Foundation Vs. Eye Makeup: Which Do You Apply First?

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How do you start your makeup routine: foundation or eyeshadow?
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James Charles
Justine Reilly
Shanney Thich



13-Mar, 2018

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SHAZAM's LAND 6 kun oldin
Yaaaaaaaasss sister James😆😆😆😆
Brooke Thrower
Brooke Thrower 8 kun oldin
Foundation first
Megan Macias
Megan Macias 12 kun oldin
Eyeshadow. First.
아만다Amanda 23 kun oldin
raluca olenici
Foundation first
Hannah Langley
Heres a though, tap off your brush if you don't want fallout hunty
LA Makes Makeup 107
I put primer on first...
honey revenge
honey revenge 2 oy oldin
is it just ME or did those two girls act super flirty with each other like they'd be a cute couple?!? no.. just me? OK, they'd still be cute together.
katherine jominy
katherine jominy 2 oy oldin
Courtney Atkinson
Love you James omg. Great video!
erin howison
erin howison 2 oy oldin
eyes first for sure
AMC 3 oy oldin
Don’t trust someone who puts on eyeshadow first and can’t blend their contour
Kate Markham
Kate Markham 3 oy oldin
Eyeshadow first people are so mean
Katherine Z
Katherine Z 3 oy oldin
I gonna change to eyes first
Bella Ramsey
Bella Ramsey 3 oy oldin
I do foundation, concealer, and powder then I do my eyes and then I do the rest of my face. I do it like nikitutorials
Zo101 3 oy oldin
Whatever sister says goes
Lee Reign
Lee Reign 3 oy oldin
am i the only one who was shook when i heard vivaldi
Izumi Hanjinozuka
I have pretty amazing luck when it comes to eyeshadow fall out. I also think it helps that I slowly build up and tap off excess before applying to my eyes.
Sofia Lorenzana
Sofia Lorenzana 4 oy oldin
3:20 sister ian in the back
Kaveena Vera
Kaveena Vera 4 oy oldin
Prime then eyeshadow first 🙂
Sonia Ali
Sonia Ali 4 oy oldin
For me, it depends on if I'm doing eyeshadow at all. I generally don't wear eyeshadow unless I'm doing a full glam/dramatic look and in those cases, I do my eye makeup first because that way, if I mess up or there is any fallout, I can fix it later with my face makeup. Most of the time though, I just do a simple eyeliner/mascara combo so I do it after my face makeup.
Kate Lama
Kate Lama 4 oy oldin
The girl with the blue eyes and real blonde hair looks like a doll lol. Yes, foundation first. But I don’t need foundation hehe
K H 4 oy oldin
I just feel like it's a lot more seamless when you start with foundation as your base but whatever floats your boat babes 😊
Abigail walsh
Abigail walsh 5 oy oldin
Let’s face it YB looks the same WITH and WITHOUT make up
Hana Niak
Hana Niak 5 oy oldin
Foundation is first because if u have fall out then you can conceal it or just put a thin layer of foundation
Sad Bitch
Sad Bitch 5 oy oldin
3:19 Is that brother Ian beside him
esmewho 5 oy oldin
I put eyeshadow first, and honestly its not that hard to put your foundation/ face makeup after you do your eyeshadow. it’s not as hard as they make it seem 🤷🏻‍♀️
Dark Empress
Dark Empress 5 oy oldin
I always do my eyeshadow first.
Chunnibyou Chan
Chunnibyou Chan 5 oy oldin
Graecyn Gudgeon
Graecyn Gudgeon 5 oy oldin
It’s foundation first she would know if she watched a make up artist (one who went to school) she would know
Raina Ledbetter
Raina Ledbetter 5 oy oldin
foundation first def!!
Tudor Dumi
Tudor Dumi 6 oy oldin
*sister James appears on screen * Me: OMG SISTER SHOOK
Celena Yu
Celena Yu 6 oy oldin
Ian in the background tho😂
Sophia Gott
Sophia Gott 6 oy oldin
Question.... Couldn't you put foundation on around your eyes first, then eyeshadow then everything else? That way you get the clean slate of foundation first but fallout protection of eyes first
Samantha Wade
Samantha Wade 6 oy oldin
i’m strange. i just put foundation on my forehead then do my eyes brows and eyes then do the rest of my face lmao
Neal Sabo
Neal Sabo 6 oy oldin
Eyeshadow first
sarah willoughby
sarah willoughby 6 oy oldin
Bahaha Ian in the background
Kimberly Pedrosa
Kimberly Pedrosa 6 oy oldin
LMAO , Ian in the back from James video 😂
iureun 6 oy oldin
MSophie 6 oy oldin
Lol I do my eyebrows first then shadow then face
Laura Emilia
Laura Emilia 6 oy oldin
Why was this so dramatic 😂
_ChloeBrown 6 oy oldin
Yb’s fountain brush is from wish I have it two!! 😂😂😂
Camille Ragain
Camille Ragain 6 oy oldin
primer. eyebrows. foundation. concelor. powder. blush. bronzer. eyeshadow. setting spray. highlight. mascara. lips
Katherine Bollwerk
This is my makeup routine and it’s not face or eyes first so we go... Primer Concealer Powder Brows Eye primer Eyeshadow Mascara Bronzer Highlight Lips Setting spray 😊
Kkay Barb
Kkay Barb 6 oy oldin
I'm old school I put eyeshadow on first because no matter if you have a high end or low end eye shadow u will have fall out and you just take a wipe and clean it off.
Audrey McCarthy
Audrey McCarthy 6 oy oldin
I couldn’t even tell that Yb was wearing eyeshadow
LoveFrom Danie
LoveFrom Danie 7 oy oldin
Her contour thou! 😀😂
Laura Lala
Laura Lala 7 oy oldin
I do my brows first 🤷🏼‍♀️
Angel Secret
Angel Secret 7 oy oldin
Foundation first
andrea martinez
andrea martinez 7 oy oldin
Eye makeup first ALWAYS
Mareeah Tlc
Mareeah Tlc 7 oy oldin
It depends for me bc like some eyeshadow styles have sharp edges and some have more blended edges so ehh
Ally Ambarova
Ally Ambarova 7 oy oldin
Eyeshadow first duhh
Amanya Fernandez
Amanya Fernandez 7 oy oldin
I do my eyes first just because i mess up my eyeliner like 40 times before getting it right 🙄 So can’t wipe that black shiz off if i have foundation on 😆
Frost 7 oy oldin
Hey sister. I love James. I feel if you put foundation on first it’s a little cleaner.
Opal Sky
Opal Sky 7 oy oldin
Can’t you just put all over foundation, do your eyes, then apply a little more foundation under your eyes....?
Kassandra Allen
Kassandra Allen 7 oy oldin
I have to apply foundation first or I have to take all of my make up off and redo it and it takes me another hour or so
Banana Hannah
Banana Hannah 7 oy oldin
Because I am a fan of dramatic makeup I always do foundation last to cover up any mistakes
Elisabeth McGregor
Tatum Lane Erwin
Tatum Lane Erwin 7 oy oldin
Inquisitor Pippa
Inquisitor Pippa 8 oy oldin
Meanwhile I’m the weirdo who does concealer first
eunha p
eunha p 8 oy oldin
The bronzer of the girl on the lefy
Alexis Trapp
Alexis Trapp 8 oy oldin
3:15 SHISTER IAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Clare 8 oy oldin
3:23 peep brother Ian 😂
Karla Daniel
Karla Daniel 8 oy oldin
What is up with that girls contour. Oh my lord its way to dark for her. NOOO.
Claire Bowman
Claire Bowman 8 oy oldin
I agree with Lindsey
rosiage 8 oy oldin
eyeshadow first for bold looks, foundation first for natural eye looks :)
sarah stewart
sarah stewart 8 oy oldin
Vicky Kulig
Vicky Kulig 8 oy oldin
Team foundation first!!
Sophia-Rose Charlebois Lamontagne
james charles ruined this
Uh.Melancholy 9 oy oldin
omg ian was next to james!! I love them
Maria..k 9 oy oldin
Eye makeup first for the winnn
Stella Williams
Stella Williams 9 oy oldin
Sister Ian in the back round tho!!😂😂😂
Sara Thompson
Sara Thompson 9 oy oldin
Lmaoo Limfaoo
Lmaoo Limfaoo 9 oy oldin
3:18💕😍😍brother ian with james charles
Islandhulacupcake !
I always start with foundation cause it’s easier for me
Miranda 9 oy oldin
I do foundation & powder first, then eyeshadow. If I get fallout I just brush it off with a powder brush. I've never had any issues with it.
Annie Deng
Annie Deng 9 oy oldin
I don't wear foundation often but I do my face first. I powder my face and put extra powder under my eyes and then if there is fallout I brush the excess off. There you go.
Simi M
Simi M 9 oy oldin
Foundation first! Otherwise you may mess up your eyes.
Jillian Bulger
Jillian Bulger 9 oy oldin
The one girl reminds me of Gigi hadid
emma bleu
emma bleu 9 oy oldin
Foundation first, there is a right way! If I ever try to put eyeshadow on first I end up covering up the edges of my eyeshadow when I do my foundation.
Patrick Gaboc
Patrick Gaboc 9 oy oldin
If you have so much fallout with your eyeshadow, THEN HONEY U IS USING THE WRONG EYESHADOW
Jen na
Jen na 9 oy oldin
Anna Fuelberth
Anna Fuelberth 10 oy oldin
We love a foundation first sister
Caged Bird
Caged Bird 10 oy oldin
i do my brows first, then clean up with concealer and go over my lid with concealer so i dont have to go over it with foundation, then i set the concealer with powder so it doesnt crease. then shadow, then foundation
fandoms._.un1te 10 oy oldin
Eyeshadow first
Fianna Delgado
Fianna Delgado 10 oy oldin
I only do my eyeshadow first if I’m doing a bold look with a lot of dark colors
kylie b
kylie b 10 oy oldin
a super simple tip to get rid of fallout is tap most of the eyeshadow off the brush before you use it. there is still a ton of pigment on the brush and you can always build it up. it just gets rid of all the excess eyeshadow that sits on the top of the brush.
Zovekai 10 oy oldin
Megan Langan
Megan Langan 10 oy oldin
Alex Sis
Alex Sis 10 oy oldin
Rebecca Elise
Rebecca Elise 10 oy oldin
I don't see why it matters - you don't put foundation on your eyelids. I also don't understand the people saying "foundation gives you a clean slate" because you're not putting eyeshadow on your cheeks or whatever so why do you need a 'clean slate'? I do eyeshadow first because I don't usually wear foundation anyway, and when I do, I don't want to deal with fallout so I'll just do my eyes first. I also don't do that full coverage, thick foundation look that a lot of people love, so I don't really have problems blending in foundation or bb cream around the eyeshadow. But it's just a personal preference.
Amelia Acuff
Amelia Acuff 10 oy oldin
Liking just for James
Mari Kitty
Mari Kitty 10 oy oldin
MsDesignDiva 10 oy oldin
I do eyeshadow first, but then that's also because I'm odd and I don't wear foundation at all, lol. I hate the feeling of foundation (like they all feel heavy, or sticky or just plain bad), and I've never managed to find one that actually looks good on me or stays on. I just do my best to take really good care of my skin so that I don't really have acne (I did as a teenager but not anymore, though If I do get a breakout I'll use my proactive and it's gone overnight basically) moisturize daily, and I'm pretty much good to go.
Sonia Sharp
Sonia Sharp 10 oy oldin
Evie 10 oy oldin
paspop 11 oy oldin
Sam Minugh
Sam Minugh 11 oy oldin
I put foundation on first because I barely do eyeshadow so its more trouble to put on eyeshadow and then do my foundation around it.
Lindsey Nicole
Lindsey Nicole 11 oy oldin
I have the exact same white brush as the thumb nail
Toni Staine
Toni Staine 11 oy oldin
first of all it’s eyebrows first
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