Found Flat Screen TV While Searching Drained River for Interesting Finds! (Does It Still Work??)

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Found Flat Screen TV While Searching Drained River for Interesting Finds! (Does It Still Work??)




15-Mar, 2018

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Grimreaper 09865
Grimreaper 09865 29 daqiqa oldin
It got there because they watched one of your videos on it. Just kidding
Victoria Landes
Victoria Landes 29 daqiqa oldin
Ok so the tv landed there because a panthers fan got really mad when they lost to the falcons for the 3rd time and just got pissed so they chucked it (yes i am still pissed about the 3 times they have lost to rhe falcons.)
Chubby Channel
Chubby Channel 36 daqiqa oldin
Your mom said no more fortnite
Connie Hammes
Connie Hammes 37 daqiqa oldin
big boyyyyyyyy
Demi cx
Demi cx 42 daqiqa oldin
i feel like doing the same to my laptop sometimes xD just chuck it into the river and say f it lmao
Zoe Drolick
Zoe Drolick 42 daqiqa oldin
It’s a jull
Zoe Drolick
Zoe Drolick 44 daqiqa oldin
Hey BIG BOY!!!😂😂😂
kahlan Beals
kahlan Beals 47 daqiqa oldin
hi big boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Lucas Torgusson
Lucas Torgusson 49 daqiqa oldin
#Jakebigboi They got angry of a soccer game because they lost a bet and threw the TV away thats my guess
Swearingen Station
Swearingen Station 51 daqiqa oldin
Hey BIGBOY how are you
Emma Taylor
Emma Taylor 59 daqiqa oldin
The thing that had the sup logos on it is a juli
Swampert Swarmers
Someone lost the superbowl
Brandon Dominguez Cornelio
Big boiiiiiiiiiiii
COLE ELLIS Soat oldin
big boyyyy
_Wolfy_74_ Soat oldin
big boy
Hunter Miller
Hunter Miller Soat oldin
Big boy big boy
Swampert Swarmers
Juul pod
Ray Payne
Ray Payne Soat oldin
Good gob
Shariel Diaz
Shariel Diaz Soat oldin
Big boi.
Potato Sniper
Potato Sniper Soat oldin
Parents got really mad and grounded the kids and they watch to which TV so the dad said I’m gonna throw it out the windowAnd then threw it in the river
Itz Shadowz Z
Itz Shadowz Z Soat oldin
It's a vape supreme
Marybeth Torsell
Marybeth Torsell Soat oldin
Big boy!!!
Paty Barreda
Paty Barreda Soat oldin
Big boy 😂
Ray Payne
Ray Payne Soat oldin
Cindy Moore
Cindy Moore Soat oldin
Big boy
Poopsmear 1357
Poopsmear 1357 2 soat oldin
Franceau Pierre
Franceau Pierre 2 soat oldin
I think somebody got really mad because there new tv was not working
Mad Gamer
Mad Gamer 2 soat oldin
The supreme thing is a JUUL it’s like a vape
Conman2495 2 soat oldin
Big boy jake
Erik Mathew Cortez
Erik Mathew Cortez 2 soat oldin
Ella Pottebaum
Ella Pottebaum 2 soat oldin
14:55 it's a juul with no pod
Ella Pottebaum
Ella Pottebaum 3 soat oldin
Hey Big Boy
rodney holmes
rodney holmes 3 soat oldin
Hey big boy
Zom-B XY
Zom-B XY 3 soat oldin
here is how im thinking it got in there.A kid played fortnite. he died then he started to rage. he asks his dad if he could go to the river.next minute kid:-yeets tv into river- job done -leaves saying-kid:dang now i need a new tv ;-;
Strats 3 soat oldin
Jake got burned. Big boy...
Nick Porko
Nick Porko 3 soat oldin
0:15 announcing the commencement of the first purge.........
Christina Oswin
Christina Oswin 3 soat oldin
morejstu was doing a 24 hour challange on a boat in the river and they had a tv and the tv fell off the boat
Amanda Berg
Amanda Berg 3 soat oldin
Good job big boy
The mario show
The mario show 3 soat oldin
Hey big boy
Bhama Bhat
Bhama Bhat 3 soat oldin
Big boy
Hunter Yarrington
Hunter Yarrington 3 soat oldin
Big boy
Mary Finn
Mary Finn 3 soat oldin
Mary Finn
Mary Finn 3 soat oldin
Big boy
Kaylan Warren
Kaylan Warren 3 soat oldin
#purge vibes
hitthetarget24 hitthetarget24
big boy
total zanarchy totol zanarchy
The electric thing is a juul
Deep Through
Deep Through 4 soat oldin
Kid died on fortnight and started raging then he asked his dad to go the lake.... Second thing he threw it in the lake and left
Casey Lynn
Casey Lynn 4 soat oldin
Here’s a B boy
Jacqueline Michel
Jacqueline Michel 4 soat oldin
Hi big boy 🕴🕴🏌️‍♂️
ToXicGaMMeRR 0_0
ToXicGaMMeRR 0_0 4 soat oldin
You guys are amazing
Suzie Davila
Suzie Davila 4 soat oldin
The Purge is commencing
All around castelli Castelli
Big boy
york swiss
york swiss 4 soat oldin
Eyyyy big boy
Iris Barkley
Iris Barkley 5 soat oldin
I love You’re videos
Iris Barkley
Iris Barkley 5 soat oldin
Raven Run wild
Raven Run wild 5 soat oldin
Hey big boy
Snowflame 5 soat oldin
Yo Big Boy
Gymnastics LOVE
Gymnastics LOVE 5 soat oldin
Big boy
XFDC Ava 5 soat oldin
Jake is big boy
Omg it pugtheking29 Pug
Big boy
Jacob Stavish
Jacob Stavish 5 soat oldin
The tv was stolen
Lilly Rice
Lilly Rice 6 soat oldin
It’s was a Juul
Nicole Coolwell
Nicole Coolwell 6 soat oldin
my guess is that a kid got angry with watching the same show she got the TV and thow it
Payton Phippen
Payton Phippen 6 soat oldin
Big boy
Lindsey Howey
Lindsey Howey 6 soat oldin
Hai big boi
Phil Weiss
Phil Weiss 6 soat oldin
Hi big boy lol
Belinda smith
Belinda smith 6 soat oldin
Is it ok if girls wach this bc im a girl
Ella Pottebaum
Ella Pottebaum 2 soat oldin
of course, i have been binge watching this all day
Braap Braap Braap cashton Sent
Hey big boy I wish I could come with you and do that
Manny Rueda
Manny Rueda 6 soat oldin
darren mason
darren mason 6 soat oldin
Hey big boy 😂😂😂
Jessie Knight
Jessie Knight 7 soat oldin
My guess on how the tv got there is that some kid raged on fortnite
Jayden Downing
Jayden Downing 7 soat oldin
He’s up there petting dogs while big boy is pickin up underwear
Matthew Mcclelland
Matthew Mcclelland 7 soat oldin
Why do they call him big boy
Bnorris 6577
Bnorris 6577 7 soat oldin
A man was playing fortnight and was killed on it when he had 99 kills and threw the TV in the river
Emma Holiday
Emma Holiday 7 soat oldin
Slivey Kat
Slivey Kat 7 soat oldin
maybe i got mad at my game or people wanted to throw a tv for fun sice they were getting a new one like youtubers ORRRRR you know how they prank people and get the person a new one??
Night Flame
Night Flame 8 soat oldin
An alien threw it down from mars
Susan Paulus
Susan Paulus 8 soat oldin
Jake=big boy
Jordin Anderson
Jordin Anderson 8 soat oldin
Ay big boi how are ya??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
FaZe kxnx
FaZe kxnx 8 soat oldin
Big boy
Ole Magnus Stabell
Ole Magnus Stabell 8 soat oldin
big boy
Wilbert Orphey
Wilbert Orphey 7 soat oldin
XD JoblesstuxYT
XD JoblesstuxYT 8 soat oldin
A kid tried to get his first fortnite win
layla gymnastics star
Someone stole it and through it in the river
Gypsy Rose
Gypsy Rose 9 soat oldin
15:08 that is a juul without any pods in it😂😂
Ella Pottebaum
Ella Pottebaum 2 soat oldin
that's exactly what I said
Soccer Kid
Soccer Kid 9 soat oldin
Big boi
Kelli Kirchner
Kelli Kirchner 9 soat oldin
Nate Burden
Nate Burden 9 soat oldin
for thanks giving i am going to gorgia i love u guys
SANTOS SALINAS 9 soat oldin
big boii
Soccer Kid
Soccer Kid 9 soat oldin
Tornado sirens
The Zords
The Zords 9 soat oldin
big boii
Madison Maddee
Madison Maddee 9 soat oldin
I love you
J Huston
J Huston 9 soat oldin
Jeffy comes again
Shaelee Fischer
Shaelee Fischer 10 soat oldin
A flash drive 😂 it’s a juul
lee taylor
lee taylor 10 soat oldin
Hey big boy
Mindy Brown
Mindy Brown 10 soat oldin
That was... COKANE IN THAT BAG!!!
Nico S
Nico S 10 soat oldin
Biggy Boi
Stephanie Michael
Stephanie Michael 11 soat oldin
A house got flooded.
Little Romeo
Little Romeo 11 soat oldin
mad kids loss a fortnite game
Kasandra’s Army
Kasandra’s Army 11 soat oldin
Vape pen
Ella Pottebaum
Ella Pottebaum 2 soat oldin