Freddie Gets A Bedroom Makeover • Ladylike

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"We're gonna make some magic happen in this bedroom!"
Freddie's Bedroom Inspo. - Pinterest www.pinterest.com/kanediep/freddies-bedroom-inspo/ Special Thanks Chasing Paper www.chasingpaper.com/
Bed Bath & Beyond www.bedbathandbeyond.com/
Philips Hue www2.meethue.com/en-us
T.J. Maxx tjmaxx.tjx.com/store/index.jsp
AllModern www.allmodern.com/
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Credits: www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/52950
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9-Iyn, 2018

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Fikrlar 5 221
chihiro 48 daqiqa oldin
this is so egyptian princess oasis vibes
Steve Pope
Steve Pope Soat oldin
Emma Thatcat
Emma Thatcat Soat oldin
too many plants, they just get in the way
steelsheen 12 soat oldin
"Kane the Decorating King" has to be a series.
A name u can’t pronounce Plus last name
I with my room looks like that
Sydney Strite
Sydney Strite 16 soat oldin
OMG Freddies room looks so good (i want to see Jens room redone!!!)
Esme MacMillan-Doran
Esme MacMillan-Doran 19 soat oldin
'Think of the softest thing you have ever felt. And it's softer. HAVE YOU FELT A BABY ALPACA?
Renegade 20 soat oldin
Is kane gay....I want him to be gay
Chae Waterson
Chae Waterson 23 soat oldin
Can you bring Kane on tour and redecorate peoples spaces? First me!!!!
Scp Synge Street
Scp Synge Street 23 soat oldin
no he is not kane he is king.
Gabrielle Jean-Jacques
Kane HMU because I need a new room makeover
Carrington Davis (2025)
Why are the photos blurred out?
yoongi jams
yoongi jams Kun oldin
Oof Kane is hella cute and so is Freddies room
Bre Ross
Bre Ross Kun oldin
Mr Kate who?!?!😂jk I love Mr Kate lol
Jordan Walker
Jordan Walker 2 kun oldin
He said exscape 😬😬😳
Ansley Hankinson
Ansley Hankinson 2 kun oldin
Is is strange that i have like 4 of the same shoes as her?😂
Florence Green
Florence Green 3 kun oldin
Freddie is a moth, she has three lamps.
S C R E A M S 3 kun oldin
I like how Kane wasn’t doing all the work. Like he isn’t the one cleaning out her room which a lot of the time happens.
Unicorn life Uni
Unicorn life Uni 3 kun oldin
Kane needs a series of this
Anna Cloer
Anna Cloer 3 kun oldin
Can i have the rainbow platform shoes??😂😂
Angela Newlin
Angela Newlin 3 kun oldin
Kane is back.
Lauren Skallerud
Lauren Skallerud 3 kun oldin
“ you have a cat to take care of” Me: I have two cats and they are the least time consuming in my life😂
Garett Wahobin
Garett Wahobin 4 kun oldin
Did he say cactuses? Plural word for cactus is cacti 👍
sophia does everything
kane can you do mine to
Sylvia Bailey
Sylvia Bailey 4 kun oldin
the best part was that the cat loved the rug
Trisha Shankar
Trisha Shankar 4 kun oldin
the cat at 11:35 is a mood.
Lola Gonzalez
Lola Gonzalez 4 kun oldin
Sorry Fred, but, DOGS ARE BETTER!!
Shauna Crotty
Shauna Crotty 4 kun oldin
You should get christin to look At your bed room💡
KATIE Connolly
KATIE Connolly 5 kun oldin
3:20 she didn't keep the spice girl shoes😢
Tanisha Davis
Tanisha Davis 5 kun oldin
I just love Kane!
Pixel_Simmer 5 kun oldin
I litterally came from the video of the desk makeover to this video 😂😂
Sara Martin
Sara Martin 5 kun oldin
Does she have posters of nude people in her room?!!!! What are the pictures that were blurred on the walls????
Samantha Brown
Samantha Brown 5 kun oldin
Episode 2 “Kane’s use it or lose it”
Kyler Ratliff
Kyler Ratliff 5 kun oldin
The cat tho is mee
Mandy Plays Minecraft
I love her room
Nina P
Nina P 5 kun oldin
I think Freddie likes Kane
Unicorns Are cute
Unicorns Are cute 5 kun oldin
*_rerberto is Soocute__*
Flor Hernandez
Flor Hernandez 5 kun oldin
where did you find Kane I need him
Andie Gallagher
Andie Gallagher 5 kun oldin
Am I the only one who realized that Jen is wearing the shirt from the clothing swap with devin
Susan Stevens
Susan Stevens 5 kun oldin
Why is there so many thumbs down
boss girl
boss girl 5 kun oldin
I have the same comforter
Elizabeth Newman
Elizabeth Newman 6 kun oldin
5:59 Oml her face and that text is the new viral meme of 2018. 😂😂😂
Rose’s World
Rose’s World 6 kun oldin
I wonder how Kane’s bedroom looks.
roblox slime Minecraft and squishys
More of kane
livie lit
livie lit 6 kun oldin
her cat is adorable
Kaylyn Smith
Kaylyn Smith 6 kun oldin
Racer Andrea
Racer Andrea 6 kun oldin
I kind ship Jen and Freddie tbh :D
Ruby O'Brien
Ruby O'Brien 6 kun oldin
Ned Dev red what is this?
Makeup Unicorn
Makeup Unicorn 6 kun oldin
Me and Freddie would be best friends you know if we were the same age and we lived in the same continent the point is yaaaasssa kween
Khadija Soliman
Khadija Soliman 6 kun oldin
Why did they blur out the picture
Cara Dunbar
Cara Dunbar 6 kun oldin
Me too
Jean Pickle
Jean Pickle 6 kun oldin
I like it The pinks the greens the gold omg I’m in love
Kelly Perry
Kelly Perry 6 kun oldin
No no no sorry but this looks like a before room n not an after Kane really doesn't have the talent of interior design. Sorry hate me if you want but as an interior designer myself I gotta say no it's not a cute room not painting the walls was a fail that wallpaper looks cheap sconces would have been better the only nice thing is the throw rug that bedspread is a fail too. 👎
Kaat Klokkie
Kaat Klokkie 6 kun oldin
Olive Soo
Olive Soo 7 kun oldin
The softest think i have ever touched is probably my hamster but he bites me when i try and touch him. Probably becuase he wants to keep his fur soft!😂
The Partying Pony
The Partying Pony 7 kun oldin
Freddy is like me in the future ...
Karina Breyer stuff
I want this room
Catherine_Ameila 93
why is the picture blured
Creative Bush
Creative Bush 7 kun oldin
There is no mirror that's why I don't do my makeup there ( there was a mirror next to it XD)
serenity johnson
serenity johnson 7 kun oldin
I’ll give you a head start.
BriaGabe 8 kun oldin
I feel like Freddy && I could be friends.
Mythicalwolf gamez
Mythicalwolf gamez 8 kun oldin
Me and Freddie have the same computer
Audrina Jimenez
Audrina Jimenez 8 kun oldin
This is making me inspired to clean and redo my room
Katelyn Fox
Katelyn Fox 8 kun oldin
Has Freddie watched mr. Kate on UZvid? If not she should she is a really good decorator
Ashley Hodge
Ashley Hodge 8 kun oldin
Please do Jens room
Kavana Kamath
Kavana Kamath 9 kun oldin
*I'll give you a head start* haha😂😂😂
Egglliott 9 kun oldin
I am broke so I buy all my furniture from ikea and goodwill
Ivette 1018
Ivette 1018 9 kun oldin
He can redo her room but I’m a mess can he redo me
Hira Shah
Hira Shah 9 kun oldin
Kane should start like a show where he just makes perfect desk and rooms
Sad Girl
Sad Girl 9 kun oldin
I feel like that was a weird spot to put the tv
steelsheen 12 soat oldin
it does look weird from the door, but in practice, Freddie lounges a lot in front of the TV, so this way when she opens her eyes and grabs the remote, she doesnt have to do much but turn sideways lol.
Sad Girl
Sad Girl 2 kun oldin
Erik Perß omg i didn’t even notice that! That makes it so much worse what the heck😂
Erik Perß
Erik Perß 2 kun oldin
TOTALLY! Also, there's a plant in front of it haha
Lillian Federick
Lillian Federick 9 kun oldin
I wish he could do my room
Nevaeh Cole
Nevaeh Cole 9 kun oldin
Why did they blur out the paintings.
Hi For
Hi For 9 kun oldin
It kind of looks like if Blanche Devereaux got her room remodeled.
J-hopes number one fan
I shippppp
awsomelightningwolf AJ
Andy29212 9 kun oldin
Awesome guy!
Freddy MacNChez
Freddy MacNChez 9 kun oldin
i am new here and i want to say WE SHARE THE SAME NAME!!!
Shira Kur
Shira Kur 10 kun oldin
Redo Jens room!!!!!!!!!!
Duh it’s yo Gurl Sophia
Where’s christen
Ava Richardson
Ava Richardson 10 kun oldin
Can you please come and decorate my room LOL
penny tsagarinou
penny tsagarinou 10 kun oldin
I bet they don't know who mr. Kate is
Patricia Gallegos
Patricia Gallegos 10 kun oldin
Where can I get that vanity ??
R V 10 kun oldin
Kate Robinson
Kate Robinson 10 kun oldin
Freddie I have the same sun glasses
Vincent Sykes
Vincent Sykes 10 kun oldin
anybody else wondering why Kane spent "a couple of hours in there" he worded that sooo wrong haha
Dyara Burns
Dyara Burns 10 kun oldin
Should get a organiser
SailorKeeks9997 11 kun oldin
Where is Jens room makeover?!
Frederque Jackson
Frederque Jackson 12 kun oldin
Love your room make over. I've been wanting to redo mine. I'm trying to see if I should wait till I move or do it for the holidays. Ps or names are so similar.
Peyton Merier
Peyton Merier 12 kun oldin
I love the redecorating with Kane! Like I want to see more of him redecorating!
Rhodiroo 1
Rhodiroo 1 12 kun oldin
In England it’s TK MAXX not TJ MAXX
MakkiHobb 6 kun oldin
Same in Aus
Hannah Hall
Hannah Hall 12 kun oldin
I have the exact same comforter!!! I absolutely love this💛💛
Jossalyn Belle
Jossalyn Belle 12 kun oldin
Now Fred can put those condoms she got from Kristen in her desk makeover video to use in her new room.😂😂
Push Mak B
Push Mak B 13 kun oldin
Months later and I still want that bedroom makeover!!!
Darrian Scott
Darrian Scott 13 kun oldin
This is really cute...but there's too many lamps and too many plants in that one corner... Also the tv is in an odd position. Other than those little things the room is super cute
Let's do Jen's room next,lol.
Pink Fluffy unicorns
She needs to change her lighting in her room. Also that's my dream room
Sky Crafts
Sky Crafts 13 kun oldin
NOT THE SHOE TRUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AK crazytime
AK crazytime 13 kun oldin
They should do Jen's room next I can just see it now☺☺☺
XxPvpGalxX 14 kun oldin
Is jens room next
Lucy Curran
Lucy Curran 14 kun oldin
I need a kane