Found Diamond Wedding Ring Metal Detecting Underwater! $5,000+ (Returned to Owner)

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In this video I search for a lost wedding ring underwater in the river!
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Hello! My name is Jake. I'm a Treasure Hunter, Scuba Diver, Freediver, Spearfsherman, Angler & UZvidr w/ 6,000,000+ Subscribers! I enjoy traveling to new destinations in hunt of urban treasure!
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5-Noy, 2018



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Fikrlar 3 965
Mandy Tull
Mandy Tull 7 soat oldin
Kick ass vid
RackyanHD 34 daqiqa oldin
+Rehan I Hell Yeah
Rehan I
Rehan I 7 soat oldin
Skylar Raven Knight
Skylar Raven Knight 8 soat oldin
Can I have the little girls hat?
Rehan I
Rehan I 7 soat oldin
It's mine!!!!!
aditi sharma
aditi sharma Kun oldin
You are such a pure soul you deserve the best
Derek Watt
Derek Watt Kun oldin
That looked like a gold nugget
Big O
Big O Kun oldin
Wow dude no wonder you have so many followers. You an amazing person. Your mom should be proud. Thanks for the video. It seems like your catching/finding a bunch of subscribers with your videos. FYI I saw your shark dive video and saw a bunch of links to other and decided to click on this one. It was a cool video to watch. I think what made this was closure. You reunited the ring and showed that. Thanks man!!!! Fantastic job.
Michaela Gee
Michaela Gee Kun oldin
Omg such a genuine person
glossylouve Kun oldin
You're nicest person here in youtube. im glad you showed up on my recommendations
Sri Shivendra
Sri Shivendra Kun oldin
Anyone 2019 Like if your in 2019
Kulani Watson
Kulani Watson Kun oldin
The excitement in the owners eyes...
Vivien Cadungog
Vivien Cadungog Kun oldin
I think you mist a ring
lilu4ria 21 soat oldin
Liam Bliss
Liam Bliss Kun oldin
Rachael Aang
Rachael Aang Kun oldin
She was even interested in how you found it or where it was 😡 she was just like this guy does this all the time he better find it 😡😡😡 should have called the Husband he would have been more thankful !!!!!!
lilu4ria 21 soat oldin
they just dropped a ring don’t gotta be aggressive
Silje S
Silje S Kun oldin
Rachael Aang
Rachael Aang Kun oldin
All the time you spent in the water and it was just on the steps 😡😡😡😡 they probably didn’t even like search hard for it when they dropped in 😡😡 omg can I wish that their marriage stays broken. Sorry I’m just angry haha
Mouse Crowley
Mouse Crowley 2 kun oldin
1:35 Pause. Look in the top right, who else saw the ring?
Liam Bliss
Liam Bliss Kun oldin
Oh ye
Heidi Escareno
Heidi Escareno 2 kun oldin
I was looking for you comment bc I saw it too!!
Star Wars- Media
Star Wars- Media 2 kun oldin
Peter D
Peter D 2 kun oldin
Rachel Enright
Rachel Enright 2 kun oldin
there daughter is soo cute P.S. this was posted 3 days before my birthday
lilu4ria 21 soat oldin
lilu4ria 21 soat oldin
Rachel Enright yet we didn’t ask when your birthday was coming up. well i hope you get a lot of birthday wishes
bitch face
bitch face Kun oldin
JuanJ 120
JuanJ 120 Kun oldin
Happy b-day 🎂
Rachel Enright
Rachel Enright Kun oldin
Suzanna Borota
Suzanna Borota 2 kun oldin
That warms my heart
lilu4ria 21 soat oldin
Suzanna Borota this*
Nater Nation
Nater Nation 2 kun oldin
You would think they would be happier,right?
FreshAcy Kun oldin
Same thing I thought
angel baby
angel baby 3 kun oldin
That is so nice of you to help the couple🤗💪
Harold Mcliggans
Harold Mcliggans 3 kun oldin
Sara Frost
Sara Frost 3 kun oldin
What metal detector did you use in this video? I want to start metal detecting here in south florida but I dont want to spend an arm and leg for my first one lol
Perseo Eridano
Perseo Eridano 3 kun oldin
kamilia ben yahya
kamilia ben yahya 3 kun oldin
You're a Hero jake , God bless you
Jess Winitana
Jess Winitana 3 kun oldin
Diving in the rain looks so fun!!
Alisha Briscoe
Alisha Briscoe 3 kun oldin
0:28 isn’t that it floating in the lake next to you???
YungBballGOD 30
YungBballGOD 30 3 kun oldin
Alisha Briscoe omg it prob isn’t but good eye dude
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 3 kun oldin
real rings don't float, and thats probably just a bubble or literally anything
C Tb
C Tb 3 kun oldin
7:35 is the 1st part of the video
SPINXO 3 kun oldin
Sommer Ray um ok clout gang
Michael kid dude
Michael kid dude 2 kun oldin
sommer ray lol
Dylan F
Dylan F 4 kun oldin
Little girls name is sommer ray...
Michael kid dude
Michael kid dude 2 kun oldin
Claude Parker
Claude Parker 4 kun oldin
Super scripted......but a lil entertaining.
Claude Parker
Claude Parker 3 kun oldin
+Shi Yun lol.....keep believing that. I'll admit most of his vids are real and genuine. See that's the thing you get sucked so far into the real ones and you can't tell which ones are scripted. Weren't you ever taught that you shouldn't believe everything you read/see on the internet. I hope you're not that naive in real life. Good luck
Shi Yun
Shi Yun 3 kun oldin
Claude Parker this is not scripted i have watched a lot a vids of him and he has never done that
Odd Gamer
Odd Gamer 4 kun oldin
Aw that little girl was so cute
庞武斌 4 kun oldin
Can you find the one ring rule them all?
jestoni Ramosplayz
jestoni Ramosplayz 4 kun oldin
a good person is cool
Beckie Huang
Beckie Huang 4 kun oldin
You do amazing work your so kind i love that your having so much fun And that you did so Mach fulding Stuff videos that I am going to do What you do
AquaZack 5 kun oldin
7:36 ring
Dania Love
Dania Love 5 kun oldin
Good job jake I’m soo happy
Norberto Castillo
Norberto Castillo 6 kun oldin
that is great what you did back there. but if you do the favor to me, I will giving you some money because you're wasting your time!
Aimee Diver
Aimee Diver 5 kun oldin
Norberto Castillo but he’s not really wasting his time he’s helping other people and u can see how happy he is when he returns them and finding things gets him more subs and in the video he was saying how he would like to get to the diamond play button and doing this also gets him that. but ye I do get what u mean he really should be getting paid for using time out of his own life to find things for the viewers entertainment and when he’s able to give it to the people that lost it
Alex Massuros Keylor
I love that you are having fun while doing this, but most importantly doing the right thing and returning items that you can instead of selling them to make a quick buck! Keep up the good work!
Makaveli The Don 7
Makaveli The Don 7 6 kun oldin
Man this brought tears streammming from my eyes. Bro you deserve way more than a diamond plate. God bless yall.
Cole thebom
Cole thebom 6 kun oldin
😍😍 their so cool
lilu4ria 21 soat oldin
Cole thebom
Cole thebom 6 kun oldin
I'm soooooo proud of you man you did a good dead to that family
Ellie D
Ellie D 12 soat oldin
Cole thebom stoopid
Cole thebom
Cole thebom 21 soat oldin
lilu4ria 21 soat oldin
C Tb
C Tb 3 kun oldin
Rulla the boss gosh people make mistakes it’s not the end of the world
Rulla the boss
Rulla the boss 6 kun oldin
Cole thebom dead???? You mean deed 🤦🏻‍♀️
RAYMUND SUPAN 7 kun oldin
So proud of you jake 😊
Cristiano Timoteo
Cristiano Timoteo 13 kun oldin
E super de mais teus equipamentos aquáticos tenho um mais não posso mergulha pois não é prava d'água
mass emmor
mass emmor 15 kun oldin
5:30 is that gold ??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pug Doodle noddles
Pug Doodle noddles 15 kun oldin
I feel bad ur so cold 🥶 BUT they got their ring back
anthony aquino
anthony aquino 17 kun oldin
Thats gooood
pikachu girl 5577 Hernandez
bravo thats great you found it
Emma Kitts
Emma Kitts 22 kun oldin
People lose a lot of pennies
Kiana Nickerson
Kiana Nickerson 23 kun oldin
I love you dallmyd
ThePHeartless 25 kun oldin
I subscribed and liked man effffff all the negativity
jacob richards
jacob richards 27 kun oldin
herp on yer lerp?
Conner Filla
Conner Filla 27 kun oldin
You know... Jake, if your reading this, I think I might do this with my channel which is under construction. Thanks for the possible inspiration. Edit: It might be tough for me though since most of the waterways/water bodies around where I live are either: Industrialized, full of unpredictable depths and currents, under protection, too shallow, polluted (one or two with RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS LIKE RADIUM, and they have jagged bottoms. Lots of shallow creeks though. I have a mostly water proof big metal detractor. It can be submerged up to the dial thingy.
SnoOsH Gaming
SnoOsH Gaming 28 kun oldin
Scripted like 😍
Pug Doodle noddles
Pug Doodle noddles 15 kun oldin
SnoOsH Gaming wow doubt it
Denis Criminal
Denis Criminal 28 kun oldin
lilu4ria 21 soat oldin
Denis Criminal past tense ; liked*
FaKe NaCs Jr
FaKe NaCs Jr 28 kun oldin
1:36 another ring right above metal detector
Conner Filla
Conner Filla 27 kun oldin
Yeah I saw it too. Insted he picked of an ordinary coin.
Jb Skatista
Jb Skatista Oy oldin
eias prefecte greet jooob
chloky1 Oy oldin
“ SCUBA JAKE “ my heart melted
Kathy Dunham
Kathy Dunham Oy oldin
You Rock You were the first video I ever watch. I am glued to the videos.
lil Stan
lil Stan Oy oldin
Sommer Rayyyyyyyy
A1 Boy
A1 Boy Oy oldin
1:38 u missed a ring there buddy 😣😣😣
A1 Boy
A1 Boy 22 kun oldin
Wøłf_ _Ğïřł 1:37 right next to the Metal Detector on the right
Wøłf_ _Ğïřł
Wøłf_ _Ğïřł 22 kun oldin
andrew hobson
andrew hobson Oy oldin
A1 Boy ye I saw that
puppy lover
puppy lover Oy oldin
Great job scuba Jake!
machine land
machine land Oy oldin
You’re the hero and I can’t believe that you found the ring!!!!!!!!!!
K Michaels
K Michaels Oy oldin
That 10K mens band ain’t worth 5000K I’m a jeweler and it’s not even worth $1000. Love what you do man but just stating the facts.
Airsoft Weekly
K Michaels it was the diamonds he explained it on Instagram I think
Ecem Atalarr
Ecem Atalarr Oy oldin
You find a 💎
lilu4ria 21 soat oldin
Ecem Atalarr found*
Felix Du
Felix Du Oy oldin
shaira nucsal
shaira nucsal Oy oldin
shaira nucsal
shaira nucsal Oy oldin
Good job, always carefull guys
Ximena Oy oldin
lilu4ria 21 soat oldin
Ximena you’re*
KenIs Nooby
KenIs Nooby Oy oldin
What do you do with all of these treasure?
Royal Raven
Royal Raven 3 kun oldin
KenIs Nooby he returns it if he finds the owner, otherwise it goes towards his treasure collection
Arafat Oxapu
Arafat Oxapu 6 kun oldin
@Kenls Nooby only if he can't find the owner
KenIs Nooby
KenIs Nooby Oy oldin
Well some of it he don’t return
SneakyJ J
SneakyJ J Oy oldin
Ken Gacha return it
Lucy Bernard
Lucy Bernard Oy oldin
Everyone who disliked this vid, thought it meant dis-I-like!
love heart42916
I like all of your videos ...👍👍👍👍
Undercover Orange
everyone who disliked would have sold it
Caleb Price
Caleb Price Oy oldin
The booty model Somer Ray hehehehe
Shelby Jones
Shelby Jones Oy oldin
You deserve so much more than 7M subs.
Mark Fordyce
Mark Fordyce Oy oldin
I love this channel! 💍
LKT LOTTO Oy oldin
Jake’s a good dude. Respect, bro 💯
Trouble Breathing
I'm a cynical man and I can't help but think how easy it would be to plant that ring.
Trouble Breathing
Sprite Cranberry gold's heavy enough to not get swept away, and it was neatly tucked in a crack
Sprite Cranberry
Trouble Breathing it wouldn’t be that easy cuz the it could be swept away by the current
Sacahuntos Español
Podían poner los videos con sudtitulos en español, para los que no hablamos inglés, me gustan mucho tus videos me gustaría entender lo qué dicen
Brandy Picanco
Your dad did a good job with you keep it up 👍
I Am from India and I wanna follow your path here in India Jake but I can't Swim and I can't afford the equipment but I hope in the future I'll follow your path for sure Thank you.. you are an inspiration.
Julio d - h
Julio d - h Oy oldin
ilya kuznetsov
Greetings from Russian ! Man you have a big brave and very kind HEART ! Jake you real MAN!!!
Ian Mayo Scottish Lad
You should come dive the north east like the Maine/NH area we have some Great Lakes and rivers plus the ocean 🌊
Ian Mayo Scottish Lad
You’ll have no problem hitting your mark brotha man. You seem like a legit good guy and put out great content an people love that and will sub and watch it. Good luck and cheers mate.
Im vGage
Im vGage 2 oy oldin
Her daughters name is sommer ray
KingBrie 2 oy oldin
Not to criticize cuz this is all around dope .. buuuuttt why not just check for the 💍 by the stairs from the start.🤷🏽‍♂️ -Just Sayin
Sugar Psycho
Sugar Psycho 2 oy oldin
Maybe he was expecting current to carry it a bit? Idk
OtisENGINEuity 2 oy oldin
1:34 right above the detector.. am I the only one that sees a ring?
Michael Harrison
day lightz nope
Yesenia Sanchez
OtisENGINEuity I saw it to
Shana de la Gata
Pretty sure that's a shell of some sort, concave side up. They often look like rings until you check more closely.
Jacqueline Renwick
I saw it
day lightz
day lightz 2 oy oldin
I think the whole clip is made up :). He knows all the the time where the ring is.
Andy Hartung
Andy Hartung 2 oy oldin
Unaffordable!! It is fantastic to see that despite the cold, you have kept going and your perseverance was rewarded. The Law of Attraction shows that there are special and beautiful moments in your life! Keep up the good work and God bless you!!
Francesco Savino
Francesco Savino 2 oy oldin
Can I know the name of metal detector you are using?
Nurullah Bağcı
I found it name bro Vibra tector 740
Nurullah Bağcı
I wait answer
Ellice Lucero
Ellice Lucero 2 oy oldin
Jen Armstrong-Dawson
It's a sign from the River Gods that you should give Kyndall a ring. (hint, hint) :)
Russell Peterson
Russell Peterson 2 oy oldin
I am wanting to buy one so I was wondering what they run for cost
Here in this video you’ve got comments raining and it will keep raining... you are blessed dude.
Kaylee's Kaos
Kaylee's Kaos 2 oy oldin
you should come to Texas
Марина Попова
Настоящий мужик!!!!!!!
Susan Kinnaird
Susan Kinnaird 2 oy oldin
Brian Holzwordt
Brian Holzwordt 2 oy oldin
Such a good dude. Could’ve said nothing about ring and no one would be wiser. Props to you man! Not many would do that. Go Big Boi!
nurleli yasir
nurleli yasir 2 oy oldin
Give me gopro friend
Russell Peterson
Russell Peterson 2 oy oldin
How much is your medal detector
michulahermosa 2 oy oldin
I love watching your videos, its nice to be able to let my kids (which LOVE guys) watch your videos and not hear swearing and nasty conversations. Thank you so much for being g the ways you guys are it means a lot to me as a mother. P.S. you have beautiful hair.
Teri Lynn
Teri Lynn 2 oy oldin
Your awesome....
Song/ Beats
Song/ Beats 2 oy oldin
1:35 looks like a earing or ring on the corner right on top
Makiah Norris
Makiah Norris 2 oy oldin
Song/ Beats I think that is a ring
Makiah Norris
Makiah Norris 2 oy oldin
When he found the ring and came of from the water he’s hand was shaking when he came of from the water. That water is hella cold 🥶
This made me smile so much 😊
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