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France v Belgium - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Match 61

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France booked their place in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Final thanks to a goal from Samuel Umtiti.
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10-Iyl, 2018

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Con cu Xinh xắn
Con cu Xinh xắn 12 soat oldin
Im vietnam like France
Yunus Ahmad
Yunus Ahmad Kun oldin
I love football
Reese Kovach
Reese Kovach 3 kun oldin
1:51 Spencer FC?
Ante Tadic
Ante Tadic 3 kun oldin
1:40 poor Varane the ball almost hit him
MikeReyesTv 4 kun oldin
Que viva el fútbol!
Bullex N
Bullex N 6 kun oldin
The final before final
FaZe Miller GamesYT
Allons-y France!!
Za Dom Spremni!
Za Dom Spremni! 7 kun oldin
No matter how many times you watch it, Hazards shots don’t go in.
Raijas Raiju
Raijas Raiju 8 kun oldin
France 🇫🇷 and, best teams
Permata Tangeranf
Permata Tangeranf 8 kun oldin
Apa itu ada Bendera Malaysia Emang Malaysia ikut piala dunia emang di russia
hola papu 17
hola papu 17 9 kun oldin
god pavard
Mohan Zaveri
Mohan Zaveri 9 kun oldin
1:03 is when pogba tries to get a new dance
HN Mobile
HN Mobile 9 kun oldin
Tugiyo Tugiyo
Tugiyo Tugiyo 10 kun oldin
umtiti good
Olyts59 -
Olyts59 - 11 kun oldin
🌟🌟 UMTITI 🌟🌟
Smriti Lamech
Smriti Lamech 11 kun oldin
I hope Belgium win the World cup soon..
lets vlogit
lets vlogit 12 kun oldin
I feel sorry for Belgium I think they were better than Croatia
Type Thorn
Type Thorn 12 kun oldin
definitely deserved better than 3rd place. I mean Croatia is great but Belgium and France were on another level, but Croatia was great dont get me wrong
Edison Rexhmati
Edison Rexhmati 13 kun oldin
1:14 That pass from Mbappe. Amazing sublime.
Ayush Saha
Ayush Saha 13 kun oldin
Support indian football
Ayush Saha
Ayush Saha 13 kun oldin
Support indian football
younes achak
younes achak 15 kun oldin
Fuck France
L' invisible
L' invisible 11 kun oldin
Fuck you
asddf435vgf 15 kun oldin
Why there are so many whites in the stands? Racist supporters...
malashen 16 kun oldin
As a local fan from St. Petersburg, I watched this game at the stadium, having paid $800 for the ticket. A rather disappointing game it was, Brazil - France would have been a cracker. The French team was good, but really nothing outstanding. Their fans were even more disappointing. Just a handful came and quickly left after the match. The Swedes showed more respect for their team in the 1/16 final. There were many more Brazilian fans who stayed in the stadium after the game cheering for their team that had been eliminated. If this were not a supposedly "historic" 1/2 WC game, I would have thought I threw my money away.
malashen 16 kun oldin
I still rememer the time of Platini - Tigana - Giresse - not only in relation to that generation, but also relative to Zidane's team, this France looks mediocre.
SECRET. IDTY SECRET 16 kun oldin
Rhea dela Cruz
Rhea dela Cruz 16 kun oldin
The battle of 2 french speaking countries
Max born
Max born 17 kun oldin
I thought lloris win the golden glove
Raphaël Gauthier
Raphaël Gauthier 17 kun oldin
Tu lui règlera ton conte
Raphaël Gauthier
Raphaël Gauthier 17 kun oldin
Il y a un pote qui te traite de tortue ninja
Raphaël Gauthier
Raphaël Gauthier 17 kun oldin
M bappé je suis un fan de toi
Raphaël Gauthier
Raphaël Gauthier 17 kun oldin
Allez les bleu
Ella Haha
Ella Haha 17 kun oldin
Belgium would smash Croatia.
ジHEAD๛Hunter Robinho 11
rizzik izzi
rizzik izzi 19 kun oldin
Giroud ne sert vraiment a rien du tout je suis content qu'il est pleuré a la fin parce qu’il n'as pas marqué un seul but de toute la compétition , il c'est rendu compte de son manque de talent.
L' invisible
L' invisible 16 kun oldin
Mec sérieusement? Il a réussi à prendre les occasions. Et il a pleuré parce qu'on gagné.. T'est hors sujet.
# just do it
# just do it 19 kun oldin
1:59 master of first touch
Alivia Chaudhuri
Alivia Chaudhuri 20 kun oldin
What a boring stupid gam9
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain 20 kun oldin
Anyone else miss the world cup?
Paul Liu
Paul Liu 20 kun oldin
This was the final, the other final was suck !!
Krypto 21 kun oldin
Africa vs belgium
L' invisible
L' invisible 11 kun oldin
+bushido 596 what do you mean by that?
bushido 596
bushido 596 11 kun oldin
+L' invisible unfortunately realistic
L' invisible
L' invisible 18 kun oldin
Racist Nazi
Hoeben 17
Hoeben 17 21 kun oldin
Belgium Plays football and France not And the best player of France was the referee
L' invisible
L' invisible 18 kun oldin
Said the salty one because he don't have argument.
Olyts59 -
Olyts59 - 20 kun oldin
stop crying like a girl ;-) belgium don't deserved to go in final
Olyts59 -
Olyts59 - 21 kun oldin
Muhaimin the psg fans
Umtiti scores
Gil Eletro
Gil Eletro 22 kun oldin
y love you pogba
Gil Eletro
Gil Eletro 22 kun oldin
y love um mbappé
Presionparcial 22 kun oldin
Ooi Zhing Yao
Ooi Zhing Yao 22 kun oldin
What if belgium and england play at the final?
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse 24 kun oldin
1:01 me when it’s the summer holidays
maheAryan 24 kun oldin
European football level is different with south american countries...very fast paced with tight defending
atletico 24 kun oldin
Belgium is the son of France and Nederlands.
WOSRT 24 kun oldin
0:25 malaysia flag
Lazar Stanic
Lazar Stanic 26 kun oldin
Congurlantions for France from Serbia
Hải Lý Nguyễn
Hải Lý Nguyễn 26 kun oldin
Best 2018 Match
Philippe Coutinho
Philippe Coutinho 26 kun oldin
Brazil! Hahahaha chupa belgas
TOPZER4 26 kun oldin
Isso que é futebol de verdade.
ĚŁ MĄŚCĀŘADO 27 kun oldin
Chupa belgica elimina o brasil se fodeu para a frança kkkk era melhor ser eliminado pelo o brasil do q ser eliminado pela frança
Bruno Reis Rosa
Bruno Reis Rosa 28 kun oldin
*France 1998 - Brasil 2022 / Francea 2018 - Brasil 2022. BRASIL = 6 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6 2022 SIX WORLD CUP'S*
El Shuraimy
El Shuraimy 28 kun oldin
this is medical for all racist countries get out of stupidity
Sna Foo
Sna Foo 28 kun oldin
France was the worst team of the final 4. Mbappé should have been disqualified.
L' invisible
L' invisible 18 kun oldin
No they deserved to win, they won their match with a lot goals. Mbappe did nothing mean so he can play.
K K 28 kun oldin
Les diables n'ont pas réussi à sortir de l'enfer.
Mr. Propre
Mr. Propre 29 kun oldin
It was the real final
Sabine Saintval
Look the way pogba received the strike at the face 😞😂😂😂
Gacha Jordan
Gacha Jordan Oy oldin
France have a good player who is fast and the goalkeeper and a good striker
GoldK72 Gameplays
1:07 handball fellani
Thúy Chị
Thúy Chị Oy oldin
0:54 umtiti goal
Free player
Free player Oy oldin
Why did you lose Belgium
Olivier Monnier
the two best goalkeepers of the world cup
Roger Vanthoor
Belgium deserved to win this
L' invisible
L' invisible Oy oldin
Pedro Mr
Pedro Mr Oy oldin
Agree Mei paid London
Steve Adegbite
My favorite player from the French team is Griezmann
elmar saraci
elmar saraci Oy oldin
Franc 👍
Unknown Gamer
Unknown Gamer Oy oldin
I'm n Egyptian n I really want Belgium to win world cup 2022
Giovanni Cannizzaro
France deserved to win. Just look at all the chances they had
Astrxyvius Zero
Fctp Media
Fctp Media Oy oldin
I love bel
OFV Oy oldin
Courtois was on fire!! unlucky Belgium
DLS Luvverz
DLS Luvverz Oy oldin
Thunder pass by the teenager,Mbappe
Husyer Hus
Husyer Hus Oy oldin
C'était une 🇧🇪aine incroyable. Bon j'avoue elle est pas de moi celle la
Fabrício Fonseca
I’m brazilian and i was happy with belgium elimination
Akhil Jamwal
Akhil Jamwal Oy oldin
Brave Belgium eliminated??
Akhil Jamwal
Akhil Jamwal Oy oldin
Umtiti the hero
Breno Amorim
Breno Amorim Oy oldin
Ae FRANÇA muito obrigado por ter eliminado a BÉLGICA por que eu só BRASILEIRO e nós 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇹🇫🇹🇫🇹🇫
Elena Ely
Elena Ely Oy oldin
Rapha Oy oldin
Il n'y a pas assez de commentaires français par ici...je kiffe trop quand il dit "ALLEY LEY BLEUS" vive la France !!!
Rusuli Busuli
Rusuli Busuli Oy oldin
Im sad for belgium but france is a good team
PCPol Oy oldin
Sulhi Alhady
Sulhi Alhady Oy oldin
Jose Ascanio
Jose Ascanio Oy oldin
2019 :v
George Joseph
George Joseph Oy oldin
This should have been the real fifa 2018 final!
Muhammad Farhan agusta
0:20 Malaysia Flag Fuck You Malaysia
dirac bracket
dirac bracket Oy oldin
Belgium lost because of a stupid yellow card Meunier took in the game against Brazil, excluding him from this game and forcing coach Martinez to completely overhaul the Belgian defense, and ultimately the complete team strategy.
Waleed Waleed
Waleed Waleed Oy oldin
0:01 she killed me 😢
No offence but I hate france
Sacre blu
Olyts59 -
Olyts59 - Oy oldin
Thx France ⭐⭐🏆
ZaYøNiXx Oy oldin
belgium 0 france 1
ldhrkzkdt ????
La Belgique méritait tellement
ldhrkzkdt ????
Chacun son avis
Olyts59 -
Olyts59 - Oy oldin
+ldhrkzkdt ???? la belgique a juste maîtrisé la 1ère partie. Par contre c'est la France qui a dominé la 2ième. Même en ayant moins de possession la France s'est créé plus d'occasions et s'est montré plus dangereuse. Ce n'est pas en se faisant des passes en défense que l'on marque ... Donc la France a largement mérité cette victoire 😘
ldhrkzkdt ????
( je suis français aussi )
ldhrkzkdt ????
Non de gagner
Olyts59 -
Olyts59 - Oy oldin
Oui elle méritait tellement de perdre 😘
Robert Arana
Robert Arana Oy oldin
Africa won the World Cup
L' invisible
L' invisible Oy oldin
Racist Nazi
Sanne Vermeulen
Lloris was the only good player that match
EviL ios
EviL ios Oy oldin
*That’s the real final. The two bests teams of the competition. 1-0 is the score of every WC final. If Croatia lost 2-4 is that bcoz they didn’t deserve the 2nd place*
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