Found Flat Screen TV While Searching Drained River for Interesting Finds! (Does It Still Work??)

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Found Flat Screen TV While Searching Drained River for Interesting Finds! (Does It Still Work??)




15-Mar, 2018

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Max Stean
Max Stean 3 soat oldin
This is my answered this guy got mad 🙎🏼‍♂️so he threw it out in the water 🖥 🌊 🚯
Caiden Holmer
Caiden Holmer 3 soat oldin
17:16- he finds tv
Caiden Holmer
Caiden Holmer 3 soat oldin
BIG boy
Lovely Lexx
Lovely Lexx 3 soat oldin
Aye big boy
Diane Ellis
Diane Ellis 6 soat oldin
big boy!
BlackPlectrum 6 soat oldin
15:51 - 15:56 is the best part 😂
LarsG2005 7 soat oldin
16:21 thats cocaine
Karin Best
Karin Best 3 soat oldin
Bro Ski
Bro Ski 11 soat oldin
Hi big boy
Necrodeus chan
Necrodeus chan 11 soat oldin
... white powder-ish stuff in a plasticbag ... what might that be?~ xDD
Jackie Skaggs
Jackie Skaggs 11 soat oldin
Hello nice watching you'll find stuff in the water neat
Brittney Tyler
Brittney Tyler 12 soat oldin
Aggressive Pizza
Aggressive Pizza 12 soat oldin
Me me big boy
Rafa Adista
Rafa Adista 13 soat oldin
=big bos
Rafa Adista
Rafa Adista 13 soat oldin
B 19 bos
Its Daddy
Its Daddy 14 soat oldin
Big boy
Calvin F
Calvin F 15 soat oldin
Someone lost Street Fighter V match, that's how. Keep looking. You could find the PS4 too
FrederikGames Nielsen
FrederikGames Nielsen 16 soat oldin
Big boy
ali khan
ali khan 16 soat oldin
Pokemon flashpoint
Pokemon flashpoint 18 soat oldin
Biiiiiiiig boooooi
United Lion27
United Lion27 19 soat oldin
They lost a 1v1 in fortnite
Jaimey Cutrell
Jaimey Cutrell 19 soat oldin
It’s a juul!
Acerensi 21 soat oldin
Jake looks like Bryan Dechart and that's all I can think about
selah gomez
selah gomez 21 soat oldin
Hi big boy
Trevor Proehl
Trevor Proehl 21 soat oldin
Big boy bout watch some Hulu
Trevor Proehl
Trevor Proehl 21 soat oldin
Big boy finding juuls
Detective_Mathew 21 soat oldin
I heard that one time I thought that was bad but I am pretty sure that is a alarm for a bomb
Danielle Simpson
Danielle Simpson 22 soat oldin
Big boy bro
Edith Varilla
Edith Varilla 22 soat oldin
Maybe some people rages while playing fornite and smack tv
Lasith Gaming
Lasith Gaming 22 soat oldin
Big boy . Lol
Sarah doodles
Sarah doodles 23 soat oldin
Ayy Big boi
Turtle&Iguana 23 soat oldin
Jade Faulkner-Barnes
hi big boy
FrizzyFox YT
FrizzyFox YT Kun oldin
Aaaa big boy thanks for cleaning 000000000.1 present of pollution
Hadonis Baker
Hadonis Baker 14 soat oldin
bennett rockwell
Intergalactic aliens invaded Donald Trumps brain and told him to email a random person in Georgia to rip their tv off the wall, stomp on it, then throw it in the river because the tv murdered his pet kangaroo that he never had.
BeAsTsZ 21
BeAsTsZ 21 Kun oldin
BeAsTsZ 21
BeAsTsZ 21 Kun oldin
Offended? Kun oldin
Someone left a rag on the stove and the rag caught fire then spread to a paper towel roll, the paper towels rolled off the counter and next to a propane tank sitting atop some phone books, the phone books heated the propane tank enough to explode and blow their tv out the window with enough force to launch it into the river? The Rube Goldberg machine from hell. Idk, you said craziest way... it could happen ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
animelover Death
Big boy XP
Mirza Baig
Mirza Baig Kun oldin
Ayy big boy
Bowser Jr
Bowser Jr Kun oldin
What do I think happened? Someone watched The Ring.
Joshua Bregg
Joshua Bregg Kun oldin
What up big boy
Mr Punisher
Mr Punisher Kun oldin
That white stuff in the bag was cracked cocaine
John Bell
John Bell Kun oldin
The siren was a nuke siren
Sato Akebe
Sato Akebe 15 soat oldin
Common where I live, its likely a tornado siren
John Bell
John Bell Kun oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-A57hHxzk79Qt.htmlhis is the warning for water rise the nuke siren is in this vid there was no nuke but it was just a test
John Bell
John Bell Kun oldin
+IOS GAMING no the water raise like 10 minets after the siren
IOS GAMING Kun oldin
John Bell the siren was to warn people in the water that its rising
Laura Lin
Laura Lin Kun oldin
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki Kun oldin
It’s amazing what u can find
Chris Hudson
Chris Hudson Kun oldin
Crazy wife throw it in
Kai Brandt
Kai Brandt Kun oldin
it fell out of a privat jet.
Kai Brandt
Kai Brandt Kun oldin
2:12 yeah damn dude thats the way to go good f*ing job keeping rivers clean bro go on !
burgerlover 99
burgerlover 99 Kun oldin
Fortnite:*Perfect headshot with a blue pump at point blank range *"7 damage" ......
The King of crazy 1
Oh that’s funny hey big boy hahaha
Bailey Kirk
Bailey Kirk Kun oldin
Big Boy
Haylee Neri
Haylee Neri Kun oldin
Oh okay hi big boy
Toby Richardson
Toby Richardson Kun oldin
Well you see, what happened was that someone got mad that Clemson lost or got a better TV and chunked that one
Weapons n' Stuff
Yo big boy
Steven Hanley
Steven Hanley Kun oldin
Hi big boy
Supa Cool Gaming
Someone got double pumped in modern fortnite
Frazz 30-30
Frazz 30-30 2 kun oldin
i wonder if anyone else knows that the "anchor" in not an anchor
Frazz 30-30
Frazz 30-30 Kun oldin
+Toby Richardson it's a steal block and takel for a crane
Toby Richardson
Toby Richardson Kun oldin
What is it
DiontyePlays08 2 kun oldin
A lot of people are commenting just now and this vid been out for like 5 months lol
Dean Cooper
Dean Cooper 2 kun oldin
Fortnite game lost
Jackson Lancaster
Jackson Lancaster 2 kun oldin
big boi
Jackson Lancaster
Jackson Lancaster 2 kun oldin
big boy
Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams 2 kun oldin
you guys need to come up to the upper iowa river
Ziyouddin Dadahonov
How do you not know what a Juul is
Rich Solace
Rich Solace 2 kun oldin
This video came out in March.
Jake Anderson
Jake Anderson 2 kun oldin
Somebody got mad that they didn’t win their fortnite game
Hailie Leitzke
Hailie Leitzke 2 kun oldin
hello big boy
Emily Hughes
Emily Hughes 2 kun oldin
the supreme thingy is a juul vape big boy
Kadyn Flugum
Kadyn Flugum 2 kun oldin
Lol big boy
Travis Morgan
Travis Morgan 2 kun oldin
The TV I'm guesting a friend stole it and threw it in the river
Andrés González
Andrés González 2 kun oldin
You is a big boiii :3
Baby Girl
Baby Girl 2 kun oldin
17:50 when your mans dosent pay attention to you only fortnite😂😂
Baby Girl
Baby Girl 2 kun oldin
It's a juul
Miazga16 2 kun oldin
This TV hawe teleported power xDD
xXdepressedfreakXx 2 kun oldin
It was a juul
Janet Parr
Janet Parr 2 kun oldin
Hey BIG BOY how you doing I love watching your videos It's nice that you guys are doing good things for the world 🌍 😎😍
Alex Davis
Alex Davis 2 kun oldin
Girlfriend get mad because boyfriend playing Fortnite
Hope Hamady
Hope Hamady 2 kun oldin
I like watch thoses
NeonXPlayz 2 kun oldin
The loud siren noise is people testing tornado sirens. It happens every first Wednesday of the month, at about 12:OO. I have it at my school at recess.
Deliela Stargaze
Deliela Stargaze 2 kun oldin
Love your vids big boi
Paul Scarbrough
Paul Scarbrough 2 kun oldin
Sum1 stol it
Quinton Marketos
Quinton Marketos 2 kun oldin
Quinton Marketos
Quinton Marketos 2 kun oldin
Wait was that coce
Matty Mondragon
Matty Mondragon 2 kun oldin
Matty Mondragon
Matty Mondragon 2 kun oldin
big boi
Keith Gilmore
Keith Gilmore 2 kun oldin
Hi big boy
Big Jacket
Big Jacket 2 kun oldin
Big boy come to Ireland devils cauldron
Judith A Dautenhahn
Tug n War game
Brandi Swofford
Brandi Swofford 2 kun oldin
Since you seem to have sunny skies I’d say They’re testing the emergence sirens
Eva Wallace
Eva Wallace 2 kun oldin
Cynthia Stringham
Cynthia Stringham 2 kun oldin
Ayo big boi
Cynthia Stringham
Cynthia Stringham 2 kun oldin
Big boi
Mike 2 kun oldin
hey big boi
Crow 2 kun oldin
15:00 LMAO they have no idea what a juul is😭😭
Caroline Doyle
Caroline Doyle 2 kun oldin
Big boi!
Crow 2 kun oldin
Always stay humble. That’s all I gotta say
Nhed Padal
Nhed Padal 2 kun oldin
favorite channel.... frm: philippines :)
Isaiah Pruitt
Isaiah Pruitt 2 kun oldin
Girlfriend got mad guy was playing to much video games
Jennifer Baker
Jennifer Baker 2 kun oldin
lol 8:23 my dud rockin thos golds gym gloves
Lysette DeBoard
Lysette DeBoard 2 kun oldin
good job Big Boiii
HyPeZ DarkSolider
HyPeZ DarkSolider 2 kun oldin
Hey big boy
sillybigman871000 2 kun oldin
Video gamer lost a match got mad and threw it in the river
Jules Lipzin
Jules Lipzin 2 kun oldin
No idea