Freddie Reveals What's In Her Shoe Trunk • Ladylike

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"Y'all know damn well that I don't wear these."
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28-Fev, 2018

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Emmy Jean
Emmy Jean 14 soat oldin
The cat was the star of this one😂
Courtney Ray
Courtney Ray 22 soat oldin
I have over 60 pairs of shoes... some from high school. I feel..
I c
I c 3 kun oldin
Timbs uwu
Priscilla Kennedy
Priscilla Kennedy 4 kun oldin
Holy cow... my name is Priscilla too... XD
Emma DeAtley
Emma DeAtley 4 kun oldin
I'm totally a shoe Horder!!!
MaiWright 5 kun oldin
50% of my attention is on this kitten
Alexandra Benton
Alexandra Benton 6 kun oldin
That Urkle look was gold.
I want that cat
bby m
bby m 7 kun oldin
Roberta was the star of this video. She is so adorable I would be playing with her all the time. Poor kitten wants to play
evuta lacatus
evuta lacatus 7 kun oldin
Someone please give me a link of the dollskill platform leather boots :( I searched throughout the entire shoe category on their site and I couldn’t find it.
Elena 7 kun oldin
I think Freddy is my fave-then Kristin-then Jen
ItsAryana Yap
ItsAryana Yap 10 kun oldin
This is Jane 👵🏼 1 like 1 year younger (Emoji will change !!)
Alexis Evans
Alexis Evans 12 kun oldin
I am definitely a shoe hoarder
Hannah Miller
Hannah Miller 12 kun oldin
I love the rainbow platforms. They look like the current mood platforms
Kiara Prabhu
Kiara Prabhu 12 kun oldin
country boy, I love you... 2:04
Jenna Schmidt
Jenna Schmidt 13 kun oldin
If I made a all my shoes Video it would be 10 sec and I would say these are my black converse these are my pink converse these are my teal converse and these are my brown converse bye
Xx Amelie xX
Xx Amelie xX 13 kun oldin
4:19 thank me later peeps
Sophie Bryant
Sophie Bryant 13 kun oldin
I have two pair of shoes....
Kalaya Boykins
Kalaya Boykins 13 kun oldin
Yes I relate so much
Kyle christian Dumala
JuaniqueVerde 15 kun oldin
Ugh! You don’t wear the rainbow platforms?! I came here for the rainbow platforms!!! Lol! This video was so pleasurable to watch - please make space for new things (read: shoes) - donate those shoes! Put them back in rotation. Also, I couldn’t get with the mule vibe either. PASS!
YourAverageDonut 15 kun oldin
woowww she got too many shoes, but then again my feet r still growing so I cant go on a spending spree XD. also a lot of comments are about her cute cat which is so cute and fluffy and adorable and I want to hug it and sqeeze it and play with it and watch it play for hoursssss, OK THAT CAT USES TELEKINESIS TO MAKE PPL LOVE IT
Alan Vargas
Alan Vargas 15 kun oldin
Freddies cat Roberta slipped and almost fell at 2:12
Courtney Kozlowski
Courtney Kozlowski 15 kun oldin
Slightly platformed 😂
Karla Animates
Karla Animates 15 kun oldin
Freddie.....has.....a really cute cat!!!
Helen Proskow
Helen Proskow 16 kun oldin
at one point in my life i owned 72 pairs or shoes
Roneta Parish
Roneta Parish 16 kun oldin
The cat is everything 😂😂😂
Clara Sooula
Clara Sooula 16 kun oldin
Freddy's cat thinks everything is a toy
nameless R
nameless R 17 kun oldin
My name’s Roberta lol. And Freddie is my fav from Lady Like 🥰
//RoseyB //
//RoseyB // 18 kun oldin
Who’s watching in 2019? 😂🎆🎊🎉
Jay’s Productions
Jay’s Productions 18 kun oldin
Freddy: *pulls out all of these pairs of shoes* Me: i only have three pairs.. ;-;
Samantha McClellan
Samantha McClellan 19 kun oldin
Umm the cat was playing with everything and was like notice me notice me notice me I want to be the star not Freddie
Chesnei Cape
Chesnei Cape 20 kun oldin
I just watched the sandlot and all I could think about was Freddie's crush on Rodriguez and now I like kinda think he's cute😂😂
Emma Goins
Emma Goins 20 kun oldin
Peyton Motes
Peyton Motes 20 kun oldin
Her cat is the cutest
Monica Elizabeth Pelled
I have two pairs of shoes. My tennis shoes and flats that i don’t wear and hate.
Monica Elizabeth Pelled
Yes, my nine month old sisters have jelly sandals.
Bee .A
Bee .A 20 kun oldin
Who is Terry?
mikeena thompson
mikeena thompson 21 kun oldin
That cat is me after one piece of candy on Halloween😂
Mia Maples
Mia Maples 21 kun oldin
I love her rainbow shoes
Ellie Buchta
Ellie Buchta 21 kun oldin
Love the cat just playing around
Maja Staniszewski
Maja Staniszewski 21 kun oldin
Who is only paying attention to the cat. ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lucy Chisholm
Lucy Chisholm 22 kun oldin
This gal has WAAAAAAYYYYYYY too many shoes
GummyBearLover :D
GummyBearLover :D 22 kun oldin
The cat went YEET 😂😂 0:58
Amy Hawking
Amy Hawking 23 kun oldin
I’m not listening to Freddie, I am watching the cat, like if u agree
RoseGirl Nightcore
RoseGirl Nightcore 23 kun oldin
The cat is the star now 😂
Riley Burkett
Riley Burkett 24 kun oldin
5:00: I think she has cat allergies lol
elsa cejudo
elsa cejudo 24 kun oldin
Boi I will slap you
elsa cejudo
elsa cejudo 24 kun oldin
I’m space
elsa cejudo
elsa cejudo 24 kun oldin
I’m alone
Robert Butcher
Robert Butcher 26 kun oldin
yas girl bring those platforms back!
The Real Nyan Cat
The Real Nyan Cat 27 kun oldin
Roberta was the real star of the show.
Olivia Rogers
Olivia Rogers 29 kun oldin
her laugh sounds like Kristin!! 4:19
It’s TheBlueOne
I was watching the cat the WHOLE TIME
K Palermo
K Palermo Oy oldin
Your cat is everything
•Wolfy• •
5%- of the video - Talking about the shoes 10% of the video - Talking about how they thought the show trunk was the rainbow shoe 85% of the video - ABOUT HER CUTE CAT
Who else was only watching the vid for the cat?
Bre Francis
Bre Francis Oy oldin
I’m a shoe hoarder I CANNOT get rid of shoes to save my life😂
ahlam daqaq
ahlam daqaq Oy oldin
no I do not have as many shoes as you have I basically have a maximum number of 4 shoes
Gabrielle Richard
“Roberta!” - Freddie every minute in this video 😂
Bailee Ramos
Bailee Ramos Oy oldin
I like how she doesn’t care about the cat just eating the plant and eating her shoes.
Life With Twelve
Alexandria Polk
Me staring at the cat for 9 minutes
iiAlexisiixx Oy oldin
0:57 look at the cat 😂
lol funny
lol funny Oy oldin
How old are you
Nat Neel
Nat Neel Oy oldin
How do you just not notice that the cat running on your lap
Funny Fajitas
Funny Fajitas Oy oldin
I need those rainbow flatforms!
Chatara Coalter
Freddie What size shoes do you wear?
Surab Ali
Surab Ali Oy oldin
Every like I'll add a ❤
Gus Boi
Gus Boi Oy oldin
What are the high rainbow sneakers called
Trisha's Pets
Trisha's Pets Oy oldin
I use old sneaker shoe laces as cat toys. As you can see in this video, cats are attracted to them.
Trisha's Pets
Trisha's Pets Oy oldin
Her cat is great.
Trisha's Pets
Trisha's Pets Oy oldin
This would've been a good age to take her cat to the set. Looks like she's months old here, rather than a full year and over.
Yo MOMMA Oy oldin
Who kept replaying the vid cuz of Freddie’s cat 🐈 😭😂😂😂
supitzsash :D
supitzsash :D Oy oldin
Her cat is a mood.
Dianna Munoz
Dianna Munoz Oy oldin
Who knows were I can get those jelly shoes ?
animallover505 Rosie
Freddie's revealing what's in her shoe trunk and I get an ad about shoe's lol 😂😂😂😂
cisco perea
cisco perea Oy oldin
How much for the knock off shoes
NyanDog86 Oy oldin
I need those rainbow shoes!
Kim Brown
Kim Brown Oy oldin
And the Best Action Movie Star goes to.......... FREDDIE’S CAT!
5:35 *throws back in trunk*
holo starly
holo starly Oy oldin
I thought Freddy was like 19 20 ish
I'm a mess
I'm a mess Oy oldin
Who’s terry
Kaydence YEUNG [08F]
ur cats so pretty
Nova Mountainsky
when i watch this i was maily watching the cat the whole time xd
Fartnyte Oy oldin
Like the style
it’s britney, bitch
LinBel 333
LinBel 333 Oy oldin
Andrea Tang
Andrea Tang Oy oldin
Kitty with laces
Kyoko Glowacki
Only 2 pairs of shoes for me...but 11 jackets
Danny Shepherd
I'm totally just watching your cat. 😂
Xyrabelle Perocho
Teacher:Define perfect Me: *Shows this video* Teacher:The girl? Me:Nah bruh the cat
Alex Davidson
Alex Davidson Oy oldin
I only have one pair of shoes ngl
Vony Findley
Vony Findley Oy oldin
I am the same way with shoes... can't wear a damn heel to save my life since I hurt my back over 7 years ago but will not throw not one pair away!
Charley's Harmony
I want her adias ;-;
Canyon Golde
Canyon Golde Oy oldin
When Roberta isn’t in the shot I just stare away.
Sophie Gardiner
Aww you cat is soooooo cute 😂👍🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ju Pari
Ju Pari Oy oldin
My OCD's were kicking in seeing her pilling up the dirty shoes beside her in the sofa.
Bloobidy Oy oldin
I have 2 pairs of shoes...both of which are vans😂
Overlord Potato
Can i have your cat? ;-;
Anna Marie
Anna Marie Oy oldin
Yeahhh I’m watching a bunch of old ladylike videos & happened upon this & just gotta say - girl, ain’t no shame in holding onto unique shoes, the right outfit will come around ✨ I’ve worked at 2 shoe stores & have accumulated so many shoes (employee discount, woot!) & I know I will NEVER get rid of some of the pairs I have even if I never wear them. Also, I love that Jeffery Campbell is the knock off “cheaper” version of the Gucci sneaks cause damn girl he ain’t cheap either 😅
Diana Jaile
Diana Jaile Oy oldin
I have some size five shoes from fourth grade and i have kept them even though my feet have grown and know im a size eight
SLIME (Music Video)
12 soat oldin