Found Possible Murder Weapon Underwater in River While Scuba Diving! (Police Called)

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Found Possible Murder Weapon Underwater in River While Scuba Diving! (Police Called) uzvid.com/video/video-UZbRxWmE3HM.html




25-Iyn, 2018

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Master karata
Master karata 4 kun oldin
you have fishing rods
Tic TacBruh!
Tic TacBruh! 9 kun oldin
I hope u become a police officer
Rebecca Booth
Rebecca Booth 18 kun oldin
Flow Deckx
Flow Deckx 21 kun oldin
Random Stuffpartner
Random Stuffpartner 24 kun oldin
DALLMYD the name of the gun is a revolver
ElOscar Navarro
ElOscar Navarro Kun oldin
Like boss xD
Fran 5773
Fran 5773 Kun oldin
In South Africa... you wouldn't call the police and hand over a weapon that you found because the police will most likely take it home. True story
TheJamesBong420 Kun oldin
South Africa = Failed State wonder why...."whispers" its the blacks...
not an animation channel
They will arrest you if you're white
Theuns Koortzen
Theuns Koortzen Kun oldin
Ben Rodriguez
Ben Rodriguez 2 kun oldin
I gust drop a thumbs up
Ryan Monahan
Ryan Monahan 2 kun oldin
That's definitely a murder weapn it's a revolver and the handle is taped that's so the gun doesn't fall out the pocket
Henry Lewis
Henry Lewis 2 kun oldin
Hey I lost my gun in that river I’m just kidding please don’t report me
yoel satrio adi
yoel satrio adi 2 kun oldin
1:15 Rap god be like
kenjie L
kenjie L 3 kun oldin
its an .44 magnum i think
NotSureIfPug 2 kun oldin
kenjie L a 44. Would not be that small mate
Eduardo Salgado
Eduardo Salgado 3 kun oldin
And why are smile
Rafael Chehab
Rafael Chehab 3 kun oldin
10:08 Thank me later
Stitchiols2 Kun oldin
Rafael Chehab thx
you found MANY guns under water
Noah Ingram
Noah Ingram 4 kun oldin
Called a python
Choong Yun nee
Choong Yun nee 4 kun oldin
did anyone saw the ring
Choong Yun nee
Choong Yun nee 4 kun oldin
if only jake paul could be the same as him😔😔😔😔😔😔
not an animation channel
SUPER#ME SUPREME 5 kun oldin
Sottotitoli italiani plyss
vittorio 000
vittorio 000 3 kun oldin
Darwins Myth
Darwins Myth 5 kun oldin
The other two guys don't do anything but goof off. Fire them, Jake... ;) BTW... I'm still waiting for the treasure chest.
Filip Roman
Filip Roman 6 kun oldin
جهاد البصراوي
شي جميل جدن
liyaaah 7 kun oldin
liyaaah 7 kun oldin
Julie Bennington
Julie Bennington 8 kun oldin
it is a revolver
SnickleFrits Pickle
Someone just throws their grow light in there lol
Destiny Silva
Destiny Silva 9 kun oldin
I like this because he found a can and he still took it .It's like he's cleaning the river👍
Amy Weddle
Amy Weddle 9 kun oldin
have u ever found a M9 pistol
Darren Maclean
Darren Maclean 9 kun oldin
its a 44.pistol
Lee Everett
Lee Everett 10 kun oldin
It’s the revolver that was from fortnite
freevbucks dotcom
freevbucks dotcom 10 kun oldin
Why did the pistol say "Made in Italy"
Anjani Nair
Anjani Nair 10 kun oldin
love you as always
Aliyah Campos
Aliyah Campos 10 kun oldin
It is a revolver
Justin Jackson
Justin Jackson 10 kun oldin
Pretty sure that's a 25 cal. Revolver, a little small for even a 22 cal.
UndeadGamer 10 kun oldin
Damn thing looks like a cap gun.
Clipx Trolling
Clipx Trolling 10 kun oldin
The part you came for is at 10:04 your welcome
rashmi panwar
rashmi panwar 10 kun oldin
What if u find a dead body
MrDark13 4 kun oldin
+scott jobling lol 🤣
Josh Martinez
Josh Martinez 6 kun oldin
Eat it
scott jobling
scott jobling 9 kun oldin
rashmi panwar then if the police dont need it they give it back to him
nshusa A
nshusa A 11 kun oldin
15:15 lesson 1 if its a possible murder case, don't put your handprints on it!!!!!
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer 11 kun oldin
Nice find in the river
10:03 You're welcome.
Mitchell Gross
Mitchell Gross 12 kun oldin
It’s s cattlemen revolver
Mika kosmeijer
Mika kosmeijer 12 kun oldin
It's a gun with the name revolver
Andrea Marchett
Andrea Marchett 12 kun oldin
It's a Revolver
Mika kosmeijer
Mika kosmeijer 12 kun oldin
Yeah man
Ethan O’Brien
Ethan O’Brien 13 kun oldin
That’s a revolver boi
Elizabeth Dean
Elizabeth Dean 13 kun oldin
So, have you ever thought that some of the knifes you find couldn't been used as a murder weapon as well? Especially the ones around the bridges. Love your videos by the way.
FeLonda Winters
FeLonda Winters 13 kun oldin
Looks like you found a very expensive satellite phone at 6:23! Doubt it’s worth anything any more!! Loving your videos!! I’m a new sub, 3 days, and I’m addicted!! I live in Missouri where there’s a multitude of lakes, rivers, creeks, and cricks! LoL I just wish I was 25 years younger and in shape (I’m a beach ball shape now 😂)!! I would love to do what you’re doing!! I’ll just go watch more of your videos!! ♥️ from Granny Winters!!
Jerry Liljelund
Jerry Liljelund 11 kun oldin
Emma Bailey
Emma Bailey 14 kun oldin
Your freckles are really cute
Alex M.
Alex M. 14 kun oldin
Did you get the pistol back?
iulia kulichenko
iulia kulichenko 15 kun oldin
Joe Knudson
Joe Knudson 15 kun oldin
I don't think they had electrical tape back in the day to put on the grip.
Heavy Water
Heavy Water 15 kun oldin
Snub nose revolver 22mm or 45
Rutger Westerik
Rutger Westerik 15 kun oldin
The gun is a revolver
rmkzdccs8 14 kun oldin
Compared_To_Me 15 kun oldin
10:01 is what you came for No need to like this comment have a good one 😊
Tana Murphy
Tana Murphy 15 kun oldin
Dude, what would you do if you found a body?!!!!!
Loopie 15 kun oldin
Tana Murphy he would probably not record it and explain his experience unlike Logan Paul
ava spero
ava spero 15 kun oldin
Tana Murphy that’s what i thought skdjxj
Xavier Young
Xavier Young 16 kun oldin
It's a 22. Short
Yong Lee
Yong Lee 16 kun oldin
It’s called a r
AI DUSTY 16 kun oldin
So why did you put your fingerprints on it??
Roshan Rejit
Roshan Rejit 16 kun oldin
Fox girl 12009 Sky
Fox girl 12009 Sky 16 kun oldin
In the
Gelbert Haji
Gelbert Haji 16 kun oldin
Yay nice to see you again yay
Sher Grissom
Sher Grissom 16 kun oldin
Looks like a 22 to me.
McCoy 528
McCoy 528 17 kun oldin
It’s a stub nose revolver
rmkzdccs8 14 kun oldin
McCoy 528 Really? I couldn't tell.
G 16 kun oldin
McCoy 528 snub
Jackson Hercules
Jackson Hercules 17 kun oldin
i love your videos...man that gun should burn
ari b
ari b 18 kun oldin
im sure cop threw it in the trash can and you will never see it again lol.
Ishmael Garcia
Ishmael Garcia 18 kun oldin
I think it's a revolver
WIZARDpc 18 kun oldin
It's MR.46
Alaskan Hunter
Alaskan Hunter 19 kun oldin
That was definitely a weapon used in a crime, most likely some type of older gangster/mafia hit. You can assume that by the way that the handle was wrapped in tape it to commonly done by mobsters to prevent any type of palm print it was commonly done back in the 40s 50s and 60s by mobsters. Most likely a 25 caliber or something small enough that would make a lot of noise or draw a lot of attention but just from first glance most likely was used in a murder.
OffMarket Buyers
OffMarket Buyers 19 kun oldin
Y'all make Colga/PC look DECENT!! (Bubbles Voice) GOOD LOOK!
de hh Campoy Montes
de hh Campoy Montes 20 kun oldin
You spanish
Hasna Hena
Hasna Hena 20 kun oldin
Hasna Hena
Hasna Hena 20 kun oldin
Hasna Hena
Hasna Hena 20 kun oldin
Hasna Hena
Hasna Hena 20 kun oldin
Lucas Fibonacci
Lucas Fibonacci 20 kun oldin
The title don't match with the picture I think!
Donyelle Smith
Donyelle Smith 21 kun oldin
Terry Conselyea
Terry Conselyea 21 kun oldin
Its a. 22 Saturday night special
Xandar Fox
Xandar Fox 21 kun oldin
that a revolver. thats all i know
Emma Erwin
Emma Erwin 21 kun oldin
Its the same gun they used invthe mafia times
Darkri Drago
Darkri Drago 22 kun oldin
That looks like a butterfly pistol, back in the day there were meant to be able to fit in the pocket and were the perfect size for the women's small hands I might be wrong
Joel Puskas
Joel Puskas 22 kun oldin
Is that a ring at 2:56
Colorado Medical
Colorado Medical 22 kun oldin
cops looking at it like "why is this kid wasting my time"
kylan kessinger
kylan kessinger 23 kun oldin
Bro im in Savannah
Doge Master3356
Doge Master3356 23 kun oldin
Jokes on whoever used this to shoot raccoons, raccoons are bullet proof
Derzy 2 GT
Derzy 2 GT 23 kun oldin
The cans are real lol
Angela Bernier
Angela Bernier 23 kun oldin
Has anyone found any hypodermic needles yet? With the opioid pandemic I would be surprised if nobody has. I use to walk in a very small town and I found them daily along the road. It's a problem they're throwing them down everywhere.
1 Hour Loops And NBA Mixes
I remember Jordan found a needle on the land but other than that I haven't seen anyone else find one
Kasraar 007
Kasraar 007 23 kun oldin
On 2:57 there is a ring to the right of the bottle
Joel Puskas
Joel Puskas 22 kun oldin
I saw that too
Random Stuffpartner
Random Stuffpartner 24 kun oldin
The gun called revolver
rmkzdccs8 14 kun oldin
Random Stuffpartner Do you think he doesn't know that?
Atoo best
Atoo best 24 kun oldin
rmkzdccs8 14 kun oldin
Atoo best No Shit.
Atoo best
Atoo best 24 kun oldin
inhisfootsteps 24 kun oldin
My husband was a police officer 35 years. They took guns apart and burned them. Yes, they burn!
Sophia Virdi
Sophia Virdi 23 kun oldin
Wait why do they burn them?
4Given Wilson
4Given Wilson 24 kun oldin
Cool to know
2wings aj
2wings aj 25 kun oldin
You guys are so amazing!
Life With Brianna
Life With Brianna 25 kun oldin
The gun U found is possibly a murder weapon but the knife u found could also be a murder weapon🤔
Historia Real
Historia Real 25 kun oldin
Mande sua irmã para mim cara não vou ir do seu e também vou pegar essa faca é cega mas vou recarregar com pedrinhas
Jo York
Jo York 25 kun oldin
I love your video so much 🔫🔫🔫🔫
Carl Ledlow
Carl Ledlow 26 kun oldin
I would like to see a fishing video with some of the rods you have found..
Sassy Pizza
Sassy Pizza 26 kun oldin
I think ur looking straight at a go pro at 9:52
Lars Marius Røshol
Lars Marius Røshol 23 kun oldin
No where
Sheng Lozano
Sheng Lozano 26 kun oldin
Can't believe how much trash he finds 😱
Sean O'Callaghan
Sean O'Callaghan 26 kun oldin
Jake your one of my favorite people in the world
FighterMan9836 27 kun oldin
Is it’s booth sub nose revolver
Madychi 27 kun oldin
They should make a video game based on your videos haha
DJ HOMESLICE 27 kun oldin
Its a nokia so it should still work