Freddie Gets A Bedroom Makeover • Ladylike

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"We're gonna make some magic happen in this bedroom!"
Freddie's Bedroom Inspo. - Pinterest www.pinterest.com/kanediep/freddies-bedroom-inspo/ Special Thanks Chasing Paper www.chasingpaper.com/
Bed Bath & Beyond www.bedbathandbeyond.com/
Philips Hue www2.meethue.com/en-us
T.J. Maxx tjmaxx.tjx.com/store/index.jsp
AllModern www.allmodern.com/
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Credits: www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/52950
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9-Iyn, 2018

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Gyan Muda
Gyan Muda Soat oldin
0:53 "because it has no mirror" then what do you call the huge thing beside it
Sam 7 soat oldin
I wished I could get goes those Jordans before the gave them away or sold them away!
Tea Londo
Tea Londo 9 soat oldin
My only problem is the white rug, its giving me anxiety because it could get dirty easily, I love it though!
Shahainaz Read
Shahainaz Read 21 soat oldin
Felt too stuffy for me 😅
Kaysa Allardyce
Kaysa Allardyce Kun oldin
Girl, I LOVE INTERIOR DESIGNING. My dream would be to not have a budget and just decorate a room.
Tori Palios
Tori Palios Kun oldin
Makeovers with Kane!
-Becuz I’m a lønely lønely lønely whale-
Elizabeth Sams
Elizabeth Sams Kun oldin
Kane needs to be a new ladylike
Galaxy Jackson
Galaxy Jackson Kun oldin
Was Freddie’s bag HOLO??
Sophia Wood
Sophia Wood Kun oldin
Omg the room is beautiful
Anna Jochnick
Anna Jochnick Kun oldin
This is SO Hollywood! Beautiful!
Bea Victoria Plauborg
HaruBug 2 kun oldin
What breed of cat is Roberta?
Yana S
Yana S 2 kun oldin
Is Kane single? Where do I sign up?
Claire Beaudreau
Claire Beaudreau 2 kun oldin
I need Kane in my life
Roberta Stoicescu
Roberta Stoicescu 2 kun oldin
My name is Roberta
Emira Nunn
Emira Nunn 2 kun oldin
Jens room nowwww
Lia Isiklar
Lia Isiklar 2 kun oldin
MeepySama 2 kun oldin
Jen kept Dev’s shirt and that’s so cute it looks so good on her 😌
Marisha Gnossis
Marisha Gnossis 3 kun oldin
They should do jens next!!
J M 3 kun oldin
I need to get myself some 👑 King Kane 👑 !!!!!!! That is awesome it looks so gorgeous!! You should come and do my apartment.
Kimberly Bender
Kimberly Bender 3 kun oldin
electricity bill gonna be high
Mayte JL
Mayte JL 3 kun oldin
Kane do you have your own channel??? If not why???!!
fuzzy bottoms
fuzzy bottoms 3 kun oldin
Her cat looksfluffier then the rug! 😻😻
Jade Mackay
Jade Mackay 3 kun oldin
Jen nexttt
Kaci Mizer
Kaci Mizer 3 kun oldin
okay but can we get a whole series with kane just decorating different people spaces. like im here for that idea.
WillFulForza 4 kun oldin
I love Freddie she is so sexy and she has a amazing personality
Liyah Munehira
Liyah Munehira 4 kun oldin
What a transformation! I will definitely be using this video for tips on how to decorate my new room!! Good for you Freddie! I love LadyLike!
Franki Page
Franki Page 4 kun oldin
5:42 in the back on the box it looks like it says “f*ck
Curlyhead Roxy
Curlyhead Roxy 4 kun oldin
Do jens room next
Megan Han
Megan Han 4 kun oldin
I need Kane to decorate my bedroom
Ravena 4 kun oldin
I mean... kane should do a series about this
King Asuna
King Asuna 4 kun oldin
wait im so confused is the painting blurred by edit or is it just like that
Ryker Lewis
Ryker Lewis 5 kun oldin
What the heck is tjmax, it's tkmax in the uk that just confuses me
Morg Lee
Morg Lee 5 kun oldin
Am I the only one that got depressed looking at the before bedroom
Marnie C Evans
Marnie C Evans 5 kun oldin
Wish he could do my room
Sophie Walker
Sophie Walker 5 kun oldin
Roberta is so cute!
Hair 5 kun oldin
Casually waiting for "The Kane Show!"
Kiera J
Kiera J 6 kun oldin
Anastasia Houston
Anastasia Houston 6 kun oldin
I need Kane in my life! Lol he said “it’s a plant pot” 😂
Sierra .,
Sierra ., 6 kun oldin
I want Kane to redecorate my room
Mayo Blue
Mayo Blue 6 kun oldin
can you guys like redecorate my house? lmao, honestly though i love these videos and it makes me want to re-do my room but i end up not doing it.
chey bloom
chey bloom 6 kun oldin
Dude.. come do mine
Maggles 6 kun oldin
freddie: doesn't use makeup area because there is no mirror. has giant mirror right beside it
Eva joy
Eva joy 6 kun oldin
My bedroom has been the same for 14 years
Yasmin x
Yasmin x 6 kun oldin
Freddie is soo pretty 😍👌🏽😁
Roni Nail Tutorials
He is a king 👑
Elyscehastie Hastie
Why did they blur the painting?
Maria Jose Mariñez
pitching idea for video: "so basically, you guys are gonna give me money to make over my room and i'll document everything for a video!" "Great! Awesome! Amazing!"
Rachel Chih
Rachel Chih 7 kun oldin
Student 6
Student 6 7 kun oldin
Well I'm late but Jesus I need a friend like Kane in my life alsooo he is like Mr. Kate like he is awesome HOW IS ONE PERSON THIS CREATIVE.
Pigeon 7 kun oldin
Why do they blur the pictures?
Witchcraft Osteology
Anyone know what the plant store they went to is?
Nicole Muhangi
Nicole Muhangi 8 kun oldin
sooo pretty
Heidi Cordell
Heidi Cordell 8 kun oldin
can u do my room plz
lion and the hamster
Do Jens room
Sydney X Sydney
Sydney X Sydney 8 kun oldin
Jen should be next
Valerie Ponce
Valerie Ponce 8 kun oldin
So is anyone going to comment on the fact that there is FIVE lamps in a single small space? Anybody? Anybody? No? Alright.
Makena Pearce
Makena Pearce 8 kun oldin
I need kane is my life.
Perla Arias
Perla Arias 8 kun oldin
I am a singer🎤 and want to hit 200 subs. Let's grow together !!! 1. Sub to me 2. like this then Comment done🙌 3. I'll sub back 😝
LadyBug Girl
LadyBug Girl 8 kun oldin
They both have microbladeing
Laureen Boje
Laureen Boje 8 kun oldin
You need Mr.Kate
Rylivia 8 kun oldin
Lol I only have 2 pairs of shoes and flip flops;-;
Libby Kenny
Libby Kenny 8 kun oldin
Mr.kane 😂😂😂😂 this was a huge success you need to do a decorating series 💘💘
kelly shensky
kelly shensky 8 kun oldin
OMG 😍😍😭
Hermione Jean Granger
Jen needs a room makeover too!!
Emma Löb
Emma Löb 8 kun oldin
Do jen next!!!
senaru rathninda
senaru rathninda 9 kun oldin
“I’ll give you a head start” LOL 😂
Lauren Fletcher
Lauren Fletcher 9 kun oldin
Jen´s room better be next
Chelsea Sterling
Chelsea Sterling 9 kun oldin
Chantel matches the bed 😂
Arantza Pili
Arantza Pili 9 kun oldin
I need a Kane in my life
Larkyn Kellen
Larkyn Kellen 9 kun oldin
You should colab with Mr Kate
Josh Ripper
Josh Ripper 9 kun oldin
Kane is a genius! He was born to to this kind of stuff! Bless you ma BOI!!!
Is Freddie from Mercury
Francesca Jaques
Francesca Jaques 10 kun oldin
Jen's room next!!
Puppy Lover2166
Puppy Lover2166 10 kun oldin
You should sooo give Jen’s room a makeover.
Emily Cortese
Emily Cortese 10 kun oldin
Where can I buy a Kane?
Kimberley Decamps
Kimberley Decamps 10 kun oldin
How can u donate J's (Jordans)
Amy Davies
Amy Davies 10 kun oldin
do jens!!!
Flavia Suzuki
Flavia Suzuki 10 kun oldin
Ok, can we all agree that we need Kane to open a GLOBAL decoration services??????????????????
Sneh Kriti
Sneh Kriti 10 kun oldin
Jen needs a bedroom makeover asap
The Saint
The Saint 10 kun oldin
I need a interior designer like Kane. 😔 I personally love decorating also😂
ashley douglas
ashley douglas 10 kun oldin
That designer is a brilliant angel sent from heaven. Love it.
Uganda Knuckles DO YOU KNOW DA WEA
What type of magic *’ Jeffreestar pops in with his magic pink wand ‘*
•Ysa The_geek•
•Ysa The_geek• 11 kun oldin
Kane’s voice makes me want to die a little
Graceless 11 kun oldin
Omg I have that tiny lamp with the gold inside🤣🤣
Jasmine Ke
Jasmine Ke 11 kun oldin
Kane needs his own redecorating series
Lena Southall
Lena Southall 11 kun oldin
how does freddie shopper toilet paper then? (Cuz I can't) 🤗
Lena Southall
Lena Southall 11 kun oldin
theres so many choices
Josie Sims
Josie Sims 11 kun oldin
Do Jens room
Kam Wong
Kam Wong 11 kun oldin
This should be a show
Acacia Chappell
Acacia Chappell 12 kun oldin
*where👏is 👏FREDDY👏*
Cheyenne Anderson
Cheyenne Anderson 12 kun oldin
Omg I need Kane in my life
Peaceful Home
Peaceful Home 12 kun oldin
He said she needs to take care of a cat...like its a child🙄 Dont compare cats with kids. Please. I know what taking care of cats mean. Please🙄
Sophia Mavour
Sophia Mavour 12 kun oldin
Freedy:were going to make some magic happen in this bedroom but not between us Me:mmmmmm
idontcarerocks 12 kun oldin
Kane’s future is in HGTV he’s a natural
Maddybunnytime Bunnytoys
Do jen room next
Abee D.
Abee D. 13 kun oldin
I'm late on watching this video, but it this has me wanting to rearrange my room at 1:20 in the morning.. no actual moving yet just making drawings "to scale"
DaQueen 13 kun oldin
Ambrielle Hawkins
Ambrielle Hawkins 13 kun oldin
freddie and kane should date lmao