Found Diamond Wedding Ring Metal Detecting Underwater! $5,000+ (Returned to Owner)

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In this video I search for a lost wedding ring underwater in the river!
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Hello! My name is Jake. I'm a Treasure Hunter, Scuba Diver, Freediver, Spearfsherman, Angler & UZvidr w/ 6,000,000+ Subscribers! I enjoy traveling to new destinations in hunt of urban treasure!
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5-Noy, 2018

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Olive Damen
Olive Damen 3 soat oldin
We want more
Khalig Rzaev
Khalig Rzaev 9 soat oldin
I wish more and more and more people in a whole world to be like you, Jake! I have never met people like you, man, even in youtube before, am not talking abt a real life... I hope I'll get lucky in my life to have a friends like you and your friends! This is incredible! I'm glad, that I came across your channel! As always - great job! I wish you to reach 10 and 20 millions subscribers! You deserved it!
Forrest Hildebrant
Forrest Hildebrant 17 soat oldin
You should do the jordan river in utah
Deagan Carter
Deagan Carter 2 kun oldin
Her daughter is sommer Ray
SwapPart TV Repair
SwapPart TV Repair 2 kun oldin
I hope that dive weight wasn't lead.
TheJer1963 3 kun oldin
That was no $5,000 ring, not even close. 10k and that $1,000. My ring is 14k and a 1ct diamond and it was only around $2,700.
you are the best people 👑 i subscribe you 😍😍
MR RAM 2 kun oldin
You won’t get pinned
Lori Ledbetter
Lori Ledbetter 5 kun oldin
You are super sweet, and I love your style, keep your honest stand up attitude, it makes you even more appealing........ but talk a little bit slower, your a great narrator, and I can see that sometimes your freezing cold...... just keep smiling and having fun......loved seeing your Mom, she seems really sweet!.
_Nya_ 6 kun oldin
You are amazing. Keep up the good work we all respect you so much
Alexa F
Alexa F 6 kun oldin
This is amazing wow. Subbed 👍🏻 so happy for you and the family :)
Lejla D.
Lejla D. 7 kun oldin
Nice from you
PoisonGuitar111 YT
PoisonGuitar111 YT 7 kun oldin
Anyone else think he met the actual sommer ray at 14:45
MR RAM 7 kun oldin
Sounds like communist propaganda but ok
Joshua Long
Joshua Long 7 kun oldin
ra ra, rasputin
SomeDays eGrill
SomeDays eGrill 8 kun oldin
Pyper Renaud
Pyper Renaud 8 kun oldin
You are sooo great if I lose something in the water I will tell you I always like and sub
Les Ley
Les Ley 8 kun oldin
You the man! Awesome video. Subbed! 👊🏼
Breanna Morice
Breanna Morice 8 kun oldin
Jewellery isn’t actually worth that much if you try to sell it anyway. Sentimental value is higher than the price you would get for it
TAN2 8 kun oldin
It is much
Felipe Ferreira
Felipe Ferreira 8 kun oldin
Algum BR ?
Magic Moose
Magic Moose 8 kun oldin
aJacksonHoleguy 6 kun oldin
The black car on the left? That's a Porsche Panamera, starts at just over $86,000 USD
Border Reiver
Border Reiver 9 kun oldin
great to find that guys wedding ring....
Sophie Templeman
Sophie Templeman 9 kun oldin
You are the best person in the world who cares about the people and the creatures in the world 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉💝💝💝💝💝👍👍👍👍👍👍😻😻😻😻😻😻🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎😊😊😊😊😊🌍🌍💖💖💖💖💝💝💝💝💝💝
Hey Jake ur a lifesaver,and one more thing i lost my ring too it has a diamong and gold circle...oh nvm i just remembered ur from uk,us,usa(idk where u live) but i lost it in baler philippines..it just slid off
Anonymous 9 kun oldin
The daughters name is sommer ray... 🤣🤣
SplatoonGJ Roman
SplatoonGJ Roman 9 kun oldin
Your the best and nicest diver ever 😊😇👍❤️
Jackeline Godinez
Jackeline Godinez 9 kun oldin
you should find the earring kim kardashian lost in the bahamas lol or whatever it was at
TheJer1963 3 kun oldin
It would be cool to find her at the bottom of a river. You would know it was her by the size of her ass sticking out of the water.
MintyBear 12
MintyBear 12 10 kun oldin
*he throws his hands up* **ring gets thrown back into the lake**
balex7476 10 kun oldin
What kind of metal detector is that. Name brand please. I would be interested in learning more of that
Billy Stark
Billy Stark 10 kun oldin
i think you should come to colorado and dive in high line lake in fruita
DeathByUnicorn X
DeathByUnicorn X 11 kun oldin
Me encanta
è vero signore?
MsTriviana 11 kun oldin
oun que bonitinho!
Clark Fox
Clark Fox 12 kun oldin
good video but the guy butting in every two minutes is to much for me so ill move on
NSG HAWK NSG 13 kun oldin
Good job man, what goes around comes around
Jessie Gerlsbeck
Jessie Gerlsbeck 13 kun oldin
Do more medal detecting vids!!
Jere Nevalainen
Jere Nevalainen 14 kun oldin
Scuba Jake😂👌🏻
Leanne Paxton
Leanne Paxton 14 kun oldin
Aww wow, what a special find this was for you and that very cute family. I really love stuff like this. I love that you guys go out there and clean up all of these waterways. But it’s so special that you were able to do something like this. I would have thought the chances of anyone being able to find a lost wedding ring in a river like that, would have been close to impossible! But, you did it! Congrats! I really do hope that you reach your dream goal of 10 million subs. I think you deserve it. As a VERY new subscriber, I am enjoying making my way through your videos and I look forward to watching new ones. I enjoy the metal detector videos, it gives you a much greater chance of finding something special, that you may otherwise overlook, due to it being covered with all that river silt and gunk! 😀🖤
Gina Townsend
Gina Townsend 14 kun oldin
Anyone else love how he still waves at the fish 😂
Scott K
Scott K 14 kun oldin
Well done dude! New sub!
Yulan Law
Yulan Law 15 kun oldin
I love watching your vids. You are so good at finding things underwater. COOL !! 🙂
M Bertagnolli
M Bertagnolli 15 kun oldin
I love your videos. I am subscribed and I have notifications on.
Resul M. YAMAN
Resul M. YAMAN 15 kun oldin
türkiyeden selam
CYBER EMERALD 2023 15 kun oldin
This video made me sub!
Madi Uhl
Madi Uhl 15 kun oldin
Evangelina Myrick
Evangelina Myrick 15 kun oldin
I love how you give back the items you find like the phones instead of keeping them for yourself ( big fan ) 💚🖤💙🤝
damian orsini
damian orsini 15 kun oldin
that truly is one of the luckiest finds i have ever seen and its great that the couple was able to get that ring back
Rae Rae’s Channel
Rae Rae’s Channel 16 kun oldin
I am a sub and I wish I could sub a million times I love your vids
Haunted Hideouts
Haunted Hideouts 16 kun oldin
What type of mini underwater metal detector is that? I like it!
Haunted Hideouts
Haunted Hideouts 14 kun oldin
I looked it up and I think it’s a Chinese knock off of the Vibra-Tector. From what I’ve seen even the knock off ones are great and run for about $85 where as the name brand one is about $175. I’m glad I came across this video as I’d never seen one before. While searching this product on UZvid I cane across the UZvid channel “she detector” which I highly recommend.
patrick carter
patrick carter 14 kun oldin
Haunted Hideouts wondering the same
karlei xD
karlei xD 16 kun oldin
you guys should come to the ohio river in kentucky!!
karlei xD
karlei xD 10 kun oldin
Themillervlogs yeah, there was a story one year that someone was jet skiing on the river and they found a foot😬
Themillervlogs 10 kun oldin
karlei xD probably dead body’s 😬 I live in Kentucky lol, there’s a lot of crazy shit I bet
Christoffer Arenholt
I found a wedding ring and the pair gave me 50 euros
Тахир Гукепшоков
That's amazing)) hello from Russia)
Тахир Гукепшоков
+PWF I'm not understand man
PWF 16 kun oldin
Moska blasck shokvi
PWF 16 kun oldin