Freddie Gets A Bedroom Makeover • Ladylike

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"We're gonna make some magic happen in this bedroom!"
Freddie's Bedroom Inspo. - Pinterest www.pinterest.com/kanediep/freddies-bedroom-inspo/ Special Thanks Chasing Paper www.chasingpaper.com/
Bed Bath & Beyond www.bedbathandbeyond.com/
Philips Hue www2.meethue.com/en-us
T.J. Maxx tjmaxx.tjx.com/store/index.jsp
AllModern www.allmodern.com/
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Credits: www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/52950
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9-Iyn, 2018

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ItzYourgirl Hannah
ItzYourgirl Hannah 8 daqiqa oldin
She wanna make magic in there😏😏😂😂
Katie Trottier
Katie Trottier 16 daqiqa oldin
Aww your cat is so cute!!😂😂
Kim MacKusick
Kim MacKusick 43 daqiqa oldin
Kane has to do a collab with Mr.Kate
Huli 1234
Huli 1234 57 daqiqa oldin
So Kane studied interior design?
xJulia Luminax
xJulia Luminax 2 soat oldin
Okay so, this looks amazing
TuberTvHealth 4 soat oldin
Fantastic Room Change well done
KitKrack AniManga
KitKrack AniManga 7 soat oldin
The funny thing is Kane is one letter away from Kate... (Mr. Kate? 😅 lol someone will understand)
Johanna Aurelle
Johanna Aurelle 9 soat oldin
kane should have his own decorating series
Kylie Mays
Kylie Mays 10 soat oldin
That was depressing room Do jens room next
Chloe Joanna
Chloe Joanna 11 soat oldin
Jens room next for sure!!!
Monica Gadsden
Monica Gadsden 12 soat oldin
Do Jen's Room next!
Its Shünmi
Its Shünmi 12 soat oldin
Did freddy and her boyfriend broke up?
Jennifer Stokes
Jennifer Stokes 12 soat oldin
Girl yes!!!! Kane, you ARE the King!!! Such a gentleman too. Freddie, you're beautiful! Your hair is great btw. Hope you enjoy the new room.
Gabby Mendoza
Gabby Mendoza 13 soat oldin
I want a bedroom like Freedie!!😂😢😍
ToyaDeez 15 soat oldin
I need a room makeover too!!!! Amazing work x x
Callie Daly
Callie Daly 15 soat oldin
Kane - wow! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 but how much did it all cost?!
Christy Nicole
Christy Nicole 16 soat oldin
Where is that gold metal storage ottoman from?!?! It's so dope
Patricia Reetz
Patricia Reetz 16 soat oldin
Levina 16 soat oldin
Hazal S
Hazal S 17 soat oldin
Should made the walls white
Soronaan 17 soat oldin
I want to make a makeover for my bedroom, because my room is a mess of wrong colors and things ;)
1892Genesis 18 soat oldin
This came out beautiful
just trinity
just trinity 18 soat oldin
why is the painting blocked?
Sienna Sheridan
Sienna Sheridan 20 soat oldin
I'm confused by who is driving at 4:47. Anyone else????
Ramisa 21 soat oldin
do buzzfeed give you money to do all of these things ?
MaryBeth Simpkins
MaryBeth Simpkins 22 soat oldin
Hey! I know you’re a small girl, but I recommend wearing your seatbelt normally (I saw you didn’t in the first car scene). It will be more protective! Of course want you to be safe and protected! :)
Battycake 23 soat oldin
Sooooo like, Kane's getting his own home decor series right?
Ciania de Jesus
Ciania de Jesus Kun oldin
Did anybody else's google assistant respond to freddie?
Jessica Tan
Jessica Tan Kun oldin
I need to get myself a Kane
Brenda Odhiambo
Brenda Odhiambo Kun oldin
I need a Kane in my life😣
Lilly Msp Gaming
why are there 2 pictures blurred in her room?
Mattie Taylor
Mattie Taylor Kun oldin
Kane is a gift
Rebecca Pope
Rebecca Pope Kun oldin
why did you blur out cactus painting
I loved everything except the plants ... abit too many for my liking but perfect all in all
Adriana Ricciardi
this is so cool
z2 [g7]
z2 [g7] Kun oldin
This turned out so well!
Bartholomew Willington
Damn that dude is good, has talent as a decorator I wish they would've shown how much everything cost at the end though
stephiefairy06 Kun oldin
Kane needs his own show where he decorates peoples spaces! Would totally watch
Chelsey Abbott
Chelsey Abbott Kun oldin
We have an obsession with Jen for some reason. I'm not sure its completely healthy
pincheenana Torre
He did such an amazing job!
Katya Hersh
Katya Hersh Kun oldin
Do Jen's room next!!!!
Queen Tayah
Queen Tayah Kun oldin
Freddie’s iconic shoe trunk
Isa Nugget
Isa Nugget Kun oldin
me: i wanna redesign my room too! also me: is moving to go to college
MaryLizAlva Kun oldin
Beautiful & Inspirational! I'm next! LOL 🐝💕
Victoria Perez
Victoria Perez Kun oldin
So jealous of Kane’s job 😭
Duct Tape
Duct Tape Kun oldin
Omg this video sounded sooooooo scripted. Like I know these videos are scripted but this one just really sounded unnatural
Lexi Love
Lexi Love Kun oldin
Why do you blur the pictures
Bethany Mann
Bethany Mann Kun oldin
everyone needs a Kane in their life
Time Kun oldin
how much did they spend ?
Charly Barnes
Charly Barnes Kun oldin
Why is the cactus picture blurred out 😂
Eshani Mathur
Eshani Mathur Kun oldin
I have only one question - how will Freddy watch TV at that angle ? 🤔
Rebekah Strong
Rebekah Strong Kun oldin
11:08 WERE HERE TO LAY SOME EGGS omg I love jen
Papa Lergs
Papa Lergs Kun oldin
eeeeeehhhhhh idk I don’t really like it that much
Lylou Lacroix
Lylou Lacroix Kun oldin
Arrival telescope weird horizon popularity expression nearby heaven joint.
Caitlin Bones
Caitlin Bones Kun oldin
"But there's no mirror" oh except from the full length mirror probably a few centimeters away
RoseGold 90
RoseGold 90 Kun oldin
2:15 you know he died inside a little
Ariana Grande is bae
I need Kane in my life 😭❤️
Charlie Vollmers
Do Jen’s room
sage pastuch
sage pastuch Kun oldin
freddie is my spirit animal
Millennial Diva
Millennial Diva Kun oldin
i never knew I needed to redecorate until now! 😍😍
sophie 11564
sophie 11564 Kun oldin
do a room make over for jen next!
___Kensie___ Kun oldin
Anyone else realise that Kane pronounced escape like eg-scape?
Angela Pinkerton
Kane, will you pretty please come decorate my bedroom too? Freddie's room is a dream 😍
Keara Carr
Keara Carr Kun oldin
Why was the cactus blurred out?
Hanna Da best
Hanna Da best Kun oldin
That bedroom is so me I want that room!
Lianaaa C
Lianaaa C Kun oldin
someone give kayne his own decor series
Ariel Christiansen
I hope the plants are fake, they aren't going to get enough light in the corners.
Julianne Daltorio
Sorry Freddie I love you but as someone who got a four year bachelors degree in Interior Design there is a huge difference between “home decorating” and corporate design.
Hannah Kun oldin
jen needs one too
Raechel P.
Raechel P. Kun oldin
Jens room next!!
Veida Denise Duka
Kane is so good at this. Please let there be a room make over for Jen too!
Wafaa Alsehli
Wafaa Alsehli 2 kun oldin
do more of this it was wonderful !!
Ankita Singh
Ankita Singh 2 kun oldin
We need Jen's bedroom makeoverr !!!
LAS Kids
LAS Kids 2 kun oldin
8:53 Cacti. Not "cactuses".
_Simon _s
_Simon _s 2 kun oldin
Can Kane come over and decorate my room? 😭😍
Amira Ayanle
Amira Ayanle 2 kun oldin
Americans say tj maxx British people say tk maxx
iammilorex 2 kun oldin
Basically Freddie gets a Pinterest room 😍
gemstone cacti11
gemstone cacti11 2 kun oldin
Yass loving the style Jen next plz
Melizz E.
Melizz E. 2 kun oldin
and then there's my potato room 😂😢
zeel09 RO
zeel09 RO 2 kun oldin
*speed dials gay friend*
Panic! At Harambe's disco
She donated new black and white air nikes and adidas superstars...
Isaac Tan
Isaac Tan 2 kun oldin
We’re doing your bedroom...finally
Caitlin Smith
Caitlin Smith 2 kun oldin
Legit went to Target to smell those candles and I ended up buying the purple one 😂 literally every single one smelled good and I’m usually so picky with candles
Mike Doe
Mike Doe 2 kun oldin
David laid in the background at 3:40
Rachel Henninger
Rachel Henninger 2 kun oldin
Drinking game! Take a shot everytime they say vibe
Rachel Henninger
Rachel Henninger 2 kun oldin
lynlovescake 2 kun oldin
King Kane. It’s official.
Skade Fernando
Skade Fernando 2 kun oldin
Can I hire Kane
yeet skeet
yeet skeet 2 kun oldin
I need me a Kane
Alex Trujillo
Alex Trujillo 2 kun oldin
Yo i relate deeply to freddy about my room to
Nicole Nelson
Nicole Nelson 2 kun oldin
that cat is ridiculously adorable 😻 Also I need a Kane to decorate my house 😩
Delia Galicia
Delia Galicia 2 kun oldin
Can he do my room
Genesis 2 kun oldin
Jannely Fuentes
Jannely Fuentes 2 kun oldin
Kane got skills
turkoizdog 2 kun oldin
Who else has a Google Home that got confused when Freddie told hers to turn out the lights?
Priscilla Higgins
Priscilla Higgins 2 kun oldin
Im going over ok Freddie🤓
Chantelle P
Chantelle P 2 kun oldin
Freddies tan though 🤗
Artonique Nelson TV
just ate a 12 inch pizza and 2 lbs of cookies. im ready to watch the video now :o
sunarry 2 kun oldin
christina turner
christina turner 2 kun oldin
I’m confused as to why the artwork from Tj maxx was blurred out?