Found Crashed DJI Phantom 4 Drone Underwater at Wakeboard Park! (Unbelievable Finds)

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Found Crashed DJI Phantom 4 and GoPro Underwater at Wakeboard Park! (Unbelievable Finds) uzvid.com/video/video-I6xbGitR2uY.html





19-May, 2018

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DALLMYD 4 oy oldin
Subscribe if you want to see the crashed drone's footage!!! :D
Єгор Євтушок
Ти найшов мою новпро камеру
Alexy Rey
Alexy Rey 2 kun oldin
joan nimfa montero
joan nimfa montero 13 kun oldin
That is my drone im telling the truth
حسام الرسام HD حسام الرسام HD
DALLMYD قتيتتيتظتبربرطرط
Saad w.f
Saad w.f 14 kun oldin
Dallmyd abonne plz
brett cheeseman
brett cheeseman 4 soat oldin
can it still fly? haha
Anirudh Dixit
Anirudh Dixit 15 soat oldin
Aha tho piano saaf Karen par Lara hai
Boris RC
Boris RC 22 soat oldin
All of your videos could be easily faked.
Shania Grant
Shania Grant 2 kun oldin
I love you vdio
ghost med
ghost med 2 kun oldin
john deere oil filter
fajar ramadan
fajar ramadan 2 kun oldin
Joshsauto84 2 kun oldin
fajar ramadan what does T mean
David Hernandez
David Hernandez 3 kun oldin
Who else thought it was a curious crab in the pic
Dana Flanik
Dana Flanik 3 kun oldin
so much weird trash!
C9 SnD Fan
C9 SnD Fan 3 kun oldin
My favorite part is favorite part
Go Fast
Go Fast 3 kun oldin
Someone's Phantom 4 Pro landed in the drink , ouch...
Tlusty RC
Tlusty RC 3 kun oldin
Its an oil filter
Juan Carlos Calderón Sanz
Checaste la memoria ?
kriptonis 3 kun oldin
4:02 - how cute your man-purse!
Joshsauto84 2 kun oldin
# R U D E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
baby driver
baby driver 3 kun oldin
You found my drone
comedy hackers
comedy hackers 14 soat oldin
baby driver
baby driver Kun oldin
Why domyou think that that drone was really my
Joshsauto84 2 kun oldin
baby driver lies
baby driver
baby driver 2 kun oldin
What no why no
MorksMate 2 kun oldin
baby driver no
Briseida Villalobos
Wow si muchas fotos stuff.
Melissa Sambu
Melissa Sambu 4 kun oldin
This is so satisfying
wowik wowkinn
wowik wowkinn 4 kun oldin
silver sketch
silver sketch 4 kun oldin
that my cousins drone 🤣
silver sketch
silver sketch Kun oldin
Joshsauto84 we went over there last summer and we were jetskinng and he hit the drone and freaked out
Joshsauto84 2 kun oldin
silver sketch lies
hola soy mateo bibo en balledupar por fabor me rregalas caña de pescar y el dron nunca etenido uno porfabor melo puedes regalar
zookster4 4 kun oldin
good video, The oil filter has probably been in there since the lake was dug or deepened and they decided to service the tractor at that time
King 4 kun oldin
Ironic that you found an Innova Shark in the water
Kenneth Dumagsa
Kenneth Dumagsa 4 kun oldin
Wow, it's a great treasure found under water...... like me a droner how hard to loss a drone
Yeseul Liao
Yeseul Liao 4 kun oldin
You are so good
Chris O'Riley
Chris O'Riley 5 kun oldin
Diving in murky as hell water, hear a gator, come out to tell about it... and then go back in. Yea, I'm gunna go ahead and say you're nuts! I like diving as much as the next guy, but not THAT MUCH!! If you're ever in Vermont, I'll go diving with you to try to find an outboard motor I lost a few years ago. I tried but failed. It's murky as hell... right up your alley! I can promise there won't be any gators! ;)
Adam Sobesto
Adam Sobesto 3 kun oldin
Marty Morrison
Marty Morrison 5 kun oldin
john deer looks like a tractor oil filter lol
Connor Duncan
Connor Duncan 5 kun oldin
8:50 is that a toad?
stag3t-m uspsa
stag3t-m uspsa 5 kun oldin
jane jane
jane jane 6 kun oldin
I hate it when someone pretending that this is there drone
Hard Truth
Hard Truth 6 kun oldin
I found a 250$ pair of Serengeti Sunglasses once while snorkeling in about 15 feet of water.... ;)
Hard Truth
Hard Truth 6 kun oldin
I don't understand WHY you would be getting excited and yelling Woohoo by finding a drone that has been underwater for some time where all the electronics would be corroded and fried and it would basically be a useless piece of plastic junk.......
Rohit kumar sahu
Rohit kumar sahu 5 kun oldin
No brother it is 1.5 lakh drone
Andrei Shorstkin
Andrei Shorstkin 3 kun oldin
Fernando Machado
Fernando Machado 6 kun oldin
Chanel Very good
The Wedge
The Wedge 6 kun oldin
Why don't you see if it turns on??
Ice Vlogs
Ice Vlogs 5 kun oldin
I cant it was underwater
Carson McElrath
Carson McElrath 7 kun oldin
That is a John Deere oil filter
Topvideos1001 Reviews
Hi chaps, they are not DRONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are Quadcopters, Drones Are the things the military use to kill terrorists GET IT RIGHT.
JP 6 kun oldin
get your facts straight! drone1 [drohn] See more synonyms for drone on Thesaurus.com noun an unmanned aircraft or ship that can navigate autonomously, without human control or beyond line of sight: the GPS of a U.S. spy drone. (loosely) any unmanned aircraft or ship that is guided remotely: a radio-controlled drone.
Panda Tuni
Panda Tuni 8 kun oldin
The drone had lights like green pink and more like blue...
Panda Tuni
Panda Tuni 8 kun oldin
My bigger brother has the same drone dji phantom
Angga Dwy
Angga Dwy 8 kun oldin
The water i.s cold
Gunman590603 5516
Gunman590603 5516 8 kun oldin
8:32 that’s a oil filter for a tractor
Tom Brenner
Tom Brenner 8 kun oldin
Looks like a John Deer oil filter.
Vasiliy Kashirin
Vasiliy Kashirin 8 kun oldin
I think its ok. Time to try it
Lisaa 8 kun oldin
miss more uploads
Dussa Madhukar
Dussa Madhukar 8 kun oldin
I adjust a controller u give drone to me
Dussa Madhukar
Dussa Madhukar 8 kun oldin
nice give that drone to me and send your WhatsApp number
Ginevra Valenti
Ginevra Valenti 8 kun oldin
The water it's cold?
Dominick Kelloway
Dominick Kelloway 9 kun oldin
I'm so happy you found that drums you found two drums and now you found free cuz I like you
Jud Bolland
Jud Bolland 9 kun oldin
You found a John deer oil filter
Mikeldy Abong
Mikeldy Abong 9 kun oldin
#:_)_): 2)99!0&/4&
Rabihah Abu Bakar
Rabihah Abu Bakar 10 kun oldin
Hi Jim Ban Ban
Mark Garcia
Mark Garcia 10 kun oldin
Is that Perc's drone ?
La Ray-RAP
La Ray-RAP 10 kun oldin
Still the drone work?
Jim Cars
Jim Cars 11 kun oldin
The John Deer is an Oil filter most likely off a tracker or something big like that.
Thiago G
Thiago G 11 kun oldin
9:07 😲😲😲😲
Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs 11 kun oldin
the drone will have a sd card in it because of the camera so thatcan help you get it back to the og owner
PERKINS_RC76 11 kun oldin
Is the drone shot
Edvin Nilsson
Edvin Nilsson 11 kun oldin
Stefan Löfven
เพชร สายกวนตีน
The-Mike_D 12 kun oldin
First video seeing this guy but I'm really impressed by his character, seems like a good fellow giving back or at least attempting to give back those lost items. Bonus points for bagging the trash.
Samar Pratap Singh
Samar Pratap Singh 12 kun oldin
Please give me that drone
Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs 11 kun oldin
no, he said it goes back to the original owners
Brandon Dickerson
Brandon Dickerson 12 kun oldin
Looked like a massive john deer oil filter, maybe for a cultivator or something of relative size. Just a guess
Brandon Dickerson
Brandon Dickerson 12 kun oldin
+Jason Anderson I be smurt
Jason Anderson
Jason Anderson 12 kun oldin
It is a oil filter
Richard Santos
Richard Santos 12 kun oldin
thef86f 12 kun oldin
9:08 thank me later
thef86f 10 kun oldin
Yeah I put it there for him to get it
Mip /Roblox
Mip /Roblox 10 kun oldin
We're you the owner of that drone?
thef86f 12 kun oldin
Yeah, we're not there at 9:08 but there is the drone
cyd cook
cyd cook 12 kun oldin
Im confused . There us nothing at 9:08
Ibnu Surya
Ibnu Surya 12 kun oldin
Sacha Tkachev
Sacha Tkachev 12 kun oldin
В России надо грузовик для мусора. Прикольные видео снимаешь
Linh Linh
Linh Linh 12 kun oldin
Rafael Anunciacion
Rafael Anunciacion 12 kun oldin
Are you beside of a golf corse b3cause in every video that you mad under water it has golf balls
Sathon Namboon
Sathon Namboon 13 kun oldin
He found a GoPro camera
Xx TheDarKxZero xX
Xx TheDarKxZero xX 13 kun oldin
What kind of watch do you use?
dallast21 13 kun oldin
Your worst video. Yak Yak Yak...We know what a shoe is or a beer can. Put them in your sack and drive on.
Brian Williams
Brian Williams 12 kun oldin
dallast21 hj
AAlexMC 12 kun oldin
dallast21 be grateful this guy is diving into some dark and disgusting places only to find stuff. He's just telling us what he found..
j732110X Simmons
j732110X Simmons 13 kun oldin
That's not a frisbee it's a disc golf disc
Darryl Rae Bella Remolador
Barry Eady
Barry Eady 13 kun oldin
I have a drone!
Sam Riley
Sam Riley 13 kun oldin
It’s all ruined so it’s pointless.
Ricardo Franca
Ricardo Franca 13 kun oldin
The Jonh deere product was a oil filter.
Moose 13 kun oldin
why you dont have a filter on the gopro ?
Lucas laube
Lucas laube 13 kun oldin
It’s a oil filter
Moose 13 kun oldin
8:05 "The marshmello thing"😂😂
joan nimfa montero
joan nimfa montero 13 kun oldin
WTFFff that's my drone yo give it back to Me yo
Полёт Колибри
Maddison Nicholls
Maddison Nicholls 14 kun oldin
Warm if u found someone who drowned....?!
Danielle van Stein
Danielle van Stein 14 kun oldin
Not thuis bat this
Prince Gaur
Prince Gaur 14 kun oldin
Repair that drone
Ricardo Franca
Ricardo Franca 13 kun oldin
How?its cheaper if u would buy another One. Its all fucked up inside
nada a ver
nada a ver 14 kun oldin
Danielle van Stein
Danielle van Stein 14 kun oldin
Thuis is cool
Danielle van Stein
Danielle van Stein 14 kun oldin
Not thuis bat this
Danielle van Stein
Danielle van Stein 14 kun oldin
Vanessa Easler
Vanessa Easler 14 kun oldin
Your hair looks flufgy
Uttam Pant
Uttam Pant 14 kun oldin
This guy is mad he found all the things in water next time he will found penis
RedZyo ™
RedZyo ™ 14 kun oldin
Có Việt Nam! ko ae
yioni killer
yioni killer 14 kun oldin
but this drone is broken so wtf ??
Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs 11 kun oldin
the drone also has a camera which means it will have an sd card in it
Silentip Дизайн
can be repaired
Vinh Nguyen
Vinh Nguyen 15 kun oldin
myhellkiller666xp 15 kun oldin
oil filter
maurandres ssolrod
maurandres ssolrod 15 kun oldin
1000 like
ed ton
ed ton 15 kun oldin
Great vid mate,well done from UK, oh I think we've established what the cylindrical thing was haha. Peace out dude.
Juliusson Gaming
Juliusson Gaming 15 kun oldin
5:35 | WTFFF! I thought some mini shark was coming at you!
moth balls
moth balls 15 kun oldin
Can i drawing
Tom Beck
Tom Beck 16 kun oldin
john deer tractor oil filter