam Creation 17 kun oldin
Is this real.?
hasnain raza
hasnain raza 17 kun oldin
Lord of Dogs
Lord of Dogs 18 kun oldin
Let me guess, did the drone started flying after you put the battery in?
parveen zaeem
parveen zaeem 2 kun oldin
yeah really did it
Cackling Hyena
Cackling Hyena 19 kun oldin
who is the chick at @6:54? She is flames!
M K 19 kun oldin
8:36 Thats an Oilfilter
Cackling Hyena
Cackling Hyena 19 kun oldin
LOL he wouldn't know that
Aye_Aye_Aye_Aye_Aye_Aye_Aye_Aye_Aye_Aye_Aye_Aye_AyeAye_Aye_Aye_Aye_Aye_Aye_Aye_Aye_Aye_Aye_Aye_Aye_AyeAye_Aye_Aye_Aye_Aye_Aye_Aye_Aye_Aye_Aye_Aye_Aye_AyeAye_Aye_Aye_Aye_Aye_Aye_Aye_Aye_Aye_Aye_Aye_Aye_Aye That's how you end it
upil gaming gaming
upil gaming gaming 20 kun oldin
Diving is cool
Ionel Floria
Ionel Floria 22 kun oldin
Diving is cool 😎
Augisplayz 999
Augisplayz 999 22 kun oldin
I want to go scubba
Erlinasobari Erlina R
Clayton Reining
Clayton Reining 23 kun oldin
The John deere thing is an oil filter
Otavio Paiva
Otavio Paiva 23 kun oldin
Marco Antonio Silva
Marco Antonio Silva 23 kun oldin
Hay me no sei falar englich dereito
random lightning wolf pheonix
I love finding treasure😎😎😃😃😆😆😏😏
Hricko 25 kun oldin
What? Who would throw the dron into the Water.
Sashi Jr
Sashi Jr 7 kun oldin
Someone was flying and it crashed and fell down and this is not the real UZvidr he is a clickbaiter
Jason Borden
Jason Borden 22 kun oldin
It crashed into the water
josher 25 kun oldin
what footage was on the gopro and the dji phantom???
Santosh Nimbalkar
Santosh Nimbalkar 24 kun oldin
I am joen
Jon Name Change
Jon Name Change 26 kun oldin
Dear John, that can with John Deere written on it, and the date, is an oil filter for filtering oil for a John Deere tractor, expired on that date. So it was thrown into the water by a polluting tractor driver. You should throw it back at him.
Денис Берёзка
Very nice
Evan Rogers
Evan Rogers 27 kun oldin
That John deer thing is a oil filter for a truck or tractor
Sudha K L
Sudha K L 27 kun oldin
Walkar Paul
Walkar Paul 28 kun oldin
nb superstar
nb superstar 28 kun oldin
the drone was mine
nb superstar
nb superstar 28 kun oldin
Vera Fullerton
Vera Fullerton 29 kun oldin
did you put the fishing rod under there like if agree
Zenthis Gaming
Zenthis Gaming 29 kun oldin
Absolutely disheartening that when you found that John Deere part you didn't know what it was... how can you NOT tell its an oil filter?
Jason  Jackson
Jason Jackson 16 kun oldin
Zenthis Gaming that happens when school districts stop teaching shop classes as part of their curriculum.
Zenthis Gaming
Zenthis Gaming 26 kun oldin
but an oil filter is a pretty recognizable part of vehicles. Cars have em too yknow
Morons Diys
Morons Diys 26 kun oldin
I hope you understand that this guy dives for a living and doesn't fix tractors
gorginious CRNI
gorginious CRNI 29 kun oldin
Great video! I wish I can do this one day in the water. Stay cool!
Owen’s Game Mania OGM64
My dad has the same drone
movies in mobile
movies in mobile 29 kun oldin
Thanks for cleaning the river
funny gamer
funny gamer Oy oldin
jigging with jordan
Nelu Banica
Nelu Banica Oy oldin
Apa nu și face bine
Otto Kretschmer
Amazing how much crab there is in the water.
Matthew Escobar
Hemant Chaudhari
Dan Vaught
Dan Vaught Oy oldin
It's not gonna work.
colten Thalman
It a oil filter
Jonathan Feathers
its an oil filter
Jays Bike Hacks
High free oil filter
KamileQ Oy oldin
could it even fly?
KamileQ 23 kun oldin
+Human woooooo i have tello its enough for me xD
Human 23 kun oldin
it could ( if you fxi it)
Mak Kabeer
Mak Kabeer Oy oldin
River cleaner
Hamomamo Playz
thats what I have its an amazing toy!
super (:_:)
geo wiko
geo wiko Oy oldin
A George? I am George
Rider gow3
Rider gow3 Oy oldin
shadow gaming pl
No air tank?? That sux
Kitty gore12234
Cool you're in brazil. i think?
Kitty gore12234
Diego Barbosa
Diego Barbosa Oy oldin
gta world
gta world Oy oldin
What did u do that dron
Jayden Martinez
do a video with your girlfriend
Zika Gamer
Zika Gamer Oy oldin
Diego Barbosa
Diego Barbosa Oy oldin
Matthew Dennard
That was ether a fuel filter or oil filter
Matthew Dennard
Shane Hightower I knew it was one of them I know Diesels have fuel filters designed like the oil filters
Shane Hightower
Your right. It’s an oil filter off of a John Deere 9000 series tractor.
Brittney Tillman
Valdosta girl here! So cool to see you in my town!!
Shankar Shankar
tech site
tech site Oy oldin
had the drone is working
Flashted Oy oldin
It's a boat anchor, aside from the shell, it's toast...
Andrew uNelson
Mr. Giraffe420
Finds drone at 9:10
JbOnE Oy oldin
Been rocking with you since bo3 days my dude been here since week 1
bluewater beats
Nice video